The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1956
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARYS, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Nation Waits Patiently As Ike's 'D-Day' Hears EDITOR'S NOTE — As the day for President Eisenhower's decision on a second term approaches, the nation finds Itself in a situation without precedent in the history of the presidency. Here, by a Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent, is the first of four stories dealing with various aspects of the decision, the factors by which It will be influenced and the effects it will have on the nation. By HELM AN MORIN WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower ,is rapidly approaching his personal "D- day." And for this political capital, it will end a guessing game of unparalleled magnitude. Eisenhower's decision on whether he can and will run for a second term presumably awaits only one thing now—the findings in his next physical checkup. For a particular reason, this will be an unusually important examination. Its purpose is to determinen as accurately as possible how~Efsen- hower has stood up under the massive weight di the presidency after a full month at work. Nejtt Thursday marks the end of this month. The President's personal physician, Maj. Gen. Howard Snyder, told reporters, "No man who is just 41'j months past a heart attack is in a position yet to determine his own physical fitness. He should have more time—all the time he needs." Big Feb. 14 Snyder said, however, that he hopes to complete preliminary tests Feb. 13 with the rest of the examination the next day. •' Then the President plans to take a brief rest, probably in a secluded forest lodge near Thomasville, Ga Eisenhower may work out his deci sion there—and quickly. "I hope I am not going to dilly telly too long about it," he said. -Seme—obscrvcm—ia—Washington 3L/A POPULAR — In a recent election In Dyess High School, Martha Benton and Jimmy Barnes were elected the most popular girl and boy in the student body. believe he already .knows what he is going to do, but others who are close to him are convinced that he has made no decision. The President himself says he has not, and that he will "make the announcement as quickly as a decision is firmly reached in my mind." Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the capital is electric with speculation and debate, gossip, wishful thinking, rumor and undercurrents of anxiety and expectation. It is very much like the feeling in a courtroom when the jury is about to come in with the verdict. If there is a .majority guess, it is that Eisenhower will not run. But the people who feel that way today usually add, "Last week, led thought just the opposite." So do those who now believe .he will run. In Many Ways When you ask what brought the change of mind, people usually answer, "Well, when he raid the other day that-." -Eisenhower has discussed the subject an many ways. "I have to guess as to the next five years . . . My mind is not fixed to such an extent that it can't be changed .. Where does the sense of duty point? ... My future life must be regulated." The remarkable fact is that his political friends and foes both find comfort and reassurance in these remarks. • The Republican interpretation: "In effect, he's, saying to the people, 'Here's my condition. Now QUEENSBERRY RULES The eighth Marquis of Queensberry put forward the Queensberry rules In 1866, a code that called for gloved contests. The rules flr«t were applied in the title bout between John L. Sullivan and James J. Corbett in New Orleans In 1893. HA5TTI CHEERLEADERS — The cheerleaders of Hayti High School are shown in action. They a're (left to right): Yvonne Smith, Kay Bishop, Evelyn KlinWiardt, Bonita Mitchell and Barbara Adkisson. (Photo by Sanders) if you want to vote for me, I'm available.' He'.s being perfectly honest about the situation." The Democratic view: "He's made up his mind not to run. and this is paving the way for the announcement." Never in the history of the presidency has there been a situation quite like this one. It is normal for a president to play cat-and- mouse with his decision. But in this case, the uncertainties that arise from a heart attack have added the X-factor. Prom Washington, the hopes and anxieties spread across the whole of America. There are the Republicans who hope to get the nomination if Eisenhower does not run. There are the 17 GOP senators, the 16 governors, and the 203 Republican congressmen who come up for reelection this year and would hope to benefit irom the President's popularity. Hinge oi- Decision All the way to the courthouse level are thousands of office holders, and would - be office holders, whose future may very well hinge on Eisenhower's decision. The political arena is not the Judy Garland Drops Divorce HOLLYWOOD Wj—Actress Judy Garland has returned to their home and trill drop her divorce suit against him, producer Sid Luft re- porte. She went, to ner sisters, he told a reporter, 'but she came home Saturday .and we had a good, oid- fashioned talk. I guess we had been working nt cross-purposes. I believe I hadn't been paying enough attention to her eprsonal problems. At any rate, we worked things out and everything is smooth again." Miss Garland had moved out Friday and filed a divorce complaint charging extreme cruelty. There are more than 4,000,000 tractors in use on American farms today. REVIVAL Now at Clear Lake Baptist Church Feb. 5th-12th Evangelist Paul D. McMillan, First Baptist Church, Benton; Ark. With him will be: Pianist Mrs. Donald Howard, Song Leader J. A. Haynes, Jr. In 1947-1948 Brother McMillan was on the European tour \SJth Billy Graham Evangelistic Party. Brother McMillan will bring the messages each morning at 10:00 and each evening at 7:80. iValentnieGIflsf •! with heart appeal! & Hallmark f C f n $1 jJergens Lotion Greeting Cards I '" I I . With Dispenser TWEED Hair Spray In Glass $150 DUBARRY I Cream Rinse $ Regular 1.75 Let/on Superbe Regular 7.75 $110 Roux Color SHAMPOO All Shades Revlon Medicated SILICARE For hands & Body No federal tax - - - $125 VICKS MEDI-MIST Co/gate TOOTHPASTE 2 Reg. 49c Tubes 690 CAN'T SLEEP TryNytol $1.25 Somnex -• $2.00 Dormen - - $1.00 Fight CoSds & Coughs with COLDENE Strongest you can buy without prescription - $]00 Cough Syrup MISTOL 59 c -98< Gleam TOOTHPASTE 2 Reg. 49c Tubes. 690 FEEL RUNDOWN? Take Old Beron Vitamins With B12 — Iron — Liver 700 Caps Aloma Lotion Reg. 7.64 Value $125 '1 VALENTINE CANDY Heart Shaped Boxes Whitman's, Pangburn's Deodorant Stick 5-Day 1 00 Futurama Revlon Lipstick Cases $1.75 Up Refills 90c KIRBY DRUG STORES only affected area. In Wall Street and in business circles generally you hear the same word repeated over and over—"uncertainty." As one analyst puts it: "We've been running this coun- :ry by cardiograph for the last our months." The uncertainty will be dispelled after the President's checkup. Usually, such examinations consist of the cardiograph which charts the heart action electrically, measurements of the pulse, blood pressure, and dimensions of the leart, and an X-ray examination of the heart. This data, along with fluid analyses, is then compared with comparable data from previous examinations. But a supremely important phase oi' the check may be the patient himself—what he tells his doctors of his feelings and reac- Jons .Does he tire readily ?Does he have any echoes of pain? Does 2 have feelings of breathlessness? Hence, the President's doctors can only give him a report on their findings and their best judgment as to his condition. Would Be 70 Eisenhower is 65. If he serves a second term, he would be 70 at the end, the first man in history to reach that age in the presidency. Life insurance company statistics indicate that 47 per cent of the men in his age bracket live 10 years or more after a heart attack. However, some cardiologists have little faith in statistics. They cite several reasons. Among them are the mysterious effects of worry, strain and emotion on the human machine- Doctors can protect the President pretty well from fatigue and the mechanical effects of his job. But they can't keep him from worrying about the tremendous responsibilities that go with it. Dr. Paul Dudley White, Boston specialist who has been attending Eisenhower, recently minimized ths factor. "I personally don't think stress and strain is as important as diet," he said. As to the second term, Dr. White said Eisenhower would have to make that decision himself "knowing in full what the hazards are." Tomorrow: The President himself as D-Day approaches) End advance for Pms Tues Feb.7 CAREER POSITION WITH SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Sears has openings for ambitious young men who are interested and capable of above the average earnings. These positions offer all employe benefits and career advantags, which include profit sharing and paid • vacations. All applicants treated with strict confidence. Applicants must have pleasing personality and enjoy meeting and **^i" w ' lh P"H» cessary »«no out of town traveling required. If you are between 23 and 38, in good health and have a' high school education or equivalent, you are invited to apply in person on Thursday, February 9 and Friday, February 10, at 217 W. Main Street between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00. Ask for Vergie Geary. Attention: Rental Property Owners Of Blyttieville and Nearby Towns For quick action, If you have rental housing: available, pleas* call the Blytheville Air Force Base Housing Section at the follow. Ing number and give information such as the location, number of rooms, rent, etc., on the property: POplar 3-3931 Extension 791 (If you call before 8 In the morning or after 4:30 In the afternoon, call POplar 3-3931 and ask for Extension 463). The information thus given will be immediately passed on to families moving here who need rental housing and may enable you to have your property occupied quickly and with a minimum of trouble and expense on your part. (This advertisement is published as a public service by The Blytheville Real Estate Board) His Favorite Investment! "IFt (he uru&rl motor car investment I ever made!" "I've owned a great many makes through the years, bill Cadillac wins my vole as the finest investment oj tliem all." "In mi; book, it if the best dollar investment on the highway today!" We can't tell you how many times we've heard it. In fact, Cadillac's value and economy have become favorite topics of conversation among Cadillac owners everywhere. And their sentiments arc based on some very substantial facts about the "car of cars." First of all, there's tlie economy of buying a Cadillac. Many models are actually priced competitively with the "medium-priced" makes. Then there is the economy of operating a Cadillac. Cadillac's gasoline mileage is simply phenomenal for a car of its size and stature . . . and its dependability is truly extraordinary. 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