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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5
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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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DES MOINES TRIBUNE FEB. 24, 1947. Believe It Or ot Iowa Woman IWHAT'S NEW FOR THE HOME "I NORPUWX.WALW0H By Frances Troy Schwab. 7h THIAH (10(1 (Monday's starting times as provided by theater managers.) COLISEUM Skating Vanities of 19478:3 p. m. DES MOINES California 12, 2, 4, 6, 8:05, 10. GARDEN Last Frontier Uprising 11, 1:10, 3:30, 5:55, 8:17, 19. Accomplice 11:50, 2:15, 4:35, 7. 9:25. INGERSOLL Dark Mirror 2:55, 5:15. 7:40, 10. ORP11KUM Stnbad the Sailor 12, 3:15, 6:30, 9:50. Betty Co-Ed 2, 5:20, 8:40. PARAMOUNT Two Smart People 1:10, 4:10, 7:15, 10. Shadow of a Woman 12, 2:50, 5:50, 8:55. ROOSEVELT California 2, 4, 6:05, 8:10, 10. STRAND If I'm Lucky 1:32, 4:30, 7:28, 10. The Cockeyed Miracle 12, 2:58, 5:56, 8:54. GREEKS NOTCO LAWMAKERS OF HISTORY HAVE HAD OMLV OM Of THEIR RACI ELECTED TO U.S.COHGRE5S IN LIVAPlOric wcct.JMiesp.mue mp BHQownomniCA- nm Wisconsin in tew THC ONli GREEK EVER TO HOLD SUCH OFflCt This new baglcss vacuum cleaner picks up suds and water as well as dirt. It comes with a hairdryer and attachments for cleaning draperies and wooden floors. Looks Back On Century INDIANOLA, IA. The extreme youth of the United States as a nation becomes apparent when you look over the life span of Mahala Van Brunt Hargis, who celebrated her 104th biijthday anniversary here Feb. 1. After all, American history from before the Declaration of Independence through the atomic commission con troversy has come in the lives of two persons-Mrs. Hargts and John Quincy Adams, fifth president and son of the second president. Mrs. Hargis was born in Dark county, Ohio, in 1843. when young Abe Lincoln, 34, hadn't even been elected to the Illinois House of representatives. At 80. She was just a year and 23 days old when former President John Quincy Adams, still active in con gress, suffered a stroke and died at a youthful 80. He been born in 1767. After her mother died, Mahala and her father moved to a farm near Lafayette, Ind. and then, soon after, to Champaign county, Illinois. When Van Brunt moved again, to Iowa where he started clear ing the timber away to start a farm on Highway 60, at the west dge of Carlisle, Mahala stayed behind to live with the Casey family at Champaign. Love. About the time the civil war broke out, Mahala came to her father's place. And that's where romance first bloomed for her as Jasper N. Hargis, home on fur lough from service with Company 4th Iowa infantry, met her and fell in love. Jasper, at the end of his furlough without attempting to wire a plea for an extension went back to war. Mahala went to work In a woolen mill operated by a relative near Hartford. When Jasper returned, still youthful and vigorous for he had been just 15 when he ran away from a Fourth of July picnic to enlist at Des Moines, his first idea was marriage. Mahala then was working as a housekeeper for a Dr. Ward in Des Moines Farm. Well, Jasper and Mahala were married Oct. 1, 1865, less than six months after President Lin' coin had been assassinated. The civil war G.I. cleared a farm for his' bride Carlisle, where her. father still lived. It was about 55 years ago that Jasper Hargis was named steward of the Warren county farm, where he served eight years before he died. Then Mahala, with her family, moved into Indianola. Seven Children. Mrs. Hargis, now suffering a physical "letdown" after the determined struggle toward the 104th anniversary, had seven 104 i iv i i'4 "MAHALA HARGIS. 7nfo the Atomic HERB OWENS I iff 'M Another new product made of magnesium is a combination baby stroller and It weighs about 10 pounds less than standard articles of the same size and quality. When it is folded up, it can be carried with ease. It Is designed scientifically to give the child an unusual amount of comfort, both riding and walking. The seat Is suspend ed at the back by long elliptical springs and a package rack at tne rear snaps out of the way when not In use. Made with all smooth sur faces, no sharp cornera or edges, t.x.-,At wjth rubber- Miss schwab. covered bumpers front and rear and a safety strap, it is a practical article hand somely finished in chrome and two-toned baked enamel. As a walker, the handle folds forward and the foot plate folds under the seat. Cleaner A new kind of vacuum cleaner is on the market now. It has two major claims to fame. One is the fact that it has no bag. The dust receptacle Is a rubber-sealed metal reservoir which detaches easily and can be emptied as conveniently as a dust pan. It can be kept clean with soap and water. The other special feature Is Its ability to pick up suds and water as weli as dry dirt and lint. If you want to scrub your rugs, up holstery or auto seats, you can ue this cleaner to suck the sur faces dry. The new vacuum is light in weight, compact and has a built in motor and fan. For attach' ments it has a goodly array to handle drapery and molding cleaning, upholstery cleaning, the mopping and waxing of floors, a special one for drying hair or airing bedding and a spraying children of whom three still live. She lives with the eldest, Clint Hargis, who has just come to his 78th anniversary. Another son, A. C. Hargis, 75, lives at Fresno, and "the baby," E. M. Hargis, 67, Is at Nampa, Idaho. Every day of his life, Clint Hargis eats with the same, shiny silver spoon which has the name "Wolden" engraved on it. It's in as good as new condition but it's a civil war souvenir. His father, young Jasper Hargis, brought it home after finding it in a conferedate cave. Mrs. Maxson's Rites Arranged Funeral services for Mrs. Maudie B. Maxson, 49, of 1825 Francis will be at 1:30 p. m. Wednes day at Hamilton's funeral home. Burial will be in Woodland cemetery. Mrs. a xs died of a heart ailment Sunday at Broadlawns General hospital. She had been ill since last December. Mrs. Maxson was born in Brooklyn, MRS. M. MAXSON and was a Des Moines resident 23 years. Surviving are her husband, Arthur; a daughter, Margaret Ann Maxson of Des Moines; two sons, Arthur, Des Moines; Robert Hillis, in the navy at Seattle, three sisters, Hazel Smith of Des Moines; Mrs Elsie Shoemaker, Sioux City; Mrs Harold Watson, Onawa; three brothers, George and William Smith, both of Sioux City, and John Smith, Belle Plaine G. M. Official Dies. DETROIT, MICH. UP) An thony C. Anderson, 63, controller of General Motors Corp. since 1936, died Sunday night. afA tt" 1 LJ pi is this. At a recent meeting in New York City there was a demonstration of how fast fin arm chair could be reconditioned and reupholstered by using that modern material, foam rubber. The complete job from the stripping of the old frame to the completely finished reupholstered chair took 201 minutes or less than 3Va hours. If you wish to know the trade names and manufacturers of articles mentioned ia this column, address your inquiry to Frances Troy Schwab, care of this newspaper, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply. It takes 4,500 pounds of coal to make a new automobile. WATCHES n. 0 LADIES' AND MEN'S WKSTFlELn WAI.THAM I.ONl.l.NKS DM WILL, ORIS FEATUKE SPECIAL 51 29" '59 75 Fed. Tax incl. Add 2 Stat Tu OHDtK BX MAIL I ADDRESS I BUY HERE AND SAVE Phone 3-6156 Employed men and womensingle or miirrled, may now quickly ar ranK 'or a loan by phoning First Loan Co. Borrow $25 to $300 on YOUR OWN SIGNATURE. Secured loans also made. Monthly repayment terms. Get the money the flame day you apply. Phone, Write or Come IB mmmI Out-of-town loans also made 2nd Floor Securities Bldg. (Over Zaiser's) 7th St. between Grand and Locust I'lmne 3-0156 jffSSSESOi rak.m 11-7 "SV 'fn-P. 1 iiBilBlllll 1 flstt- Lomi co. HIS NAME THE SAME FORWARD AND BACKWARD Brooklyn LEVITT V.I THREW 499 FAK BASKETS RAPID SUCCESSION WITHOUT A MISS i J4 would be late In approaching: the legislature now. With the railway resisting, there was no certainty that the amendment would be passed, he said. "Supposing we lost; who is going to make up the $32,500 7" he asked. Butld. Streets Commissioner Budd said he was inclined to support Vick- er's motion if the present committee were retained. Glfford said neither Patzig, a minority member, nor Burrlss, a majority member, was acceptable to the railway. The council evidently had de cided in private conferences Friday to accept the railway offer, but Budd's finally-accepted pro posal delayed the formal voting Monday. Senate Continued from Page 1. that the schools should be "used as a forum for a lot of quacks in some communities." 'No classes are held In my town that could be termed agita tion groups," R. A. Rockhill Marshalltown) replied. They are on such subjects as shop work, mechanical drawing and mathematics and are very helpful to our industries. Trade. "If it were possible to make this (the amendment) apply only to public forums I'll go along with it, but in its present shape it would destroy the opportunity to men to learn a trade." Senator George Faul Des Moines), Ralph Benson Jefferson) and W. N. Hkourtip Burlington) pointed out that, If a school-aid program were adopted by this legislature to give aid to all school districts, the amendment would block adult education programs everywhere. To meet such objections Fred Maytag Newton) suggest ed that the bill be deferred until Mar. 25. He said by then school aid would have been determined Late. Kathlyn M. Kirketeg (Rep. Bedford) said this might be too late, and the bill, consequently. was deferred without date. George M. Faul Des Moines) said he planned to offer an alternative amendment which would permit adult education programs from other school funds than those re ceived from state aid. Meanwhile, the senate passed without objection and sent to the governor a house bill to legalize expenditures of the city of Des Moines and other cities In connection with veterans housing projects such as the one at Fort Des Moines. While the senate was debating" school matters, an administra tion bill to speed school reorgan izatlon in the state was being pre pared. Blue. The bill, it was learned, has been drawn in accord with Gov Robert D. Blue's recommenda Hons in his message, although he has not approved the final de tails of the bill as yet. The bid would provide that county commissions should draw up plans for reorganizing school districts which would be submitted to the voters. If the voters refused them twice, a stale commission would draft and submit a plan. If no reorganization plan was adopted after three years, the school districts would no longer be entitled to receive state aid. The bill is based on the theory that the state is entitled to assurance that schools receiving its aid are organized to use the money efficiently. CHEST COLDS' DISTRESS Now Relieved by Clean, White Rub When dincomfort of cheat colds maka children feel ao miserable, many young mother now rub on PENETKO for quick-acting so clean and white, ao pleasant to uae and so effective! PEN ETKO'S modern-type, medicated vapors releane at once to soothe irritated upper bronchial tub, clear the head, relieve sore throat, help quiet couching of coida, looaen at icky phlegm. PKNETRO GIVES YOU the home-approved mutton suet feature; and scientific medication rub in to help break up the local congention and relieve niuaculnr aorenfM of cheat colda. And Penetro keen an working for hours, en courage restful Bleep. Modem mother Slight Warmup, The Man Says Iowa weather won't be quite "so cold" Monday night and Tuesday, the weatherman said Monday. Low temperature here Monday night is expected to be 15. Low here Sunday night was 14. There will be occasional snow flurries, and winds will diminish Tuesday, the weatherman said. Low in the state Sunday night was 9 above at Mason City. High Sunday was 19 at Lamoni. The Des Moines high Sunday was 17. Most points in the state reported traces of precipitation. COLISEUM DES MOINES THRU FEB. 26th Nitoly 8i30 Ttokoti on at CnlUMtm Hon Office Bond! T. Hlftachrr l.fl Gallery Adult! tl.20 ('MM. Ode l-ong niatnnti I'bonc Orders Acrrpted NOW! 41c Til 2:00 Olivia dcllmilland LewAyres tw RUKMALIT JOINSBN 5 -THOMAS MITCHELL Plus Skinny Ennit Band "Nobody's Children" Colortoon News 3 ADVtRTISKMENT. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't bo mbarrassed by loos false teeth dropping or wabbling when! you eat, talK or laugh. 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Two years ago, the legislature increased the percentage from 1.5 to 2.75 per cent at the request of the city after the Protective league prodded the council. The engineering committee was named to make a study and decide what the percentage -should be for the guidance of the council In a request to the 1947 legislature. In contract to the majority committee recommendation of 3.63 per cent, one other member said the portion should be between 5 and 10 per cent and another that the percentage should not be changed. The moneys must be used for construction, repair and maintenance of streets traveled by the trolley and gasoline busses. Majority. Majority committee members were City Engineer John M. Tippee, chairman; Bert Myers, engineer of testa for the state highway commission, and John A. Burrlss, civil engineer. Monroe L. Patzig, consulting engineer, proposed the greater increase. W. L. Wilson, engineer for the street railway, contended the percentage should not be changed; that it already was excessive. Compromise. A re-enactment agreement by the street railway to accept the increase two years ago was made as a compromise with the understanding that a survey for determining a more nearly final figure would be made after nor mal conditions returned, Ben Gibson, attorney for the company, said at the council meeting. Technically, the Increase was "contrary to the express terms of your franchise," he as serted. The engineers' report submitted waa bated on facts "secured under abnormal conditions," the lawyer continued, and the railway could not expect receipts "anywhere near" tho of war and Immediate-pttwar years. The present percentage would yield $71,000 to $75,000 a year to the city, Gibson Baid. He estimated an increase to 3.63 would require the railway to pay an ad ditional $39,000 on the basis of 1946 revenue. Greater. Gifford said that, if anticipated declines in revenue occurred as the number of private automo biles increased, the flat payment of $32,500 would give the city a greater aggregate from the rail way than a 3.63 provision would yield. The $32,500 offer was made with the provision that the statutory percentage would remain "unchanged until normal conditions return," Glfford stipulated in the formal, written offer, which the council filed. The continued survey would be made in 1948, Finance Commis sioner Vicker said, no appropria tion for it being made for the fiscal year beginning Apr. That would be the year of a new council. Mayor John MacVicar observed. Stuil. C. B. Stull, president, and W. Harold Sears, vice-president of the lesgue, asked the council to request legislative enactment of an amendment increasing the percentage. "A bird In the hand, to me, in worth a down In the bush," Vicker said. The finance head said he believed conditions at the time of the survey were and that the city ildmiDmi mm) -flfrttm dim lntj device for moth-proofing, humidifying or spray painting. Heat Lamp A very small infra-red heat lamp is a useful article to have around the house. It Is especially good for localized applications of warmth to muscular aches and pains. The lamp weighs only 7 ounces and. Is small enough to be held comfortably in your hand. A 6-foot cord comes with it and it operates on either AC or DC at a cost of 1 cent for 20 hours' use. Reupholstery An interesting piece of news for a forward looking household Death Word On Hartzer Ist Lt. Carl Hartzer, jr. 1912 Lay at, a P-51 pilot who was re ported missing In action in Burma over two years ago, has been declared I-cially dead by the war department, his parents said Mon day. The war de- partment said Lieutenant Hartzer had been a member of a fighter escort on a bombing raid of Lundaung, Burma, Feb. 14, 1944, when his plane was hit by enemy fire. Lieutenant Hartzer's plane was seen smoking as it left the forma tion, and fellow pilots believed he had been hit, the report said. Lieutenant Hartzer, who was 24 at the time, was in the 5318th provisional air unit. Born in Des Moines, he be longed to the Easton Place Methodist church and attended East High school before enlisting in the air force in February, 1942. He was commissioned later in 1942, and went overseas in October, 1943. Surviving at the time he was reported missing was his wife, Joy, of Kilgore, Tex. Other survivors are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Des Moines, and wo brothers, Robert and James, both of Des Moines. 'EWE A Some twenty years ago there came into my life a power so staggering that at fust I could only wonder about it. The shackles which bound me for over forty years went a-shimmering. 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