The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 1
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 307 ___j ___' ™ E DOMIKANT NEWSPAPER Op'tJORTOSASr >pir*v«o ,«v, • ..-.iH ** ^ "" * * ^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^J^u^^ ARKANSAS, S/™^^^cir Blythevllte Courier hlylbrvllte Dully Itllll1,a..m a trn^nl,) ».,' , . . .- ""J ^—^ ____:_H:^<_2^<ma"£>, HATUKUAV, MARCH 1,'i 1037 ' ^S~ f^ I I • •% 4& • • • ^fe ' * >0 : ~~ ~~ "~~ ~~ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SHIHALUFOR AID FROM MID-PACIFfi! n M ri n • n 1 1 f\ i / r ft i / v ', ' . ; • ' ' ~— "--• -^ i , . " i ^™ ^^^^^ ^^H pv |^| ^^^^^p D/ln D/Md luM ° C LtTl_Mo g r S e^rlday. ^J^lj^ 1 ^ Wage Triple Attack On Madrid fjnjfMir 1C Till [] TTn^T^Tf^^^ fill i* FuN fflurtWm UN • f4^ lll * l ^' y ^"^ ; i'» : •^•^:^ 1 S^^STt«^-t^^.,'' t ^"^^ ~~ r/innmT nJi7,vi« Ideally Marrie'd ''"dULlilbllllu M f,' » WM iJtyiuiy.i Ull torius who have failed to obtain i \\S^ ^T*- v ^ v ^ a. tfi T M „' •' 'T 'i-^'- F 1 -. \ '^ L ACP CT flflUirflP (- -' • nniTIPU llmnPI •-• FFuFimi flFBRH.S-S^S^« ! S^^%?Htafs=«><i //wrX. P.? JW BBBi BRUSH VESSEL Unanimously Endorses Local Jurist to Succeed J. E, Marlineau ; The Biytiievuie Bar Association, In session here this morning, unanimously rndoixetl Circuit .Judge 0, E. Keck of thls : clly to 111 the vacancy in the office of H'deral judge for ,(he ea.'vcrn district of Arkansas, caused' !>y lhe death of the late Judge John E. Mnrtlneau. ' Endorsement of Jud°e Keck was in the form of a resolution, adopted by ihe association, which urged the slate's representatives in llic federal congress lo su°L> his appointment toi President Roosevelt, Judge Keck had previously been mentioned In press dispatches as among those bsins considered for the' federal judoc- slilp. Circuit Judge 14 Years Judge Keck has made his home ,here for many years and- has served more than H' years us judge of lhe. largest of the state's judicial circuits. He is regarded as one of the best, 'qualified of those who have been mentioned as receiving consideration foV the federal judgeship. -' ..'••• The local- association voted in favor :of the attendance of as many members of the local bar. as ; possible, at an eastern Arkansas bar meeting which has been called by Chancellor J. P Gantney pieiident of the Arkansas State Bar association, to. endorse candidate foi the judgeship Cost A dollar penalty will be .enforced against all 'Blylhcvillc |iio torbls who have failed to : obta!i their 10.11 city - automobile 'ta» after Monday.. March 14,; ty| s Ruth Blythe, city clerk, aniiomic- !d today. ' ' Raymond Bomar, deputy con stable, has, been named specia policeman by Mayor Cecil Sliane to enforce the payment of city auto tag. fees' after Monday •vas stated. SMI1NS Of STRIKES Deli-oil Civic Committee Seek? Solution of Labor Troubles .DETROIT. (UP)-GOV The (ocallon meetrng naie '*' — -«._ ...csoiian The resolution endorsing Keck follows -ma date of the yet been dc Judge "Whereas, -it has come -'to. the attention of ;the 'Biythevillc B-ir Association that a vacancy exists i-i the office of •federal judge foi the eastern district of Arkansas bv reason of the recent death of Judge John t:. Martmeau ana th-ii It is therefore necessary to name ~ uw . w «>iut la lUfl — Horuer MarUn head of the United Automobile Workers '-'-• union members here ,„,. ,„,,„ that he was offered $50000 " to intervene in the recent Citnoin Molors strike He rnide this assertion muini an nddiess in which he demind ed whole heartprt organization as a means of oblnmln" hvm" wa=es , - EIe included in attack on'lne su . to said office and P rc "ie court for 'goln? on 'Whereas, Judge G E Keck""- 1 ' ' Bum S °» has faithfully,- efficiently a n d lm partially; discharged the duties of wrlm taid he was offered circuit judge for the latest jud 5™ CM m in effoit to oersimat. Icial cmuit in the state ol AI l"m to call sit down stiikers ou Kansas for a- period of moie "f the Detroit plants durin r °h fT>Rrs ho\ t-nir t°ei rCCCnt". ctfiVn h >n « n T»_ , . - - • ••-••^ . *o i \Jl } —LiOV Prank Murphy today -appointed a committee of 20 prominent ne- iroitcrs to studv -means of settlin= sit-domi strikes as Circuit Jud«e Allen Campbell 'reserved decision "" nn in.lunciion petition 'seeking the removal of. 6,000 strikers from Chryyler Corporation plant-s, Mayor Frank Conzcns, son of the late .senator, was named to tne governor's com'mitlce of business, labor end social leaders ap'- poinlcd to inquire "'into 'current strikes (hat have closed 12 aulrr- mobile plants in ' the mclropoH- tan area and left an estimated 7=.COO workers idle. While the govpriYor formulated plans for a meeting of Ihis committee next Wednesday. Jud»e Campbell announced his decision on lhe Clmsler injunction neti tion would be disclosed Mondaj xs of the Hie stcni -1 Tells of J o 000 Offer \ LGUI 6T\ LGUIS ^fal ,„„ kwu »,.„ .^ llli: ^J^IVL-^L, iigming AfCI ln j'"Ilcate<l bj doited lines on map of Spain ot upper right TIow Armed Cjpijlon Isolates Arrest John Wilson and 0 tilers in Farm Tools Thefts than .fourteen years, .„,,„. c = e , elected to snid office in 1922 at a timo when he w -u> the youngest circuit judge in the state of Arkansas, and having been jeelecied continuously since then as tlie Democratic nominee and, • "Whereas, -it is lhe opm;on of this bar that Judge Keck is imminently qualified by reason, of hl« ability, training, learning, experience, temperament, fairness, impartiality and age lo efficientlj and energetically fulfill and discharge the responsibilities and '•"cH? ° f thC °' f ' CC ° f Ietleral "Now therefore bc it resolved that the Biytheville Bar Associa- ion unanimously and unqualifiedly endorse Judge G. E. Keck for tne federal judgeship for the east- cm district of Arkansas, and urge t.nat (he Arkansas representatives m the federal congress submit Ms name to the president of the united Slates for appointment to •sold office. "This March isth. A D 1931 "IVY w. CRAWFORD,' Pres' MARCUS EVRARD, Sec "• . 24 1-4 .. B7 .. 101 1-1 .. 128 .. 41-8 .. 152 3-4 59 1-2 65 5-8 15 1-8 67 3-8 51 3-8 ., Stock Price: ^y_ Y0 ^. Mar. 13 ,U P) - nspir,,., „ f01 '. S ^ ccl shares 7-^je^ock market ^ American Waterworks'" Anaconda Copper Milehem Steel ."" Chrysler ..... Cilie.s Service Coca Cola .. Genera] Electric". General Motors International Harve.s'te'r I0 7 1-2 McKesson-Robblns Montgomery Ward New York Central .,, , Packard "" , , Phillips Petroleum » .- _ '•...., 3 f 7-3 4 1-1 54 3-8 73 3-8 Radio Corp ..-........' ti St, Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed .. Standard of N J Studcbaker '.'."" int., f— " • • • lo O-O Texas Co 57 7-8 " S Smelting 99 5-° W S steel . Warner Bros Zotn'tc ! 3-1 15 1-4 Chicago Corn , r Jpen high low close Ms.V 108 108 1-2 107 3-J 108 3-8 •"» 10-1 104 1-2 103 3-8 101 3-8 Po „.„ ^j in i no uuiUlF I Jit "cent strike there He did nof enlarge on Ins statement Police Guard Factory MEMPHIS, Mar. 13 (UP)- „ lice today kept pickets a hair DIOCK Irom the Memphis -Furniture. Manufacturing company where «fl non-union workers were on strike for n 50-hour .week and tnghcr wages. i - The officers " were~armcd "with sub-machine guns, ' Sheriff's deputies and police said loday that an organized gang of Meves had been broken up with We jailing of John Wilson who has a long pelty->crlmln»l record his wife, and several -other men alleged to have .been Involved In the theft of a number of farm toots and a pair of bicycles In Blilheiillc. iml vtcmltj ~ Wilson aiis rncllle Scrapes Wil son -uid Chick bcrapes brothel in Ian of Wilson liaie been jail rd at Osceola others who Inve been juied here Include Oliver Fisher of Cooler Mo to whose faiiri Wilson and his compitnons are .said to have remoud stolen Inflilemenls Iia Wulaker of ncir Dell and Gro\er Sciapes Offictrs legard Wilson as tlie ns.k idei of the alleged bind of (hleies Wlntikei „ ^aid to ha\e admitted a part in the organized theft of farm tools Lee Fisher is being sought In connec tiqu with the thefts. -Mrs. W,l- c$s O P '"> >" ™«"» rrance, Germany Italy and Portugal efTecllve today, to keep fore|n troops and" ahns out of Spn,,, making the dv. «r s ictly , .rs i- son and her brothers .were taken into custody for Investigation • in connection with ; thV activities of Wilson and have not been char and night sticks .„ «, 1Jlullv nnv possible violence. :niere had been no dlsiurtance or indication of - - ., .,. U115 m,,,,* any, however, since the walkout mu! hi i''«'ays. Ajuong-the articles yesterday. said r to have been Identified at the Cooler farm and recovered are two ^ "middle-busters," a stalk cutter, cultivator, and two bicycles Wilson was taken into custody 'asl night at Lepanto, Ark., where he recently moved. rnvcstigntin; officers believe they will uncover the thefl of a quantity of cotton seed, chickens and otner farm machinery. Officers who have been work- Ing on (he Investigation Include J. F. Rcinmillcr, Arch Lindsey and Jess Greer, sheriffs deputies, Police Chief Ed Rice and his force and others. IUT€LI YOU BY BOB BURNS When you hear a fella bra<">in' about bein' a self-made man," It you'll jest dig into his records real zlOEe, you'll probably find that somewhere along his road to glory there's been a good woman either willin 1 him or pushin' him along. I had one uncle down home who never would work. He had the •epiitatlon of bein 1 tlie laziest man of Crawford county and he used to •omplain about his wife liaggln* at lim all the time about goin' to vork. i finally gave him up as a 'ne'er do well" and kinda forgot about It, but the last time I went lome, i was surprised to see him with a sparkle In his eye and he vas workin' steady, and had got to >e one of the leartin' citizens of Van Burcn. I says "Well, your wife's na»gin' finally done £ ome good and made a man out of you" and h/» ' ' " i^ I-T -•• «•.- vt juvi tmu n rt says 73 - 4 ^i'l 1 "}.!! 1 ! 1 ;:,^^ 7 :!^ at when Copyright i»37 ; Bsquire Feature', inc. Jan ed with any. specific "on-'ens'e"" so far as known. " 3 he u ga " g . is sald to lrave tr " v -red pick- -iltaker, anil ... ... . ••nijlemciils found lying about on farms-along roads zii: . u armcci witli s«'is '» 10 i (ear gas bombs pletl about '" a small. to combat 'any " p ' rllct: ' o^'ctt by-.wiili There had been lo hnve sto '«n 'implemc: New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 13 <UP) _ Cotlon closed steady. March May July del Dec J.i n open high low clos: 1435 H38 H28 1438 I38D 1396 1387 1394 1369 1315 J318 1310 1324 1319 1310 1315 1309 1313 1317 1310 not areis between the a dotted of 'national sljo_w how- thn powers nations have divided up the blockade "^UigueT lr^ Zl Z ^ suese Spanish bolder undei lhe supervision of ,30 "international obseivers France patrols her border. Hurricane Meets Harrison and Beebe Takes On Little Rock . J-INE BLUPpT~Ark., , Mar. 13 <UP.> - The annual slate high school .basketball tournament advanced to Hie semi-finals this afternoon with Joncsboro belli" scheduled to play Hairison at 2 »"? Bccbe I" nieet Little "• '" Thc -winners of "v'm '"." m °ming Jonesboro l '' llc . trOUblc f » vanquishing la 50 to 33. Substitutes were used frequently on the Jonesboro ---- •-• • i Spols closed steady at ' seven. 1315 1323 1314 1314 i, up Spnl Average Is 14.82 Thc average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the t en fcsls- naled spot markets lodav wi<= K22, the Biytheville Board of Trade i-enorls. New, Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 13 mp>_ Cotton closed steady. March May July Ccl ' . open high low close 141Sb 1420 1420 I420b 1381 1390 1382 337 1360 1368 1360 ivU 1312 1319'1312 318 1315 1326 1314 3!° 1316 1318 1310 319 of play svhci that the Join better. x 13eece beat V .. IVJ Dorado, 45 to 31,'Tn became NRA -Piece-Work'"^ • Restored at Ely and talker Factory KENNETr, Mo.-Agrecment bv Ely and Walker Co. to restore [!ftA piece work pay scales ended a "sit-down" strike which tied tip .llic sewing room of the company's big shirt plant here for a shore time this week. The trouble developed Wednesday and on Thursday employes rernalneci Idle In lhe sewing room all day. Aii offer to restore the NRA seals, was at first rejected by the employes and about 100 of 'hem prepared to remain in tin- wilding Thursday night. They ;reed, however, to accept i scale, pending further of m,,» , until the last fi vc minutes of play when the Beebe quintet found lhe • L '£";< R °? hnd little ''rouble in beating Casa, 4 G to 2G. while Harrison boat Sulphur Rock In a game that ended with the Bocne county team winning, 35 to 32. Six Killed When Plane Is Wrecked i n Bolivia LA PAZ, Bolivia, Mar. 13 (UP) — Tlic tri-nio(orcri airplane Sajama of the Lloyd Aero Boliviano was found wrecked 30 miles from La ^' Paz today pas-sengcri -engcr dean and two seriously Injured It was believed the plane was cniighl in a mountain storm. - yesterday. Thursday afternoon the company's St. Louis office directed the OcrHardt Construction Co. to cease work on an addition to the factory here, but with settlement of l.'ife strike It Is expected that construction will be resumed at once. Restoration of lhe NRA wage scale means nn Increase of about 10 per cent In the average pay 'of sewing room employes, Under the NRA ' scale experienced employes are supposed to be "able to earn $12 per week at piece work Average weekly pay checks, Including of .workers who are learning Jhe trade, are probably somewhat less than ?12. Chicago Wheat • open 'high '"' low ~""c!os »:<134 1-4 13j 133 ,1-4 134 1. Jill 117 1-4 118 117 1-4 117 7- Madrid C o m plains of IlaloGciman Alluinte Against Republic in lOllisTT Kl tMIK Unltiti Picss Cililc Mllor icimbllcm Spain complalnc' 0 the League of KM^ , 0(ift 4^''«-"^-X°i«, ni m cull dcinoiiflcy b} force o[ am •Hie Inlcinational danger of tl civil wn, nilinlttortli no | 01 , W i «•» Issue thus has been biougl «,u M r|) ' y ,'° " 1C fole '"" «»J lime shut It stait-d l>e fact Hint n«l|, m „„,, o 1 ! ' CO| , VS nir !" n »« tanks Bn a l|>s, and cmilpment me employ «1 In Spain ha, been eslabl she bv roniilnblc evidence Kalian C:liitU cs talk iiMin''' 01 '" "' Itnltnl " "' sovernment have focuwl ^"'01' attention sharph on (he imk> ^ .e^uu'o 5 ,, «-"» W' "•J'^nS'^ciZnl'r^ P°^'n? Ihclf rainlllcs Vlu, thai (11° ntlll '" B l1 "'Sl'nln tt an that Ihej ,,t, c deluded Into H o ng there In the belief that ll,° were real)> voH,ntce,lng for "cr ^!ce In Mhlopltt «'o captijied German fl orders" 1 ^,,^! 1 " 1 '° S " aln u " (lc »r«ers and 'vere (old that th "ar is i a n?ht between Hi' and the nationalists her .Madrid Soejus non, nc il c tmn of events nnk —-'ei ha.; predletei ( inoiilhs (hat !h c M[u , rW g<JJ l>at the Inadequate lojalM force "i>nol in the end prevail aS he resomces of i ((I | v KII d Oci uiany cien «itli u lc ntd of mote . Itussia The grim ga mc went on to 11, max with imjoi po«ers mat IB a iiallow scsture of neutral y. now fliat it | s too late AI international military and : nava cordon,.. Ie5|g|le(| J ; x nd (i nava foreign troops and arms, ms lo JC lllrnu'll nrnll,,^ Q,i^ ( j ojiain at n' fjcbcls Resume nrlvc MADRID. Mar. 13 (UP) - The Spanish .rebels,- -driving agah'st sector to. the easl. resumed , •_Kivy 'offensive today after liav- ig been halted tcmpoi-arily by a '.vahst counter attack v Today', , )lni5( bMkea , -. i.—. m*M".^i Ut, rf -llic Tajuna river, (en outhenst of Guadalajara and nn Pi'oxlnmtcly h, t)lc center r oyalfs main line of defense Artillery was active on both des and squadrons of rebel caV ify Joined In tlie battle : Loyalist headquarters at Chin non on lhe Madrid-Valencia to ihe ••We have rcpulsctl several re b c! Hacks along our entire line Tlie «"'"«« H into Good Gardening • Every home owner and renter. who has n back yard, should' find particular Interest In the series . of 12 articles which Donald Gray, famous garden- Ing consultant, has written for Hie courier News. In ihese short, concise and meaty U articles, Gray tells hojv lo convert any back yard into an outdoor living room— a summer paradise. Read this valii- aote gardening advice, beginning with the first article. In Today's Paper On Page 3 Iho United Stales is the last hope for Mmc. AlcAmidrn Honbe- Jansky (above), 'vho neins the end ot n 'ronnti the woiltl tour in search of the Idcn) -niorrled con- pie She's In Now York to Rmher material for a book ou man inpe. Herself twice wed. she s.ijs her maruagc to a Paris physician ii , bill not ideal, even IhniiKU iisbajd clpes the cooking TECEl FKice of Tennessee Roadhouse Operator's Kill- eis COVINOTON, Tcnn Mar 13 JJP)—Tlnee, white men and n 6(,fo today ,Weic found guilty of .tie hold-up slaving of Charle-j uinnclola at 'Ills Golden Slipper oadhoiLso nca'i JMcmphbi on Nov- mbtr 7 1930 Xrfdnard. 4C. 'nnd Jack Klchard- -o» 30 bicthcrc, of Memphis, and he negio, Augitsta Wllklijs 28 of Memphis Kcie glvcii sentences of y leaib each. - « Tjie jury •icntcnced Wlllia'u Jennings, 28, bouncer at the road- -ousc- to 21 years Iinprlsoiihienl Clanclola was shot lo death b\ he, hold-up men who took a mall amount of money some lot machines and groceries Ciuisci' Speeds to Aid of Molor Ship'Afiie /OO, Miles Fiom Hpnolulii'"' LONDON, M^~\3 (UP)-lacht passengers, all American!, arc auonid the mills!) motor \es4el Sllvei Lnich. nmc and In iiigcnt danger In mld-Pacinc, the Sllvei line, owners, said totlay v It was Kddcd Hint thcic MCIO about 45 men In the ciew '.1 Pnssciiacii, »erc Ihlcd as' Mi pobeit, J c Lewis. Dr. A K.v Wilson, G. W camp, Mrs •* and Miss Wcllcr. Mls.5 Gladys Morris and Mu Grenpel. -* SAN J RANCfSCO, Mar 13 (UP) •The ciack Unlled stales cruiser -oiiiiUlic, raced today lo the m- uic of the British mrto- -,mu"sil- ^onoVuiu 1 '' '*' " re m n " lei> flom< nboaul """' ° ( " WC " ran 4tt ^ m ™ 'I he Louisville expected to 'tcwh llic Slvn Liitn, which early in- uny fCiit Hi sc^wifl SOS v Ithtn rce nays, bj IIQOII (2 p, M c f „ \ i ' I . 110 lnn * tel ° r tllc Sl'lvei im ', , le l )or | cd I" l"s London hb piwcn c 5C '° |le "- lc lril " sr<J1 vessel that urilvoJ Tn o'tL/mcs- C i8cs picked up by radio slatloni ut on all hands In llfctats.-''' Two other vessels were answer- Ins the Silver Larch's SOS Tim Pnnainnnlnn mptorahlp Pijlap cv peeled to reach her In! • • MflTflBISTS IRE Three Abducted By Pair On Iowa and Missouri Highways KANSAS CITY, Mo., Mar. 13 UP)—A man and woman who Idnaped three men and com- landeercd their cars were sought ear her today. • Tlie ..pair, 1 , both armed, started kidnaplngs yesterday near aiiMvllle, !own, where they ab- ucted Jake Shaffner. Today hey kidnaped E. P. Hill, of platte Uy, Mo. and John Campbell a Kansas City tax! driver. They took Is cnb and put him.out of It ear Drcxcl, Mo. ; ' Shaffner. was reporting his ab- uctlon to police at St. Joseph fo. when Kansas "CHy police were iformcd by Hill that the same air had kidnaped him, forced Im to drive them to Kansas Citv »cn hired a cab. The cab driver was not heard mm for 3 hours. Then he re- orted the pair, still in posses- on of his car, had put him lit on a highway 30 miles south f. here. Shaffner told St. Jaseph police •at he was kidnaped at 2 p. jf "rlday and was held prisoner In Is auto until this morning when e was released near St. Joseph e.sald he was robbed of $125 ShafTncr said the couple, both ' them apparently about 25 or 1 years old, entered his car when e stopped at a railroad cross- •Hie men poked a gun In his bs and forced him to drive irougli DCS Mofncs and then hrough St : Joseph. They put m out of his car about Reeves Named Special Insurance/' Probe Counsel JEFPEBSON~OITV, Mo -An-- c'I.e. delay of probably a week n the opening of hearings In the proposed investigation of the Mrunnii fi rc ln s u rance raic ram ^ ie, originally scheduled lp Monday, was nnnoimecd by' idaTnl h" S a™ lCe commiUCB itl foimcr Circuit Judge '---•'•• Reeves of special counsel lo aid the tthmll?- IEC In the Inquiry .,-**• Clialrman T. A Shockley? of nunski county snitl thp lee decided lo postpone the open-" ng of hearings until no[ | n te r * tiian Arondny. March 22, to emblft. S C ?, t0 /" mlllarlae 1)fmse lf »itTi- avalioble facts and the purp"">ii or the inquiry Shocklcy said this "day might bc shortened ' Reeves resigned last month ^ ai" nt MX™ , rl ''rt^-elghth Judicial'' wl xr "! np " 5lnB Pc >m«ot aiftl Now Madrid counties, after sen" ng two jears of n sircar term to resume the private p.acticc nn icentered which he was connected litt- ction is circuit /iiflRi' -- has been an attorney for 18 jears Petroleum Production in January Sets Record; WASHINGTON, Mar 13 (UP)— Daily average runs to stills cslab-r llshed a new crude petroleum rec-', ord In January, the bureau of mines reported today The dally ' aveiage was 3038000 barrels 900-1"above the prevlO'i- high ot September, nis Nntuinl gasoline production show-, ed a decline in January to a' daily average of 5,056,000 -gallons :omoared with 53720CO In Decem- 'er In the Panhandle field and a Louisiana the decreases were 70,000 and 770Cfl gallons raspcn- livelv \ -s On January 31 Mocks of crude oil jit refineries totaled 45.445000 a decline ol 1,401000 barrels during the month. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Rain in '" r south) rain changing to sleet or snow n north portion: : colder, fr'eez- ng m north portion tonight. Sim- J " sleet or sno« except rain In . ••"' VM« HWUV 16 lie* south of St.-'.loseph lell- ng •him to "get along- before we blast /you," SltafTnei-'s car was later recovered, stuck In snow and mud near Platte City. exttctne south portion, coldei Memplm and vicinity—Ram t'o- nls>hl and Sunday, possibly changing to sleet or snou; colder, lo\vu,l temperature tonight 32 to 36, The maximum temperature here jesterday 62, minimum 4|> , partly cloudy with .16 of an inch ralnrsll, last night, according (a Samuel P. Norrls, ortioial weathei- observer, . v

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