The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 2
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NEWS ', Social Calendar * 7 MONDAY S EVENTS Woman's Aiixlllaiy, First Pics- bvteiian church, Imlng Installa- tion'mee't ing, 2:30 P. M,, at home of Mis T J Mahan , Business nnd Piofesslonal Wo- i)}ei\s clul) having Public Relations dmnei al Hotel Noble, 1 ,W M U, First Baptist church, meeting nfdnuch, i 30 r M \yomaiV9 ,Council, ^ First Cluis tllii entire)! meeting with Mi*> Olhfc Foster, 1 \ M foi luncheon V ' W. A ijieellng First Baptist church 7 ?0 P M Pucles of tlie Woman's Mission nry Societv of the First Methodist chuicli meeting at these places I, Mis H Lvim Wade and .Mrs..; John Fealherslon, hostesses, meeting at the Wa<le residence; 2, •Mrs. G. G. Hubbard nnd Mrs. Fred Warien, hostesses, meeting at the Hubbaid residence, 3, Mis nilev B. Jones; 4, Mrs. C. G. Redman. TUESDAYS EVENTS Mis C R Bibcock having Tuesdav Bridge club Young Mali ons Bridge club meeting with Mrs Max B Reid. Mrs; Lloyd. Stickmon arid. Mre. Mimay Smart having P E O luncheon, at the Stlckmoii house 1 P'M Junior G As, First Baptist church, 1 meeting 4 P. M; Intermediate 0 A\ Fiist Bap ,tist church, meeting 4PM Emnbeams meeting at rust Bap list chinch, 2 30 P M , WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Jewish Aid Socletv having bin RO partv, Catholic social hall, 7 30 P M i Mrs James fa Bell having Wetl- iieEdaj Bildge club , R A's meeting Flist BnpUst church, 3 30 P M , THURSDAYS FVCNTS Mrs C W Af flick limliif, Thursdaj Luncheon club Thursdaj ^ Bridge club meeting \vllh Mrs N B Menard Mrs B A Lynch entettaining Mid-Week Budge cliib Mrs tdgai Borum having Thursdiv, Contract club Jfaibro Mission-irs Society nlee't Ing with Mr, Einest nciich fo; Social meeting Bils of News ' Mostly Personal,': I'll.CJItlM I.UTIIKKAN CHURCH II. .1. Klclmllcnsi, I'aslor • Sunday school, 0 a. in. Morning worship, JO a. in. Ser- SATURDAY, MARCli 15, - invite Mir trionds to enjoy with us tills • newest aid to our worship' of God. Tlie pastor will preach the second of a series of four sermons, "Never Anyone Like Jesus,—In tlie Power of Healing." In tlie evening worship service which begins promptly at 1:30 o'clock, the sermon topic is 'The Call Into Macedonia." iijoh subject: "Tlie Vine and the , Sunday Church School starts Ihanches," ; promptly at 9:45 A. M. andpro- Tli? Lutheran Hour, over WUV! vl( 'w ample facilities for all com- at noon and over KLCN and WSM I era of every age. We remind our at :(::)(; p. m. . |mombers of our goals set last Sim- I'llgriin Guild 1ms a special, 'lay, and urge them to make every COR laigei si/cs, a j-icl ct fiocU is most fl-iltenng (No 8939) Hie ^ newest spimg fashion fcalincs a blouse \vilh n • U.-.D C Sleets. >. Memlei* of the, Elliott Flel'chei chapter pf tlie United Daughter Pf, |!ie, Confederacy hud a progiam on Twice To|d faies in a meet- in? TJiiirsdnv afteitioon at tlie home of Mis O S Barnes when Mis Bnriies Mis J Mell BiooM and Miss Cora Lee Coleman were hostesses Mrs Henderson Hall annnged the piogiam 'A True Tale of the Old South' was given by Mrs R S Moll, nnothci ' True Stoiv of the confcdciacy was told liv Mis Marvin Robinson, a lettci vvilttcn bv Cnpt R B McCormlck gland rather of Mrs Charles Alfoid in which he de«cnbed the suiting of the battleship "Mississippi, vvul ten on the bittle field w i<?ad A talk telling of Cbnfcderatc soldiers was recounted by Mis Hill Mis j \y uidei dlsphved an original will «lncli hns been In her famils for 15 jcnrs, and musical numbers, ncro given b\ pu pils of Miss Mar.v Emma Hood Refreshment's vvcie sencd aftci the program and business session 6 t 6 I one Oak iUissipinr) Socielj H-u, sicrluif The Lone Oak , Woman s Mis slonarj society met at the home of Mrs Mat|le Huej Thiirsdii afternoon when 18 attended Mrs f'« W ,. Tlmllllson offered mmrr nfter the, meeting hart been call ed to order bj the president Mrs J \v Fields .Members qiijlfr^ rti'-n? the if teraoon berorc refrtshmenls wcr e sened b> the hoslc-a, assisted Mrs Earline Huej tab ( ingtvvith atttactive l)ow tie slipped thranf,h Jiul slioit comfoil- able sleeves The skirl lias i front pjnel ending in an .iction pleat ihe jacket is dail lilted with full len(,lh bell sleeves and handy pockets Make it in plain 01 punted silk, m linen Patleins come in sues 34 to 44 Si/c 36 leqiines B J 8 yuids of 3!) inch fabuc Mo line Hie coat get 2 3 4jjiids Ihc lie icquires a piece 8 inches wide and 2 juuls long (cut ciosswlsc) J,9,^ l iiF a., p . A T\. FR N and STEP itt-STEP SEWING 1N- sure to MENTION 1 *'. .- t / ^^ Mrs. H. tynn Wade, Mrs. A. O. Hu([s»n,.-..Miss : Laura -Flatt. • and Mrs. J,'W. dn Id well were In Mein- phts yesterday. • ' Cilc noll-iid who h critically 111 at the Meniphls Methodist hospital, Is b!lghtt> impioved todaj He was taken to v the hospital Ihmsday aftei having suddenly beconie vlolcntlj III lib, niothei. Mis F S Bolj-yd k with him Mis R L- Loegjns and son aiq Jn Morillton, Art Jinvfng been cillccl Uieie bec-uisc of the death of in mint , Di mil M.r.5 r Ii EilloU will ive tomoiiow foi a jnonth* motor tilp \0itcl] w)ll lake them to Dallas nnd o{liei points in Texas aid to Mexico rhcj will lie accompanied tp Dallas by theli duightei Mis Sim Mioatl, nnd sons \vlio aie reluming home ntt- -i scvci il vveaks s((\y heic Morris Corjdno, of Memphis,. is Ihe guest of Mr. nnd Mrs, J.. o. Barnes and • other relatives. ..He recently returned from New York whcic he spent the pist thice nnd a half months Mis u n Houchins hei mo thei MM F O Underwood, her slstei Mrs Gcoige Mull nntl child) en in. In Memphis todaj to sec the Doll Hou^e ' Mi and Mis A Comv'iy will leave Tuesday, for St.. Loiiis and (hen go '(o Marshnll, .Mo.,' where tlicy will spend a week. Mrs Joe Russell ol Cootci K a intieiit at the Memphis Metli odist hospital. Mrs Preston Alley vvlio icccnt Iv undeiwenl i majoi operation al the Memphis Methodist hos pitnl is = ctting along verj vvlSll Mi Allij Is ullli her awl her tnthcr R B Caudle lias home bhc was foimerlj Joy Caudle. meeting Wednesday afternoon. Midweek Lenten Devotions Wednesday. .3:30.]). m..over KLCN. Lenten service Wednesday,' 1:30 p. .m. Subject: "On the Way to Ihe Cross." J.UXpJiA BAl'TfST Clltlitbli Tlu hev. W. T, vyhilelcy, Mis- Ksippi county inissionaiy of Baptist churches, will preach at effort to send the line on the graph .above lh e goal,line. Lawson H. (lookc Will Be Baplisl Banquel SjTeaktM 1 i] . XliePKlNG AND SUMMER PATTERN BOOK, with ft com- 'pleteiselcclion of late dress designs now is leaily Its ]5 cerfls 'when puiclnsed separatelv Oi if jou want to older it with the pattern above, send m just an additional 10 cents will) the co> i*>n TODAY S PATTERN BUREAU, 11 STERLING PLACr, BROOKLYN N Y Enclosed is 15 cenls m cbiii tor No Sue AtWicss c ''y •' SI,Uc Name ot tbis new spapei Addiesi join envelope to Blvthevllle Cornier News Toda) s Pntttin Bureau, 11 Stciling Place Biookljn N Y l\)ur-Foiir Division is Often Most Desirable Tranii) lioklini* I o Society Osceola — Pei <:onal Hits is the fourth of i sciics of ii* irliilcs on Ihc piiuciplrs oC^tddincr lirsrl} mcd I)} lour innicnt stirs discussed lij S Osrtoii Churchill In liis boil);. Cqnlnct Hidding liclics it llatrli I'oiiit I'lav, , I!\ \\JI t McKlNM\ Sruolin \nicrrciu Urlcljc I cisuf Even though a player holds magnificent supixirt for his partner's five-card suit, there often •re artraitigcs In phying a hand m .a suit in which both players "old four cards, rather than one n which each plajci holds rive. This is especlallj true where the Hcfive distribution is iv.'n minor More- Remmillcr , George « 0eei, Eugene Pack- tjrd, B L PressOn and Mrs c L Mooie attended the meeting of school superintendents and prUv- cipals at Wilson Thursdav night ^JUdge S J, Oladisli was a busl ness vfeitor ,in Little Rock for Efcveral dajs this week Mrs, John Wlulworth Mrs c H Weathercbj ind Mn H j) 4pnes uei-e sponsors ?t an ml<.r mediate Epvvorth League parlj at the Methodist chuich Tli«rsda\ ilight when Bui co nas plaicd T^he Rev and Mrs R c head and Mi^; J T were guests Mrs Nathan Wcinbcre enter Uined twelve guests at her home Thursday night with a Polinka party. Qeorge > H Deer and W u McClurkin^of Blylhevllle vveie in Pine, Bluff« jesterday and todav for the stale basketball tournament. Mrs E A Teaford left jester- flay "fat Gujipgrt, Miss to her son Ambrose^ a sludent m Gulf port 'Coast-'MjlltaVy 'Academy , • Prbbit ^ncVr^j ljs(fs to nfl _ PK JLADI5LPMJA (XfP) — 'fho Pcniisjl^-anla Prison Society Is the wjlrlcl dating bj(.k lo 1737 \vhcn it] - ,formed to allcvlati; 'the mis-' $ AG VK7S2 + K3 * 'Q 9 5 4 2 * 'K 8 4 YA943 »9 + A 10 8 7 G . DiiplicaJe—E. "and W. viil. South ttcst North Kast '* Pm If Pass 2 V 1'ass 2 N T. Pass i.T Pass Pass Pass Opening lca<i—*3. , 13 Today's Coniract Problem West is pl-ijiiig the conlnct it si% diiinonds HL Ins lo^l Ihe (h I tuck to tlic licit I queen, \von : -lhe .sccotid with Hit ace, nnd mfUd his list The leid of Ihe tiump King shovvs Noilh void .Can \\Vst still. make his conlr.ictJ *QJ542 VJ8B-13 »,Xqhe + Q38 4 A K 9 6 Y 92 niid h relumed Miss Deinoiislralion Club News Notegy * 107 VKQ5 *Q942 * J 10 5 2 '4 _ None viil. Opener— V 4. Solution in nexl issue. 13 The Dognood llo'me D lion club had three IIIAV m'eniUi ctnollccl nt Its niceliii" Wrdncs das afternoon nt the home of Mrs Henr\ Lutes when l& me|ii bcis ai\d iliicc vhilois were pi^s rut The ne\v membtrs are Mis P B Jarntt Mrs Audrcv >'"! clnnson ind Mrs llnrvej McCnll Visitors v\cic Mrs Jickson nnc Mis Beans of Promised Lind ami Mrs. Raymond Rhodes of Dogwood. Ihe new song books purclmeri Were used for group singing. Mrs Lennlc Pajiit conducted n devo ticnnl peiiod The clothing clnir man, Mrs. Ira Kooncc. gavci 'n talk on the care of clotlies aiu personal., appearance, '.stressing clcnnlinesfi .In the body, hair am hotitls Members vvere urged the president, Mrs. W. J. Fausht Ic move all cnn's 'nnd (o cleai all. yards In the nnminl .spring •cieaii-np" movement.. She also i:rcscntcd a paper on "Civil Gbv eminent" for the club to study. iMins- were made for nn ill day meeting, to be^ the home of Mrs. ,W. S. L'angdon, on March 31, when each member is to takt n covered dish and hei ovvr plate, cup, knife, fork, and spoon Mis Jamtt Mis Carl Oi'ctii an I Mis Lingdon were cd a committee to plan tin- year's work on recreation. The. iibslivis was assisted bv her daughter, Mrs. Hujh Harbert. nnd her daughters-in-law, Sirs. Charles Lutes and Mrs. B. Lutes in serving refreshments. ..The next meeting will be Wednesday. March 24. at. home of Mrs. L. A. Guiner, >nd I he four- four In a major, and :lie reason Is tlmplc The hand should produce the same number cf tricks, regardless of the trump and the major suit declaration at match point duplicate brings' tile teller scoic In lottav-! hand Churchill 'sat North and his partner-was'the late Louis H. Watson.. - r/," i ,^" la , ml »" '"<>: ' bidding, Churchill advanced the th'corv shoiviiiK additional strength. South juniped ,lo • game . tit once. Even had,• either { advereaiy held 'four Inciirts. the 'hand' would .normally produce as many tricks at • hearts as at clubs. In the ptoy'-ot'.thc hrvn'd cluirch- ill made-rive hearts, losing only one heart and one diamond, through the unusual, play of lead- Ing the club; '(jiic'ch, and thus avoiding live loss of any li-icks in clubs after drawing the adverse trumps; The mllkvvort'- plant has two. kinds of flowers;'• one set growing I above: ground and: the other below 1 ground on underground steins. - Read Co'.irtn News Want Ada (lie Shady t,nne Cliil>. The Shady Lane Home Domon.- stratio)! club met March 10 .wi'(h Mra. J. L. ..'filpp. Sixteen meni": fcers and two visitors were present, lii tlie social hour following the 'business mccdus; .Mrs Raymond Payne was given a stgrf- shower. -Mrs. S. Windham assbl- cd the. hostess hi serving refreshments. The next meeting \vlll be on April 15 at tlie home Murray McHafle>% church Simdny iiiornliig and < iii"ht All lire Invltecl to attend. TKMl'I.K ISRAEL M iiiricc Lyons, Italibl Religious school will meet Siin- dij i 30 P. M T to be followed by congregational service at 3, o'clock. At this time tinbbi Lyons will hrir.-' rate Ihc, dramatic and imlciue, life ton of "liabbi , Akivah . Ijen oseph " , Every member is urged "to ,ot- end. ITItST METHODIST CHURCH If Lynn Wade, Pastor .Sunday., scliool opens at 3:45 uuiei tlie direction of General iup't.' S. K. Garfctt. The pastor . will bring the ines- agc at the Ii o'cjock hour. I tie Young ,Fedple'.s and Junior Leagues will'jneet at 0:4i At tlie evening' hour, 7:30, Dr. F W. Potter will preach. Every one . is most cordially in- •ited and given n welcome. I IKS r , CHRISTIAN; CHURCH Carroll Cloyil, i'astor Bible Scliqdi, 8:45: W. p. peurin Supt Lets, keep our 'number tb- iiqno« even if .it"rains. Moining worsiiip,: 10:50. Sbrmon 'The..Power ojf-Faith."'. ., . Evening 'vvorsliip, 7:30. Sermon 'A Lost Slicep."' ','•.'' Mid vveek 'service. Wednesday • cnlng at .7:30.,, i: Coritlnuing bur Bible Study.... . Young people of .the church are United to '. tlie Young People's ouncil Sinuiay evening tit 0:30. In ndditiori .to the regular, program there, vyitt be the.'organlza- h ion of n choir,, of yoiing ireople. FIII§T. .jiAi'i'iST. .ciiiiii'crt•••!•' J Walnut ana .Eighth 1 -:, *• ', Alfred Carpenter, I'astor 9:30 a. in.. Sunday SchooV H. J. 'litflcis .Superintendent. , 10 SD si. m., .vvorahip '.service. Pastoi s sermon topic: "Christ On Cross." Anthem, "Follow The Gliain —Choir. Solo, Mrs. Pniil t. Tipton S 30 p. m., Baptist Training union Alvin Huffman; jr., B. T. U/ Director. S5CIKNCI-: SERVICES • 108 W. Main "Substtince" . Is the subject ofi the Lesson-Sermon which will bei read In "all Cliiirches of Christ,! Scl'eiitist. .on Sunday, March Htll.| . The Golden Text is "If we hope |for.that we see not, then do we '"'"•- patience wait for it." Ro- .•A'ln.oiig'.-liJc citations K'liich cptn- pi'ise tlie Lesson-Srrmon Is the folloiving froni (he Bible: "O Lord, how great arc thy works! and thy t'loughfs arc very deep." Psalms 92:5. .The. Lesson-Serm ' also . cludc's the following passages from :iic Christian. . Science textbook, 'Science anil Health with Key to the Scriptures' Eddy: by Mary Baker "The temporal and material arc not then creations of Spirit, Tlicy are but counterfeits of the spiritual and .eternal." Page 285. The Rending Room is open eacli Tuesday nnd Friday Ircm 2 to S M. FIRST cmiitcii or THE i Eupha I), ilcaslcy, I'astur : Sunday school. 9:45 A. M., E. L. .'violinists and • chorus groups ,outs" n,a plnh to find talent ready •for presentation as well us singi- crs and readers eligible for a ser- les of. artist classes which are to be held lii tlie tri-slaics during the next 13 weeks. • These auditions will- be held at the Hotel oble, tlie exact date to be an- ounced later. 1:30 p'. m., worship service. Pastas sermon' topic: "What' Type of Religion Do Yon Prefer?'! Solo, leibcit Browning. ' ' ' '. Mondiy evening, 7:30 o'clock^ Men's Meeting with L. H. Cookc is the giM. s t speaker. Wednesday evening, Church Night Sunday school department meeting l-.oo p. m.' Mid-week service 7 30 p. m. Choir reliearsal ; if Easter Music, 3:30 p. m. • I \K1. STREET .METHODIST M N'. Johnston, 1'astor Church school 'at 0:45. Come and let us study (lie Bible together. Pieiching service nt 10:-15. Yomy people ineefitig at 6:<15. Om voung people brought the bannei from Manila last Tuesday night, 'nicy are going fine. Why ,iot help boost them? ' Evening service. 7:30. You will find a welcome at any of our ser- vlcr.s. Evans, superintendent. ,,.Morning Service, 11 A. M. Sermon by Evangelist C. E. Toney! on "Baptism With tiie Holy' Spirit," N. : Y. p, a, 0:30 P. M. Evening,- Worship. 7:30 [> M' Subject: "The Sin That ITath No •Forgiveness." ;-.We invite you to attend the wonderful revival- now in pro- : gress at oiir church, corner Sec- ; end nnd Vine streets. • Come with •us for a • urea I Sunday School Hallj- tomorrow. FUM/ GOSI'EI. CIIUKCTI ; W.. O. Sinslctcny, I'aslor Lilly and Vine His. -.Sunday .School, 0:-15 A. M., N. \y. Trnntbnm. superintendent. Morning Worsiiip. 11 A. M. t",, Y. p. A.. 0:0. P, M. .'-.•' i'i/.byangclislic Service, 7;30 p. ;M. Maxino.Meyers Heads " Manila Students' Club MANILA, Ark.-The Ninth-mid Tentli grade students, ill tlie local .high school have 'organized a Citizenship club. •Officera are: president, Maxine Meyers; vice-president, Hazel, Drye; secretary-treasurer, Omcgij Berry, reporter. Alma Samples; I.awson IL Cooke Law-son II. Cooke of Memphis, secretary of the Southern Baptist. Brotherhood, will speak at the Brotherhood banquet nt the First Baptist Church Monday night 7:30 o'clock, on ''Men Marching For The Master During March," This is a regular monthly meeting of-the men of the church with a ..b'anquel followed by an informal meting of' fellowship and discussion ot 'varied subjects of interest to men. Monday night's meeting is the continuation of n series of. group meetings during March whicl started March 1st with the Women's missionary Society and wil close Easter Sunday with tin young people's department ii i charge. Jean Sarber to Hear Rijdio Auditions Her re Miss Jean Sarber, of Memphis has announced that she will be ii Blvtlieville some lime next wee! to hear radio auditions of ama terns in. her searcli for talent ti Ue used for radio work.' For tliis audition she expect to'.give singers, readers, pianists •sponsor, Mrs. son. Ada Bovven Sander- >iil I IHST I'UKSBYTEKIAN CHURCH , . S. H. Salmon, I'aslor . Our. new Everett .Orgatron will enrich our Morning Woi-siiip tomorrow, at eleven o'clock, open- Ing the (service with a : prelude "Valley of Itet" by Mendelssohn. Later.; the offertory, "Awakening", by Erigflmaim, ilay. alone, and it will accompany t!ie congregational singing of •'Holy! Holy! Holy! 1 ''and "Bless. O. My Soul, (he Living God!" Supported by tlie Orgatron, the Choir will si ng ihc.anthcin. "The Earth Is Tlie Lord's", by Woolcr SUNDAY DINNER • Menu 0 Choice, of vegetijl-le soup or Brap;fr,uit,.and inii)t cocktail f:iic,icc of aic-ils Roast lamb with apple jelly Baked chicken with dressing and gravy .Virginia baked ham Eaked • pork .tenderloin . . Vegetables . Heavenly', hash ' salad ; Browned potatoes Spinach Corn and• pepper pudding Dessert Lime Jello pie or Eliamrock ice cream PALACE CAFE Shady Grove -Ml., dn. The Shady Grove 4-H club met Tuesday. March' 9.. D. S. I.riu count}' agent, addressed llio ing arid distributed pamphlets ninonjf the members. All old inniiT licrs have enrolled In the fhiii for 1937 and 12 new membm luwc jjoined. ' cries'of tlie "•Sylvanla ' L . ^"^ prisons of Penn- now new bj man} exlierts. tyat inl^i! 8 "° Sllch tlltn S M'o rion- bictdablr suit of foyi caVds. Hn (leclaitd that the bidding,oh tliis wild bv North should'have" been I }, ,™ mc llart ' 1C licla foV >' low' faoulho ri^i»iv e ol.'tRo t'.Earii fa an underbid, to pvoicct a minimum in his partner's hand. Uul when Noith bid two no trump. ' I will lie at Dell, March 15; ArmorcJ, Slafch IB; (iosncll, .Mitrt'li 17; Ya'rlirb, Miii'ch )S; .Alanila. Marjh 19, atjd Lcachvilie; Mari'li 20. For ns- sicssirtfi:", I'ei'sdnat I'l't'iperty and I'dil Taxes, ' AsisEssi inci-'ouij I'i'iNALl'v is ADDED R. L. CAilXfiS, Tux Assessor KNITTING 1'AIJNS ' FREE INSTRUCTIONS •> New spring and summer yarns •• Latest Styles /• CJasses, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS. I.EEUE HOOl'Iilt • '. 1CS ClilckaEavvba I'hono 703; \V. 0. SINGUvTEUUV Kcvival To licgin Sunilav March lJ, at 7:30 P. M. FULL GOSI'EI, CHURCH Vine i Lilly Sis. These services viil! be conducted b ipastor, Evangelist W. O. Singleterry. '. It vyill be remembered thai a very successful meeting \vas conducted by Rev. W. O. Singlcterrj' last April anti It Is hoptti this one will exceed the last one. . The Evangelist has the reputation of keeping his audience laughing or crying, as he" was an actor for ten years, his humor and .wit. bringing the Bibls truth thnt brings conviction-to the heart, has proven very interesting. Ccinc, See and Hear tliis man tliat loves soiils. _ ; . . CHRIST ON THE CROSS'' The-Prophecies Fiilfillctl — The Promises Given •'. . ' At » A. M. lEaplist :«) Voices in Chorus Sinsii'g Churchi en Kvcry, Visitor ^ - • •• • , c An Honored Gii'csl H Walnut at KfRhlh "Wlu Iloli«;ioii Do You PrclVr?" u (.4,. -v 7:30 r. M. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Hflsl I'rices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage Everything For Your Enfeilairi- ment and CoraforJ ; Saturday DROP OUR GUNS'" ., ..AND REACH! Also Cartoon aiiil^ Scria!- 'Juiiglc Jim' — -Continuous Showing— —Admission— Until .5 .P: JI.—10 &• 2Cc After a..r..M.—1 *) JOAN MOT " WILLIAM POmi Also Paramount XMVS and Comedy—"Cinema Circus •—Admission— j Sunday—All Day—1C & 3Gr ! Mcmlij _"VIilunc—1C & "Cc Monda} ^Iglll if, & G C ' —rondnuniis Slioviin-> binul iv — TUfcSIMY lifARCII JC— 550.00 «AN'K iMGHT! .Arlmission always 10 Show every nijjlit. ^la' Sat. at Last Time Today A coi u M» i A "-FI.CT'U n't Al<i o Cnrloon anil Serial—- .'T'sMniij .Marines'' Sunday - lomlay "MY,HUSBAND 1SONTRIAI FORKIS WIFE!''. & Sun.. Fri. & Siin^ Miiti- ;il 2:15.v Saturday SIaliiic? s

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