The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois on September 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois · Page 7

Jacksonville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 17, 1980 - .......................................................................................................«—--------------------------N.B. A.Opens War To Control Ring Sport; Fighters In Non- Members States To Be Banned OMAHA, Sept!. 16—(/p>—A hard, body controlling boxing or you will smashing blow to gain control of the boxing game was dealt out by the National Boxing Association in session here today when the delegates to the annual meeting passed a resolution NATIONAL PENNANT RACE ............-——..............——— ........——....................-—* 1 * By The Associated Press By their 1 to 0 triumph over Brook- j lyn in yesterday’s great pitching battle, the St. Louis Cardinals regained• a game they had lost and again took first place by the slender margin of one point over the Robins. The teams j are practically or. even terms, Brooklyn having fcone one more game i than St. Louis and lost one more. The SEVEN GREENFIELD PLAYERS RETURN Night Football To Feature Card In Greene County School This Fall— 32 Men Have Repoted For Practice. have no boxing at all. Passage of the resolution was unanimous vote, Isaacs said. John V. Clinnan. chairman oi the Robins likewise have fewer games to Illinois state boxing commission, was play than any of the four contenders barring boxei n whp lakt* pai l in figUtt» elected pi trident of the national body, i with only nine left while St. Louis has in non-niember states from appearing succeeding Isaacs. Chicago was select- the greatest number left, eleven, in member states of the N. B. A. ed as headquarters for the association.1 The third place Chicago Cubs, al- Passing of the resolution was re- and Clinnan empowered to set up an though shut out, 7 to 0, by the New vealed tonight by Stanley M. Isaacs office there. A full-time secretary will York Giants, remained only 1 1-2 of Cincinnati. be named by the new p-esident. games behind first place and well The resolution. Isaacs said, reads Wrestling then took up the time of i within striking distance of the top. in effect: the delegates, and a wide open split,The Giants picking up a full game. After January first, any boxer that between wrestling and boxing was de- j still are 4 1-2 games back of first performs in New York, California, eided upon. This was followed by theiple^e. They have been defeated five Pennsylvania or Massachusetts <not organization of a naUonal wrestling more times than St. Louis, however, members of the N. B. A.) will not be association, which will hove no con- and have a hard struggle ahead of used in the N. B A. member states." nection with the N. B, A. them to remain in the race. The resolution Isaacs said, was in- Colonel Harry J. Landry, delegate Standing of thp leaders: Grenefield. Sept. 16— (Special >— Seven lettermen, ali of whom are back in their regular places are bolstering ing Coach William Ranes’ Greenfield high school squad this year, which will be the first season for night football in Greene county. * Thirty two j season appearances, this year's team j is going to be the heaviest in Green i field’s history. Several players tipping ; the scales at around 190 to 200 pounds, have been reported, and are oemg groomed for positions both in the backfield and line. Donald Royal, at center, Clarence Mears and Glenn Lorton are guards, will average close to 185 pounds, giving the line a solidity in the middle which will defy most of the valley teams Oilier Strang and Clarence Nebon in the backfield will each weigh about 175 pounds, beef which Is almost unheard of in the circuit. Coach Ranes lost several valuable men last spring by the graduation. players have reported for positions been working out since th^ frist y. llle SqUfl(j several more seniors are of September. will begin immediately, in oader to j have the system ready tor the first, scheduled night contest. Total cost of I the installation will be around $2,400. j The schedule is as follows: . j Sept. 27—Greenfield at Carlinvilie. Oct. a—WhiteHall at Greenfield (Night). Oct. 10—Pleasant Hill at Greenfield (Night) Oct. 18—Greenfield at Roodhouse. Oct. 23 — Routt at Grenefield (Night) Nov.—Greenfield at Winchester. Nov. 11—Greenfield at Carrollton. Nov. 14—Pittsfield at Grenefield (Night) Nov 27—Jersey ville at Greenfield. out for this year's team but youngsters Appareii • less hard hit than any ™s W» «»to» « Capt. Parks, conference, Greenfield tnis jear u Marshall Waters. Glenu Lorton. Will- looking forward to capturuig one ol ar(J Harallt d C.iarence Tucy all the Jacksonville Journals tropmes , » Showing a rapid stride at the eta KnWc 0rv,!)(. ort£w0kJ, c!arnwe rvf locf tn#> tir*!n lHaQV- > Kr x + + , , _ , . Nelson, and Ralph Metcalf, backfield. ROBERT COATES WINS NICHOLS ROQUE TITLE traduced and pushed through by him- from New Orleans, was elected presi- r° se^f- dent of the wrestling association, Club W L. Pet. GB.Play Reminded that New York was the which will embrace those states which 1 St. Louis ............ 83 60 .580 center of the fight industry, Isaacs are In the fold of the N. B. A. New ¡Brooklyn .............84 61 .579 told reporters that "either New York Orleans was selected headquarters of-Chicago ........... 82 62 .569 14 wil have all Ihe boxers or we (the the N. W. A. ¡New York ..........79 65 .549 44 N B. A.) will. The convention ended with the aft- -----------------------------If we all stick together it will ernoon session, the majority of the YANKEE WOMEN WIN work," he continued. “These states delegates departing for home tonight. QN CANADIAN LINKS I think will come in and join the The 1931 convention was awarded to I of last season, the Greenfield laddy bucks should be able to finish near the top, if not on the top oi the eight competing teams. Greenfield has two weeks before opening its season, dheeting the Car- Ilnville outfit in the first game on 11 1 September «.Whitt Hall will appear ™Ro'bert'Smith, Draii 9 next on the Oreentield gnd, and mil! prob5tt and oular strang Juniors out for the squad this year ;re John Melvin, Donald Royal. William Wood. Leonard Young, Leo Faulkner, and Kenneth Gilleland, linemen, and Gordon Archer and Maurice Nix, backs. Sophomores are: association. You must have a central Detroit. in occasion for turning on the • arMj Harold Witt, backs. Freshmen 10[^ts to the natural bowl Pleasant j are willard chinoweth. Dale Ham- Hill will follow White Hall in another mon(j Edgar Knisely, Charles Stickel, ! night game, before Ranes team takes linemen, ancj Earl Journey. Julian | to the road for a game at Roodhouse. Entrekm and Ben Harmon, backs. Rcu^t academy, of Jacksonville, will Constructino of the lighting plant Robert Coates of near Lynnville is! the roque champion of the Nichols! Park court this year, winning the \ title recently in a tournament among j trie players there. Mr. Coates won: all of the games in which he com-! peted, piling up a point score oi 160. | Otto Wood, of Pisgah, was second ] with a score of 139, and Llayd Dar-j went of Wodson was third with 134 points. I. M. Bunce of this city was fourth, with 113 points. Anson Coui- ■ tas of Alexander fifth with 107 points and Mrs. A. E Curry sixth with 33 ; points. TAKE THE WHEEL . . . AND RE-DISCOVER THE THRILL OF MOTORING WE INVITE YOU TO DRIVE THE EIGHT AS BUICK BUILDS IT GOODMAN HAS LOW “ÍSSEU 1 R (a* !wind UP the October night football nlgh, Hicks, eleven players from the Uni- There’s enough salt in Utah to supply the entire world for more than 300 years. MEDAL AT TOURNEY second round of the Canadian worn en's open golf championship today. ST. LOUIS, Sept. 16.— 0P >—Flint Marching with them past first round Rhem. Cardinal pitcher who has won opposition were five Canadians m- Wiil Be Heavy Tteam Next Consignment Sale at hoftioH tvioir tr-av intn thp I James Parks, a tackle, will captain Woodson, Sept. 26. List early, ted States battled their way into tne ... „„j ^i i l _ t „ „. eomnH rminri nf tho Canadian worn- ^J >ear s ele\en and from early, J. L. Henry. After being in business for 96 years, the oldest saddlery firm in St. Louis has closed Its doors. It was established as a harness shop in 1834. GERMAN MOTOR CO. 426 S. Main St. Jacksonville, Illinois WHEN ÏETTER AUTOMOBILES A HE BLHIT . . . BUICK WILL P-U81D THfM PHILADELPHIA, Sept. — six consecutive games and whose eluding the two principal dominion Johnny Goodman, youthful Omaha turn it is to pitch against the Brook- threats, Ada Mackenzie of Toronto golfer who routed Bobby Jones from jyn Robins at Brooklyn tomorrow in and Mrs- AIexa Stirling Fraser of Ot-j the national amateur championship the second game of a crucial national ^awa- flv Pebble Bc&ch* Cslif., in the first series, is missing from the Although it w&s ft dsy foi the round last year, played his first round ¡fold, a dispatch to the Post Dispatch Americans who won all fivejtf fche^in-' today over the east course of the Mer- ; from its staff correspondent says, **---• _‘v Cricket club and scored a 72. j «No official of the club cpuid be temational matches in which they engaged. Seventeen Americans had qualified for the first round and the ' six eliminated were put out by op- ' ion cricket club anti scored a only two strokes over par. He went reached to confirm or denv that out in 39. three strokes over perfect Rhem had stepped out of line, but it figures, and returned in 33. one un- became known late this. afternoon ponents from their own country, der par. that he has not been seen since yes- Miss Hicks, who with Mrs. Fraser Lawson Little, the San Francisco terday,” the dispatch says. * scored 74 to lead the qualifying round youngster who eliminated Goodman Rhem’s loss to the team “even yesterday, defeated Mrs. J. Dagenais in the second round of the 1929 na- temporary, would be a severe loss to oi Montreal in easy fashion. 5 and 3. tional amateur tournament, was an- ciUb ^ pennant while another strong American con- other of today's arrivals. He also fight." the Dispatch says tender. Maureen Orcutt of New York. played a practice round, scoring 38- ’ '..........*. ______ ____ eliminated another New Yorker. Mrs. . Taxi-cab drivers in Berlin have Le0 Federman by the convincing Chick Evans, who has been practlc- equipped their cars with an umbrella margin of 7 and 5. me on the course several days, went racfc in which they keep an umbrella. around in 3-40-75. GOrOEKS LOSE STAB BACK When it rains they take the umbrella from the rack and escort their fares to shelter. Minneapolis. Minn.. Sept. 16.—04»)— Hopes of the University of Minneaso- ta’s football team suffered a setback today when Leroy (Cap R > Timm, veteran backfield candidate and letterman, «as declared ineligible because of scholastic difficulties. Timm was depended upon by Coach Fritz Crisler to become an important cog in the Gopher backfield. Maurice Larvaron, French scientist at the Rtenes Farm School, has announced he has perfected a method for determining the quality of seed by radio. Waves emitted by inferior seed are easily distinguished by a special receiver of his. RF.Ai' nir CLASSIFIED AD8 __HOSPITAL F asa* v&nt Memorial Hospital ill Slat* Streu. Phone 4SI. wttrjjical. Medicai, utaietnc i; X-ray •emee; tr&mtnç sc hoc; ; trained nur*^ Ing Hour* tor rtsiünj? patient», lO-l# a. m., 3-5 p. m. and fi-S p m. , , ßl OPTOMETRIST C. H. RUSSELL REGISTER! D OPTOMETRIST At Russell ác Thompstio Jewelry bton fco, 3 W. Side Square, Jacksonville, 111 Telephone No. 96 Forty years experience m fitting Spectacles and Eye Giassea. OSTEOPATHS DR. L. E. STAFF Osteopathic Physician Graduate under A. T. Still. L D.. Originator (1S74) of Spinal and Ad Justice Therapy. 1008 Weft SUte Street Ofiic* Phone 292. MOLLENBROK STUDIO 234 Vi West State St. Phone 808VV A gasoline automat, delivering gasoline in one-gallon cam?, is a handy machine for thoe who run out of gas at night when most service stations are closed. A com in a slot delivers the can. Adequate Protection Are Your investments properly protected against fire and other damage ? ( shall be glad to confer with you about your needs. L. S. Doane 17 and 18 Morrison Bidg. PHONE 68. DR. L K. HALLOCK Osteopathic Physician Graduate of American School of Osteopathv, Kirksvilie. Mo. PHONE Î08 Self Apartments. •42 IV. Stati* SL Jacksonville, IB TIRES! MS! UNDERTAKERS JOHN H. O’DONNELL UNDERTAKES JAMES BURKE Licensed Lnibalmer * Phone 1007 ©fflre and Parlors. 312 E. State St. JOHN M. CARROLL Funeral Director 316 East State Street East Side I. O. O. F. Temple. Office, 86. Residence, 56Û CHIROPRACTOR DR. R. D. BRANDON Office and Residence 475 E. State St. Phone 870-X. j MISCELLANEOUS ‘ SWEENEY SUPPLY CO. Dealers In Coal, Lime, Cement and all Bricklay* •rs and Plasterers Supples Illinois Phone 165. Dead Stock Removed Free of Charge Best Quality Tires at Low Prices, Including the Best Expert Advice and Service. HOOD SKIPPERS Extraordinary Values—Hard to Equal Anywhere! You don’t find such prices and values very often. We have all sizes. If yours is not here—we have it anyway. Drop in and let us show you. I ram within a rauius of 30 miles. If >ou have anything in this line, please phone during the day. . MAIN 355. After 7 p. m., or on Sundays, call 1056. Jacksonville Reduction Works THI SYMBOL IS YOUR. GUARANTEE GASOLINE jtfMN L STANDARD OIL (Indiana) N ew RED CROWN ETHYL did not grow slowly into favor. It shot up there — almost overnight. And stayed there—high in public approval. For motorists instantly found in this super-volatile, “knockless” fuel, the very fountain of smooth, velvety speed. Owners of the new, high compression cars—even drivers of road-scarred veterans, recognized the superlative qualities of New Red Crown Ethyl. Users multiplied by thousands. Every month New Red Crown Ethyl gained in sales—and consistently kept on gaining. There is only one answer—Netv Red Crotnt Ethyl merits its leadership. COMPANY 5207 j October 4 Tnlaoe at North« e«crn (utii b*«lud \f C\ibt ur-in w i»() October 11 Navy tc Notre Dame October 18 Northwestern at Iiliaaa October 25 Illinois at Michigan November 1 Princeton •! Chicago November 8 Purdue at Chicago November t ? Wisconsin at Northwestern November 22 Notre Dame at Northwester© November 29 Arnay-Noae Dame at Chicago C R Miller E. M. Stxwd W. H. Forbe» A FEW ILLINOIS MEN WHO SELL NEW RED CROWN ETHYL On SaleTl W ‘ I~,E E M Gty — - - ■—— ..... — 1 ----- ---------------- One Near You STATIONS

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