The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1948
Page 5
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WKDNKSDAY, APRIL 14, 1<M8 British Moving Out of Palestine 100-Vehicle Convoy Leaves Jerusalem For Port of Haifa JERUSALEM. April 14. (UP) —' A Brillsh convoy of 100 vehicles left loday for the embarkation porl of Haifa, draining off more of Britain's fast-dwindling means of enforcing Inw and order in this war- threatened city. _ Twenty-five' cars of civilians 35 Iruckloads of baggage and furniture and 40 cars of military personnel and equipment set out for Haifa with an army escort. Many Americans decided to wait out the situation in tlie face of multiplying signs that all-out hostilities between the Jews and Arabs would break out as soon as all the British were gone—and thai would not be long. The British piled inlo cars drawn up in a double line along the Julian Way in front of the King David Hotel. British soldiers were stationed on ihe approaches to (he assembly area. The civilian cars were loaded mostly with wives and (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS Revolt-In Colombia children of government workers. One car carried five children. British sources said Ihe Arabs refused to guarantee safe passage for any convoy carrying Jews, regardless of their nationality. A number of spike-helmeted Arab Legionnaires with rifles patrolcd the security zone during the loading. In the early hours, eruptions of violcncejn Palestine were "on a relatively small scale. A bomb exploded in the Monte- liore Quarter of Jerusalem, sending up billovs of smoke. Jews on a nearby hill opened a barrage. The blast wrecked an unoccupied school and another unoccupied Imildinj. No casualties were reported. In Tiberius in North Palestine, Haganah squads b.'eiv up headquarters of the JS'ajada branch of the s about m f,ont .,,„, of ^ ou ;r^^^ Arao anncci forces. The British Army ordered an indefinite curlew on the area Sporadic gunfire and sniping went on lor several hours in Haifa, but details were, lacking. An official report said 34 Jews rtiid 10 Arabs were killed, and 38 Jews were wounded yesterday ,11 the convoy battle in the Sheik "Jar- rlh area of Jerusalem. Two British soldiers were killed and two wounded. Among the Jews wns Dr. Haini Yassky, director of Hadassah Hospital. Yassky, leading a convoy of 10 vehicle.;, was shot three times but his wife. Fanya, sitting beside him. i escaped unhurt. Yassky's body was I recovered by British "troops, who 'removed casualties from the four Ancient Passenger Steamer Makes Home for Ex-G. I. Student Couples f ^' """'"' couples in , Glancing Unough Dip classifuM ads in a local newspaper one day they saw this: "House boat. Three bedroom i Three baths. Large living room' . Large utility room. Kitchen witii i nook." ! H sounded a little unusual but, i good. Particularly because it was i moored in Portace Rav on 11 "* ."•<>'•• Meddl'for Unknown Soldier nrln f,f \ . - ' — o.-iiui iit-lUJV IVi! I1UO Hi! edge Of ihe University of Washing ing off the boat ton campus, where John ivas goin • to school. . They went to sec the honseboa! It turned out to be the old Ariel a tD-foot passenger boat which ran on Lake Washington for many years. Not So Luxurious It wasn't exactly as luxurious ami I spacious-as ihe art implied. Tlie only plumbing consisted ul one coll vatcr faucet and the vessel needc;! i heating system. , But the Mnrrays were rosource- :ul. They saw possibilities in th» old boat, which by this time had become almost a museum piece In th- At the White House in Washington. Prince Regent Charles "of left, presented President Tniman with a Belgium war Cross lo oe awarded the American Unknown Soldier of World War n, who is yet to be chosen (NEA Tclcphoto.) for Today's Hauling Needs Jeep ^5 NEW "leep" Plalform-Slake Tiuck TWO AND FOUR-WHKl DRIVE You can't beat x "Jeep" Truck for medium duty, low-cost hauling. Take a jjlancj at ihc features that put these new irucks in a class by i themselves —and then come in and see for yourself how complete/)' new a line of trucks can he. • "Jeep" Engine powered. • Selective 2 or 4-wheel driv« modeU with 6 tpeedi forward and 2 reverse. • Oplionat power fak«-off (4-wh«l driv» models). • A campl»l« line with eonv»n T tional 2-wheel drivg. • 4700 lo 5300 [hi. gro» vehicle weight. • High payload to «rou vehicle weight ratio. Poole Motor Company needs ior rr-pnir popped up continually elm-ing Ihe first months. Ai'ler they put in a new slovo and a rcfriacniior. the Ariel developed a list lo port. Uolh hail to be put .m (he same side because of space lim- italion.i. Life Aboard (lie Ariel .The favorite story of life aboiml the Ariel is nbtmt t| ]e morning John ••-•••'•• fell into lid-lake while „ --f the boat to an 8 o'clock class. "The- gai,g]u;,nii had slipped off the doorstep during Die nluhl." Joe .says, "'and John went tearing O'it, the door. Luckily, he gn.bbcd ilia door frame and Jmng on." The Mnrrays and Melnskys are becoming somewhat attached to the old Ariel. But both couples plan -o East-West War Of Neryes Continues VIENNA. April H. ,up> - US inllilary police reported today llwt« was unimpeded on the road to the Amcrlcan-onerntcct Tullln airport, contrary to H rrporl l>v Austrian |»llce that niissliin K uar,h llielcs '" slopp '" R "'il"»i-y vc- The Austrian }m \i cf reported hv telephone Hint two Russian ssuard's wore cl.cckinR army traffic Mwcen Vienna mid I lie airport H miles lo the Non Invest. Army authorities s.ilcl Inter Ih-it, militmy police found workni-n er,vtin R S i B ns readlns "stop" in Snails!) I.IHI German st (lie check- |xw»t. 'Uiey said Austrian ivilice «;<•>•<• on duly bul they found no MKIIS dial (hi- liussinns Intended -topping milltnry vehii-lrs Officials siiki ti.oy would n,'i n-em.ent. piurok 0,1 the lil«liwnv until they determine (lie reason for the check point. The Million wv ., MH n|) yesterday. British mllliiiry trains W( -re ni>i- mitleu for |j,e .wroud s tr,il s |,t day lo clciir \vithout a delay a Russian C ] lfc k pollu u( scmmcrliiR 50 mile* .Southwest of Vienna. Census in Little Rack Gets Under Way Today ' * * Fashions * * *ACBl iriV»" f'nrn by t!>* collon IIHIU,,. ni(hli« hhown »l,ovf ax pioliiredjn IS, April URue of (hioii Hun<itKr|.in R •m»rln». Conif« In while »ilh f ink «r liliif. Siz« 32 to <0; iboul i. Knyitrr, tUl '"•'•'-A foiir-lo six week census o Arkansas' capilnl eily was sched- <D«I lo «el iMKlmvay (odny under the supervision of n, UTV i, No i.,, .. of 'he II. R . census Huron,,'; N< " 11 '-' Nolder s,,ld |,,s slafr or «,) census Ink'., will seek the name, nitc sev "'•'Iwlor nf the heart O f (,,«, ho.,^ v ' oth ;'V" c """-« «>' the family "in* at homo. nlu | „„ ,,„..,> move out when the two 'husbands ' ci receive their degree.? tills June. "It's kind o! fun and certainly convenient,' s: t ys John. "But we Ibink a dryland home still' is the best.' 'acific Northwest. ' . so iiicy bought the Ariel for s2 - Piano Tuners Advised 3CO. The Murrnys and another coi- ! T o Sticlr *o It lege veteran couple, Joe and An:, ' ° Ot ' CK *° " - > , TULSA. Okla. (UP)-rr you can stranded vehicles earlv last ' inTrork 15 """!' I'"'" °" to 5 ' 01 "' '""under cover of a .smoke scree,"" '^ .=""„ "^ v ™" mer ' D '- °«"S<= The convoy was carrying doctors. ' Tlf" Unliwilv , T , -— ed " _ Pln "° lunlr.5 may be in the nxwl 1 - A.l.nli.hJn.U.m 1 "/,™ '"Un'''''''' Notice Is he,Tby"^ C vcn that the following is „ 1| SL of „(„!<,„ of ',^ ceased per.ions upon which"'Letters vvere "ni'ntp'd "' "' Adnilnlstll<1 Uoii March 10-18 will, "be da l'""of'\ he KranthiK of and, Idlers ,,nil i] lc name and address o[ ihe cxccuior or ndinJn'jfiriiior. No. 18-17. Estate of A | ( ,, c , Fcn(U decoded. Letlers Testamentary \*. Miert lo Oscar Fcmllor, 'niythovlllc Arkiinsas on March 25 1948 . No 1816. Kslate of J. II. sninrl Sr.. deceased. Utters TeslnmeiHary i issued lo c. M. smart „„„ j. ^ •lout* of Blythevlllc. Arkansas or, March 2!>. |[5|8, Witness my hand a . s s ,, ch C | crk and the senl of 5 aj,| Collrt th i s ( | lc i 2nri day of April, 194H. 1 ELIZABETH BLYTIIE I County ,t Probate clerk i By Slella Cain, IDC» i demand of occupations In 1955 hh' i survey .shows. "There arc 30.000 different wav , to earn money, but the average • person knows of only 25," Smal! PAUSE... Improvement Reported In Educator's Condition Dominion at j. \y, Ontlv. Uixoni High School prlnclpni who w, ls stabbed by "n train father Monday afternoon, WHS reporti>il ns Improved tndny by Walls llasplinl nttcn- daiils. Mennwhl'le, n. c. Tedder of Luxora. who slabbed Mr. cnrty, U lx-DK held In the Owcoln county Jail. After s(abblu K ,M r Cndy four limes with an Ice pick because Ihe prliidpnl rent his children home from scljool. Tedder surrendered to Deputy Sheriff Herman fiplccr ol Luxuin.' TliB attack occurred in the jnin- clnnl's office' nl Ihe high school and was witnessed by threo alu- tlenls nml n school cmployo. Legionnaires Meet The Dm! Ciison Post 24 of tlvi American) Lesion hold Its weekly Uisliiws meeting ru Ihe Legion Hu> last nl>;lit. Cornier News Wnnl Ads. FOR SALE DORTCH'S IMPROVED OGDEN IEANS SUle Certified NON-CERTIFIED OGDEN PURITY 98% ' _ 'Germination 88% ' C. L. Wylie, Grocer, Promised Land Phone. 2025 or L. R. Matthews Gin, Yarbro I'hone 727 —77 L/Yt/e Gig fcatb&r Don'I neat /'nikts on Irnvais. Neeiliim plenty on cur. 1 take car le Pon/iac dealer for— Smith Ponliac Co. Phone COOLER c ,u POOLE ' Owner & Operator SniHhH.ghwayeiatSleele.Mo. r Phone Steefe tOTIVEO UHDFK AUTKOBITV OF IHE COCA-COtA COUPiW COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVIlTh IT MAY COST YOU A LOT MORE NOT TO DO IT NOW« "Lot's not kid ourselves about prices "That onr you're driving is worth a lot in cold cash--and repairs and replacements can coot plenty too, these days. "That's why a good service job this spring is so important—and why it's a better bargain than ever before. H costs .so little to help protect so much lo ready your car for this summer's Happy Motoring. ''.See your nearby Esso Dealer for an oil change and lubrication job .. . and a complete check-up of parts that rmght give yo,, lrmible this SIInlmc ,.. Whether your car is old or new, it's mi»htv eood business to PRBPAHK now rather than RKrliR later!" Plense tok. it eoiy; driv. t or .f u ||y every '•'rAIIIinuN '"' n " l(> - vo "' re «l the wheel. Respect the ^»UII6M> other fellow', rights on the road ..'. n nd be tlouby alert for child™, playing! Rerneni- BCI, aa/f ant-nig », n frr.» llnnn,, \, n ,,,,i,,., YOU PROTECT »OTH YOU* CA* AND YOUR POCKETBOOK WITH CARI LIK£ THIS AT THC tSSO SIGN \r\ OilchangeteriglrtsumMergr«k [^Thorough lubricatkMi jrt 0 Battery checked ._ (re-chargerf if MeM) Tires and tufets m$«ect*d Radiator drained, , inspected ftr lc«kt tights « wipers checked tW See your ffsSO) *«fer Av*td tar tr««M« tS«t needn't klp^.Hl >.. y««r (>!• OMl — ««m»mWr t Cfrt Cxuft.** , L. ] ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY

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