Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 9, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1895
Page 6
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mfm^^v*a****m**+***^^^^* ' ' .„• -rzzrrT ^- — To FigM Against Vice. It Takes Strong Nerves and Clear • Brain These Days. The Rev. l.P.Quimby of the BroadwayChurch , Boston, Says it is His Duty to Recommend Paine's Ce'ery Compound—It Makes Peo pie Well. KEY, I. IV today need big hearts . sound nerves to accomplish all the (u d they intend. Ii Ua's rasrely tho fact of preaching ; a. week that makea tho llfo of the t r of today so wearing on nerves tad uraln. Every day labor is n round of exacting duties that tax fcoiivlly tholr norvoub strength. Tuo modern minister rnuat keep up .'Us untliuslasm, hid hopefulness and ilia genuine love of ila work. He •ua-'S fool strongly, ihluk deeply and kas-o oifcfUenco in his labor and la Bui all this taxes hoart and brain to toulr uttermost. It calls for a . trorzucdoua outlay of nervous energy iuvao, d^ys la the weuk and 3G5 every jear iM.n.ny clergyman break down aueriy undor the nervous strain. tiov 1 P. Qjiinby, the woll known 9 >sn>o proaoher, has been saved from •orvaas prostration. . 11 ft publication of his Sunday Jutiuol ha has recently published the fcllo.vl,ijf open letter: BOSTON, Nov. 20. 1894. ~No"er to my life have 1 commended •ny uroprietary medicine but I would ••loderoiiot In duty if I failed to lot the public know what a great booa to lumaaUy I believe Paino's celery Compound to be. With a family of <«vc:i, 1 tiuvo not paUTa dollar for a 4ocior lu ten years, and I owo it to therms-* tnatl always keep Paine's 4elery compound on hand, and when go>- of M are "out of sorts" administer It. B->'h wife, and I, in our arduoas «burch work, are often, by anxiety and overwork, reduced to the verge of nervous prostration, and as often, by the use of Paine's celery compound, restored to our wonted energy of mind and yitforof body. Our sons, who are young- pharmacists, tell us the? sell more ef Paine's celery compound than any two proprietary medicines, not excepting the aarsaparlllas. Yours for Paine's celery compound, KEV. I. P. QCIMBY, Pastor of Broadway Church, Boston, Mass. When the nervous strength has become from any cause impoverished, Palne'a celery compound succeed as nothing else hag ever done. From a state of depression, exhaustion and lifelessness the nerves prow strong, active aud perfectly nourished by means of Paine's celery compound, the great modern nerve and blood remedy that makes people well. And with the strengthening and regulating of tho norves the disorders that depend on the faulty nutrition of these tissues disappear. Such are rheumatism, neuralgia, heart weakness, headaches, low spirits, lack of strength, and that general poor health that is so impossible to define. Sound nerves, healthy blood and an all round, vigorous constitution of the bcdv is the invariable effect of taking Pttine's celery compound. The groat modern restorative corrects derangements of tha ner-vous system, and averts prostration when protracted strain has reduced it to an exhausted, poorly fed, devitalized condition. Try It. CHANCES IN ENGLAND. Lmpo»t8 Placed on tbc Crokcr »nd Dwyer Horscn Over There. Those who are watching the progress of "Mr. Leigh's" racing: venture in .Eng'la.ntl will be interested in knowing 1 that the weights have already beep announced for some oi the events in which the Croker and Dwyer confederacy nnirr.aJs arc eligible. The imposts for die Kempton Park Great, Jubilee stakes of 3,000 sovcrigns, to be run May 1J, are out Sconenell, one of the American animals, is to carry eight SIODC, buin£ sixth from the top notch English animal. .Mike lawyer's sprinter, Harry lieud, will also have to carry eight stone. There are altogether sixty entries, so that "Mr. Leigh," really Messrs. Croker vfc Dwyer, has two chances in tins stake. The Chester cup will be run at Chester on Wednesday, May 1, and shows sixty entries, among which is that of Eichard Croker's i'.-year-old Bobbins. Dobbins has an almost top weight. Eavensburg will carry nine stone, DobbiMsnnd Son of a Gun will carry eight, stone ten pounds each, and Mike Dwyer's Uon Alon/.o, a 4-year-old, takes sixth from the top with eight stone eight pounds to carry. All the other entries carry under these weights, ranging down to six stone. —Ex. BIG ATHLETIC EYEM 1 . COMING INTERNATIONALTOUR- NAMENT AT NEW YORK. All the Champion Athlef.i* of England, Ireland :ind Scotland Will Meet Amcri- oi'n Jiepri'dentntlves In Contest* of Btany Klud*. HENRI FOURNIER. Ho Is Rvcurilcd ns Hit Coining SUir In the 'Cy<'l!:tK I-'irmiunenr. TTenri Jb'ournier, whose portrait is herewith presented, although at present being- without noticeable record for performances accomplished, has in practice developed s.ucli speed, and in races in which ho has competed has shown such excellent form, that ho is now regarded as the coming star in the 'cycling firmament OH France; so that it may be reasonably expected that during 1 tho season of 1SD5 he will take first rank among the many speedy National Hatred*. Jving Joseph, in one of his letters, tells his imperial brother of Franco fhat the people of Naples have begun to love, their new sovereign aud that ftioy hate the old queen. To this Xa- t oleoii replies by cynically advising his rother uot to believe any of the non- tease talked by courtiers ns regards jiopulr.r likes or dislikes for particular fcdivkhinls. They arc mere evanescent 4xpro.<sious of feeling, -upon which it is <|i.ilc unsafe to depend. "What," he idds^'oue nation really hates is another •3t:o2.~ We fear there is a profound in this saying 1 . National hatreds • obliterated, though they are temporarily concealed-by fhe. personal popularity which a par- ttealar-man or woman may pa.iu in a foreign country. Cannon of James II. At Edinburgh, Scotland, there is on Exhibition an ancient cannon, known ns Hons Me?. It was constructed to order 4>r .lames 'II. of long 1 bars of iron, looped together. Tho balls fired from |l were of granite. Mc#. has seen much , 4ervice. It was first used at the capture j «f Thrifts castle, when the Douglases ! farroiiU'jrcd nt the second shot. James IV employed this weapon in 14S9, and «ffaiainl407. In 16S3 it became tinflt jbr faegc work; having- burst during th« mring of a salute- '• , A Crntonarlan TTho Slnss. 1'>.:;•;• ;:rc :i number of lyric singers in IJnjrland who retain the mcJow charm of their voices at an advanced age. But a singer, and a good one at that, at the ago of one hundred and two years, 1 is something 1 remarkable. Mr. YTilliam Peplow, of Wellington,' England, who w;is born in 1703, has lately assisted at a concert given by his great-granddaughter, a very distinguished pianistc. lie rendered several songs with a strong and sympathetic bass voice in an excellent manner, and was cheered by his audience, lie also accompanied a singer on the piano, :ind conducted several choruses with trim nun brilliancy. Surely this is versatility enough for a centenarian. Tlio Largest -.Axxu-Tioan Serpent. The largest snake that was ever killed on the American continent was that mentioned by Dr. Gardner in his book. "Travels in Mexico." Thesnake was dead, when Dr. Gardner found it, and was lying in tho .forks of a tifc with its body full of arrows, just as It had been left by the Indians who dispatched it. It was dragged into an opening 1 by the aid of four horses, and was found to measure thirty-seven feet in length. —Talents are nurtured best in solitude, but character on life's tempestuous sea.—Goethe. HKNItI FOUIWIER. wheelmen of Paris, and that, should the promise of his brief career last year is realized, that he will soon each the very top of the heap. His 'uUn-e career will be watched with •nuch interest by all those interested in the sport. THE TURF. George Arnold, a leading Memphis Business man, has been elected president of the Memphis Jockey club. Berkshire Courier, -:1-1K, the erratic irotter, has been geldod. and it is said is now as "steady as a clock." The California trotter, Klamath, ISJrf, will be raced in the cast, this •ear. Monroe Salisbury claims that Clamath cau beat any 2:10 trotter in America. The American Hackney Horse society has now ll'i life and 107 annual members, making a total membership of 210. It had a cash balance on hand Jan. 1, 1S!)5, of 53,030.50. The new directors of the Pimlico Driving club met in Baltimore last j week and elected John Waters, prcsi I dent; John Phillips, vice-president; | Henry Clark, treasurer, and George Keen an, secretary: J. S, Filbert, George Blome and W. K. Hammond were appoiut.cd a temporary horse committee. The Erie. Pa., Trotting association was organized with Hon. Charles M. Reed president and X. F. ^volan secretary. The purse will amount to $10,000. Dates will be claimed in June. The association will join the Buffalo, Bradford, Touawanda, Horndlsville circuit. The subscriptions amounted to §20,000. Hon. C. M. Heed has given the association a track and buildings. HE PROPOSED International athletic tournament will be sure to stir up deep interest in general athletics. It will boom the comparatively mild but healthful sports of running, jumping, hurdliug. shot putting, walking, etc., and will stimulate athletic clubs to produce men capable of defending the glory of the nation against the iu- va.sion of medal hunting athletes from abroad. Arrangements have practically been completed between the New YorlcAth- flPERlfe ^ l rice dialed forme ordinag trade tobaccos, will jindte Irand superior to all plieii BEWARE ( G. It. CJJA.T. letic club and the .London Athletic club for a tournament at Travers island next summer. The date will soon be arranged, and before many weeks have gone by the raen on both sides of the Atlantic will begin training 1 for the events which will attract the attention of two continents. The coming international tournament is the outgrowth of the Yale- Oxford games which terminated in such a lamentable way for the American boys. The men in the New York Athletic club arc determined to retrieve the glory of the country and show the Englishmen that Americans arc as proficient in all branches of sport as they are in yachting, which is saying a good deal. As the London Athletic club has several meetings for which its men are engaged during April and May, it is not believed the match can be brought off until around the last of July. There will be a good deal of rivalry in the Ncw-York Athletic club regarding the selection of the men who will compete iu the respective matches. Some athletes outside of the club think that to broaden the international idea the representative men should not be selected from the New fork Athletic club alone, but from the pick of the clubs the country over. It is argued that the surest way to get the best men for the various games would be to have preliminary tournaments to which a.ll recognized athletic clubs could enter its best men, and the winners would be the opponents of tho English visitors. A large percentage of the Now York Athletic club men, however, do not favor this idea, as they want to make it purely a club affair. Xlic New York club favors eleven events as the program of the tournament, while the Englishmen think that nine would fill the bill. This is a small matter, however, which will not figure in the final arrangements. Tim program favored by the New York club is t.hi's: Hundred yard run, 220 yard run. 440 yard run, SSO yard, one mile acd five mile runs, }CO yard hurdle, high jump, broad jump, putting the 16-pound shot and throwing the 10-pound hammer. The men who will represent the London club will be the flower of British athletes. W. J. M. Barry, who has won the United States, Canadian, English and Irish championships at shot-putting 1 and weight-throwing, will represent England in those clnsses. F. S. Horan, president of the Cambridge University Athletic association, will represent the Englishmen in the long distance runs. His favorite dis- J. S. tanoe.is three miles, but the program outlined calls only for oneand five mfl« races. TV. E. Luytens, the Cambridge crack, will run in the mile rac->. In the quarter and half xmle runs E; C. Bredin of the London Athletic'clnb, »nd a phenomenally. fast man, will probably be the English -representti- 1 tlve. C. li. 'Foy ol Oxford, who was betten in July last at the Queen's club by L. P. Sheldon of Yale will probably compete in the long jump. Godfrey Shane, the champion hurdler of Enft- Jand, will run in the hurdle race. 1'n the 100 yard dash the New Yorker who meets Charles A. Bradley of the Huddersficld Cricket and Athletic club. will do well if he returned a winner. Sir. Hradley for the last three years has won the English championship at this distance nud is regarded as the. foremost sprinter of Great Britain. In the high jump K, Williams of the Loo- don Athletic •club, will meet the Amer- can opponent. It ii thought that the representatives of the New York club will be G-. W. Orion aud George Jarvis for the mile; C, Kilpatrickand S. Scovillv-, .1- . for the half: S. Ch:ise and K. !' '? in the hurdles: W. N. Harris - ; Burke in the high jump; L. 1' and Stephen Chase in the b J. S. Mitchell in the hann ing; George R. Gray in th ting; Orion nud Carter in t P. J. Lee and E. \V. Allen yard; Lee and J. B. Small yard, and George Sands Allen in the -1-10 yard. That the American boj > no easy time is shown • by the records of some of t • men. Bred in, the (jiiar'j* mile crack, lias run :; .|»nrt and a half in i.v .ic < said, can clo the '.. ' ' Barry, the weiir:. 1 •• • ' invincible. Br;n ; • s gone 100 yards i •* yards in 0.11 4-.1 • a done the mile in •: ' ll holds the two mile .-- ^.-rd Walter Christie, theproli 'finer, has been engaged to i-—« the Williams College track athletic team. Strauss and Lctehcr, once with Milwaukee, have been signed by the DCS M'oines team of the Western associa- ciation. .lack Stelxncr defeated Billy Dooley in a glove fight before the Pastime Athletic club at Memphis. Term., recently, twenty-two rounds being ^contested. George L. Buist of Charleston, S. C., has been elected captain of the Yale gymnasium team which will meet Princeton in the Yale gymnasium on Feb. 07. Capt. Bnist has been drilling his team for the event. He was the college'gymnast of Yale last year. The assets of tho New York Athletic club on Dec. 31, 1801, were 8839,397.52, while the liabilities aggregated §495,• W. J. M. JRAKKY. 401. The assets are represented by real estate, furnishings, cash in Da.nk of S-l'J.O.IO.Sl, supplies on hand of §t),- 19S.53 and members' house accounts of SS,?.C5.C2. ' THE WHEEL, The official show attendance at Chicago was 20,313. There is a tendency abroad toward smaller wheels. There is a statistician in France who has declared that if a cyclist reaches GO years of age he spends five years of life oiling 1 his machine. The grip doesn't very often catch, a man with dry feet, a good digestion and who lakes plenty of exercise by riding a wheel ou every possible occasion.—Ex. cracks—It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that has been painted in the first place with cheap ready-mixed paints, than it would to have painted it twice with strictly pure white lead, ground in pure linseed oil. Strictly Pure White Lead forms a permanent base for repainting and nqver. iias to be burned or scraped off on account of scaling or cracking. It is always smooth and c}ean. To be sure of getting strict!)- pure white lead, purchase any of the following 1 brands: "Anchor," " Southern," "Eckstein," "Bed Seal," "Keatncty; 1 "Collier." Fox COLORS.—Xational Lead Co.'s Pan While Lead Timing Colors, a. onopouad c-n U> t ss-ppund ken of Lead and mix your own ^ttnts. Saves t;me and annoyance in matching shades, and insures the btst p3inl that k is possible to put on wood. Sold us a pcsiil card and rrt ocr took cc paints-und color-card, free; it. w-ijl profcablysave you i£ood many dollars. NATIOX.U. LE-\D CO., Kew York. Cincinnati Brand), Scrtnth acd Freeman Avtave, Cincinnati. Touch and Go. Touch the spot in the back, chest, limbs, or side, the pain is, with an All cock's s Plaster and the lameness, soreness, stiffness, congestion, will go at once, leaving- comfort, health and strength behind. linlratloili are never reliable. Therefore «1- vi)i intijt upon having the genuine AUXOCK'B Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock'a Bunion Shields. Have DO equal as « relief tod cure for coru and bimioBi. Brandreth's Pills are a marvelous specific for oases of biliousness and indigestion. ^f.J s or tronlmcnt- DR.RODRIGUEZ SPANISH TREATMENT A I o-ILivo « rfttcn CunrnnU'Cil Cure for LOST MANHOOD And tOl nttc?mlln£ Ailment^ both of. vomit? nnd middle- mnsl wii niut women. ThB nwfnlfffeciiior YOUTHFUL KlUtOKS, iinxiunw i ' . , . Xcrvoiw rvbllllj-.NiKlillyJimlSMOtM. Consumption, Insanity, lilwnciinc drains mid loiwof i»o\ver or Uio Gi'o- ' <;ml <w. . lnp.. Thoy not only ouivliviitiirtniijntUii) font of . but nron.(.TWil JiKlfVli THMC und JIl.O .. JIl.OUU ., Mlninmt bnck uw jilnkjrinw i» mw chr.-k. <ind rraUirlTltr Ui« I'lKKOK YOUTH toUl» iwtii'nt. Rr null. *!.<><> ixn-box aril for *.> vitb writ* i,-ii ciinrumcf to euro or ix-luiiil Iho immry. Ilook Crou. upuuWi .Ncnti! Crulu Cu., Uoi S3U9, >«w \ orth ~f*nl«lby Hen PUlier. Urugcinl. 311 '" Fourth Htrccl. Lost Manhood \troithv, mp., Mir«*Iv enroll \iy iAt»Al v *>. :li*- k-rcM Hindoo Homudy. \Vlth nrlitMiir«*r«air«uneor*. So!tl bj Gen Hshcr, Druggist, hGGANSPORT. 1ND. REVIVO KESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me, produced the above renal is In :t<1 <t»ys. ItJicti powerfully n:id quickly. Cures wlicn..ill dlluT* tail, I'ouufjmcii will recant their loi<i luanhuod.and CM' men will recover tbt-ir youthful vipror by using RISVI VO. It Quickly and Hiircly rcstoras Nervous- Di'ss, LoM. Vitality, Imixncncy. KiKlilIy lil Lost Power, FnUJntf Memory, "WnMintr DiK All ulT''ct« of fidf-.ibUK'j or cxctj.'-rtnnil indiscrcUou, which unJlu ono for Kfudy. business or mnrrin^o. It not only cures by KtirtlnR nt U:o ftal of disi'iuo, but t nerve tonic nihl blood builder, brlcji 1 *' back tlio pink £lo\v to pnlo rlirolcs nnd r»- fitorini; ilio lire of youtb. It wardn oIT JuKauity and CouKumptinn. JiiM*t on hnvtna nr:VJYO*nQ other. It can be carried in vest poolcot. Uy mall, ffl.OO nur pankiific, or eiv for $.1.00. with a po»l- tlvo written frunrtintcn to euro or reload the money. Cirr-jlarirre, Address ROYAL MEDICINE CO., 53 (liver St., CHICAGO, ILL BY B. K. Keosllne, DniKglst, -Losansport. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS EXT1U FISE. FIXE ASH ItftOAD POOH TO SUIT AU, IIAXDS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. EAST BOCXD. New York Express. <);il]r -... 2.41 a «n Ft, WHJTI'! Accm.. except Sunday — 8.20 am Kan. City <t Toledo Kx., except Suntlu>-...ll-03 a.m Atlantic Kxprew. dnllj- -.. 4.57 p m Accommodation for East 1.16 P m WEST BOUND. Pacinc Express, tfa'ly 10,27am Accomodiitlon for Wnst Ji'K) m Kansas Clty"E<-. exc«|>t Sunday S.-M p m Lafarrttc Accm.. excciit Sunday 0,<» P m 8t Louis Ex., dullr - 1«-** p m Eel River Dlv,. Logansport. "West Side- Between Logansport and Chili- EAST BOU>'D- Acoommodatlon, leave exctlit Sunday 9.55 a m 4.25pm WKST noi;m Accommodation, arrive except aandaj 9.00 a » iOOam C. C. XEWEUU A««ut. The Pennsylvania Station. ennsylvania Lines] Bun by Central T120« LOC \SBPOKT 70— raaf or<J nnd Columbuji »12.-»0 a m '?..4!iart .W 40 11 m '2.4.ia m RlclimorjdandClnclnna;! ..... * l.OUara '250ani Indianapolis xnd LouUvllle.. '12.50 a in «2.15 a n Effn»r and i'eoda _________ » 2 55 a rn '12 ffi a m Crown Point and Cblcaw _____ * 3.15 a m «12 3fl a m Richmond and CinjtnnaU ..... t 5.4oam }H.i»pm Crown Point ana Clilju50..._.f 8,m) a ill f 7.K \t m EUner LosiJ Frrfglit ..... ---- T 8 »> a m -fll.50 p m Bradtord and Columbus ____ f 7.5i) am f •> 20 p m Momlcdloand Kflwr ..... ____ T 7.15 a m flZ40 p m IndlanawiU. and LouLsMlle...'12 *S \> m «7..50 p m B'chmon I and Cincinnati™.* l.-Vipro *1.S> p m Bradford and Colombo* ....... * 1,50 ,i m 'l.'JA p jn r-hltodeltibla and New Tiork 1 -* I'JM p m *!.'£> p m Montlcello ajid iffoer ......... t '2.20pm f7.-i5a.ni CnlcaKO ............... ------ ..... _* ) .:» p ra "1.45 p m CtileimO Rnd Intx-rroedlate __ * I-VJ !> rn '12.30 p m Koitomo a-ad Richmond ______ t 3.00 p m Wjnamac Accoinmodailon. ._f 4vQ P m Marlon Accommoda'lon ....f 3.50pm J. A SfcCCIXODGH. Ticket Agent Loeuapait, Ind . t 3.00 p m fli 00 a nj ' VAN DAL! A LINE. Trains I^eave Lofiransport, In<J FOB THE XOBTH. NO. 25 For St. Joseph : *H>.S51 • So. 54 for St. Jo«ep!i_^__ —* 3.40 p ni ' FORTUE SOUTH. No.5l7or,TmeHanU :.„_ _™_«7 S4 » m K9..SS For Terre B»utg *2.50 p • . *Dallj, except SuodsT- ' • '. for complete time cutL glTlng all tnlni mt (Utlons, «na for fall Information a* to tbroazb oars, «K.. sddrwi. "' ' *•'"

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