The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 3
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D&ifcMfeEB 13, 1934 i'rsl of Prc-Chrislmas Sermons Given Sunday at Baplist Church Discussing tlie phna. "What Christ Was Made," the ru.v. Alfred Carpenter, pastor, dflivcn'd th/> first of a series of serinoiir, on the ••Person of Christ 1 ' Sunday evenln" nt the First, Baptist church. Tt will UP , li!s purpose ]n tlifs se- i-les to interpret Christ's life from before Mis blrih ni. Rfthleheni io Ifis Resurrection, lulling to 4 deeper appreciation for his earthly life st. the OhTlstmns wason, ihe pasl&r said. The 'first, chapter of ij,p fios>l of Jolm was the feriptiirn) bail* for Sunday's discourse. "Of all ihc- days gone mm time never is as rrwl; j|«namlp<i nf die church as todsy. Tiler p is more r,n- p<»ltlon today than ever hnfore j n Ihe last n-n dwsilm Hi,-. m ia 11,15 undorgoiw a. revolution In n, T -rv Pliasfi of life. The result t, II Is left in a daze-dtezy as lo wlilpli way it is going and the way out," he - said "| do not mean to sny whether the world Li better or wse. But more people are getting and more arc getting better. . m all our troubles how Waxed it is tMat • we liave s this Book, the Bible, the Wonderful Book, which' lias withstood criticism from the beglimln ff . Nothing has pierced its pages. . This Book says about, one person over and over again. 'He Was Made.' lie was made Flesh." Quoting from the text, and other passages from Die Old and New Testament the minister revealed that back in the creation He was not flesh but was part of the God-head. "He became flesh and dwelt amon* ns He was subject to .sin but while in flesh /!C ' 5h " ha<l P °"' er ovcr l!le .II. He was Made of a Wo- mnn. "i n ba iah 7:15 it was prophesied nearly 800 years before that a virgin shall conceive, and "ear a. son, nnd shall call i;ts name Immahiiel . . . "IJ K \ s lnc Alpha of our Christian Faith if we accept. His virgin birth all other matters pertaining to Him naturally follow. If we deny His virgin birth our faith further weakens as it goes and fades out. like a star leaving ifs orbit ... In ills pre-creation He was the person of "•eatlon. In His earthly life He was the person of . Revelation. In "Is risen life He was the ;wrson of Redemption ..... HP was so human He thirsted, yet so divine He could give the woman ni, the well nf-.llie^'atcr of Life; so lm- man -He. .hungered, so 'divine -lie could -feed (he' five 'thousand- so hmnan He. '• wept with those In ..grief, so divine He could call the dead from the grave." "in. He was made under u,is Lav . . . By His coining He fulfilled nnd filled full 'the law For iis .who deserved death for having gone astray and have come short of his expectations He came to fulfill the law . . . in the beginning- He wrote His own deatli sentence, then came and carried out that, sentence that He rnWit be saved . . . became dust that we might reign with Him." Hen Laid mg Ere CONTON, .Mass. (UP)-An eg» laid by one of Patrick H Brennan's pullets, weighed {!',,'. ounces Plans Gyro Hop To South Africa llolli young jKoplp wore srnd- unles In Hie 1933 class nnd wore prominent In school activities. * • » The Rev, D. Eldpy, pra.slrtliiR elder of Poplar Dluff, nnd Iho Rev. M. A. Mnsscy, pastor of HIP. Slcelp Msiluxtisl Church, were dinner guests of Superintendent nnd Mrs. W. I.. Meyers Huniiny. Mcivin Kifer find uncle,, n. Kifer, of Ncwplton, I.n., arrived TW.srtny for a visit with Mr. find Mrs J A Kifer, Miss Mnfrgje Iftite-r, of Steffi Mr.' tind Mrs.. fiill Cleorge. mid fftmllv. of Sleolp, and Mr. nml Mrs. curl Allison, wM'c : dinner nur-sLs nf Mr. und niivr-ll Tittle. cimi* RdwnroV:, of Memphis, sijpnt UIP weei: nod with Mrs. Ed- ti'iil'dfi nin| diiuelilnrs, Olnurtlnp nn <| Sylyfn Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Alsey Wilson nnd daughter, Joyce, and B English ol Brownsville, Tfnn., were liousc-' Siu-Ms of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. P. Jen- kirn last. wed:. They relumed Horn,' Tiiesrtny. An autogyro jlisiliL by ,. nsy NlflK's from r.omlon to'Cape- town is . tihmicil by tlift lion. Mrs. Victor- Hnico, shown ]ir : rc KtmlyiUK plans underneath lic-i- ftl'lnu cvan. .it a l.omloii airfield. Khfs Is onb of Uritairi's ljesl-kuo"wn iiYii.'rftei-.. Miss Nola McKay and I Eual Samford Many HOLLAND, Mo.— - Announce] ne n t has been made op'the mtmiuge of Kola McKay, attractive . daughter of Mrs. Pcrna Howe'll, of Number Eight vicinity, to Eual- Samford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Snm- fofd, of Holland. The bride who was graduated from Tin/'local high school, also attended (lrau»hnn's Business School in Memphis uncl '.vns nftervvai'd employed in 131y- thevlltn. 'Sim wore a spoil frock of brown ercpo with brown ami. Ian accessories. Mr. Samford, also n gradunln liere, attended college in Cnruth- ersvllle, and State Toachcrs College In Onpe Glrai'rteau. The Rev. w. .1. Cnldv/ell, nf BlyUicvillc, performed tile ceremony. Mr. nnd Mro. Samford will live at the home of Mr. Snm- ford's parcnui. The \yeddlnc ol Miss Uicille ( Snmford, of Samford vicinity to Mllche-lf Orindsloff. of SieelB.'was a suvprisc to fric::rfs. Mia-, $,T.y.- trtnt, dnughtei- of Mi', and Mrs Joe ike Samford. was a • member of the 1933 gradimtlnc class. * + - : ' Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith announce the approaching . marriage of their daughter, Bertha, to Ell Smith. The ceremony' will be iwr- foimed December 23. Mr. and Mrs..J. Wesley Bess, of Denlon, announce the marriage of their daughter. Miss Rasa Pearl Bess, to Willard ,r-><ikson son of Mr. anri Mrs. p. iC" Jackson.' cuss tlin methods nf tnkln Iho sllne out of |)it>" business, flee koepora from nil parts o HIP United filntes niul from Cnn ncln nntl Mexico linvo Kigninei thctr iiHoiillon of nttendliii? Hi niiniial joint ronvenllon of II Americnii Money Insilliili'. tl fioullleni Ilrekeejilng RlalrS Fei criitloii nnd Hip Oenvnin or.s Mrs The- meetliif! stoned OI1L lo li merely ft stale convention, but Int fi' lti<> fcdcrnilon decided to hoi Us convention he-re- ut HIP. siiin time. 'Ernest n. Root, Medina. O Jiolwl siUJioi' mi ii|>lctil(ii'rf> tut prc-sident of Iho Aiuerlciin ITono Institute-, lipimi nhoul tlu» plni .mil uiTHiiRtvl for HIP rnstlliiic I eo-operaio In uuildng li. » imltonn ''OlIVcllllQU. ROXY Last Time Today Matinee * Night— We MARY ASTOR :' fffCARDO CORTI5'/. DUDLEY nifiORH in 1 AM A THIEF POX NR\VS _ coiMnnv Friday & Saturday T Z I Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nifp fi:45— 10-35c SIDNEY BIHOtP MY WIFE! t 3 wit GENE RAYMOND "Grandfather's Clock Carloon IKA MOWN KIM SERIAL - . CARTOON "Unlucky Strike" With Chic Chandler ij Joker Made His Life Miserable ROSTON <UP)-Sninuol MMtar .norekecf/'r. fmiiiil life complicated me uiim' evening Plfst the NfiA olllc,. called „,„] d3>nunded a report or ),is workln* '"nix aiH Uiat of his help then two uncalled tssi.s appeared at his store, and an undertaker paiil :i U learned thai it was iho K-ork of R practical Joker. HI, Al His Ilfsk I'.very Day or.EVEi.Airo (t)pi--w. n. n»vt; fi-l, iflinulri' und president of . ptoiiPM 1 elolhina fompnny her I c.'lilcii bears his nnmp. llternll 1 'punclip.s" ft lime clock dally f his store, dr-splto his age. Bee Men Will Meet In Georgia Town VALDOSTA.l^T <UP) _ some 1.060 ol lie nation's lending ftp j. he'if ,, W 8!>lh °' r ''" c< >n™"«o n lieic the week of Dec. 17 to dis- Husii Poisons From Kidneys ard Stop Getting Up Night When you can get for 35 cents supremely ell Idem nnd. liurmle stimulimt and diuretic thnt'• v:i KiKli from your kidneys the ivnsl matter, poisons and acid that ni now doini; you liarm, why contlm lo break j-our restful sleep I Setting up through the night.. Ju. as:k your druggist.-for Gold Med: Haarlem Oil Capsules—but Ix! stir and t'ct GOLD MEDAfv—right froi Haarlem in Holland. Other symj (cms of weak kidneys an<l irrllnle bladder are backache, puffy eye leg cramps, moist palms, biiniii or scanty passage. —Adv Ux Help You Solve Your (Jifl I'rnhlems We Hiivp CiflH |?or Rveryoiie Honnn's HUE On,- of the Largest nml Host Assorted Xm-is Stock In nlslr.ry— liiirum Is Prepared to i>lease All! A FEW OP OIIU M FOR. MOTHER ne.lliltfiil Wall Pictures S? Beck Ends . . SI. 50 to S3.00 Electric Irons ........ S'-!.?5 lilcelric ToastL'rs; Silver BonBon I)!sh Silver tray ..... ,.. Silver Cream and 53.31) S1.75, Set Attractive Bed Lamps S-J.OO Hcauliful '['able I-2ni|;s ..... S2J8 nnil $:t.50 JIusical Powder lioxcs S3.50 Perfume Atomizer:; (New S(ylc) ........ $1.00 Only, Eve in Paris $1 to S10 V.ndtey's, lloubigaiil I'cr- finne Sels The. Sapdahvnoit (Yardlr.)-£) ........ S'i.OO Reaiiliful Baskets of Candy (Family Size) S3.50 Make Uji Raxes ____ {2.00 Cule.v Sets .... 50c lo Sl.OO Biril Cnges ". ......... J'i.sii ]>usliiif Powder 5l)c fo SJ.M Hath Crytlals ISit i,t S1.SI) C'nITee Tallies ...... .. $3.;;; Hcalliii,' |'a<|« 51.75 (a \NV SlJflGIOSTlONS KOH FATHER •S'eli; ... | n 53,5 Colj 1 ';] Men's Sets SI lo S3.50 Williams Gift Sels .. ?i.OO Varillcy's Gift Scls ., §1.25 •American Gentlemen .Shivlrijr Ili'uVlifs".'.'.'.'.'.' un'c Razors 25,. t' o y >( . 'I'bc iMnrvclfiu-i Kleclrjc Riiznr. Nn Crfam, Nn Hru>;h. No Knerpy N'eed- cd $15.00 Pen and Pencil Sc k 51.50 to J7.50 Fnunlain ivns $1.50 to S7 50 Desk Pen Scls $i!ns ' Hill Folds (new s '!'e) -Iflc lo 55.00 CirJrellc Lighters .... 51.00 Military Sels ........ SU.riO Neiv Zipper Style Men's Scls .. $3.50 lo S0.50 Pipes 23c In S3..V 1 l.b. Prince Albert Wrapper site 1 l.b. Velvet Tobacco 'Xinas Wrapper li!)c Cigars (Per nnx) S1.S5 - $3.50 - $5.00 FOR YOUR SWEETHEART FOR HER (iucrlalnVi IVrfunifs 10 sw.on (Tlifi Hiitlianllni: Olfll TiiilH Sels Sl|.r,o Toilet Sets; .. S'i.fO (<> SG.30 <;havmlng Si.iiiniiery . SI..W Dr.uhle Deck t'K.ijress Hridje Cards $U1 Reaudfnl llriilsr Table.* S.i.!::i t.uereiia VnuiieiLIU f;|(i • ^'s $i.ns l.nciflin Vamlerblll Per- fmnp Sell- Sl.fis :,„,) jo 3s Itnalital KV.-ndi',- in p.,iK I'frfiimr Sr(« jj.on lo S.1.00 Ccly.s filtt Nets S2.03 In S".:"j() liieliatd Hudnui .Marvcliuis Gift Sfls .. $2.3,1 to S5.00 Klcl-.ttil Itir.lniit Gemey ffifl .Sets .. $2.33 tii 'ss.OO Vanllcy's (lift Srls S2.fiO lo 57.53 HcMifgatil Gf/il. Sets . S'i.OO In S7.SO Aniiaiid Gift Set.-; .... SI.OO Ciilc.v Scls .. »c la S2.;>0 $0.50 Sl.Tia ji.on Special Ns«' Zlpiier Style Culex Set ; . 54.00 Cedar Ohrsl cf dimly Sif.ofl New Style Tnllet Sets SS.SU (n Pet fume AlomUer-, .. FOR HIM .Mtlilaiy Self .$2.60 Id Pipes $!.50 and $:i.SO Vavillp./s RhaviiiR Sets SI.25 Hill Folds .|!lc. lo ?S.OII I'nunlain IVns $1.50 (o ^S.n^l f'olr'.s Men's Shaving Scl* Jl.fin („ ss.OO \Vllliaui5 (llfl lifts .. Sl.llO Amcrinii (ienllrmen Set Yfic llcsk IVn Sels ....:. $1.98 Writi Watrh'cs S'J.n.i I'rr.ihjlaelic ' Hair Brushes $2.50 New Zipper style Military Sets v (Brown tr Black All Leather) SS.OO (o SIJ.SO llnihfgnnl Sbavlng Sel S3.75 Miind Bimhu ...... SI.OO Cisareltes, per c.irlou S1.75 Clpiis 51.25 $:j.50 $r>.00 »ABY GIFTS ,lohnror,'s Baby Gift Scls 50c to SI.OO Baby Hot Water liolllc. Sets SI.2S Baby Novelty Gift Sels SI.OO Baby Tnilel Sets 7Sc In SI.25 KIDBIE'S «IFTS Mickey Mcuss Wrisl U'alchcf, 52.9.1 Fire Chief Trucks Sl-25 .ind 51.75 Mickey anil Minnie Trippri 7Sc Mickey Mouse Barrels .. 75c Gill's All Leather Purses :5c and . LUNCH AT BORUM'S FOUNTAIN JMiilc ynu arc slinppiiiir for Xmas HoliiUjs drop In lunrfi wild lionmi's. Dor inn's have, a number of SIM-CPU prepared l.unclic!: lo chncsc fioni that arc different every na.v. All Kinds of Delicious Sandwiches, Delightful' Sahils Kit Fnnds and Chill, T.imiilcs and Itot Dnps. • • FOUNTAIN HOLinAY SI'KCIAI, THAT KKALI.Y IS A HONEY FRUIT CAKE \CK CREAM - - fl9 c Nunually'9 Christinas Candles'in cue to five pound boxes Alto special liaskcis at $2,50 and Ced.-vr Chests of Candy .it __j_?3 ftnj $4 . Miniature Toyland Packages, Too! PAGE THBBK ; PIGGLY WIGGLY KEOGER PRICES FOR FRIDAY AMD SATURDAY Tliii'li t(il) Kiinsns (!!ly fled' \n<l J.s WoJI (lie Money Pnuni] Fresh Fish WA'MS CABBAGE-' Ncw G CARROTS GREEN BEANS- F , PCJ Delicious. SK's Mown FLOUR "'""*%', : ,,S.13 C Bananas FRESH NUTS Macaroni ipnghelli am; KKS No tulles 2 Pkgs., lie Lima Beans Avomialc 'Jroen. No. 2 Ct 2 for 25c L{;c. Pecans, II) 2Sc WaJniiis, M). - 2Dc Almonds, 1,1). Br:i7il Nnls. Tangerines APRICOTS Large 21/2 Can Each 19c PEACJIliS,,, 2Ji ^ 15 FKIIPtf 1>inl • • l!lf I' JUltft OiiHi'l - :j2f 'i\'t 1.11. Cliotv .19( 5 l,h. Clincnlaies i)Si (JLACE FRUITS iirrrlef. Me; 1'lneanple, I.h. S3e Citniii, I.h. ?.7c: nr.ingi- 1'er CCTJJT Butter IHtlNG BROOK I'oti tul COUNTRY cum Pound Country Cliil) No. 2 Can Tiny - 1 !)c I.arjre S\vce(, Can Hour or Dill ^ -JQ] Quail Id 2 Sweet or. Sweet Mixed OAC

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