The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 10
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V VPAGE 'TEN Officer Urges Confirmation of Cotlou Con- tiol Measure v' C isj u r. cui.KKMOiu: Vice.-l'rcslilenl and General Man- Seer, American Cotlon Co•* opcrallrcVAssoi'lallon No one, \vho is Informed, can question the,;; benefits accruing to .:daW to the ; producer of the Emergency Cotton Cojitio] policy adopted 2>y the 'Agricultural Adjustment Administration resulting.', in the ploVup campaign of 11)33; Die 40 per" cent reduction In.acrea^e'.thls lew and the enforcement of 'the Batikhead Act. ' The condition or tlie cotton pro- dugi tcdny as well a? general business cond'tlona :n the cotton producing states as compared with conditions current In 1332, when eo(ton \\.ts selling at from' five centb to. six cents p n r pound, evidences locale the success o( the opeia- Ucyj _ J_ /* laige majorttjT"ot the cotlon producers.. Including tlioso opposec, toj'lhe Bankhenc Act, .ore in fa\o of some kind of crop control Many producers arc In Ja\or of a continuance of the Act Some, for economic reasons, arc opposed to Ili continuance, while others arc opposed to it because of' (he inequities resulting 7,0111 the Act and the difficulties experienced In its administration. ,, Surplus- Still Burdensome '1'hc contmimncc or elimination oMhc Act lor ncM year will bt decided Ihfc, week by votp of th cotton piodiicers The elimination of^the Act v.lll probably Imve, at least temporarily, a depressing effect on tile market 'A concerted dilve, developing powerful force, headed by a recently* organized group, is now bolns launched against the continuance of , the nankhead Act, us well a." % cantlmiance of crop contiol quoting from Its OAUI Illciature. 1; composed of "Tnat element o; Unorganized \vorkera who are bo In,- timalely dependent upon Kins Cotton and the rcstoiatlon ot our foreign commence ' - _1 bel'sve the cotton pioduter sljpuld at this tun? consider the old saying, "Do not snap horses In the middle of a stream." As jet we have not crossed the stream of excesshc surplus To date the Agricultural Adjustment Administration's enier- Eency program, hus pro\on bciieflclal loathe cotton producer u Fjrmcrs' Inlerrsls First , The welfare of those engaged In the handling, warehousing antl tiansportation of cotton it vital but it Ms and should bo sscondnry to the aelfare of the some two million farmers now engaged in the pioduction of cotton Tne cotton farmer's first duty is m , nak . ng „ living for himself and his famfli « Is not the rtutj of the faring to produce cotton icgaid'ess of price, in order to sustain 01 incicsse cm- Pmiient of those engaged in han- oung the farmeis' product ~Some DO per cent ot the cotton jiroduceis are pledged to reduce Dei; acreage for the coming jear, lot to exceed 25 pei cent, based on the five-jear averse acreage, in the discretion or the Secretary of AgrfcuKure This maximum reduction may be compared with the 40 l«r cent reduction this jear re- -Tre support of the BanVheid Act bj-a majority of the producers and Uie patience displayed by them in ts administration w» caiSS b? tjieir desire to have the minority oZlrnf ^ l ° ""P" 8 ": ln "op octroi, „„„ ,„ lhe reduct!ojl * ti^M I' 10 *'"? caln Pafc'> in 1033 toe 40 per cent reduction In acre- al nnit icar ' and lhc Auction cjj not to exceed 25 per cent next « c sponsored by the Aert Adjustment AdnnnlsiraUon emergency measures, |o redltc " surplus Th<: " BIvYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER Court Building Frieze Keeps Notables Out in Cold Cash Income for Farmers hi Kansas Sets Record ,'J'OPEKA, Kan. (UP)~'n w C as)i mcoino of Kansas farmers for lyiH will be $250,100,000, the lilBh- fct It has been since 1830, figures »t>l»'ii6c<l Dy F, K. need, Federal Agricultural Statistician, reveal"The Income (shows a bin cain Dial of.tet year, bill .it i, still far below the Jilgh fl BUre O f JSW8, when (he farmers received $•111,053,000 for their crops and lncome jn 1933 TOS TOLEDO (UP) -r- On« i nid fifty men have gone lo work JWJRSQAY, DECEMBER. IB, iij Sl )."" Kiuisaiis Good -Sptlkrs ATUOL, Kan, (UP) — The Uhl of the first 16000 new Wife au - or/ -ir V! a ' M "- t¥ rec ' !T±r^7* 3~? S^«l'«,M S :l'uymcnts by the govcrnincnl on corn-hog contracts and wheat aci-rage reduction figured If, both .10 Income return for 1033 and tills year. Federal payments' for 1034 amount to ?44,000,OOQ, Reed said amrwilhout (hem the' Income of the farms would have been $208100,000. in 1033 the fanners Vc- ".Tcnt 517 ' 000 ' 000 from ™w; ^A Wggcr wheat crop and better KiiT !C p '' incjpal m * c rw lhc higher income this year, need >ivc Uionsanu persons are en :aired In washing gold by • • ---• v ,. 17 it i« »tvir v» MiH3°lJ£ilVU ' WU|q, to Ftltccn pupils scored . pel fc-cl pa- Ipcrs (or the'moiilh.. ASHTABULA, O. IUP)-,A|J,,, ing from his truck cab to cH t'.ip brake- on the" 1 vehicle's- 1 -irjH,,. PwlfTht BrllHiart,,. JB ( .'.M n »S' Kaji., was wiled w^''the IS started lo move, backward iii "irew him under Its wheels. - •' You Can Afford to ,WAIT 5S 1935 V-8 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FO'HD DEALER Charles Evnni Hughes, Elllm Root, Onss Gilbert and Robert Aitken will .spend the winter out In the old no matte, how bittei the wlntiy blnsls. They are portrayed, it lias been discovered In lhc frieav foiming the pediment of the United States Supreme Court building. In Wellington 13 c Left lo Ight at top me the mm We fealmes of William Howard Tad, late Chief Justice, as he am)eared whpn a Yale student, Ellin, Root, Cass Gilbert, architect of the building, ami "Authority" Bebw •Libert Enthroned', 'Oidei , ohlel justice Hughes and Sculptor Allken, who desired -the frieze Missouri Faces Shortage Of Spring Seed Corn COLUMDIA, Mo. (UP)—Full effect of lust summer's drqulh on the Missouri corn crop Is beginning to I)i! realized, for the state will Ihm. Itself short by about 500,000 bushels of enough corn for ticccl piirixjscs next Spring, according to estimates hy the Bepart- ment of Agriculture at the Unl- verslly of Missouri. Even with acreage taken out of use by tlie. government corn-hog program, there will be about 1,000,000 acres lo plant to corn, nml there arc only n feiv hundred thousand biishels available. Seed corn uvnliablo 'from this year's crop Is nearly nil cpiiccntrnlci) in a few southern counties, mid holdover storc.i from 1932 are all in six northwestern counties, the survey revealed. Farmers were advised not to plant seed corn from northern Iowa or Ncbraskn, because It Is not iirtopteil lo drouth (.•onditio'fc nnd .would not iviake a yoocl crob, the convention, which continues from Dec. 27 1 0 Jan. 2. A number of exhibits nrc,plan- ned by lhc "welcoming committee" composed of 15 scientists from tlie University of Pittsburgh and Car- Jiegle Institute. Among the exhibits planned is n 'Tree of Life" comprised or living nnlnmla, nml 1 planned to show the gradual j changes of form and function dur- Uni; evolution, and lo HHistiuteHlie Mciiclcllan laws of heredity. A special' exhibit of "populai science" laboratory expcilmenU is planned for the cnleitalnment of non-technical visitori. WHY- MS With tha hunt for Dnvlil s. Low (botton) missing Iiigli school toolball star, being vigorously puslitd. Hanover. N. II,, was provided with another mystery when (I was announced that J, (j. Moody (ot top) Dartmouth Un|I vorslty sopliomore.'olso bad disappeared. No connection between Ilia two cases was sebri. Low wai credited with' wanderlust, >vhll« Mood? was.believed to be an *B- nesla'victim. any relaxation in tor Iho coming "J" «,(K»,000 Bales Lnougl, estimated a 25 per cenE re - ductiori in acreage next vcar with normal weather cond.tlons ,,«( „?' Act ipcrease produclion tft is now general], vrorld ,r £^p-tiXofr of this Lower pnces wilt nn, vai , PortWBto prove tr Pu ? i .. Stole Chickens' lo Buy Girl Birthday Present | SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (UP) —Arraigned on a charge of steal- i ins 11. chickens, Sam Evans told I Judge William J. Tin eshcil l • "Judge, I stole 'the chickens, and sold them to buy my girl friend a birthday,: present." ,, , : The ; court .suspended a 15-day .ss.nte.ixco, ana. ordered Sam to pay ''' Pittsburgh to Play Host to Scientists PITTSBORpH- (UP)—Morc than ,000 delegates are expected here or the convention of the Amer- can Association for the Advance- ncnt of Science. The scientists'will meet at the Mellon Institute building during Head Courier Kews Want Ads. ,\t For v I'honc 177 NlJht—Sundaj— Anytime Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. age and five passage and enlorce- mcnl of the Baiikheart Act, I believe cotton producers, should, at this time, carefully weigh : their objections to the Act HS compared with ilia benefits lo be received through the results of Its admlnls tratlon.. Change, Not Wanted I Uilnk:rcal consideration shotil' be given for the future to the ballet expressed by ninny that the continuance ot crop control encourage.'; foreign production, with the consequent loss of consumption o American growths, in'foreign nm- xcts, and that domestic. consump- tlpn is reduced commcnsura'tcl' with the increased tmcmploymen resultuig from ' crop-comroi. I do not believe the present 'situation warrants a change (or the coming year. . s . Officials ot the Agriculture Adjustment Administration arc fully aware of the situation, if the Bankhead Act is continued some of Us inequities can probably be corrected, it is rioped officials ot the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, in connection with Congress, can and will, during the com- mg year, work out a long-term pal- Icy {or cotlon which will psrmlt full crops but will, at the same !mc protect the cotton prprtuwr to the same extent Industries in ims country arc:now protected. 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