The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1948
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_VOL. XLY—NO. 19 £ires Endanger Jerusalem's Electric Plants OjJ Dumps Burning And Strife-Torn City May Be Darkened JERUSALEM. April IS. (UP>Oil dumps of Ihe Jerusalem Blee- l.rlc. Corporation caught on fire, today, endangering Ihe city's power for light and other uses. Great tongues of flame leaped '00 feet In the sky over Ihe dumr» which erupted in fire without an explosion. Black smoke billowed high tn the air. [ The British-financed power com- I pany l s in (he city's German col-1 on y near the main railroad station. Without fuel it probably would I ,mve to shut down soon, perhaps In W matter of hours, leaving Jerusalem withont lights. Authorities said the fire almost certainly was set deliberately. Thev regarded it as ihe latest outburst In the preliminaries lo the Battle of Jerusalem, which was expected to break hi lull fury as ,ic,,n as Ihe British arc out. British army units, the police and fire brigades fought the flames as thousands of Arab residents of the area looked on. The. Haganah field radio reported from Mishmar Haemek. long beleaguered Jewish settlement Southeast of Haifa, that the Jews had counter-attacked and driven hack the Arabs, killing 46 of them Arab papers on the contrary said the Arabs were expected to break into the village at. am- hour. North of Acre'in Northern Palestine a land mine blew up a bus load of Arab recruits from Lebanon, killing eight. Fourteen masked gunmen led by '-" women Blythevills Courier BlyUuy.lllo Dally Me HEVILLE COURIER m l II r* UOMlNAiXJ NtWSPAPKlt OJ* V NOJlTHt,-'* HT A >;%.'i v.i.-.* a > ... --•— , „..__"_ «'<*vAf\&AS ANO &OUTHKAHT MISSOURI Mississippi Vallev Leader Blytheville Herald Blytheville High Glee Club to Give Concert Friday Tim Blytheville High School Glee. Club under thc direction of Mrs. J. WiUon Henry will present [lie Spring Concert tomorrow night in the auditorium at 8:00 o'clock. 'Die program will be divided into two parts with an intermission at. the climax of the first half. Numbers will be presented by th-; choir, the boy's glee club, the girl's Blee club and (hen (he final numbers will he given by the % members of the glee club. Mrs. c. M. small will serve as accompanist and Mrs. R. C. Allen will accompany the girls with her violin, in one ' " Goldsborough Delays Decision In Contempt Case Court to Announce Ruling Monday in Coat Mine Dispute Rr Jaiidiu- S. Klein and Dlllnian ITniled Press SUff Corresrmndfnh i™.'"!*"™- AP'" IS- .UP.- V, AI'RIf, 16, ny the girls with her Federal judge T Ala, CnM., U f of Ihe numbers. So-I (0 day defeTcd ' unt'i, ^Sv . be Carroll Evnns, loists Anne. Tricschmann, Jimmy I-owe, C. G. Redman Jr.. and R. C. Allen Jr. Airliner Crashes; 30 Aboard Killed One Man Survives as "Empress of the Skies" Misses Eire Airport SHANNON AIRPORT, Eire. April 15. I UP»—Thirty passengers and crew members, including in Americans, were killed early today when Hie Pan-American Constellation "Empress ol lh c Skies" crashed and burned while landing nt the mist- •ough . --K iviui.l.KV his radic in the contempt ' else against John L. Tx-wij* after Ihe government argued he w a s ,-iuUv of criminal and civil contempt "beyond a reasonable doubt " In its finnl argiimenis the Government said it was "crystal c l"n," that holh Lewis nnd his United Mine Workers Union had cp.mnll- ir-rt contempt by not obeying an April ,t court order lo send Ihe miners back.lo work "forthwith" . The defense contended that (he government had failed completely" lo establish „ ,-ase of civil or criminal contempt. Lewis ordered his miners to return to work Monday—nine rtavs after the court ordered him lo do so—but about hnlf of them are still out. Many .Miners still Idle The miners who are still idle ap- {'."""!'>'.I 1 " vc ^f" wiiiiing lo Ic.lrtt Russians May Curb Violence Outside of the 'Iron Curtain ">' .1. Kd»-»rrf Murr», linltMl Prru St.ft CfermipniMlml ROAIK April 15. (U.P.)—An K l ( i-An»enVari tliplonmU Kniil tmlny limy believed Die R.issiiu, attitt,^ on n o , ably was. „ S1 g-, la | for the ami of orjfai.ixwl Communist violence in.Hriuii-e as well as Italy. Those souivos sni.l the Russian note rcji-t-liiiif 1), P W/xl en, proposal to K ivc IViwlc to llnly "marked fiiml p,..,of'« f the PI)«l of the coimnfoi-m ix>lie,v of direct R ctiou and in Itnly atirl prolmfoly in France « R well." H WM iM-llrvcd l).« coiiiunlform + -L intended lo rousolMji, n, e com- i munlsl iKinHlon Ix-hliirt Ihe Inin "* "?, co "l ) '" llalv "' thin Mine, 1 curtain &nil tk*.»..1l L- L --.• ' One fitn> ' •' SIXTH UN PACKS irl»ln anil ptrn.H Krciu-h »..rt Italian C.mimmilsts to rfturn to parliamentary melllortn of iipim- sltion. ' The diplomats' prediclion that Russia had reversed he. policy of direct sabolagp O f ihe Kuropean , recovery program In France nnd: '"'.! ;fs lllsl '"B 1 " In llnly was based on belief thai. Ihe Kremlin had beeiin l o read to Ihe hnvdenlnsr of Ihe American allltude • '"' H wa believed nussla Intended lo hi" »H * u. " shrouded Sha airport. One American, Marc Worst manager of ihe Lockheed Aircraft Service at Shannon Airport was the only survivor — i^T >n«..,ull .I.II..J 111CU IO soft-pedal Communist violence In the hope of discot icipean recovery Moscow also hoped, these sources! Th i" said, la slow rtowu (he u'.'s. re-i bcslcireri armament program and to retard i Intoicemert the Irmisportation of Ihe Western | called "He ,'?L?^?,!. 1 .. Un ™.".''» " »»d '""I- with »o coup h diplomat i Scaltered violence was reported In the election emnpnlKii us iwllce continued to round up i|| P( . B | „-,„., stores. Fifteen |x-rsons were Injured In a RU.I. s re,iao» «nit stour fisht between leftists »,,d police .. , - ---" v^.i.Kllfl, In Hie vnlley of the |- 0 near M n ,,|,m I In- flKhl slai trd when police nr- reslcd R coiiummlKt jimyor nlli-r 'K a store of GerniHn nrin.s in loin,. • • •• Political Crisis Soviets Move In Bogota Still Far From Settled SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Heavy Tanks Into Berlin UKUI.IN. April 15. (U.P.1-- Bl'lt- Wi official oiiai-U-M reported today Epidemics Threaten With Rioters Bodies Rotting in Streets BOGOTA, April u. (UJ'V-The failure ol BOKolam lo rehir,, lo work after (he bloody Insurrection and a shortage of gi;ivc.lli!i.,',< lodav threatened Ihe epidemics. The political crisis Mill was ,,„. solved. Followers of Ihe fi.v.nx.iinalrd '"fllsl-V"" 1 '' 1 '' J °' R " E " C ™'' <">ltai'. hat "i.K. im- m . miMlu'n, lmv<- en- n.-illn's .lanlliciijt Miljinljs 'Mi nuarii-r* MI III Una they en- HIK ivoodcd seclor souih of ^""'f'"' 1 "' (! "' v "'""<y "f S^- hradmia.lei.1 B t Knrhhorst . «» !<">niod Hint nrllhh |roop.i (he command O r Ma). Gen. received under K. O. hrlefln k . lanks v 'Hie Hrt't| S |, vv 'c,"e"' expectr-d protest on Ihe grounds Iliat ,, Ihe Administration Divided on U.S. Air Force Meeds Committee in House To Seek Larger Sum Than Truman Asked WASHINGTON, April 1J|. -U.P) T)le Houxe to() Imishec! aside objectfwis bv President Truinsn and voted unanimously- to slsrt building » 70-Bi-oiip RI> force i mme< l- io.e of GerniHii nrm.s ml 11 " 1 " "I earn lnclmlln K ».. Bnioiimilcl Bllt s " ""' H her guns. A suwli crnivd " f«ce-snvin K lli-li-Kuli-.i to Hie Inlei-AnK-.h.,,!! ('DiifereiH-,- went throijKh Hi,- mil - tlons nf earrvliiK „„ ,1,, , lm .^ appeared to ho nnly 1 to free ihe ».'rested many of Ihein. » largi- mob formed nnd the jwllce station. u e - H. S. I'lani-s Kn Hmilt lln-Kbr, I.-I-IIIUT. April 15 ^ Ihe first jilunrs of iiitely. .Supcr^nrlre.^cs of en roule from |he WASHINGTON, April 15, (UP)_ Oluiii-ninn John Taber of the Hoiri ADpi-ODi'iniioiu Committee ,kld u. <t»y he win »., k ,|, e House'to vote .•V-'.\ .no»^ innuertla.ely for a 10 group were Injure . >• -- ""•-" u."tJMy 10 (earn H-IICI 10 verv seriou'i .he outcome of the contempt case, and probably war hoi .,olds«oroui;lr s decision to delay n - .--- .'_ ! ,'crclJct until Jir/MiHoir ,.„„., i * ,_ ^tsrarSSCiS-.S 5 ^ri-S"!ff,ssrS"£i rt ,s;fs' a '5, ~ H ••?M™i=;=, aarLrvass curry on here, ||, WI1| , obvlt) »olhii 1|{ (.-mnimrnble lo (l, 0 H Kenda could be, accotiin'lioVf",'i' ol cainbluierl were .Once Ih, ,, nliKll ,-uvllon.s Z n ,, ' Ufllste ntlacked (l,e,n| there protably will I,,- n move,,,,.,,,' . • -.»... i.ii L inn I,,I y»''^SIn|o.-,lo Germany ,luii,,,-' """'N.I war-seurred port early I «..«.,, Km [) ( . H [iioveineui two.,'» leave, especially If u,,. pi, V sk-ni :d i,,!«nd polHIeal c, Ice.s conilinie Ihe row-it and rifle Initts. verdict until Monday seemed to make it unlikely that there would be full-scale mining this week. Lewi., called off (lie strike after ; winning a sctllcinent on the pon- tice there will' were dispersed.' in the fus_ „_ burned hanii'and shock! 1,^,.^"' »'j^» ifiputc'wWcn"^ o« »,« «... hole | coal strike .March 15. The uovern- came the and s.iilered only n valued at $40.000 from a warehouse ! I.'..'j'?,?„.. a ''"'i <l1 a . 0 S'aixls short of the! Lewis' fate In Tel Aviv last night, | run««y. and hit a hay loft. It beRan I borou e h-the „ ... . . " lo burn as it ^1.;^^^^ _. ._ .. . .. In Tel Aviv last night, A British spokesman said «ov- ernment post offices in Jerusalem. Haifa and Tel Aviv would he closed d»vn on April 30 and international iKFniall would halt on May 10. ' Railroad schedules are being cancelled daily, the spokesman said, and all railroad service, will stop •when Britain surrenders her mandate on Afay IS. The spokesman said the breakdown In services was the fault of the United Nations for falling to send an International agency, to Palestine lo carry on administration of the country. The spokesman a"lso,dis<:lo£ed the Jewish agency has replied favorably to a request for a cease-fir?' order sent o-it hyVlsh rv>n>nu"jon- <•• sir Alan'"(Junningham. iv'o de tails "' A nieni contends that this too late to save Lewis U«\f\V from contempt. Lewis' fate is now up to Golds Form Leader Seeks Presidential Okay on Price Supports, Production By Vhlrrnf Ri.rHr '^^^^^^^^Z^^ Tli^ major iirohlrm »KS I,, ,.,.( the workers |,» t . k l)n ,,„ j,,,, ,^ i'J-nlr.1 union, ,,.,1,,,,, „„, ;,„. j *«••*« 0 f.'w h,,,,r.s .fl,. r m«. ,,s- rlotets! »!is»ltuillon .if (iulfun Kisl |.- r |,in v ii( rhne wns lltlle «l, n olli, K m.^i The Liberal P.uty. which --/• •." v.n*m.i- -1-1 •• »j n"v<;j inneiii iircxiUcI ifin n^&ir ^^l^'^"^ TT 5 ' ear to Rive lhe 8M1 bb •*™"-"' ~ i°^ ,^ d . riA.?-"'* '»fern 0! and the UMW «.510.a M for con- ! K ^^^£^£ [ne* ' ,., „„- ! •?"*« cs ^» '" t'"- Senate AKrieul- veniber, 19-18 .strike. i e <-. om niltlee. Tile cotn.ntllec mie government's final ar s -a .^". ' ILI - "'?. a h111 . w - h ! cl1 wollltt Pro- l>v the (me n ... "'"'"" ""crno , ann tne UMW S3.510.000 for con- sairi a St01> ' '^j'™ 1 ! 11 ror refiisiiiR lo obey a nre- "Wlin,, it, i vlo " s co " rt ordcr to ca!1 of' » Nu- When the plane crashed Ii ' Plunged Ihroutili a hole ami it blew ' "P." he snid. i "The weather was bad with a low ceiling, and there was a ground the field and hart lo go around i miners on March 12 wis n *l<,,^i « off a " SC a ' 10lher plnne wns i Ior 'hem lo e o on girlie. Tlml let- "WIlPI-l hn r H II I tC '' S!llri th<5 . I 1 "'"" COllllnCt With it 4emed he ^ n ' F™"? pass i illc "P«-^9«. ,-vs "dishonored" by he JmunS i- "' rCCUy lnt ° fai " lre '° sct "- J !hn P enslon < ii -^- 'ne eiound. There seemed lo be pule. nothing wrong "- ;fi - ".- > - began firoimci. Thc crew vide n permanent system of flex-! inie price supports, for seven msjoi farm commodities. Pillion niRed [lie committee to take its flexible scale of price supports and IX-B it to the Agrlcul- Roadhouses ^Padlocked In Jonesboro I hr kle "the real to encourflBc or ..._„.. general Interest requires _, the the i uro HIP. r- , . Al ' k " A " rl1 'S- i ut-i— oiaighcari County author.- I M R f' C L - r>ca "S "own fodnv OH •llcgcd gambling and illegal' llc,- B wrong with Ihe plane It MorUn.i n,»,, • . ., , general Interest requires" ttw» pro- ,' r *, 8"" 1D »'>I! a'td Illcsal llq- burniiiB ns it slid along the' A, r n ? , miL, P °, )ntet1 lo Lewis' cJuclion In the forthcoming crop "°. r '"""« ">"nwi»g a lhr«-d.»y I" b u)e j April 12 settlemenl announcement vear." . »'»nd JHO '••VM'lirt''-1 whirl, re ,. . . . notityins- (he miner* tliaL th. <•<",. .......... . ,_ ... .. I MkU' bi i. aiSSC ^", " c ' re ' , ..j — ... ,,,_.,m,., <t"ut/((*it(;incni [ American ri^r! | n ,,,dod 10! ^c^'nmv^ ni"" S ,".!"• l hc co "-' f ''" lh1<! ^ s(cm 1 ""'^« -.nhers and f,ineMfeen^ers j c-oimser L T? • V ,~H , i . Tf "* *° v "™"* *»"ts m*-, •'-' _ t "='- r5 ') J 011 ": 101 '"' J-CB-IS Confidcnl j-ducelon of a certain iuppoHM< : i=ir Aian-uunnlngham. tin *<.. .w* —ninci-s and ftine" yftissen'-ers : r oull , r |-,;, r ,..•>•. ,. H S s,s =" - "•• ffi'5,=r-,ss;ss ,, s i »»3 i? C 0 urse~0pens "'' "-="— -'- — •""" ; ~ : ~ "' Tomorrow for Cotton Ginners "forever de- Lewis tan' a Prcnviiman'"»,,rf" """''" '• """ UJe " lo CI ' OI " E "»'••" he had less Jew a slnlc - imi1 ordered a strike „,- made a " On Roiinn-.hc-World F.i.M f^ C .. tIleVlUble by ^ M «« h I2 Airport officials S aid the crash oc- j C,o,cls'oorou s h »,.!„ invited Chief y — .„,„, n ,n A ^ i jnco-Q,\y !^l.^ r > tlSStiS*'' 0 " which re- mm^ TfJST bci " 8 rehlr "- ,( « »W impMitfa- to'deter 10 >rlf ho * 1 m * n '' P"»oni hud hpen'i.'i'dici- "•" beviuse ' Co iscrvallvw. appealed I 0 i|,,, unions lo call off the strike N,, 'Ppl.v was forlhcotnlim ,> Ji' 1 ". 8<>V '";"! 1U '" 1 conilnucH to ap. leturi W °' kS ""I'^'Ves lo Of''!-'' 1 '''' i'.'l' 05 ' ll>rt BlVO " "" s ' 6 " The newspaper K'l Tiempo n|i- penied for the sei-oud 11,,,^ K ^ the levolullon wlih tin- henill.i- -Colombii, Recovers Normmiiv.'' flnt Ms dispatches admitted lhc ellv *oii ,1 be desolate for ••„,„„,. j, ril ^-J. The llulle.l Stales KxporUinI ml Bank came to th,. n |,i of ijoiola wlln » *lO,oo»,ooo loan, ma F1 Ilemivi estlnmlcri dnmnge won M total about $250,000000 El Tlem,» esllmaled the dead .1 "more than 600." Inri,,,!!,,,, ,„„"' women and clitldicn. Morn ||,an 250 lx>itle» still Iny iu,bur|,.,| | n n., "- ~' cemetery „„„ o/ll( ,^ ^ Early risers peered ward the skv UK .1, :iniously io- bl« pinnej 11 -iciv i 11 ......... " • '' 1 ' ll ' l<lls| " fr •or i i of it* klml since Ihe war .,„ ^, , , J ••" » [u-xroi t> Air R.ic-c (fe.5plle President Tru- .nan's opiiosillo.i. ,, the ,, . •' """ se vn * "rwcicd to money a.vked by Taber "• EGA Considers Europe's Needs $37 Million in Food Shipments Earmarked For 'Urgent' Nationt other burial grounds. The Rovennncn 'was recruli RrnveriUsi-rs | 0 tryhif I'M (in.iie,i"iM"rsi'fM.,;r;';!|;;, ,,1 WASHINGTON. A,,,,, ,»'"„,,','!!! lsli'alfo C n"| C |'i" l><% ''" llD "' A(l1 '""-' « "'""= ""= mwKuring or o the e ,,e G en c L H''' 1 °'\ l " ( '" v j rnT'"' """ ° ll ' Cr IAl1 <*eVen« O for Pino e «?lnV ° f llle '" Mt l ldnl "' " m " J " 01ISO ''""iherj »r« «'7 000 I „ roort . C . n ""«'-M"g «:i7.- ! <t««niKfI«B llllU W22,000.000 be ,dd- *.,'",?«,!,'C mo! 1 ," 1 '" 15 ro . r "" "' l ? S2 '31«-'MO.«X) provided for th. tton, " Ofil '"'Be'if na-K-h- (on-e tn.l (or naval aviation 'n „., . , -^ ".^cu oj- iRner. • »ho \x chairman of the Appropria- '•loi.s Co ifiiee. ,.,'!."| |X '' i 1 ,','"" 5 '" ° rfpr nn »"i«n<l- »ient Hddl.iK Maa.000.000 to » »2- J7C.(«ju.(KK) ..ppropriallon bill al- I'L-nily pcmling |,, t |, c llollse (0| , tfia Ah- l.\)i-ce and ror Nnv»] aviation Ui'inocrailc U'.i.ler Sun Rnybum who nsnwlly entries '.lie ad.nlnl.ilia- tl'in burden In (he Hon.-.e, roJIernt- 10 'run rc| ""' t< ' 1 ' h| s'3iiinxji't of the At hU news conference Mr Truman xtronply supported the pro- K.nin suhnillicd to Consress bv De- 'I'lisc Secretary Jnincs Forre.sia.1 «''.| i '- Mr ' Tn "" nn Sllllt ' '« wll «t he I^u-k of Unity Illmrrf Kurrestiii propased bringing th« Jirivsont SS-KIOUP air force up to [till .strength. 'iiid' 1 " 1^1 ^"''"'' Slnilrt 8 yni''>8lon Mini buildup a VO-eranp'alr force I his |iro|Hi.sui has round stronj snplioi'i, In Coiisi.-ss. IJiimhlMB (..side thc InisBlvltig of ,>,,hn . ""'""'""I "my be uinde ''bile by tomorrow (o lake cure of he cmci-gency need., of .wine of Ihe U other domrwratlc nalloiis nnrllel- imth, B I,, Ulc En,- 01W an fi'eco-e v commodity boosted the ^uppo price would antonntlcilh go up f rt "* e j'' ll !« (<"<-"« Judge Charles | „"!,! „• If at the same time. It wnnU mil- LlgllL ' ockctl "P lhe true bills peml- i 1L put of a second commodity re- i " 1K llle "nest or all persons In- duccd. lhe support price for tliat : '" <:tcd - curred at 2:34 IO--U nm \ir i ""'u--<«~'oiiEii again invited Chief n ™M^-' ^ ' ncfcrisR Counsel Welly K. Hopkins II .Jl) hnriioc lin^l • .^ ... . . ' to present arguments on Levvis' behalf. But Hopkins shrugged off the '-"-" saying the record was commodity would drop. Pntton said, Meanwhile. Sheriff I Ix-on Brown ,. " ^K<-"» It} BrL rlcl Of the bodies and minimi^ th e , )0 , H |. ft»Mrin. F.nnce, OreVce hlllty of epidemics. " OSH| -|t.n«l the Netl,er-t,,n,| s ,,o V[ |, RVC i,V'en ''.ViKMllmiilcd :t.«tj- prison,.,.. ;,. IVW** ">r tW.877.ouo In fondsiiifi> c»ped fro,,, four prison^ .,.|, P ,;„„';.;' *!V. «»"«i';i«-iiicii! 'last ul^it l, v "•|".y prisoners had I,™, „ , '^^ <j ' '<"« "• "«f""."i em'- llie rminlndcr „,,.,-,. „..., „.•''""";'„''. l'»l Ih.- n.-u- loul Includes I)cl«|j»^., m f ,.( jiri,,,^. H bcramc npimrrni. ih,, t uo^oln J'i ciro[i. - ....nut.. 01.1:1111 rx-on Hrown ij ",'im.Tiu [nut Doyoln however, lhat thc *"* Pndlockmj! seven nlRht clubs in ,., " c !' pr KM. (he rnpliol ] mc -k artment under Ihm U ' R Jonesboro >rc«—Lwn or ilmm ' ".'... 1F1 P e '"'' 'he conferenrn u i.. , , Agriculture Department under that Five Mississippi Countv cotton Sinners and three county agents will attend the two-day Arkansas Ginners' Short Course to be conducted at, the U. S. Cotton Ginning snrt fiber Laboratory at Stoneville, Miss., beginning tomorrow. 'the course is being sponsored by the Arkansas Extension Service. Attending trom Mississippi Coim- V; will be. J. T. Rhodes of Osceo.a, . F. Gillcipie of Gririer, County system would be. required to 3 mil its goals to (he president's L, council or economic advisors. A.ill. -- I he said, annual goals "should not *W D. V. Maloch orosccola. A - T^ie.^^.".; her), white r.f vf,,,ii, ^,.__.,_ 'mnieoia.el.v offered bert White of Manila. Charles Langslo.l ol Number Nine and Fred Pleeman. County Agent Keith Bilbrey and Assistant. Counly Agent E. E. Chnndler all of Blytheville. During the two-day meeting a. cleaning, ginning and bu|jng operations will be given by A. M. Pendleton. cotton ginning specialist of Dallas, Tex. The ginners will also study machinery, seed varieties and mechanized cotton production. ;^. e .!''™ c ^ as '} ™«'«l-lhe- W orl<l invitation. Of Security Bonds Rubble "" needs of tin ...^,, t w n wl mum . c ,,|. '...l-j r-lu t;. |{1||]|]1,. within a half-mile of Arkansus I n" *' ns i ' c ' 1 "" rt "» 'he main s ",,, State Colle 8 e-ln compliance wll.n ' °™ rtl "," c ' ( nnif ''urned aulomoblU the g.and Jury rccoinincnilntlon), : *„"., " l '"" °"'™nce. a, wa , u ,^ and the orders ol .Judge L( B hl. i "i™^"*' "/ " '''« "»•« '"ruin. Ivlnn celve In v,ewo, the se,,o,,,,,s of the Si^^S an',^ ^ '^ "^ <>"«"« Jlfl Vestcrday's fortnii] si-ssU »'H'--ut flour BoKOti. pact i,,el at 5- : »(i closed at ri:5 0 „ ,„ ,^ correspondents th j-'l.DUO.i,!],, ,,r ni-Bcnt nld m.thor- l/-0il Krldny. Six I'arnitr,, .S',..,! •Six ca, B oe.s of „,.,,!„ , or Pr ,,, 1( , c and the Netherlands (< irentlv are on the hlfjh •fens 01•• .-• -" IK-IJIJI ioruied Southwestern u. s. poil.v The three other wider. Tiicy will re- n bill Rwnllhig a Hoi'.se vote today. Mr. Trninnu lold his news con- icienct thai, he could not Recount lor the differences between tlwi Air Force recommendations, or For- I'Miol nnd those of Symington and ilie Ati- Gc.jej-als. He W-HS ji.sked whether n<i would ' spunk". Symington for making r.-comme.ndatlonj |n dlnngreemcut with fA>ne,st.Hl, his supcr- »).. The Piv.-iident told newsmen lie would mis*-!.-.- Uml queatlon some ulli.:r dn.v. Tin: I'l-i-sldenl said FVurental |iri!se,iu-il wluit Kf.r. Truman -felt WHS K well-balanced and economical defense ji.ogram. It represents the aduilnistiatioh viewpoint, im snld. and It is the one he wamert CimK.x-Hi lo pa.M. Altogether It lo- ilal.s In.stmd ot (lie soon „, Mill., AIC- ,v,lI '"" » I4 . 000 -««'.003 hwleud ot Ih. l«. of C hiri.rn^Llf^^^W.prcvloiwIy budgeled mixed seeds, dried . n SCftt.U-r lo gel home before the curfew. 7 p. m. the ! u and! Of lhe »uti.,VrlM't'iou'.". l "'Auslila flmjiwlll se t S7.M2.OOU .worth of u S foodstuffs; |.'ri,ii,;e. JH.112.000- Greece. Sfi,l:lo.(if)0; lo lhe Netherlands, $7.057.000 F'rance. ilaly ,,, u | t hn Nelherl.ind., nirport, officiats her services to j civil a car sped her off the strike "forthwith") are guilty of criminal nnd contempt, beyond a renson- Rep. E. C. Fleemcm Seeks New Term In Legislature Rep. E. C. Fireman, of Manila announced today he would be a candidate for re-election as one of Mississippi County's four members of ihe lower house of-the Generil Assembly subject lo Ihe aclio,, nt Ihe Democratic voters in ihe par-v primaries this Summer. tn the 56th General Asw-mblv h« served a.s chairman or the House commiltee en aeronaiitic.s ana a.s chairman of the House, efficiency to the burning wrccka at On the way her car passed another carrying her husband to the airport. She continued working with f husband was safe imnfhours 1 if'ler | the crash. , Tlie bodies of the dead were tak- • en to a slird nt the airport, wlior,- nn inquest will be held. Tom Alexander Rites To Be Held Tomorrow i Last rites for Tom Alexander SO I who riipri Tuesday in a Blyllicvfllc hospital following a two weeks' ill- nble doubt." .fudge Goldsborough's choice lay ; rt ;: between finding Leu-is and the I "ormnlly UMW guilty or innocent of crimi- a aw n t.s approach. He said It' was possible under the bill's formula for "supply" to be defined as normal, even though a disastrous drought Imd reduced the carry-over to an ab- rml '"y 'o w point. But he joined spokesmen for giuiuv "i i.i.ioceni. oi cruni-i ,. J ..|.,.............. ,,,, civil" contempt or both. The - , er [art " "rgnnUation.s In prals- um ncnnit.v <.., * t^.a,,,, ln K lhe commlttee'.s scncra] ap- pennlt.v on a two-da v conviclion could be a stiff fine for thc union and both a fine and a prison semenre for Lewis. H f also was a member of lhc Agricultural "A". Apportionment, Banks and Banking city and Towns, and Roads and Highway "A" Commit tees. %,The bill which allotrd $2.000 for nip. upkeep and beautifying of tha Herman Davis Memorial "park r.t Manila was introduced bv Mr. Fleeman. and he was among those wno supported the bills providing slate funds for the Nortneast Arkansa.' Wounded Luxora School Principal Leaves Hospital .1. W. Cady. principal of Luxora committee's genera] approach to flexible price supports. Patton said the whole Idea of relating supports to volume of supplies of each major farm product was "a great slep forward." Tlie conunlllec's bill limiting l i series of Mayor E. R. Jackson toriny Issued a proclnmnlkm urging nlylhevllle residents to purchase U.S Savings system Bonds to lhe fullest extent of their I nrnmcinl capacities clnrlnx the' tc Treasury ncpnrlment'n Security , I' l/>an d,i«e. I U The nalloi.-vvlile drive got under i "' way lod.iy and will continue milII June ,10-. Mississippi County's quota In (lie Security Loan drive has been sel. Bogola'"iVa'rl ",?,"''V.,"' c "" th "i rl "" <:1 '- ""'J' «'"' tun Nelherl.ind., - K 1>n " lllef c ""ler of the "'<> receiving only W |, M( ,, m]cr I11C n,,1. i,'. C , A "«' r(l 'n" "l"^'" 1 -" shlliment.s. Ausliin n i,d I'l.CI W I Innii,.I,..., - tirr-fv-f. /... M.., ,.ii.»- i _.. _ .' "" Cl Kr ' mnc " ls - rei «l'«l .. on the other haml are «e Dm variety trealme, t in the <>f f ">« '" ...... «« to mlf , ri ,, An nianrialoi-y price snpjiorl.s lo seven major commodilies Is designed lo i substitute for present legislation j w-hic'h expires Dec. 31. Under prcs- ] cm. laws, several dozen commodities. InchldinK eggs anrf not*toe*. I receive mnndntory support. Patton i ••••• '"appealed" for .extension of these''try Depnrlmcnl Maid. Aincrlci Ions of _ ^ |M||I M| s f °Alrc""rti^!"| t er V " l " !ri dij ''i at S5HO.OOO JIU.IM TciTj'of "niythe- A-Wnllm 'l>l««es P wm 1 " W |o S "(o l ns"of' , villc has been nnn.i-d chairman ot ir ° od «'"»I<1 leave for lioeoli I,?,.. "'' thc County Savings Bond Com- Other planes will lirn, ,„„'"?, ;'»• Stassen Confident Of 300 Delegates at 'J'HoHES' ?! GOP Convention "n.itioiu" although Ihr ntes npprovcd the term rnltlee. "The pin-pose of thc Security Iy>an Is to sell more US Savings' Honds lo » grenler number of people tl.ioi.Rhout the. nnl.lon," ibe Trcii.s- • v... ...^ ,. ,,., u \s UCK.S 111- I \V t^fiflti .. i., ' I r ¥ ' ,...._...... *u. .T L. r ill L u.l ness, will IM conducted at Ihe fnbh „ . V i , ' " r " lclpal of '-uxorn '"appealed" for extension of these Fum-rn, Home Chape. .", '2m^. *" 1^%^™^""™* ^T !" - *i " " 0 P"' m -"" l™*-™*\ >» »'- proc.a.naVion. Mnvor ,,ack- *'-"'-• •-- "- - !"« allernoon from Walls Hospi- legislntion can be pas-seri at this'son pointed out ttiat the ti .. ' ~-«"|' X ' L "i- **-\>\i jj.m ] HAV ^•^ h ^ V C^ J '^^ — •"' ^" '— ««'v ing Church. ^ ^, s ted b ? (h f^ ^1^ ilin^ by^af '" *"" patron. Mr. Cady returned lo Luxora after session." Robison. paslor of Ihe Half Moon Methodist. Church. Burial will be in Ihe Maple Grove Cemetery Aclive pallbearers include Claud Duncan. Henry Buck. Sam Buck -fake Richardson, Jack Gari-iean' and Roy Gaines. The lionoi-ary pallbearers arc to hr Rnrl Magcrs Phini ^ rn - ford ' R ' S ' Hr >"is. Ru'sseil' he was dismis.scrt from Ihe hospital hero. He was stabbed four times afternoon by n Luxora man who ngry school j County Official Speaks l.vnvn nltnr , B&forC CloSS In ^'lirlfr -rnard Cnrvh n i ^, ' c!ulsp " wns w "OVCd I 'Conner £ l' M v- I COIlli '? im '- t stln 1ise« S c. children sent home from the school I cause it was believed they had bond os program will aid In c'r'eallnj; Ions of food. '" »" " Of Philippines, Dies MANILA, Idem M.iin.f « sound and slnbtc economy by working against furlher price in- crenses and building up buying i power for the fmure th.ongl, en- ' trr couraRing thrift and regular siivliif ; i , Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Mor- Mayor Jackson urged Hlythcv fe ' '.* ' C "'' Phi riR of Blytheville addressed two | re.sldenl-s to lake advanl age of™" ' n """"' Sl " Blylhcvllle High School classes lo^ roll savings plans where thov work ! --* w( "'' dav under the snonsotshm nf thp or l.>»/. nrtti^.o n»...t- ^.^ '. .. „, "is (tied last i "f a cerebral hemorrhage il annomiLcd today. ROXJS rain fed" yesterday Ju.s; neilvoring a speech in whi r ,, Uledo-d Philippine support io In case of nn- af- HIllAM. O. April is. iUf>,_.!r n ,"1(1 K. Sta.s.icii. "much cnconrnged his rccrnl victories tn the WIs- In nnd Nebrnskn primaries, said et today "we now know we will more than son iiclegnies on fii-sl b.illol" al (he R'cpiihllcnn tl»ii:<l national convention. beginning a one - d.iy round of mccllngs Here and In Mississippi County Young crats Club. He spoke on Ihe dutiej . - --- —n-- --~-..".. v,.,..,,.,.. ,..- •*,.. ....«ni K .^ [JIHII.S wnere incv worlf . u n day under the sponsorship of Ihe or the Bonri-n-Month plan a. their' n'. T^ '" " l>Ifll)i "* ! s "» "I'- hfli^liufnni fTrtiintir X'«i.., n T-\^. Knn1 rr it- , ' iiiMI Olait Pirl*J fJn,.r\* ~r »!_._.. "• " 1L *- *-"'"«j-»t-jvn)inn pifln m. tnrlr r-i^.i c. ,, ^ - Ml Demo- banks He .,„ commended the " ul-^" ,.^< h ?' »»"»«. and re- j school savings program for children. - '.'^..ii.-.,\.. uir( District Fair, and other fairs dav MvV Alexander'had "CP^, Turner L^' C Tc<l(rtcr - «' ho sfabbed Mr. .sponsibilities 'of the office'of cir- • . ta thr mif Mow c " "•"''»• «*\ C A ST.X p^^ng S^!d^'^s r ^nia M H^r r ^ci New York Stocks charges ngainsl. him A n™_ t rl»c<: 'i-iincn™ rollnp.-ed a.s he wa.s srhed- ,,. ^ •. ' °~ '" ":i.'i srned- iiled lo review Unilrd State., irooo, stationed at the field more lhan 35 years. Butterfat Prices Drop Six Cents in Two Days NASHVILLE. Tr-mi.. April 15. iUP)~ prices dropped .. ------- " ..... >y.n.i.> klMlppct. three cents for the second straight "T,'"'""' ' hey " rr throughout the. stale, and for 'the i imrke, i^^ ^, National Cotton Picking Contest rents > ' hey " rr " Ow 77 held annually In Blylheville ' renu . pI ' rmiHm « radc ^^ '-' Mr. Fleeman sponsored a bill for ! cc, f ^ / 0( "" ar ? rad(: - rh « six- placing aeronautical marker" ""> "• t™ days marked the Hironshout Arkansas, and was active in promoting state aid for thc cdncalion of crippled children. During his inrnis as representative he has fought against nica.s- iires to increase lhe cost of truck Mr. Fieeman holds the disiinc- llon of havniR been able lo ol)la;-i House anpi-ovnl of all mcn.suiv.; lie iiHroctuccd.. - --• ....' I'^.'KIIIL^ nii.ig oi (,re.s.sui] iviiss spectfir: charges against him. A pre- | class Tuesday liTnmar,.- i,^.,.i,,» —. ., n11( . Young'Democrats Club also i *"«•>• Tobacco .. '--• '" ' lo high i Anaconda Copper Reth Sleel _ t ^ ti Chrysler from an ! chairman of the North Missisxlnni! Coa\ Cola Ihmmary hem nig was not expected I i nc Young Democrats { I o be held unlil after Myron Nnill- | plans to sponsor addresses ,„ „«,. Ing of Osceola. deputy prosecutin B i school students hy other county of- I Retl ' I attorney for South Mississippi j ficlals. Arlhnr S. (Todd. Harrison " ' ' chairman of the North Mississippi •*"» v **i\*VIVj ,_ 2 r. M. STOCKS I President's Assistant »-••••• (i,-i jit i c: ii i HI n] Youu<:slow,l. said "linforc Die Nebrnskn primary we eslimatcri we (I'oilM gel KI lensl .100 delcgalcs Now wr know we vtlll go beyond 100 on Hie firs. b;i||ol." The former .\flnncsola ftovrrnor, told (tclei;.it,-.s lo little Hlrnni Col- 1 Icge'.s mock (iOP convention lhat he was opposed lo politics of an- peiiscmenl and la.shrd out strongly »l- group., claiming a.iollicr war is inevftahlc. lor fiscal l.eel VsUs for UMT Mr, Triinuul wiis n.sked nboul a .suspicion Ihj.t u.iifJcatlot. of the iii-incil sen-Ices might not be working well. He sulri 'he thought inu- llcjitlon would work eventually but like mnny oilier new things in the uovernnictit, people had to become .'icciislomcrl (o it and gel used to working willi 11. M.-anwhilc, the American Ix-gion told Congress that If It okays a bigger air force and the. dralt. but liurlc.s military training, it. will only mvlle "periodic security (•rises.'• IjCglon commander James F. O. Nell snid the. draft alone as a sourc* of nmnixm«r would hnve lo be extended "Into the unforeseeable future"—until Russia ceases to be » "lineal, to peace." "Without universal military training n.s a self-replenishing, source of manpower." he said In *, "we would be called upon periodically to renew the draft or .iiiffcr biankruptcy of our defence lllc I system." nn "l O'Neil's slnlement came as tha prepared to put an emphatic (jkny on legislation to buy the first plnm'.s of a new 7-grouv) Air Force. . o ne -grout) r orce. Leaders of both parties endorsed I be move. Citizens' School Committee Will Meet Tommorrow Comity, rcli.rns Saturday , an n o e ort out-of-town trip anti files charges ! County group, said tortny. against Tedder. first change in the market".-ii.H;u March 17. New York Cotton Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair and warmer tonight. Friday, partly cloudy iGen Kleclrlc ;Cien Motors j Montgomery Ward |N Y Central • Itil Harvester - AJuy . .lulv .Oct. ' Drr. I Mar. open high low 1:30 3742 3765 S731 37r.!> 3678 3696 3664 3693 3300 M48 320S 31I.T 333S 3270 3223 Mfii ' 319D 32H 3100 3213 and warm. Minimum Ihis morning Maximum yesterday— 58. Sunset today- 6:32. Sunrise tomorrow— 5:27. -40. — . Precipitation, 24 hours lo 7 a.m. Northeast Arkansas Schoolmasters to Meet \>™ Harvester .... W. B. Nicholson, superintendent' Norl)l Am Aviation of Blylhovllle schools. Miss Rosa i Re P" hllc Steel ... Hardy. Blytheville High School' R! »dio nr>nrlm) A p /^nMti-ail f—j__ Rrvrniic Vo^.,.,,,. .--.., —.. -..„, ...^ ... 6 n ..iv;ii^nji pr.'ncl|>al. A. E. Calclwell. Junior High School principal, and John Mnyes. county supervisor of schools will be among- those attending ihe final meeting of the Northeast Arkansas Schoolmasters Club tonight at Jonesboro Socony Vacuum Studcbakcr Standard of N J .. Texas Corp I ..- -* *-« j j> 3 nf r 11 58 1-8' Is Named at U. of A 35 • ' I M I'aMii'ri' 1 '''!* R ° CK Alk " A P"< 1S ! .5? -2i,UPi_Joe K. Covmgtoti, a g,- Ad . '«0 1-2 j tiatn of Hie University of ArkSiiMs i Vs 7 a[ h ""*' -^""^'"R »' Harvard, hi-, « ^ C ' > " ! '""' d f!Xll <-'it^c assisinm ml ™ ' Dr. Ix-»i.s Webster Jones, i ^ ->-i . of llu: university. 11 ia'.. n ' e "I'l'^hiimenl was made bv ' '- a ;the Uiiivnsiiy Boairt of Triisiees i nere yesterday. ' I Coringlon's work in-ill inehid ; mlnisirntive duifes in the icnfs office. An a.vioclale professor of Inw at . A mectinit of the Citizens School Building Association, Inc.. has been called for 2:30 p. m. Tomorrow in f lhc Chamber of Commerce office 1 In City Hall, It was announced to- I nay. | The association wa.s formed last ALBUQDKRQUE N. M ^,,,.j| 15 J r<M " r lo acquire properly on the TP ,_._4n..i^..i..,-~ (--_, '. ' ™.. '' ! site .selected for a new high school. To dale, nboiit two-thirds of the 20-acre site have been acquired tn a drive conducted by th« association. Agriculture Secretary To Quit Cabinet Post 27 1-2i 9 3-4 j 17 1-2, 19 1-21 19 7-8 I (UP,—Agrlcuhnre Secretary Clin- lon P. Anderson .said h or e today he would qmi the cabinet May 10. Anderson is si-ckm? the" Democratic nominal inn a.s Senator from New Mexico. Ho snid he had adiised Prrcidcm Trillium 'about when I was going," but will .siibnill his resignation mid lhe definite dale whon he returns to Washington. SB 7-S todny—-none. . . , • ;, is ",=,,;»,;,'s,,, ,„. s;.i;Su:r;:'Ss, s "c,,!i":,=re,..,, L~; a- -,:: Soybeans ll'rlcrs f. o. h. Chicago) open high low I..10 4W1 (112 -lin -l.H) -ii:<h 3D3 303 303 3»3b the imne.sity .since 1941. Covlngto.t now is on leave white working on his doclor of Inns rfejree. Of His Ri-flrie cro.s.sjii(Es In Stales, only 1.1 per cent are pro- trcied with .sien.ih, Rule., or waiclimen. Workman Injured While Installing Goofing Unit Jess Jackson, an employee of tht Bl;m Henlti Company, 417 West Main, was Heated for a laceration, on Ihe back of his head at the Walls Hospital, after he fell from s six- fool ladder while installing an alr- fondlilon unit in the Courier News Tlie accident and he was -.„ —— ...... .,, ......... . ...I*.... IM mu LIU.>IIUHI Immediately. , The City of Wliitcsbnrg was X-ray report* are Incomplete but "n~i - ! without fire-fighting equipment and | the examining physician, Dr. I R an-mghway the blsiro ran its course. 'Hie large 1 Johnson, said he did not believe it ail- Fire Razes Rolling Mill P1FWOKSBURO. Tenn.. April ]<. r-ii-wo(BBURO. Tenn.. April ]<.• fondiuon unit in the <UPi—A flic, believed to have been I Building last night, caused by lightning, has left the ! occurred about 10:30, whilc.shtiig Roller Mill in ruins. i taken to the hospital ...., .,..,,,^ !„,, n.^ I-UUIM-. . ..e large ^un,i>ou, saio. ne oio nov believe it plant was built 35 years ago. The was «, fracture. Dr. Johnson stated loss, not yet fully e.-.!imaied. In-1 that Mr. Jackson probably would eludes some $IO,m>0 worth ot equip- be dismissed from the hospital to- nicnl. day.

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