The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Pren ootOKUfr mnrepAPBt o* Notmu n ARKANSAS AMD aoxmauure K VOL. XXX-NO. 121 Blytb*»lll» D*Uy, Mem. BlytheTill* ccurlw. Letder. Bl)tbetllt« BLYTHKVtaR. ARKANSAS. MONDAY, AUGUST 7, IMS AND ROSSI 8LNGLJE COPIES KIVE Putrell to Issue Call Wednesday ~ ~ JEEI HI ME Mils Austrian Policeman Slsiii hy German Nazis VIENNA, Austria,"A.lg. 1. (UP)— Tlie tension between Germany and Austria was increased today when Austrian auxiliary police im killed „ — —. in the ^uniform of llie I German Nazi labor,-- corps. Tr.e shooting ocjj.'jrrcj near Kul- stcln on I'M border between Aus- Iria an-J Bavaria.,The -policeman was pal. oiling [h e road with a conr- uanioii when they were met with I n volby of shots. • I The Austrian minister at Tjsrlln •Gov. J. Marion Futrell indicated! German'fc^le,) '° ! " W ' 3t '° l '° today he would Issue a fonnal call -V ^Wednesday to convene the Arkansas legislature In special session •Augusi 14 to pass legislaiioh legal- Gov'eVnor Will Not Ask Action on Road Boncl Refunding Issue. . of Arkansas highway bonds j C BERLIN; Aug. 7 fUPJ—Germany icfiisca tonlglit to accept protests . . . - - •-- ----- -.—- . of Great Brilaln and France SgencVm^ure 0 , '"** "'""fe^ ^ ™° ndn '" ^ . Allogethei representatives*, of holders of Arkc - will m 'ntsday to submii a new refunding plan, ihe overnor said that the bond question would not be included In Ihc call. May Make Later Call lent snld the this morning ni:<l DM.- British charge d'affaires ilii.s aflcrnurm had made reprcsen- tuiions 10 the foreign office. Germany's rlowjtolnt ii-ns [hat no violation of treaties had oc- i.irrod and the recent four power An act passed by .the 1933 reg- fii.-opean Peace, pact was not' au- "lar legislative session and pro-1 pliable lo the case" and that vidlrw for the refunding of $146.-: therefore the representations on icncoo of hlshway obligations has. Aiiftro-aurinai] relations were Ul- much among ami-Finish of Sliatos|)ioi'o A it cm "It b»* tliat a supplemcn- The complaint'.was that German Niizl piopagutuiu' attacking Aus- tnrv call will be issued later lo trirm chancellor Dollfuss had bef-n tuke care of the bond question." .dropped f rpm alrphmes dyer Aus- .tlie governor added. | , ian territory. •,'i. : 'z Nine questions, .including tlicj beer bill, will be in the call, the' - governor indicated. Merc Important Tliun Brrr 'I'he governor ?ald the first four! problems he listed "are in my i-sli-j mation of more importance than the beer queslicn and are £0o:l enough reasons to call a special seM.'on regardless of beer." The bills, to be submUtecUare:''- l.—AjiUllto 'coordinate 'state !i!j- islatlc'ri with that of the N. R: A to enable' citizens of Arkansas to take advantage o f government loans. 2.—A bill to enable home pwn- • '. take advantage of the home Tomato Believed Victim of Malaria.. While members of- her failh prayed and lamented over her fule. Mr.?. loan . corporation by enabling re-i Elira L ,|, Dtm , 0!1 38 •'.reputed ceivers and others of the -home loan i nre ncher of the Pentecost, faith, sue- corporalions by enabling receivers c H,,,bed late Saturday and others in trust capacities lo Tllc wo , I]ah , s ^ |0 1)avB (| ,, (J accept as trustees hcrne loan cov-1 a t a tenl w j-. ere poration bonds in lieu of amount due on mortgages. the 3.— A bill to enable the banks of rc ii g | OU ssect hold Later her bed5r cmfcre of her sjrvicps here. carr lei 'to tha islation a Reeling banks, passed by the- last, congress. ....... , Blytheville hospital by relatives who Arkansas and ./the bank commls-1 os ^a hospital 'physicians to care sWner to benefit by national leg- r 0r only to be told that tlis woman was dead. . The woman lold an Investigalin? 4.-A bill to encourage red-mp-.' Red CrcJS officla , t hat she ivas tion ot tax delinquent property an: . slricken while prcachin<. Wedi.-s- make taxes payable quarterly. j day . A local pnysil . Iai ,. wno ,' 5.-A bill to w newsoapers for ., cr ibed medicine for (he w-mian publishing constitutional amend- ~ments and referred acts. 6.—A penitentiary bill to loan that Institution*. $10.000 until Hie crops are sold. 7.—A bill dealing with the sttite park fund. 8.—The beer bill. 9-—A bill providing for the building of a toll road to M!. Magazine on money borrower! from Ihe R. P. C. Governor Fntrell _satd he considered Ihe bills impo'rlant in the orr der named. He said there mav t:e said he believed s'^e was .ntffDr from malaria fever. The women and her familv, apparently in near destitute circumstances, had moved here from Mississippi and lived in the Tomato neighborhood, southeast of Blvtr.e- ville. Members of her family, bringing li:e won;.-:r. to tosiii In an old, truck over rough roads. :nl:-stcd the 1 aid of Red Cress aulhorlties late Salurday. A physician, diagnosing her illness as an acule form of malarin Musi Buy to Make . Uwniployiuent P 1 n n Work Ho ! lfccluras. r:r,ve ,. Aug. .7. .U. Uli'l- • li'.ruw iiwl vi- lo World Cotton Consumption Highest in Three Years NKW YORK. Aug. 7 lUP) - \Vorlil coii5.nn|)llon of nil growths uf rulluii ilurlni; llii- IHISI henain wilt UK> liirifiui, since tlu ItCM-aii K-iison. HIP New York i-o'Uon es- I'liii.l.'.i' said 'uiilny.' i } "Uiii'lnu ih<> IK months iwr.o I frcm AUR.ISI I, 10M. lo July 31, ISKta." tin! n-ivli'i 1 conlliUHMl, "worll Spllllll'J* ll.wl il|l|l|OXlilllilely ai.VL'li,- IXHI biiloj ill nil kln.lL] of call-in .!•; ''J3,OU7.000 In |li« pri-vloiis sensoii, :M.K!U,IH)0 In I3J9-JO mid US.HM.OOU in uio Uuu-w -misuii. TIU Increase of 1,71B,(IW bales lit con- Iron. 10HI-:i2 to IUU2-33 was nlniOTl !• rt'hchmeii Lniul iii . Afkir Selling New Non- Slop Mark. ;;•' PARIS. Aug. 1. (MPl— Pau ilul Maurice liossi, amaslilnt;- woi-io distance record for strai ne flyln|! ' landl ' 11 »' ' •The .stratosphere balloon ia- which Lieut. Coin. T. O. the upper nir. rose ghostly above Soldiers' 10 minules laler il was hiln below. W. .Sett!? KM* to try i m „ ,i, a | lt . ln nl , ]( , s Field in Chicngo. above, as it was Infliilcd Bui U-M Ui«n sprawled across Ihe C. U. & Q. railroad tracks three miles awav. ns snown ^^"""'^^vrttohavcf^scme lo land, th, carefully panned n, ? l,t fi ?Z le. The balloon was not seriously damaged, and Selllo ir. Pxncrlril lo try ;, 2 aln. fm-er, prescribed ror the woman several oltrrs Included in Ihj rail. [ and the Red Cross hnd the pre: scription fillej. Tho woman medicine "Lord's Acres" Signed In Cotton Cat Program CARNESVILLE, Qa., Aug. (UP) — This man ' Franklin Roosevelt was able lo get "Lord's Acres" signed up In given some and then the long trip back to their home was begun. After about ralf the distance hau been traversed the woman is saW 7 j to have insisted that, they return ' ' N. It. A. •' , | "II Is wlnil we buy i.iid hnve a.i'.l' use lljul .mike'! lne'li]i'i'c«sln(( poi> wl.lch Ihc wliute in-o- L'nilB," 'Qencrul Iliigli 3. lender of Uio recovery snld. "No t'liiplnycr can RO on Incrcns- id invrolls wH'roul Incvciisi'd bus!- Tf.f pure of buyc-.s Is now lo buy or this iilim will be u fullurc." In nil-IIIon lo Ihe la.mchlnij nf the liny now cniiipnlcn n Ijusywcrk 1'Hil »l N. R. A. l|[»idquiirli-r-< H'lll Knrt'slrikrv .K-liiicon fx|irus!wl belief llial "we clfOn -nil all exl. 'lnv sirlkes" l.'ic trues prachiliucil by I'resldeul Ituosevell, .He saltl Ihs nrbltratluii board wouH bealn work al owe I.T tuljust dlspulM. Tlicre waa some anxiety rc^nvillni; Uio threatened refusal ot some 'n-mf- inlnen to return to wirk. Prcsl:li>iil .lohii L. Lewis of the . " " Work-rs dlsij-ilched I (el.'srnms io. cverv local union In the .strike nrta warning that fall', urc tb" ibHi> by the, temparnry sct- llniiicnl "run only Ijuji (o furilior tllstrcsB." iVinnii.v. R ..A. Admlnlslr.ilor \Vlillcslile Ihrpiilened -to ivltlid'rp'v , .blue ep?lcs from Mndlatift ^rceerv i I slorp^ ' which were' remitted' plan- Iln)lt7slorr"h0|m to-lns 63 hour? aiweok.'^iiDrtnnln'i l:our? woi-l^ bo n vlcln.tlon of ilip presidential nor/emcjit (o jn-i>") eniDloymcnl.. Whilrslrlf ',»id' '| n a telegram to lln presldopt of the Elaleirffl) nrp-!ri nwplntir>n. "• Warns rirorrrymen Thi mrssngc to th» Indiana Rc- jlnll -Grocers Association, snld tlml "In several local comuiunltles re- tnlirji' urn mriklny Joint agrcc- mnil.i. to shorten hours." 'This lc nol In kecolng with clllier the snlrlt of the fact as ex] p'rerscd In Use president's re-enij riiovnieiif. attrcpinriii' or In Ihe llncsldcnt's' statements icrardin? pc-employtnent . of which Ihe es- ftncc Ls lo affect an increase both In .c-cmploy.nem and In wages lo thoso employed," the administrator rnlrl. Tn an address lo n mnss mcct- IIIK at Cleveland. O.. Genera! Johnson promlsori prompt c,-wlp- llr.nry action for ll.ow who dls- plnv the Blue Entjlc of the N.R.A. ivlthoiit nbldinK by (lie terms of i lir agreement. that bird," Detectives Await Fiance of Slnin Son ,o( 5t. Paul Jurist. NEW .YORK, Aug 7 (Ul'l — p.m. ' line unomclnlly .estimated at approximately 5,700 miles from Now--York--I to Rnynck. compared to Iho pro-'-• f vloiw record of 5,340 ililles from Knglund to 3mmi Africa, set 'by Squadron • ooininsindcr c. B Oau- lord nnd Flljilil Lieutenant b-.-'B.' Nlcholetts of Qreal Drlfain. ; 'Die ministry announced offlr-rally - j tbn!, the record 'win broken. It was =xiicclPil UiefViitematloiial Air fpd-y to compute anJ cannrin Ills om^la) I dUluncu. •" • * by orasl' In the l»y«tlgutlon of ihe murder.-.of )lenry F. Sunborn, rnll- luiid official, ahdj an-nliorncy for llii! sloln iiian's.-fomlly predkiod ll.tit "Ililn .inirder.will lie solved." !!crb*, llie attorney, d(;.iii'd,.- hpv.'ever, ;th»t ollhcr the mlEsini! ; fiance o(- : Siuibani or oilier . AUK. 7 (UP)—' Minor >Vith the worlil's distance;, record almost In Ihelr svasp. wireJe.''rl- ol fl:47 11. m. 'eastern daylight lime that they were nyhiK over Kaslelorlio key;; ICO miles', east: women ;,with whoni-hc foren a5J»cla(ed could offer any clues. In nutheriu Turkey;; ICO miles uf the Isln-A'^-Rbbdes. •• ; :' Tlie v.'.ft* v.^fewiie wli flyers kl f Js.VfrS*;!.h«d ift the :;trnf K nrr-iliie'fls6histop ; ? :e wld. ... ,h«d i,6rok* ^•fedl^w MMnhlW.,AIrB#Bfe : n^llir"n»Wi"M^|£ ^lio was cx,«cled ^ foaffy'^l*'*^-^^v n v cck end trip, and French and < •Italian police iere askVd to find "" M " liui<1 ' ft " d . -- .-,-- .- D.n ? »r. Mitchell, , friend of °' ^**™*W l *S&£&Sanborn's, associated with him a- brewery deal; .•',-' •MUntiiill i £ -n son of fo'iner TJ. S. Attorney General William D. Mitchell.-Aside from these actions little of the Investigation came toj and It appeared thai detcc-l lives were proceeding with great' Sanbprn, whose falhcr was ..' Judge of.the U. S..,circult court of «i>!:< p uls In St. .Paul, dlsapiwared July 17. Hl s absence wns reported by n business associate July 24. .federation they will ruW^.brofcri; | the record by the neces«»ry" WO':; kilometers when they reach " At Alcpiw they will haveigbpe il.C14 kilometers (5,4025 mljesi or'-' 100 - - - • Ord . " rc han 18.000 Unemployed : Reclaim Foresl Lands Px (UP) —A|¥- j nroxlmately 18,000 unemployed men": have been given wcrk In the'Sf- Emergency Conservation . Work camps cstnblkhed In'PcnnsylvanU <lale forcU?, game .preserves, .and" . reservations. . Under ll-.e sUnervlsion of : tte \v,as ' coiton reduclion campaign as well here, which they did. The vices followed at a tent church here with the woman dying in the midst as those of praWra!lFe\Vry"ar"m- J? w , the """e^ations of }, E r rela- er of the South. The Bold Springs Church, near here, had nine acres planted In collon. Its trustees slgned-Up with '« and members of her seel, Funeral service were held Sunday afternoon at three o'cloclr with „ „...„.„.„,, „„„ the R«v. Mr Rhoaes offlcbtliij. The County Agent E. K. Davis to lake !~ Undertaking company was In four of these out of cultivation i cnar R e of'funeral arrangements. The agreement Is on the records : • QC '-Thf T^irri'-i A/^r^c " i f f D D t church a^i^f* »«ir Revenue for Aid of Common Schools the four acres and has an option of one and" four-fifths boles of govcrnmenl-rwned cotton. No Curb Service Code Handicap! Dry Cleuters LAGRANGE, Gt., Aug. 7 IUP>- A strange Wist to business has be»n one result of operation of th< recovery code here. When a drug store refused curb service, a woman ordered her husband to serve her on the grounds she was not ntttred for shopping. A suggestion that dry cleaners will complain at. the no curb service, on the grounds men frequent- 'v spot tlielr suits while trying' to niafagt a drink In a stuffed ai.lo- part of the legalized beer In Ark- to the common school urged to wire members -of the or write Major Little challenged the horlty of a prominent leader to speak for the P.T.A. entire . re stale group In declaring that the organization does not want bee? Loca Greene Co-author of Workbook on Democracy Crawford Greene , -superintend-i em or Blytheville schools, is co-' author of a "Work Book in Prob- i lemr of American Democracy," Just • , . . i published by U. Q. Heath and /Association co:nnuny for use In • connection j \V W principals, wus at the city hall this f RM of Bill ' wilh tllc slud - v of social science! the United! PlWrUru ' wi C ' enCVinn . j St Th" publishers "Do not trifle I lip s.ild in tils message to (he j nfernoon while Buford Martin, the Ohio city. "In the confusion of [other, was to be taken Into cus- early days n man may get away tody I with It. Bui tin " lin against an opinion Is sure." f Participants Face Municipal Court Trial A Main street brawl Saturday night was lo be aired In municipal court this aflernoon If the . . _ . - -.- principals could be brought be- raiment of Forests and Waters, ; fore the court. the men reclaiming vgst stretoll-i Singer .Johiison. one of the I ?s ot fort ' st 1and5 ' anl corstructlpg,' tiny of reckon- The flght started In n cafe-op- aroi.sed public| ernted In connection with Martin's taxi and iransfcr business and was expect 'the bookj b , , , - m locnl cnfe nnd 'hotel onerators al a meeting at the Hotel Noble Saturday night at which lime the organization standard textbooks on the Ject. It Is a 170-page volume contains several features ne< voiks of its kind. - 1 nick Highway Ditch. CHAMPAIGN, 111., Cuban Congress Called to Meet Revolt Threat HAVANA.' Aug. 7. (UPJ — j Congress «'is called into s|wclal I session today lo deal will, a strllte i j situation so s?rloi:-i that American | ] arranged polltlcnl p?ace negotiations An* 7 (UP) I worc racl '" i nsalnsi tlie oulbreal: All?. ( (Ui ) of n rcvol , |t , 0 ,, later renewed nt the urcording lo reports, same place, w - the Blytheville Hotel and Rcslaur- i Greene were, Tim' Slinnelt of the ant Asocialion was completed : Slumps. Ark., school system, and - While the members arc await- BnlCl1 Weslc - v . nralslant professor hi" further informally coiifr-rnl-r • of cilucntlon al the University uf! the blanket code as II applies to! W lsc( m sln the hotel and restaurant business. tho program was approved and .; \ r t ^ each of the 30 members present-! /Vt'f'J / Offf (,OtlOII indlcntcd they would join in the; movement. ] NEW YORK, Aug. 7. (UPl-Cot- R. Daniels, also of Joneskoro. was Co-authors or the book with Mr. serl °usly Injured near here yesterday when their (ruck collided with another vehicle driven by .Joseph Laurie O f 'Uiomastoro. The accident war, bollrvi-d to hnve been caused by headlights from another automobile which apparently blindod Barnes, who was driving the truck. The (ruck and over- Bill Dolen wos elected president 1 ton closed barely steady Of the group, Jimmle O'Brien, vice-1 president, nnd Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, Qct secretary nnd treasurer. The exe-' for me scnool fund He delayed a letter from-n wcl known Leachvlllc .V.T.A. worker declaring that bee r revenue will us SfreeahJe to membsrs of the group there and* 'believes that other P.T.A. groups in ihe county are anxious to secure revenue for tho school fund. Repre^nla'tlvc Little says he-is strongly In favor of revenue from beer fcr schools. cutlve board Is composed "of Earl! Harvey, Mrs. Mamie Frlttius, Miss M ar Mary Sue Wright, Logan Moultrie. and Bert Dougan. The group will meet again tonight ni 8 p. m. for Ihc purpose of drafting .8 schedule of prices to be In effect In all local eating places. • open high low 1007 1025 899 1031' 1047 1020 1035 1051 1027 1046 1069 1041 1062 1085 1053 1078 1090 1077 May .... July .... ... ., Spots closed at 990, ofl 15. close 999 1021 10J3 1041 1058 1077 . t Plirtalls Paiilc Shlppm OALVESTON, Tex. (UP)-Many! Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 7. <UP>— Cotton closed steady. Crashed into a culvert turned in a ditch after striking the Laurie car. A. C. Maler of Thomastoro. who was riding wllli Laurie, was slightly injured but his three children escaped injury. Daniels injuries arc not expected to prove faUI. An Inquest Into Barnes' death will be conducted tomorrow. for Soldiers in New York Milk Strike open 1011 pers still arc talSlng'absut thc'i-on-1 JaTv '.'.'.'. 1033 o.ucer shipments have moved loot ..... through this Gulf port, hut slilp- Dec - slgnmenl of 25 lous of pigtails. The I Mar. plgtnils were billed to Liverpool. trov will be used for has not been disclosed. 1047 1065 1015 high low 10'.7 J192 1040 1013 1041 1020 1055 1040 1077 1057 1075 1075 ROCHESTER, N. Y., AU&: 7. (UP) Sheriff Warrsn Walters of Scr.c cbse , ca county wired a rcqusst fcr na- BS.; tlonal guard troops lo Gov. Herbert ' iodiy as milk -trite dl?I orders conlinwd. 1018. 1025b 10Mb lOo" A. T.- and T 123 3-8 ; Anflconc'a Copper 1G 1 8 i Bethlehem St-'el 387-8- Chrysler 33 7-8 I Cilles Ssrvlce 3 1-4 Coca Cola 941-2 General Amrrlcnn Tank 34 1-2 General Elcclric 22 General Motors 283-8 Internationa! Harvester 33 1-2 Middlewcst Utilities 1-2 Montgomery Ward .... 20 5-8 New York Central 41 1-4 Packard 43-4. Phillips Pelfo:eum 123-4 Radio 76-8 Simmons Beds 23 'St. Louis-San Francisco 5 1-4 Standard of N. J 34 1-2 Texas Co 21 3-8 U. S. Steel 515-8 Wheat open high Sept. 98 1-2 69 1-8 low close 97 5-8 98 Dec. 101 1-4 102 100 5-8 101 ' May July .... ..... •Spots closed at 986, off 20. steady. The situation in So"?ca county j Is beyond t^e control o! lies! cu-| open • forqemcnl, agencies,- sheriff Walters Sept. 54 3-4 WW. j Dec. 59 1-2 Chicaftn Corn 55 5-S 59 3-4 low 54 1-4 58 1-2 54' l-a 5*3-4 WM >nv*ded hy the monster, Ambition. Read this new seria> of * modern Eve's •truffle to keep her job and her husband. "For the Love of Eve" Begins Today on Page Four roads and trails to'.facllltate travel through the wooded areas..'••• ':"" . The woods opsrati.uivj now "being'.. : carried on" consist ot Imprbvemint cuttings In timber.atBiK's; nark'-RiVU camp development, control cf Vth'e deadly white'pine blister ru^t, and construction and maintenance 'of telephone lines. . '^ "" t Mrs, Herman Osbonte .Receives Servke Pin (Air ... «. Herman dsborrie, crii'ef op- -' orator of' the Blytheville offlce of the Soutl:« p 2atsrn Bell Telephone company, today was awarded a.20 years service pln-'which- Is .given only to emp'oycs Who" h«re been'iri coniinuoui senlce for''a>Vjeir3. Aftef" enterlnj -'Oie^builriesa.i'-at ' Bjlcsvllle In 1913 slii?'b^ime evening, chief operator before '"combig h?re.!'n 1320 as"day chief "operator. V Mrs! Osboriie'ls iHe orily" 1 nello" ; git! in Mississippi coun_ty with thli : ' r.onor, which Is rare "among, the . women employes. .'. •" : • -!...-.•• • Ti-e company .iwartis honors for' the years of.continuous.service.with a pension available after 25 work. ' . . Triple FUy M»*e ABERDEEN, W»sh. (UP).— liie first triple play of tr:e ' ciiiwnt tcceball season occurred here re- cenlly. H happened wfcer-. Suthsr- land, an outfleiaer, m«de a surprising shoe-string citch ii'nd wlnjed the ball to the.lnfltld la time W catch two baserunmrs. WEATHER Arkansas—P«rtly cloudy tonight and Tues^Ay. - '-Memphis an^ vicinity—Pair t ; i- nlght ond tomorrcw.' lltllt chsng* in lemperiture. • ;.-..' , .v ': ^ <•'-'. ' . .' The maximum tfmpentuw; rrm yesterday was 87, minimum ti; cleir. according to' Samuel f. Morris, official wetther otxerrer. • -.'.

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