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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 14
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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1936. PAGE SIX A DES MOINES TRIBUNE DR. AND MRS. EVERETT GEORGE Tif 1 -mm TOY TRAIN DIVERTS MASTER MINDS Scientists Talk Shop vj rf XT destroyed if these areas are destroyed. Animal Brains.

"Different Dar of animals the heavy oxygen. Drs. Urey and Huffman have done this. "Many problems in biological chemistry can be attscked with water of this kind," Professor Urey told a symposium on absorption and extraction being held at Co. lumbia university Monday and Tuesday.

Winner Changed CONCORD, N. H. (P) Arthur B. Jenks, jr. (Rep.) Monday was named U.

S. representative-elect from New Hampshire's first con. gressional district The state ballot law commission, after an 11-hour session, announced Jenks had defeated Alphonse Roy previously named winner of the contest by 17 votes, by a 10-vote margin. The commission gave Jenks 51,. 649 and Roy 51,639.

WANT AD RATES Tour Want Ad appeire ta botB peptra The Oea Molnee Reenter ana The bti Motnte Tribune en week daye for one price. If ordered for a full wees aeveatb da ta FREE. (Minimum irant ad 10 worde.) Tour name and addreee er ailnd boi aumbet eounta aa on line. Word One TOreo Average Bay uaya MrsKirkham And Her Son Are on Trip RS. J.

H. KIRKHAM and son, juuu, jr, itm roructn have left on a trip to Mon terrey, Mex. They were accompanied as far as Corpus Christi, bv Mrs. H. A.

Henninr of Milwaukee, who has been Mrs. Henning will remain in Texas for the winter. Mrs. Kirkham and son will return by way of Corpus Christi and spend New Year's day with' Mr. and Mrs.

Dean B. Kirkham there. Mrs. Mack Garr of Fort Des Moines Army post left Sunday to spend the winter in Tucson, Mexico and California. Dr.

Claude Miller of Madison, who spent Christmas and the weekend at the home of Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Winnett, 5225 Woodland ave, returned to his home Sunday.

Mrs. D. t. Doyle and Mrs. F.

H. Stoker of Neola visited over the weekend with their sister, Mrs. J. H. Weber, 2225 Grand ave.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Harney, 534 Twenty-ninth st, spent the weekend in Sheldon with the former's mother.

Miss Frances Blotcky, 4S3S University and Miss Evelyn Rosen, 4010 School arrived home Monday morning from Chicago where they spent Christmas and the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. James Corenmao, of Omaha, spent Christmas and the weekend at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Max Rosen, 4010 School st Dr. and Mrs. T. G. Wheeler, 1231 Sixty-fourth st, have returned from Centerville where they spent Christmas and the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Logan, 2805 Forest returned Sunday night from Red Oak, where they spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs.

Will John Roberts and other relatives. Hfltxn Afapw Allotttr Tovln. spending her vacation with herl brother, William Taylor, and) family in Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs.

H. C. Crawford of Indianapolis, have returned to their home after visiting the for mer's mother, Mrs. Delia Crawford, 1015 Clark st. Miss Josephine Parks of Rock- juxu her home after spending Chnstmas Tit i li 1 ji '-V I A i viV i fr A v.

'4y 1 I i -4 1 1 10 .80 II 80 3.60 ea lite 15 1.20 5 70 6 40 .40 11 to 20 1.60 3.60 i 1.20 lijj 21 to 2S 2 OO 4.50 OO 9 00 2S to 30 2 40 6.40 10.80 Ju 80 31 to S5 8 80 S.3Q 12,60 la.gj 36 to 40 3 20 7.20 14.40 14 41 to 45 3 60 8.10 16.20 16.21) 49 to 50 4.00 00 18.00 I ug Pictured above are Dr. and Mrs. Everett M. George who were photographed following their marriage Saturday at Grace Methodist Episcopal church. The couple left that night for New York City, where they will live.

Mrs. George is the former Virginia Hungerford. ai me nome or ner Drainer anaentilv diffrnt hw fwi. -in-Attv, aiiKi ixiis, ueuige A Dnfra KOI n.V..,.,i XI. Iu Other guests at the Parks' home PA TLA Anil tTnvmlrl T7 E.

C. Harlans to fever and tularemia. The five Mizener and chiWren Marilyn andworst transmit spottei UveT Two Couples at Ed Reed and Mary Cullum Marry Today Couple Wed in Dallas in Bride's Home. THE marriage of Miss Mary Anne Cullum, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

A. Earl Cullum of pallas, Tex, and Ed Reed of Des Moines, formerly of Dallas, is tak- ing place Monday afternoon at the Cullum home. Only members of the immediate families are witnessing the cere mony being performed by the Rev. Jasper Manton, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian church and a boy hood friend of Mr. Reed.

The couple will leave immediate ly for Des Moines. The bride has been a member of the amusements department staff of the Dallas News and Journal. She is a former student of the University of Texas and a graduate of Radcliffe college. Mr. Reed draws Off The Record cartoons.

He was graduated from high school in Paris, and attend ed the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. He and his bride will reside in the Cortez apartments. Teen Agers Plan Dance At Hyperion A HOLIDAY teen age formal dance will be held at Hyperion club Tuesday night with dancing beginning at 8:30 and continuing until 11:30 p. m. An amateur floor show will be given during intermission.

The committee in charge includes Glen Hoover, chairman, Paul Hewitt, Don Dorsey, Elaine IWilchinski, Martha Major and Inez Taylor. Chaperons will be Mr. and Mrs. L. M.

Dorsey and Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Haldeman.

Entertain Informally. Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Alfred Sawkins entertained 30 guests informally from 2 to 5 p.

m. Sunday at their home, 525 Forty-sixth st. Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs.

C. E. Fowler, 4322 Kingman and Mr. and Mrs. C.

K. Jefferson, 5708 Waterbury circle, will entertain 26 guests "Wednesday evening at a dinner at the Hermit club. Buffet Supper. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank McDonough, 512 Twenty-ninth entertained, at a buffet supper and bridge i party Sunday evening at their Birthday Party, Mrs. Joe Gillmore. 1310 Penn. eylvania entertained day afternoon at a party honoring Mrs. Lydia Gillmore on her eighty seventh birthday.

Guests were day school class at Wesley Meth- odist Episcopal church. Annual Banquet. Character Builders' Sunday School class of Highland Park Church of Christ will hold its an-; nual banquet at 6:30 p. m. Mon in the Lois Jean Food Cellar, 1441 E.

Grand ave. The Rev. Clarence Bigelow will be tne speaker of the evening. Miss O'Grady A IT 1 rillU. lCUIl luiriK Wed Saturday A NNOUN CEMENT is made of Bw E.

O'Grady, daughter of Mrs. Katherine B. O'Grady, 641 Nine- teenth at, and Leon A. Link of Akron, Ohio, formerly of Des the mavrtaaa if UTiaa uarvi Moines, which took place Satur-j day evening in Des Moines. Mr.

Link and his bride left after the ceremony for Akron where, they will make their home. Miss O'Grady has been em-'ployed in the classified advertising department of The Register and Tribune and Mr. Link formerly was superintendent of the composing room at The Register and Tribune. Jean F. Collins, R.

Van Wagenen 'Marry Monday MR. AND MRS. E. B. COLONS, 1821 College announce the marriage of their daughter, Jean Frances, to Richard Whitmore Van Wagenen, son of Mr.

and Mrs. H. R. Van Wagenen of Hollywood, which is taking place Monday in the Wee Kirk o' the Heather in Glen-dale, Cal. Miss Collins was graduated from North High school and attended Carleton college.

Mr. Van Wagenen is a graduate of Stanford university and also took graduate work at Syracuse university. Both young people are connected with the Public Administration Service in Chicago, where they will be at home after1 Jan. 5 at 5528 Hyde Park blvd. CLUB MEETINGS Uoodrntn Orov 62.

to meet II p. m. Tuesday. Moose hall. Ker.ilar meelinft In charge of Lena Rn.hiri, guardmn.

Wild Rene Guarrifl tn chmse of Agne Hnlel will aaelt in initiation of a elans of eRndidntpK, Relrph-mentn will he served Loreiu 8'ilomon Maud Eewp). Biidie Judy. Cleo Ferter and Kuierine Aikea. 1 R. AND MRS.

E. C. HARLAN I Indianola will entertain I 40 guests at dinner Monday brains have been cut out" Mid Dr. Hildreth, "to see the effect of 'the loss of that particular part "Obviously we can't use experimental surgery on human beings. But we can study individuals whose brains have been partially destroyed by disease." He reported on 247 humans with brains thus damaged.

Effects of Syphilis. 'An unusually Interesting dis covery was made during the course of the study," Dr. Hilureih said. "It is well known that syphilis may attack the central nervous system, leading to mental impair ment It is shown here tnat a mild mental deterioration may occur even when the nervous system has not been attacked. This is ap parently due to arterial damage in the brain." The syphilitics showed an aver age 10 per cent drop in intelli gence.

Solution to 'Mystery Of NEW YORK, N. Y. (U.P.) Dr. Harold C. Urey, Nobel prize winner, announced Monday the suc cessful mass production of heavy oxygen a scientific advance which may make it possible to answer the age old question, "What is life?" Until operation of the process worked out by Professor Urey and Dr.

John R. Huffman of Colunv bia university, scientists never had concentrations of heavy oxygenin sufficient quantities to study "its effect on plants and animals. During a 13-day period, however, the Columbia apparatus produced nearly 300 grams of water containing high concentrations of heavy oxygen. Heavy oxygen, heavier in atomic weight than ordinary oxygen. is present in the air but only in minute quantities.

The problem has been to eliminate the ordinary, normal-weight oxygen and leave the woftiDS Five fun- KIECT COMICS 16A1XNO TME LAUH PARAD6 4s, 6ls aui-music 8URNS ALLEN iCVUAOV RM AUrV ALL SEATS CPCcnvcrj .1 Tickets now seung Positively Ends Tonite! And Starting Tomorrow! Look out fnr Trnnhlr and nreoare for l.n,h. ANNE i Hr.liRITKT MARSHALL la With Gertrude Michael Margot Graharae CO-FKA'ItRE "THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE" With Ralph Marts Bat Kve. If st. 1 1 JtaAU44 Mi I lHAIS--HIXIilTONrTTTTjlT FAVORS OP ALL KINOSjKA lUr III Sisssss' iii A I rt lPX7 Brain Study SvrSCUSe Prof eSSOr Reports Discovery. ATLANTIC CITY, N.

J. Junior's major problem of getting Dad loose from the electric train that came with the Christmas tree bounced up Monday at the opening of the annual -convention ot me American Association for the Advancement of numbering 3,000 of America's larger minds. Like Junior, the convention ran llnto a little trouble dragging the grownup boyscollege professors, masters of research, inventors loose from an electric train that does everything but carry passen- gers around the lobby of the convention hotel headquarters, but has nothing to do with the main show. Report on Ticks. The convention was informed Monday by United States Public Health service that at least 10 different disease-bearing kinds of ticks have been discovered.

Ticks 'SidePain, ATLANTIC CITY, N. 1. OP) Simple breathing exercises which eliminate the painful "stitch In the side" experienced by many young people were described by Dr. I. Newton Kugelmass of the New York City Children's hospital before the American Association for the Advancement of Science Monday.

Physical examinations made by Dr. Kugelmass on 500 children showed that 56 boys and girls experienced, the stitching pain when they exercised, participated in athletics or danced. Deep breathing exercises, combined with correcting posture, and, in few cases, removing adenoids am clearing up sinus troubles, resulted in eliminating the pains in 48 out of the 56 children. aw thing! that Uve on animals and bite were Soldiers 1 Two cause relapsing fever. The I eastern wood sivM Ued Seat of Intelligence.

to seat or intelligence was traced to the w-hole human brain, rather than to any part, in a new kind of human brain studies re ported Monday by Dr. Harold M. Hildreth of Syracuse university, I It has not been heretofore prov en for humans that one part of the brain can take over the job of au- otner Part animal brains have ulQlcaLea- Furthermore it is known that i8i8ht musical ability and some other talents are located in special areas of the human brain, and mm Buy Tickets Now For Gala GARY COOPER JEAN ARTHUR In Terll B. DeMille'e "The Plainsman" Midnight Jamboree New Year's Eve AM. SKAT SHr Inf.

Tai Pen, Favor, aarnrliie fnr Meryene i VAV Guarantees 1 LLajxlj I entertainment im ei 77. ocjnna warn VXj-wtfl eiNNis sasi( 2i Ja it's mm fi TEMPLE (mi "The Stowaway" 1 Hi at tne Younker tearoom, The affair will compliment Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tallerday of San Cal and Mr and Mrs the SPECIAL LOW RATES Position Wanted Room Htkpa, Aoome Board and Room Roommate vVanted Uwt and Found la atemonaav SEB ABOVB CLASSiriCATlONI tOR SieCiAl. RATES.

DIAL S-211L DEATHS I AHERN Servltee for Mr. Jme Ahern. as 57, will be held Tuesday. 9am (rom St. John's Catholic church.

Biiy a home. 2031 Mondamm. For further In. formation call McDermoU'a A Mr. Charlotte Anderon 7i" of 1649 Maple passed away st th residence Sunday.

For further information call Dahlstrom Funeral Home. BKACH Ben R. Beach. 58. assistant maa-aner of Hotel Maytag.

Newton la passed away Sunday. Services at th'' Karbach Funeral Home Tuesday at 11 COX Service for Mark Cox, 2434 E. Grand will be held Wednesday 1:30 p. at Hamilton' Funeral Home! Interment Oralabor. DOME Mr.

Catherine Dome, see 56 of 3219 4lb passed away at a local hospital Monday morning. For furtaer information call Caldwell'. DUTTON Services for Mr. Lvdia J. ion, formerly of De Moines, will held at Dunn's Funeral Home Tueida? afiernoon at 1:30.

Interment at Gien. Service for Michel Fltj" ribbon. 263 Morton Ave. will be hut Wednesday. 10 a.

at HmiltoD'r Fu. neral Home. Interment Oskaloosa la JOHNSON For information reEardine service for Edward Johnson 2312 Dean call Dunn Funeral Home. JK FFRIES Mr. Margaret Jeffrie pas4 ououaj aioroins ai nome, 2456 6 w.

Seventh Street. For Informati'a regarding services, call Hamiiion Funeral Home Service for Mra Eunice kemish. of El Reno. Okla. will be he at Dunn'e funeral home Monday after, noon at 1:30.

Interment at dlendala Rev Ernet Victor Kennan. of St Faul'i Fplscopal church officiating. FLORISTS 3A SEND flowere Excellent eelectlon Res. onoi rnone d-eim. Lavere Brauccu FRESH cut flower.

Sorava Price reason-able Bach Floral 1453 4th S-2W5. FUNERAL HOMES R- CARL WHITE'S America's Finest funeral homb. (No Increase coat 2505 Grand Ave. LOST AND FOUND. Spocial Lost and Found Rates i lines day (1 00.

day 1200 line 3 daya $1.50 dav 1300 4 line 3 dave S2.00. day S4.M TTH nil a-uc-B1. rawer than 3 day. 400 line each day. ANTIQLB diamond cluster dinner ring lost, in yellow gold setting.

Valuad heirloom Reward. 6-9347 BEAGLE hound lost Male. 6 mo. old. 36'i Lrbatdale.

5-5705. Reward. BELT. Duvtyn with arrow head buckle lest M. Street near Walnut Reward.

Write W-352. Register and Tribune GLOVES, wool lined, black, fur trimmed, lost. 28Ul and Ingereoil. Rew. 7-22 j.

7. Pl'RfE -Lady', black. lot. ConsideraW money Ticket to Leon. Rew.

4-5731. PURSE, lady' black. lot downtown. Dee Hollingswortri Rew 7-0483. Dec- 24 from 54th Phone 5-3063 NOTICES NIGHT SCHOOL bkpg com, art.

peech. CCC. College. 3-31S0, ATTRACTIONS 6A A. FEW choice concesgtorn open for New ITvae rneni.

i -v. uniiniw iiu UeViiie ai ttii- Warrior Amuaemeot 307 Polk BidR. WHERE SHALL WE GO 7 LEE COX AND HIS ORCHESTRA ON TOUR WIU again furnish the music for the Second Annual New Years Frolic At the NEW ARMORY BALLROOM. SA8T 1ST AND DES MOINES ST. You will be entertained on one of largest ballroom floors in Iowa.

Admission a.oo per coupl. Tickets on ai at Crocker Cigar Store, Pt. Ph 3-9675 Boyce' Uptown Care, 41'? llniv. 7-3244 F'or information call 3 0794 BYRON DUNBAR'S ORCHESTRA Tuesday Iake Robbln 24c and 39c. New Year' Eve HENRY DURST.

Biggest Party In Iowa BTtJART Tuesday. Jimmi Smllh' orf hej-tra. 49c and 24c. plus tag New Year eve carnival dance. Leo Daege Otr STARLIGHT INN i.

B. 1st, Indianola. Jerry Have Orch. NEW YEAR'S Eve nolsemaker. hats, c.n-fettl.

serpentine. Large selection. Whole ale price. Grund Novelly, 421 E. Walnut.

La Cuta's New Years Eve Dance Floor Show. Favor. 41B Locust Bt. Dance at Pla Lan KEO KNITE KLUB 4 piece orchestra. 1803 Ke" PERSONALS TRAVEL Bureau you will find listed la th telephone directory.

4-0936 LUriLLE'S Massage end Bath Parlor. 1 mi a.k at n. MARRIED Mrs. Claude Mentzer, jr. Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Losee, 2825 Maple announce the marriage of their daughter, Juanita, to Claude Mentzer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Mentzer, 2715 Capitol which took place at 9 a. m.

Saturday at the bride's home. Mr. Mentzer is employed by John Burn's Electric Co. Family Dinner. Mr.

and Mrs. E. K. Daniels, 2201 Maple st, entertained at a family dinner on Christmas day. Honored guests were two sets of twins, Mrs.

Robert Fye of Burlington and Mrs. Carl Mathers of New London and Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Dayton Riley. Other guests were Mr.

Fye, Mr. Mathers, Mr. Riley and Mr. and Mrs. O.

J. Culver of West Branch. if 1 jff, if i A Albert Mabis' vho, are leavini auua lrlP' Informal Tea. Mr. and Mrs.

Addison M. Parker, 311 Forty-second st, entertained! at an informal tea from 4 to 61 'p. m. Sunday for friends and their; 'families. Assisting in receiving iwere their children, Addison Park-! er, Jane Day, Paul and Hugh I buff et supper Tuesday evening for For Mrs.

Fagen. Richard Boiler, who is home from Miss Janice Sedgwick will enter-1 Grinnell college to spend his at a tea Wednesday at her day vocation with his parents, Mr. home, 411 Fifty-first compli- her cousin, Mrs. Robert jFagen, the former Jane Kent. Thirty -five guests have been in- vited to call between the hours of Jtr, ing will pour.

i air. ana Mrs. larroll Alershon of Pittsburgh, who spent Christmas at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L.

Long, 4801 University returned home Sunday evening. They were accompanied by their daughter, Mary Alice, who has been visiting at her grandparents the last month. Miss Mary Bell Nethercut. brarian at Drake university, is at tending the American Library as sociation mid-winter meeting in Chicago which is beinz held Mon day, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Beverly Caldwell and son, Lawrence Beverly, of Chicago, are holiday guests in the home of Mrs. Caldwell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.

C. Strock, 1236 Thirty-fourth st Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Vander Wall, of Tulsa, and Mr.

and Mrs. James McLain of Kansas City, will arrive Tuesday to be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Taylor, 404 Lincoln court Harry F.

Graefe has returned from spending Christmas in Chicago with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin. Dr. and Mrs.

Calvin James Houpt of Raleigh, N. have been holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Ford, 3207 School st Mrs.

Houpt is the former Betty Ford. En route here they visited in Dayton, Ohio, with Dr. Houpt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.

E. Houpt A Reduction of 25 A Reduction of 45? A Reduction of 50 A Reduction of gQtf veiaa leimng oi jmcago, aaugn- Mrs. Harrison Hostess. jter of A. W.

Fleming. Mrs. Ray Harrison, 4039 Ovid! Guests will include a group of will entertain at a luncheon! high school students including Compliment Dinner Party Miss Hobart and Robt. Root Wed The marriage of Miss Dorothy Hobart, 536 Thirty-fifth st, and Robert Root of Wetherell apartments, is taking place at 4 p. m.

Monday at The Elms hotel in Excelsior Springs, Mo. The Rev, Earl F. Mitchell, pastor of the Excelsior Springs Christian church, is the officiating minister. Des Moines persons attending the wedding are Mr. and Mrs.

William Strief and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Grant, jr. and Mrs. R.

J. Boiler. To Honor Yelda Fleming. Misses Maude and Dora Fleming win entertain Tuesday evening at 'their home, 668 Fourteenth street honoring their niece, Miss Ruth Clark, Barbara and Betty Tarn, Mary Ellen Wilson, Mary Ann Hutchings and Betty Lou Lundgren. To Honor Mrs.

Eberhart Mrs. J. A. Goodrich, 4018 Kingman will be hostess at a 1 p. m.

luncheon Wednesday at her home complimenting Mrs. King man Eberhart of Pittsburgh, Penn. Guests included in the courtesy are Mesdames E. K. Eberhart, S.

J. Melson, E. Gulick, Thomas Berry, Harold Evans and O. V. Moon.

Delta I'psilon Dinner. Delta Upsilon Alumni club will entertain at its annual stag Christ-man dinner at the Hermit club Monday night. About 50 will attend including several out of town alumni. The committee in charge includes J. V.

Addy, E. C. Corry, Lisle Payne and Edward J. Kelley. Miss Rosenberry Hostess.

Miss Dorothy Rosenberry entertained a group of St. Joseph's friends at a luncheon Monday at the home of her uncle and aunt, Dr. ahd Mrs. John Russell, 1610 Twenty-fourth Street place. Covers were placed for Jiretta Corley, Lucile Moore, Betty Stafford, May Flynn and Maxlne Sipes.

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and all day Sundays. All Day New Year's you can talk Tuesday noon honoring Mrs. Cole Berthoif of Los Angeles, who is visiting her father, Charles Carl- son Mrs. Harrison will entertain at a Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Lola Barbara Stevens, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs.

P. R. Stevens, 1640 York st, and Bernard H. Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs.

C. P. Thompson of Pcetz, which took place Dec. 19 at Lamar, Colo. The couple wilt live at, where they both teach.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, who are sending the holidays in Des Moines, will leave Saturday for Colorado. Mrs. Thompson is a graduate of Drake university and Mr.

Thompson of the University of Colorado, WED DEC. 19 i 1 I 1 00 Airline Miles for 35C 200 Airline MUes for 60c 300 Airline Miles for 75C 500 Airline MUes for I -m a li -s i i (Thesa rates are for thr mmutei when you aik to talk with anyone available at the telephone called. Peraon-to-per-aon ratea alio are reduced.) With night rates in effect all day New Year's, you may prefer to make your calls on New Year's Day and avoid the possibility of delay on New Year's Eve when so many people are calling. This reduced New Year's rate is an experiment this year with the hope of providing service with fewer delays to our customers. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 8 Reduction in Long DUtanc Rata in 10 fears.

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