The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1932
Page 5
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NEWS Double - Cros? ;£."; : ExplaJns Smith's Rage '.?£ Aftpr Convention. i".' BV. KOltXEV DWCIfEK '" •''••' NEVSorvIcc Writer •K scnne steal Icsmn In the j s**rv or whit haupencd during Ihc | •^ijfilcieo , convention between Al j • Smith and William O. McAdno nnd i '.' •£t' v ' et 'n Al Smith nnd Jack Gar- j '"-Jf-'no!-then ! <'i Ussl a 'ale o! .verting Ir'e'of sims o[ Hie tindcr- •j(v\-o- jnn f 'hfn';ficn^ vMch prcccd- . ^ the nrainlation cf another pol- . .iilcian who proved'• slicker' than ••"e 1 ?" of I hem. . . J^What • nruonrs to be. Smith's .-version of his c'onlliins .with Mi 1 - VWoo p.nd .Oarner hns lrcu ptvi'n ft?". Frank R. Kent In th" Baltimore Sun. Il'iorve^'lo rxriain Mn he left Chicago after h'- faMirr.-? • Jo" block Roosevelt, a ratrc whbh • • ?J"' > ""nllv.rbssc.««cd him (or.som:; «onth s thereafter. . . ^^iRccsevclt. had a very jority Qtajetegntes. but Smith,'-fell .'..$![•:. bi{jiwj|?E':. was never any h3- '-Tta'erifp;^ the. theory ot nmtarity •'rifle. *HsT. had :tnken on the job of stopping 'Roosevelt in favor ol . {omcojje'whom he cotiid nomlitnt: ijjT.apreement with other leader's— ''smoke-filled room" stuff, As Roosevelt and Hoover Made White House History ' \ • j • delegates picked by state conventions ought to have something to say ntoiit the-'nomination? Wns any ihoushl given to popular government ot the Idea that Kcosevoll's hue? majority might niran thnt he was the jmrly's.rcal cl::!:c? Hardly. lift!' were a couple of slick Smith undertook (o siinw how: Nwc-velt conW be hold for five b^l.'oU ,'ii»l then smiiMiPd. (You v.",!i!l:-r v. i'Tithc-r M! - A.doo's mind '•" '•'••?. tl>o-:0 momf-iits v.'as more ';i Ch;.\r:n or bp/.-k !n ihu old Gar- •-'.'r\ o; J321.) , ! fvi." 1 ! i:i quoted P-S saying: "ff we work l';';r'.inr W(> can •::;: ihj.i ffiler. 1 ran't he ! '"M''.)' 1 '?:!. hut v.-c csn fit down; :r;.;-i!:l a tai)U. mi'l '/c-t (ogetliir! M"A(!r>3 is siirt n- iviv! 1 a^V.edi "<V!ii;n you Ml ar.'j.'.'i'l (!;c Lib.'" "If you're roc <!v:u r wusi't l ; a :ho.-; eithtr." Tl'e nii-p;ivt":l <";iiv.H:p.t!':M endi th -;. Sm:;h f^Ji ho i,n:l a "b:!v- ij":n" v.'Uh Mr.vl.~j. hi:i lif '.vns lt!l'!i^ his irieiul, nr:,-rwar(I (h;u "the — — will ;lv.!b:i:-c:o:s ui." Anyway, he rJUlu'i ;vj Wc.Vcicn :-n'«. Alter ti;:> t!.-;r;l V.i»o'. t',- heard that C:ilif:nn=a srad Texas '^ p r" sc.^7 to A'.vjtfh to Hoo~jvc'.:. dc failtd 10 ESI ciainer by t?le- phons In Wnshlngton and a cleric v.-l]l?p?r.:d conndentlally thnt Gar- ; i:er didn't «-ant to spealc to him. . Another "uca!" had been made —one on v/hich hardly any light has b:?n shed. Oainer got the vico presidency, although no one knows why he wanted It. What was Mr:AdoT p'.omi'cd, beyond his ^ica' opjioi'tuniiy for revenge on Smith"? Vcur corrusKanUcnl Iws lienrd (wo or lh:w versions, each o«' •.v!iici) soiHided phoney. _2i_J93'J ;> have moi-cd from CJi^TTrtTT/-^ J. Whentlcy's phcc whsiC 7, . will lemaln until u'y oaf, ,!„ '- 5 losallon fo rthe wmin, 'K^" a SUC-'J'i of Tues'.ltiy. andMri: y v.^nS,,!r;;,^»;- Miss Mabel Oliirk enten'-ji,, 1 "' No. 8 and Vicinity Venn Ohai!^! ••> I.Cr:-i. be over . Fred». who has teen J critical condition for .several ^' v '" i ;" < V : '"V ;i '' b an ° M: '- !! »'l -vctk:. Is able to be up. . Mrs ' '' ra "- (?r A :' res a ' lcl ^"Ur,.,. Ml-, nnd Mrs. v/. L. Jenkins and SEATTLE w>«!) (UP)-'!••—• • children -.VCK gursls of Mr. and iu ]t .m.j'«v."| v'l-'-'-l >]•-T V- 1 " Mrs. L. Hamilton on Oak Ridge vh"r'"fey Arii'-i t'l--- -nr'-^ Saturday niqht and Sunday. . wei :,' pllrch ,, s;d ' b ;' a ( ,.. nl .:^ — Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Pennln°ton to .crgani::cJ laij-.r." One million p; h>3 (lie fificent! irscns—soldier i anniversary Lenin's tomb, 3, sp.ilors, ivorferrs. jwasontri—paraded- th roil,,.. of thc.founiiin- of the Soviet re-line. Here you sec thousands of ironp-; from Where Josef Stalin nnd other leaders' of the government .• I .• I II ^ !l> Hcd Square in Atacnw In [his impressive pa?ennt c"l->brat- you sec thousands of Irram mrwd in the rcinnre in /rent of inn revlev/cil procession. HNSWERS in toofe/S IUKE yon. Al was not. inexpul- jeppcd at blocking lendlni; conleuil- . ers for the nomination. He !M-I -Carried'.the (la? for ihc jinrthjrn -C.emocratic bosses in , 1924 when west and the soulli. And -this vie- McAdno, never quite set a In thnt weird deadlock w:\sj.iiiajorlly at Madison S^iarc Oar- Smith much more intenwly. And Smith wiis ivillins to make a deal with his old victim Ijccaiise as ]>e • * ncnc other than this same Me- j den, nlllioiifili he couW have hiul . Adoo. who lUeu had plenty ot tup:"' 11 and would have won hnd it not [ 0 T ( i" p'-" r "7 r , 'n^',' , hn ; port of (he K<i K!« z crs a.ul even | been for the two-thirds ru!e. „ ih« nee'in" • a spot o' two of, oil on him ' - '- I " Ule '"cotins. in this (iole^aies v-ouldn't h,^nk before ho j nv.'TOd his own Calitomians. Tncn beams the 'story of wily- ' r.r^j n)):l gJilp. ; Did Smith o: McAiloo ranF-itinr '• fnr a moment iho i!i6!i"ht of voters and tb.j hundicds OJESSK A M S A V M:ic!l(IN',\l.[) j.., I'RIMK MINISTKII ••MillUAT Tin- BM i f ,!,„ ,,r| Ilt ,, r .- H il i>f liiMUkVrpinx-lil NKW 7. K.\ ;* i*. You couldn't make a better buy than THE FAMOUS SAHARA COAL ~"t!ol as the sands of the desert" — THE COAL THAT SELLS ITSELF ; ^ : , Distributed ONLY by the''"" SUPERIOR COAL CO. Phone 123 Alsn other High Grude ' Coal of ail hinds V • < AT PRIC Saturday, who mjikc 35c, Four November 2f> \ve will KLM! to all i\ 50c purchase or move A Good SI rand Hraimi For Orilv Men's Socks RAYON AND SAWMILL I0 - c , value - s ' ricu - v firsl 4 pair to a customer | We have reached a long arm into the past - - - We've brought back to Blytheville M in tact the «o!den Age of low prices always mentioned with a sigh. Twenty years ago! 1912—Good Nickel Cigars and the Bull Moose party; Indomitable Teddy and his liig" Stick; These days are to be lived again. When our doors open Saturday, i\ov. 26, they will reveal the Finest, the Newest, and Most Desirable of 1932's Merchandise. But the prices - - - They'll be those you and your daddy knew before the war, I rices - - - \V e can say with all assurance - - - Will never - - - Can never go so tow again for the next decade at least. It's your final opportunity—Your biggest v ??S?ii°»' y I<jVerythin £ You Necd in Wearing Apparel In This One Week Of i \ AljUiiio' WERE 5c A DOZEN BdEB3^^B999§9^^EBSI^H mfOsiffsai-xMSSaiaafi An Ideal Time to Bui} Gifts for Christ m a s. A Small Deposit Will Hold Ann Article for You Until Christ- was. FREE! FREE! Tn Every Person Entering Our Store Saturday .Morning, Novrmlier :>fi K ron , s A M. in 9 A. fti. Mill lie Prcsonlctl \Yilh A Coupon Good For a 10',', Discount on Any Purchase From lOc Up. This In Addition to (he Low price Already Named. M.ikes I'his Ti'uly A Hcmark;il)!r Opportunity To All Thrifly Shoppers — Rcmpmhcr The Hours — 8 A. M. To J A. Mi * ——, — *---<-'-*rr^&m*ivM!-0rjG It's Not Too Early To Start Buying Christmas Gifts. You can save money by making your purchases here in this Sale. HUNDREDS OF VALUES LIKE THESE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT WE CANNOT ADVERTISE THEM ALL Men's f' ' • | ; ;l-l-Lb. Heavy'Ribbed, made n.,i- n ,,i,:i r Regular 3nc package. Special in This Sale, 1'cr Package, Only ri MEN'S TROUSERS Rlan.v I'Vcnch-lack NVorsleds in (his lot. AH S 38. Values (o ?2.95 A Fair Onlv ' 'o

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