Statesville Daily Record from Statesville, North Carolina on March 5, 1941 · Page 6
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Statesville Daily Record from Statesville, North Carolina · Page 6

Statesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1941
Page 6
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^a^u. 119 MOV! EL AN (Of course the most foeautlfuj girl* in America go to Hollywood. JBttt where do they come from? Well, more ot them come from •California than from any other State. The second greatest number cohie from New York City and Chicago* And the third biggest iiutnber come from Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Nebraska and Oregon. This Is what seems to be proved toy the girls chosen for the picture called "Ziegfeld Girl." They gave a screen test to each of 600 girls from all parts of the country, In order to find the 12 most beautiful. Right In Los Angeles, tho cast- Ing office found two of them — Louise La Planche, who won the beauty contest title of Miss North America this year, and Madeleine Martin, who not so long ago was a sftudent n\t ^the University of Southern, California. The third gUrl from California Is Virginia Cruzon of San Francisco, who had Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, tklf tfiet •vtiy iMNth The gnitiit •tir of th« tcronl "Daddy, do you remember 'The Ziegfeld Follies'?", said Little Cub, looking up at us with large leonine eyes. * * * * And, reaching back into the haunted wings of the New Amsterdam Theatre, we were launched on the bedtime story of those nights of stars provided by the memorable Flo. * * * * Soon we worked our way to the chapter wherein M-G-M immortalized "The Great Ziegfeld". * * * * As we hummed "A pretty lion is like a melody" we drifted naturally into the glamour story of 1941: * * it it . THE ZIEGFELD GIRL * it * * Make a date with your favorite theatre, (advt.) if if * * For many moons Robert Z. Leonard, the director, and Pandro Herman, the producer, have been 'studding the stars in a 1 cluster designed to give the Aurora Borealis second billing. * * * * As Tony Martin softly sings "You Stepped Out of A Dream", which is Public Melody Number One, you will step into adream of glorified girls—of Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turner, Romance, in a beam- -ing web, is spun around the personal (problems of a guy ~iblay«d by James ^Stewart, the last three letters of whose name typifies his "work. Give up? • •* : * * * /Arif Judy Garland! JHbrds fail us. <*.'* * * But fortunately neither words nor music fail Judy, who rides the crest of a great career in this new opulent film. * ' * * * Lush, plush and splendiferous, this Eyeful" Tower gives us a hall of fame for a cast. * * * * For in addition to Garland, Stewart, Lamarr, Turner and Martin, there are i to name but a few) Charlie Winninger, an Hunter, ( Jackie Cooper, Edward Everett Horton, Philip Porn, Felix Bressart, Eve Arden, Rose Hobart, Al Shean, Dan Dailey Jr., Paul Kelly, Mae Busch, Fr.y Ilolden, Ed McNamara and Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls. * * * * Settings by Gibbons, Gowns by Adrian, * * * * Magnificent! Clamorous! M '• ,{h;y! ' * * * *,•!/> THE Z1EGFPLD GIRL , -.rr A. Glorifyin' lion - e American -A* where the stars leave their footprints In concrete. New York City contributed two girls —Anya Taranda, a photographer's model, and Irma Wilson of Brooklyn, a showgirl at the Paradise Club. Andthlcago also contributed two—Alalnc Brandos, a commercial model and Jean Wall- nee, who is only 17 years old and has never modeled or been on the stage. |The others arc Georgia Carroll of Blooming Grove, Texas, Frances Qladwln of Portland, Oregon and Loralne Oettman of Lincoln, Nebraska—all models—Nine Blssell of Orange, New Jersey who wn)i JV^lBb Pacific Coast at ,thc San Francisco ICxposltlon this year, and Patricia l)ane of Jacksonville, Florida, who also had no profea- Hional background. But, although more beautiful girls out of tho 12 came from California, the most Htrlking one is from Texas. Georgia Carroll— the Magazine Cover Girl—IB considered the Ideal, and the others wore chosen to match her height and weight. Georgia weighs 128 pounds, and she Is five feet, seven and a half Inches tall. Pretty soon, when you want to drop In on Bill Powell, you'll have to do It on donkey back. That Is, if you drop in at his desert hideaway. When Hill Powell goes to the desert, he slays at a cabin high on a hill. It can be reached only by riding a Burro. These little donkeys also arc, used to pack-In food and the dally mall. Powell Is planning to buy five of the Burros. They will be kept In Palm Springs for any friends who arrive to visit Powell when he is on a desert vacation. Powell promises to moot every guest at tho top of the hill with a roast beef sandwich and a bottle of liniment. Tho one thing that Jane Withers wanted when they built her an apartment on top of tho Withers home, WMH « secret panel in hor room. The kind where you press on the wall and the panel slides back, to reveal a hiding place for —well, Jane never has decided what to hide In It. They put lu the panel for Jane, and now Jane's in n quandary. The secret panel Isn't a secret any more. Kvery- l>9dy that Jane knows, knows about It, and Jane has shown everyone how It works. On a recent holiday, Jane served 872 Chocolate Ico Cream sodas In her kitchen, anyone who inqlulrerl. Watch out for tho new dance that Paul and Grace I-Iartman have made up for the Anna Neaglo musical, "Sunny." They call the- dance the Mahotcha. It Is different from any current ballroom dance, and includes a lot of graceful movement—lively as the rhuni. ba but: more simple. Threo or four now step.s and the maholcha turn, and you're- In tho groove. Hruco Wytidhnm, of tho rant of "Ono Night, In Lisbon." was born in tho I'nltcd States but brought, up in l-Juropo—lie learned to .speak Kngllsh only after ho'd learned .Kronen, German. Spanish and Italian.... Charles Buttorwortb recently showed a fellow actor in n. newspaper sequence how to act like ft rcportei—Charlio himself was a reporter on papers In Chicago, South Bend and Now York ....Gone Tlornoy haw hired a guard to chase away tho pooping Tom who has been milling around In her garden. .. .Husky, six-foot Albert Pen-Is, a waterfront bruls- Flamo of New Orleans^," was once the five year old child who wandered Into a Washington forest and wan lost throe days while thousands of people worried and eight |u>Hsos hunted for him.... Gloria Jtan liken hor art; .studio* HO much that .she 1ms tnkon lo Hilling the photographs that sho malls to fans. Muris Wrl.von and \VilHmn 1,1111- ilipni in "The Black I'airrot" at tho I'lajhoiiso Naiimlu.V. Hollywood Ziegfeld Girls Inspire Nation's Artiste! nrj Hollywood has streamlined the Ziegfeld Girl. For the lilt word ill feminine pulchritude, 1941 style, the movies submit 82 of America's most beautiful firis in Metro»Goldwyn*Mayer's new musical "The Ziegfeld Girl", starring Judy Garland, James Stewart, Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, and Tony Martin. As the Ziegfeld Girls of the 20's represented the ultimate in feminine charm, beauty, and physique of their day, the screen's Ziegfeld Girls were selected from all over the country as typical of the streamlined beauties of today. And just as the Ziegfeld Girl of the past have been an inspiration' to artists, the Hollywood beauties have already inspired the Art Students League of New York to conduct a national contest for artists and art students with $1,000 in cash prizes for the best conception of the Ziegfeld Girl of 1941. Six of America's best known illustrators, Neysa McMein, McClelland Barclay, James Montgomery Flagg, John LaGatta, Varga, and Gilbert Bundy are cooperating, and will serve on the judging committee with Robert Hale, vice-president of the Art Students League of New York. The contest closes March 17, 1941. All artists and students in the United States are eligible to compete, and may secure detailed information from Ziegfeld Girl Contest head- „„«.„, A -ABU,**! . quarters, 1540 Broadway, New York City. GEORGIA CARROLL i A statistical forecast would indicate that Miss Ziegfeld * * M *"" er Girl of 1941 is 20 years of age, five feet six inches tall, and may be either blonde or brunette with blue or brown eyes. She measures 121/2 inches around the neck, has a 35 inch bust, 25 inch waist, 19% inch thigh, and a 36 inch hip measure. These figures were obtained from the average of the 32 photographic models and screen stars selected from more than 1,000 comely applicants, . i . r "" ott * ttdd ' to M HEDY LAMARR, international beauty, is co-starred in one of the romantic leads in the story. LANA TURNER one of the costars., of "The Metro-Goldwyn. Mayer'g Ziegfeld Girl" in en- scmble costume. WttlCU DANE hail* frota JiMfenfetine, Florida. SIM'S "Cloud of Beauty". JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG'S impression of the typical "Ziegfeld Girl^ of 1941". A Created as an aid to artists in the competition. MADELINE MARTIN California appearing "Floating Cloud". *'* NINA BISSELL, a glorified girl from Orange, New Jersey, is "The Moon Godde**". McCLELLAND BARCLAY famous illustrator compares his impression ot the 1941 Ziegfeld Girl with screen star Lana Turner during her recent visit to New York. REEK MINISTER SAYS COUNTRY WIU FIGHT TO VICTORY WASHINGTON (U.R)—The Prime Minister of Greece say s his nation Is indifferent to threats and will fight on to victory. Tho statement hy Premier Ko- rjxls was mndo In his first broadcast to America. Said ho: "With tho help of our great allies and with tho sympathy of niir powerful friends across tho ocean, \\-o shall win victory." Korlzls' remarks were released in a transcript by the Clrook Km- liassy in Washington. LaGuardia's Anti Noise Law Hard On Brooklyn Junkman NK\V YORK (U.R)—-Mayor l,u UtianiiaV anti-noise ordinance making it plenty tough on Morris Krioilman—a Brooklyn junkman. "1 ask you," says Morris, "ho\\ is a follow going to make a living. First 1 pay ton bucks for a llconso. Thai's okay, but thon 1 go to buy junk and l>any—the anti- noisje ordinance." Last week the police made Morris' take the bell off his wagon. Too much noise, they said. This week they hauled him into court for shouting from his wagou the fact he buys junU. forecast Radio Reception Will Be Troubled This Month NI3W YORK (U.R)—Experts predict that short-wave radio reception will be troubled by Intermittent magnetic storms for the rest of March. It Is expected that blackouts on numerous low-wave channels will Interfere with foreign broadcasts this week and during a 10 day period starting about March 17th. Similar disturbances, attributed to sun-spot activity, interrupted short-wave programs following a severe electric storm on Saturday. America's Roving Military Observer Is Now In London LONDON (U.R)—America's roving military observer, Colonel William J. Donovan, now Is in the British capital. Donovan said on his arrival in London today that he plans to visit several British cities during: the next week. He still refuses to discuss the purpose of his Kuro- f pean tour. ONLV On Also In 1'ersou On Stage! W. S. M.'s DANGliRlYH) VKFCVJOR1 OLE OPUY'S NEST STARS'. "Jim Saunders' Ranch Girls" —featuring — Rusty Wright The most beautiful oo\v girl on or off screen! 5 — Beautiful Cow tiirls — 5 A riot of fuu! Music! dirts! Thursday Only M. to 11 P. M. Always 10c & Court Holds Husband To Contract With Wife ATLANTA, Ola. (U.R)—A Fulton county court decision nvay result in a series of contracts being signed between wife and husband. Air. and Mrs. Leland O'Callaghan, of Atlanta, had signed a contract in which he agreed to pay' her $200 a month to operate their home. O'Callagan got behind in Last Times Today! CAROLE LOMBARD ROBERT MONTGOMERY —iu— "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Tlmrs. - Fri. . Sat. FRED MaeMl'RRAY MADKLEIVE CARROLL —in— j j -T*H pUMWim W WV* j t VIRGINIA A Poranauu STATE his payments and his wife sued him. After eating breakfast together, the two appeared in court—each represented by an attorney. Judge T. O. Hathcock ruled that Q'Callaghan had signed away his rights as head of the household when he put hia signature to the contract and ordered him to pay his wife the.arrears money up to date. IOC FRIDAY 15c Pre-release Showing of the latest Dr. Christian Picture! "Melody for Three"

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