The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 6
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SIX Balanced Outfits Aie ', , Stiessed; T i e n cl to , - Midge Flies Seen ', 11V JIMMY DONAHUE ,. t NPA Service "Sports Muter ,-, Some day some one Is going lo - dcclaie a Christmas In Maich foi fishermen For March, besides be- h Ing windy, Is thc month of pre• paration ntjd antlclpillon for fingleis, and (hej'd just as soon na\e Santa Claus nil (heir socls •> with \ailous Items of tackle they've ogled at In stoics and , (inaea/ines, as '(he usual assort. menl of (les, handkeichiefs and - v.i'l-colored shorLs , Right now avid anglers are uuis overluullng tackle, icpladng worn items and falling casj picv 10 Hues lint have been developed > over (he winter not ojily to entice , '"Ii. but (he risliennen lliemsclvcs This, jeir Is no exceplion Coun., tors are groining undci nn a-s' filment of baits (hat resemble fiT i nir fr ° m a " ckly '^"'K 1 S '° B , lo . ,?» over-ripe binatm. - Much of mis table Is good, a lol is fair, and some of It wonldn t .Jnteh nsh with (he help of a net «,\, r 5 ? m """km Ike Walton IWl fooled by the latter He doesnt spend millions of dollars " yeir for tackle without le-vni- Iiiff a lesson Thcv're able lo dls- ••ccrn the difference between flsh getei* and fishermen', go-u gc Priming Guns For New Assault BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —' a'tlnj; I S rine types of fishing tackle shnv ^mpiovement (his season ny calling division (licr trend toward nne pered line? bcttei ever longer and finer lend- Bunny Gliffonl.teis Baon! Lope/; : I Frciichy Lcavitt Faces Chief War Eagle Lot d flies ol ige variety, 'tied on hook and 20 getting more am s = ns theli value In tin uner months Is icailzed Mill the battle belvvcei steel and bimboo la deparlmenl Tlie steel been pulled we meeting Raoul Lope« SUH.MI-. tlonal Mexican and a touch hoin-- thc t>ie Indeed • -.- • Fienchy Icnvltt. Picnch-Caiia- dian giamilei, and conqueror of (I didn't do orr almL! . Gve 8reater Bamboo in an effort to w,, ' ?,^ C £ of l " c Development of st e bn It Zv" 00 ^ 1 ^ " lto "oubie- eemers ' "' rOCh » llh ' stwl In the mutter of lecls there Is a " cnnciHo ii i LC " "snlened n ™»i b '°" 6llt « Mn'f'V" 0 ' 1 te bcl »e made to his reel wil| 1fi i''' F " n ' m '° blllinte ! f I ?'j !lls co "™cllon one conccin featuring balanced taeXtl ifas em Plojed Tony Accetln, foimer ama- , the pro^ to mUe a ouT nf the country pieachms the go" Pel of correct balance In bait casting, as In fl y fi,i, o ? * This auaiigenient gives the Am- citcan Legion officials n well balanced show Clifford nmdo a dls- nct hit by his speed and versa-' ililv He can led the hard, work ng_O'Dowdy a^ a meuj p<\ce ami i n ,15!]p lue ' cd t|"= Oklahoma V(?".'J , at n ! most Olei 7 tl »ii ns,Uo fall opt of tliiec \lcto.v W somewhat of a riuVe varielv ' heft) foic arm bkm ucioi O uowdj s biokcn lunilng he tide, but he is a class A pei- oimci and givesvthe fans some- hing foi thr-li two bits Although eaten by ODowdv two weeks n'o -° n(> ' r nn go to town too vvhen nil Slenined lip He Is In «| hl and bamboo lods Dils toward bamboo in th but ,, r "°is Hollow steel casting, because metal r rc tCCl r<Xis arc miht to piral Wind Spools E,enly Bait casting reels continue - -t ".in Jiiif i (j « Hie level wind fealme ' One company has gone so far as to wlh (he line carilnun worm ing Kp °° ls Xid ° ht nn<1 i ft> thc arc a IeB10 » new <dmg_D a ., rt hair legs and a rmAUh piece that gues tl'e Plug an erratic action Hhlle it ™» deep The incktall to»J Part a s.nous attraction thai h ™s **n missmg !„ ^ooden plugs fo? Then (here's the two oreno a t«»-ln one lure that her* d"?fer- ent action for each end of the P»i» Attach (he line to one enrt and joii lla^e a wide wobbling action near the surface The other menl* * * dte " dnrtlne mov " 'BY 3. V. FRIEND Wlnneis on the last wre'stlln" program aic being brought back to display theh wnies on Monday nights card. Pioniotci Clarence Holder announces . Bunny Ghffoid, Vs ho snapped the Inning stieak of 'Irish" Patrick " o \be 167 In RI iJii) Slnkcj, ancl\Chle( Wai Faglc ' an cllncd lo mix a bit of roughness with his skill and this might : .s»lt Oifford all rlgljt. O'i^owdy didn't get very fai- with'tile strategy as liiiniiy ci,me through with some »st .slluclng ;and kneeing or his ., Uased- on .. his fine showing' 1,' Dealing Slnkey-niul how-the cdsl customers did go (or that^Leaviu [ilds fair ( 0; become ; u new ring idol. He has all the; apparent necessary' ([Ualincatloas — streniith land plenty of that), eiuluranco (anti gobs of llml.-too), abillly and personality. He look' every"Ing the 'unscrupulous Stnkey 'had to offer and won despite (he chok- ng._kicking, nnd the like. Leavltt Bnvc away more than 10'. pounds nnd will be nt (| le snme ! 'dLs"d- vnntage ngalnsl Ihe Indian As there are several wrestlers by (he !T»'f W f' Ea S |c ' » ik not dcnnltely determined whether this one has shown here At any rale lie first Aanei leans seldom ne«d lelp when it com es lo taking caie of tlnmseKes and hkclv Wai .aglc Is no evception 1 Meioncj is still nursing a brok ' m siouldoi and In all probabllitv Ul be jiimblq (o officiate [The of 1 C i rJ h . ns "OJt r u«e.n ' on loupcetl ^lliford may work la tie main itiractton as he did last Mondnv Action will tC ! , mflci W(IJ nt & and lhat he would have to test hl.^ steel In the stinks n.. while So he did. and i )0w you nm , ,,j m pounding on the door more forcefully than ,any lightweight since Cannoncrl, was In .his prime. " * • • Has Everything , A .Champion Needs ' ' Ml CILED COLLEGE ElfIL Head of,W. &j. Calls On Leaders for New Ethics in Sporl . I'ITSBUnOH IUP)—A' great football team Is fi detriment to a college, Dr. Ralph C. Hutchlnson, jjre.sldent of Washington & Jcffer. son College believes. Declaring that "football must be. In kin from the gamblers mid the 'rah-rah 1 boys,'" ur. ffutchinson ;:al(!: ' "Football Is of such significance that it descrve.s to be taken back into Hie colleges and universities as part and parcel of the educational project, It deserves the leadership of the test the university lias to offer. "The evils of football will not be corrected ns long as athletic associations and directors and coaches are left to do the Job. They cannot do it. Stronger /.eadmliip Vrgeil "Subsidization •(<; a small prob- •fin which will be cleaned up over ' night when and if the college presidents »nd trustees and faculties sense the importance of foot- tan and give it Ihefr iih.Uin.tlng leadership, : "Until that happens," Dr. Huteh- inson asserted, "and, as long as presidents imii chancellors and others sny. 'I know nothing about If—Just so long ns we bat our lends against a stone wall." Or. Hulchinsoii k n leader among those seeking non-subsid- ItVa Job Finding.Him a Job SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1937 -r.L,r \; -,•"- Ti &£ RS POK Tue SKOU& . 7/t/f, MKXfiy COCH&WE EXPECTS To FIND A SPOT/M T& .otsft — V-;*\ W/S WD/AtJ So THAT 'HIS EVENT fS TALL -^ MILL TAKS HA\'H ' OLD SPOJ'AT j^tffsr. Dtp NOT MISS AN SSASofJ Bj JISBIY IIONAHUt Nt'A Service Siwrts Writer Hc wanled to be a bull ngliler Jt Pcdrcr Montane^ (he lUtle irovvn man turned Into a box njhl- °< Now he menaces the throne >l Lou Ambers. lighUctglil chain- "oii like a cnt threatens a mouse But despite (he fact that tlie lever Puerto Rlcan, who has won 3 straight professional shindigs ° h « tontel in Ihe United States n little more than n year ngo, never battled Ihe bull pro- Mslonnlly, | lc OW( , S wlut sl] ^ css •e: has had in Ihe ring to the :iininc;s he leained \vhlle iralh- i« to become n toreador. The midget edition of Joe Louis is iiie son of a small cattle buy- r ii wis while accompanjing his *>d to cattle maikels that Pedro and «en(. (he n,,. gocs >n tha bass bug division Three new eye catchers this sear are the iope>ed frog, w,th OT i gEly ^ legs, a phmkrer bass b4f and J small brother of the nver nmt In the fly department, in addition to a wider manufacture o( rtilfto- and small fife, there Is a growing popularity among the bl- vsible. Thfe fly has fc£n comparatively slow in catching on !n this country because, in the qmet * lkfl st " a . nte of _ily fishing art h^amatc" 6 '' W8S Jllst " s ' e(> lo and fl!i e || Sl " IO TP l>rc balltainweigW and featliLrvveiglu titles of Puerto "nln UeC " ' 1>C " Se>s of l3 and 15 5250 for his Ita/bout' 5 anTum immediateij se^ed by Ihe , ran d e r- hvc inve lM t tie |>ov\er flst ., O f,pon - ---— . "i.n,nv;u Moiitniio; beat Dobby Paeho. to plecfs la's March. "What else does a- "iv '" l .™ lo ll "vc lo be n champion?' Mike marveled - after the mil .brovvn feller .won every one 'o 10 roiinds will.; (he veteran wlV, M«iT<my. A Can7.onerl 'on UiA-riooi- nnd- who. fought .two close 10- rouulers wllh Barney R oss •;The answer Is. "Nothingi"-' oj"?, 22-ynr-6ld youngster 01 Spanish and Jewish extracllon has everything. Hc , s [tt ^"^ m iiu _ _ ^ ...,,,- , llwlv( - Imtloii of college foolbali" players His college, once a football power has instituted a "simon-pure" nlli- Ictlc policy. Decries Evil of Deceit "Possibly the greatest evil of foo ball is deceit." Dr. Hutclilnson saw. 'All the other problems' of subsidizing, gambling, drinking,: are small In comparlsbti with this'one emr either •word great , . attests, follovvln as his kirrkbiit and he Ne w • . ...... -;>v.i ui mu Spanish • quarters throw for him- nearly every ' nighl Yo rk a,Ki dinner , - he-id oji his fir bevond his year? «llh caieful handling (xould the division is CnnronmTnT °' ™ ^rlh^wasTefuwdr'"" 1 !«n?o|ierl foi (he "cimvn U tie TERRY ABSTRACT REALTY CO. Abstracts, lands i£ M <,, T ftion«617 The' •yciKurl's ,-eui ark"" '""' S^ 1 ^, m «\ h = « 15-rounder in Ne,v York recent- o- u was Hint fight which con- »ng bugs. (hn( Montancz , »e deprived at Ambers' crown.' '. The rise of lender's status ,^ „.,.. rcw arn n patience. When Ambers• wj" be iiig touted ; for : a cmck at Tony Camoncrl's .crown Inst year Mon'""•" also was cliimornT'ror-H it the gentleman farmer But solons decreed Unit an .hn- ;_. --•« .r«orcl of 10 siralght victories three of them knocko ts. didnt prove Mo.uanez's .mcllle, 'ane?. to chal- Is the reward of where • came from . _ • e rom here was l,«ie reason to employ lk.aoftevir,-:ln:.the-ntthlng moun- ^ Str ^r ? f thc Billed Slates, where fast white sater Is apt to svtek under a finely tled^dry fly «H"h«Wed t home. tist of Victims Shows No Setups R««d Courier New« W»nt Ada OPTOMETRISTS . Over Joe Isawv store ?WE MAKE 'JEM BEE" Phon» MO Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAJJM BROS. COTTOPJ CO.; Bldr. ' wwa ^^ ••••i' ' HANNA FUNERAL 'HOME A beautiful and sympathetic service nt moderate cost. Ambu|ance Service of academic dishonesty places. in TJlTlie subtle development, of this mshpnesty Is amazing, its ramil llcations have spread through players, coaches, directors, presi- rlnn(<.- .i,,»» i i^. . ' i»*»-*** , , dents and trustees. "Of; those universities and col- co- eges now subsidizing players only a negligible proportion, if anv will admit it openly, frankly, honestly," he snid. 'Give.. us... some, straight think, if "'id ii little :uneo.uivocaT lion' «y i\nd (he minor problems, will oe iolvcd in no dine." ' .- _Read courier News Wa.n.t : Ad« iUovies After a fiureilcr HOLLYWOOD. Calif. — Movie magnates have their eyes on Cilenti Hardin, Olympic -iOO-tueters iuirdle champion v/ho recently married the daughter of a Louisiana congressman. Hardiir.s got to get rid of .his southern accent first, how-' ever. ,Si£n of a NEW YORK—Lightweight Ch ; am- piou LOU Ambers and iMiddleweHit Champion Freddie Stcele both bad their jaws broken before tlie I heir-titles. !y vran Chuck Wnpils Promoliii' DETOOIT.-oimck- Woods, veteran from welterweight, the ring ami matches here. has retired is promoting What, Again, Tony? EW.VORK.-Tony Camoncri s he positively is going' to retire after his return mn i ch with Lou -Ambers-biit Tony .said that , , 1 , " ne " c fou 8'>t the lightweight clitimpion. , "Railroad" Track Fast EAST _LANSING, Mich.—Micll- out•with' igan state University's new door track has been built wiul "railroad curves" designed bv Coach Ralph H. Young. The oval is said lo be the fastest in the coiiiUrv. ST. Spirit; of St. Louis LOUIS:'—-Tiie House and Senate of Missouri held a joint session recently to adopt a resolution commending the spirit of the new organization behind the St. Louis Drowns. Hockey Gate Grows DETROIT.—Receipts of tile De- trojt Red Wings' National Hockey League team are 25 ahead of last, year. per cent WRESTLING .Every Monday Night ; 8 P.M. :> i 1SUNNY GMPFORn. vs. 1 RAOUL LOPEZ ,••• FRKNCHY LGAVrri 1 ;:''•! vs. CHIEF WAR EAGLE-.' American Legion Stadium Now Located at 101 Nortb S .ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU *t . DON ^fDyyARDS, Proprlflor " ~r ~' AH mak« 3 r 'Rebuilt Typewriters, A JJinj' Machlnei «no ' ralcuiatdrs— l f— -Parts— Kibbo LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ' Arkansas-Mlwciuri Line Shell Products Visit one of the riiost modern service slallons in ||, e South. A courteous stall ••attendants at your sen-ice hours a dav. LEFTY ALEXANDER, p rcp . CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds ..Trade Afark Registered WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER Scott, Arkansas REVOLUTION . , . Main Street Give a thought to Main Street as you. scan today's headlines! A)] the .world's excitement isn't in Europe. . in our town .. and towns like ours clear across the country .. . there's a daily revolution go- ing'on. Changes in dress styles and food prices ... the rise of a hat crown ... the fall of furniture prices — these matters vitally affect our daily living. . , .And the news is ably, fully covered in advertisements. Here, in concise, meaty'form makers of the world's goods tell you what's new, what's good to make your dollars S-TVR-E-T-C-H. and how Smart people who like to bo up-to-the-minute in living current events, follow advertisements as closely as headlines. They know what's- doing in F,urope and America ... but they also know where money buys most! • '

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