The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1932
Page 2
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' BLYTHEVILIJB; XARK.V :CotttttER : KEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20. 1982.. . .. v«to*»ary r - Union of Baptist church meeting with ' e Trleschmah entertain- : viit Vouhj Matrons Bridge club. s; ; 7-JLiterary •department of. Women's ^ club meeting-at '2(30' 'at club jHvg!'v-.",."<;'.;. Wednetcay .'•--. - . jy-- ; ScW«dnesday. Contract club meeting ^;wj$h-Mrs.:Riiey B. Jones. £-;jspelpUaB intetuig »t'Hoter Noble, *&$••-*•'''. •'•-'••' Tttrtdjyvii^v, :,';.. f ,&Thuriday Luncheon club meeting ilv'.'jptli Mrs. Everett B. Gee, A.' *;.Mri. Harry .W. Halnes •having £;.|W-Week;Bridge ;c!ub.. v , :. ' i;Lola: Bryant " fedV Arden;<&6wder g. Announcement 'has been made : jrtVtte. marriage^ pf Miss Lota Bry•; ant ..'and Mr.: Arden B,. Crowder. H'v^Tfee;..' wedding. .'• was-•• Vsolcmnlzei fjv.^TBUflsday; ; evening, seven' o'clock ^.v'aM.t&: l hoino;.;bf.;>the. Rev. Marsh s £v." M-J.Qillaway/^pwtior 1 ,off the. First lurch",;who said the Mrs, Dwlght H. Blackwooi ond brother, Tom Jones, of Little Rock, have returned home after a brlaf stay with Mr. and Mrs, W. Di Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson,. Bert Stewart, son of Mrs. I. B, 1 Stewart, who has been stationed at Newport, R. I., while in the United States navy, is at home for a : '* ctty^ " '' -Edwards ': •• ' In this Ue : in train- •- - :| : ; j- J Janesbofo ; sind ; lAice 'icity,\ ?3" .--• J?HMr>.- Crowder, ; .who : }ls : > tho £": Vtto. arid (life.. T>J.' V.Crowder, -' ' hcl' r s.'5cl>ools. . the\clty' r s.'5cl>ools. ' jbrlde'. are . . if-'.V/i^ Twine with -Mr.;.' Crowiler's par- S'-'^yiliVat 6U ; ChJckasawtJi -avenue. 8^/->.-; "'. ••••' "'* :;/•>'':•:'• :Cta« Ai»» for. ;iQ*64 Attendancel'; r''sihool. c month. ,He recently completed four years''enlistment'but plans to ™- nlUt.- ^ ., Mrs.'Walter Cox Jr., of Osceola, is visiting her mother, Mrs. I. B, Stewart. ..Mrs. Farnsworth Blnck, accompanied by .Dr. and Mrs. Guy Jar- ititt of Vlcksburg, Miss., spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. ani Mrs. O. Cooke and granddaughter, Mary Louis Slow? art, of Jackson, Miss., accompanied, by Mr. and Mrs. Harry FunelV of" Okikhbriitf, -were here' yestorda> cnroute to Portngcvllb, Mo.,, for a visit with relatives. They will return here Sunday for a brief sta> before .returning home. Before hei marriage Mrs. Funell .was Miss Constance Cookc. , • Miss-i.'Ruth' Butt, who attends Sophlp'IJciYCorrib college at New Orleans, is nt home for the holidays She will leave tomorrow^ Miss Emm a Sue Stewart is spending .the week-end In Joncsboro.. . .Ed Hardin went to Birmingham foj the VanderblH-Alabama football game Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich arid daughter, Donna Cooke, will go to Springfield, Mo., -tomorrow for a brief visit with Mr. .\Vimd:r- lich's .mother. Mr. and Mrs. Russell BVr arc in Memphis for the weekcniji'. wllll attend? several .-social affairs whUe.'there- among them a, dance HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS £.N HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 25. —Clara Bow again has ascended • the throne as queen of Hollywood's red I:i2ads. After scelns her new film, "Call Her Savage." I am convinced she' is back on (he screen for quite o long sojourn, There was a time when Clara snt on tho topmost pinnacle of fllindoin. For two years she led all others at the 'box office. Whether she uijaln will reach that spot Is n matter for speculation. But It Is a safe lief that she will go far. Taking the picture as a whole, 'tficro isn't a grout; deal that can be said for "Ciill'Hcr Savage." Personally I think it was the wrong vehicle with which to start her put, In the early 'reels particularly there was too much of a tendency to. capitalize- on her sex. appeal But with all that, she docs a better Job of acting than I've ever seen her do. And she looks grand A year's rest has done her no cnil of good. Altlwugh -grown-up In mannerisms, she' Is youngertliai before In appearance. * » * Two Punts Suit Hollywood is looking for Marlem Dietrich nnd Josef von Sternberg to put on a brother act almost any jarly which w&» something. The ucsts were Qeorge Brent, her eur- ent husband, and Ralph Forbes, ex-husband. And everything along peacefully. Jutt tho PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. KkMlMft, FMtor Suridiy school, »' a.m. Due to the special school dedication and mission rally services to morrow afternoon and evening there will be no morning worship You are most urgently Invited (< hear our out-of-town speakers and rejoice with u? as we dedicate ou Christian day-school. The Rty. W Bciuefer ol fit. Louii will p«ac at 3 p.m. and,UK Rev. V. Bruegg of Memphis at' 7:30 in the evening wert o prettily : :f:',"s[pfj:'Uie : First • Baptist ; eh'urch is at!•>•; ,fciptips io better list'Sunday's at- fv V'ienqance for Vtrie .meeting -tomor- ^ L jjow/;Ail members are urged to at- |i-irSj|ec«UTe .Beard,*- Vfinuin'ii . •!. SS'f'^Pljis'.fbr V Christinas'party were 8SvX«ide i'at- a ^meeting.pj. : t,he oxecu-. gB'^tjre ;board !ol: the' .Woman's club ^.•|^;, ! 'Jlri4ay..'a't' the 'clUb'npi Sfi'J ^ifee li members vj >$£ «jierwi luncheon at;a : tfif V--:. jjicotated ia autumn'I Id ^•*ftTlie'Christmas: p«rty:ls^to be lor te-imembers ol'tbe club with'e»oh al- f'S ! :"jQwed ; to.ask-one-guett:'it is to be f;i:' 5l>eJd:the afternoon of December 20, :|"?c:ifilaborate, plans are to be, made so teij^trial'th'e affair, will .be an: outstand- rjj'v> .-^ttigicwij'''-'' ..- -.^., -'-.•• •£'9'-~lf?-"',- • .-. * . '•: *. . • Iprl&khate; .BWiday-. --:=--. ^K: ?i&st of- honor for a. dinner party ;*:;>';gSenVlast evening;.at aha home ol g:KV; : MrV-;antt. Mrs: C.."'A.'-.-Elfrank bj J^V ;,jtije'-samecrowd -of - 28t who fre- i,f >: ;. ftjuefltly^ hive parties.' . - f*,;-. " ;K-,Stnce--it was- Mrs. .'Grimmett's 'birthday there, was a. cake, with . , at; thiQ -Hotel .Peabody Joniglit. . . 'Berry B. Brooks ; Jr., has return ' cd 'to ' Memphis ' att-sr spending Thanksgiving with Mrs. Allan Wul- ton. Mrs, Brooks will go home tomorrow. Mrs. E. J .Dodson, who has b3en 111, is (lightly improved today. Miss 'May Warren spent Thupd ay In ' Stee Ic , ... Mo , , . as the juest of >Irs. . Mlchle. ...Web^-Js ill- at h«r ' hoifie on Chlckiiawba avenue. Miss Jayhej Barnes, who attends Webster Grove college at Webster Grove, Mo., arrived last night to spend thB week-end with hjr mother, Mrs: G. S. Barnjs. She will return Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gay linvo taken the Ramsey Duncan apartment on Chickasawba avenue for the winter. Their country l:ome is at Half Moon. -. : Mr. and Mrs. .Randolph Smith have: 'moved' to ; Mrs.. • Charles P. Wood's apartment on Dougan avenue. Misses Luna B. Wilhelm. Lnurr. Bassett, Sclma Lcntz ami Rosa M. Hardy are in Memphis for the convention of National Council of the Teachers of English. ., _. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Osfcoinj flighted tapeis, for the centerpiece I spent Thursday in NcUleton, Ark., time now. They were seen tho other 'day wearing trousers which were Identical. ••"'.' , Mae Clark already had.the invitations out for a spaghetti party the other night when srje 'was stricken with tlio. flu. But she diln't let tlml stop the festivities. Rather than disappoint her friends, she had the place cards set around hnr bed. There's a certain section ol Beverley Hills which should be offering home for very cheap rent almost any day now. It's that section in which Buddy Rogers, and Dick Powell <h«e adjoining houses, Each of = these young actort plriys nine different-musical Instruments. And how they try to outdo one another. When Buddy t:arnecl that Dick w«s even-up with him; he irrimedlately. took up playing violin. Now Dick is look- Ing around for something else he can play. And tha neighbors—yoi guess what they're looking for. • • . * • A Dinner for tfce Book! A few night ago Ruth Cliatler- F1RSJ BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut ud Elgbtk Street* Alfred 8. Harwell, Putor Pastor's subject at 11 a.m "Testing the Sincerity of Our Pro feislon." 7:30 p.m.: "Why Th Lost Should Accept Jesui Now." All circles of the W. M. S. mee Monday, 2:30 p.m. to elect officer Circles' No. l and 2 to be an noimoed from the pulpit. circle:3,at the church. Circle * with Mrs. J, T. Collins, 1020 Hearn .street. All young ma- =WEEKLT SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Stewardship of Life «xt: Ku l:li-M; Ac*U 16:11-11 The iBtematioial Unilmn Sanday SehMl UMMI for N«v. VI. • • * • BY WK. E. C.1LEOY, D. D. Editor of The ConcretaUoulW While this lesson on the stew- irdshlp of life succeeds that on he itewardifalp of ' money, it hould really be first, because if he life It right in its elemental motive* and purposes all should • follow. A man who t>u consecrated his life to a hl»h or wly cause will not be found want- Ing In the consecration of his possessions. But it means a great deal to consecrate ooe't life to a cause- more than most of us realize.' We are mil bom Into certain environ menu,'- and with many of us these environments determine at leas the outward circumstances of ou lives. We are thrown into a par tlcular wiy of living or into a particular business, and th thought of- life apart from tha way or- that particular position is full o| advnturous, if not of dis ruptlng, circumstances. In'/some, the spirit of adyen ture . liefcdeep. The things .tha bind them'.to the ordinary.routin of life' and tho relationships; o family arid community are sllgh or they, are even -bonds that chaf ton entertained with • dinner the evening. Everybody especially invited to attend these services; Irons will-meet with Mr*. W M Williams, 310 Kentucky: rtwet, to organize. : B. Y.';P...-u. njeeti 6:15 p.m. Mte .Lun»'. Wllheljn, director. ; Sunday ri^cijobl.ojfloerfi and teach- ?rs,ni|*Bfciye1ane»day, 7 p.m. Mld- week se>ylc«;';7:« p.m. Choir re- ^e^fi-:*;^; .Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, .'dlrectpr,v.'-,;.' '' • °?«*i**iraimiisic, led by Everett McDou'ell,-.iflfteeri minutes preceding evening, service. : Come:re>dy,.,t<>',make your pledge for our 18?3 budget since we begin, our Every:Member .Canvass today. FIRST. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Mank'iH. CaU»w»y, BUnbter Churehi^School convene* at 9-45 a. m;;.J./Nick Thomas, Superintendent./:, Morning,.worship lirpo a. m. The pastor .will preach using as his subject "A Christian's Charge." I Sermon, 7:30. Subject "Backslid. Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. Thelinjr •• sermon subject wll! be "Trie-Forks w M Tn Th»,Wrt»rf'" . • .. ' ind that are quickly and rudely broken. j It Is Interesting to study the ypes of people who heard the call and followed Jesus. It was a very xactlng call. It is true that he uggested to some:, who J would f plow him that tHcy ; ought to gb.ahd ittend (o the'duties at hoine, but hose whom he welcomM' into the nner circle of dbclpiesnlp were definitely taken out of their ordinary environment, When the disciple .said, "We lave left all and folfowed thee," he was speaking the literal truth, for It was nothing less than this that Jesus had commanded.'. The interesting thing Is that among these disciples we flnd, apparently, both types of people- both the adventurous spirits, ambitious and ready for anything and the quieter, guileless souls whose renouncement'' of every thing to follow Jesus meant an in tense wrench in their lives, some thing that they could only hav .accepted after Hie most conscien tious thought. Religion needs botly types to day, and Christian consecration ,ii jts ultimate nature, and its cffec means much the same for both The significance, of Jesus is t open up for all a world of .new vision, of new visions that are to realized either In the routine f one's dally life or work, or In he inspiring challenge 'of hard asks. •* * *, The flshermen whom Jesus call- d to'leave their nets and become ishers of men were, accepting lord tasks in lowly life. Paul call- 'd. to be' a world missionary was .cceptlng 'an adventurous 'and very dalige'rous. career — a career the course of which was literally shaped by the persecutions that assailed him. But the dlsclpleshlp was in' both cases the'same, and the Inspiration and strength were derived from the same source—loyalty to th* Master and the : cbn5cIqijsheE.s of the. Master's presence anil help. If we could all come face to face with Jesus as thess early disciples came, if we could feer the'charm end inspiration of his presence, perhaps the consecration that is difficult would be easier, perhaps we would respond eagerly . ana quickly like Peter and James and John, perhaps v.-o would respond to the vision like Paul, 01-wo might turn awafc sorrowful, thinking of our posses^hs and of the things, great or snail, -that we should find it so hard to abandon. Yet, no man ever lost in Hit and glory of life who lost hlni'.ctj in consecration to Christ. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH i Main and Seventh Sireeto P. Q. Rorle, Pastor Worship and sermon 11 a. m. apd 7i30 p. m. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Junior Church U a. m. Worhans Missionary Society Monday 2:30 p. m. , • Prayer, meeting Wednesday 1:30 p. m. The Fourth Beatitude will be discussed. ihole armour of God, that ye may used.this formula, which may eas- bc able to stand against tho wiles I ily be made at'home: f the devil." (Ephesians 6:11). I The clubs represented at tha SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 1. L. Newsorn, Faitor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Tommie Begun, superintendent Sermon, 11 a.m. Subject "Where Are" the Dead"? Ctarm Bow and M more Mfkhli ai.erer In Her' new tent* •craMhack iltemjt. same Ruth should be commended for her' courage, .or foolishness- depending upon how you look- at «.. Wynn Gibson myjterioutly disappeared from Hpllywood for two days recently. .Upon being questioned as.-to where she had been, she replied, ''I've been; horseback rdlng." Nor would any amount of coaxing get her td say any more. -• and •: this-was ^banked ''with pretty i-'aatuinn Itowers: : A duck'dinner was : ^Hryed. .. •;.; •. . : ;' -; l . "..i;"_Mr»'.~ Grimmett'-'was -'presented a fe;v-;>hd handkerchief • as a gift jj!;-,:-'froi-all the guests.' - • "s-"'" ^': ; :.-"," ; . ' '• •••'• ..« •'' '"= !"•«»» MalroBs ';'•'.-.'•. V : ' ."Tt'Ffntt.Circle.- ....-:.., ,>;.'-The. young matrons of Mho First -Baptist church.will-organize a cir- .-'cle, to be affiliated with the Wo- -;jnjm's Missionary society, in ameet- • Wg al the home of Mrs. W. M. illinns Monday afternoon at 2:30 ; v o'clock. '; Sing Sing prison got its name .'Inan the Indian words meanings -"a,'stony place." ';'..'• l S.Girl:May Join Gandhi with Mrs. Osbornc's mother, Mrs. Mary J. Burge, who recsntly suffered a broken hip. She Is feeling better now. Miss Theltna Parsley, Mrs. Raymond Forrester, 'Mis.? Louisa Hoe-: buck and Miss Marie Bombolaskl, employes of the local lelephoiie exchange, are ill from influenza. Sam Muir, formerly connected With D. Canale of (his city and now of Fulton, Mo., is the guest of his brother, George Muir, nml family. J. K. Moore of Joncsboro district commercial manager of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company, is attending to business here Mr. .and 'Mrs. Earl Kcontz of. Fulton, Mo., were here for Thanksgiving as guests of Mrs. E. M. Bryan and daughter, Miss Ellen. -Mr. Koontz has returned but Mrs Koontz will remain for a lone'er visit. A. Lcland Jamlcson of Fulkn Mo., Is the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs George Muir and family. Amar- Hindu —/.fore- ilialmt- DelniVarinounc- him death." !«r hit liun- nil!- itiactilpf.'-'. • ^l-^-v 1 -*' F.*'-- *£ KY SISTKR MARV NEA Service Writer Tlio skill in cooking or combining materials really determines the palalabilily of food to a much grcklcr degree than Hie cost ol food doc's. Simple, ineximisive dishes trial haVc the advantage of appetizing combinations of flavors arc often more tempting than costly dishos Indifferently pvc- parcd and seasoned. Plain fare do: s not mean that drab meals must be served! The food can be Just as interesting and Inviting and the family as well nourished when stews and pot roasts take the place of expensive roasts and steaks and simple .greens'. replace elaborate 'salads. . 8In?eVbrcads. spice con be vised in numberless ways to ranks truly .delicious desserts. Can- •necl fruits are 1 always available. Rolled flank steak is very inex- ronslve and furnishes much food value. A little planning regarding Its ccoking is necessary If true economy would be practiced. Plan to servo n rolled flank stcaw some day when there is baking to do. Cook the meat while you are doing .the baking 1 in the morning. Then nt dinner time reheat I he oven for an hour and bake the extra vegetable or pudding while the meat is 'finishing. The steak will cook In the heat of the cooling oven and also In its own heat in th; morning so an hour at dinner time Is enough to thoroughly cook the dish. Rolled FlanV Steak The steak should be scored by the butcher or at home before preparing for tha' oven. Mnkc a paste'of 1-2 teaspoon imislard, 1 teaspoon Rail, 1 teaspoon sugar and 3 tablespoons vlnrga'r. Spread -meat with paste, cover with stuffing, roll nnd tie. Dredge with flour nnd unke as suggested for two hours in a slow oven. Stuffing: Two cups stale coarse bread cnimbs. 3 tablespoons melted butter or bacon fat, 1 teaspoon minced onion, 1-4 tcaspron pepper, 1-2 teaspoon salt, hot water. Mix salt, pepper and onion with brond crumbs. Add msllcrl butter and mix lightly with a fork. ..Add about one-half cup boiling water and cover mixing bowl closely. Let stand ten minutes and then mix with a fork. Add more water if necessary, but the dressing should not be sticky' or pasty: Tomorrow's Menu 'BREAKFAST:.Tokay grapes, cereal. ' cream, scrambled eggs, cin- Make Elaborate Plans ifor 1932 • Senior, Carnival Plans for the annual senior carnival of .the city high school are underway with elaborate arrangements being made: for -the affair to be given Friday'-night, December 2. •;.•-• - -\ . ; v There Is to-be two \ anr! a> half hours of varied entertainment "of novelties, plays, choruses, racllo- toleviiion' and the crowning of the 1932 cafnlcal queen. The-football boys will' entertain those who arrive earjy. ; The committee In charge 'is Frank Huffman, manager; James Edwards, business manager; Wil bur. Archer, publicity manager; Miss; Mary! Ellen Steveiis, director of jchonises.^. • Proceeds .-from .the carnival wll l« used for the purchase of, the senior memorial by the class o: '33. In Christian •'Endeavor at 6:30 p m , The Sunday Scjioel Council • will meet Tuesday 6:30 p. m. The .MJd-week-service wUl be a study;of.the;book ot Job; \ , The^ard-ofibeMotjB wlU hold the reguUir monthly meeting Friday evening, at 7:'00 p. m ; i ,: ; "The. end : of : the charge IsA Ton out of a.pure heart arid of a gttid conscience., and faith unfeigned" I Timothy 1:5. . : CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Second mad VbM- ' R .S. Rvshing, PuUr : .Sunday school : »:45. : N. Y. P. 8. « • o'clock. . ' Preaching at U », m.;and'7'.p. m. by the,pastor. Sunday : evening will mark tbe close of a month of prayer-for "World-,Wide Missions" by .tlje whole denomination at which time a special offering will be given for the support of this World wifle program of . Evangelism Prayer meetings each Wednesday even- Ing 1 o'clock. ' ; A big welcome always awaits you at the services of this church. "Come with 'us we will da thee ood." . S. Monday 2:30. Mrs. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 .m. • Choir practice Wednesday 7 p.m J. -T. Hlis, leader. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. I. LeRoy, Pastor Sifhday school, 9:45-a.m. Iverso Morris, general superintendent The Lesson-Sermon will also In- lude passages from the Christian cience textbook, "Science and lealth with Key to the Scriptures," }y. Mary Bnker..Eddy, one of which catis, "Be watchful, .sober, and vig- lant." (Page 324.) ' CLOTHING STUDY PIEJBB_ Remodeling and Cleaning of Old Garments Demonstrated by Expert. The Mississippi county council of Home Demonstration clubs, is enthusiastic over the two day meeting here Tuesday and' Wednesday when an old clothes clinic and mattress malting demonstration were held. Tuesday was spent in studying the remodeling of clothes and suggestions on selection? .and: care , . of them. Miss Rosalie Wolfe, state Mrs. Raymond Saw,, elemental c ]olh]n B specialist of the extenBlon demonstration were:. Luxora,. Dell, Perry, Promised . Land, Dogwood, New Liberty, Leachville, Lone Oak, Nodena and rial* Moon. ; According to Miss Cowman, the purpose of these demonstrations ir, to supply practical information in altering commercial patterns, combining harmonizing material and designing, becoming lines for different types of faces and figures, and .inexpensive and practical methods of caring for the clothes to prolong the life of same. Now when cotton is cheap and cotton materials for making the covering is Inexpensive; is an ideal time for all farm women to make all the cotton mattresses needed, they were told. On Wednesday two cotton mattresses were made by th; council. superintendent. Church, 10:80 Sermon topic: "What Will Open Heaven's Windows?" Leagues, 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Church, 7:30 p.m. Sermon topic: "Converting Lasses Into Gain for 1933." Prof. Wilson, of Memphis, will conduct a special service o! song at-the church at 2:30 o'clock to which all singers of the city are invited. All are invited to attend all services of this church. division, was in charge, assisted by Miss Cora Lee Cok'man, county home demonstration agent. The fiva communities represented will have the benefit of this demonstration as the women present will give similar "demonstrations to their clubs. Inexpensive methods of cleanlns were given by Miss Coleman who Mrs. D. Garrett of New Liberty made one at the cost ol less than $5. It contained 5C Ibs of cotton. Mrs. Lynch of Nodena "completed" her quilt for around J5.00 but she bought a, more expensive tick- Ing. Each club woman present will give similar demonstrations nt her,, local club EO that each wonwn the county may learn'the'-msth of making "Cotton Mattresses. The same method may be used for upholstering furniture. Read Courier News Want Ads. MATERNITY AND ADOPTIONE- Seclusion for unfortunate girls. Expense reduced by working. Address: Fairmount Hospital, 4909 East 27th., Kansas City, Missouri. nnmnn toast, cocoa, cotfcc. LUNCHEON: Scalloped oysters, shredded cabbage and celery sal- nrK spice cup cakes, canned peaches, milk. tea. DINNER: Codfish baked in tomato sauce, French fried sweet potatoes, creamed cauliflower, ail- turan salad, Boston cream pie with strawberry sauce, milk, coffee. .'. Displiy Champ Gooscbmks REDMOND, Ore. (UP) — Thi largest gooseberries ever displays in Central Oregon were brough hers by Thomas Qulslcy. A win <color and as .largc : 'as Roya -,. . kuufuuui nuu «-•- .•<»&<;• «. ««j. cakes- and cggless steamed pud-l'Anrie cherries', they arc transpar ding.? arc especially acceptable dur: lent, enough that one may see la MSE'V-.JoW nionths aiid are cheap I seeds when the berry is held I ?9^^^»>:sh,ih; , ' CHURCH OF CHRIST Charln C. FM", Minister There will be special services at he court house with The Chun}h of Christ beginning promptly at en o'clock Sunday Morning. Another service at seven fifteen in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH "Ancient and-Modern Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be read in the Christian Science service Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at the Hotel Noble. The Golden Text is, "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be'strong." (I Corinthians 16:13). Among the citations from the Bible is the following, "Put on the BLYTHEVILLE EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT CLINIC Room 210 --------- Ingrain Rid?. DR. J. A. SALIBA Fhorc 418 IlMtler Kill* Horse BOZEMAN, Mnnt. (UP)—Mls- aklng a brown horse for an elk 3apt.' David DeLap shot the iml-, inal frbni .beneath its rider, Carl Piggins,.- killing'. the. horse-: and lightly wounding* Figglns. Special Freiich Permanent Wave *E Guaranteed ' 99 PLAINB BBAUTY-SHOP Glcnroc Bldg'. • . Mionf « Pasteurized Milk Phone 74 lOc Qt. Delivered Bulgarian Kutlcrmilk 15c. Qt. Go to Church Sunday Here's the WINTER GAS you need The new Textto-Ethyl is a "husky." No matter how cold the weather, how cold your engine—Texaco- Ethyl takes every start in stride- packing, two-fisted punch-behind each cylinder mile after mile during the coldest run. The new'Texaco- Ethyl is alive—eager to "go" from p the moment your foot hits the. starter. Drive up for «tankhil of Tcxaco- Ethyl today. ^TOCACO Fffif-CHfff GASOUITC PLUS ETHYi BILL WUNDERLICH'S MAIN SERVICE STATION PHONE 711 THERE ARE - i;, WAYS TO KEEP WELL DRESSED Spend much money for new clothing— m 'Spend a little money regu- 9 larly for Dry Cleaning. -It is a wise policy to buy good clothing, but it is also wise to take the proper care of that clothing. A. suit cleaned at regular intervals lasts months longer. ' The DRY CLEANING service we offer is the most satisfactory in every respect. Bty thevilie Laundry Phone 327 for a White Truck

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