The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1948
Page 10
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1948 PAGB ELEVEN f\tt-r f+iir* >A, A ^ — - BLYTHEVIU.E (AIM ?"* ou * w *^^gn^r^^ B%J/ K\ / HMV ME -»v«. AU,". rJ- \l^—* I • ^- _ : • . . ~ KKKCKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MMUULL BL068U Public Enemy WOULD HftvJE TH6 AWD&Rsi EWGII^E SIMPLIFIED/.— THERE A(?6 A10S& THIWGS UNDER The UDODTHftixi "* /Vsi ATTiC STOR6 — ^-^- - - ROOM .' ING ABOOT A< Wt'VE GWIN HIM THe WORKS , IMCUJOIN6 TWO ICC CRFAM CON5S, KB WONT P TALK/ Marriage Licenses if he were not there on the train. l( he'd decided to travel down on another one. The following couples obtainrd marriage licenses yesterday in Hie "" EU ' Johnnie Greenwcll nnd Miss Gccrgie Lee Hubbard of Lcacliville. r .. Hu1bert Clay Phillips of South Charleston. W. Va. and Miss Ruth Virginia McDaniel of Blythevllle. Notice irf Hearing on Petition tor Annexation Notice is hereby given that there has been filed In the County i ?M, J^ '. he Cht <*<«awbtt District) of Mississippi county, Arkansas, a petition of Elzle wclkcr, E. R. Shannon and others, claiming to be a majority of the owners of real property in the hereinafter described territory, a majority of the owners of real property In the hereinafter described territory residing within Mississippi County Arkansas and a majority of the qualified electors (numbering more than six) residing in said hereinafter described territory, asking and petitioning the said County Court to make an Order for the annexation to the Incorporated Town of Lcacliville, Arkansas of the following described territory, towlf The West Half O f the Northwest Quarter ot the Northeast quarter "t Section IT, Township 15 North £3«e 8 East. Including within said WPa the R. L. Hayes Addition to l^eacnville, Arkansas, same being further described in a plat filed for record April 19, 1923 in the Office of the Circuit Court CJerk and Ex- Officio Recorder of the Chickasawba District or Mississippi County, Arkansas, and also all of the remainder of the tract originally described herein which is not included in said addition. A plat of the territory described, which is contigoiu to said Town is on file with said Court and the undersigned has been named by the petitioners as the person authorized to act for them in the premises: The Court has fixed the 11 day of May, 1948, as the date for a hearing on said petition and all interested persons are now notified to be present in said court on the date so fixed. Given this 8 da v of April, 1945. ELZIE WELKER, Agent for Petitioners. BUCK and SUDBURY Attorneys for Petitioners. 417-14-21 By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEC SHANN, DISTRIBUTED BY NEA StRVICE, INC. I'UE *-H»*». !•.„„„ „„„ «•.,. L.M.. ,»„. ,,„„ . • ati.d ••kon .kr lire. i. , kr » OBBIr - o tfc* co«, K ,„,» .,. „„" P..I T.rlor. wk« II. r . „ . «TlVk »ori.. rtn«. ... „,.. Sir"": •"» »Itr>fic< t. Ikr .rl n .„.»« £ ./*".. *"" •«•"*•*'• «••'"."* KaowlMK hrr *•»!• *vt>aM djKHM pro.e P.., «„,. »„ k . , •' ""- I'ailr.rf. «re» m ,t »»„!,;,„ £ .h>ll«r« ~br n ,», a. B ,.V" 0 ," »r, pnfldjr. rorc, », r ,. .Voiul • •1 •'»—••• VII CHE went back into the house when at last nei tears nad stopped and upstairs to ner own room. She sat down at the little writing table in the window and found note oaper and envelopes It was the first love letter she'd ever written. She supposed 't would almost certainly be the last. She sat nibbling the end of her pen. She made several false starts and then in the end the letter she wrote came quite easily As easily—more easily In tact for then she d have been shy—as I/ she'd been talking to him. She told him that her aunts nad found out about them. That her Aunt Helen had forbidden her to see him or speak to him again. "Please. Paul darling, don't try -to make me break the promise 1 had to give her. Because it wont make any difference. Nothing you can say would make me go back on it. Nothing you can do. So this is the end. "xeept to thank you for all the happiness you've given me Knowing you has been the loveliest thing that has ever happened to me. . . ." She read the letter through and then put it in an envelop* and sealed it She posted it the next morning. It was a Saturday. This afternoon he'd be waiting for her train to come into Stortford station hoping that possibly she'd be on it She was helping Aunt Alice Read Courier New» Want Ads. (ONE'S Beauty Shop ? Ill North 2nd St. OPEN EVENINGS by APPOINTMENT Operators: Fayon PorUr Marie Mrl^eod Rnrtrrj Mildred Rarnctt Phone 3I3Z > Vow Are Cordially i fnwfed to Visit I The | Accessory Shop J Feminine Apparel • Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte • Hotel Noble Bldg. S Blythevllle, Ark. with the church Grasses when tha clock struck three, the time she would nave been arriving. A tear fell onto the heavy vase. And then another. "Patience dear, try not to take It too much to heart" "I'm aU right Aunt Alice. At least 1 will be." she said, but her voice was all choked up. She polished vigorously away at the vase to hide her unhappl- ness. • • • 'J'HE weekend routine went Ha usual. Flowers lor the church. The morning service. Patience and her aunts were regular churchgoers. Chatter with the various people thcj knew as they came out. No one at all exciting. No one young and gay. A dull Ute for a girl of 20. thought Miss Alice, as they walked home tc the roost beet that was awaiting them. And then cheered herself by remembering that after al! the dear child went three times a week to London. Patience was 'almost dreading the next 'morning, a came and she thought: "This evening I'D se* him." Only she must take no notice of him. She'd given Aunt Helen her promise. She'd written to him and told him what to expect She couldn't concentrate on her work at the academy. The cutting- out class which usually interested her so much failed to hold her attention. Madame Girard. who was taking it. reproved her sharply. At last It was over. Everything put away. The girls crowding Into the cloakroom. Patience looked at herseli io the mirroi and wondered if she were reaUy the same girl who'd looked In this same mirror last Friday. Then she'd been so happy. In so short a while she'd been going to see him. Well, in so short a while now possibly she'd see him. Only she didn't want to. It would b« far easier HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolen* he was waiting a | u ie Darner Her heart shook al sight ot mm. and her knees turned !o jelly He strode towards her and took her arm in a nrn. grip and said angrily: "What Is all this non- senss? Phat ridiculous letter I received Irom you this morning—" "It'» not nonsense. I'aui. 1 meant every word of it" "I don't believe It," It was Impossible to argue with him there on the platform with people hurrying and scurrying all around them. Thej found scats In a crowded cnrringc. and as soon as the train started went out into the corridor. Here at least they <ver« more or less alone. Paul looked down at her and now the anger WOE fading from his eyes. "Patience darling, they can't do this thing to you." Patience swallowed hard Her hands gripped the brass rail running along the window. "The trouble Is they can." He looked at her for o long moment. "You're not really fining to let them get away with U?" "How can I help It?" Stand up to them. Tell them to go to blazes — " ,u"° h ' Paui - Paul - " ? ou kn ™ them you'd understand thai what ' r !i ^'SSesting Is quite Impos- "1 understand one thing," he flung at her bitterly; "1 don't matter to you the way you matter to me. She wrung her hanJs. "Paul, trmt't so untrue. You matter to me more than anyone else in the world. 1 never dreamed I could feel this way about anybody. I—- she broke oft In confusion. It was the first time she'd said anything like this to him. "That's so easy to say." "I mean it" "Then prove It by telling your Aunt Helen when you get home that you're breaking that promise you gave her. Breaking It because she'd no right to insist on your making It Tell her you're engaged lo me and you want to marry me." (To Be Continued) By AL VERMEER Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto F. H. A. and G. I. Loans on New and Existing Home* LOANS For buyinjt, refin»ncln|r t building, remodeling. Farm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. > INSURANCE AGENCY mm BW r ._Groiind Floor Phont 510 A. F. 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