The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1932
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1932 (AUK.) COUH1EK NEWS Classified Advertising Rates Minimum' Charge 50° Count 5 Average Words to a Lino Mouth rate per line, per monlh COc Six times, per line per day . 05c Three times per Hue per ua y 08o One time per line me All Ads run irregularly lake iho one time rate. iSS MKUC'i'OUY SPECIAL AT STORES S-P-E-C-I-A-L, CLARION RADIOS 10-Tube Twin Speakers $57.05 ALSO ATWATER KKNT 1'ARKIIURST COMPANY Exclusive Agents 22c-kl2-22 ,'avls Co. I'hoiie (Hi. MOVING, TRUCKING WE HAUL ANYTHING ANY PLACE ANY TIME MALE'S TRANSFER COMPANY PHONG CGli 23p-k-12-U'J INSURANCE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOBILE Cites, new mid used auto parts. Jackson Auto 3c-k 12-3 GET READY I'Oil COLD WEATHER. Auto curiums mid tops repaired. II. !!. Wright A: Son. I'hone BSD. Iflp-kld WANTED—Turkeys, Geese, Hens', ami Dm-ks. 1'lCiGLY W1C3O1A' I OR KflOCiKlt STORE. lle-kl! , USED Stoves nuj Ranges. H. J. J Dodson lAirnilnre. •ic-l Fractional Noitli halt of Section 12, Township 15 Norlti, linnec 1'J linsl nml ixmtalnlLifc'! iicivs, more or \eat. S.iKI s'.ib will !x> hail to sallily •sud decree In llio Mini cf $11,91X1.00, WASHING - 75c GRFIASNG - ' DAY & NIGHT SERVICE loc PHONE 53a 28p-l:12 23 WHAT PLAN HAVE YOU FOR Hie education of the boy or girl'/ WANTED—To overhaul your clue-j Let us explain the features of inc sweeper. Worn guaranteed, cur new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCA- Heuner Wcctric Service, % Gil-lTIONAL ENDOWMENT", matures K-H!> i-ui-ii. Co. Pnone MO. 'as cash at the asc your child Is JEFFERSON UPHOLSTERING and rciinlsWiig furniture. H. I). Oakes, 115 W. Mum St. U' K-ia-l INSURANCE 2SC-K 11-JO' ready for college. [STANDARD LIFE COMPANY. W. M. BURNS, AGENT. EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Blankenship, 116 E. Rose. Phone 1C5-W. Ic-k 12-1 ARTISTIC SHO-CARDS iVc-k 12-17 ANNOUNCEMENTS BATTKK1KS- WILLARD BATTERIES "Quick starts and many of them" HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY Co PHONE 476 22c-kl:!-:!2 NEW FORD BAITERins. Rental batteries, recharging and roiiatr- ing. 77V Tire & Batten' Station. 10c-kl2-ID RANBK OR COAL liealliv; : Wll! ' " I" 1 ' 1 cent Ink-rest from Sept. I,! SI, 1032. •I The piuvlia.-ii.-r at said sale will , I:* 1 required to execute buiul with SAU'JSMHN WANTMU Olrl Muzzle-loidin* 1 of llr " 18 ? m IUO vUlblo on llu bar- Bri D • r i rcl ' " s w " M tho sl « llL5 "» (l ™» rkB Rule Barrel Found | of other attndimoius. ' , - i Kerlco used tho bjrrcl us a crow- ItAMILTON, Mont. (UP)— Thil hllr Ior S0mo llmc before noticing tllc ., ,„,,..,..,, , _ ,,, ,, •• .security, to secure llio lice rancli, near Darby, MoiH. MAN WANTKD for Uiuvlclah rlly 1payment ot Un- purclmw moiwy, - band of an old mtiMle-laaOliig rl He, possibly dropped by tome mem- Ixr of the Lefcls anil Clark Expo- ' (Ulloil through Moiltanii, 1ms been | found by E. J. Kcdec on Hie Ker- E. liurke, 85, six limes mayor of '«•«*««» for >our||i Time HURLINQTON, VI, (UP)— James lias boon re-elected lo route ,,f iitiO consumer.-, In cliiv . ; ,, lrt „ Hfn w!U b , m , u ,, K | o; l.rachvm:. 0:,cco:a, JoneEbu.i i saW ,,rop:rly as niUIIUomil security nnd Trunuim. Reliable lnibtlcr cnn : | Cf ( . nc 1)symi . n t O f Mich purcliaso start ranitn.; $35 weekly nnd in- i money. crease rapidly. Write immediate-!;'. I v/uiiass my huntl nml the llio iiamo "MoLaln," SOIIM Illo^- tho stute leglslaluru [or the fourl.i IcltcrliiK, and a Scoltisli cont time, Ex-NMbr 1, SliMTitiillil GRAND HAVEN, I Altlwugh he hadn't to^c.ied a . since he was-'niuitered out of- army In 1M5,.'.AWtriaan Ba Pcllcgrom, 14, recently.iilt'tlw bi. eye on his second thot »t U}«, ! llonal guard riile''n ' groin Is the only surtivlhj; bor of a craclc rifle J«»m. In the average shad: roe tb arc from 30,000 to 40,000 eggj. By H.iv.lcl;!ii C(j.. DciH. Mtniuliis, Teiin. " ],OST AK-l-V, j «li court, on this, the 2i Kovonilirr, luji. al) R. L,. OAINIia Commissioner In chuncv.ry. 11-20-5 LIVE STOCK PAY TAXES NOW FARMERS having livestock lo sell or If they desire lo buy Uiey wi'.i find It convi'iiiciu nnd ccmi- omic;il to use Courier News Wniu- [Atls. FOR RGNT HApvrvMr-,TT HARVEY McCALL M MAIN MONEY TO LOAN AND SEWER 1 TAXES I 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND j PAYABLE AT MY OFFICE. L . Fowler, Phone 450J. . SB 4cklf -NEAR IS1Q LAKE one while a::<l i yen\>\v :>!)OUv v :t " fcinab \\'U:K^. | -11 . \ ri liounu. LU'ens- .Na. t«ij4. 55 reward, j tslcepyhead fcXCUSC C. M. Uuck. uiyilievillc. Wck "^ Ul'^VAKO SMALL SUMS LOANED ON GOOD I AUTOMOBILES I WARD INVESTMENT COMPANY. IDc-kllMD PIITACJP PAV UKKORP i mr-RM '! Two UNPUIlSlSHEO Apartments. PLEASE PAY BEIORE UECEM- RE]:)UCED Re,',^. 1 I'hone 383 or j HER 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. 1 4S4 ' :. 16c K . t , PURNISHED-5 rooms and bath", garage and servant house. Oo=U condition, rent reasonable. 1303 Chic. Ave. Phone" : fS3 or 280. lOfetf Si!0 I1EWAHD Ior reliun ur lu- lorinatlon leading to ivturn <:'. silvtiwL!ii: stolen noiu my liomv nlghl ut Nov. 'J. li M. MCL-.UI. HC-K I'j-'j COMMISSIOMCU'S SAM; Notic; is hereby Riven that thv In co:n- nlianco wlili lh« terms oi a decrci- ientl3ic{| by the C.'.ancery Court for the Chlckusswba District of - : Mts- G. G. CAUDILL Collector Office across from Koble Hotel. GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wreck- | cr Service. Open all night. DAY i NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 655. JP-K 12-3 -I COAL AKU \\'0(Jl) —' HOUSE at 1000 West Main. E. J. Browne. 2Gc-k2 DcSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAKER JOE WILLIAMS PHONE ISW 4p-kl2-4 BEAUTY PARLORS POWDER PUFF BEAUTY LOUNGE — PHONE 13fi GUARANTEED PERMANENTS SHAMPOO-AND SET 1 50c 25p-kl2-22 CLEANERS. TAILORS TO BE WELL DRESSED YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 'HONE 477 li. F. FRY WANTED WUJMDtltt CITY COAL Up., KJK AbLO-a'l'ltAVJiiX ' KliiJ dEY, OLD DEN & KEN- COALS. iUp-K li-10 \bli, SI 1 UUKY COAL - WOOD - CORN COLLlNb COAL COMPANY R. KY. & Chic. PHONE 4'f bl'-K. ia-U PHONE 107 BUCHANAN 'Our coal is black but we treat you white." - . 21c-kll KINDLING and WOOD for heating and cooking. We deliver. W. II. Smiih, I'hoi'.c 980 or Gateway Store. 21p-kl2-2l Traiitham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coai Sycamore 6; H. li .St. L'hone 961. •lp-kia-4 WANTED—Furnished n|iarlincnt, or 4 rooms. Phone E. T. Wraisht, iourier News after 4 P. M. WANTED TO I5DY USED BADY play pen condition. Call 30G. ""' * tlREXCELlED SERVICE-^- COAIT - fit low prices. Phone"'ill. HATS BLOCKED DYE WORK I t> rornl) t Uolivery. ULYTilEVILLE BABY CLOTHES CLEANED j COAL CO., Walnut, & P.ailroad SU. UNIQUE CLEANERS 'PHONE 171 j KC . K 12 -8 26ckl2-26 I HATS CLEANED and ,re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 12c-kl2-12 - FISHER 53. RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO service. TUBE testing FREE. Phone 57, WAKEFIELD, Parkhurst Co. 13c-kt2-18 RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L. Dedman, Walpole Electric bhop. HOLDER COAL CO. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY R. R. & ASH PHONE CD 22p-kl2-22 KOOJI & BOARD WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping rooms. Frog Peru! Cafe. l ( JC-lf Phone UH. 14p-k 12-H ELECTRICAL DUST-PROOF BAGS, Brushes and Rubber Covered Cord for your electric . sweeper. Hcftner Electric Service, % Glllen Furn. Co., Call 680. 14c-k 12-M NEW LOW PRICES on lamps, irons, healers, etc. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. PllOlie 3H. 15c-k 12-1D TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 279 18c-kl2-18 RESTAURANTS ROOM & BOARD-CIose in. 10Q W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 2p-kl2-2 NICE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone 807. 916 West," Ash Street. Sc-k 12-a .\ms. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 002. Mc-k 12-14 FOR SALE AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 29c-kll2B REAL KSTATE GOOD SIX Room modern dwelling, loth and Ash street, for ;alc. REAL BARGAIN. B. A. Lynch. 28p-k 12-28 FARM LANDS GEO. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lunch, Greyhound Bus Slation. 31p-k 11-31 Phone 116. GREEN BEETLE CAFE BEST EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY & NIGHT 18p-kl2-18 PLUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work done before cold weather. A. G. Aiken, Call 894W. 16c-kl2-lC FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation 3 houses, bis barn. In G mile? of BIythcviile. 1 mile of good school. S25.00 per acre, Phone S87 or 888. W. T. Barnett. GC-K-TF DOKT DELAY, the time to bay a farm cr homo In town when prices are low. this may not last, \vc all horrt not. If you want properly at lo'.v prices sec its lor prices and terms. W. M. BURNS W E R X HE MAKES T.5I SEE Oflice Over Joe Isaac's Store Night Ford Service .EXPERT FOKD Klil'AIRS WRECKER SERVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-777 COMPANY. INC. Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Dodson Ml E. Main Phoiic ACTON Lowest in Ash Highest in Heat of uny of tho Red Ash 'Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. RQB1NS9N LUMBER CO. JUST HERE'S OUK FIRST BWCH OF (SINGEPfc ALE ICE CUBfcS—LOOK. Y6S, BUT CAMT WFfOKD To rAAXt TvAErv\ OUT Of- Barn.6.t> AA-E -*~E6W>f , COMES TUE ANXIOUS I MADt THEM 0Ut OP TWO T30TTL&S OF LINGER ALE/ BM) wt CAN'T KtET> A.LWAYS, OUT OF SENTlrAENT TOR OUR BUSINESS WILL."BE COUPLE MILLION CUBES VIbALIA. Ceil. (UI'l-Fiank Ju- nb, tliilrjimin, explainc:! In Jusllce roiirl thul. tile rea.son his uhll.lrcn, 1.1, and Mary, 13. didn't go u> .a-lioul v,'i\s that he eoi.ld no; Ilicm uj> curly Then It came cut that whnl He infant \\~.\n thnl ho could nol get lime. He was fined $10. Coiinty, Arkansas, oh the 27 day of S:pt-;mber, 1932, whsre- in S. L. Cantlcy, Hscclvcr of.; St, Louis Joint Stock Land Bank" whs Plnintlir, No. 5181, Little, ct al, wc;-o Defendants, will at public auction 10 tin highest and best bidder, on a "credit of Tnree months, at t::e iront <lo3r of Hi? Court, llcuse. between the hoin's mbxkyb THPEE BIytlievllle. Arkansas, on the "nth day of December, 1932, the following real estate, la-wit: IMS 1, 'i, 3, •), and 5 of Section 12; ti-.e South Half of the Nuylh\vMt Quarter; of Section 12; and the Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Section 12; snld tracts constituting the 'IMJK ALAMO Is In SAN AN"Q• MO, TKXAS. All nlrplano 1-liO- Sl'lNS CLOCKWISK. A 1 HUNS ' 4» (be capital ot OUEECR. ORN WANTED— Marilyn Halch- cry, Dlythcvillc. 21c-klf BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JUST THINKING! TVS. COMMWSWV I SMf^VV VyDWOTR.TVitN> Tk\W 05ER WO U^CtKiT. S3t9i«E TO Wt SO MOCA CO)XSS»»v, KVONit SALP^MAN SAM FIGHT, JA1LIUKDS. FIGHT! Been 5UMCH O'sCHOOL fXf/S — SW^POUT OX) ITl TeftR, IM P6R. ALLNeR. UJDRTH- o', BftLui DOM'T RUM u«e ; TRUCK Hcsses' OIT tD^T BALL TH' <Sop>u G-eTOUT CM TH 1 FIELD RM' DO AS TM S..^^ CrUPXRO's COACH SPiSsI ^ -/OUK. FOLKS- DOUJtj IH WASH TUUKS MISTAKEN IDENTITY! BuwuTTT MOSSIR; — — WB\'S TU 1 816 IDEA TritM KMOVJ ) I PL£f % SE, VOUR MUST OUAfiO VOUR UFE. *, SLIP or oer< TOKOUE, FOR60T '(OU TRWr'EV INCOGNITO. C/VR6. OF (AS OWN UfE, TH^K VOU. VlOT'S MORE, BOWT CALL WE HECK HOlJ- TrtlMK 1 '^^ '^^' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THK RBMEDY! MARKS. 1 .' 1 AAR.SHAKITZ HAS j A HABIT OF SCRATCH-, /MTCNES OrJ j HIS PAMTS.'.' . SHANTZ SHE'D IFSWE COLH,D BREAIi HIMOF'THE HABIT!- 1 THAT5 HER TO BOY CBU.ULOID PANTS FOR ' ' I'W STARTIM' TO EARH A'.OMEV FOR CHCIST ALREADY.... AARS. SHAUTZ is sryivK WE A 70 TAKE HER. HUSBAND'S b TUG TAILOR lAT'S TI4' THEM.- HEED PSESSlW? /AAKKS All. OVER RKSHT Lee.... 60HNA HAVE <i? CLEAWEP U 9c-k 12-0

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