The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 7
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t'UlDAY, MARCH 12, f03T M,Y'rilBVlU,E (AUK.)' COUJilliU READING CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive h-seitions: One tine yer line lOc Two limes per line per day ... 08e Tru'ec times per line per day .. Me Six times per line per clay .... 05c Month rate per line (iUc Cards of Thankc BOc & 15c Minimum charge 5Uc Arts ordered,, for three or six times and stopped before cxpira- llon will ce charged foi 1 Ihc niun- licr of limes flic ad appeared ami j adjustment' of bill made. All' Qiissified Advertising copy submitted hy per.vns residing outside of the clf.y; must be aceoin- juuiieci uy' Rates may be rasily computed.from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertion^, takes the one tirao rate. KQ responsibility -will be taken for more .Uiun one hicorrccl insertion .of any classified (Ul. ' Bus. Opportunities We have an openinij [or 2 ambitious : .youiii> . inon. Attractive compensation, tor'those we select. For appointment call G1. 10-ck-13 Beauty Culture IS THE' COMING PROFESSION Leara tins pleasant work which pays well. • Kcw clr.iK cycning—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs., William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Dependable Low Cost Transportation 1933 STANDARD CHEVROLET COACH • $185 1929 PLYMOUTH COUPE .. $ G5 191>8 CHEVKOI/ET COACH. New Tires, '31 License. Runs Good $ G5 IMO CHEVROLET COACH. Clean lasidc ami Out. Good Tires 5115 1930 WHIPPET COUPE. .Good Tires, '37 License. Runs .Like a Top ;.— s 40 1933 INTERNATIONAL PICKUP. Good Motor antl Tires. New Brakes 5175 1932 FORD' "B" PICK-UP. Neiv Tive.5, '37 License .. $215 102D CHEVROLET l>i TON TRUCK '.. $00 1933 CHEVROLET 1 !•! TON TRUCK. Dual Wheels and Bed $195 Lots of Laic Model I-'cr:ls unil Chcvrolets 1'riccd To Si'll. Broadway Sales, 1'ORE DUILUINQ on W. Main. St:, near new fadory site. Rcu- nable. L. Fowler. Business Directory l''rcsli Heelfoot CRAPPiE ; .' . 35c Opj. . : ,-. Cisarcttcs. 2 pkgs." 25c HARRY.BAILEY ''., :Gas and Oil SlHte" Line at (lie Arch of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for. base. nail, Inndbill softbill, soccer ball tennis, tiack & boxing' Best Pi ices MOST COMPLETE STOCK SPUAY MATERIALS niid. : .' , . INSECTICIDES in this- 'ocaiity For .;i&e on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery -and Vegetables Shpuse-Henry Hdw. Co, J. W. Shouse Wilson Henry WE ATTEND TO ALL DETAILS Let's Talk It Over—Phone 109 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "MY COAL IS liLAOK— I'. VT J TREAT VOU WHITE' I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals , JOHN BUCHANAN Phone JOT Goal & Wood II You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $5.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Chtrrv Phone 445 Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phono 278 Chickasawba & K. R Shoe Repairing Mrw fSLVV Inc. I'll 011C 111 For Sale Seed Corn for Sale it. Charles 52.00. Mosley Prolific «2.W), Early surprise $3.00, gcrnii- ioii 99% by government test \V. J. Derrick and Son, Cottomvoud Farm, Jonesboro, Ark. lO-pk-13 3 'foot Fay Rogers Meat' Counter Cheap. Mrs. Herb Thompson Gateway Store. ' ' lie k!8 New Bargains! We have some especially good bar enin.s in cars, trucks and pick-ups See Our's Before You l)uy! 1936 International ',i Ton Pick-U 1935 Ford I'Xj Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chev.rolct Roadster < 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta implements, Inc. Ooiton Seed ! ! ! DPL .11; ROWDEN, STONEVILL 4A BEST PRICES Blytheville Gin Co. For Rent ice bixlrcom, large closet, adjoins tail). 212 W. Kentucky. 8-ck-t-8 ii Oli.jl.lll W .ly FunUslicd STEAMlTEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 5GO. •ic M-l urnishcd, sleamlieatcd Apartment. Telephones 107 mm 571. Oc ktf [odern 4 Room PURNISHKll Apartment. Plionc 280. 2Gc ktf room furnished &i>nrunen|. 1031 W. Asli. Call 908. 27-c-k-U nfiirnished or Furnished six room modern collage, electric rcfrig- alion, near., grade and high •hools. 900 Holly, Call-102, 2Qc ktf fodcrn 3-room FURNISHED Apartment, 224 Mrs. A '-" . Cc ktf Personal WALNUT AT CHEVROLET ' lets contain raw oyster Invlgom- When- You Can Huv A Used l . ors nml olllcr stimulants. One " 05C peps up orenns, glands, if not delighted, maker refunds few cenls paid, Call, write Kirby Bros. Wiflt A Alone} Hack fiuarantuo Ask (ho Mail Who One Fi'om 1'hillips —Look Tlu'jse Over— w i"o an v-x i-M)it DO it SKIW\. A Itr.-il Buy .... $3115 j '31 DODUK SUDAN. I bluj- Covers 'si roitn v-8 coui'K. (loud for '35 FOlil) V'-S Willi ni'iilc ii'nsc stores. Farm Loans $500 Up A I.BO LOANS ON UUSINKSS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES, FILLING STATIONS. I Don H. Kasserman Room 220, Lyneli nidg. Phone 817 I'. 0. l)ox 470 • T 1) I) II 1 N (j. • ami '37 U- 3375 lerl. room FURNISHED apartment, reasonable. 313 N. Sixth. Plione U. ll-p-k-18 icely furnished BEDROOM (ill W. Main. Mrs. Wlckhnin. 12cktl Lost 4 HORSE MULES , about 1000 Ibs. each, color: blue & sorrel. 2, atait 800 Ibs. CoJor: ark, white nose; black, REWARD. Ralph Brakensluk o rldalio Oro- ery, Bassctt, Ark. lQ-pk-13 BLACK LEATHER ZIPPER CASE containing refrigeration litera- ure. Call Golf Hotel. REWARD. ll-pk-15 i connecting vorts for Whippett. one Ib, compression grease. L. 1. Newton, Manila, star route. •.- '"•'•'.! 12-p-k-10 Wanted '^i i-'oiti) v-s ni; i, uxi: TUIiOK. New I'iillll ViU3 '30 OIIKVUOI.KT COACH. Klci'lrlc Horn. '37 License 31U5 'J2 l-'Oltl) COUI'K. Jloild "«." Save On Tliis One $ 75 .AUHDtiy, rougli dry or iinislied. i Good work. Mrs. Mick, 016 Lake. I S-pk-9! If Von r>o Not Find tile Car 1 Want Lislcil - Call 810 - We Have It! —Ol'KN SUNDAYS— Small Down I'aynienl - Kasy Terms Phillips Used Car Lot I'lionc 810 Itoy Calvin,'-liijr.. Used Car Dep Gay & Billings, inc. Coal - Feed - Kindiiuj," •-Phone 7(i ••;• As Fine Selection As .., In lUvlhiivIlle - - Look Them Over! We Have Many Heal l ;nlns To Choose from! 1035 CUKVilULiiT AlrlS'l'KK COA011. A-l CoiHlillon ItWl CHi;vill)l,KT SI'OKT SKHAN 1U35 l-'ilKVKULKT IHAS'l'ISK I-'REE! if cx>-cs3 acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gns Pnlns, In , lllecstion, Heartburn, GET sample doctor's jircscriptlon, at • Kirby Bras. Drug Co. free AUTO LOANS Borroiv money on your'car to pay for your licenses and other bills. Car need not bo paid for. Sco " W. MULUNS Suilbiiry Bltlg, Plionc -!D5 Batteries IIATTEIIY SKIIVICK Call J. Ben dune I'lione B nt Tom Jackson's Room and Board $6 PER WEEK Enjoy comforts of stenin heal, hot and cold water, good food, all fur this low price.' . , Prahodv Hotel H! E. Shin Plionc 700 B1.VTHK\ II.I.K MEUJOUHNK, Ark. IUP) -A 110-year-old eolfce mill and u 100- ycar-ol«t wiilmil chest tiro still in use ill'the lioini; of Josepli Joust here. The chest, hus (svo partitions anil orlglmilly \viis used for KIWII iin.l \vliUe sugiir, S3'I5 (iOACIl. ItCfll CJooil Buy rditn v-s »i: i.uxi: .SKD/iN. t'cifect Condition >3U5 1935 1'OKI) V-8 . and IliMlcr. Only IU35 UOlx/f.; UH)rK. liadio. l.ow MllriiB Iliiilli) , G I'ly Tires ...... . ..... 1D3U CHKVKOi.KT l|4 TU.V TlttJCk. Gi»il 33xG Tires 1035 UIIKVICULKT 1'i J UN TltUCk. I.SOxZO Tires .. IU3li roitl) V-8 I'lCK-Dl- TRUCK ............ 11)31 KUltl) THUCK V-8 I'lCK-lil- Kasy (J. M. A. 0. I'liymcnl 1'lin Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone. G'la Real Estate Cleaners - Laundry I'ACE ST-AH Cr,EANE«S Experienced • Workers '- Quality CleantiiR - Courteous Service 510 W. Ash Phone 200 Marvin Sawyer, Sign YOU GET A BETTER USED CAR FROM A - BUICK DEALER i:xTit,v si' 1030 PONUTAC 8 D1? I.UXE •1-13OOR ; TRUNK SEiOAN. Spotless thronshoiit and perfect In every respect, including ninny, extras such us r 31 license. Here lr» your chance lo buy n pniclicnlly new car nl n large illscouul. Come caily foi liesl <£fi9C selections $OtiO 1033 CHEVHOWT 0-\Vhcel JLUAN Clenn A 5001! buy nl , 1934 41 DUICIC SEDAN. Six i\hcoh A good ctu (01 the money Our sliowi Dom 1ms muiiy more, ix'ii.sons for. your choice WE HAVE SECURED TUB SERVICES OF AN .KXrKHlKNCED RADIO MECHANIC wlio will gu.irant«o to repali your radio to first class condition, , A Complete Unc of Tubes »nd I'arls . . Best Trices Hubbaul Tire * Hit. Co, Phone 476 Have You Visitcri Our New Mndtin Service Station ',' White [lose ..Gasoline' Tires Wlllard ISitltcrles Ho;id Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 'U HOUK SKKV10K <'nll (J33 1'or 1'ronipl Scrilc Tom Little, Chevrolet Co, JOYNER MOTOR ' SALES CO-. Iluiih nut I'onlhc iiles i Sen lie iooo Sen ire - Gas it Oil Open All Night Phillips Service Center FOR SALE We >m-,c n limited supply of nice Alfnlfa fcccd, n'ld price Js altincthe Also sovornl Ions of StoiiQvillc No 1-A Cotton Seed ohc jciu rrom the I'ccder, \vc rntsKt and glnnca them mid state tested We luue several bundled Inishc!'- of Beans and i'ens. •• Will sell or titule foi nny other variety of Cotton Seed or Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel 1511 13 Yailiro, Ark. USED BlilCK. Cheap. A. K. Carter, C07 N. 5111 St. 3p k4-3 , PLUMBING! Fixtures, pipe, fittings, ill bathroom accessories, vcilyes, electric water systems -for' farms. Water softeners, • inters or any other item connected with plumbing or heat'"PETE" THE PLUMBER Pair young draft-marcs and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed to be sound and good workers. \Vt. 2,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. 27c kti SPECIAL BARGAIN" Mules ! ! See Us Before You Buy- Best Prices Also Several Good Used CULTIVATORS PAUL BYRUM Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS G. C. H."inks, 300 E. Slain Six head of Good MULES lor sale. Sec Paul Byrum. 5c kit 121 ..West .Main. Simon P. Lee In charge 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job COTTONSEED!!! cunr cuno CHOICE DI)L No - n COTTON SHOE SHOP SEED carefully saved for oiir own CITY SHOE SHOP Try us once Then try us twice After that you'll let «s Do your shoe work the Rest of ycvr life. 'iY.1I. I-m'EMAX ft J. 1). HOLT 4 doors cast Ponney's Poultry & Eggs I'OCI.THY -'WANTED \Vn Day highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Gaincs at Gnlncs Grocery & Market. U w. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Cmlom Ilntcliin)! MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, (il North, Blytiicvillc Electric Gin Co. LUXOHA, ARK. For Sale or Kent .MY HOME. 919 W. .Main. Mrs. S. S. sternbcrg. Call S3-:. 8-ck-tf Wanted To Buy WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hulibard 2nd Hand Furniture Slorc rhcmc 1031 We Pay $6-$7.50 per Ion for Scrap Iron, Radiators $1?1.50, Metals 3c to 12c lb,, also buy liiclc.s & old batteries AKIAN AUTO I 1 ARTS 128 E. Main p\ wne 176 WE BUY. \oung wliiic Plymouth Rock HENS. SI 50 each; rooster free with j f «ch ig | lens OT single roos t er5 i $1.50. ° | Abbott-.lohiison Poultry Farm Barfjeld r6ad. Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron lilythevlllc Iron & Metal Co Cherry & R. H. phone For sale: Rents 1 Properly, Month ... ly Rental $38nj. Price $1275 Thomas Land Company 11 ck-l Collon, Cutlon kcctl and Coal READY, AIM— HEY, VOU FB-LAS-MEW FOOZY WWE GO7TA GO KNOCK'OVER A DIW05/WC FOR GUZ'S PARTY • HOW MAMY OF . YOU WAHTA GO ALONG.' t HOPETTEU, DO YOU ^--xVA I OO- WJOW WHERE |\1'LL 5HOW TH'OiMOSAUR'&l.VDU MORE HAM& OUT. 1HAU YOU HOT ZiG OOP! SURE YOU CAM DEAL IMOW THAT. ., . 'SOOM A - pr LOOKS 'A5 IF WEVE RICH.' HAVE AWY op YOU GUYS AMY CHOICE , OR LOOKIT ALL THEM ND HER'IiUDDJES OPAV.HOW6 ABOliT SOME TOTATOEe VOR OlKSKstRrTO WtCVi W«tt M 1 ^ DIET "-I'M 5TWRUEO \t'. M^6 CORA WEP. OROf\\\ fO , SO NOBOOV 01917BVNEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RED. U. S.PAT.O WASH TUBHS. FANNING THE FLAME! SAY; vont KJ*OW WHAT EASV SAID ABOUT ;YOUT " YOUR FALU ^-^ tn I I V^HEAPED PELICAN WHO'S A FATTV.' » f fXVOREP TO LOSE\ WHiP. EASV VJtTHOUT «5;SHt$AvS OVERCONRDtNCE I'LL WW<£ HER. UP. ^IEA SERVICE. IUC. T. M. REO.'u S P*T OFF FRECKLES AM) HIS FRIENDS HE ASKED FOR IT! By Blosstr "" n SHERIFF, SOMETHIWQ MUST BET DONE ABOLTT 7HAT SO-CALLED GHOST/ PEOPLE W SHADVSIDE ARE • DEPARTMENT IB FAfLlfJG |(J ITS DUTY.' IM SOFT MUD,rr V/OLILD HAVE BEEW A CLUE! WE COULD TELL FROM '"THE OF THE PRIMT OUST HOY/ BIG IT HOW MUCH , ROUGHLY SPEAKING, , Hew MUCH DO YOU I WEIGH ? JUST HCW HEAVY MAW WAS Wl-

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