The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 4
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'PAGE FOUR best athlete, Dan Wamnglon; freshest freshman, Lloyd •pjomian, BLYTHBVILLE .(ARK.) COURIER NEWS -.., Miss Junior'Hig T i ..,1, [doreonj most studious, Hai-nlrf NO Je-ie_Miller, Daughter ot Mr. llhan Rosenthal, Tnonias"nav n^ iai Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary incut- ins at lint at 2 30 pm Music and Hternry departments of Woman's club having joint meeting 3 p.m')'at home of Mrs. S. .S, Sternberf?. Mrs A. o. Little liavliig bridge to three couples wlien she entertained will) n (junll supper last m- inng. Those present wore Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shane, Mr. mid Mrs. A B. Pairflelii and M r . and Mrs J Loiils Cherry. In the bridge games following Ilia dinner Mrs. Cecil Shane won high score prize, a cigarette liux. The rooms thrown open lo the i«i> A. u. Liiiuc naving Driago "*« ruums inrown open lo Lri luncheon at net country home, guests wore decorated in the Christ "T^Ajl-flilMc 'I I1\!l£ IllrtHf nllrl jl.n !„.,_ J . .. "Fairfields, 1 W. M. U. First Baptist church meeting with Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer 2:30 p. m. Executive board mcetln^ of (he Women's Missionary society of the First Methodist church at 2:30 at mas motif and tlic table decorntlwis also carried out Mils Iheine. Circles Mccl. Circles of (he Woman's Missionary union of tlie First naptis' church concluded ihc Bible sliidy in meetings Monday atlaruoa;i. Mrs.- R, L. fleecier used the 23r<l Psalm for the lesson in circle l .. .. the cliurch. SATURDAY'S EVENTS >-v> Comity Council Home Demonstra-. ">.»m iw me wsson in circle 1 . y..,-tion clubs meeting- at Woman's wlilch m?t willi Mrs. j w. Urslion ~»- club for nil day mceling. Mfs. Bishop and Mrs, lien Harrl"""' -f. S011 offered prayero. There were ",;Has Club Party "-"• A sllicr and blnck motif made present. Circle 2 was eiitorlnlncd — an attractive setting., for .Die N'issel) F.irr wlicn ci^ht attended .«« .luncheon table when Mrs. W. J, The study of psalms was conini»t"( • •»»«.• Wunderlich had the Wednesday .with Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon leader ."'."Bridge club a(,'the country club Mn;- Alvtn Hollcy closed lh» s «n. for the weekly luncheon-n'nd bridge '"hcc'iiravcrs. sandwlclics and'cof" ; same. Mra, Elton W.- KIrby and f cc were served In Hie social hour Mrs. Baker Wilson were eiio.sls. There were in -members of circle •"• A black oil cloth, n centerpiece 3 at the mecllii", at the clnirrti ; '" of silver bcuies in a black bowl Mrs. Th;odore Lo^an gave the de- nnd, black bowls of nuts and candy vollonal on the theme "Th» c'hrlsl canicd out the two colors. A two Child," | n which Mrs \v M uiav couise menu was served. j lock olfercd prayer. Mrs Alvli In the card tames Mrs. Fnrns-| Huffman was lender of llin slink •fll-th Tllni.1- li>n>. *K~ ,.,.[ ~^^l. .t.l^n.^ r>~. _. _ . ^ lnlu> worth Black won the prize, cocktail napkins. , i.- ••'> . „ • —""w wi inu aiuui when nomnns was used and Mrs Losnn said tho closing prayer. riulgtd to National Couii ( .|l ||« ln( , |)t. mo i, s i ril (| ol Honor Mudc Pr.ilcrnUy I Clubs In Iticol Here Salurdav Miss Vn-giniii Martin, duuijhterl ^Tlic county council of Ihe'llomn ot Mr. aim Mrs Tom Mnrtln. Iws "cmonstrallon clubs will inve mi teej) |>Jcdgn» fo 1J, 0 sisnw Alulin sll (lay utcetlag <u (He Woman's Iota, a national honorary .music club Saturday when work of lhr> Maternity. Miss Martin, who is a V«M- will be concluded, student at the-state university al There arc 48 clute in llic coun Faycltcvllle. was one of tho few ty. ' freshmen given this honor. > • . She it also a member of the 1'. K. O. Has A Dplln Dsltn Delia sorority, Since l<»iiciicon fllredm- enrolling at the university Miss Mines. A. G. Little, Hussdl I'hll- Martln has, taken an active part lips and Harry w. Hulncs were In school nffans. gl , L . s(s , lt tllc u ,.o g rnni of the r jj ,,„.„ „„.,.. ',* ° l°- luccthH! yesterday following ii Jiave Quail hupiicr., . , 'luncheon at the home of Mrs. A - r -urkin was liosless Convvny. Mrs. D. A. Lynch dlscuss- "Women in National Ciovern- incnt" was (he theme of Mrs. Scl- l.cnt-/. Morrison's talk, mcli was served at small t a - uie.s In tho living room, A prettily arrange,] me liy (he open nrc and nilnlnum. trees on the tables cur™<l out Ihe holiday motif. Plans were made for u Clirlst- mns dinner parly to he given on Ihc evening ot December 2C nt tlic home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. f.ccch when husbands will be nucsts. H was volcd lo llll 24 stockings ior the Ulnae school Christmas tree. • • * Women's Democratic C'lulis 'ft Sponsor I'rt'Shlcnl's Hulls Democratic Women's clubs of Arkansas will sponsor the president's bulls on January 30, ilirouulioiil Hie state, In coopcra- llon with mayors of cities, It was decided at a incetlne of Hie cxe- cutli'c board In I.lltK: Kock Tuesday. This was attended by Mrs. Jaini'K I). Clni'k, jwisident of Ilils district and Mrs. If. K Reynolds, vice chairman of tlic local club. CHtiors from this district were; Mrs. Alex Easl, nf Tyronza. chairman of Ihc 1'olnseu coiinly club; Mrs. l,. u. siollavd, of Joncsboro, chahinan of the Cralglicact comity elub; Mrs. Laura Davis Flt/.huRh, of AiiBiista, vice chairman of the stale (jroup, nnd Mix. Pearl Davis, of Forrest city, slate program chairman, '1'lils meeting followed n luncheon londeral Mr.s. JoiC|>h r, Robinson, wife of Senator Joe T. Hob- Inson. It was also volcd lo recommend Unit Governor Futrc.ll appoint a womtin to nil one of the two vacancies of the University of Arkansas board which exist in the •irst -and slxlh congressional dls- Irlcls. Mrs. Laura Davis Pitzlnigh in nn iiddress, urged each club to study the plan offered for the consolidation of counties IOR EVERY WOMAN AT CHRISTMASTIDE Q-IVE HOSIERY At once the most elegant and practical gift- In special star-covered boxes, ready for wrapping. Finish beautifully dull... all iexlures from-sturdy service weights to the most delicate chiffon... exquisite new colors. We'll help you select the appropriate style, color, and size, and deliver or mail, as you preier. 75c lo $1.35 \ Evening SANDALS \Vhik- Siilin, vvilli Hike:Trim, medium lied. As illuslntk'd. 4.40 White and .Silver Uraiil- fil Strap, liiuli snikc hocl. 5.40 V Back Strap Males Ulaek or White .Mirror Cloth ^~ *• $2.95 .' At the New York Slore Floyd A. .\^?pu/0i Priced -Shoes, Hosiery, loo! Bits oj Mostly Personal John CiiiidilC'whn iitUuids. Unl- of Missouri nt Columbln, vill arrive Sunday for the holi- lnys. Miss Mury Jjniinii Uood •„.!! uo o Memiihis tonight for tho opura 'Ciitmen." . ' ,..-.Mines. Jo|in linrgcll, I'aul'na- |mon and Tillman linker spent ycs- ilerdny In Memphis. Kvcrclt Uaily jr., nephew of Mrs. J. L. Neivso/n, is critimlly ill in his home in Wilson from pneu- inoniu. Mr. runt Mra. Jesse H. Webb, ol Eiu-lc, Ark., were uuests of Mr. and Mrs. Mult Moimghnn ye-slcrdny. Lrallo Hooper, who 1ms been tier- 'iisly 111, is slightly improved. l.oy Welch wns n visitor In Memphis yestcrdny. Mrs. Henry Huinplirev, Mrs. J. E.-Crook a lid children, Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks ftnd son, Sieve, Mrs. Christine IMirvls niirt daugU- tcr, Bobbie Ann, spent ycstcrdiiy n MemphLs. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. L. Ward visited In Memphis Wcdensdny. Mrs. Nell Wllllunis, of Memphis, Is the guest of her son, Jlmmtc. She formerly resided here. I'mil Kllgorc, of Huffnmn, is n jMticnt at the 81. Joseph hospital of Memphis. Dr. and Mrs-, R D/ Smith jnu- torcd (o Memphis Wcdtiesdny. ij Fny McHcnrj', uccoiniKinlcd l)y Mrs. Je.«,se Brown nnd da«Bhlcr-, Miss Miixinc. of Luxorn, sponl yf.s- tevdiiy in Mcmpliis, Miss Anna Mnrgnrct Dent, ul C'amthersv ille, Mo., was in Ihc city yesterday. Mrs. Kenneth Morris und daughter. Marilyn, returned to their Home in Maiden. Mo., yc&lcrdny "tier ;i two weeks stay with Mr. ^ucl Mrs. Den White mid Mr. and Mrs. JMSC While. Mr. and M rs . 11. s. aiminons ciiul Mr.s. Simmons' mother. Mr.s. Cookc, have relumed from Ht. l.culs where llvjy .spcnl the weekend as B»i-'Sts of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stiydcr, who formerly lived here. '1'hcv Lawshe, W ho'moTomrup ^ S I Or, p. A. Robinson, who is In l!ol Spring, to his health, b ' ln 'p,™ {jj«j_ His son, jack Plnley, j/ w u;, Cliai-lc* naitiey. irf.o ,,Ucnd s |i,e ChlcnKo Art Institute, has arrived lioinc for the Holidays Mrs. J. A. Luckett mid daugliler in J f ' Weilt to M *'»nl'ls today to spend scvci-al days. Upon lheir return UM^lay they w ll| 0 \ c coiiiiranied l, 0 ,ue bv KraV I ucl-atV who nllands u, 0 UnlwSy of Ten "lessee UciUnl school, and Haro d Ellslierry; of Florida, nl.w „ „ lde ° n lliare. who will spsncl (he )„ wjv S ^r" Mn ' ^^ «? "Sr ^ISHHsrS npwn-llcllb at U., B« P ° os ° "«l. Harmon ,,-111 i.robably ct, r. lions Sunday or Monday (o Men?'h™ L °"' SC DiWLs lllls so " e will' attoui" th". Chi WC om^ tt n i"!| ,. iiy aflei'jioon. 'ta ^f k ' °' to bi, s | ness hBrc MAOf ME A HA DRINKER" "Up to a vlictt lime SL-O, I wasn't ,i in illmki-r. I hvn UastcJ my I~UH cup ul c;i. \ ! o\^'it'& on niynituu inuniim: tiUDri anil lii K ht. titilia'l°c;i imnytiiclof tea ll's rich, winy uiiJ full-flaviircd rhcrc's iiothitigwcak about it." To cci on packages of tea you buy. * fil ™ n^'-Uon 1« S |ttr ccnt OV W 'he 1D20 . * *••'*** u*iu 1CU ] revived a similar honor nmon* i nc [hoys, In the annual "Who's Who" contest. Second honors am'onsr tlic Birb went, to Allcs Sallba aiul Jack Jenkins won second In the hoys' contest. ' Miss Miller and Miss Salib.i wm j dose competitors In numerous contests. Miss saliba won first In best all around, best athlete and most iludlous and tied with Miss Mil!»r for most inlenlsd. Miss Miller also H-OJJ second for cutest, second for most dignified senior, best ill around, and prettiest girl Elaine Anderson was declared ilj« prettiest and won second for m0 st talented, Mary Frances Davh won first for cutest, Katliryn Sanders first for most dlgnlflcd senior, Jovce Comers first und Billle Laggett sec- :0ml for wisest Junior, Eugenia ! Crawford first and Virginia Scon ! second for wisest sophomores Fri j UlancliG Morris WHS second for b'»s'l athlete Jean Bourliind was llrst and Holly .la Essary SCKlml for fre.suest freshman, and Bllli- i/> B - gelt was second for mo'st studious red Krnlz also won first Honors for the most handsome and llr cutest boy, and second fo>- bust -u'l round and best athlete. Oilier honors among boys went lo; most dignified senior, Hunter Hull, first. Jill Burton, second- wisest jnnJor, H.iroM Nalltan Hoscn- uial, Thomas Seay; wisest, soplm- uiore. iialph Wasliam, Fred Boyd- best nil around, Dun Warrlu<>lon : Osceola Baptist Women Elect Their Officers ,,,°^° L A', Art-; ora c™ of the THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1934 Street Methodist cluircli, official-1 The llmg oll !ncj U G. Moss W ,s ,„ charge of Z'V^^^ U» funeral arrangements. i,eglecte<t for year" W a Pi. I'fU • . o , Eec ; Fm " "metery. Their iicsem tnnstmas Cake to S|wil>B " mv cover Mr. and Mrs. McCutchen off- were clcclcd this week.'Tliey are- Mrs. E. i,. cole, president; Mrs. Pearl Brooks, first vice-president; Mis. J. r. Rhodes, second vtcc-ures- Wcnl; Mrs. P. E. Tompkins. & "d vice-president; Airs. C. C, Boivett secretory; Mrs . Albcrt o] • treasurer; Mrs. E. !t . stcnhcni' chairman of Cirelo One- Mrs IS Burton, chairman of Glrde'TWO;' Mrs. Georec H. Deer, mission study chairman; Mrs. w. T. Toole, literature chairman; Mrs. R. H Jon»s stewardship chairman; Mrs W-il- tcr Emimiiol. hospital chairman; ;Mis. Gill Mastln, personal service ... ,( f "', Mrs - J - Addlson. Mar- Aged Lone Oak Resident Dies at Daughter's Home Mrs. M. E. Houston. 78, of tone Oak died yesterday evening at tho home of her daughters, Mrs. George Fields, after a year's illness from pneumonia. Besides her daughter she is sur- ii'cd by a brother and sislcr. i Services were held at the home 'this afternoon wllh the Rev. V. E. Chalfmit, pastor of the Lake Hoy Scouts of Troop 37 presented Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Mc- Cntehcn with a Christmas fmit cuke last ;iiglit on the occasion of their monthly courtesy visit to the KHz theatre as guests of Mr. and Mrs. McCutchen. Half Moon Club Elects Officers of Hie Half Moon Boys md Girls 4H club, reorcanizcd this week, are: Cecil Benlfield, president; Elmorc Jones, vice-president; Mary Wilina Ughtfool, secretary; Maxiiic' Holland, reporter- J. E. Johnston, Mrs. R. L Haw- Riils niul Mrs. Jl-nry tiiick leaders. WATCH KIDNEYS SAME AS BOWELS W..k 0.1 Y»« 79,200 fttt ol Kldii;Tube, Your bowels coiltull, only 27 feet of jr. nr "'.,*" 5°f k'diwyn contain nwu-ly lo Minna liny tulea or fillers w-hlcli vvoulj imamre 1S.200 feft It laid clul to "„., 'llwrcfore, It Is just as Inwrlejit to w> tho MdniM M the bowels. Kidneys worklna all Ihc time mid ore Nnluic'scl..., * a *i ° Jt nK "' v "cl^ 1 a11 ^ Poisonous ,J I Jf 1 ' 1h / P««on» l'a=a 3 pints a Jay thru «ne bladder which contains nearly I i« of wasto matter. II jou past Irss tliah ihr, rn™°Le'cfo" J ' l ej''?'" 0 '"' ° f Kiney W!*" la the denser tienai R nd ,u nv L L . i Kidneys should bo watched clo'dy r.n.l need ckuiinK out the ESIMB n. b,wcll A^t your (Iruuijisl for UOAN"! J'lU 4 i , ,,11 j l.««rjp«on .which I.M b<« is«l ' S uc" t «. fully I>y million. o( kUlncy tiiltU, r, r" ; a^t^'s^^S, Injure and Irritate delicate ti«u™ DOAN'S PIUS. IhcolJ reilSV^ l'ii I contains no "(lope" or talill-fqrm „!. liriil., j Be BUFQ you get DOAN'.S I'll,I s .it ™,, r dmairist. © I83J. ioiter.Sliluurji c" Our Annual 13 Days Of All-Men's, Women's and • •Children's: SHOES STARTING THURSDAY. DEC. 13 W omens Florsheim and Rice O'i Now- Sl.vk's I'.xjictly its iiii'ltir- «d iind mtmy others. $8.50-^9.95 Yon win ^e( ;i pair (if these l Shoes now for only ladies' §5 and $(i.;in SHOES Holland Shoes For Boys 20% Discount Mens FIORSHEIM OXFORD <-'«lf and Kid, Hrtnvn und (Hack $8.75 to $10 Values 7 Holland $5.00 Shoes §8.95 All Sabs Cash How: in Ail ,Sh;uk's <'(ti)i| Shorsand Make it a \j Kayser Christmas Fau[)lessly\ clear F ten'ngly sfietr. A nibs tcr feat in hosie When buying gJieers don't forget iht narrtel MIR-0 51 SI-Ga J. lo 1 KAYSERETTES FOR SLEEK SNUGNESS Young and old are sliding into new "Koyser- ,* ottes" foi cozy comforl, close fil, snucmess. Fin- isnec^ rne fine Kayser svay. Combinalioiis $1 Vests 50c Tight 50c KAYSER'S GLOVES 5()c to 81.50 KAYSERETTE'SLEEPERS]? Charming feminine slyles, trig tailored numbers for lounging and sleeping. Easy to wash—no ironing necessary! Other Kayser Suggestions Kayser Silk Pajamas ..... §1.% Kayser Silk Gowns , . , §1 - $1,93 Kayscielle Gowns , . , $1.95 - $2.25 Kayser Silk Slips ..... $1.50 - 81.95 Kayscr Sil-Kay lliufies ....... Sj Kayser "Cordial''' U tidier ..... 75e , Jack Applebaum 'IT,e l!i,iu : . „(• N'isiioiuilly Gucds

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