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The Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio • Page 8
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The Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio • Page 8

The Tribunei
Coshocton, Ohio
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8 The Coshocton Tribune Wednesday. June 27, 1979 Gary Coleman Is Breed Apart "I also like Softball and golf. I can hit a golf ball clear across the freeway." Gary will be involved with baseball this summer in "The Kid From Left Field" with costar Ed McMahon and the San Diego Padres, playing a kid genius who manages the team. "I don't like baseball," Gary said. "But I'll give it a try." son's acting career.

Mrs. Coleman remains with Gary at all times. It is necessary to give her son daily medication. He underwent a kidney transplant 54 years ago which has inhibited his growth. It is the only inhibition in the youngster's, makeup.

During lunch the other day Gary did most of the talking as his patient parents lifted their eyebrows and shrugged their shoulders in resignation. But the elder Coleman did manage to explain that Gary climbed out of his crib when he was only two months old and has been on the move ever since. He began talking at 13 months, entertaining his grandparents and everyone else. "When he was five, we found an agent in Chicago," Coleman said. "We knew from the time he began to talk that he had a special quality about him.

He was a natural entertainer. "Gary did about 30 TV commercials. We brought him to Hollywood for the pilot of 'The Little a Norman Lear project that didn't become a series. "Then Mr. Lear took Gary into his office for a conference.

Not long after that he signed Gary to a contract put him in Diff'rent Gary, wearing a Spider Man T-shirt, said, "Everybody thinks me and Arnold Jackson, the kid I play in the show, are alike. But we aren't. "I'm more subtle and playful than Arnold. He's a little bit funny, but California people will laugh at anything." His mother said, "You and Arnold are one and the same boy. Neither one of you keep your room straight." "Arnold and Gary both have smart mouths," his father put in.

"I'll get you for that," Gary replied. "I like a messy room. I like junk. Sometimes I like acting and sometimes I don't. It's no fun going to work at 7:30 in the morning.

"And I don't like being famous or being interviewed. Being famous is no fun. It's too much trouble because I can't be myself. Wherever I go people pick me up and try to kiss me. Blah.

I hate to be picked over. "When I go back" to school in Zion, the kids made a big fuss over me. All except my girlfriend, Melissa Swagger. She's 11 and taller than me. But HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Kid actors are a breed apart, each different in his own way, each with one foot in the adult world and the other in childhood, never really belonging to either.

Juvenile stars grow up in the spotlight which often is inimitable to normal psychological growth. Some survive to become adult stars. Some don't. Today's premiere TV child star in Gary Coleman, a tiny 11-vear-old whose "Diff'rent Strokes" has been NBC's highest rated show of the season. Gary is a precocious black, J-foot-9.

49-pound extrovert who is starring in his first TV movie, "The Kid From Left Field." He's also talkative, brash and brimming with kinetic energy. He's cute. A thoroughgoing ham, little Gary was born with the natural timing and comedic instincts of a Milton Berle. He is the only son of W.G. and Edmonia Coleman of Zion, 111., some 60 miles south of Chicago.

His parents are quiet and dignified. W.G. is an inspector for a pharmaceutical company. The Coleman family makes its home in Zion but is looking for a temporary residence in Hollywood to accomodate their we're not getting married don't like girls that much." Gary prefers going to school on the set, tutored with Todd Bridges and Dona Plato, the other children in "Diff'rent Strokes." The youngster said he learns a great deal more in considerably less time with the tutor than in his public school in Illinois. "I was surprised when I went back to the Zion school.

I had passed everybody in the class, including the teacher. "I like Zion a lot more than Hollywood. Hollywood is a place to work. Zion is a place to live. My family and relatives are in Illinois, not California.

There's more to do in Zion and that's where my dog, Champion, lives. "Champion is a fat German shepherd. He weighs 150 pounds because my Dad feeds him too much. He's so fat I can ride him like a horse. What I really like is model trains.

I put them together. Right now I have about IS of 'em. "I might not be an actor when I grow up. I might be a railroad engineer. I love going down the tracks at SO miles an hour.

The Union Pacific let me drive a train in the railroad yard. HONG KONG (UPI) The slow boat to China has given way to a super-luxury express train between this British colony and Canton in southern China for travelers with visas, with air and rail links to the rest of the country. A $10 ticket buys a three-hour ride on the first through train service from the heart of Hong Kong to Canton in 30 years. The fully airconditioned train seats 600 and has only first class service: no standing room. There is a full dining car and buffet.

Northbound trains leave from Hong Kong's Hunghom station at 1:00 p.m. The southbound express from Canton gives the "all aboard" at 8:30 in the morning. -lv i t.fpW'tA III i fir Newcomerstown News Joy Class Conducts Cook Out Kid acton are a breed apart, each different in the season. A thoroughgoing ham, he has the his own way. Today's child star is Gary natural timing and comedic instincts of Milton Coleman, a tiny 11-year old whose "Different Berle.

(LTD Strokes" has been NBCs highest rated show of Morristown, $49,487 Shulls, Stone Creek, graduate summa cum laude. Crater Graduates Jere Kay Crater, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Crater, Newcomerstown Route 3, recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kent State University with a dual certification in elementary and special education. (EMR) Common Pleas Actions filed were Nancy L.

Clark, 208 Church Newcomerstown, and Reagen V. Gark, Port Washington, petition for dissolution of marriage; Lee Ann Hunt, 208' Church and Harold E. Hunt, 330 Poplar both Newcomerstown, petition for dissolution of marriage. Stephen L. and Mary L.

Carney, 550 North College filed action against Mark W. Lucas, Barnesville and schools since 1975 told the board he wasn't actively seeking other employment, but was contacted to interview for the Stark County position at Jackson Local School District. He will assume his duties there Aug. 1. Degree Awarded Mrs.

Richard (Sharon) Fincher, New Philadelphia Route 2, New Philadelphia has earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Kent State University. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Burrier of Newcomerstown Route 2, she is a graduate of Stone Creek High. Mark and Luanne Burrier have graduated from Ohio University with bachelor of science degrees in elementary education.

Mark, son of the Vernon Burriers, graduated magna cum laude, while Luanne. daughter of the Robert 2, and Cleo Fisher of Oberlin, Kansas. The maternal great grandparents are Anna Cunningham of Chestnut Street and Frank Rhoad of Port Washington. Ruth Group Ruth Group LCW of St. Paul Lutheran Church will meet Thursday at 9 a.m.

at the church. Mrs. James McCormick will be hostess; Mrs. Laurence Gaskill will have devotions and Mrs. Carl Mizer, the program.

Rescheduled "The Sound of Music" was so well accepted by the public that it has been scheduled to run again Sunday, July 1 at the Little Theater of Tuscarawas County. Reservations may be made at the office. due for injuries from an accident Jan. 5. Guernsey Robert G.

McKim, 131 West Church is a patient in' Guernsey Memorial Hospital, Cambridge, Room 419. Charge Dismissed Judge Hudson Hillyer of Southern District Court dismissed charges of improper backing and leaving the scene Friday against Attorney Robert A. Mowbray, 60, Route 1. The charges, filed by Newcomerstown police, were dismissed following a motion from the village's law director, Patricia L. DeBoer-Byard.

The charges were filed March 28 following an accident at the rear of 132 West Main St. By AGNES HARTLINE Phoae 498-738J A cook out was held by the Joy Class of First Baptist Church Saturday evening at the home of Bruce and Carolyn Huffman. Some 46 members and guests were present including Gene and Sherri Soltz. missionaries on their way to Thailand. They were presented gifts by the class.

President David Fockler conducted a brief business session. Cathy Clantz led in devotions reading "A Person is a Person." Roger Cain offered prayer. The next meeting will be announced. The Foltzes will present a program at First Baptist Church Wednesday evening at 7:30. They will discuss their mission work.

The public is invited. Son Named Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Fisher, the former Carol Cunningham, of Wichita, Kansas, have chosen the name, Andrew James for their son born there on Saturday June 9. 9.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cunningham Jr. of Archbold, who formerly lived on Newcomerstown Route Winners Hinds Resigns The Claymont Board of Education has accepted the resignation of Supt. Curtis Hinds, effective July 1.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cluade Hinds of here. Hinds, who has been superintendent of Claymont COME JOIN US FOR SOME SUMMER FUN! ANYONE AGED 13-18 IS INVITED TO FREE ART CLASSES. TUES.

and orTHURS. JULY 3-JULY 31 Court News TOGETHER, WE'LL LEARN SOME NEW We would like to say a big "Thank you" to the many, many people who entered our "Who's Who" Contest. We are sorry, that everyone could not be a winner. The correct pictures are shown in today's paper. In the first mail we received on Thursday, June 21st, at approximately 8:00 A.M.

there were three entries postmarked June 20th. Of these three entries postmarked June 20th, two had all pictures correctly placed. These two entries will share the first place and second place prize money. The next correct entry was our third place winner. EXPRESSIONS WITH PENCILS, PAINTS, PAPER MACHE, BREAD SCULPTURE, AND MORE! WE'LL MEET AT: THE LISTENING POST 224 NORTH 4th STREET loaded firearm in a motor vehicle $100.

Ira D. Stickle, 148 S. Second no driver's license, $150 (with $100 suspended if Stickle returns registration to court in three days). Rick E. Carpenter, 969 Linn no motorcycle endorsement, $125.

Earl J. Barnett, Warsaw Route 4, drinking liquor in a motor vehicle, $75. Possession of marijuana (all fined $50): Debra A. Howell, Warsaw Route Gary B. Grace, 117 Locust Rod A.

Mohler, Clark; Van Wilcox, Amlin. Curfew (liability of parents) violation (all fined $25): Clyde C. Moore, 604 -S. Seventh Rita J. Wesney, 1250 Vine Susan Dawson, 1413 E.

Main St. Miscellaneous: Lloyd A. TAUGHT BY: VICKIE ENGLEHART FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL-622-0033 Sponsored by Coshocton County Drug Council RILEY ANITA FIRST SECOND PLACE (Tie, 20 Each) Patricia Aronhalt 528 Main Street Coshocton, Ohio 438 1 2 Lorrie Ayers 631 Cottonwood Coshocton, Ohio 43812 MEAT MA 420 MAIN ST. PHONE 622-4625 QUALITY FRESH AND CURED MEATS! PROBATE COURT Marriage Applications Donald E. Bechtol, 28, Warsaw, Edmont-Wilson employee, to Pamela B.

Carter, 20, Warsaw. Daniel R. Patterson, 21, West Lafayette, Pretty Products stockroom clerk, to Dawn M. McLaughlin, 19, of 21054 SR 93 West Lafayette. Gene A.

Mullett, 19, Warsaw Route 1, laborer, to Jane E. Pope, 18, Coshocton Route secretary. COMMON PLEAS COURT Divorce Actions Marriages dissolved: Candy R. and Gregory L. Colburn, both 1936 Adams Clarence Torrence, E.

Canton, and Alpha C. Torrence, Warsaw Route Mary J. and Alan D. Henderson, both West Lafayette; James E. McFarland, Coshocton, and Nancy J.

McFarland, 170 Valley View Tammy S. Thornsley, West Lafayette, and Robert E. Thornsley, Walnut Richard J. and Ann M. Burke, both 1761 Bayberry Lane; Mary J.

and Allen R. Udder, both Dresden Route 1. Divorces Asked: Richard Cunningham against Valerie Cunningham, both Edgewood Terrace, gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty; Larry J. Wright, Conesville, and Phyllis A. Wright, Magnolia, extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty.

Dissolution petition: Deborah C. Bicknell, 1520 North and Robert L. Bicknell, West Lafayette. Suits Filed Dismissed: Evelyn F. and Leo Young, both Warsaw Route 2, against Jessie L.

Ramsey, Frazeysburg Route 1, at the' Young's request. MUNICIPAL COURT Jack R. McCleary, 911 Chestnut driving while intoxicated, $300 ($30 suspended), 10 days in jail (five suspended), a 30-day license suspension and six months of probation. George Reichman, New Philadelphia Route 3, bad check, $200 ($100 suspended), 30 days in jail (all suspended) and six months of probation. Carrying firearms while intoxicated: Dennis L.

White, 904 Orange $150; Gerald Farrell, 316 S. Second $150. Randall Deeds, 21 Browns Lane, aggravated menacing, $300 ($150 suspended), 60 days in jail (40 suspended) and one year of probation; transporting a ALL BEEF BULK SKINLESS SI IE WIENERS In, 1. ZD FRESH GROUND 1 JST HAMBURGER ib.1.43 OLD FASHIONED $1 K9 SMOKED REAL SMOKED FLAVOR LB. HAMS Moore, Newark, operating a watercraft without enough lifesaving devices, $39.

Randy A. Washington, 351 N. Sixth expired validation sticker, $31 bond forfeited. Clifford L. Vansickle, 235 N.

Sixth operating without regard to safety, $30. Mary E. Urey, 657 John improper turn, $30; Albert E. Dile, Coshocton Route 2, speeding, $30; David A. Bowles, Clark, open alcoholic container in a motor vehicle, $25; Mary E.

Kiss, 910 Cassingham disobeying a red light, $20; Lorin H. Beaber, Mineral City Route 1, insecure load, $20. All offenders were assessed costs. LAND TRANSFERS W.C. and Dorothy Shaw to Roscoe Village Foundation part of lots 3805 and 3806 in Coshocton.

Larry and Geraldine Lahna to Bruce and Terri Lowery 1.001 acres in Perry Twp. Howard and Carol Cognion to Lila Corder lot 1530 in Coshocton. John and Matti Miller to Emma Vance lot 984 in West Lafayette. Raymond and Blanche Gress to Paul and Helen Finton part of lot three in Oxford Twp. Dallas and Mary Linton to Valerie and Larry Mathias 2.215 acres in Monroe Twp.

Mae Dilly to Robert and Trecia Atwood 7.540 acres in Tiverton Twp. Bonnie and Harold Parkhill to Glenn McCoy lot 961 in Coshocton. Richard and Mary Lou Hardesty to Lawrence and Mary Dorgin lot 1930 in Coshocton. Lucy and Dean Fleming to Daniel and Renee Brown part of out lot 177 in Coshocton. FRESH PORK SPARE RIBS lb.

1.39 FRESH PORK BACK BONE ib 1.49 THIRD PLACE ($10) Helen Weingarth 334 Hay Place Coshocton, Ohio 43812 FOR THE GRILL HICKORY SMOKED-KOLB ASSI lb. POLISH TYPE SMOKED SAUSAGE ib.U.25 OLD FASHIONED-FRANK FUTERS LOIN END PORK ROAST ib. We thank the hundreds who entered and extend our congratulations to the winners. The Coshocton Tribune MACARONI SALAD POTATO SALAD lb. lb..

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