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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 9
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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:

IOWA'S RATION CALENDAR 9 GASOLINE Coupon No. '11 In new book (3 gallons) i FOODS Book 4 red stamps (meats, fata) AS, B. valid through June 21- Bl, and CI coupons I C8, 1)8, E8 and F8 valid. Book 4 blue stamps) Pes Moines Tribune DES MOINES, IOWA, TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1944. Pick Officers In Iowa Cities goods) AS, B8, C8, JUS and Ea valid. Invalid after Mar. SUGAIt Coupon 30 in Book 4 5 lbs) valid Indsf-inltely. Coupon 40 5 lbs) good for canning. 1 stamp IS good through Apr. SO, airplane stamp good Indefinitely New Judge Discusses Juvenile Delinquency NEW UNION STATION IN BURLINGTON TBH ib! 8 jj wmi BURLINGTON, IA. -This new Burllnjrton railroad union station here, a $300,000 structure, was dedicated to the city Tuesday by Ralph E. Budd, president of the railroad, replacing the one destroyed by fire in January, 1943. County Paper Drive Nets 475,000 Pounds Inwood. Mayor H. A. Frederlckson. Councilmen Neal Noenlama, R. B. Brown, Andrew Christiansen, Alfred Pe-derscn and John Bahnson. Kalona. Mayor J. F. O'Loughlln. Councilmen S. W. Yodr, Gerald Teets. Elmer Miner, J. B. Mlcnum and Ed Kern. Ladora. Msyor -Floyd Fler. Councilmen K. E. Mattlson, E. H. Curfman, Lawrence Guehrn, C. H. Daniels, Charles W. Ruggenberg. Larchwood. Mayor R. W. Wyant. Councilmen Homer Grotewold, Homer Osgood, G. B. Kerkvllet, Floyd Grotewold and Charles H. McMomagle. Leon. Mayor Henry Perkins, re-elected for fifth term. Councilmen Bdgar Epperly, William Jenkins, Harry Jenkins, Orvllle Stout and Dr. J. D. Myers. Lester. Mayor August Maure'r. Councilmen Harry Hoogeveen, Henry Vanderploeg, John Groth, Claudius Hass and F. E. Bracken. little Rock. Mayor H. W. Nachtlgal. Councilmen O. Roberts, John Da Weerdt, White McAuley and F. C. Schemmel. Logan. Mayor C. N. Carson. Councilmen L. D. Meyers, B. 3. Wood, E. T. Wilding, Russell Jacobson and 8. W. Curtis. Low Moor. Mayor F. W. Rice. Councilmen F. E. Conover, Hudson, George Cousins, Ben Qade and Robert M. Hansen. Lowden. Mayor Charles etrackbeln. Councilmen Gerald Kemmann, Henry Twachtmann, John Petersen, Harold Ruprecht and Lorenz Hoffmeier. Le Claire. Mayor Louis Herman. Councilmen Marion Ford, 3. A. Meyer. Horace Parrlck, L. M. Weatherford and Jamea P. Suiter. Lone Tree. Mayor Harry Slevers. Lost Nation. Mayor 3. E. Gllroy. Councilmen Ralph Ales, Arthur Daniel. Henry Malr, Carl Mohl and Emll Rutenbeck. Long Grove. Mayor Andrew Zogg. Councilmen F. J. Tiiartln, S. C. Madden. George Rokocy and Edward Lag and Albert KllndU Luverne. Mayor Fred G. Hangist. Councilmen L. Eustace, Gale Hal-verson, J. A. Lundebak, F. Kruse and Harold Sorenson. New Liberty. Mayor William Slevers. Councilmen Hugo Lensch, Hans Ja-cobsen, John Johansen, John La rem and Henry Wulf. Malvern. Mayor R. W. Mansfield. Councilmen A. M. Armstrong, Albert Nelson, R. K. Piper, W. D. Blothower and J. M. Steele. Park commissioners L. J. Knop and R. Cardwell. Maysville. Mayor Charles Fisher. Councilmen Frank Meyer, Rudolph Engler, Albert Hoffman, Elmer -Roehlk and Ray Ranlfa. Marengo. Mayor Arthur Brown. Councilmen H. O. Smith, Fred A. Brown, Walter A. Schaub, H. W. Burgy and Clarence Slaymaker, MUford. Mayor E. E. Heldrldgc. Council J. A- Wilson, M. M. Moeller, D. J. Antlsdal, J. L. Carr, Oscar Meyer-dick. Montezuma. Mayor David A. Reynolds. Councilmen L. H. Crawford. L. Hoelr.le, W. E. Pltka. Walter Hockey and Walter McNeal. Monticello. Mayor R. C. Hoag. Councilmen Frank Ferrlng, Clarence Shaffer, Rudolph Aebl, Eldon Brashaw, Clarence Matthlessen. Park commissioner Elmer Coon. Mount Ayr. Mayor O. B. Mack. Councilmen James Mnhan. V. Whit-more, J. K. Home, F. E. McNelley and Day Shaf er. Nashua. Mayor C. H. Knight. Councilmen Harry Lumlcy. Herb Prudhon, E. L. Schoenfeld, V. L. Strike and Herman Taylor. Okobojl. Mayor Byron Smith. Council Charles O'Farrell, Cliff Rutland. Mayor Walter Jones. Councilmen The Rev. Georga Paulsen, Jack Thayer, Ervln O. Pheim, Alfred Gregory and Pete Cran. Sibley. Mayor W. C. Garberson. Councilmen T. L. Courley. S. W. Tll-lotson, W. Hunt, A. L. Sharbondy and George Lister. Sigourney. Mayor C. A. Lyon. Councilmen A. I. Hemsley, Charles Phelps, Charles Beach, Vaughn E. Bell, Charles A. Dalby, Vaughn Hartzell. Sioux City. Mayor Forrest M. Loson. Finance Dole Anderson. Public safety George A. Streets F. J. Sulzbach. Parks Peter Asprey. Spirit Lake. Mayor P. A. Woodward. Councilmen Jack Ford, L. L. Andreas, Harry Farr, T. H. Waugh, Tom Arthur. Spencer. Mayor Dell 8, Blake. Councilmen H. G. Vick, A. E. BJorn-stad, G. W. Mackey, C. W. Bittinger, Karl Dickinson, Cv A. Deremo, W. O. Woodcock. Solon. Mayor F. J. Blttner, re-elected. Council Joe Krob, Charles Bentner. C. F. Shimon, F. I Berenck, and Albert Hall. Toronto. Mayor Fred O. Horstman. Councilmen A. H. Schroeder, J. Barden, Edward Endorf, Leo Klahn and John Wllley. Victor. Mayor Roy Wallne. Councilmen Rudie Meyer, John Gels, L. E. Farley, Gary Miller and John De Butter. Wahpeton. Mayor R. L. Wiener, write-in candidate, defeated Dr. F. J. Smith, 20 to 12. Councilmen Mrs. Bessie McKlnstrey, F. G. Hoye, Fred Schuneman, L. P. Bab-cock, and Pete Stoker, candidate for assessor, who waa a write-in candidate for council. Walcott. Mayor Adolph Moeller. Councilmen Karl Warnecke, H. E. Moeller, B. P. Pausttan, John Shenpolk and Frank NIebuhr. West Branch. Mavor H. L. Moorhead. Councilmen Glenn Brown, L. C. Rummells. H. A. Johnson, L. Reln-brecht and C. A. Rummells. West Okoboji. Mayor Mark Wheeler. Council Walter Jones, John O'Farrell, Zlna Henderson, Dan Jeppeson, Charles Ploss. Went Union. Mayor E. A. Trager. Councilmen Harry Wenger, Lionel Weston, Smith, H. P. Olesen and R. C. Plxler. Wilton Junction. Mayor Herbert Wacker. Councilmen L. R. Frederlchsen, K. G. Gruner, T. H. Owens, Henry Schnack and Emll Schroeder. Servicemen Urged to File City Assessor Bert L. Zuver Tuesday urged relatives of men in military service who are eligible for homestead credit to file the credit applications. With only four days remain-" Ing after Monday to file homo-Stead credit application with the assessor's office, on taxes payable next year, the applications are only 820 behind the 25,500 filed up to Apr. 1 a year ago. Zuver said hs believed the majority of the applications which have not been renewed this year involved homes of servicemen. Any relative of the servlce-, man, or any other person showing authority and proof of the military status, can file for the absentee's homestead credit, Zuver explained. After Apr. 1 and lip to July 2, homestead credit applications can be filed with the county auditor's office, although the applications are more detailed and must con 220 Request War Ballots Polk County Auditor L. O. Lin- strum Tuesday said he had re ceived 220 applications for war ballots from persona in military service. Most of the applications thus far have come fmm applicants overseas, where time is an Important factor In the voting of the war ballot, Lin-strum said. Unstrum explained that number of the war ballot applicants will not receive primary elections ballots for the June 5 election because of their failure to designate their political party affiliation. However, those applicants are eligible to receive ballots for the general election this fall if a request was made. The auditor's office will start mailing out war ballots for the primary election on Apr. 11. Differ Here In Pay Case Labor leaders and officials of the United States Rubber operator of the Des Moines ordnance plant, disagree sa to the scope of the directive issued Monday by the war labor board which, in effect, provides for equal pay for equal work. Company officials interpreted the directive to apply to 360 women in five Job classifications 'at the plant, while Harry Booth, president of United Rubber Workers of America, local 235, said the order applies to all women doing work equal to the men throughout the plant. The case was arbitrated by Dr. Samuel N. Stevens, president of Grlnnrll college, Oct. 10, 1943, who at that time made rulings which called for payment of thousands of dollars In back wages. Booth said that if the company does not comply with the order as interpreted by the union, the war labor board will be asked for an order. AH Republicans. FAIRFIELD, IA. UP For the first time in 10 years there will be no Democratic candidates for county office in Jefferson county. The deadline for filing was Monday and the only papers on file were those of Republicans. MAKCH SALE -1 EYE GLASSES ON EASY TERMS BIFOCAL GLASSES COMPLETE $5.85 31. (canned- month to the school with the most salvage paper collected per student. Oattell school was second in March with a 47-pound average; Oak Park, third, 41.9 pounds; Saylor, fourth, SI pounds; St Mary's, fifth, 80.8 pounds, and Clarkon, sixth, 21.9 pounds. The April paper pickup will be during the first full week of the month, starting April 3, Kautzky said. Report Colonel Shaw Is Cited by French Friends of Lieut. -Col. Robert J. Shaw of Des Moines and Sig ourney received word Tuesday that the colonel has been award ed the French croix de guerre for his services with the Free French army in North Africa. Previous to going overseas about two years ago, Colonel Shaw was occupational adviser for state selective service headquarters. A former state commander of the American Legion, Colonel Shaw served in the world "War. Colonel Shaw's son, Robert, will enter the navy later this week. Schedule Voice Of Snow White Several "voices" from Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' are scheduled for three stage appearances Wednesday at the Orpheum theater. Heading the unit will be Vera Collins, 17-ycar-old high Mchool girl from Ohio who has been selected by Deems Taylor as the new Snow White. Pinto Colvig, the creator of the voice of Goofy, Pluto, Grumpy and other Disney characters, and Coleen Shoemaker, piano accordionist, will also appear. The film "Snow -White and the Seven Dwarfs" will start Thursday Apr. 6, at the Orpheum. SHOES -Book Book 3 Will Punish Contributors Picture on Picture Page. By Fred Lazell. Des Moines' new municipal Judge-elect, Ralph D. Moore, 38, doesn't believe in sentencing Juveniles to Jail, "except possibly, in the most extreme cases." Moore said Tuesday, he believes most oases of juvenile delinquency involve giving help and guidance to the offending youth rather than Pointing out that most juvenile delinquency cases are handled through juvenile court rather than through municipal court where he will preside, Moore declared, "That's where they should be handled. I shall be very reluctant to commit any Juvenile to Jail." Contributors. For those who contribute to juvenile delinquency, however, Moore has no sympathy. Tavern owners who know- ingly allow minors to frequent their places can expect no leniency from him, he said. Moore was wondering Tuesday how he Is going to get in the two week's vacation he is entitled to from his duties as assistant county attorney. Plain fact of the matter is he won't because he's due to begin hla term on the municipal bench next Monday. Brothers. Moore believes that when he takes his new oath of office it; will mark a new development in Des Moines judicial circles. It will be the first time, Moore understands, that brothers have held judgeships in Des Moines. Moore's judicial brother is Judge C. Edwin Moore, one of the judges in Polk county district court. "It looks like It's going to be a busy week," Moore' said Tuesday pointing to the backyard of his home. In that back yard Is the laid-out plot for an extensive victory garden, plus the Moore chicken shed and pens. Moore has 28 laying hens now and plans to start 150 baby chicks this week. lie raised about 120 spring fries last year. In addition to his victory gardening and chicken raising the new judge finds time for an occasional game of golf with his son Eldon, 15, who already is out practicing with hopes of making the East High school golf team. "He's pretty good at swinging those club's too," Moore said Tuesday, "He can usually take me to a cleaning." State Guard. The Judge-elect also devotes p.ome time to the Iowa state guard in which he is first sergeant of the service company, Second regiment. Previous to his election Monday Moore served five years as assistant county attorney. Three of those years were spent in prosecuting cases in municipal court; the last two In handling criminal prosecutions in district court. Born in Des Moines Moore has lived here all his life. He was graduated from East High school and took his law work at the Des Moines college of law. Moore's salary in his new post will be $3,600 annually. They GIVE their lives, you LEND your money. The Polk county paper salvage drive has netted 475,000 pounds of paper from all sources during March. Des Moines schools collected more than 175,000 pounds of this total according to E. 1. Kautzky, chairman. Sabln school received the traveling school trophy for March, its average being 73.4 pounds collected per student. The trophy is presented each UrbandaleV Vote Is Tied The mayoralty race in. Urban-dale, waa thrown into confusion Monday when- Charles J. Chew and Cecil Breeden each received 168 votes for that office. Breeden agreed to withdraw his name following the official vote canvass but in order to be sure the proceeding was proper, the attorney general's office was. asked for an opinion. Urbandale officials were informed that the statutes provide that in case of a tie vote, the winner shall be determined by lot. Mrs. Chew, who Is city clerk, said the city council will convene within the next day or two to conduct the drawing which will decide the race. Chew has been since last May when he was named by fellow councilmen to fill out the unexpired term of James Ahern, who joined the Councilmen named Monday Ed DeYoung, Charles Gilchrist, Dick Kennedy, Tom Irwin and Floyd Schmitt. Other city officers named were Mrs. Mary E. Duncan, treasurer, and A. L. Burnstedt, assessor. Discuss Gardens. Victory garden tips will be discussed in the auditorium of the city library at 8 p. m. Thursday by A. Apland, 1119 Fourth st. Ap-land has completed short courses in gardening at Iowa State college. Hfl, erman JudgeAbsent, Trial Goes On The illness Tuesday of District Judge O. S. Franklin didn't interfere with the. progress of the trial in his court of Bradford Bell, Negro minister, charged with embezzlement of mortgaged prop- Feeling too 111 to remain on the bench, Judge Franklin went home after dUcussing the matter of his absence with attorneys In the case. The final arguments were near completion and only the reading of the court's written instruction remained before the jury could go into deliberation. It was. agreed between Assistant County Attorney Ed S. Thayer and Defense Attorney Carl Burkman that Harry Beach, veteran court shorthand reporter Judge Franklin, could read the instructions and send the jury out for deliberation. Judge Franklin was said to be suffering from a cold and an attack of indigestion. Bell is charged with taking an auto he purchased from a Des Moines auto firm out of the state without paying the balance due on the purchase contract. Trial Date Set For 4 Convicts AN AMOS IA. (JPy Four convicts who fled from the state reformatory here New Year's day and were captured 24 hours later at Davenport, pleaded inndcent to escape charges before District Judge J. E. Helser-man Tuesday and their trial was set for Apr. 10. The convicts 'are Steve Racliff, 31, Dayton, Ohio; John Bryl, 32, Omaha, Frank Brown, 23, Poplar Bluff," and Ralph Cassidy, 34, Davenport. Handcuffed and in chains, they were ushered into the courtroom by Warden Foss Davis and two guards. The quartet stabbed a prison guard in-their dash for commandeered a prison carry-all and took a deputy warden and guard captain along with them as hostages. Later they released them, unharmed. Beatys Were Married Seventy Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. John J. Beaty are celebrating their seventieth wedding anniversary Tuesday with their daughters, Mrs. D. M. Smith, 1510 Clark st, and Mrs. Charles F. Adams, 1646 Beaver ave. Mr. and Mrs. Beaty, of Lake City, spend the winters in Des Moines. Municipal officers to serve for the next two years were elected Monday In Iowa cities where voters ballot in the even numbered years. Special issues were up for consideration in some towns. Incumbent, slates virtually were unopposed in some places but in many instances new faces will appear in city halls. Returns received by The Tribune Tuesday included: Afton. Msyor Cart DeFord. Counellmon William Con, Howard McClanahan, John Beaman, L. J. Kess-lcr and Fred Lamb. Allison. Mayor George L. Arnold. Councilman Francia Allan, K. W. Brandt, John B. Folkers, O. S. Ransom, A. Surtua. Alvord. Mayor A. M. Bradley. Councilman William Bonier, Theodora Goldsmith, Rudolph Schemmel, William Bchmal and Edward Scrck. Audubon. Mayor Frank Baicley. Coundlmen M. 11. Morrow, C. P. Chnitenaen, T. E. Tcssman, Alva N. Johnson. Andover. Mayor John Wllka, Councilmen George Wltmer. Ernest Wiuner, Henry Harms, William Behrens and Clarence Johnson. Arnolds Park. Mayor C. L. Aitchlaon. Council Ralph Clinton. Harry Tennant, Richard Vanda Woude, A. L. Beverly, T. 1 Ward. Belmond. Mayor Kdd Kennedy. Councilmen R. L. Klns4h, Strphen Hardwlck. Alfred Mennenga, Albert Hn-on and A. J. Mainta. Burlington. Mavor Max A. Conrad. Safety Harry Hunt. Parks Charles FoehllnRer. Finance Frank point. Street Fred Sander. Blue Grass. Mayor Charlts Bernlck. Councilmen Kred Von Roden, W. C. Kauta. A. Hchroeder and Aug Plett, II incumbente. John Daurer, Don O. Farley and K. T. Moorhead tied for fifth place on the council and will meet Friday night to draw lota for the office. Hoyden. Mayor John Renalnlc, nr. Councilmen Robert Moret, Ralph Smith and George Metxgar. Carter Lake. Mavor Wilaon E. Mabrey waa re-elected mayor of Carter Lake for his sixth term Monday in an uncontested election in which only 90 votea were cast. A. A. Burton succeeded the late W. W. Savage as assessor. Columbus City. Mayor Joa Schoch. Councilmen William McConahay, George Sellers, Don Morgan, Everett Boiman and H. L. Kulp. Columbus Junction. Mayor Dr. E. W. McWIlllams. Councilmen P. F. Benson, W. K. Gabrie, John Parks, J. H. Wykert and Sheldon Hawkins. Cotter. Mayor R. I Richards. Councilmen Omrle Peters. O. Duncan. J. J. Jenkins, Nats Acklln and Ward Fuller. Council Bluffs. Mayor W. A. Byers, defeated three-term Incumbent, Dr. S. W. McCall. Charlotte. Mayor John Kane, Councilmen Virtus Petersen. Louis Smith. Elmer Williams. Charles Hanra-han and Charles White. Clinton. Clinton had a clean Republican sweep in the city election Monday and the airport issue carried three to one. This is for a three-quarter mill levy to acquire, operate, equip and maintain a city airport. Mayor William N. Judd. Park Commissioner Adam Bender. Councilmen Herb Darllnn, Verne Kletelsen, Paul Ingwwsen, Forrest Bell, John C. Goodwin, Elmer Jones, Georue Still, Henry Holm and Herman Doon. Mayor M. 3. Scholten! Councilmen C. R. McDowell, Andrew Klovstad. Ralph Zwaan. William Weber, Henry Vermaaa. Deltnar. Mayor Charles Rasmussea. Councilmen F. Hanrahan, Arthur Harrington, Fred Keeney, J. H. Schmal-leidt and Walter Ward. Dixon. Mayor W. C. Vollstedt. Councilmen Frank Berodt, E. 3- Killers, August Hillman, Henry J. Petersen and John Christian. Donahue. Mavor Grover W. Roehlk. Councilmen William Goettsch, Harold Hesse. Delbert Marti, Harland Roehlk and Erwtn Keppy. Eldon. Mayor William H. Papp. Councilmen Frank W. Davis. James Hoffstater, Arthur F. Hughes, Kollle L. Morrow and Burt E. Roberts. Emmetsburg. Mayor Harold E. Berringer. Councilmen Julius Skow, A. H. Piper. John K. Hammes. Tom Goeders. Elmer Ellis and Joe McNamara. Park commissioner William Kerwick. Fayette. Mavor Henry Hettler. Councilmen A. M. Doughty, R. R. Erton, H. W. Greenouch, Howard Strana-han and Willis H. Walker. Park commissioners R. Jean Hunt, John O'Dell and Paul Templeman. Fonda. Mayor Charles Christian. Councilmen Melvln Raggo, Virgil Thompson, William Nagel, Francis Peterson and Joseph Ewert. George. Mayor George Freerksen. Councilmen. 1. W. Jennings, J. A. Jensen, Philip Brunsma, Dr. F. B. O'Leary and George gumma. Greene. Mayor Herman Wolf. Councilmen J. B. Hardy. William Bronsemao, J. P. Wagner, Royal Hard-man and Clifford SmlUi. Goose Lake. Mayor Ed Kelner. Councilmen Martin Bielenberg, A. H. Meyer. Peter Goettsch, Otto Roenfeldt and Selfert Lorenxen. Griswold. Mayor Z. L. Wright, re-elected for third term. Councllmen--S. C. Wagler, Robert Boaeck. F. C. Jorgenaen, Fay T. Powers and Mervtn Neely. Gilmore City. Mayor1 The Rev. J. F. Schroeder, reelect ed. Councilmen Fred Lester, T. M. Glea- on. L. c. welbel, D. Trexel and Alfred Ness. Harper. Mayor Alfred Pfelffer. Councilmen Roy White, Albert Strie-rel. William Besser, Floyd Men, George RetUer. Hartley. Mayor P. A. Leese. Councilmen L. W. Anderson, F. E. Parker, Elmer Neebel, W. J. Linder and Jack HUbert. Havelock. Mayor George 8 peer. Councilmen Axel Carlson, Walter Knight. O. D. Van Horsen, Joe Edge, Will Nowack. Ilopklnton. Mayor T. Lyle Joseph. Councilmen J. J. Dunlap, Louis Herring-ton. Lto Hoover, E. A. Jonnson, A. R. Stranger. RESERVATIONS CHORE 2-0233 DIRECT KANSAS ST. TWIN I I DR. ELMER TACKETT, Opt ij tain the signatures of two other property owners. Butler Appointed As District Judge Gov. B. B. Hickenlooper Tuesday appointed William P. Butler, Mason City attorney, as district Judge to succeed Henry N. Graven, newly' appointed United States attorney for northern Iowa. Butler, a Republican, is a world war veteran and was endorsed by the bar associations of Cerro Gordo and several- other northern Iowa counties. The governor received Judge Graven's resignation, effective Wednesday, and said Butler's appointment would become effective immediately. usxucitaro Three-Fifteen Sixth Avenue Ready Thompson, Charles Glpner. Ed Walento, Chris Hchodt. Orleans. Mayor M. L. Omer. Council P. R. Thomas, Edgsr Morey, Judd Weed. S. Llnkenhelt, D. D. Osborne Oxford. Mayor J. W. Nesmlth. Council C. E. Goodrich, J. L. Kinney, Eugene Maske, H. A. Paul, and Homer Nunn. Paullina. Mayor John T. TJossen. Councilmen Chester ldso. William Ewoldt, Elmer Skinner, Orvllle Hatfield and Albert Meyer. Flainfield. Plalnfleld voters authorized a hond Issue of not to exceed $12,000 for postwar construction of a municipal waterworks at the biennial election Monday. Princeton. Mayor Frank Norton. Councilmen John McKnlght, Herbert Peltscher, Charles Arkle, T. F. Ruh-berg and J. E. Gattt. Pocahontas. Mayor T. A. Nixon. Councilmen Thomas A. Shimon, M. H. Hammes, George H. Logan, R. L. Hudson and W. B. LInnan. Rockf ord. Only one ticket, that of the incumbent mayor, L. R. Searle, and Councilmen C. A. Weigand, Vern Palmer, Ansel Momegor, Gerald Braga and Alvin Maars, was in the field, until after supper Monday night when several voters got together and decided they wanted a change of administration. Gathering at the polling place the voters wrote in the names of E. W. Kluckholm for mayo and J. P. Oldson, Robert Waller, William Yerkes, Dale Witter and Gordon Phillips for councilmen, completely snowing the old administration under. Only about 25 votes had been cast for the old administration when voters started to write in names. Rolfe. Mayor G. G. Butler. Councilmen L. A. Hansen, J. p. Brlnkman, A. G. Sroufe, Tony Nielsen, Merle McAnnich. Rock Rapids. Mayor R. H. Rohde. Councilmen G. Doss, Guy R. Hutchinson, William Haan, Leo M. Babl and C. B. Brugmann. CLEANING DRAPES A SPECIALTY EXPERT DYEING Wanted: Hangers, le pel banger LUXUREE A "OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU" 2130 Grand 4-4572 605 0th 4-4571 for Inspection Border Print NEW SPUING CLOTHES 12.95 by Wl' 'J'-" 'rrvry Dreamy pastels bordered with "breath of spring" flowers. A soft unflurried little dress that puts you at ease dining, dating or entertaining. Soft rayon crepe with pretty round bow tied neckline and fullness for flattery. Flower borders on maize, grey or green pastels. Sizes 12 to 20 Just arrived the smartest and freshest line-up of men's suits and topcoats of the Spring season. New fabrics, new patterns, new colors styled and tailored by Society Brand, another way of saying quality clothes. They're, ready for your inspection now. Remember: Easter is now less than two weeks off Sebond Floor TO CITY.67ntin. LOUIS 1 hrs. CITIES hrs. SOCIETY BRAND SUITS 55.00 THE HUDDER TOPCOAT 50.00 WOLF'S SOCIETY BRANDS ARB EXCLUSIVE WITH HERMAN KUCHAR0 IN DES MOINES lulll

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