The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 13
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 19S<] LLYTHBVILLB (AUK,) COURIER NEWS Cemetery Vandals Sought In Tombstone Turnovers VERMILION, O. <Ul>>—Vandals who hai'e overturned 43 tombstones In Maplegrove, the village cemetery, have been sought licre by armed deputy sheriffs, On mi evening when Sheriff V. J. .Moore posted ;i guard Iti (hj cemetery the vandals filled to appear. Instead, nlglit lliey ripped down scores of mail boxes along a road south of tlio village. Slieriir Moore said the vandals had "lassoed" the malt boxes as they drove past In an automobile. Federal agents were expected to investigate the destruction of nintl boxes. Dam Reversed Flow Of Texas P.ivcr ROBESTOWN, Tex. (UP)—Travelers on Highway No, 120 near here were not experiencing [in optical illusion whan they noticed the water in the. Nucces River was liigh- cr beloiv the calallen Dam than it was above it. This reverse condition was really true. The dam is a low-water structure built to impound water for (ire city of corpus Clii'isti. Recent heavy rains had brought the river to the flood stage and the river took n short cut through tic- San Patricio county bottom lands. Water coming froni the short cut reached the river again near the highway before the water in the main strea'm and bagan running up stream. This reversed Die flow of water even over the dam. Man Throws Lamp at Wife; Bedlam Costs Life CINCINNATI (UP)-Onc woman leaped to her death anil two children «crc injured, one seriously, when a man 1 became angry at his wife and hurled a lamp at hsr, igniting; a bed. Nine otiicr tenants in the house wers rescued from the blazing structure by firemen. The dead womah was Mrs. Louise O'Neil, .35, negro, who breams panic-stricken and leaped from a third floor window, she died of a skull fracture and internal injuries. Police sought the man they believed threw the lamp. Gulf Coast Octopus Drives Out Swimmers HOUMA, La. IUP) Residents of the lower coastal country of Louisiana have forbidden their children to swim in the waters here following the capture recently of a medium sized octopus. Believed the first of its kind i ever taken in coastal waters, "'the -.fUin/Was hauled in by: a shrimper. It was placed on warn the natives that another dangerous denizen of the deep was present in their native waters. f Of/ DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO lRECTOS. HENRY HATHAWAY is SUCH A GOOD PISTOL SHOT THAT ?HOOT A ClG4f?ETOuTOF A PERSON'S MOUTH—-IF HE GW FIND A SUFFICIENTLY SUBJECT. ACCOMPLISHED t-tUfflClAH AND ms COMPOSED SEVERAL SOHGS, Or CHAKLIE west ISLAND UJ.MITE -fEQQiEBff RECENTLY won C AT THE LOS ANGELES < High-Low Defense Lead Sets. Strong Hand by One Trick Solution to Previous | . Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNEY SclTt'lur3 p , American Uruige League Tills is the second of a series oi three articles describing; an Interesting and unusual defensive play. Today's hand is a variation of the 'play I described in my previ- Church Member S3 Yrs.. l>eacl GALLIPOUS, O. (UP)—John A. Sionc, S)9, Civil war veteran and member of the Methodist Church here for 85 years, is dead. Shearer Hovers Near Inquiry A ID »•! V 1 0 1 5 4 K fl 7 * J S 5 1 A 153 V A K S 2 4 A S •) •' * Q a 2 N Dealer A J s • .1 10 G 5 + 107 U^ * A K Q T 5 '> • V Q J C -1 , » <! A ,\ K l)!i|)lic;ile—All vnl. Smilh \ Xoi-lli Kiist & Himbte 1'iis* ^ 4 N ' ' I'uss I'ass T;iss Olieniiii! lead—y K. i: ous article. You usually find, in tournament play, that if a pair slops short of gumc and cannot make ^auic, they are likely to lose the match. South has a lot of cards and Today's Contract Problem Soul]] is playing (lie con- tiatt at four spades. West cashes the lilng and queen of diamonds. Which diamond should lie play next and why? ¥ K Q .1 .4 J 10 S 1 ' AJ72 v i»'7 ij :t 2 » A K C) !l $• None A A K Q 10 V 5 V A 5 * li-4 3 AS 8 Solution in next issue. what wo have lo do to deJent tlml contract. ' > ri •'•' The Pl»y West ensiles tho king and nee of hearts, fast, his partner, echoes out by playing first the nine' nnd then tlic three, imping a ruff; Now West must bo careful which of his' two remaining hearts he plays. Playing the higher card Informs partner Hint yon hold an entry card lu the higher of the un- hid suits. As West holds the ace of diamonds, his proper play is the eight of hearts. ![ he held Uve nee of clubs, his proper play would have been the deuce, of hearts, . Can't yon sec how simple this makes it for East? East ruffs tile eight of hwu-ls and, even though the king of diamonds is staring Him in Hie face In dummy, Jio rc- luras a diamond. He knows (hat Ills partner litvs the ace, and at the same lime he Is telling his partner that he can overrun the dummy. The two of hearts Is returned and. of course, East makes Ills jack of spades, which defeats tlio three :pade contract on'e trick. Convicts I'rrscn.-il FruKs WINDSOR, vt. (UP)—Life n( Vermont's state prison is Just a bowl' or Jelly. The prisoners' have preened 224 jnrs of .jelly and 10,010 final-is of fruit niul vegetables for use on the dining table PAGE __France ? s Bid tor Supremacy Among Liners Indiana Fuqu for k^w LAFAYETTE, Ind (UP) out ol cv?ry eight ftrms In •"•» has etyctrlo strylce, the Pur--J Agricultural BUtMteil Mrfiton learned aiter a recent surviy Ten years »«o only O he out of evtry so wins hud electricity Cupid Robbed Bible cbu '' COLUMBtA, Mp (.UP)—Cupif lias robbed the world's laryest col- legc students' Bible class of Its teacher Miss Nellie Lee Holt, Bur- inll Bible Class leader sine* id2g «lll marry Curtis Bok, of Philadelphia, at her home In Palls City, Neb, on Nov 25 ' Read Courier News adi, Woik h being uiMied at &t Na/ahe, Hancc, to complete tho new 75000-Ion French Llnci Normandic Hhlcn «lll le the laigcsl ship altoat until Us nutlsh rhal, HID Queen Mar>, takes lo the high seas How ( nearlj reiulj foi 1U maiden \o>as,c the Noimaiidlc Is c«ii bo Judged fiom this plcluic, Just urrhed In Aincilcn Qimgllng o\cisWe Is UK scuifoldlng on ithkli woikeri nn<l> the hull foi Its fhiiil coat of glistening piilnt. Even the huge stacks seem lo have reached their topmost height. Scout Leaders Gel Fnrc Course OUE11L1N, O. (UP)—Scout exec utlvcs of several nearby towns are being offered free n 12-vvcck course |u child psychology at Obcr- lin College. The Institution Is of- fering ()iq course M Its contribution lo better scoullng, Iho administration said. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSCBANCI DBTT. WfimmXXXfiXK**:^^^ when he -jumps - to three ; spades over East's forced bid of two diamonds, it amounts to almost a demand bid. But look at North's hand. He lias the worst distribution in the world. No ruffing possibilities, and the only high card tliat he does have in his hand is in a suit which has been bid by tlic opponent to his leil. I think North's pass or three •pades is very wise. Many pairs vitl go to four on it mid the hand vill be set. Here's a three contract; let's .see >•• ™^t^Fi l'*fei¥»« Suffered Pain, Couldn't Sleep, Lost Weight Gly-Cas 1C a s i 1 v Rcslores Health 'After All Else Failed; Now Gained 12 Pounds. Feels Fine, Lumbago and Kid- n e y T r o ti 1) 1 e Entletl "I coukln't have asfccd for more than what Gly-Cas has accomplished foi- me," raid Mr. M. C, Cook-, 1320 W. Ifiiiitiiigtoii Avo, iJoncstoro. Art:., well known cngin- William B. Shearer, whoso big "•ivy lobbying ivas tbo subject of a Congressipiial Inciuiry several years ngo, has created n new mya- le 'y In Washington Ihrougli Ills I'rescnco in Iho capital during the SenatQ Munitions Inquiry although bo has not been called to '"tlty. Rumors credit him with , Being associated with arms menu- L — . tacturevs. Jilt. M. C. COOK cr. "For the |iasl four or fiv rears I have been unable to u< :cod nights Eleci:, was ccntlnunlly bothered witli kidney and bladder .rouble and \vas simply worn-out it limes. Then lumbago attacked me and was so severe at times I was nearly crippled. t weight rapidly and try as t did I was nnatlc to find anything u liclp me. But finally my relatives jwrsuadcd me In give Gly- Cas a trial—1 did—and soon found it to be just what 1 should have had years before. In sixty clayt liui= I was enjoying the best health I had had in years, gained my weight back, full of pep, no more suffering and feel Hue.' Oly-Cas Is sold by Klrby Bros Drug Co., Blythevllle, and by a! leading druggists lu sun'oundlng tomis. — Adv Perfect Reception With a FORD Complete Installed An Ideal Gift PHILLIPS MOTOR.CO. 777 QUICK SERVICE STA. \ull I.ibt foic\ci—Kifts thai will be an cndtir- icimmltr of this \em's Christmiib sentiment. Gifts ol Ic\vclr\ i Treitbiirut f(iio\ei, >ct no more costly than man\ gifts \,hith i,m onl\ he cnJo^ctl for a short time Oiu culcitinn i, (.umpldt, .mil \ou will luul ihc service givi: you ;is ^ri'iif as our values. Seth'Thomas Clocks Seth-Thomas Clocks, electric or key-wound ...Large and smnll sizes(!P7 i"f| to ...Many new styles, SP'-'U Telechron Electric Clocks The famous Teleclnon \Elcctric Clocks in styles for every nook aiul e/l to eri t corner, self startlnsf . '~ ' eri t '? ( i) Men's Toilet Sets Large and small sols in leather cases, .snap or /ipiicr styles. p- L $15 . Flat SILVERWARE One of These Beautiful FITTED HAGS is certain to please her Imitation and genuine leather fitted Bags. Some with .folding trays, others with fittings In' lop. $6 to $30 Men's Gladstone Rugs, $12.75 l» 522.50 Perfect Blue- White DIAMONDS I i lu beautiful sitr ting at prices lower thaiithey've been : in years. $]0'°!$500 See these new 1935 TOILET SETS IMPORTED GIFT NOVELTIES —from all corners ofUio globe ., . Novol Ash Trays, Vnscs, .Mower Howls, Book Kiuls, Cookcy Jar.-i, Halting Dislius and ilozuns ol' lilllii. trinkuls among which .you are ecrtiiin to find gil'ts suitable lor a good part of your list. Low prices prevail. fti <K ft; 25 34-iiirrc 1S17 lingers lloyal Gift Scls Beaulitul new design, 1 n altrac- t i vo tarn ish-proof case. Other rialcil Sets, S7.50 lo ST5 31 piece Slcrling Scls, $85 Up 28 m s Beautiful Hollow Silverware Kugars .nriil Vrccmcrs SWj C'licp Disb. ne«- dr^igit, SS.75 Silver I'lallcrs, Sn.VS lo SI I Sail ami Tappers, $1 1° SO Sanilwicli I'lalcK,52.51)loss Covcrril Vcgdnblts, SB.50 I.nrse licllsh llishcs, S3.V5 IJrcail Trays, i? lo S7.5I1 Something Nuvv in C^ Costume ^ JEWELRY Birlh.stcnc Kings with. Bracelets match in new'ami fro CA to attraclive styles tp^iDU Atlraclirc Coinp;tcls, 73c In ^12 Enamel Cisarbtlo Casrs, Sl.aO to S5 Silver Cigarcllc CHSSS, • S2.50 lo SIO Ccmpact and Bracelet Scis S8.75' to Sia Clvuitiing . Pendant Scls'/.Sa lo ; Sl.l Bracclcls wllli- or witlioul Slums, S3.50 lo S15 Elgin BulovaGruen-Hamilton WATCHES Indies Elgin, 15 Jewel, while.or natural gold, $>Q<- goltl nilcd band lo harnionlze W"3 Ladies Biilovn Watch, .white gold, CO/I Cl\ matched band t|W.t,'jU Ladies lilgm Wulch, white or "SOT Tfl iiiiiuriil gold . • ifl^ji'iOll Urtii's Elgin UayucUc in O'->C to four smart models M>"L> Uidics Grucn VVatchcs In while QOO rn lu e or natural gold •jp<ii£.OU Men's Hamilton, 17 jewel, natural gold, raked gold numerals Boys' 7 Jewel, white case with .matched band, gold numerals Other Watches $2.05, to $75 3-uleci: modernistic dc- sigiLs Toilet Sets, bltioi- and silver orgrccnniul slher,, mono- c-p rjr gram backs M 1 "-' «> lO-picce Black and Silver Toilet Set in beautiful yellow and silver' care with salin lining V-J 3-plcce Toilet Set of unusual design, sjrcen enamel wjth siUcr , handles and edges, beautifully boxed (jji -j r/ r3>J.l.J 3-plcce oval back Tolr let Set In silver and ivory or blua and silver In ratln lined <»'7 CA Q/1A 'i? "' Dinner Rings Solid gold Dinner {tings of unusual design,'set 7 with birtlistonss and small diamonds. &5 lo $25 ' ShiiefTur and Cigarette Cases-Lighters Ronson Combination Cip- arettc Lighter and Case, $1.50 to $11.50 Evans Lighleis with Cases to' Match LEATHER NOVELTIES Bert's Lt(ilhcr' r l!ilr Folds',"Sliad-to 55' ! Leather Cigarette,Cases, ; $l . fjeajhcr Key Containers,; 75c (o 51.50 liill l''o|d and Key Container Sof, dinner 'Stylo;-' - $5* . ' liill Kold. Key v King, Ciga/elte/CHSc Set. '•'- 57.50•• $ S1.95rio S15 Desk Scls, Sft.50 to §13 Atdom.'itic I'cneih, o'lc lo 55 KounUin .J'ens, > ' SI. 2.i (o SIO .( — New Lamps Choice of lie* interesting designs complete with shade "to 'match .ln--Eizes suitable for the bedroom or living, room. 81.50 to §10

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