Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 3
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Dr. Miles Heart cure. The New Car Interchange Agree ment Adopted. NEW MILEAGE TICKETS General News of Railroads Railroad Employes. and lenTue-l Last flonth. MFEWORK T HERE 13 'NO PROFESSION, whoae labors so severely tax the nervous system, U3 that or tho ministry. The de- rangomunt'of tha norvo centers of tho brain by ovor work, froquently brings oti attacks of boart trouble, and nervous prostration. Rev, J, 'i\ Kestor, M. !>., Pastor U. B. church, London Mills, Ills., hlmsolt a physician, writes Fob. 20, ISXi: "Heart affection and nervous prostration liad become so serious last fall that a little over work In the pulpit ^70lllcl so completely prostrate mo Dr JYniSS' " lnt 1C aof ' mt 'd certain I must relinquish the work of thc mlnUtry entirely. Heart pnlplttitlou'became ac Dad ih:it ray auditors would a.-l: LID If I did not hrivo heart UlseaMO. Lost November I commi'ucoil Uil;lng Dr. Miles' Now lloii.-t Cure alternately with Dr. Miles' Nervine and derived the pniatu-st possible bone-til. I h:ivi3 just closed revival work of JO weeks, preac-liki!,- nearly every night ant twice on tha Sabbath. I can spoak for hours without Mitrorlti;; as I formerly did. Hard working ministers should koep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand," Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold'on guarantee, first bottlo vflll bcuQtit or moaoy rofimdod. ._ ^ l\6StOr£S THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. Win. Uarstang States Unit tin: nc-w in- U'rchjinge agreement ^vns, after :i genc-r- :il dlsoiisst-on. unanimously adopted. Ho jsn.vs t.he pui'iwso of thu iigriTiiuMit is to simplify the inspection lii inspecting oars (or safety of lading and trainmen: to iivolil great delays lo freight by rapid lij-spwfion; to avoid., muiPCeSHary transfer of freight; to discontinue tho proc'tico of cutting out ours from trains iiiiiuviwsai'lb'i or setting back cars fn iU'llverln.u' yards: to make owners responsible Cor additional defect* over regular ruins, and numerous other fen- Uiros iinueeessary lo nioullon. To ihoso fa mi-liar will) every day inteivh.-inge of curs, the praclica'l working of this agreement: has deiivoiwtrated :lial It has 1101 only met the expectations i-f tlie original promoters, bin It has in addition thereto reduced the cost of inspection to a groat many companies, and in np.mi't'ous ways convinced flic oftieials tltut il would not lie good pi-aclice to curtail any <rf i'.ts provisions. [.VTKKCHAXt.'K.VBIJ?. • ' Of Hie Uventy-sjx'lines represenled ni Ilio meeihijr of tin 1 .loini I'iissiliL'ev Commit Ii'e. miieleen voted in favor of Liu; selling Of five-tliousaiul-iiille hner- changeable inileage tickets, and nine against adopting such a lickel. The result has been sent to the Joint Traflic .•Association board of malingers, \vlth a recommendation for adoption, This is the class of tickers w!>icli l!ie Com-nier- cial Travelers' Association lias asked for i lie roads to issue. Followtag Is the Mice report Cor the HKMi/t!h of May: Toflal number of .arrears, 71; males, 59; fomtiles, 12. Oc-uimttauis of prisoners: Agcu-ts, 1; bricklayers, 1; bartender,s, 3; butchers, 1: clerks, 1; fivrmew, 1: laborers, 80; nuiaoiis, 1; merctaiifci'. 1; peddlers, 1; plumbers, 1; paiiinters, -'; prostitute*,.!); riilli-ortd men. (!; bail j>l.-iyer$, 1; mold- ei's, 2; doctors. 2; no occupation, .">. Offense foir \vhk-h mmwts were made:' Provoklnig assault. 1; assault and battery, ;); (.Irunikennuws, .'32: fugl-Hvcs, 3; keeping house of I'll fame. ;i: larceny, 3: nobbing ami hurcen.v, 2; selling liquor' to minors, 1; va-g.ru.mT. 2; prost.ituiio.ii, U; public huleceiuc.v, 10; n.<swln r.i-ug with pws-ltU-ules, 2: imsunjc. 2: tirespiws, .1. ' - - : Ho\v pT'Jsontii'S wore d'isposeil of: Acquitted, tl; appealed, I: lined ,11); -sen- tencn; suspi'iltled. .10: dismissed :uid dis- uliargeil. (!; (.•oii.i'miiit.t'ttl lo JalJ. 1!>; delivered to Kllieriff, 2: remanded lo autliori- ti'i'¥ abroad, ]: res-toured to parent's, i; •to f,nm-:iie njfGrma-tory. 1. O't' peiwniis £.iven lodgi-ngs In .Tail, X. I'"lice pay roll. $7(i.",:i2. Kxpon,>'0 of tdejulione, etc., 7-1 ce.nls. Amount, of pnrsonal property reported sirslim if.'!].."in. Annniiit. of personal properly rre-i'ivereil .$2.".,"0. Keeeipr.s fronu pound. .$1.."0, Fines coM-cc-tetl for violalluu ol! 1'nnior l.-nvs a.iKl oi'dimi iK-c'.-. $21. Number of saloons ar this (lave. -ID. KxpiMisi's O'f Ueepiiijj lodgeivs iu jaitl ?2.70. ('Jail* for iwr.rol \v;igon, n. ' DEVOTING HIS ENERGIES • .. . CURING .THE SICIC. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. TO OWE THEIR HEALTH TO MUX YOX'S IMPROVED HOMOEOP- ATHIC REMEDIES. Ask Your Druggist for Munyon's Guide to H«Ufli—Buy :i '2,"i-Cent Munyou Remedy aiid'Cuii-e Yourself, d''i>art- Ahlgb stnniliiril of excellence, Mnnj users of tbe "Mimson" consider IJ . THE BEST. You will find It a valuable iisslstaut In jour of- flee. Address for partlcnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO JIA.NUFACTUKEKS. 2-tO-Z44 Went X,iik« St., Chlc;, K t>, II). To the Ladies. Those wlio ai'e Interested In dermatology should call on Mrs. Stdngham, who Is located Jn tbe SL. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology Is wliat es-ery woman of Intelligence anxl refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion Is a. necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; and every wortby husband or brother will take interest in and. those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spot?, birthmarks and superfluous hair arc successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wMUn£ to work for ?10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlugham's preparations. CatieriDe StriDgham, DERMATOLOGIST. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. DR. S. H. WARD. HOriOSOPATHIST .Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewelry store- Mutual Telephone No, 200. Residence 913 North Street. RAILROAD NOTES, .Tar-k Kelly, of the erecting iienr is back from Dayton. \V. li. Hawklii*. mac-hinist. quit the I'iinhand'le and \vlll go to the A'amlal.ia at Ti'rrc ITaute. Charles E. Pngli. third vice president of the Pennsylvania, sailed for Europi- yesterday, to be ubsent several woelcs. His family accompanied him. Mis. Thomas .T. Golden, wifu of Mil- general counsel of tlie Vand;>!ia company, \vns buried Wednesdiiy at Marshall, Til, She lintl been :in invalid for some time. C. H. Kite, Nickel Tk'ite brake-man, is now coinvforhibly housed nt 40.1 West Main street, Ft. Wayne. He \vas married two weeks ago at Lognnsport and has just resumed hks duties on the road. The realistic railroad collision which ivas reeeully prwluced by Clio Columbus mid Hocking Valley, In wlite-h Thimas Peek came near losing his life, Is to be repeated In Cli.'ca-go witliiu a short time. Tho Yandalia will change time today Train 12, which now nrrlrea from St. Louis at 3:30 n. ID., will be made an ac connnodatlou train and will arrive nt Indianapolis at 12:,"Ci noon. Ea.st of Indianapolis the Panhandle will abandon train 12. The position of assistant, general freight agent of the Toledo & Ohio Cen- trnil has been created and E. L. Janneson appointed to ir. -Mr. Jameson was thc first messenger boy In thfc employ of that company after its reorganization in 1SS1. He has for some time past been general agent of tlie company nt Toledo. When In Glnchimir.i F resident 'Roberts of tlie rennsylvania linos, gave I he Cin- daii.itl, Lebanon & Nortlicrn and Its terminals a careful inspection. Ou his trip west of ritrsbnrg 'he wiis accompanied by John F. M.iHer, general superintendent of rho SouthwesiPrn system, wlio raulis l.igli iu the estimaUon of Mr. Roberts,' and It is Mr. Miller's choice Mi.it lie Is not one of tlie vice presidents of tlie Pennsylvania company, with headquarter* at Pit.tsburg. ABOUT THE FARMER. Willie it is true yia.t live farmer Ls a very busy man ait liiuies, says tlie Fowler Review,-it Us equally t;ru<; that lie i.s als-io a mini ul', more leisure than a.uy ijl-liin 4 class of persons. Since t^ie llrs.c of March the farmer has had plenty to do bur this will not be tlie condition ilimiiR r,he next, low mojtt.lis, ye.i busy as hc> l|s Jie Can rake a day oft w.liiMi he witsln^s,. hiuii£ his own boss in' t.lio matter. Hi? does iwt liave to consult some one or plead w.li;h life employer M he wishes to attend a pifiij<-, po fLsliJn? or even attend a ciaiis or a fuueral. If he loses n day nhe crops jrrow ri^'lil ahiti^r (',-i.iMl soJiioul-iiitw r!ie wocds do loo). Howe\-ar, liu the windnp of the year, he can say, that he has bad a jjood time. INK! maiiry days of lci.sure, has a soo.l livjuj;, gwxl -lica-lfh and a clear con- •sclcncc. It can 'ti'iitltfully be saJd that, (hirliiK tiie recount hsnil t,l:mes no o«e has felt ft so Untie as has tho I'anntir. Xlieiv hns been no bnremi to feed and clothe him—aaid bmt few have sons to illic iuQirmairy rjx>m the farm. Samuel Brown, Akron, Ind., says: "I was' atllk-ted wltih ea.iardi of the head aiiwl tliroait; for alKiut rifteeu yeai\s. I wa-s so bad that the mucous was continually drowing from my' licad into my tlircat. Many eaitarrh remedies l.hat T tried gave me no relief. I invested seven ry-five eemts fcu. Mu-nyonV-CiUJirrli Cure and Ta-blets, aaid'in one day saw iin-inipi'ovisniiout. Wln-n I lunl llnisheil rliis .-i.mount of -mediciiue r was entirely cured." ; . Munyon's Rlienniatism Cure seldom falls to relieve In one to three Lours, and cures iu a few days. Trice 2oc. Muuypu's Dyspepsia Cure positively cures nil forius of indigestion and stomach trouble's. Price 25 cents. Muuypu's Cold Cure prevents pneumonia and breaks up a cohl iu a few hours. Price 2"> cents. Munyou's Cough Cure stops coughs, night sweats, allays soreness and speedily heals tlie lungs. Price -7> cents. Munyou's Kidney Cure speedily cures pains In the back, loins or grolus and all forms of kidney disca.se. Price 25 CCU'lS. Muuyon's Pile Ointment positively cures all forms of piles. Price 25 cents. Muuyon's Headache Cure stops headache iu three minutes. Price-20e. Munyou's Blood Cure eradicates all impurities of the blood. Price 2oc. M'nnyon's Female Remedies are a boon to all women. Munyon's Asthma Remedies relieve in 3 minutes and cure permanently. Price $1'. Munyon's Ca.la.rrli Remedies never fall. The Catarrh Cure—price 25c.—er- adicates the disease from the systeir. and the Catarrh Tablets—price 25c.- • cleanse aud heal the parts. MnnyoTi's Nerve Cure i.s a wonderful nerve toiric. Price,2"«,-. Munyon's Vittlizer restores lost vigor Price ?1. A separate cure for each disease At all druggists, mostly 25 cents a vial. Personal letters to Prof. Muuyon, .1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., answered with free medical advice for any disease. Commencing WEDNESD AY, June 2Jth, and contin.uijig for 10 days, or until closed out, w e will sell for CASH, choice of any tt» in house, consisting of TEC KS, CLUB HOUSE, FOUR IX Z71ND DEJOlNVrLLE, BOWS, etc., for ; 3.8 CENTS Cheaper lines of TECKS, FOUR IN HANDS, BOWS, etc wlO be sold as low as ^ ^^s^^,^. . ; ,^^ 19 CENTS la order to close out. Call early and take advantage of this gnat TIE SALE while the opportunity is 'presented, as j-ou are sure of getting a BIG BARGAIN, no matter what you buy. STRAW HATS date, we will sell any straw bar in stock Here U your chance to get good values for Commencing on same at cost to close them out. little money. SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do not forget the line of knee pants that we arc closing out for from Oc to lOc per pair. Some excellent things to be liad' for th« price. AH Goods ChargedJHust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. I>. FEKGUSON. A. P JENKS Inventors and Business Men. S'. ?.- BKAINTMIUESTS. Frequently Have Trouble W.iitli What •is Found on Farfjiomible Tublis. L. G. PATTEHSON Has opened a Flro and Accident Insurance omce at 410 Broadway, up r,talrs, and •oIlcltB a »hare of the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Kopro- nnted. Are You Out of Employment. Have.you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you-would like to exchange for a business that will give big returns? Call at 703 nichigan Avenue. WANTED. A WARNING TO DEMOCRACY. Ix>ui«vUto_Douiil:or-,Totmial (Dem.) It is a beauUful comblitmtiloa which is seeklnjf 1:0 obtain control of tlie deathless old DomocraU'c party. Tlie sllvw- niliue KopuWifiias, iWi* Populi.sts, His d/Isapix>firtDd onaiuiios ot' Cleveland, the suul-O-otters, WH> Anarcliitst^, Uie cra-nks and tramps of all pantios are flockius around tiho Domoci-atlc party like flies around 'tlie bung hole of n molasses barrel. If sndh au a^s-repratlon shall capture the party at Chicago its inglorious defeat will bo inevitable. It has been discovered by some of tliQ society ladles In some of the larger cities tlwt a an miser of the most es- •fuemed guests hit their "functions" are ,oiore or lass disagreeably affected by coffee, t;li.ls fact being particularly observable among Hie brilliant and brainy ones. To meet the want of coffee fanciers with whom the subtle beveVage docs not agree, Postum, rJie health coffee, has bean quite largely introduced iu fasluona.blc quarters. This is a singularly fippeti/;tng drink made from cereals, (wheat, etc.,) by tlie Posfcum Cereal Co., Minted. Battle Creek, Mich, wlix-h incld.tnta.lly looks and smelL. like tine coffee but instead of produo 1'ng the unpleasant disturbances witl t:lie digestive organs, ns coffee does.ii imraberktss e.ises, it agrees perfeeil.Y with the wwiltest stonnadi and Is noiir isliling and futteuilug, bei.ng: made \y\\o\ ly from pure gratas. It can. bo sorvei strong as a-n after dinner coffee witl perfect success as to looks, tasi'o am" effect upon the-guests. • . .' KNIGHTS AND LADIES. The following ollicers were elected at a regular -meeting of tlie Knights and Ladies of Hoiror, held Friday evening: Past Protector—Mollie -H-aiiuon. Protector—TiiHy Bopp. Ytce Protector—Luciuda Pearson. Secretary—Adam Silkier. Financial Secretairy—Carl Neff. Treasure!'—Thomas Carbon. Chaplain—Christina Rush. Guide—Ida Weaver. Assistant. -Gai-ide—Grace Smlrli. Gua.rdin.n—Elmira Kirk. Sentinel—Anna Cohee. Or.L-aai-it:~E. M. Hankee. Designs for latter heads, bill heads prepared for business purpOMK Drawings of all kinds prepared for newspapers, etc. Claims for letters «f patent prosecuted. . ! - :?•' \ ;• Ij'^ j||ffj-TfJHI BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman &gPatent Attorney. Spry Block. LogansporiL M 1W to take O'do" In ffftj town «n<J ell); no tal. Steady work. ; «">o<l wiit;e»; . Bochestcr, N. T. THE JIODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with health and ber face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of FIss. Made by the California Fig Syrup Company. A -relia-ble groce.r will never offer cheap OT weHk Iruitatlou of a genuini original article because ho happens to make n. Ut.lile extra, prone. But It is well to observe, r.liM when genuine Pos. tunrCerwl coffee is ordured, that you get Postum aud not a spurious imitation offered as "just as good." Merchants supplied by J. T. Ellior.t & So-n. l • ^ MASONIC NOTICE. 'Orient lodge No. 272, F. & A. M, will hold a special meeting Monday evening. June 20, 1SOG, for work, beginning at 7 o'clock. TO GET RID OF ANTS. Take some pieces of biwid or stile cake, place In stmcors, wot thoroughly, and spt^iirklc sugar over tlicm; place sancors i\'.liioi'3 mats aongregaf-c, that Is to.^'iy on Hie floor and below tho shelves whore the a,u!hs are trotiMesome, a.ud it ,wS!Ji Insure linwiHinlty from 1 the little pests, as ttiey will go on thc sugared bread in tlie oaueere, and CUB be taken" up every day and destroyed. They will nod: go on t)he S'lielres. but con-toot themselves wJtli tho saucers. One -has to replace Hie latter. Doing tMs for -Uirco montlts—hvo saiucera dn. a rooiiu—will well repny for tho to-oubic. Thc ants wifll not be near as numerous as at the' beginning of the season, and bread Deed no longer bo changed every day. • j JUDGE WILEY INJURED. Rcntou Review: La.'st Monday evening Judge Wiley was terribly injured \vhllo leading. Itiis horse prepar.itory to taking a drive with his wife. The animal pla-yfully .lumped aud pulled the ha-ltor chain rapidly through, his right hand'. The hook on the end of the chain was forced iuto the Hash of ihe liaud •lacerating 1 It In 'a frightful manner. Drs. Mavity & Sou dressed the wound and the Judge is doing nicely but if will be a long time before the hand Is entirely well. " HOWS THIS: We offler One Hundred Dollars Reward for any. case qf Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. T. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the -undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business^ transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. • WAXDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O." Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken iaternal- :y, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system.. Price "5c per bottle. Sold by all druggists i'-ulals free. N atural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Fir* of each month, ten day'sferace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Sp3cial—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Are built in the Largeat aud Best R«ilf DUIIl Factory iu World. are bsllt to stand for years. We have a reputation osta&'lsbad aad lo maintain, hencs can not «nord to sunpljanjthlnsr but tbe best that brains »no money can produce. The Wav»rlers show 1C. Scorcher. 3 heights, JS5.H). Belle 26 and SSIncU, t75.00 »nd8S5.oO. Call and see them. . INDIANA BICYCLE CO., IndlUDapolla, iDd. CLINE BROS., Agents. CANTON ATTENTION/ AH ClieraJiers of Canton Locausport Vo. 13, I. O. O. F., are ordered to np- ear iu full dress iiiiiifomi at their hall t .1 o'clock this p. in., to assist in the ercmouies of decoration. ]~t is highly. iccessary that every Chevalier .'be in lie, • M. D.ALLISON, Capt •Hou. S. P, A*1iT>y of Texas is adver- iscd for a speec:h here thc. night ot July Two wheels, cheap,—717 North street. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 centt per month. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks In the city. A No. 1 Sterling bicycle tor sale or trade. Call at Parker's grocery, corner Twelfth and Spear streets. • I can be found on and after today my new horse shoeing shop on Third street, formerly occupied by James H. Carney, between. Market and Broadway. -J.. JI. Elliott: » Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to •Lake Maxinkuckee, $1. Train, leaves Vaudali.i station cvory Sunday at T a. ni. The members of the T. P. A., at Ft Wayne are preparing for a frame of base ball with -the Losansport lw>ys of tlia organization. Abe Minske has charge of the Ft Wayne team. Persons wlio have a coughing spell every night, on account of a tickliag 1 sonsailon In the throat, may overcome it -at once by a dose of One !flnnt»- Cough Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Ditcher's Ca«torlF> Children Cry for

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