The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 8
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P"AGE 'EIGHT vi .OsceoJa Society — Personal I'aicrty Is Topic ' at Christian Church. , Dr. c M IJarnell will give til j second adtfress next Sunday nigli *\.in a series of discussions on povcrt; i^behig conducted through the montl ' of March nl the Sunday evening ^services of tli? Clnlsttan church .-! He will deal tlie subject team a >j doctor's viewpoint explaining pov- { erty's effect on the mind, body, and ^ personality of the Individual \' Other subjects, dates and .•:crs are to be: •^ "Law and Poverty" on ASarcli 14 > ty A W Youn»; "Christianity and ,„ Poverty." on March 21 by the ncv . Carro'l cloyd of Blylhoville - Marvin Crittendon of Blytheville, jmbltc' welfare cli'alrinnn of the . county, introduced the series on • last Sunday nvjlit from (lie slami- t point of social work He told of . Kc serious loss in culture, cltl«rn- ship and religion, suggesting ilini the constructive attitude was liot one of condemnation but of understanding and sympathy. The putllc Is 'Invited to all the services. Sirs, ftlringtoii tlo'toss. 'Hie Thinsclay Bridge club of foil! Inbles met wllh Afis. John =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON; BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . Jesus Prays for'His Disciples The fnlfniadonal Uniform Sun. iluy .sviinol l.c.woii for March H. Text: John 16:5-7; 17:I4-2G • • * Hy WM. E. 01I.HOV, 1). n, IviJjfor of Advance This lesson on Jesus praying for His. disciple.? rcratjs the words of Jesus to Peter at tile Ust Sniper. 'Simoii, Simon, behold, Satan JinUi desired to have you, Hint, lie may sift you us wheat;.but I have prayed for thec, tlmt thy Inilh fail not" and women who would see the iruih, and accept it as Il> was'pro- claimed l>y those whom He was rending forth. For these disciples the'earnest prayer was that they might he .strengthened in the unity of love. His one groat purpose was that the love that the Father had for the world might become (he love dominating cVcry relationship p among Hie <|l.?clp]es themselves, and every purpose and activity of the fellowship of disciples In the midst of the world that they would re- dsein, through the power of the Essentially, this was the prayer of Jesus for His Disciples, lliat-lhelr faith should not fall, and that thay u=i-m, iiirmign me fotild bs ctiunl to ths burdens and Gospel, from Us evil o-sponslblllUes thnt they had M- cpttd in tecomlng Ills 'disciples The love of Jesus for His dls- Iples and Ills deep concern'for hem was, if anything, intensified y His realization that some would cave them, jie knew they would to His supporting presence, and ic Inspiration of. ills own example f faith and courage. Consequently He n'ssnreU lh;m lat lie would send them Urn Com- or!cr,,the Holy Spirit, whose pres- )C5 would sii.sf.iln them and who wild bring to them all that His wu early living -prcsmce had leant. > —'~.~j -ik^u »iiu mis. uuuil \v. t.(l- Jlngton yesterday at her home on! '" lne Presence of Broad«ay, The club ynre was wlln ffnenibercfl ni« awarded Mrs R. c. Bryan nnrt the uorrls ' I!e 'Prnycd to guest pil/c was HOD by Aik irmry Driver. Mrs. E s, Driver cut con- lolallon. • l * • * Jewish Aid Sodely Meets. t Mrs. Aclolpli Wclnberg nml Mr, •M. Riibcnsteln ncre boilp.sses jo the Jewish Aid Sociely of Mississippi county at the former's home Wednesday night m the absence of the president, Mrs. Rose Gohlbeii. mc- slded • Plans were nmde for a bunco party on Maich n to be held at (he CatVolfc hall in Blytheville' Members from Blythevilte. Manila and Lnxora «ere pie.sent * " * l'-T. A. Meets. "Youth Movements of Today" was the subject of an address given by Mrs W. E Hunt before the i.-T. A members at the erir | e school buildin? Wednesday afternoon. Ninety-two members were ,. piessnt. Tin- fifth grade gave a playlet on safely education in which Milieus Morrow acted the Cradle officer Other pupil numbers Included two somjs by Ihc sixlh grade and a Plailet entitled The Wonuti In a Shoe," by the iMr<l grade Mrs J. A GftnUnsy reji.1ere.1 n reading called "Agnes." The president's message was rcn.1 by Mrs «-. A. Thonu During the business session, led by the preslrtsnt. Mrs AY-tiWlP'e«itl, twelve new mem- be ra vsie added. The attcndanjc prl« for the gr.ide scl'oal was won Dv he flflh grade, while the seventh anc eleventh grades tied for the "igl); scool ayard _ •> • Mrs'.'B A Thorns, r M rs . s ' M Ilodges and Mrs. Lc e Maxwell were appointed a nominating commilfe to rciwit at, the April Miss Hailie Caldwell of toro relurnecl to her hoina VTeA- nesday after wvcrn) das s vWl with Mrs. Harry MiH 2r . Mrs E s. Chiles, and Mrs E R Bogan and Mrs. Tom Ballon of Luvora .spent Wednesday In Memphis and visited Mrs c. B Wood S,n V-T? * ! ;° ^ a patient at the Baptist hospital there 'She Is to undergo a major operation todav Mi. and Mrs Harry Miller .r Mrs. R v. Madden and MIS w In the presence of some, at least ntel recorded Ills . ._- ,—.-,. to the p.ilher'for the disciples, whom lie was lear- Ing. He reall/ed that they would .be iu a hostile world where mel) would hate them. Yet His prayer was not that ihcy would be laken from the world, but that in till? world of evil, they should be kept .from evil. His earnest yearning was that they should be sanctified in (lie Inilh. Jesus was sending them Into tho world In the same spirit and with the same purpose that'the Father had sent Hie Son Into the world, Supremely Ife had devoted Himself to them; mid It was His tamest prayer Hint the same sanc- .tlneatlon might be theirs. Nor «ns He piiijinj f ol only the Imm-dlnte clitic of dibtlules. He perceived lhal there iioiild be the disciples of days to come, then men What n deep nnd wonorful con- ccjition iva have of the nature of •llsciplcslilp an;! of what the fellowship of disciples In the church might be If churches everywhere were thi s unity of spirit and purpose, and |[ liiey fulfilled i In every impact the reality of the Muster's prayer! • What strength and Inspiration It ihmild give to us Individually to WANT-ED , Government Loan Cotton Phone 107 ..APPLEBAUM BROS. ' COTTON co. Kerllj; Bids. Mythe'TlIlc. Art. ,K? ,, Je ' 5us lmys f01 ' end" of ns as He prayed for i»eter, and that we have an eternal intercessor who would put all u, e fol .<. es ™' *!° whlml us to fceep us • me, and falthfult ,1'oliceman.Cels I'lourcit PITTSBURGH. (UP) -1'ollcc Lieutenant Morgan O'Brien thru no fault of Ills ' O m. n-Jded a touch of the slapstick lo'psilormance of _FRIDAY, MAJtCH 12, i Nicd at Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty wintsr circus quarters after swnllowmz a DIOKMI. pop bottle, K 'ington. 1937 Wasli- FREE DELIVERY --- Phone 177 an Gels Klciilmil ROCHESTER, ind. iUP)-Afrl Ills regular duties. Investigating n can elephants, larger than the In- diisly gray, with slrcafcs 01 mounted for exhibition in ind olive neon ,. , .Groceries, Fruits mul Vogct iblis, and Host Grades ol 1 Ment. Modem lelnjjcialioii -JRY OUR SERVICE st . ^, CECIL LOWE GROCERY I. 1 , Look at the joke they played on us! Thu plioto ihowj Ihc front yarj of K fannl> lirmg w»y up on Hie further ndc of Lcechburg The young fellow pointingantlUugliln^isiliow- ing us how (hey buill a now nnulhnt'jsupposed loterae .Hirry.E."iVilli<n )**tr}^ \-* ***£%&« * LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri <u nc Shell Products Visit one of the most modern service stations In the Soulh A courteous 1 staff ft attendants at jour service 21 hours a dav. Folks act like theyVe found a Long Lost Friend —the way they're making go much of us and this Family Recipe O f ours! . 'ZlSWS -"••wSJ ( to enjoy till was just re- . marking to me the other day. Harry, he said-it looks like folks had found a long lost friend, the way they're noting about bur Family's whiskey I And I guess i-.i a way you might call The Vjfilken Family Whiskey a long lost friend at that! For our family has sure been at it a long long time -making whiskey for three whole generations. But wo never put »P this personal Family's Recipe cj.rttiM,, w.n,.»r.mnri^7iJir /1 .^ V5!y W«8«BVlB)(i .»r.u,. i, ,„,. p ^,« t „. ls sfe^SirriA'stf''.'^ssfj^-o-.'!-Lw^-..r of bu rs for eve only just Intel- And folks are taking to it like as if they'd never fount! a realty mild and tusty whiskey i.i their whole life. And I guess the neighborly grice being asked for our Family's whiskey is pleasing everybody pretty mucb iwi MEYER -^^S^^^^^.^iSS'SSSSsSfJSKr.VJ Here come Mead's/Spring 1937 MANSFIELD! A quality and style triumph ... daily rising cost of commodities are still Last November Mr. Sandefur made a hurried trip to Chicago to place; his orders for these value packed MansSield siiits... He made this trip because he foresaw the rapid rise in basic commodity costs that has since taken place. If we tried to buy these suits today they would not only be miich higher but we would have'to wait a long time for delivery. These fashionable Mansfield began to arrive last week. The complete shipment is hire "and the good news to you is... the price is exactly the same as lasi Fall)! That is an achievement in itsslfbdt' wait/until yon see the smart ' styles/ the grcaf fabrics and firie tailoring! Numbered among : the styles ; are smart sport back 1 models { j ke tta^rie illustrated on the right.' 'There are single breasted business models and' 'one of the highlights for Spring 1937 .'. . the Mansfield double breasted. Why not give "your winter- weary wardrobe a "break" and come in tomorrow for your'new Mansfield suit. Your size is here regardless of your build. HART SCHAFFNER&MARX New Spring Suits $ 32 50 and$37 50 As usual the best is always dt MEAD CLOTHING CO. 315 WEST MAIN STREET ; U GOVERNMENT 12c LOAN close April 1, so bring your contracts in at once and we will buy them. BROTHERS COTTON COMPANY

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