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The Daily Pig from Bessemer, Alabama • Page 1

The Daily Pig from Bessemer, Alabama • Page 1

The Daily Pigi
Bessemer, Alabama
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DAILY CONDENSED NEWS DISPATCHES. FOREST FIRES FLOWER'S RECEPTION. TO THE RESCUE. Domestie and Forsifn and ot General Interest. A London dispatch states that Mr.

-and Mrs. Gladstone will pass the winter in Florence. At Kock Island, LvH. Dudley died suddenly at his dinner table. He choked to death on a piece of meat.

Owing to the disturbance at the tomb of Victor Emmanuel 'the pope has' informed nuncio abroad that he will be unable to receive any more pilgrims. General Ruiz. Sandoval, who is' in New that while he is opposed to 'President Diaz, he took no part in the recent uprising in Mexioo, The work of allotting Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian lands west of Guthrie, is to be and the land will be thrown open to settlement before long. Eighteen steamboats, loaded with freight and carryings passengere, are aground between Cincinnati and Point Pleasant, W. where but twenty inches ot-water.

Reports are coming in of a hurricane in the northern pineries of Minnesota. Several townships were devastated, and the loss of timber-is said to be hi-hundreds of millions of feet. Andrew French" of Kansas City, proposed as a means of relieving the distress in Europe that each farmer should donate three or four bushels of has igone insane. Business at N. at" a standstill, owing to the wrecking of the savings banks.

Other banks have notices on their days' notice for the withdrawalof deposits. At Montgomery, Kolb has turned over the office of commissioner of agriculture to Lane, who was appointed to succeed him in pursuance to decision of the supreme court rendered Saturday. An special saysT' Saflford Dowd, the pioneer citizen of this local- ity, has died at the age of 87 years. He was the fatherof thirty-one-children, five by his first wife, ten by his second and sixteen by his third. At Reading, Pa.

Rev. Phillip H. Garrett, the well known United' Brethren minister convicted in court oh the charge of fraudulent, obtaining $250 on a We insurance policy, was sentenced to one year's -imprisonment. He wept as he went to jail. A Vienna dispatch says: The Hungarian diet has unanimously adopted' a resolution expressing its great indignation at the attempt recently made on the life of Emperor Francis Joseph, and assuring him of their deepest gratitude for his escape, from deaths (v Charles Fox and Lena ing couple who took 'up their aboue in a cave on the mountain, was captured and placed in, jail. charged jth stealing goods from Fox re-sis ted, but the posse overpowered him. The-four years' term of Commodore Melville, engineer-in-chief of the United States navy, expires next January. In recognition of the worir performed by the bureau of steam engineering under his direction, Secretary Tracy has sitrnified hiH intpnti i TRUST. South Carolinians Want Sea ylslaiid Cotton ExclusiYely, And May Not Sell Seed Outside the State. A Convention to Be Held In Charleston! Sea Island Cotton Planter, to Deter-(nine Whether or Not They Will Control the Market of the World by tVltholdins; the Sale of Seed.

Chicago, Oct. 7. A special from Charleston says A convention of planters of sea island cotton in this state is called for Thursday next, for the purpose of organising a combine against the Bale of cotton seed. The object is to effect a combination by which Georgia, Florida and the Egytian growers of lonu staple cotton will be deprived of the Curoliua seed. It is believed that the outside world is dependent upon the use of the Carolina seed for the quality of their staple, and jf they can be' prevented from obtaining the Bted, this quality will deteriorate so rapidly that the sea island planters of South Carolina will practically control the fine cotton market of the World.

The committees have been at work for some time preparing a plan for combination, and it is believed now that -the corn bine will be effected "Thursday- SHE HAS ECSTASIS. Tlx reOMliar Affliction of lira, liutcher i' i Brooklyn. "New York, Oct. 7. -Mrs.

Butcher of 2-J5 Sandford street, Brooklyn, is the vietjra of a most peculiar cose of men tal disorder, said by physicians to have been directly attributable to the grip which proved an epidemic in that city, Her muludv is characterized as eminnin For five days and five nights Mrs, Butcher slept( unconseioui of anything that was going on around her; uncon- scions of, eveu, and without food or drink. She was as rigid as if dead, At one time she was lifted out of bed and stood up in a 'corner of her room. Her pnlss seemed to have ceased to beat and respiration was not noticeable. Her hands were on her shoulders in a sort of convulsive grasp, The combined strength of three men could not remove them. Neither could her legs be bent.

In tact, she was like a. marble statue, except there was glow upou her flesh which evidenced tne fact that lire was not vet extinct, When she awakened from her five davs1 sleep her mind was clear, her eyes were bright, and she appeared and acted like a wontan in the enjoyment of robust health. She had no recollection of anything that had taken place. She aid she had had a delightful night's sieep ana leit very much refreshed. A KINO DIES.

Carl the First oa" wurtembera. Teases Away After Long nines. Oct. T. -The king of Wnr- temburg died at o'clock a.

in. He had been ill far some time past, and his condition became so critical that the last rites of the church were administered to Paring the ulght bis condition became worse and his physicians stated that ae could live but short tune. Karl King of Wurtemburir, was born March 6, 1823, and ascended the at the death of- his father, King wuueim, on una On July 14. 1840, he married the Grand Duchess Olgo, daughter of the lute linperor mcnoias i oi itussia. Prior to the year 1803.

Wurtemburg was grand duchy, but by the "peace of Presburg it was erected into a king- aom. civil list or tne rulers of the kingdom amounts to 1,709.208 marks, with additional grant of marks for other members of the royal family. MeKiulev's illid. Jackson, 0. Oct.

The day that Hon. Wm. Mckinley spoke in Jackson, a large Dumber of cltisens had their pockets picked by a number of thieves who are following the speaker. Late in the evening, when the speeches were over, some reported their loss 'to the officers, who soon suspected four persons, and, following them to Wellston, soon had evidence sufficient to arrest them. Tbey are now in jail awaiting a preliminary trial which will be given Monday.

A lady named Rachel Cher-ington bad about $10 taken from her pocket, The Dead Karl. London, Oct 7. The ear! of month expired suddenly through the "bursting of a blood vessel. He was born in 1623 and bad never distinguished 1 himself. Bis family, the Wallops, are older than the conquest His eldest son, Newton Wallop.

Viscount Lytning. ton.iocceeeU liitn, leaving a vacancy as M. P. for North Dw Von. which he has represented as liberal Unionist, As the Unionist majority at the last eln tionwa the Liberals bars Utile booei c4 the eenttltmnwr.

Thf Mrrs rire la Leasts, lorwi, Oct. 1 The tn whloh broke oat her at enrly hour on Prink Drown's wharf, Tnbley street, tn that city, and which brought twen-tjr-flve engines to the scene, bat been The flame entirely gutted the enormous four-story warehouse, filled With colonial produce, such as tea, tallow and cinnamon. The glara of the Conflagration was so great that it ilia-uiiimtel hulf of Loudon, INT Are Unplug; la California and Destroy Ins; Everything In Its Course. Sak Francisco, Oct. 7.

Terrible for est fires have been raging for over a ween iniuoraao county, and more than forty square miles of country have been burned over. The flumes spread over Greenwood creek country and all the country to the west of Garden Valley, destroying many dwellings, barns, hay, fences and thousands of acres of dry feed. When the fire approached the town of Pilot Hill all hands turned out to try and check its progress. Back firing was had little effect, owing to theswiftnessof the fire. Half a dozen houses on the outskirts of the town were burned in quick order.

The flying sparks caught in a frame building around, the postofiice, and in a few minutes the store, post-offie, saloon, Hall Warner's David's and Kirchner's residences, including outbuilding, were all burned. Among the heaviest losers from the fire was David Ferguson, who lost everything except bis horses, He lived with his aged mother about two miles from town, and while away from home with muDy others, fighting the fire and trying to get it under control, he was told that his own property was in danger. He immediately started, for his house, only to find it and the new barn in flumes, and his feeble mother lying some distance from the house, exhausted from fright and exertion. At Burner Hill there is nothing left of the village but a hotel, school house and two or three scattered buildings on tne outskirts of the town. All the grass in the hills in that section of the country has been destroyed, and the loss of stock will be large in consequence.

Many farmers and ranchers are rendered homeless and penniless by the fire. Four Tramps Are Drowned. Memphis, Oct. 7. Four tramps were drowned in the river near West Memphis, at the Kansas City Railway incline while stealing a ride.

Two were in car loaded with wheat, and the other two in a car of flour. The ears were the first to be pushed out. auo irnnarer boat, Charles Mernam, being sent on with too great momentum, the car of wheat cleared the boat and sank to the bottom of the river, giving the two occupants no chance tor their lives. The flour car broke in two, but the two.tramps in it were in me milt mat rell overboard. They jumped, fell in the river and were not seen again, though skiffs were put out as quickly as possible.

It is not known where the tramps boarded the train. wnicn nad just arrive! from the west on the Kansas City, Springfield and Memphu railway. Two were white men and two negroes. 'Fires In Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe, Oct, 7.

Afire was discovered hi the fire-proof house of J. a. Cook bon. The double store rooms, occupied by Engene Willis and the room of Edwin Williams, were en tirely consumod. The fire originated in the letter's room, and everything was a total loss.

The loss on the build ing and stock Of merchandise is 113,000. Insurance, Another alarm was given, and only prompt work saved the other side of town. This fire was iu the store of J. A. King, and the loss is fully covered by insurance.

The climax was capped by flames burstintr from a pile oi many nunureu Dales of cotton in a far-off corner street. This requirel great euorc to extinguish, and is now liable to nuain ignite, thouirh the drnva have hauled all the burning bales off to tne creex. Renewed Contracts. Washington, Oct. 7, The bureau of American republics is informed that the republic of Costa Rica has renewed its coutruct with the Foxhall line of steamer between New Orleans and Port Limon for four years: with the Kosin line, of Hamburg.

Gennauv. for one year, and with tbe Atlas line of steamers and the Royal Mull Steam Packet company for five years each. These compuuies receive no subsidies in cash, but a rebate of ft iter cent, is given on the duties charged upon merchandise brought by them to the ports of Costa Rica, and they are levied from port dues. Sends a Message of tier Death, Athens, 0., Oct. 7.

Mrs. Clara Mc Donald, aged 81, a respectable married woman who lived a mile west of Grey-ville, this cou'uty, sent her 4-year-old son to a. neighbor's with a note which stated that the recipient would find the writer dead on going to her house. Pro- ceeding at once thither, the woman was found lying on the Moor unconscious. dying shortly after being placed in bed, from the effects of a fatal dose of poison, the nature of which is expected to be determined by a post mortem.

Tbe cause which prompted the suicide has not as yet been reported. THE STATESViLLE WRECKER. Kim ore Cloalnger Held on tbe Charge of Wrecking the Train. 8TATESvjLi4t. N.

Oot. 7, The ex amining trial of Elmore Clonlnger, who was arrested at Eetcer a few dsyi ago, for the wwckln, of tho passenger train near there oa Aug, 87, in which twenty two people were killed and ninny wounded, hat been iuprog-rvsi twoduyi. Over fifty wlt-iPiic were i.itiuton. oa both sirtci, The trial cmue to a close at 10 clock uii, when he wait remanded to jail without ball, for further investigation. Murshal Count of Newton, and A.

wooster 1X Atlanta, feel well over their suceess, and re confident of his conviction. They expect to implicate otlwvrs with him before court convenes. 1 Grover Cleveland Is Present and Makes a Brief Speech, New York, Oct. 7. The Democratic clubs of the city of New York tendered a reception to Hon.

Roswell P. Flower, Demociatic candidate for governor, in the clubhouse, 617 Fifth avenue. It was a notable gathering of prominent Democratic citizens of the metropolis, including ex-President Grover Cleve land. When the ex-president entered his appearance was a signal for an enthusiastic outburst of applause, which continued for several minutes. His meet ing with Mr.

Flower was characterized by the heartiest of good feeling, and the cheers were redoubled. In response to cries for a speech, Mr. Cleveland said: Probably you are of the opinion that nave rjeen more interested the last few days with a non-voter than I am with actual politics. Laughter and applause. I regret to sny that that non-voter won't be able to help the Deuioc'atic party until prohibition against; woman suttrage has been repealed.

Renewed laughter and applause. vv Hen 1 come into this home of De mocracy, into the Democratic atmosphere, all my enthusiasm for the prin- A.nna i 1 I "waaened oua mteusinea. Wh are now entering a contest in which I do not Want, to left out. This is a time when every Democrat must-do his full duty. Never has there been a time when the Democrats had a greater incentive to work for party success.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to say that the ticket nominated merits and should receive the earnest support of eyery true Democrat. Our success this fall must be attained by systematic, untiring and intelligent work. The contest must be won by personal effort.and I hope that every Democrat in the city and state will do his utmost for that success which I am confident we shall Mr. Cleveland spoke for about fifteen minutes, and was repeatedly applauded. THE CHILIAN SITUATION.

Minister Egan Has Served Notice Upon the Junta. Santiago, Oct, 7. So far the Chilian government has evinced no intention of abandoning its position that it had a perfect rigid to arrest persons as they enter or leave the precincts of the American legation. But, while strenuously insisting upon the possession of this abstract right, the government is at present making no attempt to put it in practice. Partisans of Balmaceda who took refuge under Minister "Egan's roof are stiH there, and no arrests have been made during the past few davs.

It can not be learned that the frovernment has in contemplation any plan for asaertin in the near future, the right of arrest that is claimed, but it is thought that the present unsatisfactory sisuation cannot be of long continuance. In accordance with instructions re ceived from the state department at Washington, minister Egan has given the junta to understand bv formal and official notice, that if tho Chilian au thorities continue to maintain their present attitude the friendly relations between Chili and the United Stat3 will be interrupted. The junta's reply to this notice is awaited with the great est interest. What Mr. Egan's next step will be in case the reply is unfavorable.

i not known. The United States flagstaff San Fran cisco, which is returning from the north, is expected to reach Valparaiso somo time this week. When she gets in port the present plan of the Ameri can minister is to ask the Chilian government to allow refuirses now at the United States legation to tro on hoard the United States man-of-war Balti more and to take their departure from Chilian territory. HORSES BECOME UNMANAGEABLE At a Funeral and Causes Series of Accidents. Drs Moines, Oct.

7. A series of frightful acci lents occurred in a funeral procesaiou at Altoonn, in which one man was killed outright, four other persons fatally injured and a score of people bruised aud fractured. A procession of forty carriages was following the remains of Nichols Hemstreet from the church to the cemetery, located some out of town. While the profession was winding down a hill, a team in the rear became frightened uta steam threshing machine, and the run-u way horses ran into aud upset doz.m of carriages in frout of them, breaking them into splinters, and scattering the ocenpants broadcast. A panic ensued as of'er teams ran away.

Men and women jumped out of carriages only to be trampled i teams. When quiet win restored it was found that Edwin Diid-tcll of Alto in, was killed; JoM-h Perkins, telegraph operator, from (JriiifiHI, inleniHlly injure I. andcannot livn: Mr, J. O. Mason, nged 7(1, leg in two place- and otherwise injured, hoc expected to live; S.

F. Sayre, skull fractured, cannot live, Mrs, L.ttie of Newton, Robally frightened tint there it believed to be olmnoe for rownvry, Among others badly Injured were Mrs. James Parker aud Mn, Isaac Pin ker, both of Altoonn, Fully twenty others wure more, or lest Injured, At tiiu 'Aiuonnia oyeter law test fuse Is (hfcldod by Judge tH-inine in habeas eorput proceedings, TlietiKt Was ninilo tones Wlietht-r the new law forbidding uliihment of oysters In the shell out of the state at certain M-iuums and by rail only would stand. The judge decides that a prohibition of thl i chunu-ter is unconstitutional aud violative of the freedom of inter-state commerce. The case will be appealed.

How Europe Was Saved from the Throes of War. Meeting of Queen Victoria and Emperor The Queen Sende for Lord Salisbury to Inform Him of the Strange Conversation with the Kiuperor Itunula and England Pays Attention to France to llluff the Kaiser. New York, Oct. 7. The Berlin correspondent of the Herald, cabling his paper, says: I have now authority to say that hud it not been for the excellent woman's sense of Queen Victoria, and the sound judgment of the czar, who, in the moment of emergency, acted in perfect accord, Europe would perhaps at this very moment be in the throes of war.

The facts are these: Last summer when the Emperof William was at Osborne, he one evening asked the queen to accord him a confidential conversation upon a matter of the nhmat ti, uo was accorded, and the emperor said in substance: "I have something in my nimd. I seek your counsel. The situ ation in Germany is intolerable. It can not last twelve months longer. The country cannot bear the present financial stmiu required to keep up its pres ent righting strength.

socialism is daily assuming more terrible proportions. Germany's allies, especially Italy, nre no longer able to keep up the present pace. The strain is too great on them. France, on the con trary, is becoming stronger and strong, er, but France is isolated. It ia nhsn.

lutely necessary that Germany should seek the first occasion to declare war upon her. 'lhe latest moment to which this can possibly be put off is the spring The qneen listened to nil the emneror said, and replied: "As long as I live I nrnuy nope that peace will be maintained. I am now old. but still I feel that my last years shall not be saddened by more blood flowing in Europe. The resionsibility that rests upon you is a terrible one.

It would, in my opinion, be criminal for any sovereign or statesman to attempt to precipitate events. In any case, what you have Baid caused me the greatest uneasinesss. lhe conversation ended, the nnn then sent for Lord Salisbury and in- formed hiin of this strange conversation and desired him to talk with the emperor about-it. am afraid that would only make things worse. Your Majesty, "replied Lord Sulisbury, "for I think if I attempted to discuss the question the emperor might cut matters short by taking me by the shoulders and pushing me out of the window.

Besides, it might excite his majeBty to do exactly thecontrury to what I might suggest. "No," continued Lord Salisbury, "there is in my opinion only one thing to do. Write an autograph letter to the czar tell him frankly what has occurred, and urging him in the interest of the peace of Europe, to lose no time in making a friendly advance toward Frnnco in order to convince Emjicror -William that Russia would not consent to see France wantonly attacked. This would cause the emjxjror to reflect, and, iu my opinion, that is the most effective way of preserving the peace. It would be well," continued Lord Salisbury, "if England should' also simultaneously make an advance toward France.

The queen at once followed Lord Salisbury's advice. A confidential envoy was forthwith intrusted with the queen's autograph letter to the czar. The czar fully appreciated the critical situation. The French fleet was then in Sweden. The czar immediately sent an invitation for it to come toConstadt.

The queen at the same time invited the French fleet to visit Portmiiniith Tim rest is already a matter of history. The above facts reach me from such personages and in such a manner to inspire the utmost confidence. I am not at liberty to disclose the sources of my information, but were I to do so they would carry wit them the greatest weight in London, as well as iu Her-lin. With this comment I send you the above bit of history for what it is worth. What They Want.

Chaiuxstv (X-t. 7. A convention of planters of sea island cotton in this state is called for the 8th for the purpose of organizing a combino against the sale of cotton seed. The object is to effect a combination by' which the Georgia, Florida and Egyptian growers of long-staple cotton will be deprived of the use pf Carolina cu-ed. It is be-lieved thut the outside world is dependent upon the of seed for the quality of their mid that if they can lie prevented trom obtaining this seed, the quality of their staple will deteriorate so rapi.lly that the sea island of Son; li Curoliua will practically control lh flue cotton market of the world, CoinmitU-es have hoeu at work for some iim pivpadug a plan tor combination and it is ooIK-wd now that tbe uoiubtue will be etlucted on huraday.

he Saw Urn Army, Ajwston, Oct. oldest pomun in Alabiiuiii, pvolmWy in the Unttt'd States, died bandar ThIIiuIh lth. at the ripe old iig of 12 ytxrs, Nhe w.w born lit Virginia, an, I u-ull within a few days nf li. death ivmliio I Vivid recollections lif the lli'ittsh unuv which invaded the Old Dominion tluriiw tl.o Revolutionary war. Her name wm Celia Uairett, ami she wa.i u-ver married.

She was a luve tli wm- Crews Saved ion the Irish Sea by Heroic Life Savers. Thre Vessels Are Reported Wrecked Near Holyhead. A Terrific Gale Prevails on the Irish Sea Much Damage Is Done to ShippingSuccess of Life Host Crews. Many People Gather on the Shores to Witness the Besculns; Party at Work. Liverpool, Oct.

1. A terrific gale has prevailed on the Irish sea, and it is believed that much damage was caused shipping standing up and down the coasts. A dispatch from Holyhead states that three vessels were wrecked near that port. Despite the furious wind and heavy sea, the life boat crews worked heroically, and their efforts to save the lives of the ship wrecked crews were crowned with success. Numbers of people gathered on the shores of the vicinity of wrecks and there was much excitement manifested as life-savers put off from land and when they returned bearing with them the crews of the ships.

Took Rough on Rats. Columbus, Oct. 7. The wife of William Trembley, a- prominent school teacher in Harrison township, suicided by taking Rough on Rats. No one knows what passed between them before he left for his school in the morn ing, but when he returned at night he found her sitting in a rockihe chair ueaa, witn no clothing on but a che mise, lacing and close to the bed on which lay her 11 month-old babe, which hud cried, played and starved during tue tong any until it was almost com pletely exhausted.

She had suffered tembly, as was evidenced bv her con- aicion, naving vomited blood all over the floor. She appeared to have been dead a long time, and evidently took the fatal dose soon after her husband left. Shawl Pin in the Uretha Canal. iouxqstown, Oct. 7.

A case of rare interest to the medical frater nity has developed at the City hospital. Samuel T. Kratt. aged 25, was operated upon for an abscess of the uretha. Upon opening it the surgeons found firmly imueuueu in uie wans oi tne urethra canal a shawl pin over three inches lone.

which was broken in its removal. Kratt declined to give any explanation as to the presence of the pin, but admitted ne uaa been sunenng from for a year. By reason of excessive inflammation his recovery is doubtful. Surgeons assert that the case is one of the rarest in medical annals. Figuring for the Curious.

Philadelphia, Oct. 7. An interest mg announcement is made here that Colonel Forsythe, of the United States army, who served on General Phil Sheridan's staff, and who is aged about 60 years, is to wed the daughter of Dr. Bache, one of the old and wealthy fam- uia oi mis city, ine iaay question is Almut 20 vhh (if mm rv.l,ul sythe was in the Fine Ridge fight some time ago. Dr.

Bache, who is about 60 wwaaii I'm- tears of age, proposes to retaliate upon lis friHml niu will mum.e,jn uimij aaw HUUBUICI, UU 19 about 20 years old. The relationship me mcu in ueur iu eacn otner can be figured out by the curious. THE BASEBALL WORLD. American Asuociatlon. At Philadelphia First Game 4 If 3 1 I 0 8 318 Boston ii 1 1 0 0 01 Second name.

Athletics 0 0 0 ,0 0 3 06 Boston 2 0 At A asliiiiLrton Wanhiugton 1 0 Baltimore 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 1 3- 4 DAILY MARKET REPORTS. Naval Stnros, Savannah. Oct. -Turpentine stemlv fcHo; rosin Arm, $Lsu, Others uichanKcd. i Produce and Provisions.

New York. Oct. a. Pork nulnt mens old new extra prime Middles firm; short clear T.K.W l.tinl unlet mid Mtatnlv' uaiufA--. Bu-am 6 l-'H; i Ity ateain tt.8."i; o)tions.

October J.ID; November 7 11; January 77 bid. C'liieugo Market. Chicaoo. Oct. S.

Ki: May 101, Corn--May li. Outs- May Pork-Die. O07; 12.47. Hibn- Jan 6. O.

Lurd -Jan. 6.i. New York Cotton Futures. New Yobk. Oot.

Close. 0( tnber NuviHO'ier btcu i.nvr. Jhiiuarv Alarik IH baits 70,700, .99 Spots firm. lone it pad y. Middling 11-10.

Mvsi'pool CotliiD Futures, uvmiroot, Oot. 0. Opening, iibpr r.nn Novrinrxir 4, mi veiulM'r atiti (Vt, Close. 4. ftl NuveliilH' Dw-e 4.

58 4.i7 III 4.02 0.01 6.0S aiunuur, ai.u i-uruaTT, Kcbrunry and Marco 4. Ml I 1 1 A i Mm Am Il-U niiu ai'ru. II and May niiil .111 tin A it) May Ions nrm. 8 pot, 4ti rials, tj aviJAllUir lug-Commodore Melville for a third term 01 rour years. A Paris dispatch says TLe remains of General 'La Sslln txrhfor.

cently disinterred in Vienna by a depu- r- v. uinuu ui reucii omcers ana placed In a silver coffin, have been transferred to this citv and ltnnsitnl in the HV.ti -T a -aaw -a, Inyahdes: The placing of the body in this famous place was the occasion of great pomp ana At a dance, about two miles south of Narianee. thprn nu a minn affray, in which William Heckelman was stabbed to death by Joseph Santnp. Upon examination there were twenty-four knife wounds found on his body. There is a searching party after the murderer, and all frill be lynched if captured.

A BirmintrliBm A In onaaa.jol Misses Lucinda and I.tziia ii. i Wi Carroll county were arrested -here by Detective Morgan on charge of per- jury, mey are nccuseo. 01 defrauding the countv of Carrolt out nf by making false entries as school tach- oio. Aucy nave ueeti nere about two weeks. They are of bright color.

They have been taken back to Carroll countv. A riuntington, w. special says that Lucv McClue. uyl 21 km.iv-V, 1 eight years as one of the most persistent and darinir of Wpat. shiners, has been captured after a des perate cnase oy a united States mar- shal, aud is now in jail at Charleston.

She was cuntnrwl in thn inta.yi,,r coin county at a point far remote from any iiiuroau, anu uas a long 11st of Infractions of the law charged up against She Is a woman of great nerve, aud is a line shot. A Chattanootril. Tinn snaaul that mils Tiiirht two months mm 'tiMiA Pogue, a farmer living ijearGaylesville, was called to his door and. upon opening it, an ax blade was buried in bis brain, causimr instant tWth Will Cantrell, a negro man eiiKiujed in illicit wuiaay semiig, committed the deed to prevent from reporting him. Recently the ahurilf nf Wulbaai.

Ga arrested Cantrell, who was wakinii mo nnj lunuru viitiunijDOL'a, hi Ken-In trt on. and loriirvd him in 1 0 j44 mv Lywly.Ga, At fit. Jnarnh. Vn RUVn.A nri book keener fur the realr Oil company, was arrested for oiimo committed tints mytiths ago, At that time tin info of his firm wal robbed of cash and the books, le was supposed that the work was done .1. .1 uj mnue uiio iuuuuar witu tn com- biuution Of the Sufe, aud Wood was watched.

He whs -ciiargid with th crime aud confessed, savlnir ho had 1 tiirown the mtn tlm nv.r tn cover up a shortage. Wood is 10 years Of line and um its Jvaiilo in Kba raska City, Neb..

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