The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1934 Men Come First in Court, But It Costs Them More AKRON, O. <UP) — A fine point ot «i(|ucue—men or Indies first when going to jail?—wns sidestepped by Common pleas Judge Arthur \v. Doj'le. The men came first, but the girls, charged ivjt): being decoys In a hold-up, found themselves sentenced to serve only so days in j a n while llielr men companions drew l-lo-25-ycav sentences. Margaret Lower, 20, and Helen Queeden, 18, were sentenced to Jail anil placed on probation tor two years on charges o( luring a man out ot his home to te attacked t>j the hold-up men and robbed of! Slilis. Louis Abrams, 33, was sen- fenced to servo one to 15 years in Ohio penitentiary; Ceorgc Gaactl 18, Cleveland, one to 15 years- and Elbert Genarc. 20, Cleveland. 10 to 25 years in Mansfield relormnton BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hitler Aide Is Lionized ihelr spinach ver oil, hns been „_ _.„ wry at Akioij University. The good lltlle while r »t :t(e Ills spinach nnd carrots «»d Ji'niik Ills cod liver oil like n 80o:l Kilo soldier hns n cold. And Hie ml little while rats llml lived on iitMl nnd potatoes nnd bread ami nilter, nre growing stronger Hum ver, thriving on the sympathy ot ic home economics classes. Mtaiuvhlle, girls ol the Iwo op- osllo belle's have no ill tiiellngs >wnr«i the lowly rodents but hop; )r final victory lor llielr own sides. Maine Woman Picked Pansios in December BOSTON (UP)-Whal is sa rare as u June day in December in Maine. New Hampshire and Vermont? - . ji'JSBB Grace 13. Letlcway • picKcrt n bunch of parisles in her garden in Piltslon, Me.; Alvlii L. f-aml picked n pink mayflowcr at Raymond N. H.; Mrs. II. A. Miles found a wild strawberry on her farm in Biiswell,' of Tyson,' Vt,. discovered lilac bushes in bloom, buddiii" ar- bulus, a snake, a frog, nnd a robin. ..»•.,. Dugs Raided Sliccp Court House (o Build Dams r r , r-' , „ LANDER, \Vyo. (UP) — Dogs EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo to-td S'inds LollepiailS { 1! " dccl »'o sheep corrals at hlo (UP)—The fouiKiution of the old C e „«=,.« V 11 'T '\i PTI- . ,„. Robcl ' lso » lanc!l »'«! hill- Clay County court lioiiso being UCnejtOUS Folk; Lent S75 wl 15G llKul ° r dl[>lcc feeder sheep, razed will bo used lo construct A year ago Robertson lost about dams on soil erosion projects. CCC nciul of sheep during a heavy j workers appropriated the lower st orm. . | p ar t O f ti, c historic structure. \\r\cr*r\\\t . n.^v . • ' ..»".LVJ . i^ > vuy & uviun, MOSCOW mi-) - An cliiburnte 'tried vainly lo pul n stop to the Herman Goering, the spectacular Prussian premier and "strong manor the Hill2r rci'ime, has proved tliai turning unruly italllicsl foes isn't his only accomplishment. He's shown here being caressed by his lioness pet. paradoxically named Caesar. Tlic great cat Is vicious toward everyone except her master. OXFORD, O. (UP)—Miss Viola Brewer, comely blonde sophomore l snov of Miami University, be!ieve.s col-I™ lege people have big hearls. So] she', bet she could "borrow" S50 in .5i!.'all change from students a'ld faculty memlierii. They trusted her but she broke llic-ir hearts. In two days, working only in spare time, Miss Brewer collected , S75, and had promises of more. ' llci tale of dire need worked al-! most too well. One senior gave her • his last dollar and told her he! would "walk" his dat" that even-' ins instead of atlenuing a movie. A professor borrowed n dollar from a colleague lo lend Miss Brewer, i To Throw Off a Bad Cold Millions have found in Calolabs a v.iost valuable aid in the treatinciil of colds. They lake one or Iwo lab- lets Hie iirst night and repeat Hie third or fifth night if needed. How do Calolabs help Nature throw off a cold? First, Calotabs arc one of the most thorough and dependable of all Intcslinal ellmintmts thus cleansing Hie iniesiiual tract of the germ-laden mucus and toxlnes. ' s ^^^^g^^gjp3iagag5^gjKBjR^gssa^ Second, Calotabs arc diiirolic lo llie kidneys, promoting the elimination of cold iwisons from Ihc blood. Thus Calotabs serve the double purpose of a purgative ant) diuretic, bolii of which arc needed In the treatment of colds. Calotabs arc quite economical; only twenly-fivc cents for tlie family package, ten ccnls for Hie trial package. (Adv.) TO MAKE CHRISTMAS MERRIER Electric Tree Lidu Seis Big 17 Inch S Inilli sels, fully anlml. * Baby Dolls She crys, sleeps iinil turns her head. , liiir yn 1,,,.h with S ' Y -cli-clions of track, T/, liig ^.l incli irt .,, i( ,,, omotivCi "IJ, *"> II1C " inch Iccomotive, equipped with (® "| T i> » f arn cl«'i"r. light and three, passenger tjp I IftAllPilS c;lr -- Evcry 1)0) ' <Icli E hls '" ils -"- ililjllXU .. ct .,i. n wil . r . ct .,i. H.irt will enjoy it! SO.MfiTHING NEVv! '1'OV WATER K TKA SETS iVh'.tk' of Kla.^- 'I' arc cx- :ii,lly like Mother's big dislits £) £* of 1 * f\ .-.cil just as chirchli-. Knoujii / \f* <V BJ "^ lo ;crvc MX kiddies. 6-1 *J \J **>- $J> \J\J Toy Animnl.s—Teddy Hears, DojfS, Ciits ;\iul Alonkcys - 2")t lo SI.00 GAMES GAMES GAMES A must cuuijiltte si'lurliiui ini-hiriinij f^ ("^ t'alile Tennis. l';ir]or (JKiifucI, liuihi- J\~\£* __, ins Sets anil Marble Gamu.s. **1_F^ Cod Liver Oil-Fed Rat Gets Cold, Other* Thrive lomb, apparently belonging to in undent chieftain .rccetttly lias found »t Mitjciitt, micim capital of the pccrglan republic, . . VH|»*HH ui my yiwjigltm Jt'pllUi^p, AKRON, o. (UP)-An objection n ' slll °"«t fwm Iwavy stone, the >n in what is supposed lo happen lloml) w * 5 "wmUiully carved wilh i tad UUIe co-eds who won't eat "" im " 8C of « dewing fawn with '"' ' and take their ccxl '.' b> ' IM! l\ of WP™ Iwld hlijli in .its been B oln 8 sllghlly i,'"»"-'•» w»tol or itelms, tip , B<xl of wine. A silver coin bearing ,,.,.. I'lie irniiae of the Parthian king, nil G °8 nl ws, -was nlso. found in tlic lomu, which was probably erected ilahoi'ate Tomb Found In Georgian Republic In the First Century, A, O. Extravagant Parrot Died at Ripe Old Age LONDON (Ul 1 )—Polly, hailed us the world's mast extravagant par- rpl, lias died In London. Sho was 3J, Polly had such an enormous ap- iH'tlle ihat she swallowed up more lhan half of Hie $1,576 bequcnlli- wl Jicr .by Mrs. Kllen ilenrlclla Hun-is in inoi. Three hospllals, which were lo set the money ,at Polly's dcalli, ]iin rot's •• eplctireiin tuslts. Courts rilled '(hat Polly (oul4 do ^hat- ever she pleased with her money. H»<le Kim OUB]»i|a ST. IX3UIS, MP' (UP)-r,Eu John S#vtorlxu, recenlly elected, to tlic circuit court 'beiicl) li«r«,'m>il« t)i« race prlpwt|ly, lia sp,W, becawo lie WR.I an«er«i at 'the decision g( n Judge, and willed. lo do w he could lo Imjirovi! OKI courts. The grealcsl remedy ever (orm- vilalcd for relief of Itching of sKli dteenses, Tills rovoliidoiinrv rctn cdy Is called BROWN'S LOTION, and 1$ i\ positive relict to tlioso sulterlng (coin ECZEMA, ITCH, POISON IVY, WNOWORM, TETTER, ATHLETE'S FOOT, etc. Don't \isc messy,' snlvts and ban- clngcs.' BROWN'S LOTION is liquid and highly ANTISKl'TIC. First botllc sold \vllh MONEY BAOIC OUAHANTEB. COo nnd $1.00 I-'or sale by Klrby Drug i SlorcH. —Adv. Many Children QRXKNBBORO, N. . total l.&ji children tile' Qullfprtf Cqunty ccr Jn A iS«>v Perjuapeut , Foi* Chrisi(iias! : (iuurutilted 0 *1.0() • J2,OQ - '$,100 2 $3 I'ermunents fur {5 We will rcinulu OIKII Until late Chrlslnias Eve to give our caslomcrs last mlnule service. I'crmanenfs $5; Two for - - |8 Quality lleauty Work at Reduced Prices JACKSON'S BEAUTY SHOP 3 N. 2nd St. Phone 198 Linslroms Gold Siar 1'in Games Amuses everyone, II is fuimlsumo- ly math- f<> last a |i;iisr time. Worth §l.'JSj Chrislinas Special /M />' p-^^-^ • r\ , - ^w_Rrr~K/,v\^> Xiircissus Bulbs .last the thing lo brighten "I" these long, cold days. Polled and ready lo Kro^v. cinislmas Speci;il !5(' and 25c 3!)c r\t Ihuulkcrchkfs for tUe Whole Kamil.v - l()t FR Corner Main and Broadway it Ell at the KIRBY stores $1.50 - $2 , $3 -$1 to $5 .. $1 to $3.50 .... $3 - $4.50 $3.25 ........ .$1 Up For Him Shaving Toilet Article Sets, Williams, Colgate, Woodbury or Peau Doux $1.00 Coty Shaving- Toilet Sets . Military Brush Sets Leather Hill Fold Sets ... Zipper [Travel Toilet Case .. Zipper Travel Liquor Set Pen arid Pencil- Sets Cocktail Shakers $3 to $8.50 Desk Sets , $1.50 Up Shaving Brushes 25c to $2,50 Razors ....:...,...'":.'... 25c Up Smokers Supplies **-ip-es -25c to $3.50 Prince Albert Tobacco ..... 50c - 89c - $1.19 Velvet Tobacco .. 98c Granger Rough C 89c Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco V 98e Gco. Washington 79c Union Leader .. 39c Roi Tan Cigars, 25's $1.25 Chancellor Cigars, 25's ......' $2.50 El Producto Cigars $2.50 Hand Made Cigars $1.25 Cigarettes, all brands .... 50's 44c; 200's $2 Liquor Sets .... $1.50 Tie Racks 15c For, Her i Comb, Brush and Mirror Sets . $1.25 to $17.50 Fitted Week-End Travel Cases . $7 to $17.50 Zipper Travel Toilet Sets ;.....,..$! to $15 Perfume and Toilet Article Sets-'.. $1 to $15 UuBarry, EUuteth Arden, Eveiilnr'-In faris, Huilnut and L'Adonnat Cut Glass Perfume Bottles ..... 75c to $1 Colognes .. $1 - $1.25 Perfumes 55c to $6.50 Toilet Waters .,. .. .. 50c to $3,50 Perfume Atomizers ...... 50c - $1 Make Up Boxes , $1.50 Nut Cracker Sets ..................... .$1,50. Bath Powder . : .. . 25c to $1.50 Manicure Sets 25c to $4 Manicure Rolls, up * to'; ...:-*. .. $5 Compacts .........:.."......;.... 50c y to $5 Guest Powder Puff and Facial Tissue Set ,............. 25c to $1 Whitman Candies . ;-,'•. 50c to $3 Busy Bee Candies .......... $1.38 to $2,50 Electrical Gifts Flashlights, all sfo'es 39c to $1.59 Heating Pads . $2.75 Irons .. $1.19 -"* $2^25 Corn Poppers Waffle Irons Drink Mixers Hair Dryer . .. 89c Toasters $1.39 . $4.95 S'dwich Toaster $1.49 . $3,95 Kitchen Mixer >; $1.39 . $1.69 Clocks. . $1.50 - $1,99 For Children China Tea Sets .. 89c Table Tennis Sets 89c Chest of Six Games, 3 boards $1 Dick Tracy Detective Game 50c Soldiers and Sailors 89c Train and Track . 89c Koll Ball Game . 50c Xylophone 50c Saxophone $1 Washing Machine 9gc Sewing Machine ^1.19 Grand Piano .. $1.39 Violin $1 Orphan Annie Embroidery. Set 89c Dump Truck ,. $1.19 Wrecker Truck §1.19 Hook and Ladder Fire Truck .$1.19 Doll Trunk....., $1.25 R<jok . 75c ly Bear ... $1.25 Fjjnch 75c Special Shoppers Luncheon Served Daily Main at ttroaduay Phone 23 KIRBY Main al Second Phone 89

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