The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1944
Page 3
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1044 : I>ONT (QUOTE ' Candidates Vie For Voles Here Senatorial Campaign Likely To Be 'Hot In •jt Mississippi County By JIM DOWN'INC ?. j >ress S" 1 " Correspondent TLE ItOCK. May 25, lUP)- Colonel T. H. Barton went Into the heart of strong Fulbrlght-Caraway territory to get Max B. Reid his campaign manager from lilytheville Moreover. Mississippi county's Jim Crnln of Wilson has Ijcen a lone- lime supporter of Gov. Homer M Adkms, another of Barton's opponents in the senatorial race. What's more, Adklas said recently that lie wished he could always be us sure of everything he did as he was of carrying Mississippi county In -the coining campaign. Fultirlght has done a tot of campaigning In and around Mississippi county. Oust last week, he was in Jonesboro and West Memphis. Mrs. Caraway, hailing from Jonesboro, naturally .has a lot of ifrlends and supporters in her home county of Cralghcml-^but so has Adkins who, as governor, has done much for the county—Including the getting of the Army training program for State College. Max Reid is a popular lawyer In ms own section. He has lived in Blythevillc since 1920. "I am happy 'to be in a position to assist Colonel .Barton In his race for U. a. Senate." he said. "I am firmly of the belief that the time Juic come for the American people to send to Washington successful practical business men. otherwise' America's system of free enterprise Is in grave danger." He said he had known Barton for ailong time and "have admired him because to me he typifies the jreal American." f Neither Adkins nor Rep. J William Fulbright -had made any announcement of their plans in the matter of campaign manager selection. The governor was back at 'his 1 desk Tuesday, grappling again with Garland county law enforcement officials— this time over (lie Investigation of the slaying or Chicago sportsman Prank Abbatte. He put the State Police on the trail of the killer. Fulbrighl was in Eastern Arkansas Saturday— at West Memphis among other places. He denied a published interview in which lie was tpioted ns saying that the war with Germany would be over by late fall. Conjecture over his probable selection (is a campaign manager continued to run up against a stone wall of silence. Senator Caraway was expected to come back to the state around the first of the month to open her campaign, although friends said it was possible thai she would delay the opening until June 15. Secretary Garrett Whiteside said she would take -nothing for granted but would BLY.THEV]U,E (ARK.)-COURIER NEWS No GolpQwer Shortage veal his name until "he gets through' with some. w;ork he is doing now" Sims supporters met here. Sunclny for a long conflab. - * Ben Laney was.due here til midweek to open his. headquarters on Markham street, Laney partisans who got 55 of -his felloi- town" •men to.publicly endorse his cWli MJ^^'^^wn.tobe '"'-.nerto,, ChsoftbM, l m incuidch_coiirsejn personal glooming and social behavior. , him to pick a camnaliiii inaimgcr without delay arid, tur o.ver the endless detail work to.that Silence-continued In the camp of win «f-^ us r hl1 ^ of E1 Dofatl ° »'»"' Wl 1 Steel or Tcxnrkana was con"-- liLs activities lo liLs own sec 'U!ll tate ,' Dav ? T «''.v opened . heac Quarters : I,, (lle ..politically »li 1 \l r-, - I'UillUJHlll hicky Capitol-Hotel here, the firs" to get his campaiBii banners nyine in the Markham .street breeze Colonel Barton opened .his iicnd- quarters in the -Gleason Hotel mu it v.ias announced -that.Jeff Daw, tl Dorado -lawyer and son of tl« state's only three-time goveinci would be one of the licadquarlcu staff members. . . . j.. RosS e r Ve n able was conducting Iiis camp nc-i from a chair i u the lobby O f the Marlon Hotel for the lime IKMI'E . . ••• U.-GOV. J. u Shaver and flep Lee Baker were stumping the hinterlands for the. lieutehant-Kover- norship. Candidate w. H Prince of """" county ' make what campaign. he called "a scared Among the gubernatorial candidates. J. Bryan Sims planned a trip this week into west central counties, about as far west as Boonc- villc. He has been concentrating his personal appearance program jju western and northwestern Ar- Wansas. He reiterated thai he already had named his campaign iiinnnger, but said he could nol re- N'OTfCE OP FIMNG OF APPI I 'JATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT. Notice is hereby given that the mderelgncd has filed with the Com- nissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell urn) lispcnsc vinous or splrjluous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 117 S.'^tul., Blyliie- ville, Ark. -. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 19-H, and to expire on the 30th day of June 1945 as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 eilective July 10, 1037. Louis Applebaiim. Humming birds range from Alaska to the southern tip of South America, but. the Old World hasn'l , . a singt e species. First Lieut Bomlmot Stiroson, nbove, of Greenwich, Conn., second cousin of the secretary of war, is reported a prisoner of war in Germany. The 21-year- old flyer, who holds Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters, was captured after his flying 1'or- tress "Flak Rnt" was shot down on April 13. WARNING OKDKH George W. Hamilton is warned to ;>peiir In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty <l,-, ys ncxi af(el . (he aalc ll( , rc ol, to answer a complaint file against him by Antic Stevens Hnmi Have Pan & Refrigerator Motors' Cleaned For Summer. New Location! 16 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup Wione 2993 or Z598 Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants —lubricants that will fight heat- keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. SAVE MAR WITH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to .keep yonr car. rolling. B. J. ALLEN inn. Dated this 25th dny of- May, I1ARVEV MORRIS < n,,, c T . C1 "»»«'i'y Court Clerk. Held & Evrnrd, Attorneys for Plulnllff Jesse Tuylor, • Attorney nil IJleiii. Koherl Piiitn,, built n submnrinr Mori) he built a .ficdmboal, ami offered it to Napoleon, who refused ^^^^^—^~—————*——^^^.^ 'Simplified' Income Tax:'Lm Is Slightly Less Complicated Hf S. HllKTON IlKATH MiA Stuff {Mrruiiioiiikiil ' WASHINGTON.—'flic new "s'lm- P iflcd" Income lux bill hiis missed "II Its legislative hurdles, u,,,i now ;ve Know wind to expect tor IIH5. We ilo, don't weV It is "simplified •' »ud has heen explained often, so surely everybody midcrstumls it <e hope. Tile Victory Tux. which caused ' much trundle, lias been "repeal™, the official explanation offor- «( by Hi,, ways ana Means Coin- "illkv SII.M. JIBS It? well. If., 11 matter of scnuuillcs. Actually, Ihe Victory Tax, still three per cent, )nis been Klven n »• name, Now 11 U called Ihe formal Tnx. It has been nuule lo "PP'.v to all income over $.100 li>- Mrad of. us formerly, to nil lu- conw over S(l2-i rnxcs mi'e wen niH'ged Into the new Hnrlux. Ills Is In line wilh n,c iinjlm; of nil objective critics o[ ihe old in- iie lax mrss. ]n rnmimthiL' the buse, the personal oxcniiiliun and wait for dependents has been H'cled off ,, t $50(1 per person. In |)l»ce of the old complicated™i --n roiorm advocnied by this writer i^n .series of nitldcs Icist S|irlui! 1 he test fur dependency IIIIK been mini an feed anil simplified, 'the le-Kt How is iiclimlly ili'iiciidcncy, wlth- hi reason, ilul now n family Mint supports uny person not Muted by )lood rannol claim cfcpcnilciirv tor income tax purposes, if. for i\x- unplc, you nrc supporting (he motherless child or « servlro man Hil Ms father, comes home fi'oin ip win-, ycm could deilucl fur 11 dependent under Ihe old law but you can't under the new. Neither. »s (he law you tlnlucl Unit expcndllurc contrlbiitlon lo clnirUy. ; coi.i,i:tvroi!S ctnin in; TAX as n ., The wllhhol[ll;nf , tux has been Bi'iidiinled so ( will coini! close t.o coverhiR the I'ntlre lux ten nny- tiody whose Income Is'itol more [ban S50CO ii.j'eur, iiulcud of the mcsi'iit $3(!UO. Autl' such .persons, If ihey do not.hiive other Income amounting to more limn $100. <lo not liuve to file tnx e stlliui(i\';. Persons .whose Income Is muler SMOO, grais, of which not more limn *100 comes from sources not subject to., (lie wllhholdlni? tux cuii answer u few questions my let the Collector's office compute their 1,'IX. In 'order to do this they nmsl accept a stnmlimlt/oil nllownwo in llru of nil lefiil credits, of 10 pel- cent of i heir "adjusted uross Income" which, by the way, Ls a new II.TIU Introiln dispensation; WAIVKS FI. Without, inmtlonlng'i other minor e.lmnBi'6, which have been described In news stories already, this should be enough 'to Illus-.rnte o'no mnjor nsjua of thh 'slmpllflca- Thc law filinpllflos the lux only slightly. What II does, In fact, Is waive the fllinff ' rciiulremeiil for some 30,000,000 persons. Their tax flbtlgidloiw uve. alniosl as compll- mtcd us over, lint congress' says lo them: "If you're willing (o gamble on « 10 per cent ullowance for deductions, the Treasury will do your work for you every Mnrelt 15. If you, Insist upon -your rights, you and your . slinpliflcalion. , in the iiiieivst of . IiH'vltubly, persons whos are less thuii Ihe urbltrnry 10 per cent win accept 'Ihat 10 per cent find piiy less tnx tlnui is ilue to Ihe uovcrniijciir, iicrsohs wllh treiiler credits \vlll cmnimU; their las on 11 ulunk mid (nke 'full [idviin(aj>e of the penntsslbk' ilcilucllons Tint government will lose 1111 iiimnml of Income Hint probdbly nolmdy ' The uccurnlely In nclvnnce. limll |o cliarllublo coiilrl- o cor- bullotis 1ms bren nilsi-il lu 1.1 |jpr ociit oi gross Income Instead of Ifi IH'r cent of net Income— but only tin-- wealthy ever ran up Ihiif culling under the old law, The flnnr below medical expense ilediic- Illus luis b«n inlsed from live per cent of net Income, under the old law. lo five per cent. Brass Income under the new, so that oven fewer own lax return, nmi-sco hoiv yon liy (lie lime the Issue ailses, tilt) elections will be over. {;A»I> Or THANKS We wish lo extend thanks for Ihe kind tiro; am! sympathy and beautiful llornl oiri-flniis shown In the loss o( our little son mid brother Wo will always remember our friends mul. nclifliboivi for their consideration al the snd parthn!. Mr. urn! Mrs. 0. ti. Dennett mul Undo June. Spectacles hnve been lu use by Marilyn Lowls,' Plaintiff. vs. No, 8603 Luke H. Lewis, Defehda Tlie defendant 3; ^, ^,|j.'> 3efchdajl#';£!>W.i Luke K.\tei&.i&t m ( <o appear.. within'" '•-. horcby warned to appear.. w«, thlrly days In the oburl named on the caption hereof arid''ahswe'r•'«!«/ complaint of the plalntia/MrUyn ' fxiwls. ... , . '.'-., „;,;>;.,.:•<;:::v -'•''' Uatctl'thU 9 day of U&yi'i&l '- ! HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk : By Doris Mulr, D. C v.y-.,•>/'• Percy A, Wright,-Ally, for Pji'fi ;"-'''.Claude P. Cooper, AUy.'iid Utem. ••«• Oou««r"~Bew» ; miin uliicc 1300. The GiiFt Shop Mnderrt and Anliqie Glfii ; COSMETICS GREETING CARbSi NOVELTIES:; A 6'ttt For Inerara Hldg. Phone MOSS BRYAN SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED MM. J. M. (M««) WIUlJiiiu,' oner BMf.

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