The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1932
Page 6
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BLYTJIIjVJLLIW (ARK.) SOURIER . NEWS Sport Critic Believes Cain's A Injuries Has Made Back- held Picking Easy. ' BY JIHM'V DONAHUE NEA Strvice Sports Wilier The All-Conference picking sea- fon is open, the limit is fiv? a day .•and*-'after you pick five, IV.e gcn- •::««! 'practice is to tear up your -w- •H-cUans and. wait for ihe morrow sip'.'.'begin anew, i' r But : icolball conditions in Hi u .-'south' this year, as reported by i'coaclies, workers and oniclak, inak; Jjt* rather. easy lo ' select, an All- iSoiitherii:! Conference eleven—that >is,* with.the exception of Uc guards. jPJye great halfbacks hava stcoj the •^conference 'on iU ear during the *list'- two monllis, so that narrow? l/Sown the selection. jj ;? Thcse -outstanding backs are Don iZSmhwrrnaii; Tulpno; Dixie Hob- Ijrts' jVonderbilt; Captain .Jimmy -iHitclicock,,Auburn; Bcaltio Fc.illi- I'ers^Tennessce, and John Cain, Al- !>;'; Even ^Seejtion &l''ta>.\r out of 'ijiese. ftve would make It n iniuhty iiough job, .but that obliging fcl- k>w,^"Hurry" Cain, was injured in "mid-Eeason, and that leaves us with < : Zimmerman, 'Roberts, Hitchcock 'arid' Feathers. -• "-••-• *' • • V.NP'W for the deids of these four. '•.. !•• ZIMMERMAN— HAI.FRACK /•^Zimmerman, playing vtith a T»- toie team that had lost Jerry Dal- •rjraaple and'much of. that fine 1931 line, was. the whole squad on attack and defense. His rims lied •VanderblH,- beat South Carolina, .GJeorgla Tech and Kentucky. And :.lEcy -weren't - sliorl runs, cither. 'Several, measured over 50 yards. }^:,- HITCHCOCK— BACK V; Hitchcock ran wild on southern ;grldlr6ns. In the Tulane game the • fans. -saw him make two 05-yard .dashes and, during the runs, calm- ~ly .point out -to- "his interference •; Which. Tulane tacklers they should Hate" out. He scored two louch- ,'dpwhs; lo teat Mississippi, nud his t chdown was the oiic Hint helped burn' beat Duke. Added lo Hint fact that he can kick ns goad ;as' anyone in the south, and you ~'liave a backfield man. j'fs. '.'•.-•; FEATHERS— BACK Leading All-Southern Candidates Two linemen and two backflrhl aces who nilc All-Southern Conference selections this year arc shown above. I.efl is Captain Jimmy Hlluhcoek, Auliurn hiitkllclil ace; center, lib pass catcher at end "Gumn" Airail; upper rI 8 lit. Hcaltle feathers; Tcnnf-sstp's flashy back, and l««rr rifiht Fredillc Crawford huci Duke tat-kk'. ' BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr Feathers, Tennessee's ^triple- "threat bick, held forty or .fifty different threats for Southern 'Conference opposition Ihis year. 'His kicking averaged over 40 yards, fand his running- had ail '.lie cluslve- ' ness of a'millipn dollars. If It hadn't ;lj$en~'that h« stepped out of bounds ion "a touchdown run against Van- iderbilt, the,; ypls. would linvc been altne top of the southern heap. ;.; ••'. -V ROBERTS— BACK J-Vpixle -Eoberts -Is Vanderbill's 'of- J J_erlrig to an All-Southern 'Confer- ;«ncc team. The lad is versatile and 'Ectms'to be capable of anything on '.a -football field. He is probably the .most reliable ground gainer hi the ; spilth .and time- and again has : picked up a few yards for a first •;domi and. then led Vnmly on n : touchdown march. i~ • . ' » » * : , .The line has been quite a prob- ' km. to -pick. It used to lx> thill -the beefiest gents In the forward .\wair -got'. the 'call, but now that •• v trains have offset some of the :;yeight in the line, we're finding .smaller and smarter players. :v-'-.But here's the line witli no fur. ther whys or wherefores: '-..'. -.'.AIRAIL— END— RAYBUKN .: "-"iOump' 1 Airail, he of the 'crcokcd smile and receding, chin, is ens of the best wingmen' Cliet. \Vymie ever ;- turned out. And that's saying' .something. He has been on the re. celving end of a lot of Hitchcock's .passes, and is a deadly .tackter and ; blccker. Raj-burn, Tennessee ond, is ,-one of the smartest players in th; game. . CRAWFORD— TACKLE— K ; tEFEXDECKEi: ". Freddie Crawford breaks into : - this lineup as a tackle from Duke. "'•Wallace Wade taught 'the big fel- ;. low— and taught him' well. Te.» ;l£yentlecker 'has been t'ne maln- •;SUy of VSmfifcjrbilfs line. He stands :_0ut quite a bit above the rest of ; ; ;tJM bunch. |'j.;. .SCAFIDE— GUARD— 1IUPKI-. :*<: John "Baby Grand" Scafide of :/T\ilane, welded together what was .- left of Tulane's line after it was r shattered last year, and this husky •guard did a fine Job. In the thick of every ploy and under every pile. Johnny stood enough abuse to merit mention on this team. His nm- .ning mate, Hupkc, of Alabama •: seems to bs next In line for hon- ;.crs. ' 1 GRACF.Y— CENTER ; ; - Clirence Bradshaw Gracey, called sV : P«t€ by way of brevity, Is a cen- ; X t«r. And what a center! As 'pivot • f - >»»n for Vanuy te Is hailed as om :>.: «* the greatest southern fobtbal S.** 8 kno « T i- He weighs 193 anc si- ™»s six feet. He has played fool'$'; * 11 el e ht S^ara and has taken ou !n a game only once. Plays without a headgear, an in the thick of tilings, his bar *i bobbing along -in the mids ..-the mtlee. Dan McOugin, Vand , says of him: . defensive lineman. ever m ; hickles and seemed to get ',-• kick out of them as aoe HKKELL WWA.NS A!* WO \\<f> UM) MC*N &lOMFHS oW, some place In the ninning. II| S pciforinaiice with passes against Pcmi wn s inspiring. He nlso has a wonderful left hook, ns Burnett, Penn end. will testify. Tim «ame he plays against Notre Dame may make Vldal of Army one of the country's outstanding riiinrlerbacks. Matal of Columbia ant! Moss of Purdue are cood eiioiiBh ends for anybody's selsction. Oiicralivcs also send In glowing words nbout Sklndany, the Pilt end; Hal Moe, OrcRon Slate buck, nml Jack Mau- ilcrs, Mlnnesoln fiilltack. But then, this Is just gossip, remember. - •• i -— _^^^^^ T.-r-_~*'r'r'-*' »yviymiiUiK ' dtj ' 1Q 0 9 Rambling Wreck- But WhalT^WreckP^ H Coming Along a I • Full Sneer.! After Win Over 'Batna Tech May Cop. I'.y NlliV Service ATLANTA. Ga., Nov. 20.—"Tile Itambllng Wreck from Georgia T'Jcir rimy foe p bit more ricktly I thfin II was during the piisl two I years, but it was ^rong enough Co | ljo;u A!:d)iima. onu of the strong I ti-auis lit tlir: Sonlhprn Conference, anil from now on the Alcxaixter- coarhi'd crew Is Bonnu b.? Imril lo teat. Ti'i-h lias two more games, I»fore il hangs up Its togs for the year. It lins an even chance to henl its arch stnte rival, Georgia, today, and the Tcclwrs finish u|> v.'ifh ;in fntcrsectlonal tilt against California :it Berkeley, on Dec. 17. Alexander lias lurnrd out a fine liii'.- nflcr a slow start. In Tom ••'n lie hns a tackle who Is not only swtl on defense, but can puss ;i Jcutball with the of Ihem, ami turn in an oatisional run. He Is uf'.'.'ii drawn back from the line (o Hip a few to the ends or batk- fU'Ul men. In the backfiold Alexander has mural potential stais. who need only a few breaks to rank them amoiii! the nest, In the south. Two of (iicin arc. Pat. Barren, a .hteh- sU'jjptng halfback, and Chick Gnl- loviy, fullback, wlio.w 75-yard run |jc-:it Alabama. W. C. Dean, a sophomore, gives 'promise of becoming a brilliant These (wo l»vs stirl. cf Georgia Tech's "rambliii K »rci-!<," hnvp linalty slarled lo i- ainl)1( , liril . r .,- s[l)w At left is Tom fair, versatile Uvhlc. Hi R ht is l';il Uarron, ilashy halfl.ack. / Probably the smallest college In Ainwica is Dropsle College, inj rhiladclpliln. It has about 25 stu-1 itaits and 6 teaciiers." "Gulps" and "Lynches" Will Resume P!av After 19-19 Deadlock. The "Culixs" and Ilia "Lynches." two intrn-dnb golf teams of (he I Blylheville coiintry club will resume Sunday where they left off several weeks ago in a 10-19 lie. The tv;o learns, headed by Horace T. Gulp and 13. A. Lynch, will meet in 18 hole matches over the nine hole Blytlievillc country club course. Individual matches as announced at the club (his morning, with the "Gulps" listed first in each match, are: II. T. Gulp, \». 13. A. Lynch. n. N. Ware, Jr. vs. J. F. I.cnti. C. Liiuzenich vs. fl. P. Kirshner. Bernard. Gocch vs. John C.iiulill. Byron Mor.'o vs. Cecil Shane. K. L. Baiikttr vs. E. u Q CO Bill Afflick vs. .John Wnterninn G. G IJnbbanl vs. U. s. nrnnsan Sr. J. A. Uech vs. C. W. Affiick. Sam Nori'Iu vs. Russell Phillips. W. T. Uarnett v.s Jeff Roland. G. E. Keck vs. Fanner Eii'jland. C. M. Duck vs. G. G. Caucim. O. F. Moss vs. Bob Baines. C. A. Cunningham v.s. Eddie B David. Scotl Harris vs. Fred Flcemnn. C. !lf. Baxter vs. U. S. Rranson, Jr. Head Courier News Want Ads. fr W&HT R6BJU. 0^. floYi> Jbne/ y \M\ j LOS frNGElES/ HEKMED A V(*i& R>RKAK> -WHEMTftE LIOHlS CAME o(J, , NmiR. CJOW- LtiE/Q-Wy,'* ATo'XHOUllJJ ..... ' Football Player Changes Alma Mater PULLMAN. Wash. (UP)—Almost everyone wnmlcrcd why Ollio Ar T belblde. hrolber of Oarrell. ercat Trojan end. didn't so lo' Saiilliorn California instead of Washington Slnle. So Ollle (ells 'em straight from tiie .shoulder. 'Conch Howard Jones farmed me oub to n junior college for a. little more seasoning, Arbalulde said, i "When I returned back tor prnc- 1 tice next, frill he wanted to rend me back to tilt; farm again, anil I didn't want to jo, I wnnlcf) In play Conference foolball. T looke<l over I Ihe coast colleges nnd picked W. S. C., and here I nm." Arbslblde this fall has shown much the same form his brother i did while nlavlng for U. S. C. IK- I is a ball carrier and a goo.1 one. ' It is going to ttt such a tough ob for nll-Amerca selectors lo : lip a ucltcr halfback than Varren Heller of Pitt that maybe] ncy won't Ir,-. Mike Kokcn of N'olre Dame is nc of the greatest football piny-' rs of the year. All-America pickers seldom hoofe two linemen from one team, ut they can select Ernie Smith nil Tav Brown, (he Southern ialitornia tackles, ami will not hereby offend me, loop-Boop Pardtip With Koken and Heller chosen n the- backfield what are you gong to do about (hose splendid Purdue backs, Hortsmaim nnd Pun-is? You couldn't go far wrong in Bickln? Johnny Oshler of Purdue it center. Neither coulrt they arrest you for naming Art Krueger of Marquettc. But tlw man who probably will get the call is Jack Robinson ot Notre Dame and that guess Is just as good as any. The south seems to have four pretty good backs this semester in Die persons nf Eonllie Feathers of Tennessee. John Cain of Alabama. Jimmy Hitchcock of Auburn and Don Zimmerman of Tulane. By the way, the south this year offers some pretty good examples of the text that a winning team Is a great help to a young man In acquiring All-Amevica honors. ^ * * 4 Good Line Dow TIi-lp , "PUfZ" Retitnrr nf Vorth- western lins hnd a hard year, and n>ny be omlttCfl from Iho first All- America team even lhoui>li he lins played harder nnd morr effectively thnn ho did lust year. The trouble Ihls year, we have been informed. Is Iho fact that Northwest em's line isn't up to the gaff. Which Is another example of n text. viz.. Hint n good strong line, helps many n back to an All- America appointment. If Mr. Newman of Michigan is not chosen as first string All- America quarterback, It will be a strange All-America ,ball club. The two greatest football players, on n given day. Hint I have seen llils year were Heller of Pitt against Notre Dnmc and Bentucr of Northwestern nsninsl Purdue. * * t What's in a Name A young man named "Ginnn" Ariall of Auburn Is ''one of the year's bcsl ends. And if tlicv had made his nickname "Airmail" he probably would be All-Am?rlcn stuff. Maybe he will be. anyway! Our choice for All-America fullback will not be named. He Is Broncho Nngnrski of the professional Chicago Bears. There .ire two brilliant siipho- mores In the Big Ton who will bear wnlching for future All-Am- ericir reference purposes. One is Frank Frosclinuer, the boy from Lincoln, 111. (my old home townn. who has been playing such a snappy backfield for Zuppke's Illinl, and giving Newman of Michigan a race for scoring honors. The other Is Duane Purvis of Purdue, a young man from ^fatloon. III. There will be numerous compromises I» the choice of tackles. Joe Kurth and Ed Krause of Notro Dame will be written on some of the tickets. Fred Crawford of Duke will get lots of voles. • * « Alt-America Hook !.*» Hlnchinan of Ohio Stnlo Is Hc's an OM Grlilifpr George Tratlmi. who plays fon'.- ball for tlio Chicago Hears pro outfit, is 35 ysars old. Ho runs a gym- na.tlum In Chlc.igo. 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