The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 6
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• Blind Ex-Bantam King Does Well With New .' O.ileans Night Club By RICHARD JlcCANN NBA Ser\!cc Sports WrHer , NEW ORLEANS, La — For I'ele's sake, ^ lien you come to New Or' leans, 1 be sure lo drop in at the Club iplantntt (> for a cliat with Pete Herman, nee Giiloltn. The great jltlls old fighter will be glad lo see you Glad to see >ou? . . . Well, no > —no.C, that's vtron;. of course, r Pele'll be glad that you've dropped in But he Ko'i'l bs able to see jou. ' i Pete's blind. One eye went bad on Pete while lie yus sllll the liantnmv,el?ht , champion or the world. The oilier x grew dtm and dimmer aflei his retirement fi. f eft years ago It, loo, , became tot oily sightless. However. Pete doesn't grumble ns he gwpss through Iiis life of shacl- , ows - He's gay as a night at Ihc Mardl Gras And he hasn't nl- . lowed Ills Innrmlty to hold hi in i . back In the business world. He's the • bustling tuner and manager ot ths '.prosperous .Olub' Plantation., one of New Orleans' brightest night spots He bought It, along «lth>a big farm, wllh his ring earnings, which he saved caiefully • *" You'll find Pele til [he club cyery night, weaving In nnd out of Ihs ' tables to see that everibody's happy and, getting their snzeracs nnri planter's punches on llmo. Desplle his blindness, Pete is able to get aioulid Hie club by himself . . "Iidon'l bump Into ns many people or as many tables as some of the customers—they 10 sort of blind too, you know, half the lime, it jou get what I mean," says Pete wllh a curl of a smile. Doesn't Condemn Boxing Pete Is fat and 41—he must b; a heavyweight on the scales—but he's still pretty tough Every once In a while the bojs ', sav that Pete, wliuaut any assistance, takes hold of some slobberln» , celebrator, vrtio- lias gon<f to the « well once, or twice, loo often, and heaves h!m oat of tlie joint-pardon, out of the establishment, we should say, because Pete's place Is * quite as orderly as any night, club „ The two-time bantamweight cUampIon docsivt condemn the - fight game for robbing him of his , 5l Sht . . . . • why should i sit -around cussing lo mjself and fecl- ,ing miserable and making cvery- f body,else unhappy? Hull? why ' Mould 11?' toys Pete "Don't you think it's best to make the b'st of it' And anyway,' the bright "tile , rellow , sajs with another £ini!e, and; anyway, I si w every- r' tnin» ; worth seeing . " i „ Pete still goes (<, the fights now 1 and then He likes to hear the toll t° ° f * 10V8s ° n neshl alld of the croud, and feel a'nd S the' resin and the smoke clouds • Sometimes, he sajs, he can almost T SOS. * The injury which caused Pole's blindness was suffered in a charity-bout ... "i was toxin., cra- v-Me Lewis In Philadelphia (or the benefit of the Soldiers, and Sailors' tobacco fund," says Pete, "when this Law Is cracked me in the eye. I saw stars and It felt like somebody was sticking a hot needle through it That.was the beginning O f the end Aftei six months It was no bel- - «r, and they look a cataract from my ejq. They told me the operation - KSSJJ success, but w ten they took - the bandages off, I couldn't see out ., of the eye at all. Before I had been •-able to see a little bit" Kept Blindness Secret Pets W as the bantamweight BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS On the Outside-Looking In "BY DUKE" Arkansas' JHldy Brothers Joe Dildy, the' big boy from CJarksville, Ark., who is probablj one of the reasons why the Unl rersity of Alabama football lean has lived up lo us plclurcsqut Red Elephants title so faithfullj (It used to be culled the Thin Red Line years neo) comes /rain family of football players. TJiry grow 'em husky in the Dlldy family and Joe has two brothers who liave played plenty of football and have preceded him Into Ihc coaching field. One brother, Jim,', saw service with the Red Elephants <or Crimson Tide) while an older brother tackled 'en for another school. Both the brothers, as we understand, arc now at Bogalusa, La. where they (jive the pep talks to rising yountf sons o_f some of the late llucy Long 1 ;, admirers, • ' .'' i Of course It goes without, argument that the Dlldy brothers me lust a part ot the reason why Alabama coaches hove a decldccl weakness for Arkansas gridlrni material, other proven utars in the past 12 years from Arknnsni. Include Just about the crcnm ol tile crou with some exceptions. Aikansos University came Into its own lest year with n rea football team but we have no champion ot Hie world tliin, and he keut bis' ludrmllv a sicrct. nox- iiif rnni miss ions, you se". wouldn't vermlt a, one-e.vr>/l flghler In the fhig, nnd Pate didn't wniii (o lose his title that way—and. too, lie needed the moeny. Afterwards, Pete wns accused' of helii^ o war slacker and wns al- Incked bitterly In the paucrs nud bnoed hv fmis wherever lie fought. Tli"v llinuoht he was a dratl- rlodcei'. pole, however, lincl roallv tried lo enlist, but had been reibcl- <Hl berai'se of his !mlf-blliidncss. HP roiildn't of course, come out In Dlibllc wllh the lriitli,.b:cnuic-lie «as afraid lie would u e barrM from the ring., • . . . With that one eye. Pete (ought for five year.?, developing through necessity Into u «ient In-'nihtcr. so that he wouldn't hove to blink around for his opponent. In those fl\e years he won and lost his title in two savage bouts with Joe Lynch in 1920 and 1521. But along about this time his other' eye bsqan to weaken and gel watery, and he lost his championship to Johnny Buir. He fought only a few limes after that. "My Inst fight was with Roy Moore in Boston.'' Pete recalls. "Geez, It wns terrible. They booed me awful, because I mlsseil so much and clinched so much. They thought I n-ns sinning. Antf the referee threatened to throw me out of tlie.i-lnif. "But they didn't know—they didn't know Hint.I missed because I couldn't sse Moore, and-that I clinched so that I could liold him steady loiio enough to hit him once In a while ., ," ! [doubts but IhH the Uazorbacks I would have been whipping everything In the siuthwest conference and probably have made two or three trips lo HID Rose Bowl by now In the last lo or 12 years If they'd obtained their share of Arkansas pigskin talent. Cirlirlg In Crease Paint The recent announcement that Lou Clchrlg. the "holdout" Yankee first baseman (who will be in a Yankee uniform when the ::enson opens) plans to make a movie, arouses this colorful comment from J.ick Mlley, New York spam writer: , lhlole.'i make n'ctoiw Plenty of them have been .staac stnick, but most of tliese have been prlwi busls. ^^lllh was no bargain In ihe trotting llntyixjs 'nmncy was terrible. Uempsey made folks laugh In the wrong places with his 10-ccnt tenor voice. Denny Leonard lind' to play his vaudeville dates behind a net and Mnxle Iluer was such a flop they cancelled him between the anlipusto and Ihc soup courses o( his show. Eleanor lloim gets away wllh it because she's n good-looking (toll who can slug a bit and her husband, Art "Uarrctt, has a Kood band. "Gehrig was scared by a penguin while taking a screen lest yesterday. 'Chat's more than any of those American League pitchers liave been able (o do SVhen Tom- Yawkcy hears of it he'll probably buy the bird for his Red Sox, I wouldn't be surprised if iTddlc Collins were on his way to the Const to scout him now." SEE ANYTHING? Jonesboro, Blytheville Bowling Teams To Meet .Toncsbofo am! Bjytlievlllo men incl Indies Irowllng teams will clnsh la sessions tonllghl, beginning ill B o'clock, nt Ihc Pln-Mor Bowling Pnrlor, 221 West Main street. The ladles' Icnms will clnsh in he nrst test mid tlic men will lold tliclr competition afterwards. Dlytlievllle and Joncslmro bowing teams Imve mol five times his year mul Blyllievllle reglster- ng Its nrsl win In their inst Call Him Smith HOUSTON.—Followers of llic tension Buffs of the Texas league mve a tongue-twister to tool with Ills ycnr in the name of Stanley MlnJ, Polish rlght-lmiuler from Columbus of the Snlly Lcngile. It's ironounced Two-Tie. Studious Referee NEW YORK.—Clnrcnce Cftinp- bcll, National League hockey referee, won'o P.lio-Jes .scholarship while attending University: of -Albertn In Canadn nml weiil -an to graduate with n degree from Oxford. , - Ken SJieelian, diminutive San Francisco Seals' pitcher, hops aboard Ihc broad shoulders of husky Pete Dogliii, fellow liurlcr, to follow the night of j Pete's drives during spring bat'".— ' t.Ung practice., Grade Schools Meet in Weekly Cage Play-off MANILA. Ark.—In the weekly bnsketbnll playoff here, srjonsore.i l)y Lehman Holt, surrounding jvade school teams met in the hlgli schol gym Wednesday night. Teams and scores were ns foiows: ' .,.. Blackwnlcr 17, Brown 0 (boys). HIackwalcr 18, Drown 5 (girls). Slmtly Grove, 16, Boynton 11 (girls). , ' , ( : . Siuuly Grove, 10, Brown in :boys). ; Box Elder 10, Rocky 4 (boys). Pnwhcen 4, Cox Kkler 3 (girls). Manila 25, Little Rfvcr (boys), Pawheen 5, Carml 1 (boys). Manila 30, Llnney 7 (girls). Skldway 21, Lltmey 5 (boys). Manila 22, Boynton 14 (boys). Nc.v6 week the grade school teams will play on Tuesday niglil of Wednesday because of the annunl tournament, to PC plnycd MR red I'J. Drawings litivi; been made foi Die annual Western Mississippi County Grade School Tournament to be played here Friday, March I'J. They arc: Drown (by); Little Ilivcr vs. Bltitdy Grove; Skldway (by); Hocky vs. Manila; Jiox Elder (by); Pawheen vs. Carml; I!lack Water (I:)); Boynton .vs l.irmcy, are for the toys teams. The girls' drawings are: Shady Grove vs. Uoynlon; Skldway vs Piiwliccn; Little Hlver vs. Brown; filacX Water vs. Mnnllu. Awards will be made to the teams llnlsliing nrst, second, and llihd. The Hire best boys and girls will utso receive awards. Senior hlgH school students will be used ns referees. , ' ,, j .'. Oeatli Valley, calif., was made into ii national monument by prcsl- denllnl proclamation on Peb II 1933. ' ' Strange But True EMPLOYS rwjitt. \ -r >\-x , ' , ] '< THIXN KNV OWER OCCUPATION Springtime - - Is Huiiuinif Time, —and we have the finest material you can find, for any building jol> Whether it's n small repair job or n complete home «e can lab ore of your demands. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. FRIDAY,' MARCH 12, 1937 Nuw Locnted at 1D1 North 'Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ' "ON FIWAItDS, Proprietor All make* of Rehiifll Typewriter.!, ArtJIng Machines an* . ; Oalclilutors—Repairing—Parts—Kthtions SHELL GASOLINE Wake this your Shell station. We are conveniently located, jusb one block from the busi- - ness district. Complete service day or night. JOVNER Motor Sales Co. Buick and Ponliac Sales and Service PHONE 1000 MILLIONS NOW WHISKY FOR EXTRA VALUE DAY AFTER DAY MORE THOUSANDS DISCOVER TOP-QUALITY OF SLOW MASH BOTTOMS UP f/UOOWER \ WHISKY I Z ...TAKES MOR£ T/ME': GRAIN TO MAKEl Call for Bottoms Up—At Lowest Price We've Ever Quoted W HEN so many folks are shouting the praises of our Slow Mash way of whisky-making, why don't you at least try it? Every day, new thousands of men insist that Bottoms Up has extra smoothness and extra richness ... really gives a big extra value for the money. And it should •.. because of the extra time and grain we spend making it our Slow Mash way. So take a tip from the millions who now call for Bottoms Up. Just taste it today ... now at lowest price ever. You'll Say It's SPECIAL At Ths PRICE listen in...PHILLIPS POLY FOLLIES Columbia Network Enery Tuesdaj frenine H OW cao you tell what power, pep and speed, your motor will actually develop, until you liave e ivcn it a real chance to "do Us stuff" by filling up with liiuli teat gasoline? So try I'liillipa CO Poly Gas. It coats' no more than ordinary low lest raqtor fuels. Vet sdonlific laboratory tests made day in and day out, ull winter long, have proved that the effective high tcst:of Phillips CG is unsurpassed by any other gisolino-even those selling at n higher price. You will notice that your motor starts much faster . . . warms up quicker that it literally purrs along at any speed from a snail's pace in traffic to a streamlined sprint on the out-of-town concrete. You will also feel the added por/er which comes from the extra energy units supplied by the patented POLY- mcrization process. You get these two-fold economies o! extra high test and extra power . wlhout extra pi-ice . . . because ol 1 MJips resources as world's largest producer of natural high test gasoline because of Phillips initiative 03 an'in- dependent Organization. Xfakeit a point to get your next tank- mi of eaa at the Orange and Black CO MireM. You'll enjoy that difference in performance and saving in money. SOUND AS A DOLLAR-® NEAT AS A?IN USED GARS SOLD ONLY Blf PONTIAC DEALERS Only llic finest uscil cars nrc selected ,is "Gum! Will" i.scii cars—each car is carefully ami completely, reconditioned to put it in tlie finest possihln condition. Rtglit imw, yon can save many dolliirH on u "Good Will" used cnr—for trade-ins on Ihc new 19.17 I'onlhic have crowded our'' stocks beyond capacity. To make room fur further spring trnile-ins, we offer these cars nt dmstir.iJIv reduced prices. Listed lieliiw nrc, n fc\f typical hnrgnlus—our slock contains numy more. Come in now—huy nt tliojio special low prices. SILBERNAGEL Bottoms UTS KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON.WHISKY J| OWN-FORMAN Distillery COMPANY . AtLouisvitte in Kentucky luQltfrt. r\id{»M...f n^.* f^.. i I ^ >. . ' ro " JlI01 f N "! ORMAN Disti "^ COMPANY . At CO., Distributors for Arkansas - Little Rock, Pino 1935 CHEVROLET SI'OUT SK1MN—Fully equipped and In A-I condition. A good car that will give lots ot good service. (f'.fOC A Ren! Buy .. tp'tjJ 1935 FORD 1)E LUXE .TUDOR —Extra, clean llirouglioiit and equipped with a radio. Be' sure to look ' tills one over throughout and pt every respect, including many tras such as 1937 license. EVERYCARINOUR STOCK 1936 DODGK TOUR. ING 1-nOOK SEDAN— Clean ns a pin and equipped wilh radio and lieater. it's certainly sain at 1935 FORD DE I.UXE SEDAN —positively in first class condition. Only driven by one owner. See it anrt Judge for self . • u. $ ccr- H ta ::.$5i5 JOYNER MOTOR SALES CO Buick and Ponliac Sales & Service PHONE 1000 ' Want-A

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