The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 7
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THUKSDAi', BLYTHEV'iLLK NE\VS" Wrecked in Lake Storm PAGE SEVEN -11 1-1 ii!"rs H !''<*-'i'l VI U rl r i r n LU I L I Ll5 Mandate Issued; Following Affirmation of Judgment by High Court A. fc<x bill of -425,022 has been prepared In the office of the circuit, court clerk here on receipt of a mandate from liio slate supreme court.- which recently affirmed judgment of the circuit, court lici-e January, W, 93^ awarding $23,005 damages to four plaintiffs In n suit against the Coca Cola Botllinj company of Blythcvllle, based on a - highway accident, - : - .:,-. Besides the amount- ' of the damages: awarded by .'ir jury, $23, 500, the fee bill lists . $1,241 in interest 'on the judgment, from Hie lime it wits rendered, at six per cent, and Incidental costs. The bill is the largest prepared In the clei'k's office hero in such n rase in mai-y years. ' Wrecked in I he worst blizzard on the Oreal Lakes since 1920, tho The late Mrs. Helena A. Doud Henry Cort, 2394-ton wlmlcbiick freighter, was beached, a gaping hnle caso "if Injured A (M et!h n- 0t i C f h f'i ln llcr * ow ' '" Muskc S on ' Mlcl1 - hallbo1 '- after one'man had died In a •• ' '' a ' rescue attempt and the crew of 25 narrowly escaped death In Ilia storin-laslied waters of Lnkc Michigan. The Cort, icc-sltcaUieil, is shown here as she appeared after 11 late-season trip to Milwaukee. [_[ R,,;ii i °" ls of ". V||1 K "'>><> lo his crcilll. 1 IL. UUUl Hi> yoltll'll lit Ivvn Elilrl n >i,ilf Imin-o ered «-lth 'rubber bands sailed for 100 yinds, Die pilot recalled, proudly. A broken propeller on a ship Owl came to Jackson county ivltli nil air clreuS ynvo 1'lckeiis his ilrst rhntit'c lo realize- his boyhood <lK'«iiis of llj'lntr. Tlir pilot stayed ._ |HI tile Ulack farm xvlille tho plane ;,„. 13 C, . i r IV s bl>h1 * repaired, mid bsforo the •aim boy Otavled LaVCCr sll 'l> Ml young inckens had four With Plane " ~ " "" " Himself . ,lNE\ypQUT,' Ark., Deft. -13. -Mie';J3o>ilh'« only licensed aviator, PickCHs W. Dlack Jr., keeps HljjV.80 horsepower airplane In n hojhemado 'imnsav on his father's miles east o (Newport. - ,>..^..j, 30, Is one o! the four licensed negro pilots in the United States, he sirid, and one of tlio '.few i'M|>e : world. ;ie i(o>v<i In n Mciliphls air circus, inmlo trips lo Knnsus City and Florida 1 ;'and lias miute duo forced landing I" his more than two years ol flying. He hopes lo (nullify soon for H transport, pilot's license, ','; As a toy, I'U'kens whittled airplane models ironi sticks. One. \nw- ndverllsemeiit nt Montgo'mory, Alii 'Ucoiiclli-d lo his llylnB, ' s bought him his pros He nllimdctl the Air Tra^ ., CI100 , 01 llyliijj al Llttlo flock and recjlvcd His limited cense, I'lckeiis, Is cage, in., injured (Mrs.. D'oud fatally) wnen their car collided with a Coca Cola truck at , Joiner, Mis. Dcud's husband, and Miss AlbreclH's father were.; plaintiffs I" the cases. Harrison, Smith jiiiil Taylor of Biytheville arid. Luther-Graves of Memphis were counsel - for the plaimiifs and Cecil Khane of Bly- tlievilln ant! Bruce' li'y ot Osceola for the defendants. Marian Tompkins and Cecil Branson Top Honor Roll: fo r Second Term Marian Tompkins and Cecil Fowler, Fvances Little, Sara P*ul- .,, 5 "'?" 11 ^ rllc .9° n - Woodro-.v 1 ""• Mary Jo K " 18 ' Eyl11 Kln " jntnghnm, Bobby Jean Dlaylcck, Helen Hood, Sue Rnuicy, Marjorie Warren, Norene Bennett, Norma Crow, Mildred Lou Hubbard, Cole; man Stevens, Mildred Hoori, Virginia Little, Howard Moore, Doris Wilson, Winifred Crawford, Helen Glpson, Virginia Brown, Maruia Ann Lynch, Rosalie Russell, Jack Wilson, Marilyn Burnette, Charlene Hargett, Martha Moore, John Stevens, Chiquita Douglas, bor- oihy Kobertson and Willetlc Shepherd. ' Honorable mention went to Eliz- atcth Abraham, Bessie Sue Arwood, Jeanelle Adois, Harold And- Biisincss »aiu\ Profcj^sional men's clubs, will speak on men and World Peace" in n radio broadcast Friday afternoon, 3:30 4 o'clock over Members of the lion are planning Branson tied for honors ui of the city ...... second six weeks the honor roll school for the term. They each made Hi'. points and Betty Eberdt was third with 14 points. ^Others making the roll, in order of, their rank, were: Mary Eunice LayEon, Jane Branson, Bonnie Jean Buchanan, Colleen Holland, Eslra Livingston, Vera Sallba Brunellc Bradley, Patty Shane, Martha Washburn, Frances Wilson, Hildred . Bunch,•>John Sanders, Virginia Durham, Pauline erson, Oolin Ben Craig, Floyd Davis, Dojjlas, Dorothy Foster, Ira Gray, Emma Jo Hess, Frances Holland, Helena Jarrctt, AHa Mae JHtld, Basil Locke, Virginia liar- tin, Glen Ola McLeod, Hal Moore, Mary Pruitt, Jack Pryor, Ruth RhoadES, E. B. Rogers, Mariam Speck, Leon Tate, Mary Spayne Usrey, Bonnie Lynn Wheeler and James Wood. Smith, Trnmann "Statlord, Thelma B. and P. W. President Will Give Radio Talk Mrs. Lena Phillips of New York :lty, intprnational president of the Wo"Wo- NBC. local to listen in. le iokied at two :uul a half hours )I inslniction. With Iho instriiclloii he iweivcd luring those tew days, Plekens flushed building an airplane he hud to convince his parents he something of nvlatton. Jit' lew (lie ship and sold it to Charles MOOSIJ at Morrllton. The plane hud $78 motor he boustit Ihroiisl^ an WHY CHEWED LAXATIVE Is More HtVilliiful iiie you chtw l : c(Ui-miiit, ilia ildl laiitl ihtwinii tun ImiLvf, helpful juitfl MIX »ill> ili. l.xnivc Hit' way t, iriili vour fooJ., no raJii of iuv. hlli vou[.y««miuilc«»Vioil'o<fc| 11 ' cliciu lulincc. Vout »yucm l\ ICK*! upon rvluallr, mote nslu»Ur, witlis.ii tipiitiinii. t.n.i mint i, c.,mly ,,Io In r|,||,|,,n, y.l It ii iliotoiict, in.! i»iHi,« (or vtulii. Dae- tota pr.tcnl-n the icl.mific Imtite incicdj. In (oimina Fim.i.inint. It i. H o Sudbury's Cavaliers Will * Spend Holidays on Coast •3. T. Sudbury and his Alabama Cavaliers, dance orchestra at the University of Alabama, have been booked for a series of engagements: In Pasadena and Los Angeles, Cal. Including broadcasts on a Pacifk coast radio chain, (luring thL Christmas holidays, according k announcement by the Music Clr- poration of America. Mr. Sudbury is a resident of thii city and student in the School of Law at 11X2 Alabama institution at Tuscaloosa. Tile Alabama Cavaliers will board the Crimson Tide special, carrylns the University of Alabam afoot- ball team to Pasadena for the Hos. Bowl game with Stanford University, nest Friday. Accompanyln_ them will be Miss Virginia Hamilton, until recently .soloist with Jan Garber's orchestra, who will npp»a. with the Cavaliers at the Huntington hotel, Pasadena, and ^at i clubs in Los Angeles. CAN'T FEEL WELL When wo cat too much, our fooil ilccnyi in our bo\vc|j. Our rricnJs cmcll Uiti decay comJujj out o( our mouth and rail I lad Irrvath. .\t\r.fcd the pofson of thfi ueciiy all over 1 bur-; tody. It uiakos ui Bi«auiy, erouchy nnil'no irood for anylhlntf What niaVca the food decay tn Uic bowels \\cll, u-licn we pat loo much, our liilo julco can't ilificst It. \V>ial is the bile juJcc! It is thc-most vital digestive Juice In our body, unless 2 pint* of It are flowing froip our liver tnlo cur bowels every dnj*, our movements #t'l hsrd nnJ crttistiiiatofj anit K 01 our food decays tn our 28 feet ol bowels. This decay somtfl DOlson a]] over our body every «lx mlnylcE. When our friends smell our tad trenth (but we don't| aail we fed like a whipped tomcat, don't UBC'B mouthwash or take a laxative. Get nt the eavue. Take Carter's Ulllc Liver Pills which eently B tnr[ the (low of your tile Juice. But II "eomclting better" IB offered you. don't buy It, for It may b« a cJomc] (mercary) p!U, which looses* teeth, Erip«a &nil urnJds the rectum i- •_ ... „ ter>i ..... , .. &J . B-lut ©I" r plu iu. \M, r ulirJiilr .nd u r i< . t U diet BELL'S PHARMACY Phone 1000 pift 'Dressings, -Wrapping Paper, Cellophane Tape, Tinsel, kick's and Twine Sill Electric Wreath S-Hlring Tree Lights - Tree Light Unite, 2 for - For Men Cnty Mcns Set-"-.- ------ 53,01) Colgate AFens Set ...... §1.00 J'almoJivt' Wens Scl - - - - $f.oO Williams Mens .Set ..... §[.00 Mcnncns Men.s .Set - - - - 51.00 McKesson .Mens Set ...... 7<!c M" Folds ..... 50c lo 51.50 Smoky Tinker ....... 25c 1'iirkc Davis Mens Set - - - 51.25 Shcaffcr Pen and Pencil Sets ...... js.ys Up Flashlights - - - - - 59c to Sl.50 Kiiywotitliu Pipes ...... $3.50 Other Pipes ..... 23c lo Sl.UO Tobacco {'ouches ....... 50c Cigars, Tobaccos and Cigmelles ii) Gill ^'u Deliver Anywhere, Anylimu. e. Will Wrap or Pack for Shipping Toys Joe Pennei- and Goo Ooo • Walking Toy .Moon Mnllins and Kayo Hand Car and Track - - thick Kogcrs Rocket Pistol Alickey Mouse Uocks - Mickey Mi-nsc Halls - - Pushy Pal .Chubby Chief Granny Doodle and Family Cirews Toys l<)c Sl.OO - 500 .For the Lady Co(y I'crfumc Stfs - S2.IO lo <;(i.75 Glazo JHnniciirc h'els - Sl.OO lo §2.;10 Cutcx .Manicure Scls - §1.011 lo 31.00 Evening i n {> iir j s . ^^ Compacl ;tntl I'owikr livening in ['aris «c(s, Compact antl I'trftinit; iMarvcloiis ,Sels - - 5l.7i Handy Dryer ...... Bathroom Ulilily Tray Double Deck liritlgc^Cards 75c (o SI I'arke Davis Scls ijl.ilO Kitchen Towels and Rack - - 50c Compacls --.... 50c lo ¥2 .75 Evening in Paris Star I'erf unit 5!.10 La Cross Manicure Scl - - - Jl.ut) I'angburn Candies • - - ^5c to S3.00 Ko(lil! « - . Si.uu . 52,50 to ?3.Clfl SI.OU i ,. & "I'M ALL SET for one of those old- fashioned Winters! I just got myself a bureau-drawerful of HAKES Heavyweight Champions. Get them by the dozen, I do ... but only wear one at a time. I've had HANES before and believe me, I'm for them! I can't describe it exactly, but they make you feel like you arc somebody. You know what I mean—they sort of snug and hug right up to your skin, and you want to throw your shoulders back. They're not too tight, though, You can bend over without getting cut in half. But tlm main reason I like them is, they. keep me warm. I can't 'take' the cold. Tho Missus is all for HANES, • too. She hasn't sewed a button since I don't know when. Yes, Sir, I'm defrosted for the Winter ... and I'm not fooling!" A dealer near you has HANES Union- Smli for SI and im ... HANES Shirts . and Drawers begin al !Sc . .. HANES Boys Union-Suits. 75c ... II A MRS HERRICHILD V/aist-Suits. Tic. P. H. Hancs tinc Co.-npafiy. Wir.- slon-Silcm, N. C. FOR MEN AMD DOYS FOR EVERY SEA3SN MERCHAfj fS We're ready to servo you wif h l^rcjo stouks of Wffl. K. 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C Your^ift dollar buys real va| ue lie, t t Thcyvc adjustable shoulder straps choice- of V-ncch or bodice ton—Jncc- trim top untl bottom I In pure silk 1' rcnch crept, tea rose, pink, 31-H! // your,funds arc limited — SILK HOSE . make grand gifts! They're only An? will appreciate these full fashioned pure silk hose! Ciiif- fom with silk picot top — service weights with merccri/crt lop and sole! Ranire of lovely colors! 8 1 / to lO'/.l Smart Bedspread t J Double Bed! $1.69 S?allopetl edges —rayon and cotton, attractive lustrous designs. Range of colors! Wonten'i Wool fl a " nfl! I.ieht-weighl all wool, naannishly tnilorcil! Sizes Ili nntl snail to large! A buy! Girls* BSaokct Robe A buy at In solid colors or patterns, sizes 4 to 161 W n r ni an d wooly feeling! FATHER! »«/ of Gilt-Sh "TowncraSt" V a l HU ', Broadcloth,' inest Any m;m v.oiilrl bn proud to o*n ,i "Toivncrsff! Hniid cut to I'cmioy's o«-ii exacting sui-idtirtls. 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