The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1932 BLYTHRV1LLE. . (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION Classified Advertising Rates Minimum Charge . 6 Count 5 Average Words to »Llae Month rat* per line, per month 60c Blx times, per line per day . 05c Three times per line per day • One time per llue All Ads run Irregularly take the one time rite. SPECIAL AT STOKES S-P-E-C-I-A-L CLARION RADIOS 10-Tube Twin Shakers $57.35 ALSO ATWATER KENT I'ARKHUUST COMPANY Exclusive Agents 22c-kl2-22 XDNT DELAY, the lime to buy a farm or home In town 1? •hen prices aro low, thls'mny not u£t, we all IIOIH! not. H you \vunl roperty at low prices see 09 lor prices aud terms. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INO. 9c-k 12-9 PLUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work done before cold weather. A. a. Aikcii, Call 891W. 16c-kl2-lG MOVING, TRUCKING WE HAUL ANYTHING ANY PLACE A"NY TIME overhaul >our clec-j HALE'S TRANSFER COMPANY me sweeper. Wort guaranteed. Heuiier laectrlc Service, % thl- itus rurn. Co. Paoue WO. l!»c-k 11-30 UPHOLSTERING and rcflnlshlng furniture. H. B. Oakea, 115 W. PHONE G66 23p-k 12-23 INSURANCE Mam Hi. 11' K.-12-1 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Blank- ensliip, lie E. Rose, rhone l(i5-W. .,,: Ic-k T2-1 AUTISTIC SUO-CARDS Small Signs , Sale Banners HARVEY McCALL 305 E. MAIN 2p-kl2-2 MONEY TO LOAN FOR SALE 1-20 Acre Tracts; MO Acre Tract; 1-80 Acre Tract adjacent Blytho- •lllo. 25% Cash, 25% 5 years, balance 23 annual intymenls at G</ r . THOMAS LAND COMPANY NURSERY STOCK EARLY Bearing Papcrshell Kcan trees, grapes, WHAT I'LAN HAVE YOU FOR the education, of the boy or girl Let us explain the features o oui new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCA TIONAL ENDOWMENT", mature as cash at the nge your child i ready for college. JEFFEUSO STANDARD LIFE INSUIiANC COMPANY. W. M. BURNS, AGENT. 17c-k 12-nlGET READY FOR COLD i WEATHER. Aulo curtains mid ANNOUNCEMENTS I tops repaired. H. H. Wright, i PAY TAXES NOW SMALL SUMS LOANED ON GOOD j PAVING 1 AND SF.WER 1 TAXES •AUTOMOBILES WARD INVESTMENT COMPANY. 19c-kl2-lD GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Open all niijht. DAY & NIGHT GAKAGE. Phone 555. 3P-K 12-3 DeSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAKER JOE WILLIAMS PHONE 888 4p-kl2-4 FOR 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND I PAYABLE AT MY OFFICE. PLEASE PAY BEFORE DECEMBER 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. I G. G. CAUDILL Collector Office across from Nolle Hotel. — 10c-kl2-l(i BEAUTY PARLOUS POWDER PUFF BEAUTY LOUNGE — PHONE 186 GUARANTEED PERMANENTS SHAMPOO AND SET 50c 25p-kl2-22 SCALP TREATMENTS OUR SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 288 28C-K 11-23 COAL ANJJ WOOJJ PHONE •Vll E. F. FRY WONDER CITY COAL CO., FOK MOiNTtVALLU-STitAVEN It E D ASH, SIPSEY, OLD BEN &, KEN- 1UCKY COALS. lUiJ-K. 12-10 COAL - WOOD - CORN COLLINS COAL COMPANY R. KY. 4; Chic. PHONE 47 12-a CLEANERS. TAILORS . ' . TO BE WELL DRESSED . ' YOU'MUST BE WELL'PRESSED PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 UNEXCELLED SERVICE HATS BLOCKED DYE, WORK BABY CLOTHES CLEANED UNIQUE CLEANERS PHONE 11 2Gckl2-2C PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our coal is black but we Ireal you- white." 21c-kl2-21 KINDLING and WOOD for heating and cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smith,' Phone 980 or Gateway ^torc. ., .. ,. .. 21p-k\2-21 Traiitharn Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R, R .St. Phone 964. HATS CLEANED and s re-shapcd, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. 12c-kl2-12 COAL at low prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 8C-K 12-8 FISHER & HOLDER COAL CO. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY 'i^f RADIO SERVICE R. R. & ASH EXPERT RADIO service. TUBE tesiing FREE. Phone 57, WAKEFIELD, ParkliurEl Co. 18c-kl2-lb RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L. Dcdman, Walpole Electric Shop. Phono 314. Hp-k 12-1* ELECTRICAL DUST-PROOF BAGS, Brushes and Rubber Covered Cord lor yom electric sweeper. Iletlncr Electric Service, % .Gillcn Furn. Co., Call UBU. " ' Wc-k 12 'NEW LOW PRICES on lamps, irons, heaters, etc. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. Phone 314. 15c-k 12-15 TAXI PHONE 69 22p-kl2-22 ROOM & BOARD WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping rooms. Frog Pond Cafe, luc-tl ROOM & BOARD-Close in. 109 W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 2p-kl2-2 NICE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone 807. D16 West Ash Street. 5c-k 12-5 MRS. T. R. WATSON—»5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 602. 14c-k 12-14 FOR SALE AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARD. 29c-kll29 FARM LANDS IN- A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 270 18c-kl2-13 RESTAURANTS FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation 3 houses, big barn, in 6 mile., of Blytheviile. 1 mile of good school. $25.00 per acre, terms Phone 887 or 888. W. T. Barrett. 6C-K-TF GEO. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lunch, Greyhound Bus Station. Phone 116. 3'P- k 11-31 GREEN BEETLE CAFE BEST EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY & NIGHT 18p-kl2-16 W E R T HE MAKES TJI SEE Office Over Joe Isaac's Store Niffkt Ford Service EXPERT FOKI) UEPAIKS WRECKER SERVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-777 Second Hand FURNITURE NOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Dodson Ml E. Main FOR SALE—20, 40, 80-Acre farm ^k mile paved streets of Blythe ville, on cnsy payments. Othe farms further out.for $20 to $5 per acre. Will build house for yoi J. W. BADER, Blytheville. 18c-k2 ACTON Lowest in Ash Highest in Hc;it of any of Ihc Red Ash COAL Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. rhpne 155 TWO UNFURNISHED Apartments, REDUCED Ucnts. Phono S83 Oi IDo K-tl *20 ItEWARD for return or In- (ornuilion ! leudlnz to return o| Judge D,, E,. Holrritn couldn't Ht *u«pended unf«nce, FOR RENT— Furnished Aiwrtntcm, silvcmire stolen In the ernbric* West Kciiliicky. Phone 683. U, IfcOiUl. W-K 12-U r^, u--i."-.- •-, Dcavers bfoke ,ru>. wife*. Tear* ind fot* wwd Don De»ver», ended M thw root/»tout ' 2), fr«n )•)! h«rt when lie pleaded ' oltlci<» and attendant* Krambledl lawns,, NICELY furnished house. Cheap. 800 Clivrk street. 22iv-k2S guilty 'to » b*4 check ch»rso. youth, who hu a young merrily for- the biti of (Uu. Poiey H*nf » Kayo On and breU . tven . kltcSeng ' rcoiiis unrt btith, BlytheviOe Fighter . LPTHBRIDQE, Alberta. (UP)- sustenance. (list wai *enUw«t to ilx months Caraxe and servant lioivse. Goal Local rctWenls will b« very glad In J«ll. He bunt Into tears. So did Indeed when tlio bears decide I'OI'LAll BLUFF, Mo.— H. 1'Crtcy, henvywelght of Pnducah, Ky., Chic. Avc. Phone 83 or 280. lOcklt OUR BOARDING HOUSE MY HOUSE at 1000 West Mnln. E knockc<l out Big Boy Blanchard round of llictr wlwdulert olght round bout here Thursday night. peaches, pears, strawberries, etc. TO RENT—2 or 3 room fucnlsVuKl guaranteed. Quick growers, Easily "BUIUT ELECTRIC ICE - MANUTACTURE Bike Stolen From Strong Jail Cafe planted. Catalog free. Bass Pecan Co , Lumbcrton, Miss. WANTKD TO IHJY .AUTOMOTIVE QUITE «TUP1D.f HE WHETHER TO AJ-E/OR SELTZER WITH ^AND HE THE CUBEfc FRESNO, CM. (UP) - H any 20xklf l )lixcs! '" ll) e world Is frco Iroti iheils, U ought to bo tlio pluc USED BABY piny pen condition. Call 30G. WASHING 75c - - GREASING 75c DAY & NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 555 !MP-K 11-25 mil llilevcs, reflected CORN WANTED—Marilyn Hatch- licrimxn Joi-gcn^en unu nUjhl re AUTOMOBILE Glass, new used auto pails. Jackson WANTED— Turkeys. Gceso. lie parked his bicycle In a Gtcc I'IGGLY WIOGLY the police station, wher OU KUOGER STORE. recovered stolen bikes aro tvhllu ho uunl to a show. ' When he. rctnriKdi his machln liad been stolen. USf.'D Stoves ana Ranees. R. J Dodson Furniture. 4c-kl2-l THOU6HT .H& GOOD RANGE OR COAL licatln? stove. Phone 602. SALESMRN WANTED Quick starts and many of them" Advertising Salesman Wanted for Good Territory. Must hnvo ability to sell business mm nnd a keen desire to make-Rood on a Job that has a real future. Year-avound HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY Co PHONE 47G 22c-kl2-22 NEW FORD BATTERIES. batteries, recharging and repair- work, exclusive line ol Calendars 177 Tire & Battery Station. tionally known organization, Liberal sales tniri commission policy. Write now; best season Just starting. Sales Managci, Bankers Ad- FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they will find It convenient and economical to use Courier News W ant- Ads. NEAR BIG LAKE one white. mid Tbe TITANIC ttruck an ICEBERQ ' hound. License No. 1864. $5 reward. STORE buUdlng, 611 Franklin. JS 'Wlt'li twrlblc lOM.o Buck, Blytheville. FERDY IS IN FOR IT! v ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES RULES IS RULES! ALESMAN SAM 01DTA Sfc.£"W MICE HftO ASoUT p.ep? \ GOT IT RV&HT HERE ltd ptf U~H£. THE y-fiit. BIRDS, two THE. •fVflHOS MERE LEMffW 3Too-/T7£ Houl cLoss TciTHe. e//D OF Tte seecivo ~7t£ Jfi'i. FttJflt- . PUSH- OVS f WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? WASH TUBBS 0*1, THt AH6R1CASS RRt , »MOM TtttV T(HK£ TO B6 EMS THE. (*PVTOL OF THE RECEPTION ACCOCTtP MORE Cft?S MTO CHEER LOUJLY, SMIl£.M» CORT5V, -STREET TrtO THtV CiRCOS VMUOE. VOES HOT CHEER.' HE '' THE SKEPTIC! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AMD THE HIVE OUT To SIMf. LAKE IS.iWST )> V1EWS/VIE HA\'E A"! DISTAWC6.... ^i OF-STEREOSCOPE PICTURES j^tkl! COULD LOOK. SH.-1DOHTI0.1WI 0^-fflfr ) °M- JUS T SINCE >bO TbSm'S / P 0 ^ 30 * 6 PLAYED J AU-OF A SJDDEM.^ , A t,cl 1 EXERCISE II R»TBALL / ID GZT ALL LAKt « me LAKE >*• IT'S JUST \.\\££ A'.SWELL THIS TIME^OF \1JHAT5 "THE BIG IDEA . .;-'-;j '.'-^:^^^^&3^^^M^

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