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The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois • Page 8

The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois • Page 8

Jacksonville, Illinois
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BIRTHDAY NQMCCOrc TUESDAY, APRIL 15 Born today, you have probably been known since early childhood for your emotional maturity. Not one to fly off the handle, sink into low moods, or rise to unreasonably high ones, you have been able to maintain fairly strict control over your feelings. Your ability to find at least one advantage in every ill keeps ycffl from disoppoint- ment and discouragement even when things are at their worst. Highly perceptive, your powers of analysis make it a relatively simple matter for you to separate true from false, good from ill, and so on. Such an ability not only keeps your outlook and your reactions realistic, it also enables you to undertake new endeavors with a minimum of risk.

The element erf surprise hardly exists for you. for you usually have been able to foresee all the possible consequences of actions or decisions Confidence is your middle name. You have no doubt that you can accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself, for your exceptional self-knowledge keeps you from being ambitious for those things you know are beyond you in one way or another. You will have to take care, however, that your faith in yourself does not develop into an overbearing attitude. To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph.

Let your birthday star be your daily guide. Wednesday. April 16 Baptist Women's Rally In Winchester Thursday IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CHAPIN CUSTOMERS THERE WILL BE AN IMPORTANT CHANGE IN DIALING LOCAL CALLS EFFECTIVE APRIL 15, 1969 BEGINNING AT 12:01 A.M.. APRIL 15. 1969.

FOUR (4) DIGIT DIALING WILL BE DISCONTINUED. To avoid dialing errors, and wrong numbers, please begin dialing on April 15, 1969, the complete directory listed telephone number (ALL SEVEN DIGITS) for local calls within your community. If you have any questions, please call our business office. Our Service Representatives will be happy to discuss this change with you. GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF ILLINOIS W.

J. GREENE. Business Office Manager Jacksonville. Illinois menta today, either on the home front or on the employment scene. A good day for keeping quiet.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) There are times when to inter ft The Spring Rally for the Am-1 is to perform a service to many. Good citizenship CANCER 2-July Vn at "the tfe more likelv you to church in Winche8' A sack lunch will he served at noon with the dessert and bev- LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) I)is- erage being furnished, cover a way to stick to your Miss Eiizabeth Knabe. a for- principles at the same time that you give an appearance of having compromised. VIRGO (Aug.

24 Sept. 23) Those who have ideas that do not coincide with yours must ARIES (March 22-April be dealt with tactfully. Con- Confidence is the key to today's tinue down your own roads to success. Don't allow others to success, undermine your belief in yourj LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct.

23) A a rus g00d diy become involved in argu- SAVE Cash and Carry Discount MS Bibb. SNti Phone 245-4412 24S-271S in your career. The competition should be dealt with early in the day. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.

I I I I I I I I Success in the morning must not make you give in to the temptation to sit back and rest on your laurels during afternoon and evening. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. those matters that in some way can further your career should be dealt with today. Shelve all else.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-J a who ask for your aid are actually doing you a service. You can benefit from your own helping hand. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb.

19) you would not prove i bottleneck in present operations see that you have all the tools you need to work with. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21) Social contacts can be made to benefit you in a professiona way today if you are careful to say the right thing at the right time. WANTED SECOND Receptionist-Assistant For Busy Chiropractic Office Will Train 243-2822 FOR INTERVIEW Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, April 15. the 105th day of 1969.

There are Jacksonville Journal, Jacksonville, Apr. 15, 1969 7 Airplane Lands By Car Lights At Rusliville Miss Elizahrth Knabe mer missionary to China and Japan, will be the speaker at the morning and afternoon sessions. Miss Knabe was first appointed to China by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society in 1929. She served fifteen years at the University of Shanghai. For a year, she taught at the Mission Girls' School in Balasore.

Orissa. 1951 to 1965, she taught ill A at Tokyo Womans Chnstian KeljgkallS College, Japan, where she was1 professor of English and American Literature, and taught volunteer Bible classes. She also conducted classes at a nearby "preaching and helped with the college work camp activities at Morigo Camp. Rifu. From 1965 to 1968, she taught at the Junior College of Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohoma.

Japan. manned a plane parked at the airfield and directed the pilot, James Grange, 28, to a safe landing. Grange and his party were en route to Chicago from a vacation in Acapulco, Mexico. He said he had believed he had RUSHVILLE. 111.

(AP) -Res enough fuel to reach the Peoria 260 days left in the year. idents illuminated the Rushville Airport. highlight in history. I Airport with automobile head- isTH On this date in 1945, the body lights Sunday night so a small COLBURN HOME of President Franklin D. Roos- airplane, low on fuel, could Sorosis will meet at 3 p.m.

evelt was buried in the rose gar- an emergency landing Wednesday, April 16th. with den of his ancestral estate at Nonc thc six aboard was Mrs. B. G. Colburn 5 Sunset Hyde Park, N.Y.

injured and the aircraft was un- Drive. Mrs. R. Y. Rowe will On this date.

damaged havc the Program. In 1638, English settlers Members of a flying club rived at what is now Ha heard the plane circiing Rush- ven. Conn vjye ram ancj fog arwj noti- In 1850, San Francisco was in- police Officers rounded up corporated as a city. several motorists and had them In 1865, President Abraham shine their car headlights on Lincoln died in a Washington the Rushville airfield which has boarding house, across the no illumination, street from Theater, Wayne Tomlinson of Rushville RADIATORS Cleaning, Repairing, Recoring. Welborn Electric Co.

228 Went Court Street Franklin Hold Initiation Rites where he had been shot by John Wilkes Booth. In 1923, insulin, which had been discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting of Toronto, was made available for general use. In 1942. Japanese artillery blasted American positions on special Corregidor in the Phillippines.

In 1955, the Atomic Energy Commission reported that fallout from atomic tests in Nevada had not resulted in any Retreat May Forecast Squaw Winter JERSEYVILLE The sec tion of Central Illinois may still i) i i be scheduled for a late "Squaw Kabies VJiniCS after all. The Jerseyville land turtle, which had left his place of win- Ol vj ter sojourn three days before on what was believed to be his off for his spring and sum- FRANKLIN A meeting of Franklin Rebekah Lodge for initiation and installation. was held Mondav night in the basement of the Franklin Miss Knabe also held harmful effects. meetings with the Kanto stU Katherine Miss Ten years ago Cuban Pre- dents. women of the Kanto Fidel Castro arrived in IEvelvn Seymour were riaei casiro amveu Virf ni Oie and Mrs Kate Washington on an 11-day unofti- church, and the alumnae of pjnkerton became a member cial goodwill tour of the United Tokyo Christian Co jggp i by transfer from another lodge.

A' native of Pennsylvania, initiation ceremony. Guests were present from Waverly lodge and from lodge No. 13 at Jacksonville. The district president, Norma Scribner of Waverly lodge was given charge of the installation. Mrs.

Eleanor Ramsey was installed as left supporter of noble grand and Miss Lou Duncan at right supporter of vice grand Mrs. Juanita Hinson expects to return home after having again spent the winter in Dickinson, Texas. Prior to going to Texas this winter she sold her house in Nortonville and she has rented Mrs. Maude property on Prairie street in Franklin. Mrs.

Harry Whitlock. Mrs. Ralph Dahman. Mrs. Norman I Seymour and Mrs.

Nelson Sey- BEARDSTOWN, 111 A ser- mour went to Piper City Wed- of Pennsylvania, she earned the Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, her Master of Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She took further study at Baptist Institute in that city. She also attended Teachers College at Columbia University, New York, N. Y.

A playlet based on the program theme for 1969-1971, Love into Deeds And Make It will also be presented during the morning session. A nursery will be provided. States Five years ago Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev charged the Chinese Communists with bringing international communism to the verge of an One year unmanned Soviet Sputnks linked up in orbit and then separated after near ly four hours. Othello Set For Wednesday Now PossfbleTo Shrink Painful Hemorrhoids And Promptly Stop The Itching, Relieve Pain In Most Cases. New N.Y.

(Special): Science has found a medication with the ability, in most cases -to promptly stop itching, relieve pain and actually shrink hemorrhoids. Tests by doctors proved that case after case, while gently xelieving actual reduction mer habitats, returned Wednesday afternoon to his wintertime burrow at the intersection of North Hill and West Exchange streets. It was difficult to believe that a cold snap could be brewing again after the eighty degree temperature readings in the area of Tuesday and Wednesday midday. turn a lot one old timer re- of the inflamed hemorrhoids Preparation I marked when he learned of the’a no other formula return oi the land turtle to its likeitl Preparation retreat. "We may even soothes irritated tisanes and get the Squaw and ies of anti-rabies clinics is being scheduled in Cass county in connection with enforcement of the law requiring rabies shots for dogs.

The need for these clinics, officials said, was pointed up by a recent incident here when a youngster was bitten by a dog which disappeared, necessitating a series of shots for the boy. Open 7:00 Ends Tonight tmAim Adults $1.00 Children Under 12 FREE W.j 1 iHKffiAH DEAD SHOWN AT 7:07 IRtlMSE-WUUMED usnwcaN SHOWN AT 8:59 STARTS TOMORROW VQ-Mmvnn A AS LAUPfHCC PRODUCT ON BMW PRESLEY ive alittls -------PANA and WCTKOCO nesday to spend the day with Mrs. George Garris and her mother Mrs. Flora Marshall. Leslie Leak, who fell several weeks ago and was taken to Passavant hospital is now in the Modern Care nursing home in Jacksonville.

Mrs. Lulu Wright has had several visitors the past week. Those calling were Mrs. Stone, Othello will be presented at 8:15 p.m. Wed- nesday in Illinois Rammelkamp Chapel by the touring National Shakespeare Company, according to an announcement by Alan Hobbs, chairman of the I.C.

Student Forum activities board. Tickets will be on sale at the door and in advance at the Chamber of Commerce office, the I.C. Tanner Library first- floor information desk, and the College bookstore. Tickets are $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for students, Hobbs said. Dean of Students Donald E.

Eldred said group reservations may be made by telephoning his office, 245-7126, extension helpa prevent further infection. In ointment or suppository foam. Mrs. Gaither and Mrs. Spencer Officials state that rabies all from Jacksonville and Mrs.

shots must be administered an- Hattie Smith, Mrs. Irene Wil- nually to dogs, in compliance son and Mrs. Maude Wiley, with the laws, and announce in Mr ancj Mrs. Howard Scott 04. the near future dogs not wear- anfj son ancj wjfe an(j Mr.

and Three years ago the National ing tags indicating they John Scott, Chris and Su- Shakespeare Company present- zanne visited another son Ed- ed MacBeth in Jacksonville, die Jay Scott last Sunday at and the enthusiastic reception Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. this production received was Mrs. Agnes Haynes of Jack- one reason another engagement morning showed a dipby day-jwiUJje sonville was a supper guest was obtained now. I see snow covering all these had the necessary shots, will be and impounded. At any rate, the thermometer A Cass county dog pound has in the locality early Thursday recently been completed and tak thorn yem hem to pay off thorn nagging am loan, one payment, sized to lit your income.

Ws a pleasure to talk over money problems where always No. a six- figure computer number. SEE US FOR A DEBT CONSOLIDATION CLQ light to 38 degrees at 5:00 a.m.¡County veterinarian said. An inspection of the mud tur-; wintertime burrow reveal-! ed him resting comfortably in the burrow with his head and legs all tucked inside his tightly closed shell. LOYD FUNERAL IS HELD SUNDAY Funeral services for Mrs.

Alta Loyd were at 2 p.m. Sunday at Williamson Funeral Home. Rev. William J. Boston officiated and organ selections were played by Miss Ruth Rexroat.

Caring for flowers were Irene Webster, Frances Loyd and Jeannette Hadden. Pallbearers were Kenneth Loyd, Art Webster, Robert Ray, John Hadden, Clifford Smith and Loren Moody, with interment made in Diamond Grove cemetery. COULTAS RITES HELD SUNDAY Funeral services for Mrs. Harriet Coultas were at 4 p.m. Sunday at the Williamson Funeral Home with Dr.

Frank Marston officiating. Mrs. Carol Carpenter was at the organ. Monday of her cousin and hus- The tragedy of Othello band, Mr. and Mrs.

Harry Whit- Moor of Venice, is one of lock. most compact Miss Penny Mullen of Mo- and action-packed plays. Writ line came Friday to spend the ten during a period when the Easter vacation with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hayes and also visit her cousins human soul, it describes the Jane and Jean Boston.

destruction of the noble and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes passionate Othello by the in of Chicago spent the weekend sidious, vain, and treacherous Caring for flowers were Mrs. I with her aunt Miss Ruth Tul- Jealousy and pnvy are the Fred Killam, Mrs. Herbert pin and attended the Bergsch- timeless themes explored as are Mawson, Mrs.

Chester Thoma- neider and Smith wedding. the meaning of honor and love, son, Mrs. Georgia Ranson and Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Junk Mrs.

Elizabeth Lovekamp. visited their daughter, Mr. and Honorary bearers were Harry Mrs. Gerald Lanpher and fam- Killam, C. D.

Ransdell, Chester ily of Columbia, Mo. Sunday Thomason, Robert Killam, afternoon and brought their lit- Thomas B. Ranson and Edwin tie grand-daughter Gretchen Deitrick. Active bearers were for a few days visit. Mrs.

Junk Darrell Wilson, Fred Killam, took her home. Robert Mawson, Robert Hea- Several young people spent den, Charles Cook and Edward the Easter vacation with their Scott. Interment was in Liberty parents. They were John Ebrey, National General Fox Midwest Theatre Last Times Tonight At 7:00 At 9:00 One Complete Showing STARTS WEDNESDAY 'THIS PICTURE HAS A MESSAGE: Watch out! 20th Century Fox presents 100 RIFLES A MARVIN SCHWARTZ Shown At 7:00 COLOR by De Luxe PLUS EXCITING CO-HIT I ROMRT UPfMT ttOMJCTKM Shown At under 16 Not Admitted unless occomponied by parent or odult guardian cemetery. Pam Darley, and Randy Scott from Univ.

of 111. and Gary Carter, a sophomore at Southern 111. U. at Carbondale. Wolf spiders and scorpions carry their eggs closely packed in a round, silken bag.

When the young are hatched they carry them on their back until they are able to care for themselves. Paywnta in this ad Includa principal and ctoaiaas on team If paid on tchaduia bat do not includa charcas Oedtt Ufa or Acctdant and Haatth CASH YOU KECIIVf MONTHLY PAYMINT NO. MO. 300 17.13 24 500 27.22 24 1000 42.32 30 1500 63.49 30 2500 92.35 36 3500 104.9441 5000 129.09 60 CREDIJL OF AMERICA I rRIFT. NO.

2 CREDITHRIFT OF AMERICA, INC. Across From LaCrosse Lumber Co. 414 S. Main Street Jacksonville Jim Btyar, Mgr. Phona 245-2161 Leaving town on business and your wife needs the car? Where does that leave you? Near your Ford Rent-A-Car dealer, where! Rent a new Ford, Mustang, or Torino for a day, week, or month.

Low rates insurance included. FORD RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM Glisson Motor Co. 1312 West Morton Rood Phona 245-7101 Open 7:00 mm. nnm rmm NOW SHOWING Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents Patricia Neal in Frank D.Qilroy Pulitzer Prize winning Feature At FOR CITY CLERK QUALIFIED BY EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE THREE YEARS BUSINESS COLLEGE EDUCATION 25 years experience in business officcs. 8 years in City office as Deputy and City Clerk.

PAULINE W. NEWPORT CANDIDATE FOR CITY CLERK OF JACKSONVILLE Election Tuesday, April 15 City Clerk's duties are set forth by either Illinois State Statute or City Council. It is not a policy making office, administrative only. YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED (POLITICAL ADV.).

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