The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1954
Page 11
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ASK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN By J. R. Williams with Major HoopU BOARDING HOUSE THi5> WOULDN'T BE &PORT ION6 FER, ME »F 1 HAP TO WCX "THESE OF TOOLS FROM owe JOB TO ASJ OTHER. VER.V THEY WAS- HOT CTJ TH15 MCUWTW DO TRAIL WHEW THEY JUMPEP THAT BEAR.' BEAR'S <XTT O' AEASaO- WE (3OT "TO GIT 'EM BACK OWTHISUOJ TRAIL, . i eoxsar ATfifEeA^MAETHA; #>TU£ OF 1UATJ 8UUY/TAUA16 $L6E WAtGR, 4 SACK t? -NAT TV Ycu fnieves, F MOKU/A is wv nert- AMD AffaS Jf 56T (D€A* ftfAJL ^JlDPECOKOAKefPeX 1MATS WH6R6 1 -\O £W6S AMD PLUG& •fUAT WOULD M50LT A KM t -rueew IT Ike MOOWT- HEEO6S AEG MADg-WOT 8ORM NOW LETS Aa SO HOME SO WE CAN GET SOME SLEEP' BUTTERFLIES OR—GOSH, I MIXED- INSIDE ME.MIUW-- "A girl does learn lots in high school— I've started reading the sports pages and know how to talk to the boys! We hoped for a boy—we got th« next thtag to it! 1 Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, It WMCT Channel 6:00 6:15 6:30 6;4S 7:00 8:00 8:30 9-30 10:00 10:30 10:40 10:45 6.50 7:00 7:25 7:30 7:55 8.00 8'25 9:00 fl::iO 9:45 Evening Serenade News Reporter Tony Martin Show News Caravan Sid Caesar Edward ArujM Show Robert Montgomery Badge 714 Wrestling News Weather Monday Night Quarterback Tonight SIGN OFF Tuesday. Oct. * Mcditntton Today Wont her Today Today In Memphis Todny News Today Exercises with Cathy IM»B Dong School Storyland Shopping nt Home 10:00 Betty White Show 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12:00 News 12:15 Farm NeWS . 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 Three Steps to Heaven . . 1:15 Charm with Cathy 1:30 Homeiniikerfi Program 2:00 Ores teat Gift 2:15 Golden Windows 2:30 One Man's Family 2:45 Concerning Mis* Marlowe 3:00 Hawkins /alls 3:15 First Love 3:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Pinky Lee Show 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Cuptaln Video 5:15 Flicker Comics 5:25 Weatherman 5:;iO Superman 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Berte 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8.30 Circle Theitre 9:00 Truth or Consequencee 9:30 The Falcon 0:00 I Married Joan 10:30 News to:40 Weather 10:45 Clctc Roberts 1 1:00 Tonight 1Z:00 SIGN OFF WHBQ Cftmnnel 11 6:00 Freddie Burns 6:15 Weather 6 20 News ' 6:30 Doug Edwards 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Burns and Allen 7:30 Talent Scouts 8:00 I Love Lucy 8:30 Ubcrnce 9:00 Studio On* 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Late Show Tuesday, Oct. 5 7:00 Morning Show 8:55 News 9:00 Gurry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 StrlUC It Hlch 11:00 Valiant Ludy U:1S 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:25 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 2: d .5 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:111 4:15 s^n 6:01 6:Ti 6:!n 6:30 6:45 ':00 7:30 8:00 8:30 S:30 10:00 10:05 10:15 10:45 Love of Life Search [or Tomorrow GutdtnK Light Kitchen Mftglc News Welcome Traveler Robert «. LewH House Party Dig Pnyotf Lady or the Houie Bob Crosby Brighter Day Secret Storm On Your Account Portln Faces Life Early show Mars patrol "reddle Burns Weather NcWB Doug Edwards Jo Stafford Community Chest The BIB Moment Meet Millie Elgin Theatre Danny Thomaj Weather News Danser Late Show EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 Unreported Crime VENTURA, Calif. W— A motorcycle officer discovered a theft but couldn't report it by radio. Someone had stolen the microphone from his motorcycle. TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 2 Pric« KiRBY DRUGSTORES Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bldg. Day Ph. 3-4257 Nile Ph. 3-6704 Call PO. 3-3531 ~ BAD PICTURE TUBE? ONE OF OUR 'MAN? , EXTRA SERVICES Our new process will repair and restore it (in most cases) —at no additional cost! ELECTRONIC LAB W Walnut — Blytheville WAITJ- Don't bmt roni he»d ifainit a brick wall until You're tried ' ' ' GYPSY RUB LINIMENT SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson THI-: STOTlYt A tiumhrr of nm- tt-i-itvc .Jim Dunn unit Niinc?. 1»U ivlfc. n hi-n lliry tjilic up rt-j.1- ilrncr n( Tin- .Spires. |tari of the < •.-irNoii (•«(;>«•. .llin nn<1 \nriry nrr |M.Ninjr :IK rnrrlnUcr* whMc « ; -rli(MK Tor I heir i-Ih-nt, >1 r.t. Kit Crtrlsiin. IMIP nf llic junior «iv.-H nf rln- chin. Uhcn Jim nntl ^:llll•y nrrfvi-. (hoy IInd Ihe <-;ifiin ilii-t" h.-iil hi-rn titlil l( wni» vn- "B-c ip-lnM. Mrw. lliKr>n ( .nrl- , Kit has lUM-n Involvpii IT nn Jhc- 'iV.-!it I oa'it. VI 1 1M sat up in bed suddenly. J pulling covers away from the sleeping Nancy. He smoothed * ho covers down again, looked cvc-r the foot of the bed. ,He shook his head, hoppd he was dreaming, hoped the four people standin:; there \vou)d dissolve in. tho fiinlit morning air. "Good morning." Jim said. He poked his wife. "Honey, we have company " Nancy's eyes opened enough lo ^ce the group at the foot of the bed. "Didn't you lock the doors, ,Hm?" "I am Mrs. Hilton Carlson," the woman said in a tone of voice which should have sent the Dunns under the bedclothes. " are you two doing in my ho;:. so?" ''You sure it's yours?" Jim askc;ci mildly. .He, wanted to m;il:e certain Nancy was fully awake. "Say good morning to the rice people, honey," he insisted. Mrs. Milton Carlson disre- t;;.r ied Ihe girl, "You haven't a;-,s\viM'od rne. Do so before I call the sheriff." "And you didn't answer my ri'icMifn." Jim pointed out. "This ;:..ue. The Spires, was sold ycs- t " lay lo my employer. We came Un ^ -fnrc her to Ret the nlace K«.iy, She's a >Mrs. Gelslrap of OWrfrwM H NCA Svk>, l-c. California.'* He tossed the name in and waited for some reaction. There seemed to be none to the ne itself. I don't believe it," Mrs. Hilton said. "I didn't believe Toby when he said something—" "I have some papers around," Jim said. "And an order from the real estate people." Mrs. Hilton Carlson stared at him. "Petey is a swine," she said grimly. "Possibly," Jim agreed. "I don't know him." "Of course not. I was speaking of my son. J Peter Carlson. Naturally you wouldn't know him. So he sold it! Just to annoy me because he knew I had it ready for guests. For Mr. and Mrs. Ummmmm." QNE of the women and the ^ man made feeble nods in recognition of their name. Jim never did know actually what H was and never saw the couple again. The other woman was short dumpy, with high color in her checks and nondescript mouse- colored hair. Mrs. Hilton had an idea. "Your employer, when is she coming up?" "This evening," Jim said. "I see. Suppose I mar 1 '* i worth your while, would you le my guests spend the day here?" "I wouldn't have th« authority." "I suppose not. So it Is lust ; well I came prepared. Angelica!" "Yes, mother?" "Toll" Philip and Ihe men lo get to work." The dumpy woman departed. Mrs. Hilton Carlson demanded. "I supr^e von Hfivp nn inventory among those papers?" Sht wait- while Jim nodded his head and answered "Yes." Then you can check it after we're through." She opened the jedroom door, held H long enough to let her prospective guests scuttle happily through nto oblivion. She called loudlj o make herself heard above the rising hubbub from the rest of he house. "Take everything you wrought over yesterday morning, Philip. Leave this room until the ast." She shut the door, so she could make the Dunns hear her without shouting. "There are some things I want understood," she said flatly. "You c* pass them on to the new owner. We do not encourage visitors. To make it even plainer, we do not want a call from the new owner. We cannot forbid you the use of the road. We do not want any ft you on our side of the lake. We do not want any of you .to set foot off this particular property. You two and your employer are a nuisance. But one that can be remedied. Do I make myself clear?" Jim nodded and Mrs. Hilton Carlson went out « * * "pOUR hours of hard work, and Jim and Nancy had the place put back together a& well as poi- siblc with the material at hand. "They didn't take the fireplace, anyhow," Jim said. "Let's go out on the porch and tak« • breather." The rambling structure of The Spires was placed on a triangl* of level ground between the two creek; which tumbled into the clear water of the take. On all sides of the triangle, distant enough from the house which was nlaced to get the sunlight, sheer rock pinnacles rose a thousand feet. One o! the creeki flowed swiftly along the bast of the right-hand cliff The other, crossed by the road and bridge, gushed out from a yawning hole in the cliff itself. "Jim, isn't that a red roof, there against the clifl"/ Or M jurt another shade of rock?" "Soon »**. Should b« the c*r*- laker's ""i™." (I* ttt C«aUn»c4) DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Boirs: 8 ».m U 9 p.m. with Deliver? ko 7 P-» WOODS DRUG STORE ^^\ Wtit Main BL DELCO WATHR PUMPS Pump • Pipt WATER PUMP REPAIR SEKVICf General Hardware and Appliance Co. 109 W. Main For Genuine Ports and Expert Service See Your Ford Tractor Dealer SNOW TRACTOR CO Blvthcvlllc, Ark. Tel. POplar 3-8951 Means Less Work . . . More Income Per Acre "The Very Best Will Cost Vou Less." Paint Closeout MM; TTPW »iH C«l«n i Price Hubbard Hardware FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gtan, repairm * AH work guaranteed • Prompt St. rice ROSE SALES CO 521 S. Zllt APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE ROY BAKER . . . our service repairman, Invites 70U to call on dim for all types of appliance repair jobs. Whatever the job maj be— water pumps, electric irons, electr c stoiM, washing machines— your man IB ROY BAKER. General Hardware and Appliance Co. 1W W Main TV and RADIO SERVICE Minor Repaln and T»he Replacement in home timid* HI;- IherillB elt; llmlli) On/y More Than Zi Tetri Tralnlni and Experience. i Factor; Service Giarantn M All MikM. Blytiieville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mrr. 109 E. Main Ph.3-3616 . ._ GOTKTOWCHMN IN HERE. WE'LL HAVE TO< YWK THAT SWAINS OUT/ YOU'RE RIGHT, ^ TKAWK HEAVEN, } / AND NOT X MOMENT TOO LIEUTENANT/TORE J CLAY, THEY'VE /( SOON. THE PLACE IS FCLIN6 IS SOMEONE IN / SEEN US/ V \ UP WITH SMOKE.THE PIKC THAT CELLAR/ j^—. ,-flfl «U- BE DOWN HERE IK' /^VDU FOLKS MUST BE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING- YOUR POP-UP TOASTER TO WORK! NO.... WE JUST HAVE TROUBLE GETTING OUR POP TO EVERY MORNING T ^SEE YOUR POP EATING- HIS 4 TOAST WHILE HE RUNS POR THE BUS!v^ >D A5 VIC STEW M FHOWT OF THE I COMT SEE HMV WONPES IP HE. I7UCKEP IN HERE... —t HURKV ALCW6, FLIWT. I WflNT TO SET THIS , OVER WITH' r _j!i] QUIT STALLING, UNCLE xm'J YOU'LL '•*/ WHERE DIP YOU H!P& THMY WAIT TILL i 60T TO KNOW WHY H6CA.U6 I ARRIVE! /\POWN TO see WAN MD ( *6yv_^ / -- / THEM YOU'LL KPLW.M \ IM HMUW6 WU YOUK COMUECTIOU WlTH\GETOUT^)^ < ( rV^Y TOW HOOPIUW, 5r\UCHO I OR ILL-M.HER! WHO KltWED H^N—A IT IS WAIT! TH6V WOWT S6T AWf\Y MOW. LETS HURK.V 8KCK TO THE M)P TELL5H616V TIWT NWO 15 SIR YOU ARE 5PEAK - ._ ING OF THE WOMANV WHAT? I LOVE/ f 1 ^ V YES, VOUR 'SO IT'S WITH / HISHNE55, MINE LEETLE \ SEEK HER 6RUNMEHILDE Y17U WISH TO PEP A WHILE TME17E THOUGHT HE WAS 50

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