The Courier News from ,  on October 26, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from , · Page 14

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Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 14
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(ARK.)' COURIER WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 19W Businessmen Urged To Aid in Solving Farm Price Decline DBS MOINES (AP) — Two Republican members of the Senate Agriculture Committee were on record today with appeals to the nation's businessmen for aid in solving the problem of declining farm prices. Inadequate to They cautioned that continued reduced levels of agricultural Income could do nothing but undermine the industrial economy and possibly destroy the government's ability to remain solvent. Senators Thye of Minnesota and Mundt of South Dakota declared there is need for "new ideas" on how to keep agriculture prosperous. Both said policies of the GOP Faure Ponders New Vote Of Confidence administration do the job. "Slok Chili" Their appeals were made at Chamber of Commerce luncheon last night attended by members of the Senate committee which came here on a nationwide tour seeking suggestions for halting de- dining farm income. Calling farming the 'sick child oi our economy," Mundt likened today's federal farm program to a "Model-T car." He said it would not meet the needs of a "jet-pro- Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:30 quotations) Dec . Mar May July . 3306 3323 3305 . 3179 3202 3183 . 3102 3126 3102 . 2968 2981 2968 Mew Orleans Cotton Dec 3307 3325 3307 Mar 3185 3210 3185 May 3106 3129 3105 July 2972 2990 2970 3320 3201 3124 3325 3209 3128 2987 Chicogo Wheat Dec .... 200IJ, May . 200': Chicago Corn Dec 128'; I May .... 133'i 129'i 131 2001 B 198>j 126' 2 133! 2 pulsion age." Thye told the luncheon that it! would be best for all concerned! ChiCQqO Soybeans ynlntinn rnll]rt hp I _ 001 ITS IT) .... ^J4 iou -oi if adequate farm solution could be I NQV PARIS W—The French govern ment today authorized found in time for the coming session of Congress to act. He said no good would come of Democrats and Republicans "batting one an- Premier I other's brains out" over \vho Edgar Faure to ask for a vote of j responsible for agriculture's pres- confidence tonight during debate] ent plight. on the government's financial and military plans. Faure will decide whether to use this weapon as the debate develops and he forms an idea of the government's chances of winning approval of Its program without- a confidence vote. The discussion is believed to carry some danger lor the government. In the face of a series of reversals for French policy varied Ironts, deputies are restless and inclined to blame Faure and his ministers. Closely linked to the debate Is the Premier's proposal for an advanced date for parliamentary elections. Deputies who are opposed to this idea would like to remove Faure—but on another issue. The debate is on a question by Socialist Christian Pineau on what th« government plans to propose to th« Assembly to cover the ex- tions In North Africa. Communist Jacques Duclos also has asked how Faure can square hjs statement that no further reservists will be called and no new taxes will be necessary with declarations of his ministers of'fin- ance and national defense to the contrary. PROBE (Continued from Page 1) 1952-53. But he denied repeatedly he used his official position to influence granting of the application in favor he termed of his company. Celler said what Clay's "follow through" on company's application was an "absolute violation" of Commerce Department regulations prohibiting nny official from taking direct or indirect action in connecton with private tax benefits. A Little Misleading LAKEWOOD, , N. J. W)—Bouquet or brickbat? A letter from the Lakewood board of education than ing Mrs. Eugene Axelrod for a cake has her wondering. Seems Mrs. Axelrod recently gave the cake to board members for a post- meeting snack. The thank-you letter commends her cooperative spirit—"of which your cake was concrete evidence." So Easy! So easy ... so convenlienl, and so smart! There's no need to shop around all over town, for you see at Safeway you get. the advertised specials, along with low shelf prices, so you save where it really counts, on your TOTAL food bill. And remember, Safeway will meet the lowest advertised pritc of every competitor item by item, day by day, in Blytheville. 303 Tin 303 Tins nt 2 S 39< Thursday Only! Libby's Cut GREEN BEANS Highway Cut Stingless GREEN BEANS 2 Honey Bird Sour Pitted PIE CHERRIES Fresh Frozen Ocean Perch PERCH FILETS Sun Sweet PRUNE JUICE Westfair For Health PRUNE JUICE Krispy Brand CRISP CRACKERS Busy Baker — None Finer CRISP CRACKERS Campbell's Delicious TOMATO SOUP Breakfast Gem Grade "A" Small FRESH EGGS DON'T FORGET! Safeway will meet the lowest arircrti.wil price of every competitor — Item by Item — day hy day — In Blytheville. Qu.litj eonildcred. Lb. Ctn. 32 ox. fit/. 32 oz. fit/. Lb. Box Lb. Box 01. Tin 30c Ik 23< IK 39< We restrre the right to limit purchases Jan . Mar . July . 238 239'i, 236U 240> ! 2«> 2 238-> 4 238 U 239! 2 236 3 4 129 136 234 '•; 238' 2 2W 4 239 New York Stocks A T and T 179 Amer Tobacco 16 1-2 Anaconda Copepr 65 1-4 Beth Steel 154 7-8 Chrysler 93 5-8 Coca-Cola 126 1-4 Gen Electric 41 I Gen Motors 134 3-4 Montgomery Ward 89 1-2 N Y Central Harvester Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ... Studebaker Standard of N J ., Texas Corp Sears U S Steel 46 . 36 1-2 . 49 3-B . 43 3-4 . 51 3-4 . 10 1-8 . 134 1-2 . 110 1-8 . 102 5-81 . 55 1-8 AMBITIOUS NAZI - O.tio Strasser, unreconstructed fciii, has formed a new political par- I t.y in West Germany. Strassc-r. ' who fell from Hitler's favor in i 1933 and fled the country, recently returned to form his na- i tionalistic "The People's Move- i ment for Unity and Freedom " i His reappearance in politics is seen as a threat to democracy in West Germany. ' Nervous Robber Is Sympathetic DETROIT Ufl — A nervous robber apologized to taxicab driver Ed- • ward Grzynowicz for taking his; whist watch and S8 in cash yesterday. For 30 minutes the robber told of his financial troubles. Then it was the cabbie's turn to talk. He would like at least to have the wrist watch back. It was a gradua-, tion present from his mother. He, got it back, plus 50 cents "for cigarettes and coffee because you look j nervous and probably need it." j Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Dl. Ml—(USDA) — Hogs 8,200; only moderately active, very uneven; averaging 25-35 lower on 180 Ib up; around 150 head U. S. 1 grade 190-220 Ib 13.15; majority 180-220 Ib 13.50-65; lew 240 Ib 13.50; mostly small lots 250-260 Ib 13.25-35; few 260-210 Ib 13.00-10; 140-110 Ib 25 lower at 12.25-13.50; sows steady to 25 lower; 450 Ib down 12.1513.00; 450-550 Ib 12.25-15. Cattle 3,500; calves 900; trade opening slow throughout; few yearlings and heifers about steady; Stonewall Jackson Draw LEXINGTON, Va. (ft — More than 8,500 persons visited Uiej "Stonewall" Jackson home here in j the past year — the first year the i Confederate general's home was i opened as a national shrine, | scattered sales good and choice 18.00-21.60; utility and commercial mainly 10.00-12.50; few best cows 13,00; most canners and cutters 7.50-10.00; bulls, vealers and calves unchanged; utility and commercial bulls 12.00-14.00; good and choice vealers 21.00-26.00; few prime to 29.00. ELECTION {Continued Irom Page 1) ipalities — Dell, Luxora and Kelser — jue unopposed. Hyatt said this morning that he bfheves political difference is healthy imcl that Osceola 1ms boon hurt by falling into a political indifference. "The reason I am running," he said, "is that I feel we have fallen nuo a rut in Osceola and that a change would be healthy, and is needed at this time to provide better government, .schools, civic and business advantages over what we've had in the past." Platform He listed three major items in his platform: commission form of operation of Osceola Light and Power Plant, more efficient police department, and government for all with the Council supervising the ci'.y's operation rather than "pretty much a one-man rule as it has been for ttie past number of years." Hyatt pointed out that the contest is "not a clash of personalities, but merely an effort t-o see if my philosophy of government will not pro- vine us with a better community." Mnyor Butler echoed this feeling. "I am not critical of Hyatt." he said, "but I am critical of his being influenced by some of the people who are supporting him." "I'm running strictly on what I' Ve been able lo do for Osceolu, on what contributions I've made to better the town and bring in industry and on how I've gotten along with the people," he said. On the Light and Power Plant issue, he said. "We have tried the commission form of operation and operation by the City Council and we actually think it can be handled better by the Council." The Council now supervises operation of the plant through its Light and Power committee. Confidence in Police He expressed confidence in the police department, though he said one change in personnel appears indicated for the near future. Butler said he favored continuation of the practice, in force for many years, of supplying free lights and power for all schools and churches in town. He pointed out that practically all street paving in Osceola has been accomplished during his administration, saying that the few remaining unpaved streets are due to be surfaced next year. Butler was on the City Council for several terms before becoming mayor. Hyatt served one term as alderman" (1950-1952) and was defeated in a bid for chancellor of the 12th Judicial District by Lee! Britain Accepts Diem as Chief LONDON </T)—Britain announced today it has recognized Premier Ngo Dinh Diem as the new chief of state of Viet Nam, replacing former Emperor Bao Dni. Prime Minister Eden's government followed the lead of the United States and Prance in accepting the results of last Sunday's referendum in favor of Diem. The British action removed the last major Western support for Bao Dai. BIG THREE (Continued from Page 1) Slovakia under Russian guidance. To Press For Treaties Sources close to Sharett also indicated clearly that he was prepared to press for treaties, especially with the United States, which would guarantee Israel against any Egyptian or general Arabic invasion. Sharett sai:" he also expects to see Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Mototov in Geneva. Molotov arried in East Berlin yesterday en route to Geneva and conferred with East German leaders. A communique said they were in "complete agreement" on the position to be taken ai Geneva. Ward in 1954. He did not seek reelection to the Osceola Council in 1952. Others Unopposed Unopposed candidates for other municipal positions in the county include: Blytheville — Ward Four Alderman, Leslie Moore; city treasurer, Samuel F. Norris. Osceola — Aldermen: Dr: W. J. Sheddan. Ward One; C. W. Watson, Ward Three; Miss Josephine Montague, city treasurer. Keiser — F, B. Wilson, mayor: J. W. Amos, town marshall; Robert F. Nichols, city treasurer; James Bowles, Roy Langstqn, Minor Taylor, H. P. Mills and A. H, .Pace, for five aldermanic posts. Luxora — Moses Simian, mayor; Gerald S. Chafin, recorder; C. B. Wood, Sr., R. C. Langston, Jesse Brown, G. A. George Jr., and Murray Richardson for five aldermanic positions. Dell — Charles Rennett, mayor; J, T. Tata, recorder; Noble Dixon, James Tidwell, Glenn Cook, Billy Keener and Ed Hardin, five council positions. IKE (Continued Erom Page 1) tion from Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey for the appointment of Russell C. Harrington of Providence, R. I., as commissioner of revenue. Harrington's appointment, succeeding T. Golem an Andrews, resigned, is expected shortly. To Rcsubmit Proposals McKay said the administration will resubmit proposals for the Upper Colorado and the Frying pan- Arkansas Dam projects to the next Congress, As to wneuier Echo Park will be included in the Upper Colorado project, he said, "We will take what Cangress gives us." McKay said he didn't discuss politics with the President since he thought it- "Inappropriate." He said he would press for the nomination of Wesley D'Ewart former GOP congressman from Montana, as assistant secretary of interior in charge of land management in the face of opposition from Sen. Murray (D-Mont). Murray, chairman of the Senate Interior Committee, is lining up opponents of confirmation of the man he narrowly defeated for the Senate in 1954. No official callers are on the President's schedule today. But he will discuss his State of the Union message tomorrow with aides. Four Israeli Police Killed JERUSALEM (Si— Four Israeli policemen were wounded and two reported missing todny after an Egyptian military force penetrated into the El Aujn-Nitznna delmilU tnvized zone, and Israeli military spokesmau announced. The spokesman said the Egyptian occupied an Israeli police post at Beerotayum close to the Sinai border during the attack but later withdrew. Get You a Fiddle BOSTON (Si— The Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of America are on record today as favoring a nationwide standard haircut price of S2. The group also recommended at its annual convention last night that beauticians adopt a minimum $5 fee for work involving a haircut shampoo and hair set. Toast-masters Meet The Blytheville Toastmasters Club will hold its regular meeting tomorrow at 7:15 p.m. at Hotel Noble. Dick Payne is chairman of the program which will feature Harry Brady, Bob McHaney, Fred Sanderfur. Gil Smythe nnd Rudy Vrska. Paul Hughes will be general evaluator. Dr. Charles L. Craig Dentist Announces the Removal of His Office to 526 Chickasawba OFFICE HOURS: Daily—8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. Wed. & Sat.—8:30 A.M. to 12 P.M. Telephone 3-6881 HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE NEW TREND The fabric may look like a million . .. but don't be sold short on style! There's a new trend, this Fall... a look of trim-and-tapered neatness. And leading the trend is the appropriately-named (and now famous) TREND model of Hart Schaffner & Marx. Check these essentials for the well-dressed look this Fall... "IS IT RIGHT?" So many stores, so many suits ... so many shouts of "finest", "first", and "latest"! How can you know the suit you buy is right? If your memory's up to it, you might make a mental check list of the points illustrated at right. There's an easier way, of course. Simply look for the Trumpeter label of Hart Schaffner & Marx . . . your guarantee of the right TREND style, right fit, right comfort. And . . . what could be simpler? .. . Hart Schaffner £ Marx clothes are right here in town. ISCHAFFNERj $65 to $85 1. SHOULDERS ARK MORE NATURAL, not-so-wide looking in the new Trend ... but not sloping. Th» padding Is lighter. 2. LAPELS ARE LONGER AND NARROWER, with lapel notches placed higher, to help the trim-and-tapered look. 3. STRAIGHT LINE EFFECT wrier, the sleeve joins the shoulder., .and all the way down the coat,.., adds to the effect of slim straightness. BUTTONS ARM LOWER to carry out the illusion of height. Virtually all suggestion of waistline i» eliminated, front and back. THE CO AT of th* new Trend Is mad* •lightly longer. The Only Exclusive Men's Store In Mississippi County

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