The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 4
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PAGfc iTOUit THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS • - O. R. BABCOCK, Editor • H. W. HA1NES,' Advertising Manager ISclp National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, inc., jfew York, Chicago, . Detroit, Bt." Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Pub!is)>ed Eveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Entered hs second class maltei- at the- post office at Blythcvilic, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City ol Blytlievllle, 150 per week, or ; G5o per month. By mall, within a.radius of 50 miles, $3,00 per year, $1.50 for six months; V5c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six. Inclusive, $650 per year; In rones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, pavuble in advance. Working Togellier The lliee-Stix factory project, now neariug realization, is a very good example of what can be accomplished through community cooperation. It was a big- undertaking but it was put across by effective leadership and through Ihe realization on the pail ol most of the business people and prop erty owners of Blytheville that their interest in the welfare and progress oi tho 'town amply 'justified the' investment In' tin;c', PiToi'l and hard' cash that they were called upon to make. i We hope and believe thai no rcgrcls .will follow the actual establishment : of the factory. As we have pointed out before, cotton garment manufacturing 'is not a,.high wage industry. Bill 1 Itice-Stix is a substantial concern with a reputation for dealing fairly with its employe's. It is" not coming to Blytheville for tho pm- pose of umlercuUing wage rates pre vailing in the industry but to the contrary has promised to ! maintain here •the same pay scale as in its Missouu and Illinois plants. The factory hero will provide regular employment for hundreds of local people who now arc able lo find work only occasionally. The same sense of common interest in the advancement of tho community which brought success in this fnelorj , undertaking can put across 0 (.;, 01 . y,,-,,^ for the bcneljt of Blytheville..' It -i, should be recogniml, however that (he am essential is the maintenance ot an organization through which a program for the community can be developed and through which, effort for its accomplishment can bo applied The natural organixation for these purposes is the Chamber of Commerce, which ,n a city as'small as this should and usually does serve the interests o the entire community, ]lot nicrcl of the bus.ness men who contribute chiefly to its support. The Blylhevtllt. Chamber of Commerce has been' the agency through which most'of out major community undertakings including the factory project, have'been accomphshed. n does ^-^ "JJJ needed medium for unifying community purpose and community effort. But , ts effectiveness has often'been because many who should «en on (he inside, helping 'to ulBOHHf ahead in the interests of lown aml il « People have been OUT OUll WAY on tho outside, criticizing. No doubt the Chamber"of Coni'iiierce at' ' various limes'has been guilty of mistakes \>o\); of omission and conimissidn. Ceriain- . ly it would be strange'"if.'ji(,s program, •Jihvays suited ereryonc, J3ut it iti 'tlie only implement we liave t,liVough Which the people"'of' B)yt,Hcyillc u as' i 'a 1 whole can work together" for thc ; IhiiigH which '.'arc necessary to their iwelfm'e. The best cure for wha'lever may be wrong with it is for everyone who can afford the annual dues, which are not large, ( 0 help make it the effective agency for coTrtmiihity progress 1 ' which this ''city 'needs. •••>•- , . . BLYTHEVILL13 (AIUC.); COURIER NEWS Mi. Babson 'Iells Us , Om ojc has been caught In fact piacllcally ilvclcd, by a passage on page 136 of Hoger W Dabson's nciv book, If Inflation Comei" As everyone know* MI Dabson Is a professional propliet with a bitting average of something less than 1000, as Is revealed by that saucy little book, "Oh, Yeah?" On page 13S he Is telling his readers, tint one way to avoid Intuition is to buy real relate This, however, should be done with gieat care •Cicneiall) spcnklnt iilvs Mr nabson n small place of from one to 10 acres, vllhln a small town is preferable Hcic again. It should not be on tlic main liighnny, but Mioulri 1 be hid <Wn on a side street Dining the'conflict between Fascism ind Communfbm, Mhlch many bcllove to be Inevitable laiclen, would niotoi through tho main higliwajs and trouble tlie most prosperous homes ' > We read on to rind out uhelhcr wo ire bcin ff Jobhcd, but V.K rind him solemn as Jeremiah A small toiui, ( )le , mmo of vUlfo|l LI) m , k|lown In -social and financial elides will be tlic most economical and mfotL In which to live And so on As a mallei of net is not Mi Bibson mis eading his public' would It not be Wttei lo 1"|J a nice dork cave Mm off hi [i 10 uood, and mount maclnne guns m the entrance? That would be not onlj a Hedge against 'inflnlion but it would be libuiancc igdimi even l! lel inosl ferocious Communist and rnscisl raiders i —St Ixniib Post-Dispitch SIDE QL/V]VGES "By George Clark SATURDAY, MARClt 13, 18J My pent, amjltion on j,, n 20, mi is to" linn ovei this desk ind elnii m the White House to my SUCCCSEOI v,ilh n le nSM|u ancc lint I nm at (lie -nine tmio tinning ovc. lo him as picsldent a imtlon Intact and i nation nt peace -President Roosevelt ' * * » i if MO would keep faith with those who hid fnltli In us If we would make dcmocnoj sue cccd I bay MO must ict-now' -Piesidci-t noase\clt i * * . » When a woimn keeps sen Ing a. man the ni 10 thing, day after ctaj, she gradually Kill), wine valne m him -oscu, famed cook it the Waldorf in New "ioik * * » It would be interesting to know, It on pres cut crop of suicides and neurotics is not partly tiaceable to motion p.ctures seen during impressionable jcars -Pearl Buck authoress * * » Never lose toff conliol WlBB >ol| fccl VQU arc about to fly off tho handle, just relax and become as limp as a dish of cooked spighctti IIKIII.V Ill-Ill I! TOIIAV DAI'UXi: imli'l'I', cli'nr' younir iiJ>,rll«I,i, ; rxcruftre, Jove M'Uli 1,AI1I<Y S3UTH,- i . . Jt-'unKvr rt.scul* TlaitUnc'N at- Ji'miilj* lo uulde lu-r Jn Jicr c'areer. 1 lr*l, Hlic dnlf.i TUCICHIl Al\s•.'.V " c »"l>y I>ln>liO)- r In cU-ll:i,icc <J* J)tt|''uic. AL-XI, xlu? inHjtt'K H iiliiy J"f l,nrry'n niYi-otlunH. Thus n KlrugTKlo dcvfloiis lji;l\vc«n (he HlKtfTH. Slc-iiinvliile I>nrr>- nroposcK nmr- IJaiihuc, Ijutjtliu 1t?ll» him ? iiiuNt \'i:ilf. IU>r : reiisuil IUT firm duty In 'Mill win IH Hint lo eniilli'rt to , . n cjirrer. J.iltry, tvitliuut ivlni; iljln, tiKrco lo wall. 'I'lic'ii •'pniilrer'jj IUT iolj. "And (lie ncvt "l^lit K]JL> I>]:IUK lu I'lnpv \vhli I'llck. Hut Dniiliiif, lonriilii^ ut > n )OU ki<!s 8 ° ° m to scc tllc neighbor' tiic^ get inei Jicic.'" THIS CURIOUS WORLD B DER>VE THEIR. NAME FROM THEIR. HABIT OF FOLLOWING- AND DOWN UPON SCHCX1LS OF SWIMM.NG- NEAR. THE SUI3FACE IllllcrJy' awry, Jennifer wnriu T>:III|IIIU 1li:il "Vou'll In- Korrj- you interfered ulth mj" .love." NOW GO OX WITH TI!M STOHY CHAPTER XVI "THE pattern calls for a blue •7 band but 1 think I'd like it oil' white." Daphne held up on abbreviated bathing suit she was knitting. "Would you mind it being all white?" Jennifer didn't look up from her book. "Does it make any difference what 1 think?" "I should think it would since I'm making it for you. Or didn't you remember that June 20 is your birthday and June 20 is next week?" "I'm surprised you didn't make me a: pinafore," her sister retorted in the same cold lone that she had given Daphne these last three months. .Daphne put Her knitting away.' '•Pbrhaps there is something else •you'd prefer?" she proffered. i Jennifer smiled sweetly. "Why ' JJ EFOEE don't you forget it, Daphne? Why! 4 " " room ?AO oi tlnee lime's"." -Whether I hapiun to be nj love or not m love with luck 14 no -concern o youis At least, he hasn't troubled JOU" •.•> - . u Or you either, Daphne might have snid, since Tuck had. taken himself off to California for "a short visit" three months ago and had not returned. "Aren't you seeing a ]jt of Roy Trowbridge? I think has verv attractive." , "I'm not boy crazy," Jennifer said with dignity. "But ; you wouldn't understand that." Patiently, Daphne tried another lack. "What would you like -to do during your two weeks off next month?" Jennifer^ said, "Why I'd like to Jennifer's eyes called Heaven to witness her plig "Really," she said and picked i her book. "Would you like n to gel out a broom ioo?" Larry didn't answer her. , read his newspaper until Daphn fresh and smart in a sheer tai ored suit and : small sailor, can into the room. "Going out, Jennifer?" up " J ma y-" Still she didn't Joe ''£nf, ™ s P laced wy door Ice run over to Paris. r ou suggest?" What would Unruffled, Daphne answered, "I was going to suggest that you accept Miriam Gatty's invitation to om her family on the Cape." : Miriam had been a classmate at Miss Maidstone's. ' "Certainly, I'll accept. And wear what? I haven't had a decent rag in a' year and I'd need loads of sports clothes." Daphne might -have said that Jennifer had spent every cent of her generous salary on clothes: Instead she said, "I've a little money, in the bank I could let you have. You ought to be able to do very well on $200. Summer sports clothes don't cost very much. : Suppose -I keep the bathing suit -and give you the trip?" had a chance •'' to , •' don't you leave me alone? You've j souncied "' answer, their doorbell GET MOST OP THEIR, GR.-.AT MASS TISSOE. NOT FROM THE SOIL., "Thai's Larrj- <md • he's early. "I haven't any idea." Daphne turned away - ashami of her suiter's rudeness, conscio\ of her own humiliation. . ' * *• * it LATER, when it'was inicVmi • sion and she and Larry s on the stone steps high in tl Stadium, Larry pulled on his pi and was silent. '' : ; But she .was glad of the si ence. Glad she wouldn't have f try to be gay. That would haJ been hard. She'd only been abl to save $200 and now she wl going to give it to Jennifer f] a holiday, she had that to thi about.. She would 'never ha enough money for the nest e she needed before she could ma ry Lai-ry! - ' ' - ; But-if the holiday would he! would lift that unhappy veil th was between 'her and Jennifi she.offered It willingly. Jennifer wired Daphne to me her.jrain at the end of the hoi day. That srnaH gesture w enough to send, Daphne's hop Before she went to the tra she ordered a supper of JeiuiiiTei f niri-ii-!!-^ r-. t _)-.,' *••».* - - "« -.i-f . j^icv 11 (CtC early. Daphne got up to answer the bell. • . Jennifer sighed and walked to- "ard.thc bedroom.- "Please don'l go, Jennifer. It isn't necessary tor you to run away when Larry comes." ~ fte TOATCRA is THE OLDEST SURVIVING TYPE OP L.IZAKJD/ (T IS THE ONLV REPRESENTATIVE OF THE REPTILIAN PRDER 'JO' WHICH IT BELONGS. BUT FRCW\ THE ^^X * *. •• • e Lent doesn t come that Wl t | 0 ,u recme bu k of our sears contribution ._ Sam fumr By Williains WON'T JOE, 'THAT'S TH\ CR'AVIM' PER. CULTURE IN A PLACE • HER.E, VOU GOT TO BE A ROUGH NECK, TO PEFENP VOUR. CULTURE vpu DIS SCRAM! , _T.J>-1EG L V.S.PAT. OFF liio indent phllosopheu tau t ht tint all tliS nounshment of phnU is derned from the soil md even today ,t 15 lnr(i , 0 rcah.e (hat our -mnt trees, toworing high mto the ah inve derued their bulk Horn carbon floitliiff unseen in the atmosphere Gire Erysipelas-VicUms Plenty Of Food antl Fluids . . (NO. IfiO BY Bit. BIO IS n IS CISIIBEtN- Editor, Joiirnat O f the American Medical Association, unit of Ilj-gm, tho Hrallli Magazine Erysipelas, has had n long history, and innumerable remedies nave -been recommended tor treating It. Frequent application ot not and cold packs will help to relieve pains by-reducing the swelling, it is customary to protect the eves if the condition affects the lace. i,j- dropping mild antiseptic solutions into the eyes and applym<r antiseptic oinlmens to the eyelids. Tliese C an be recommended by any physician Various: attempts li.ivc been made to check tlic advance o f this disease by painting the fkiu with Iodine, with .silver mlrtuc, ami with other antiseplic solutions but ihcre is no good evidence 'that these accomplish much. Sometimes, in tact, ihev conceal the Spread of. erysipelas u,id thus ntcrterc with efforts to control it Most of ttesc antiseptic substances,' .00. will stain bed linens ;u;tl clothing. • * • ,. M"- method of li-Muueiu is the application of ultraviolet rim I This, in every Instance, shoul'i' 'b-' i supervised by. a doctor becai ls *'rays ' trongr enough to have am- oiiect on an intcctlin may be Injurious •In very severe cases, Wood trmi«- nsions are given, with thc . , d ^ hat new blood will provide anti- ubstanccs capable of atlsckinz the erms which cnusa Hi: ni«ca?c A special anll-strcptofocciiVsj- rum is available for use In erysipelas and, in some instances, this antitoxin has seemed to have'mar- velous effects, in olhsr instances, however, it has faffed,-and some mvcstisators have suggested thai tlie reason for such failure is the inability to get an antitoxin made from the particular streptococcus involved in the individual c.isc. Because erysipelas, like other infectious diseases, will break down tl'.c blood nnd weaken patients generally, victims of this disease art given p'.eiity of fluids and good, nourishing food. They may l>c forced to drink'at least 10. arid ;( s many as 10. glasses of water daily. The food should be of Ibs type that is easily digested without containing too much material to be eliminated. It is not safe to give stroti'j cathartics to parsons with crysFpelns becauss irritation of the bowels in an infection of this type may itself cause teiious complications. 4 • * A person who once has had ery- flpchs. unlike (hose who have !ia<f scarlet fever and mca.sles. may hav; it again mid again. Such . people should be particularly carctul atout picking the nose or seratchim; the cars, if ihess parts of-the'body arc frequently -irritated, the use of mild ointments' or cold cream is suggested. suniiii your way now. ive settled! m , •">"•" ^arrj- ana • he s early lown to modeling at Tay- Jar-! T!l ° Stadium concerts start to-; favorite'Vowk"" :clt,"-Tnv- Jairett was a smart ™Bht and. we want to.get there . The minulP\i,»"« T J mh sli-rni «h n ,-u_"T an to .i^.i early." Dnnhnn ont ,,„ Z. , .!'_ , • inmute she saw Jenmlei face—so lovely, so sweet, so rad ant—among the passengers aligh ing from the train, she knew th Jennifer's .black mood was 'di "X can't wait to 'tell you tl news," Jennifer said. •: "You wor like it but you'll 'have to. Wl do you think I met at Deiini Gordon Herzberg, the great tin atncal producer, and-he's ofterc me a small part iri a'new pri '" tion." She paused and 'agaiii/in hard expression appeared "at tl corners'-of her mouth. -''What a you going to 'do-about it?" "Do- aboiit'-il?" .'Daphne saiJ hugging her. '-'Darling, I'm goirl to coach" you as soon as you gt your lines. I'm thrilled to deatf Have you forgotten that the thj ater was my first love? 57th street shop—"I go to bed early and watch my diet, I doii't go out with any wild people and I don't fntcrfere in your life. WiK that be enougli?" "No," Daphne answered, "it will not be. Darling, we can't live this way. For. three months you've treated me as though "you thoroughly disliked me. Surely you arc intelligent enough'" to know (hat f would nevei hurt you, that I wiHit'lo help yuii. "I (hinl: you're taking a ridiculous attitude. A tier, all, think what a mistake it would'.have been' £or marry Tiick. Vou couldn'l nave been very much in love wilh him to be over it so soon." JENNIFER ihrew her book J and walked the'length of the "I was," Jennifer said, "Hello, farry." •••: .-' "Darling, will you find yourself a cigaret and amuse Jennifer for. a few minutes? I've got to be domestic. Our maid didn't come today and the laundry is spread out all over my b'bd: I've Sol to put it away." .Lany .gave'.a: playful t ug t o Jennifer's golden hair. "Be a good little sister and give i'our tig sister a break. Jennifer will do it, won't you?" '"•• " (To Be Con(lniied) Hawaii's Peaks Found Hunting Valley Issues "•-— --"•-•" iiuuinig vmiey issues Growing m> Shrinking ' "No Hunting" Dictum HONOLULU (OP)-Map makers .ind guide | ;00 [r k wl .jt Drs lla ^. e I'cen forced to ^revise certain data on the territory of EJaivaii fol- toKuig a u. s. geological survey report which shows parts ot the islands rather unstable. For 40 years maps have shown the Inyhcst nltltud'c In the islands to be the 13,825-foot spire of Mnunn Kca In' the U. s. national park on H.-nraii i s | a ,,d. Federal ain-eyors report it is 13,78-! feet' i drop of n- feet. Second highest peak. Mauna Loa, also m the federal park, for years has teen credited with 13- So feet. It apprnrs to be risint- ;or the latest oilicial figure ii 13,6£0 feet. Cn the island of Maul, Haiea- tala peak, the world's largest cx- .mct volcano, has dropped seven ett to 19,025 feet 'CLEVELAND (UP)—"No huntill" m Hating • valley." In the ' village of Hunting Valley, a suburb- of Cleveland, reads this sign posted on a-tree. "Hunting or the carrying of firearms is forbidden By order of Hunting Valley police department. Home Repairman Jobs Takerj Over £y Women BURUNGTONT~Vl (UP)—Th" women folk O r this city couldrft wait for the men folk to get around to making simple-home repairs,- : so desactl - to Jearn to make them themselves. - - - - •.. -Under direction of II. K. gtanl»- ton, agricultural engineer for the Extension ot the University of Vermont, the women have learned to make simple repairs to plumb- ingand electrical apnlian cc - cords and fuses. Five thousand families of six more persons each 'are livin- single rooms • in Finsbiiry, one London's suburbs. ' •' :• OUR BOARDING HOUSE Announcements The Courier News nas Been al .norizcd to announce the follo| Ing candidates for Blytheville in nicipnl .offices, to be elected April 6: - ' For Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. ' W. HOLLIPETER '• G. H. GEIBAR. For Alderman, First IVard J. I,. GUARD (full term) j •E..F. TRY (short'term) ' JESSE WHITE (shWt term) For Alderman, Second \Varfl • '. FLOYD A. 'WHITE JOHN '-C.' MCHANEY; JK. For Alderman, Third Ward • " DAMON McLEOD ' I ESTES LUNSPORD W. L. ' HOBNER The Science Museum at Kensington, Eiigliind, has the earliest ; of the really big telescopes. It is a 60-inch specimen, made In isu. With Major I'M PED UP WITH HAVI.MG v fDU TWO VVIWD BAGS USE MV PAKLOR VOR A KIKJS TO TUFF -TCUL 'BLOWS AT OWE AMOTHER AS -p,Er-EF,EE, I'M £ALL1M<3'-HIS SCRAP 6pF/LET THE HOT XJP. OUT op YOI IPI S AK!D CLIMB Tt-VROUaH THE R07ES, BEFORE X N\OP OP OM YOU WOP, OUR AX1D-RAILIM6

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