The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 6
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•Conrerstpue With a Sock Davis^ Cup Failures Give Youths Chance; Womer • ' Sfav, Faie Best BY JIMMY DONAHUE NFA. SfrviM Sports Writer NEW YORK—About all America .salvaged from, Ihe men's lennls •wreckage in 1934 was the natlona doubles championship annexed bj .Geofge.M. l/ott and I/>s Sloefen America's face was saved by Ihe women players, who won the Wight- rhan Cup matches, and whose leader, Helen Hull Jacobs, captured the U. S. title /or the third time, and ' teamed with Sarah Palfrey lo account for the doubles dtfldem. The. somber line of the men's picture was due to the faUnre oi tlie Davis Cup loam, and the inability of any American player to cope with Frederick j. Perry, the .dashing Briton, in the u. s. singles. Tlie lack of success of Hip Davis Cup squad u 111 - ,glVe.-youngsters air opportunity In 1S35, but prospects scarcely can us considered rosy. At the beginning of the past year, many suspected that the cup array had the best chance in several sears of wresting'. Ihc trophy from foreign hands, it was bolstered b\ >ounger blood In the person of Los Sloefen and aid?d by Dick Williams former cup star, as coach '.-.-.. Naturally, enthusiasm was • even higher when the team hurdled Australia in a close Intcr-zoijc mutch, after trailing. 2-1. Sidney B Wood, Jr.,. required two .days to. repel Jack Crawford, rain interrupting their five-sci engagement Francis X Shields won the deciding singles match by turning batk Vivian McQrath, • the • two- handed racquet wlelder. **-.*. Captor* Doubles Only AnKrlca sUitvd Ihn challenge ittUnd against England Jusu as It did against Australia, shields lost to Bunny Austin, and .Wood , to Perry, before Lott and Sloefen captured the doubles. . It was too much to'ex pact the Yankees lo come from behind when ' ^opposed lo Perry- Si Co. after their trylhg se«ion with the Australians, ho-Acver Perry and Austin again clinched the mug when the' former beat Shields In a four-set thriller, the lost one going 15-13, and Wood (railed Austin in the same number of sets , . , ; - - , v <* -.America's hope to take tlie' i). S singles crown -Irani Perry rested fn Shields and Wood; but- it're- mained for Wllmer Allison, the Texan ignored by (he Davis Clip selection committee, to wage the flghl . ' -;.....,.. ' Allison advanced to the final by downing Stosfen and.Wood, only (o lose a heart-breaking' foiir-s-l match to Perry y " : ' '• Lott and stoefen acquired ' the leadership in the doubles by tinning back Allison and Johnny Van Ryn In Philadelphia.^ . • Little Sarah Palfrey was the star of the Wightman Cup matches. Stepping in when - Alice Marble! the San lYancisco exponent whc. BUS viewed as one of the squad's mainstays, became ill Miss p a i_ frey defeated the highly rerardc'd Peggy smv«! In Hie fifth and deciding mateh • .. ... The Brookllne'miss aUo'iurned m a decision over Dorothy Round England's No i pi ayer . a , K i wom . ens singles winner' at Wimbledon, so her In o victories Just aboul won for this country ' ' " * « ' Carolln Babwek SWwj .' Miss Jacobs had to defeat Palfrev before she a.gain became the u S women's singles champion Tho p al! then teamed lo take the doubles ti^ tie by defeating-Mrs. Dorothy Andrus, of Stamford, conn,, and Carolin Babcork ..... The Misses Babcock anrt'Marblr Plajed some phenomenal lenni- during thp jear 'Ktlis'B'obcbck'b"-' came so Imr^riineiil al Seabrieh' In July that ,he upset- M J Jacob. In s,lraighl scti TO^ r !f a 5ot "Pwhere. In Ih- wimbledon men's shales,- J whicv •,Y re j W , OIlJ , bj ' Pcrry ' who .defeater T^L ." ng champion. Crawford K)tt and Stoefen won th e double^ fJi^ ^°^ 1 ^ -were, .developed tor 1935 among the youngsters These were Frankle Parker Law renceville Afaflemy youth' a ,ia Dor Se d nt 6 and G * ne Mah0 ' * est coas ' These three figures loom will- greater importance since Lolt aV Stoefen deserted th e amateur ranks for professional careers, out of Uiis too prooably win wme one ±?? -? I& ?" for thc ^vis Cuo . ber of the doubles team hav * be ' ™* made excellent snowings on the big time in 1934. Bottonian Challenge. 1 Satgtn on Service Record ,. P>-Thls contest is open only to Uioie W ho have "been «n«ing for more than 75 wars , **» C^H, n, believes he h»s «*'K»««»t iln«inet»«»r<i in the <*orw, »M is rody to defend. his * r * MW °' ""** thin On The Outside booking In I'osl-Srason I'nii-Urr PnrnBoiild's ]} U j|<i 08s plan i fl |« very much In ihe battle for noiih- <'Qsl Arkansas gridiron supremacy next fall. Jnsl when all other high school teams were winding np thcl- season Thanksgiving anil putting away tliflr togs until the next SPA- son it tfems Ihnt ilm fiiilkfogs were gf-lting down to business In r-anifst. The r-mlr« Kqiiori is out for pn.c, ticn al Ptirngoiild hour, /irfnrdliij la ipporis, tiifd will stay out unlll" al- mos!, Christmas. Participating In ihe nosr.-srflsoh proHlt-e Is UIP inrg- Ml. wiunJ evpr to report Inj- ,, ril |.. tic? at Paragotild KVPII with 13 members of Mis m^ sound minting v ,ii)i ihr s.^.on'! The gloves he wore Jess Wlitard In 1919 tt'lK'JI "envywelghi, title fro:n , were placed under Lhe corncr.itonc of Jack ' .nc Dcmpsey's new restaurant In New York by '.the old Mtmnssa formal setting of the slab. Here Is Mayor LaQuai-dia f lands ready with At icfl in rear .Is Mr.v. Mauler Jack with the gloves, and mortar. Lhe former Uannnh Williams. NE\V YORK.—Paradoxically, box- ng is more firmly entrenched In he colleges than ever while staggering along professionally. Perhaps It will be the rah rah orrupers- who eventually wlj) re- tore interest In the pro dodge. But. whal I'm trying- to get al s that, alumni and undergraduates soon may be. rushing preparatory chool inlll slingers with us much ngenulty and enthusiasm us they J t> pigskin -prospects. For boxing, long a major acllv- ly. al, Culver nnd. other military nd prep schools, lifts spread to ligh schools. There 'have, been stray instances »f leather pushing (n high schools, nit Ule Central NeV York Inter- cholastlc nosing Championships, chcdiital. for, Syracuse University, n March 19 and 20. will be the Irsl tournament of its kind ever tagtxl, ' ' "J Ic S 01 t |f cd running into It, nud tncy gave me the. decision." In such strange way's do heavy- contender; weight championship obtain their starts. There Is no safer place for a. boxer to make his bow than in college, where the S)>ort , Is strictly supervised and where boys arc properly Instructed to liox abbreviated Toimd.5, Too frequently all, the fight is knocked out of a boy bsrore lie knows how to Hold up his iinmls. Wliicli Is one al mnny reasons why In the near future we may' see a collage crowd take over a fight arena, and yell, "Block Unit, hook I" Insload of "Block lliat klckl" Boy, 13, Decides Case in Court; to Live With Dad CLEVELAND. (UP)_ ThM»i>n year-olci John .1. Polly, j,-.. his playmates Hint ho |,ns a case : In court. Even U Coach jack nale v.'a:, giwt?d by":S tiip nrst riay of the post season session. And HIP second cln'y In nil reported for practice. -Mch Dale is hoping |o unearth Eornn likely tnlent during Un>-'rjoM. reason workouts and will aho hol.i a two-weeks spring practice spMinn. fl's Bnskflliali 'fline A JoiiPEboro Evening SUN column- 1«, Inklnj cognl/ancfl of ParnKOiild^ post season footbaH practice r om '•?? menls: " \JK\ "Maybe posl-.w.ison trjilhine: "" wniilil Dii a good thing for the Ciold "fid Black wnrrlois also, but on the olnor hand Die Jonesboro blob school has «. basketball reputation oi]M . ,. , v iyiM.n.1. ujail J tirjllll lo upliold wlilln In Ihe Clrp.enr. Cuul , ty school (he gridiron is th?" major sport, .loncsboro high doe;; not only mccl some of Iho bcsi grid ma- ehlne.s jn Iho stale, bill sonic of the best cage combinations on we'll." Uiok Oul for Joruuiboro -.* I he same Joncsboro writer sounds "' a warning r 0r Welner, -Blylhe'villohg nnd other oulstandini; caoc c-nt-'r^ '£ "'»«• ,'lWrlcl by eo^ng-?,^ "id stating that Jonesboro nmv again come into Its own on ihe has'- kelbali courl this .season He writes: iZff e ' U . |ffos|>eo ! s Give the'lliir tnUP.St)AY, DffofeMBfeR 18, 1934 Belter Clothe* for every Man Who Deserves the Bts Fine Silk or Manuel TCobes hltl ie -district _, way, may 'son, which, „, „,„ played in Jonesboro, - judge J ac on lo \ssp;iallon, and, inspired by meets here, a 'dozen neighboring high choiils took, to tha manly arl last ear.- • • • Ray Simmons. Ihe Orange box- ig instructor,'says is schools will ompcte' nr the Central New York nterscholastic touniamcnt, and hat there will be so many entries hat a limit will have to te placed on them. 1 ! • * • Hamas Prize Product There is intense Interest in the :asfem Iiitercollegiatcs, which are 0 be held in Philadelphia this wln- er. The'ring'spoil-runs football 1 close second In Dixie, and Ihrivcs n California and other sections Only the gridiron game produced more revenue at Wisconsin lost year •«id boxlnj has advanced to that exlent al many seals of higher earning throughout the land. Slade cutler and George Lambert. Navy's .fine tackles, are Ihe \w,(lemv's heavy and light-heavy'" toxiuj dumpfom. respcr'l- Keen Judges suspccl lhal a world i"avvw?ipht champion ..^s losi Al I/xsman. New York Uni- ersity caplain and tackle, met such i sad and untimely c nd following Iragic football injury several years ago. Steve Hamas, whoso decisions ""• Mix SChmellnj ami Al Lasky le him lo to pranking among challengers ot Max Baer, Is a orodiict of college boxing Hamas telb an amusing'store of Us nrst start m the ring and his winning the Eastern lulercollcgl- •"<; title in his first effort Perm Stale's sqiiad'was going (o Syracuse for the tournament. Leo Houck. thi old middleweight who eaches the Nitiany Lions, hail h " n n beseeching Hamas to come out the loam, but throughout the '» mects «ie star fullback re- warned firm in his decision not lo have his nose denied. velv. the counsel j — li'tv^u jii ,n H seems that this would be an ideal year for the Gold and Black to mate n good bid for the Imimey o s Ihey have one of ll, c besl chances v ° n " , t ,v'"™ y th(J y lmvc ""« '£ '" UK pnsi three years." Engineer Has Hauled Two (JL^. Presidents -I KNOXVfLLE, Ten,,, ' ( up ) _ Piloting n train bearing the Presl. <lenl of the United-Slates nnd his party might be an honor to most but lo J. II. Smith, en. It'is a Grave rcsponslbllily Smith Ims helped to operate two Pi-esWcntlnl trains. The nrsl, when he \vas fireman on President Grant's special, nnrt on President Hoosevell's i-cccnl vlsil to Ihe South, served (is engineer. Accor'dfng to 's'nill'h, '"II' was' a W5to$15 Hive u mnn ,1 gjfi. (o fin joy at his Ifiisin-ft, nm\ you're wiving liim som«- liiiipr lic'd pick for liini- nlf. A ;comp1f!lp color t Polly. 31. when she ob [, „ " " iV , 0rco lasl Jimc - Al that lino, according to common. Pleas Jiirigo bomcbody, wlio granted decree, attorneys for both ' .?!','»e Jonriihi' entry child to his mother. Doll House Made Him Most. Popular Man , . , rc I>lil " 1 * Q °:l floors, a bed for ' °- v it i H ,° y dlshos a( n cost of $40, m , V°VU«<- wllh the children In' Roibun- nn !" °'hy Hyde, 10 Rnblnovltz bnllt t], e house In six mo n Ms out of 110 Sugar boxe.s ami oilrt Imnber ,, t ,at was about hl.s rel- ' Il , ls fomplcle with electric Safer Than it Sounded ^ u . 1 . a cou Ple ot days away from -solated Stale College ts worth a sldewble risk I 0 "a college boj" Hamas asked to be Included In he Syracuse party. * r T' vi "?. ",»• Syracuse. Hamas .?" » nolel room with Houck reading the sporf; section of a lo-al newspaper. A. slrcatner caught his C ye. 8o-And-So Out for Tw Statehl K«vo,« it Breamed . Whos going to fight this guy?" ChucklM JBMM. lta»! H^fck. 0 * f 6 -' »» l *d the tutor. *W s« if raid that a \\ rdld •«*:°Wmy k'ft hand 16 him »»*y t»to m*," be»ms A Gift A Suidcni. Will Never A Remington Portable Typewriter «P»ys lo know how to use a lypewriler! Right now if., a big help m school work. Later on, ihe Remington Portable helps In college'and business. Typing • makes a game of schcol work and encourages study, children learn faster Marks improve 15 to 20 per cent. I'rlccs on Kemlnglon Portables Are Lower Than in Many Years. Besides That, You Can SAVE $5.00 Chrlslmas on the Clsh Purchase of Any I'oriaulp. This A raclorr representative of Remington Rand. Inc., will he fuU hnn" ^ anti Sal " rday - DfC ' » alld '*• «»h "in linn O f nemlngton Portables. IT W1I.I, t)K WISE TO SEK T1H:M ACTON PRINTING COMPANY 122 * S "" nd St ' Phone 10 GT.OVES 'soft, ivashabic pigskin . Mocha's ' nnd Kidskin. All colors and .sizes. $1.50 to $3.95 TRAVEL SETS A complete valcl. shaving and traveling kit for tin- man who gels around, slide fastener case. $5 to $8.50 Hickok Bell and buckle in handsome utility l-oxes. SUITS That He Would Select for Himself In the season's wanted styles and patterns . . Tailored by Merit nnd Timely. $22,50 to $45 SILK PAJAMAS Solid Colors in a Popular Style 16.50 to $10 This is the 'first timn Sillv Pajamas of Xliis quality have been olTcr- f'-d at so low a price. Buy MOW for Christmas. , A . marvelous ;is- Kortni?nt of everything -that's noxv i n Ncck\v3iir i n four popular priced groups. 65° To $2 ARROW SHIRTS Collar attached styles in plain wliile, solid colors and ne\v p;Kleins galore. A rrnrlical Klft.i Dress ShirIs If he weni's a Tux he'll piecintj one of Ihese -§2.50 |3 Tuxedo Sets Studs nnd CUIT links.QO neatly toxed t>£. PAJAMAS An unusually attractive show> K S of men's Pajamas in dozens of new styles an;! patterns, $1.65 to $3.50 '.Haiulkerclijiefs Imported linens with hand rolled hems, lothers in clever colored design.^. 'BOX of 3 75c to $1.50 SOCKS Handsome colors and patterns... Pure sllfc or silk and wool. 35c 50c 75c Suspenders The popular narrow leather ones and a new one called the Shaggles. $1 $L50 I 1 1 I I k * m R. D. HUGHES & GO. 3 Doors West of Rilz Theai re

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