The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 8, 1850 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1850
Page 3
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CONKLslIVf & CO., JAAva BJUIOVED TO THEIR SrLENCIB KIW 33 WrRTUXDT BTILKKT, "lyUEUE they offer for satis, ft redaced price, to " ' eoantry mtRhuU vtsiung this market, s large Ul Well Bel-eLM Hi-it of TAPLK AND KANCY DRY OOODS. v.(nu.riring rerr variety of derjrabi roods to I fraud la tbeir line " Tbey also devote ttM second floor of their store to a Urge Variety Of CAKFETi. wanbraelng all Be Ply!, aad ad the beet makes of JWW and Ufsuetie Carpctings among tbe stock ill be Tapestry Velvet, Lowe". Ingrain, Knuluih BrnavOa fcnglish Ins-rain, fcuper Three-ply. otton Chain, Tb rnipson Ingrain, Cotton Ingrain. Thompson Venetian. Cotton Venetian. Making a full assortment of alt trades, selected with frreet care, and we now offer them at lower piles than nusy other botase in tit" trade. They also manufacture and have on hand. large a, ewrtment of Ladies' and (rents' Velvet, Brussels and V t Uetien Carpet bain and Satchel. Or?- c ah buyers axe particularly invited to examine bef'ire purchasing. TO LET The lofts of 32 Courtlandt rtreel eftnp JiVrr Carpets, Oil Cloths. &c. Til K enbseriber woold call the attention of his friends and the puWie generally, to hie extensive assortment of all the various styles erf A-XMINbTLR. VELVET 2nliTKV' TAPWTltY BRUSSELS, BRUSSKLS. THRkr-PLY, lNUKAIN, and every other description ? . JetlD toefbr wlta Ifeat variety of OIL CLO rH, in width from 3 feet to 24 feet, many ot which ire old and well dried, to which the attention of steamboat ownors and hotel keepers is particularly requested. Also, DrngeU of the beet r-ngiish manufacture, spiendid patterns and bright eolnrs. Tarylng from one to three yards wide : Hearth Rum TiMn f 'mm. Ktslr ttrwl. fee Purchasers are informed tlut the arrangements with the BianufaeturL-rs of hurope and this eoantry enables tbe advertiser to K KTAIL the M qualities of earpeting at mm stout tv uuLLSAi.r. prices, at W. H. GUION'S Wareroom, 1 np fronting no. 64 K. B'dway and Tl Division t I'ARLOIt CARPETS. Velvets. Tapestry and Brussels, new styles. CHAMBER 110031 CAIIPETS A superior article ot small figured Ingrain. liasenient Hoom Carpets, Superane Ingrain. Also. uth Carpets. Floor Oil Cloths A very superior article, new and beautiful designs and coloring, well adapted for ball, saloons, dining rooms, no. A too a eery heavy article, at a low rice, lor kitchens, ou ana omees. 1I1TTIJGS, Fancy, Checked, Plain, of very superior qualities, at, zeesoneus price. Bailey & Brothers, raygnp 454 PEAHL ST., near Chatham. KUicott & Abbot's Platform Scales, S CALKS MADE TO OKXfKIt, fur to weigh any number of pounds, and any number of feet in length or wuliD. mat 1 de-ired for railroads, canals, coal, nay. ore, iron . tobacco, eotton. stores, &e. TortaMe Platform and Counter Neales always on band. Persons that wish scales, will do well to call and examine our stuck. All scales made of the bet cast steel bearings, avnd warranted. rr.i r. r-LLitiii r. Agent, No. 7 Nassau street, New York. N. B. Also. Tatent Balances. Butchers' Scales, Grocers' Counter Scales, irrucgisi' Scales, Gold Scales, Troy -weight ; and small scales of all descriptions for sale al Ibe above rso. 7 Nassau st. apii np Improved Gutta JPcrcha Pipes. 7OK AQUEDICTII, J, to I inch ; for SUCTION M or I'LUMBINii. I to a inches; will sustain four times the pressure of Croton water, cannot be bruised or broken, impart no flavor or p.iou, will not buret if the water is froscn, are light, canity connected, and in every respect superior to mr.tul pipes ; can be used for oils aud . acids at niodurnte temperature, and are permaucntiy durable. For tale by the HUDSON MANUFACTURING CO., 181 Broadway Tbe testimonials oan be seen. ml 2?nn p.W Improved Gutta Pcrcha Flexible Hose. FOR GARDENS AN1 STREET-WASHERS. THK great desidiTatum Is attained of a clean, light, fl-xibie and durable hose, that will not rot in one' two or three years : that requires no oiling, and can be put away without care to dry it, or left exposed to the summer s sun wunout Injury, for sale In lengths or 16. 'JO, 2S, 30 and 60 feet with couplings to fit tbe Croton Hvdranta. at 181 BROADWAY ml znrnpaw RKMUVAI.. Office Desks. Furniture, Chairs. &c.. &t. A S the subscriber Intends to remove on or before the 1 a. first day ol May next, he would moat respectfully in wite those wishing to purchase any of the above article' to call and examine his work before purchasing elsewhere as he intends to dispose of his present stock at a small advance above cost. Aleo, on hand. Halsted's Fatented Anti-Dvsveotie Chairs, who alone has the right to make or dispose of the P. S. Ornco Furniture made to orde on and after the 1st may to W4 Broadway. ' ' mhjanp J. CLARK. 4fl Broadway. KKMOVAL. Fanes, Beehe ' Co. HAVE RKMOVED TO IVo. 314 IS ROAD WAY, Anil Corner of Iteade and Centra streets, WIIEHK CAN BR FOUND ALL Itl.VDS of Warm Water and Warm Anti-lieating and Ventilating Apparatus for Private Dwelling. Churches. Seniiuariee, Hospitals. Halls, rriions. Horticultural Buildings, sic. Also, Beebe's Celebrated Cooking Ranges. Cooking Uteuslls, Japanned, Brass and Silver Hated 11 e-jliKters. a new article, sufenor to anything of the kind in the market. mylBDaWPnp Iflurray, Reynolds & Sanger, GENEllAL COMMISSION MKKC11ANTS, SAtlUMESTO CITY, California. ALESANDK.ll MURRAY. ORSON A. REYNOLDS, WHITING P. SANGER. XKFBRClcrS. Horace Waldo, Eq , New York. Bulkleyk Clatltn, do Letand tt Mellen, do Daniel Kbbels. Cashier Union Bank. do. F. il. Tows, President O. Lee k Co. ' Bank, Buffalo. Dean Richmond. f.q., Buualo. J. C. Howe a Co.. Boston. Mr, O. A. Reynolds. 6S Cedar street, will give any in formation, in relation to shipments, that may be deeired ap'Jo np Bingham, Beynolds, Barllett & Co., SHIPPING, AN1 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, - AND GKNKKAL AO K NTS, BAN FHANC1SCO. CALIKOUMA. ITILI4 take charge of all conxignuients or business V v which may be entrusted to them, on lilieral terms JMES W. BINGHAM, FRANCIS A. BARTLETT, URSON A. REYNOLDS, W.ALLON BAUTLETX, nsritaRfcKs is1 nrw vohk a Hutchinson a TlUany, Bulkiry k Clan in, C F. Lindsley, McNeil. Fitch a Jerome John Falconer at Co., Cromwell, Haight a Co., Oanlel Kbbets. Cashier I'nion Bank, New York. J. :. Howe a Co., Boston. C. 11. Welling, Philadelpliia. C. Yale. Jr.. k Ce.. New Orleans. Wood a Low. New Orleans Waterman ft Ryan. St. Louis, Mo: H. T. Street a Brother, Charleston, S C. Mr. Reynolds will remain in New York, and may be consulted oa all matters relating to the business of the Douse, by letter or otherwise, at No. S3 Cedar street. New York. Jan. 1 1848. n27 np TUUHEK, FISH & CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAlal-'OK.NlA. Commission llerchants, Consignments atteudrd to with great care and prompt-asfl. Sales made at the highest market prices. Aocouut sales made and proceeds forwarded by every steamer, in coin or gold dust. CONSIGNMENTS (To the eare of E. B. SUTTON, 84 Wall street,) Will be forwarded by the first class vessels of the Dispatch lane, free of eouuniesiuns in New lork- till Hardware, Hardware, CHEAP FOR CASH. A. L. IIALSTE1) tfc SON, it d U learl street. ' A GKNKKAL, Assortment of llikusiii Cvtlfst j and liaavr Goons, both of Foreign and Dumestic manufactures, constantly on hend, and daily teceiving from the auctions and otherwise --all of which we are determined to sell at the very lowest prices. Dealers in Hardware are Invited to call. mug PIfl.VO FOUTFS. A tine assortment of superior toned rianue, with and without AOoliao aecompaniainent, manufactured by the ixuebrated house of T. GILUERT fc CO., be found at thir KEW YORK WAUEROOMS, 447 Uroadwny. A large supply of good Second Hand Pianos fbr sale rneap. or to rent. WATERS k BERRY, 447 Broadway, Between Grand and I anal streets, A rents for the Manufacturers. N. B. A superior Tuner if engaged, wbe will execute au orders promptly. mv -r Paner Bausings. rilllK KCBsclUUKUS invite the attention of roer-X clunu and buyers generally, to their large stock of - "rr.s M Af.Ul.NUS," comprising an exiensire wient of goods in their line. Possessing facilities lor man-niacturing largely, we are pre par 1 to ofleT our goods at the lowest manufacturers' prices. Taper hung to order b; experienced workmen, at the shortest notice JANKWAY A CO.. IOO MAIDEN LANK BOJyJTETSl BATS I cops : i mlrtilicial Flowers. William XS. Whiting fc Co Vi PKAUL ST1LKKT. OFFER FOR SALE AT THE LOVVtST MARKET HI lets, A COMPLWTB ASSORTMENT OP ALL KIItTls OP BOSSBTI, MATS, CAPS, M I) ATsTB al Kf.D ARTIFICIAL FLOWLKS. mil. IsV V SOeV, L'ateut Clialr 3Ialcers, 41 BROADWAY. PIYOT RVOLVINOCHAIRS,Bewetaerrlng Chain, Self Acting Ktension KecumbenA Chairs, Dentist Chair, improved m." .--.u Reading aad Writing Desks, and every Tariety ef Ate-cbaaical Chairs for comfort and coavemer-ee. Also, by aermissioa. manufacturers of ilajor I earl, TJ. S. A- Travelling lavalid Chairs- W. H Hiu Ki ! ,M"P XHVSEED OUL. American aad Kmrlish, of seperiec quality, la hog, aliay . Llnreed On Mauafikcturar, Ut Frsst tt r Brooklyn - FIRE INfclUllANC CO., CHARTERED IN !. Offles No. 4S Pvltosi staur, Brooklyn, and No. 6 Mxa- irl.KVs' LICKIKCI, WALL STBXCT, hef York. rWT HIS codpabt lamtr stores. dwelling and JA other buiiiliocs, nMrcbandise. fnrnitim. iMab in port and their cargoes, npoa as reasonable terms as any laetitution in New York WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, Prarfdent Alssto O., Secretary. 4 np Office of the JYational Fire Insurance Company, NO. 62, IV ALL. STREET, OProslTE THR KERrKiKTl' f ICSA5lil, S K W VuKU. T'HIS Company with a full capita and Urge surplus securely infested, continue to effect Insurances against Lom and Diatui e r ixz, on all descriptions of property. Also on l.tun Naiotioi Kissi on as la-voraUetemu as any similar Institution in this city. All losses promptly aojuswa BU DIBECTOES: Thos. W. Tborne. George Bell, Andrew D.Melick John VanBoekerck.l'hilip burroughs, iartin Hodman, Gilbert uavi. wm. van wyes, jame annr, Henry H. Wall, John J. rinmct, John tlecker, W. H. Jaotbs. THOMA8 W. THORN E. Preldent. W. C. KF.LI.OCMj, Secretary. myoOTuTnSup Citizens' tire insurance jo., No. 07 Wall street, and 107 Bo-arcrw. CO- THIS COMFAN V.witls a cash capital securely In Tested, and a Urge surplus, continues to insure against Los and Damage by s ire, on as favorable terms as the City OLlce generally. DANIEL BURTNETT, JEREMIAH JOHNSON, THOMAS Mci.LrU.TH, JAY.JARVIS. Li:KE BAKER, KOBERT BAKKLET, CHARLES DEVOE, JOHN 8. HARRIS, ALONZO A. ALVORD, JAMES C. BALDWIN, WILLIAM WALLACE, FRANCIS A. PALMER. DANIEL BURTNETT, President. JAMES M. McLEAN, Secretary. April 6th. 18S0. apSupeod jainus C. 1MOITET7 190 Fulton street, (three d"ors east of Broadway,) and l'dl Prince street, New-Yobs, MANUFACTURED. OF Cliautleliers, Ckstii, IUrtkl,, Baai-aaT aud Labd Ltauips ; CANDELABUAS. GIRANDOLES, liracket JJranclies, CANDLESTICKS, (in every variety of pattern.) HALL LANTKKNS, Cubiu Solar liiiiips, &c. vHnLuiLE ma ar. rAii.. rllllll.VG MKTA1., BKAS3 ANU COI'PKU X Tubing, Grecian and Fancy Chain, always on band. Astral Lamps altered into Solars : and every descrip tion of Lamps and Girandoles repaired, re-gilt, bronsed or silvered. Rolled Brass and Gorman Silver, of all lengths and ickness, always on hand and rolled to order. Samples and pattern to be seen, and for sale, at both the above places. mnio np UANNOM WILLIAMS Sc Co UAVK IUCBIOVKD TO NO. 9 PIS K ST. NJSAxt . BKUADWAV. when tbey will eoutinue to keep for sale, as Urge and rasnionaoie an assortment 01 ST11.1U GOODS. HATS, CAPS, FURS, UMBRELLAS dc PARASOLS, as can be found in this market. I illl&Y are nearly all manufactured nnder their par. X ticular direction, and will be sold at the loweft mar ket prices, FOR CASH OR APfROVED CKE11IT. The attention of country merchants' generally. It res piTuiiy solicit!. lulonp WAvVAYAfliDA ; Or, Greemvood Lake House. fgHlS HOISK is most beautifully situated at the .at- nead of Greenwood Lake, in Grange county. If. Y ten miles from Chester depot of New York and Erie Rail road, aud but five hours ride from New York. The house is now open to receive visitors ; It is the most beautiful as well as the most quiet resort in the country. The Lake is ten miles in length, offering great facilities for those persons fond of sailing or rowing for beautiful rideSj mountain air. romantic scenery, good fishing and hunting, frerh water bathing, and quiet rambles, this Pisco cannot be surpassed. An excellent billiard table and two bowling alleys are attached to the Hotel, the Mew York and Erie Kail road boats leave every morning and evening from the foot of Duane street ; also the Taterson and Ramapo Railroad from Courtlandt street. Stages will be in readiness at I heater depot, upon the arrival of the morning trains, to carry paSBcngers to the Lake, starting from Geo. Cooper's Hotel, in Chester, at whose hotel an ex tensive uvery is attached. For terms, apply to Hf.nkv D. Feltss, No. 69 Broad way, cor. rrinco 6t or of tbe prcprietor at the Cake. mv8! tAulunp THk'.IION FkLTF.R O'Kielltfs Tele trr raph JLines, C iiiii.c ii c wltlt all Stcuons of tbe United Statrf. O N".rAL OFFlCKJo. 181 Broadway. O." N FROM SIX IN THE MORNING TILL ELEV EN AT NIGHT. "WTISITORS In Now York, who ars sccuetomsd to T tranfactinj business with the O'Rielly Lines in any section of tbe United States, will find it their inter est to leave tbeir despatches at this office, to insure prompt and correct transmission. MERCHANT AND TRAELLERS. by LEAVING THEIR ADDRESS at this General Telegraph Office. when arriving in New York, can bare their despatches sent Instantly to tneir Hotels during their stay In the dry. jeo np .. F . B R O WJE A CO., MAKEUS AND UlPOttTWlS or GRAND, SEMI-GRAND AND SIX OCTAVE DOUBLE ACTION HA UPS, WauEaooMS 303 Broadwit, HAVE always on hand a large and elegant collection of these beautiful instruments, with every article connected with the Harp, of tho 3est quality, and st moderate priaea. A lt-it of prices aud descriptions can be received by mail, single postage. j. t. cKuw.ns, London and ew York, jednp estabUahed 1810. BALDWIN aSt MANY, i'o. 52 John-street, tMPOKTEKS and Manufacturers of Torcelain Kuobs for Doors. Bell and 1'renoh Window Trim- mine warranted tbe Lei-I article in tbe market. Builder's Hardware at wholeea'e and retail, my '25 nptf llExMOVALs. ININGER COZZENS HAVE BEJIOVED TO THE LARUE NEW aud commodious store No. 12 Vtsey street, . whore they will continue the business of I MSORTEHS & llRAKESS IV IlHANIslKS, WIVE V SKA119. .TEAS, COFKEE, ETC., and a general assorUuent of Foreign Delicacies, my" lmnp FlsOUIt FOR CAlsI FOltN 1 A, 111 49 lb. b, enrluaerl In neat, stronc boxes. Four of them measuring rather lus than 4 cubic feet (being from 1 to 2 feet less than a barrel of flour, saving in freight. 80 eta. per ft. at ltait SI AO.) This flour is designed for Ions voyages and warm latitudes. Is made from wheat proved by experience to be best adapted for that purpose, and being ground immediately previous to shipping;, unites tho most favorable circumstances for preservine; its charscter. Having: sur.h wheat constantly ou hand, we can furnish OoO boxes, if necessary, at 1 day's notice ; and tbe flour need never be more than i or 4 days old at the time of shipment, if ordered at ou establishment Apply to Hncuvoci fc llxuuivo, 22 rroni st, or to f7np JOSEPH UlLLOTT'S STEEL. PENS. H.UIFACTIREU S WAREHOUSE, VI John Street. New York. A LARGE STOCK OK THESE WELL KNOWN TENS CONSTANTLY ON HAND, FOK SALE AS ABOVE. AIAITION Certain !TRETEXDED MANUFAC VyTUKtRS of Steel Pens, having: Aoorran JosarH Gil- tOTT'l ITTLC OF 1.ASKL. hlS Uiode Of putting Up hlS penS, and also bis Dksigkatitiu NuMerm, he desires to give tne louowmg NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. That all genuine packages or boxes of JoSerH Oil-low's Pens have a far siwilr of his signature on the reverse side ; none other are genuine. This caution especially refers to his original No 303, the it r eat populari ty of which has caused it to be imitated, and the number auopieu oy anostox raKT u:n makers. Jos:rH (iilloty would further advise tbe public that, in all cases where bis Number and the phraseology of hi. Labels are adopted by the parties above alluded to, the pens are not made by him, although asserted so to be. An experience of thirty years has enabled Mr. Gillott to bring bis Meet fens to the mighksv statu or rcarac. Tion.aud the liberal aatronaee which he bas long en joyed at tbe hand of the American public will incite him to continued exertion to maintain the favor which he has acquired, fail eod np HENRY OWEN, Agent. GEOBGE BBD, No, last J BKOADWAI, Croton Stores." T9 HOW PHEPARKD TO KXHIB1T IUS X Spring assortment of UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS. AU of his own superior manufacture, tor sale at th low est market prices. or easn or approveu ereart, vis : . itattan Umbrellas, all qualities and prices. Wh.ihnne I'mbrellas. cottoa and King-hem, do do . do do black, blue and Manchester g'nghalu do do extra super scotca oo do. do do 8uk, plaia black, do do do extra qualities, all colors, no do do do splendidly finished, 4c. TARASOLS- Rattan Parasols, cotton and gingham, all style aad Qualities- do do ilk. plain, aooUoped and fringed. Whalebone Parasols, plain camelions, all prices, do do Turk satin, all colors, do do splendid bordered, all styles, j. a. a., and elegantly nniab I Also, steel frame Umbrellas nd, lfl T" Umbrella Warehouse, Jal TnThaSa 14 and 144 Broadway. New York. Paper Hangings awn Y OUni VTVR1. UKCKIVKD, BY THE ST. RICHOLAS, an invoiA.nru.'i.ita .mi stnas French Paper Hang- inga. iotended fbr Parlors a beautiful assortment also, American Papers of sll the different grade. Hair Mattresses, Beds, Bolsters aad Pillows made to order of tbe first oumiitv of aterials only. Lace and Muslin Curtains, Cornices, Pins. Tsssels. ae. be. CHAS MeAULEr fc CO., General Upholsterers, myao xmeod np No. 110 Hndsoa st. ri r v iKcrbivri THJB HORTH AH B: RICA N b'WJC 1HSUBAHCK W)HPA V, OFFICE NO. 67 WALL. STREET. This Company offers to Insure against wss ar damage by fir within the city of New York or its vicinity, terms as tevoraw as any similar rnstitution. DIRECTORS. CAPITAL S2&0.000. with a , HANDSOME rTTJBPLlJB. . JAMES W. OTIB president. R W.BusCaAa,ceretarj. JjalBf k to on fO- Rrr. Doet. 1. P. KENITEDT, wffl preach in tbe M t. Church, in raaine street, South Brooklyn, Ta-aaor-rw morainr. at half nast 10 o'clock, and the Her. Doet. Doczatt, of f etersburgryti half past 7 o'clock in tk erening. 1 it tmusn'i Bua, New York. Jan Mb ISM. j tjTf- At BMetbtg of tbe Bo&rd of L) tree tors held this day, Mr. GCORGC U. SMITH r.f tbe firm of C. at- Leupp Ce., was alseted a Director of the bank, in the place of Cbsrlee M. Lenpp, Ksq , resigned jeS It .. ' ! Noaiit Bivaa Bawa. June 4th, la0. (jrt- At thsj AsmsuU Klertlon, on the ad inst., the fUiowing named persons were duly elected Directors for eneuing year, vis : Charles Denison, Lt1 Opgar,, Heary Suydam, JrM 8am 1 u. Karsaoad, M. O. Keberts. George TredwelL Semi Psrry, Brt j n C. Webster, Faml B. Wyekoff, M Armstrong, . C. V. B. Ostrander, Cbaries Denison, Jr , Moses A. Hoppoek. And as Inspectors of tbe next Election : Mason Thom son. Edward Lis worth and 1. P. Van Horn. At the meetinc of the Board, this day, Charles Denison. Esq , was unanimously re-elected President. vyordrr BAM i. B. wnut. je7 ii Cashier. tin- Dlrttlend The President and Directors of the North American Fire Insurance Company bare declared semi-annual Dividend of Ten rer I ent-, payable on demand. No. 67 Wall street, June 6tb. 1850. je zwis H. W. BLEkXKEK. Secretary. QO- Mechanics1 Ranking AsaoelatJsm, New oaa, Jane 3, 1S50 The President and Directors have declared a dividend cf four per cent, for the hut six months. payaMs on and after tbe loth inst. The transfer books will closed from tbe 6th to the 10th inst. je3IOtis JOHN H. CORNELL, Cashier Hi-oso RjiLaosn OrrtcE. 64 Well St., ( New York. May 25th.l80. fir?- The Stock Transfer Books of this Com pany wDl be closed from this day till after tbe 10th Jane next, preparatory to tne Election 01 Directors to oe oeia that day. JJy order. ray25 isdUelO J. M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. WeddJnx Cards. WEDDINO. VISITING AND MERCHANTS CARDI. mated OB the purest reach enamelled Surface, at MIIU1 dr. Ilk All 'a, late George H. Stout's ENliRAVLNtt ROOMS. LVKNEK or MAIDEN LANE AND BROADWAY, (Ensures w Maioei. Lark). Where rpeelmens may be sesa. WEDDING ENVELOP.. Just Imported the most fashkmabie styles, from which eareroi selection has been made. KLEOANT CAKE BOXES, Embossed and Watered. SPLENDID GOTHIC AND SHIELD PLATP.H. For doors, of sterling silver, tbe plate e whlah is warrant ed to oe 01 nnoswal tnickneas. VEAL ENGRAVING. Notariel, Consular. Lodge and Society Seals, found and e 11 craved at reasonable pneei. COATS OF ARMS AND CRESTS. Biasonedand cut in Stone, Silver, Brass or Gold, In a style and manner, tbe execution of which for 2t years, has girsa general satisfaction. 8TOUT, k HYATT, corner Maiden Laneand Broadway. my25 np Entrance in Maiden Lane. 11K101A.5I VAfcSKCll, Eugrnvtr, No. 92 Fulton street, Tklrd Floor. Watch Cases and Dials, Jewelry, Seals and Stamps of every description engraved. Also, Jewelry and Silver-ware marked, sp 28 3m is. A. O. BAULKY i CO Manufacturer of GOLD P K N g, Gold and Sllwer Pen and Pencil Ci.acie Patentees of the celebrated EXTENSION CASES, Warehouse, old stand. No. 180 Broadway. Hew York. Jal np (ur sraixs.) likjaAMtk AS11 J- Jllis, l.V9LUAAta THE nsLsuvxiue insurance ana Trnst Gemssm CASH CAPITAL, $300,000. ALL rain in and seciTar.LV invkstkd I.0SSES I.ISESS1.LI AIMOSTED ABU rXOMrTLX rAIDISIW Jyttat- A. B. HOLNFH.irsnt. TS Wall St. COMMERCIAL. SALES OF STOCKS AT THE EXCIIANGE-June 8. 10U0 U 8 's. '68 1H7 I ) do Resiling., l'juO ilo '67 .... lit)'; I 60 do Hailem... 49 ..l,io tna luu) Kenlncky 6" 1 ".'"i 5 U0 I'euns'. in). !W Read M Bl'70.... 80 5l0 trie 7'.. 3 SJUU EneCert H3 1U.-IU Ilucl-on River I l'JU do Mwm s60 17 aw do do 17 'i SKI do ilo 1)3 17.S 1U0 do do.....H 17 60 do do 3U 17 11 do F.miile Ins .. 110 31 do HmUon B.t.... 7.1 do l lio&r.:h.... 135 1 doNH & Ml 116 13 do Mail at led .... S4 HQ do Canton " 8 do do r n io oM tin 1"J do do. ....J Ol hi do... do ... do... do... do... do... do... do.... do... do... do... .AM 61k ..I-JO 61 ...b3 W'i W ...Ml R. ra do Vt) do M do 50 do Hi. do 110 do I'd do 8 U do 114) do m ..U1V uu ..leU 61 80' 7; 7!: ...10 '.'.'.3 Sj lo Erie RR.. a do ilo... HM do do .. ifi do do... .h3 V do do fclu !50do do M ' 0 do de 4!i 10 do Bk Com U 11U 50 do do 4SJ2 24 Broadwsr Bk li-.l iu fo lit Cam .. 1 Broadway Bk li do do.... 50 do do U30 M do do 1X3 du no ierflc or .... .jk EXCHANGE Domestic- Roilvn a dlobile. bk notes.. 1 a 9 dis PhiMelubia a rfuj lu. ;. checks.. 1 a lii d naiuniore a uti.ew 1 mean. f as da an. i- a s aa lultna.... IS a 8 du ii Hi a IV du lis l du H.KIUWIIIU..,. a UI.,UIUIVIIUIUa. K!cliOHndi,clieu a dia.l.incianali, 1harle.ton .till da:Lui-i tile. uvsni,nli. ........ a 1 dm u.!iville 3 a 3 flu AnciutH.... X a 1 uiHt LAMtuip. checks i a IX du Coluinttiii a 1 dtetilelroit ii a l dis Dl LjlL. l lie quotaoom ste Per cent I Valns. Amei'n roW.old,.106 a lmiK'Carolns dolls... 111 a 108 do do new. .IUU a ll"". Five Kruno. ... m a nm uoiittn iw a imi-. ifonnioons jr.4U a in-nii Portn?necold....luU a ltnL4 do a1not.. Vi.'MX a lri.lej spauin tiisiars ....mi aim oovereiEn .... a do uusiten 1U0 a Ksi do liirht 4 .ti a 4.H7 Me.lcaniloll&ri....l'J'x a wis MeaWKHine.-is. b.v a do iinarter....lu0 a 10U, Napoleons g.86 a 8.87 liNuotv ivolai..... a' The stock market is dull, without much change In price. U. States 6's, 1868, have advanced i, and tbeee of 1867 have receded . Reading Mortgage Bonds have Im proved 1 per cent on the last previous sale ; Canton Is up 3, Harlem J, and Erie Krailroad J Reading Railrcad Is down 1, and the second Mortgage Bonds of Erie Rail road . There Is no change this morning In the previous con dition of the money market. The Banks discount papor at A per cent, and. the street rates are always a shade less than those of the banks. Canal Bak Notes. Mr. White, the Receiver of tbe Canal Bank, gives notice to the holders of the notes, that unless payment of them is demanded (tbey are redeemed at par) within two years from tbe first day of June inst. the holders will lose them. These notes will be redeemed by the Receiver himself, at the Commercial Bank of Al bany. UaowiKo Caors From Michigan, we learn by the De- trot papers that the wheat flelds are more promising than n tbe south western states. Wheat was down earlier but fall than for many years previous, and, in consequence-has got a more vigorous growth, and la better able to stand a drouth than when sown late, as the wheat shades the ground and enables it to retain its moisture a greater length of time. No injury has yet been sustained ; yet its growth is retarded s little, aud harvest will in conse quence be a little later. Corn I as far advanced as it was in June, 1840, and a large crop is not Improbable. If not cut i3 by early frosts in the fall. Oats are backward. The receipts of the Reading Railroad for May, have been very large, and should the earnings continue as favorable, tho Company will be enabled to declare a good dividend on the old stock. The receipts have been as an nexed : BEAOISO S0AO, MAY. Passengers, $14,802 1 Mail ,.(781 39 . .490 81 r reigiit on mdse, 8.948 32 Miscellaneous. Freight on coal, 170.609 OS Total . .195,M 60 The amount of coal transported is.. 111.8110 tou. FaaioHTs To Liverpool, we notice eneaoementa of I t. uru tu a msu extent, at ne a z, me latter yosterctay; votiou, fua sot: ix rjxs uacon, tu per ton; 1300 gallons Sperm OIL 13s per tun, ke. To Ulaseuw. Beef. 3s 61; Urease Butter, 17 fid; 100 bbls Tar, Js; and Measnr ment uooas, -jus. j o London, tbe packets do not get fulL To Havre, the packet 10th inst is full, having lOuO bales Cotton at J of a cent, kc. To Antwerp, Ashes, 17s 6d; aad to Stettin, 300 bbls Rosin, 2s. A British ship to I load below (4ubee with Deals for London, was taken nn a. w, suu one to toaa as icBosaiac at . if o I all- fornia, there is a small business going forward. To New Orleans, engagements of 3 a 4000 bbls Flour have been ue at sv a oo cent per bbU IMupping List. New Vork Markets.) Carefully prepared for the Evening Poet SatueoaVj June 8. ASHES The market Is firm for Pots, with a mod de mand at fj.OS). Pearls are hrm and saleable at A 82f The stock of Pots in the inspection warehouse of Messrs. Casslly, Palmer a Co., is reduced to 1800 bbls. Pearls have slight increased, and reach 2468 bb's. The demand for the week has been active for German Pots, reaching lSOv bbls for the week, iucludinir 700 hbla Canadian Pnta or which 300 bbls. were Pots to arrive at 6 2i, and on the spot at A 6Jjai.t- tuuuM-Tm market Is less firm la tone, holders being anxious to tell, bat the esies of yesterday reached enly 1500 bales u r t woods The market la bare of rannUes. and with an active demand, mice are verv buoyant. There is no stock of logwood, and that of fustic As very Insignificant a cargo or a ooasco ittstxc. snortiy expected, sold to arrive at f 'Jl, and two cargoes of Tampioo fustic are afloat unsold. Carthagena and Mararaibo fustic are not much in demand in this market. There is no Cuba fustic here. DRUGS 40 tons erude brimstone cold at A 40. s moa: audio cases carbonate magaesta. 16 cents, from wharf. itui s ae Holders of western and state flour are firm, particularly for tha better brands. Canadian is in fair demand at IS 12.) aa 18 for bonded and SA 75 for outy pai a. i ne aemana tor eomesttc Is steady but moderate, reaching laOO bbls at $4 76aS for No 3, superfine; A AOaA 82. for eomnton to straight state: A A8)a5 87 J for Michigan and 6 12,a6 ISf for Pur Oenesee. fancies and extras are quiet, nut arm. - Southern Is In fair demand for the trade aad for New Orleans, and the market is steady. Sales of son barrets at $A 6S2a& 75 for mixed brands A'redericksbarg country and Baltimore: A 7AaA 874 for straight brandy wine Bal timore. Alexandria. Richmond ocantry and Geonretown. Rye Flour is quiet at (33 06j . Corn Meal is in better demand aed is steady. Sale cf Jersey at $3; Brandy-wine. HA; and 1A0 bbls good state at X 874. The stock is small, aad holder are firm. GRAIN Holders of wheat are firm, at prices above the views of buyers, and nothing has transpired since our last, stye more abundant, aad r duu and heavy at 64c Barley 1 scares and in modursto request fur pearlier and is nominal at 6ob7. Oats are crore saleable at eoadac rer orthern , and for Jersey. Last sales of South era at 38a44e. Corn is a shade easier, and in fair demand for export ana tne east, with sales of 14.000 bus at ore for nigh mix. sd western, 68 a 68 for northern and southern yellow and 6i a 69$ for Jersey jeilow. The quantity on the market s not large. I I RON A sale of 160 tons Gardsherrle Pig was made at IB AO. NAVAL STOKES Rosin Is active 1500 bbls common North County sold at 1 lial 18, and 100 do at tl SO; lfrOO do Wilmington at 1 2ual 21, afloat. The receipts are freely taken ne. OILS T he market for Uaseed is firmer aad sales of foreign, from the ship, are making at 7e- and at tVeaOSe in store in American city prepared quick sales ar max tag st 69x710 in casks and bbls. Lard eil Is easier : 10.- 000 galls sold at &&e,cash, anditfe, 4 race. Summer sperm wnaie nan aecuaca uju gnin s-na rore.s mos. PROVISIONS Only a retail demand f-r mass Pork at $10 H a 10 68 ; prims is held pretty firmly at U 66 a S 7a. Beef Is qniat, ths stock of good is rmalL aad for this holders ars firm other descriptions ara trull aad plen ty at $6.00 fbr prime $S.A0 a S 00 for bless country a Beef Ham, and Prime ales Reef continue dsU and prices somewhat nominal. t at meats are dull and drooping. Lard Is very quiet and heavy, at Tc for prime, natter ist Cheese ar tea se sons! in fair demand. WHLSKkY A doll market at the aeeltaeef yastiaday naall sales of Prisoa at i, a 16.; Last sals of Durdge were at M, Una Ma lAWex . aaaad state. 06 state, ready bn ngwre ply, b and fair ba B Boar, of after bales ais and bales ' Mr C i at i I i itairr. Jane 7 Flour There Is aa Isspiwvlng e- for Soar at former rates. ,- The sales of the nursing foot np 1JK bbts st I M a i II for eotasaoa to good TS s ST for Wisconsin, Ohio and Miehigaa, 6 a tor soatbera. bakar and state frosa I4editarraaaaa wfaeai.6-as 11 tn iinri fiiassss t 111 a ST for fancy and 6 M tor extra Oeaesea. Grala Wheat has at T - . kenrtk res shed ear market- and arise sass parehaaen at full wrteea. The salss rear bed 8,300 ineJading e.Tps bu Genesee at I M a 1 si. tbe latter tor a very ansae sample. ara lew an snierrar Mediterranean at 1 40 Cora, altaeagh la limited sup Is dull and the tendency Is downward- Sales 600 at 7 for erestera high mixed M for roaad yellow here, Tl for a earge delivered in New Turk. Oat are in request, bat the market is rather weak. Sales 4 0) light canal at 47. No rye offered. by i rriL. June fi Tbe reeeints at this bert sine rs- terday have been as follows 1000 bbls Sour, 30,000 bhs wneat. aa.(so do corn. There Is not much doing In western but the market Is qni.e lira , and still tends upward. Wheat Is dsU. but prices are nnehanged ; we note a sale S006 bushels Ohio at 1 1 5o Com Is firm snd in good request, with sales if 10,000 bhs atMr. for mixed western. Freights anehanged. BiLTlxosa. June T Howard street flour sells at tiSt. Other descriptions of produce as heretofore reported. New Oklkswe. June Ths sales of eotton yesterday the receipt of tbe America's advices, reached 1500 at unchanged rates. This afternoon some 2UC ehsnired hadili at 11! for middlin. Rise is steady fn demand. Jans 7th The market for mttna Is firm- soma MOO. have beeh sold at 12 for middling. The greater portion of the sales were sbr Europe. Quefsrtens at (Ac ftcsree Ofies sf J Tsamam, rrmu ttrat. C?IM?d money...... gew York ooaauy few Jeney... ............ Philadelphia Balumoi Virnaia. North Carolina......... routh Caroliaa...................... Geooria New Orleans. Morale Or-io! '.."l.yZ ladiana Keatntky Mtaaonn... ........ ...... ............ Tea aeaiea.. ...... Michl-aa Caaa4b. Laail irarranrs Sir iter cent. Treasury Notes Amencaa Gold...- rwvereutnt.. .................. ....... lit paV 4 KJeach S.KIeach 7.80 each 16 (l eaoh 15.S0 each 4.8U uu Naiwileoas.. A Th fhiOef. fHiants!) l)onhlofms rHniUl Amencanq Bank of F.nrlanri.Notes 1'raftson Enslana Ireland and Scotlsad Office hours from A. M. to 4 If. at. A. J. Delatoara Ttteriaometer. Baynu rats. Hb kin Sdia. Idle. I da. ViiiM. id. S.I Utda. idis. sila. Sdis. 4 dis. 5 His. Sdis. "S W00L mil ler X" sale M iu tbe 1 l June 8. ' I 18M I 1848 1848 1847 j 1846 AM. I 6S I 08 I 1 I 64 1 64 13 M. 7W 73 I 71 I 78 I 74 6 P. M. I I 70 I Tl I TT I 74 I do I C3 71 I Tl I 74 . j?ss.veRS. Te the hrie WiUm Fnller from rlaeanaah Mika Noejas aad lady. II Nona and lailr, H r Vettxale. la the Spanish Msanuhip Trslente, from Uaraaa Mrt Toweit. Momoaico, Mr De UonUen, D Vonese. K Anilrews. and L Prite. la the ahip Meloka. from Hare H Boitian and lailr. A Vi. belt. W Loflch. MnalerlSieiuoad. MauntT Dwver. M tichech. rlchaanaiH. 0 Ualia, L Knano and lady, Carl Knann, G Dcnanew anil iany. and 3'i m the steerage. MARRIED s On Thursday, June 6th, by the Rev. Thomas H Tay lor, BENJAMIN 8 WELLES, of Bwton, to KATHA RINE, daughter of the late Abraham Sohemerhoru. DIED : Suddenly on Friday evening. MARIA ANTOINETTE. wife of Nathan B. Graham. The friends of the family and of her uncle Robt. Me Ceekry, and her brothers-in-law, Joseph B. Yarnum and James Met all, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from No. 122 Second avenue, on Sunday afternoon, Oth inst., at 6j o'clock, without further invitation. un s riday morning. June 7th. at half past 10 o'clock. after a short Ulna.. KOBERT J. GERARD. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his brothers William and James W. Gerard, are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, at St Mark' Church. half-pa.'t 6 o'clock this (Saturday) afternoon. t'nthe7th June, ELIZABETH CHAR.NLV, aged S years, youngest child of Walter T. and Rebecca T. Hatch. On .the 7th June, 8ARAH FITZ W.. daurhter of Mary and . C. TreadwelL Jr.. aged 1 year. 8 months snd 24 dsys. un the Oth June. EMILY E. GITHEN8. ated T years. daughter of Mrs. Glthens , Ou Friday, 7th inst., HENRY ALLEN, aged 85 years. jjfPOJir.irONs. Havre 9hiD Metnka 1 nk 1. R Rmae 2f! RiraM, Sr I' 14 linmnierllnE. Mayet & Co 8 Toadis!.? At Fauche i Mitch- ell. Hroenanl si t'o. ol'Philadelnhu Staily St Co1 Blanc. Bechel. Deluhine At Co 2hC Psrioa sr Co a still at ThAn.n-n. 27 Thir on Maillard Jt Co 1 W G Heat At Co I Feaajaeuet Brother 1 Mourel At Roberts 3 L Roscntieid At Krotnervv T Smart At Co 1 P A llrez I S D Phillirn 1(U ktkts wine Port At Liudan 3 do C Eneler 9 es do Jaeot. t. Conrroimier k Co 4 ukea IVm C'hamerin 1 J W Jung 6 C Alirenl.ldt 7 D Newmaa nauner at vinneimer. Ol rnnail l A l mnKett s Althorp At Ahlborn 2 do- btts wine Carman 1 uks J Uosanfielii At Itmth. era 7 Zollickofter At Wether 3 Bourry de Ivernou 7 11 Wiener noiosau Si Kuaeh b w tlniniier A.V bikit wine I ' llr,li ! pku-v S N Dodge I Sill At Thomiwon I Ruiinee At Mathuaon a Randa I 31 Malzieni Uourd Broflierso' Frmch, Wells At Co 6 Douglas. Brotliere 1 t .'anfield, Biolhera At Co. of Baltimore I Cortiian si Co. ol do 1 W H Cary At Co 1 Fellow.. Wads. worm uo l Bmitti, lorrey st fcljo 1 T tat U Heman ivy t'ook At co I W II Smith At co J) Fhielrmann At Arthur . ii itouuai a neaa. i ayior si oo a i an-es ai lormeraii, of llo.lnn 14 Woram At llonihwout 3 V P Hi H Melnioah. of Albany II E Kent 1 W Dambnian. ol Ual'imote 1 Hanline At (Mheimlr. ol Pliliadeluhia i!7 T At T K Sienirr. ot ,1,1 do k',Tnm Ai Brother,, of do il Kosenfielil A llrrwh.r, A p.h. uuet Hrot)ir. ol Moira 14 Delius At llalven. ol Bahtmore3 Colvil- At Fleming 3 Bowen At MoNaiwe 3 Ilunr, Daniel. At co I Tsmtiert, Jone. Ax co, of Phil.rtelplna '3 E T Brown At co ii) v uaetlier 1 w A at A .11 White S sr V V Gmhoii 6 Reulieim At llerlyn 6 rrher At Bunch i J W (HMwbeimpr 4 Kaui I Cumimag. 3 Gnnthe Jii bankets wine Hittkin At Imn. sidce 1 pack Martin At ririwron 4 C Mniler Atoo 10 Althrop At AiuooiD o ii oeinn i rvaner. myef i nonrry ne iveroois 6 W II. noner 1 H Wiener 4 J A Newbonld -i Wolle ar Bibop 1 Fellow., tVad.wonh At co 14 Smith At Hon. of Boston 2 J w iltinme a w ren v rellovs, vsb Ai1ale or t.oOfer 1H JenoMiman At co 7 II Cohea At co. of Phdad 2rj5 pics lead A BeEmontiSi pkg. to Older. 31 bal?scoiuin H CoittHUdo A Arerill Atoo; 47 do Taylor or. Kick: t. harlitov ling tmertcan Aleut nos nionrnv sr iTonme. 'il ao saesell. nelcner at oo: od aa li tnilb fu do H ThAmiu Sr co; 111) do fthttllnps M ininger: iHdo varn. Hart, Moonchouie Al Mrrntt: 3 cam (J At J Davis: 14 ekl C Dnod: IdaAli Kmw...- S rnll. I..tkr Kn'l inlAitt PAVAStAH Htlg Vt lUon Fil ter 74 hk enllne IT Ar H R oa do II (.owily I do A R Gordon 1H3 cki rice Beranton At Johnson I bz Corson At lieaid 1 do Ilanwr At Brother 6 bis leallter C M Lonn 1 lix VV B Hoilnon 1 Aa 1 trunk LV I:... w vwiun . iiaoM ihibiisiii Uimon. THk, A.VANLNU POST MARINE LIST. PORT OF NEW YORK, BATURDASf, JUNES. cm kisss 4 35 1 sen sets 7 25 1 hioh water ... 3 9 THK OCKAS BTKAMEltS. For fSorope. CoLuus'a Live For 1 Jvernool direct. ATLANTIC Cruitain West June 15 PACIFIC Captain Nye June ft CrKAKn Ling For Liveroooi weekly. ASI A Uapt. ..From ItoMou Wed. June 13 A.VlLRlCA....Cai. Shannon.. From New York. WedJuneU For America. . Collihs's Lime For New York direct. ATLANTIC Uaplain Wert May Sfl PACIFIC Captain Nye June lii X-KAJtn LiKC Sails from Uverpool weekly. (ANA1)A l.'apt. liarruoo For Boston ISat. June 1 CAMBRIA. ...CapL litch For New York.. Bat. June 8 NIAGARA.. ..CapuRyne For Burton...... But. June 13 For Bremen. Ocsah Stiaut Navigation Cowpaht. HERMANN. ...Uapt. Ciahtree....From New York.,.. JnneX WASHINGTON. ..Capt Floyd. ...Fium New V oik.. .July For New York. Ocwah rlTtAH Navioatios Uohpattv. WASHINGTON. ...Cai.t.Fkird.... For New Vurk....Jnne 16 UCKMATNN....Capt.CraUtree For New York July 13 For tslasgow. From New Vork lor Glasgow. CITY OF GLASGOW.. B. R. MaUiew.. Alwut the middle of every alternate month, vu : lu May, July. Sept-, Nov. and Jos. From Glasgow. From Clangow for New York. CITY OF GLASGOW,. B. R. Mathews.. About the middle of every alternate month, viz ; In April, June. Aug., Oct r, Dec r. aud felitaars. For Chanrrea. GEORGIA. .Cant. D. D. Porter.From New York. Thnr. June 13 PHILADELPHIA tmulSem fork. Ttiur. June 13 CLEARED THIS FOREKOOy. Rr iliip Lady Mi'ton, Firth. (Aoebec, Hare lay At Livingston. 3 Ship Nestonan. Budi. Canton. Gordoa At Talbot. , Ship Kate Howe, Baler. Mlramichi. ii rem snip rnuaaeionia, uurni., iiremen, i oppe or. vo. It rem ship Ad'er, Hoho st, ll.ltimore. Bark Loietto Fish. Hates, Nuevitas. T Owen Ac Son. BrigChraijeake.(Ilr)Sandforil,Ualirax.NC.L S Aitkens. lirig brig Challenge. (Br) Crosby. St Julius, NB, J il limine. t, (fort) lie Mello, savannah. (Brl Lockhart. Wimlsor. S II Ailkins. Arl Renoof. Labrador. Siflkia At ironsides. Sch Ellen Louka, Thempson. Nliaven. e Sch Franoes. Ganton. Washington. NU. Sch Sabine, Davis. Newbern, NC. Medad, Piatt At Co. rcn tiuve, rimitb. Wilmington, rit;, n l, -ticireauy. rsioop niacxstone. Appleby, t rovidence. Skioo Rerjort. RtM-kwIlh tluilltml. Cotiat , Connecticut. ytooo Victory. Baker. Fall River. Sloop W H Bowea Kenny. Providence. ABR1TED THIS FORENOON. Spanish steamshin Tridente. Bevteau. from Havana ZHb Mav. in ballast to M . Taylor. The T. came here to repair her copper. iKinna to LAnaon. uen UB snips oerman town, Albany, and a Uri steam frigate last arrived, supposed to he the Savannah. Ui.. Vt. L' L. . t J 1 . . U I. . L. i l .' i.ic.u.n, riTnui. i mi .in. re . u mi, wi.ii hiiim sei "l paswarrn lo J J Neriiw & Son. My 25th. lat 'Ss 17. Ion 51 M, spoke Fr bark MontteiLn. Ira iMariedla (ot N York, oat 30 U; 1.7th, at --y 49. Ion tio JU. spoke bark lUo, ol Uowe. Knc. lor IS York, had lost ail her toimasu Kmatim previoui, could not understand when she met with the accident, or where-lie was Irom; Jon 4th, fat 38. Ion paed the wreck of Uie bn Merchant, of Richmond, foil of water. boh inaU and bowsprit cone, stem stove in. had been on fire forward and aft. rtartwwkTd fJtsin Ksnina nm of the hawse bole; stein appeared to have been ran mto bj some Biem batrk Fam Paronr tt t fm Rrmm A avith wagwal htda. &c 10 Oe.iichs Sl Kincer. 2 passenitefs. V easels left not recoilected. Hnc American. Iujbs, 14 ds fm Cbar!e9(o. with ootton, fee. to Brijr Abswsai. Almy. fm Mane. PR, via ft ew port, molasses. Sc. to order. Rrisr Ktrs nf fttaliisawwaa Ij 19 Am ttm llnivs.lll. PD ..A. 352 blidi sus-ar 65 bas coffee lU bbb sucar to M-ulaad. Fhe'lps at Co. Lft no Am vesl. Hnic Uilson Fnlier, Lsewis.lOdi fa Bavannah. with cotton to isunnam utmon. fn 4wshwB Crocker. B ds fm Thom-tston. with time. ich Trump. B urchin, $ d fm TcMmaston. bme. 9ch Lucy Blake, Howim. 5 ds tin Thomatioa. lime. lUk al Ik U.. it -I - c .1- r .u. i i . n"iiiiv7 asujA iui -i a. iitsass, iuiuisr. lch MHr.vta.ll H A fm Vw.s.kfnrt Us vsw.tU wrs.e. sa I I URUW . Bcli T i Bnckst. Babeock. ds fm Virciaia. wood, gch Wira Fraaca Wall.Ads fm Calais, lumber. r.aW, Spear, Adfra Tbemaioa. hme. rich Mary Jane. Beatles. 2 ds tm Norfolk mdse. Seh fi.mnl ?.-.! AIL., t A. IV. A .,1. 1 1 i-acon. Bean, 3 ds rm Boston, wilb mdse. gen Hero. Perry. Ails fm Thoma-tcn, with time. Bch Pstnot, Baoklia. 6 ds fm Thotnastea. with line. BMAIW-Sh n Hm. fm th A. ll.q BAILED Bbip Soothamptos. Loadoa. sr vac SASviatv mail. MArmAtSaid Ut hn Hmmm " .1 -1. ll..K-L . J AbioU. de. ' ArovsTi Kid 1st. sen Swallow. N York. M Arschs Riotiraaile. aad jasw. NYork. BoSTOa. JUSH 7 At hart. I'.m- -.l I JI n.t.: ... do. Philada; born Agnes rVnbia. ( Br) Glasnrw; Marcas.Feace: Ldwd rrncott. Saras la Oraade; J W Gotitrer. St Marys, Cs: Caieaa, Mta. aad Cora Stewart. Flulada: sens Sally Ana. T P Cooper Hopetoa. Mary Aaaa, Iresvs. Chrosvstneter. TsMM. To man, alary rattarsoa, r.vpeilite. x Awaeareal. Patla; Moataao. Troy. Below bark Jas Smith. Itutada. Cld stain Nonantnsa. Batimnm in Inarl fik. ft.lrimn - K-i Chortsw. Ckarlssisra: M.ry Ellen. WUmiacloa.NC; MUwukis. do; B E Sharp aad Wolcott, N Vork. ' Gasihssr. Jnae 1 Ski bnf Embssra. Maxey. Phdad. Bath. Jnae Arscb Polyanrhas, Aadersoa, Belt. PoBTLAim. JaaeS Ar sera Maine, aad F.liza Warrea. Fbila. rtotaia : Hard. N Vork. Cld bark Medora. Roby. Mu.i. Sli bark S B Uale: bris Harriet. Baltimore. Fall Rivia Aredi.scas Jerome. WiUaid. aad G F Browa. Lee. Fkitada. bui &ta.-.MineT-ea, WGivem. snrl B PeeS. 8mrtli. Philada: F settic, I'rwKwa. Rotsdostt; But. w Thesnas. Toakar, aad Mary Miller. Peaeuos, Ptulaoa. STOrn-toTo- fid Sxh. bark By ton. Wilcox. FaLsxoaia, be. lore s-ptd csd lor Falkland Islands. " SAUta.JaaeC Arbark Lewn. WaHis. Zaazibar, sch Idarv Win,, X. M OTK. lsn ornr Aims, rerry. Amre. NswaiairoaT. Jaae A Ar sea Jnaspa. I V. Jtosresa. . nularL SATINKTS-Cadet, black, and Oxford mixed heavy Satinets, for sal by jes MARCCB SPRING fc CO. tl Ivxhange plaea. CABSrHKRjSB. AUD ArjUASIIjrSkVS Fine aad tow nrieed fanev aad black elmerss. aad asarlat twilled flannels, for sale by j MAKiJU8SPRINOCO.,ll.enangplaea. AVTAJI1.T U. FLKKTWOOD, An, aVU Aisssa acrwarx. COMMISSIOWT.R rorn; OHIO, MICHIOAN, ILLINOIS INDIANA AND MISSISSIPPI, ft Wteaejktwvl4 jjr a I Tfl i.GT-is atewaat and rooeaT Cottace rmt fitmttm Island, wear VaaaarbeU's Land! orerlookinf tfteoey. one acre ot growoo. ""M""" jet 3t HOMCR MORGAN, No. 1 Rne rOOLlu0 bales superfine washed wool ra Besees, f fl. mhirs extra Biro, Mawtiro and Lambs received wr echosaer I w1ea,from Buenos Ayres, "TV; fc THE EVENING POST: NEW YORK. SATURDAY. JUNE , 8, 1850. r-.rTlanfosataat4ayerstree.By , . , leg lAHtLAI SU71HW1U.X t?HKKlS GREf CASSIsYERRS.-lM heavy and medium Sheens Grey Caeei meres, for sals . - - aQASL l o srsinu a,v. No 1 Exchange plaee. KJs.AXL'Csa.1 Jk-ANB ANJI TWEEDs.-A good ateortment ot Kentutt? Jeans, and go d, brown, and Maek.mii'd 1 weeds, ror sale by je MARCUS SPRING fc CO .tl Exehange place. 1NOK RXPOBT, 11KAV Y UlurslslEt Hamp-' shire denims, a very heavy article, and wail adapted export, for sale by je8 MARCUS SPRING k CO , tl Exchange Place. "fkTKGRO KKRIEYS- Heavy Black and Grey Ker- seye. and Washington Jeans, for sale by je3 MARt'US SPRING k CO., St Exchange plaee. B1LA1D AND Rl ASDBLIiK UisSskYS Linaeys, for sal by MARCU8 SPRING k CO . jw No. tl Exchange puce. TaTOTK PAPER AND ENVELAJPKS Just rc- eeived from Paris, a choice assortment of plain and fancy note raper ant envelopes, oota uua ana wove, eomprlsinf many new and very desirable styles. For by WILLARD FELT, Stationer, je9 lvi reari sx, near Maioea lane. tUiA.ilT, tnsHlP NUT1CK,.-The aoDartaer- j ship of the firm of Uarnden k Co., ha sxpired by own limitation. The subscriber has withdrawn therelore. and his in terest .therein ceases, from and after this data. 1 he outer partners will continue ousweea, unaer ne same name, for their own account, ana wiu ewee up ana setue affairs of the late firm. ISAAC C KENDALL, HAKNDSN k CO. New York, Hit May, 1840. Je 16t QUENCH POKCELAl.- PUMP 1SK.S. Just reeaived, direat from Paris, a Urge stock of Pump Inkstands, both plain and fancy, comprising some very new ana elegant styles, superbly ornameniea witn sue us. ror sue eneap, at wholesale or reiau, ny WILLAtUI IJU.1, Importer and Manufacturer of Stationery, J8 ' No 181 Pearl st- ikltUlrtK tHjJJ A.AVKR ULU Thia arUcle VX justly celebrated at home and abroad for its rreat ef ficacy in the earns of pulmonary, scrofulous, And other uiseases, we can now otler to the pnblie pure and unadulterated, of the vary lightest shade, and free from any nauseous odor or taste. Havmir just received a larre snnnlv from our arcnt at the fisheries, we hope to be able to fill all orders. War ranted genuine if Put bp in bottle bearing our seal ana signature. A. 3. k D. SANDS, 100 Fulton St., ie8 corner of William st. g 1 CSS TO SPORTSMEN Double barrelled gun a few very superior run of extra workmanshib just coeiTeo., ana ior sate low. Also, a luu stock of medium quality, double and etniHa mni Tlieon a Son's flasks. walker's caps, Baldwin's wadtlinff. lever shot Douches. game bags, cleaning rods, ke., kc, with a general and complete stock of gun material, forged and finished for guu tuaaers. - ror sale by NEWBOULD k RUSSEL, 140 Fulton St.. Joe Importers of Hardware and Cutlery. mx& A N t; 1 S- MA!klOia WAAsTsul, rUHl JC WRITING AND COPVING LLTTERS AT THE SAME OPERATION. By this simple process of writing, letter and copy can be written at the same operation. with more ease and dispatch than a sinicle letter with the ordinary pen and ink, as the stroke of the pen that write the letter produoea the copy at the same time. It therefore a fac-simll which is invaluable to business men. and all others who desire copies of their letters or other documents. The Books for containing tbe copies are bound in various sixe and styles, varying In prioe from One to Five Dollars. A liberal discount to these who purchase to sell again. Stationery, foreign and do. mtle Aeennnt Books of evert description. Southern and Western trade supplied with Cheap Ao-eount Books, Writing raper, Steel fens, Quills, Ink, Wax, Wafers, Gold Pen, Envelopes ae FRANCIS k LOUTREL, Lxwii raancis. Manufacturing Stationers, Cxaus H. Loctsxl. TT Maiden Lane, left Between William and Gold Sts. Keiuoval. WILLIS & SAXTON, trjUCCESSOKS TO CL.A11K A SAXTON. The kTJ undersigned having purchased Mr. Willis's internet in the firm ol w mu a sax ton. will continue tne gentle men's Furnishing and Tailoring business at 811 Broad way, where can be found every article appertaining to a gentleman's wsraroDe, consisting in part oi sits, merino, cotton and lambs-wool shirts and drawers, gause, merino, silk and eotton shirts and drawers suitable for Summer wear, pocket handkerchiefs of every description con stantly on hand, likewise stocks, cravats, collars and suspeuders.ko. Ke. Always on hand a Urge assortment of cloths, cassimeres and vestiucs, which will be made nn in the best manner and at short notioe. j,8 lmis WARREN SAXTO.N. 811 Broadway. a)EuAACCSAO CAPS) G. D. 1-1U Ribbed per. caps su u. u. l-iu spilt ana riooea per. caps. Do. 1-8 do do 8. B. 1-10 do Do. 1.10 plain W. H.C. fcCo. 1-J0 ribbed do do do do do do do Do. 1-10 split and do A. O 1-6 Walkers 1-4 do American 1-10 do For sale by the ease, by do do do tin bores, do je8 WM. H. CARY It CO.,a4 Pearl st. srtKOTO.V HO SK. The subscriber takes pleafure in j informing biejMends and the public , that the hose he 1 introducing this season I far superior to that of last season, surpassing it in quality and finish. They are manufactured of vulcanised metallic rubber, are perfect! ly strong, clean, neat, and can be used about all parts of tbe bouse or store without soiling in the least. For sale in lengths to suit purchasers, with or without pipes and ooupung, py ii. nuuuMAN, New York India Rubber Warehouse, Nos. 47 Maiden lane and 68 Nassau street. N . B. All hose are sold under a warrantee. je8 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE CITY OF NEW k'ORK. John sj. martin ana John ir. Lawson, Mint Henry J. Doll and Isabella nun. nis wile 'I U tlie above narned defendants. YOD are hereby summoned and letimred to answer the comohiinf in thi. mtiMi rr,u,h was tin day riled in the etliue ni the Clerk of tlie rttiiierior Court of the city oi New Vsik. al imotiioa in the City Hall, of theci'yof New York, and to serve a copy oryotir answer to tlie and complaint on tlie stitiscnljer, at his otliue. Ao. 8 Wall street. New Vork. wiliiin twenty days alter the service ot tha sum. moos oa yon. exclusive ot tlie day of'sach service; and if yon fml to answer the sasl complain. , within tlie time aforesaid, tlie plainuris in Una action will lake judgement against yon lor trie sum of leur hundred twenty-two and U3-HU dollars, with interest trom the lint day ot MepU-inber. one UKHuaad eight hundred snd forty-seven, besides the ecu of this action. Il-iled June 7th 1850. je8 lawbw A. J. PERRY. Plaintlfh' Attorney. SUPREME COURT. Charles Meets, junior, and 1 John L. nebon, I bommoni for money demand on oos again.t tract. (Coin, not ser.) FraniTi. Child. I ryiO PRANCltf CHILD Yon are hereby summoned aad re. A quired to answer the oomiilaiot in this action, which will be f I -.1 ii, trMnflin. l thj, nUtlt nl ih,.ii..ul mui.i. r U. V L at the City Hall, in the city of New York, and to serve a oopy oi" your answer louiesaiii complaint on uiesnbsctiuen, at tlieii ol. fiee, nnmlier nineteen Wall street, in ithe city of New York, within twenty day. after the service of liiu summons on vnu.ev. cluMve ot the day ot .ueh serva-e; and if von tail lo answer the said ooniplaintwithin tlie Urns aforesaid, tlie plainufls in this action will take judgment airaiust you for the sum of ninety dollars and Mvenly-nme cents, wall intere.1 from Uie liitt day of May, one Iboiuand eight hundred and fifty, besides the emu of this no tion . Dated June 6th. 1N60. VAN ANTWERP At JAMES. Plaintiff.' Attorneys. jeSlawtJw No. 1 WalLtreet. US. MARSHAL'S SALE By virtue of a writ of veodltioni ex boons, lo me directed and deiivererf. I will sell al oubur. auction, en tlie istth day of June instant, at 10 o clock. A. M.. at rio, w imam street, in tne city oi new iora.iri ozsmanted L. I. Kstelle. 32 botes marked M P. 18 boxes markel P A 1. 1A boxes marked A cross C, four boxes marked J C in a circle. 3 boxes marked larlaga with 8 over g, f nailer, 3 boxes marked Can las. e botes marked J Lraruiner , bt boxes wltnout any mark, containing segars. Dated 7th day of June. lNnU. 8uls 11. F. TALLMADCE. United Ststes Msrshal. u. S. MARSHAL'S SALE. By virtue of a writ of Vendi tioni r.xuonas. lo me directed and detlveied. I will sell at niitilic suction, nn the Bttn day ol June. Inst.. at lUo clnek. A. M.. at No. 4 William street, 142 boxes containing ser an, without snv mark. I rated 7th June, 1855. jeSu U. F. TALLMADCE. U. 8. Marshal. OTREET DEPARTMENT. No. 4 Hall of Records. Con. 11 viia.Tioa NnritTB Public notice i hereby given, that a tw. solution has been prenented la the Board of Assutaat Aldermen To niisnnaea lot inn leei east oi avenue s, en uie sou in sale ot L!lh street, ... , Persons interested, having objections to the same, are desired to present them in wnung. at the Street CtminiMoner's Orfie, on or by tlie Abtn day ol June inst. JOHN T. DODGE, Street Commissioner. Jnne8. 19S0. XB list -TSi L.LOAV FINE: l?LOOKIAmi WXJ feet, on JL and one-quarter men. rersaieoy jeT E. O. HURLBUT a CO, 84 Sooth St. TTT1CA GLOBE MILLS CLOTHS Black, green, mLs olive ana brown, ror saie oy jeT LAWRENCE TRIMBLE m CO. 85 Broad st. TTNBIxKxVttA CLOTHS Common medium and J fine qualities, bordered and plain, for aale by jeT LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc CO, 38 Broad St. BROvVH. blue and printed Drills, for sale by LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc CO. jeT Si Broad st - wriuANS 3-4 and 4-4. black and wbita,for aale by w v LAWRENCE. TRIMBLE fc CO, jeT 8& Broad V ANFiKESS Lonsdale, and other styles, for sale by LAWRl.NCt i KIMBLE fc VU, 8S Broad St. jeT iatCUH.SHlltlC CO B wool and piece dyed black Jj? Caa-timeres. rbrstJeby JeT LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc CO. as Broad st. jejHsvKf 'S UKEk AND TAYLOtt UKAV CAoSI- MERES, for sale by jeT LAWRENCE, TRIMBCF. fc CO. 38 Broad St. UAvbS js UU BALE. One four screw slack Press ja in eompiete oraer. ror saie uy jeT6t W. HULL'S SON, Nos. 108 fc 110 CUIT st. sgllAP Of svary description the largest assortment k.7 in tb eonntry, eultaoie ior ana country traas: tnannfaettired bv W.HULL'8 SON, ieT st Nn. 108 fc 110 Cliff street. CANDLES. Patent refined mould Candles, of all sixes, for tb West India, South American, Cali- ftirnlan, and other markets, manniacturea oy jeT 3t W. HCLL'BSON, Nos. log fc IIP Cliff st. sr fm 4"fc. GROOK fancy aad plain Steel Buttons eJT J Vr of the best sty lea. at lowest price, for sale by jeT t J. UODDARD, SO Cedar street, np stair 4TS"b ATksTk CROCK fancy Buttons, latest styl ZjJJ- and choicest patterns, just import! im sorted by J. UODDAKU. A lent. jeT SO Cedar street, up stairs. tTWWVTh, GUOCE Pari Jet Button of nearly J Vf J ill kinds, at tbe lowest price, for sal by UODDARD. Aieat, M Cedar st. jeT St upstairs. KJ1BDXUDKKSS TO J.TJR THR Q.LEEH Bess to return ber crateful thanks for the kind patronafe already bestowed oa her by th ladle of New York. She now intimate that the sale of her rich laces and embroideries damaged by fir, will take plaee Friday, Tth June, Saturday, 8th June, and finally elosa on Monday, loth, every article will be sold off without reserve, at very low prices. T01 Broadway, M story, front room, jet 3tis 1st door above Fourth st. S"K.ACTICAL. BtJOK. AtKjrtPIrl O. Nn RR CEDAR-8T. MR. C. C. 11AK8U, AC4JOUHTABT, Author of the Seienos of Double Entry Book-bewpins SimpUfled," aad th - Art of 8ingl Entry Book-keeping tmprovea," eonttaurs xo testcn sw aiv. Cewsrs nf Iruxruetioa Tbe pubiia la respectfully In. formed .n,l aswnred that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh. In taaehina- this important branch, la truly a course of Practice la keeping books, rather than a sours of Leo- turn. An tit Ttunnr. Thar ara no elasaes each pupil has a desk to himself, I put at ones to keeping books, receives separate lnstroo-ttons, and thus becomes eoaversaat with all th aeeoant books constituting a set, and also with many important mercantile emlmli'"" 'ersons of moderate capacity, by thi course, become competent book-keepers la about a month, and laaeiva certiucatee to txtat eaeac rrotryecta, with terms, obtaiaed at the room from a. m. La I at ReTsAKaJM W AT I ,a ft. in ma A beantlful edltioa of Mr Marsh's principal work is wahUshed la Spaxtisa. Price Jl aa. For asue at the aoamttxtg-anosja. - aata PIANO FORTES. a7H. OAIaK A C4J. "WARE ROOMS AND MAJSUKACTORT, 104. 100 and 108 Tklrd awe BBS, S4.V VOrneT WU3 pwrrrj. TCTHKHK UT BE tfOVSO MM KXTB3 v T rdvsvjtortau; of superior PIANOS. Of tSe Tn.. wte arYtM.mao In their vrknowa sab ! atantlxl manner, front th beet seasoned insterials, aad by PutcWcct will aet regret aa eiamiaation bsaaro baying astewiwra. aei A of hill a Mr. en hare " r.C rfmiZLm: 'AO I y Magrutic Ttltgrapk far the Evauxg Posf. TillKTY-snXST CONQKBSS Fliaa BessnsM , Washwotos, Jane 8. . .. f Is lenstta. communication was received from the Secretary- the Interior, in answer to resolution of the 3d Instant. " Mr. Doug'.affl reported back, anamended, the Hove granting; appropriations far pablio BaildiBg in Oregon and Minosota. The bill was discussed, read and passed. Mr. Benton offered a resolution of irtqnbry Into the expediency of refunding the California duties, which adopted. Mr. Case offered resolution sailing fbr certain topographical repotts, which was, on motion of Messrs. Husk and Mangnm, modified, and, with other reports, adopted. The Senate then took up the oomprcmlae bill, and Foots is explaining his Amendments. Mr. Olay spoke in opposition to Mr. Foots 's amendment, and Mesm. Rusk, Mangum, and oth fella wed. Washhcotoh, June 8. The department of itale information of a forger and tale of blank pass ports, and hare given notioe that blanks are never issued, and no person if permitted to sell them. Hobsdalb, Pa , June 8th. We were visited last erening by revere thunder storm, and this morning the sidewalks and street! were discovered to be covered with a yellowish sub- itanee, which, on being analysed by chemists, was pronounced to be sulphur. Snlpplas; Intelligence. BiLTtnosE Sid 7th. bark Royal Saxoa. Saa Fraacwco; bris KirsaoiD. Jnne e Ar sens Corve, Crockett. Tbowiastea: W.l.ti m.n NViux. Sid sen Frances A Goodwin, Carlisle, H York: Deaa. rert.aaii. .... bavakxaii Old Br ships United Kingdom. McAIuuea. Liver pool; Iowa. Liveipool: ship Danaosky,. do. vuaeleston, June e iu cKiuinerner. nerrv, rsew York; tiuan polacie Rosita, Barcelona; 6w sch Alfu.Gotlea. bare. Cklschs Holder Borden. Warwick. 8aa Fiancnco; Cbeioke. Jiavana- Md bng Delta, Hi vork; sch Holder Borden. New OautAKa. Mar 80 Ar brut J A Taylor. Sleeper. Tbenv aston. Ukl Kas bark J tl Artsmi, if asneu; Br bark express. Liverpool. brTtish. Commercial IATe Insurance Company. NO. SS CORNHILL. LONDON, and 6S WALL STREET NKW YORK. KSTABUBHEU 19T 18!M. Capital $3,000,000. TRUSTEES. JOHN CATTLEY. Esq. JOHN COX, Esq. SEBASTIAN ii. MARTINEZ. REFEREES IN NEW-YORK. His Excellency HAMILTON FISH, Gov. of state of New k ora. ANTHONY BARCLAY, Fjq.1 H. B. M Consul. STF.rilfcN WHITNEY, Esq. JAM.ES OALLATIN, Esq. SAMUEL WETMORE, Vm. J. PHILLIPS PHOiNIJ, Esq. HENRY UR1NNELL, Esq. JOHN CRYDER. Esq. JOHN HICKS, Esq. Medical Examiners. JoHif C. Cheeihak, M. D., 473 Broadway. F. U. JoHissroR, M. D., 76-1 Broadway. Standing Counsel. Host. Willis Hall. Solicitor Alseut Oallatir, Junr. Actuary for the Southern States, lesident at New Orleans. JOHN W1NTHROP, 1 Exchange Place, N. O. General Agent for the United States. JOHN ROBINSON 6 Wall street, New York. m- CALIFORNIA AND SPECIAL RISKS OF ALL KINDS TAKEN AT A COMMENSURATE PREMIUM feiSieeodtf STABILITY, SECURITY, PERPETUIT j . The Mutual Life Insurance Company OF NEW YORK, NO.S5 WALL STREET. A fUlL,L.lfJ. Of UtlLLiAItS SECURELY invested in Bonds and Mortgages on real estate in this City and Brooklyn, and stocks of the State and nf New Vork and ITnltjrl Rtta rinvm. I atate ana Wltyof New nort ana Lnllea States uovern- Blent. I mis iubu in rapiuiy laoreaaiug ov a winery exsenuea ana prosperous ousiues. Th Company declared a dividend of profits of fifty-two per cent on all existing policies on the 81st of January, 1848. ALL THE PROFITS ARE DIVIDED AMONG THE INSUBED- Tb premiums are payable In cash annually, semi annually or quarterly, in tercet being added on ths de terred payments. to the parties for whose benefit the insurances are tie casn uriuciyie suuvhh dv r-nis iuupsnr, eecurea e tree ted, tbe whole of the advantages, without subjecting toem 10 tae neavy draw Dace oi accumulated, premium notes. rersona may effect insurance on their own lives, and tbe lives of others. A married woman can insure the life of ber husband, the benefits of which are secured by law, ior r.ue exclusive use oi nerseii or cnuoren. Clergymen and all others dependent upon salaries or their dally earnings arsspacially invited to avail them selves oi a resource whereby their surviving families may be secured from the evils of penury. rampniete explanatory of the principles of Mutual Life Insurance, and illustrating its advents iron, with forms of application, may be obtained at the office of th Company, ii Wall-street, or any of its agents. TRUSTEES. Jos. B. Collins, David C. Coiden, William J. Hyslop, Alfred Edward, R. H. MeCurdy, William Betta, rreuencx . Winston, Joseph Blunt, C. W. Faber, Isaac O. Pearson, Henry Wells, William Moore, Zebedee Cook, Jonathan Miller, David A. Corns toe k, John P. Yelverton Theodore Sedgwick, Stacy B. Collins, John H. Swift, John Wads worth. Samuel M. Cornell, jxooert atcnuyier, Uouverneur M . Wilkins, James Chambers, John V. L. Pruvn. Joseph Tnckermaa. Frederick Whittlesey, Charles Ely, John C. Crugor, Walter Joy, Moses H. OrlnneU, Wm. J. Bunker, Eugene Dutilh, Francis S. Lathrop, Aiireareu, jonn u. xnatcner. JOSEPH B. COLLINS. President. ISAAC ABBATT, Secretary. CHAS. GILL, Actuary. mh6WfcS Horace Waldo Uflcra for Bala at iiT and SO Pins sArawt. QOn W scarlet, yellow, green, whlU and blue, plain OUU and twilled, all Wool Flannels. AW bales scarlet aad whits, Cotton and Wool Flaxy nels 100 eases Satinets, various qtlalltles. 130 eases (old mixed and blue mixed Kentucky Jeans. 860 eases grey, black and white, and drab Kerseys, 1T6 oases grey mixed, and blaek aad white Plains. ISA oases Plaid Linseys, small and large patterns various qualities. 100 eases white and drab Blankets. AO bales drab Coatings. 300 bales Mariners' twilled and plain IhlrUos 8tris. 40 eases Marlboro' fancy Plaids and Stripes. eases checked and striped Chambraye. ISO bales Indigo blue Denims. VU packages, Alleadale, o-4, 8-4, -4, 10-4 and 11-4 Brown and bleached Sheetings, esses "Allendale" Counterpanes. M0 bales u Jewett City," Washington.Hampden, Do. ver, Bonita, Virginia, Boxrah, Maioaca and Ashland 4-4 browa Sheeting SO bale ST and 80 inch brown Shirtings. 160 bales 27 and SO inch brown Drills. 74 eases 27 and 80 Inch bleached do. Lonsdale Comp'y Slleelaa, plain and twilled Lonsdale 4-4 super bleached Shirtings. 4M see 8-4, T-8, 4-4, and 4-4 bleached Shirtings, ttius styles. ISO oases colored Cambrics. ' T6 exes bleached Diapers. 460 cases 8-4.7-8. 44 and 6-4 Tick. 40 eases yellow Nankins. Brown and bleached Jackson Diapers. 900 bales southern Cotton Vara. 800 bales 28, 80 and U Inch heavy ootton Osnabun 1181 American Cnronometers. BLISS K CRKItiHTON continue to mannfacture MARINE CHRONOMETERS, npon their improved principle, aad for whicMthey baoe received a patent from the U. 8- Government. Thee IrrsTauaurrtvs have received the approbation ef thousands of Navigators, and for voyages where great accuracy is required are indispensable. B.AC, are constantly receiving testimonials of similar import to ths following extract oi a letter rrom capt. reebody of Packet ship Cambridge : " Tbe C HHOfTOM xvxe of your man n fracture which 1 purchased 28 months since, has proved to be the best Chronometer I have used and known. At tbe National Observatory in Liverpool, where almost all the packet ship-masters send their Chronometers for rating and verification, Professor Hartnup, who has charge of tbe same, and consequently tests those ef all makers, states that It Is the best instrument ne has ever seen, and for. thermore. he says that those of your make are more to be depended npon than any ethers whioh some under aai notice." As aa American Ship Master I feel proud to find ao eminent aa Eaglish Astronomer give his tertlaxrnj, ia lavor oi your vnsvnomeiere x our oo r ser l. Master ef 8hip Cambridge. B. fc C. aires th fullest Kuarantee with their aea- chlnes and will nil them at low price for cash, or oa credit for approved paper. Chronometers to loan. Chronometers properly repaired and adjusted. New Charts of California, China aad the East Indies. Charts, Sextants. Tel see opea. sic. ae.. fcr sale by BIaMS k CIUCIUHTON, d3 FULTON ST., H.T. T CoTAgress st-. Boetoa, 188 Chesaat St., Fhlla. ja23la ia Baltimore st.. Bait. VtLFALBEH S COUNTRY NEWSPAPAEAtad e Tertknng Agency. Tribune Bull dines. New York embraces most of the best newspapers of all tbe cities and principal towns in um united States and Canada, Abe which he le duly aathorteed to receive arjrvertiswsteats aad subecriptiofAS, and tally trjs powered to give reoeipta. aaerctutasa, nsnmswues, suroaxs ana usrrirvrduaJs generally, besides publlo instrtatioaa, Incorporated eompa-nles aad societies who wish to advertise la, or sohseriba for. aewsaapers of suy section of tha country, ar respect-fnlly invited to examine the file To remcte sll doubts aad KlaaprnbeTardoaa, tbe agent hereby notifies th public, that ao person r anthoriMd by him to solicit advsi lisisnunte, cards ee sabecriptlons for the newspapers for which be is the only srtthorised agent. The annoyance to merchants and others, growing out of numerous pretended agencies in this etty, readers the adoption of this course sinttlly proper, guard against imposritioa. Those, therefore, who wish traneart bwstaee. srjtb his agency, and avoid nrkrtakse, are respeetfoily IfcTitoa U hand ia their orders st ths office, or address V. B. PALMER, Asaertra Nwewpaaar Agent Tri ouae B ailUiage. irjv The ocet of advertlstag ia eonntry paper, a list ef the oitios and towns throng boot the Union, ia wfaiek the papers are published"- together with copies ef these, veral paper for whioh h Is the duly authorised Ageat Bear be ss at his sHBaela tha Tvikaae eOdlaae riANO FORTE H. Gfc H. BARMORE offer for sale at tbeir maaafaeto ryaad waierocsn,848BleeckeTsTtrsTt,et.Chsaiesst. aa aseortmeat of rosewood aad aiahogany Plane Fortes, at fiady carved Gothic aad snodes-n Parfaiaa stjUs. Thee Piano, fbr saachsnleal eessatrvAstton-exeeueaey af work. mans hip, aad richness of Lone, ean not ae anrriiasi d, aad w her the parnhassr has any doubt. they will asset Bp, and any reaeoaabie length of time allowed to satisfy him. This being a new feature in ths bnsi nuas It ia Imaertaatt to the parebaeac. aa tb market is fall af traps, well ealeav Uted to catch the iaaweasrlsmsrail. A respesaaihse war. raaty wrth eeeh inetrnxeeafi. JAssrerwae to sesae of tbe rst isbiim la to cttv. N.B.rifc08tOsa. XI of A via. Bherry. Royal paxne laasy Doable riocsa. berrv do. .mn. end Tl aa verae mosaic Veaas gn.ap. tha with and ior ported vsses ana ceatie miaa r !, No. una v by 6 the eil Ied B I I ; SPECIAL AUCTION SALES. t HEHtT H. LEEDS Asinssist. ' Special Sals er a large sujaextsaeait err essaeee Madeiras, Sherries, Parts, BraacUea, fjsssum. pnsreea, Senra, eke. TTENRY H. I.F.Kr k CO.. wil s t swetlon ea THL'RRnAY.JaaeUU,atUe'clocs,iathe Gallery, ie skwe Ma 8 Wall street abeMB assertaaaal ef wsass. ke via : MADEIRAS. rimeoM Ricily; eld Boatli Side : oW E. I. raeeck. via. K : ebooeoM Baal MAdetra?x ecu ves Tnoky Mafeiamr lanulywe. dryeMSeatb rHle; eboios old Madeira, tl 1K5 . oal Looooa rarueaiar, see.; aid rneips Maoeira. SHERRIES. Hera's fine eU L. D Pale. Impsral Pal nch old Meeaeaw, 1M0 1 delioala pais eld Golden : two qr. oedu lt fall Sewl to ckm. aa istwo. I. D. Sural, pale Maaxaaiua as 1 Aawatilsxio ekl Uanaoay. Ate. . PORTS. . Ssperior old Loadoa Dock : SaedemSa'l Port, very superior ; Wine Company's Port ; Grape Port ; Lagwaa. Malaga. BRANDIES. Oraac eie. igsl ! Life Vim Pate dark and Dale OCard. via. 1843aadlr44; L. D. I lark. ISXj cbpos M lleaaeoe : Cbaav Brandy ; ilnmptuey't Ne Plot Ctua Pats. via. 1SJ), equal minessartat. CHAMPAGNES. drowa Aaeeer. liaaia. Oieat Western. P. Sparklms qu. saa ouu. SUNDRIES. Mejcatel. Lekay, St. JaHea. Clswt, Manrsax Mid re. Black. Brandy. Cherry do. Jamaica Rain. HoUand Gta, Schiedam Meawasafasia Wkaaey. 8l Cms Rasa. 40 M. Havaaa be- Tbe above lioeen ass ia casks, denri . boxes sad bottles. To be withoal resarva 1US4 jests HENRT H. LEDa,"Aactioaeer. Stgnor O. B. Pondolflnl'a Grand Sale at Ue Unlqae Alabaster, Verde, AatJcjska Statauurr, e Tsssi, TJrsia, and ether Fancy Gaods. ENR Y IL LEEDS ft CO., will nil st aaetioa, ea TUE8 ii. jnae llta. aad w rillix ESDA Y, o'clock, at the wks room. No. 8 Wall street I luX but. G. B Poodotnai s g read sale of the mow a'ibastex. aauowa, siainary aaiqae. vases, eras, tables, aad aa imm-ais variety of neb broasenrtires ana inuMltl uriekM. soeauslini la part of the lotlowiag, via : tea daeciar girls, after Canon, et UUiefeat styles aad sines ; Ibsse groans, the daaee el .two eroaie. the three graces ; one sruep. elacatioa ; esse lhaaa : the panther : groan of Hereeles : Fareeae groap ; two gladiators sroop ; ihe Roman slave groap i Uaprd's miH, aaimals, bar Veaaws in the shell, after Casova ; Psyeaeaad Ca-pitl : Flora Veaas. afbw Titian : Cepid oe the e-ess; together a great vanety of figares aad (mops. Saparb larga vawa. Estmcan, Gothso. mediate sad Hvbe Teres, earv-nerl with. Basse Alto reiievo. The largest sia ever unporied. Estracaa aad Ponuieiaa ara. Gothic aad Grecian vaass. Vsses ra eoioma lamps : snarble nusss in Varde de Prato. Card isociears. snp. by swans. Vasta at tbe Temple. Largs Caaova lions ; for ica ; do for dessert and fruit : large shells muported by dolphins ; Florentine erd open wQrk baskets ; watch cases ; state candlesticks ; eternal lights, with a great smrrtrneiTt of marble alabaster maatei ornaments. Ate. Also, two superb Mosaic tables, with marble stands. Also, a lnre invoke of fiohe. giara wars ; erOBEes aad ouier laser f ooos. At Lvo orlarA. 9itneMS tfiwlin al.M rlinit ISO desert and table orgs aao apooos, to be sotd without i The Shove hmva is.hM. 1.. W.lll ... , I Italy, br tine not G. B. Paadouini. einraasiy lor the New York msiie. ana wm ne sow wimcrat nasi rs. tlotrlj jsff HENRY H. LEEDS, Auctioneer. L-nrge Bale of Dlaaonde, beaatlfially act In flaa Ovid Watchea, and other flna Jewelry. TIE.N.B.y H UK.P.Dtt At CO. wQIsellat anensa ea MON- V lou- at 1U o'clock, la tbe gallery, real or store. 8 W all street A ianre sad valuable awovtrneat of diamonds, tnrrrooises. eme- taius. ate., oeanniaiiy set in bne geld nngs, sarnngs. breast pins, brooches, bracelets, head pieces, Ate, gold lever, bruise, aad oths watches, seals, charms, necklaces, pencil eases, silver tea setts, spoons. Ate, being the enure balance of aa invoice, sold to close ooeuignmentt, beiag the largest assortment of fine goods offered season, to be sold without reserve. 11S63) jeb Peremptory Kale of Ldtiid at Danklrh, lke Erie, the Propaseel Term Inns or the New York and Krle Rallroasl-By Older of lit. D. Benjamin, Receiver, xfee. TXM. II. FRANKLIN k SON, Anctioaesi. wiO sen al v pouuc auriHto. at tne Merchants' Eschange in the city ol new ior.,vi i nursaar. ine auui flay ol June, irow, a o'clock. M., the following nroDertv. sitaate at Dunkirk, viz : tl All that oeilHis piece or iiarcelol land, situate, lyiag and being in the town oi r oral ret, la the roontr ot UhaUuiine, aad state of New Vork. being part ol lot No. 13 la tbe siith township and twelhb range ol the Holland Land Compear s Survey, sad being also part of lot No. 13. accordiag to a survey made for Walter Smith, Homer Berry, and bounded as lot lows ; Cpmrneneibs in the middle of the road leading from Dunkirk ut Pilvev f .'reek distant chsras. SB links northeasterly from the northeasterly line of lot no. lo la said Berry's survey ; renning thence northwestwardly parallel with said line and at right angles with the said road, along northeasterly line of land now or late of Nathaniel F. Hopkins. U4 chains, 6 links, to lands formerly owned by Daniel G. Garnser : theaoe northwardly alone the line nf tne l.r mmimi. land..? ro!s, 7 links ; tbence sontheastwardly parallel with the first mentioned line, and 4 rods. U liaks aOrtheasterir from the said line of Natlianitl F. liopkiu's land, as chains, 91 Links, to tbe centre of the said road ; thence sooth westeily through, tbe centre ot the said road. 4 tods. 12 links, to the place of beginnings containing Iv. o (il) acres, three (3) ronds. and seven u) rods of land, bo the said contents and measurements more or less. M. D BENJAMIN. RseeiVe. Iff the Kfct.t. nf Hmm Ri.w... The above is a piece ol 'and 74 feet wide, and about ltnOleet in deotb. caoable ol being advantageously divided intn balldine Lrs&: fronts on the travelled road sometimes called Lake street, leading from Dunkirk to Bdver (Jieek. and extends to within abont 1100 lest of Lake Erie ; being only abont Ifi minutes walk mile) from the fettled cart ot the villas, and about naJ alk IX IX ola i naif s mile from the new loeatwa of tha New York and Erie Railroad. Tin property mast rapidly increase in value, as the railroad is nnder contract to be completed to Dunkirk before the first of Msy nest. Ezra Williams. tn... of Dunkirk, (one of the commission. rs. i a parutioa salt, set thts property off to M. D. s the orooertv as beta, eomoriseil in hla,ks I end 751 in a map ot Dunk-rk. made for a eomnany and lithograph- by G. Haywanl in 1&6. These blocks on said map ars inter, sected by East Pine and East Cedar streets, and boureled by East nauon ana Ljasesuvets, tne laiteroaiy being yetopen. 1 be Receiver gives this information, eerived from Mr. Williams and the man. in good faith, believing it to be true, bnt will mat he re sponsible fonts accuracy. - jeleodts BRUCE A. CHILTON, Auctioneer. Second and Last Auction Sale of About 100 lAts at Dcsrmsrii tl'K AT (HILrllr. anclroneers, will sell. On Use ground. OH 1, XCF.SDAY AFTERM WN, the 11th inst.. atS Ho'clork, ,h.h,.n. BMnl.1 niTTifiP. SlTP.Sl A Nil Vll.l ACli LOTS, at this beautiful spot. Dearmaa is .itaated about midway between Isobb's Ferry and Tarrytown, directly opposite theler- mlnns of the Erat Railroad at Piermont. The durance from tha city H it miles, and the lime occupied in reaching; it by the Hudson River Road. of which it is a full .tation. isASminntes. Thenew. , xvsuil ly inooroofated terry troro um point to rierrnoat tt m active ope- ratkaa. tne steamer i,on ii nnter. plying between tnen oonstaatlr dum,g the day. Tneittsootiriotiol tiie grounds a .nch tha almost every lot enjoys a psnorama np and down tbe river from the Tap- Cia Zee to the origin of the Palisadse, s view of winch, from Ms vdinens as well at from legeadary asAoci-ttiou.Cs -1 iA k.W tk tlu will. ,h. n, I ' a a avenne Irom tlie Albany 1 urnn k. to the nr. onened. street laid out, trees planted, and a uamberof bouses wthepro- sof Tha looalitv is MrftBCtlr health v. them is an hnndKnt im af spriuK water, which Mr. Billion, ot V oaken, often to oanr in flaw piunal thirty doilartpei lo.', and the netchborhood ia nx)at excel lsnt. Everrthinc eonndefed. it beonficientlr bIieved that to adran-taieous an ouponunity for seen ring delightful1 and aocewibl cun try mKlenca hai never been otlered to the public, nut to tpeak of the business a vantage ol tbe water Ioll Since tiiefiret tale on the 13th of April. number oi lots have been re-soul br patchanera at larve uroAu. Every lot pat an will ntot posiUvely and aneqaioocallr be told to the hichert bidder. ( n tlie riavv of mJe a rnierifkJ train im TWrrniiii nsrill Wav ths tvir. ner of t;harabt and linrison Mreea at a iiuartatr patf one o'cUtck. touptaa fot pavenirei. at the usual places, and will return imm. dntssaV alter tlie ula. ThP.keU I'nr ttiwi Inn nm ttmri natnrninB. may bo obtaiaad at the office of the Aucneer for twenty -Lire I oenia, The mrnlar Hndion C iver trains leava New York at 7. 8 IS. A. M.. and 3. 4.45 and 6.JD P. M., and leave Dearmaa ntoniing. at i.t, a. m ana i.isr, o w ani iu.ib r. m. i Only ten per oenu of the pnrcbase n onev wilt bo ren aired in cah Irom purchaser who intend to bniU imnieiliatoly. tho whole ot tho ba lanre being allowed to remain on bond ana atortjcajre. Id the caae of purclia-xs not bnildinf , iuty perernL may te w-main. For farther oaiticnlata. annlitiatKM mav he marie at the tatiAn hoaM. on tlie unmnes. at No. S Bniad Mreet. to G. A. SAC CHI ; or at the Auctioneer ofBce, No. 9 Wall street, where mapsol the premises can be had. (IHJ) je4(His S- DRAPtR Jr.. Auetioiieer. Sale or Cannon and Small Arms at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn HAGGERTV. DRAPER & JUNES wilt be sold at ane-Itnn. at the United HutM Navv Yard. Rrmklvn. nn HA. TUBnAY.JonelAVh. at li, o'clock, aoon, the toUowinf Caa. aoa, Camnades and Small Amu, tie: (JAN IN ON 3 lonr 42 poanders ; Ml kmc SSs: 87 tonic 34s ; 452 ions i ; u kmc ia ; kmc m ; 8 lone b ; 7 lonewk. CAKKONAUES-l 68 ponader; 39 4ai : 8 82s; li Ms; 18 19S. 8 lHs. aad 1 6 rjonarlerGnnnades. 1 13 inch, and 1 10 inch Mortars : 8 Swivels, 895 Boardirtt; Caps : 168 Hint MosketA. 447 Psuob HlS X'ntlasses : 37 Colt's Rifles. A Colt's Pistols ; 85 Bowie Kail Patois. 8 Riswi ; 6 Blnnderbrisses. Terns Cash. The above to be removed from ths yard ss soon after the sale as the Cnsnmantlant of the V ard mar direct. mr8 SALE OF INCOME BONUS OF TUB NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD COMPAWY. Sealed Drono- sals will be received at the office of the company, Mo. 4s Wail street, antil Watnesday. the 13th day of Jnae next ay ot Jnae next, at A o ewek P.M. lor the sale of 3,SjO.M of tits iacems bonds ol the New xorkrsu fmeKaiiriMSilComiiany, The whole asu. of the bonds srooants to A3.S00.0Q0. hearine interest at 7 imst cent, per anno in payable half yearly by coo pons, in the city of New or It, on tlie first days of February and An. snst. and redeemable at the pleasure of the compear, within five yean from the 1st of February, IB&J. These boads are issued for lbs completion of the road to Lake Ene. and lor the paymeet of the principal aad interest, the whole net inoorne of the toad, alter the 1st of Jaiy. 1861. and antil tha net eaminci shall reach tl.JUU.UJU per annum, il pledged, reserv. ing only a stun saSkient to pay tha mierest oo the mortgage bi'ttds. The bonds will be issued in snmsVf. 81.000 each, with etmpeas attaclssd , and proposals will be received for say aatnlier. Irom one to twenty-five hundred. Terns Ten per cent on notice of acceptance of btds. and 10 per cent, on the 1st ot each month thereattet ; or. at the opooa ef tlie imrdiSAer, s lArrer, or the whole amount, maybe paid at sa earlier date. IntereU to commence from the day of sale. The beads now orlerad are all ol the srsne the company bare te dispose of. A oopy of the bond may be seen at theolBce ol the oomnany, where any farther information legnired will be fives. Proposals should be endorser! " i'roposals ior Income Bonds," and addressed to Thomas L lownsead. Treasurer, No. 46 Wall street. New York. By order of th Board of Directon. ' mhiB to Jels NATHANIEL MAR9H. Secretary. NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that all those certain pieces, parcels and lots of land, situate is Use village of Dunkirk, ia die town of Pom fret, county ot Chantanqne, and state of New York, which on a division of certain lands at Dunkirk, by land among tne propnetoiv tnereor mane, man n i . loao, were convey, ed to Rnswil II. Nevins and Cbaries C. Kins, la trust, to aril the same. fee., by deed dated March I. 1838, and reconled ia tlie Clerk 'sotfica of the county of Chantaeque. ia liber. 33 of deeds, at paaelSrj, will be soA? by or under th. direction of the trustees, at nubito amcliaa. at the Merchants' Exchange, is thecttyof New York, on the 26th day of Jnne, lrSU.ssud tale to commence al IX o'clock, noon, or that day. and to continue from day lo day naid the wholeot' sard trust prouertr shaN be sold. The terms oi sals will be tea per cent, of the purchase money to be ps id to the auctioneer on tits day of sale, fifteen per cent, to Kassel tt. tnevin aan Chas. c, Kiss, oa the Hhtli day ot July nest, when Ine uscl. will be delirersd. and seventy-five percent, to remain oa hoed aad snortsaae, payable in three veers alter date, with uttettat ar tf per cent, per aaaaai, payable semi aano-allr. The lands to be sold corn prise sboul 4.000 brjildinr lots m the villase oi Dnnktrk. Aisp. oi the prtnrty nut be sren st lhe snc-bon room of Anthony J. Bleecker, Esq.. Aacuoaecr, No. 7 Broad street, in tlie city ot Hew York. ror tntormation in regard to the title, apply to neury J. Hug. gkta. Alloiser. No. 74 Broadway. New York. RUSSELL H. NEVINS, fT, CHARLES U. KING. JTruitess. y30.Il je4.7.10,L4,M.i8Ai.tltsi. BROWN'S ESSENCE OF JAMAICA GIN SER. This essence is a preparation of nnusual excellence and of varied properties. In sll capos where a powerful and safe stimulant is required, it is unrivalled for Its efficacy as well as'lmmediate action. To the traveller and to the family circle it As invaluable, as a fow drops, diluted in sugar and water, present a safe and agrestie iremedy to the invalid who requires immediate relief, as well as to the convalescent patient who aeeds a gentls tunic. During tbe prevalence of cholera it has proved a most emcient remedy in preventing tbe weak-neaa aaid relaxation of the bowels which induce diarrhoea. In sea sick anas It gives immediate relief as well as in all forms of nausea, dependent on or jnodueed by motion ; aad ia all cases of prostration of the digestive functions, whether from indulgence or disease. It I of immediate and efieetivo nee. Prepared only by FRED'K BROWN, N. E. corner of Fifth and Chestaut-st. Philadelphia, and for sale in New-York, at wholesale, by H. T. Chams-as, 77 Fulton-st ; also, by Ri'smto, Clash fc Ce. 110 Broadway. 10 Aster Houee. aad 878 Irving House : John Milhao, 188 Broadway ; F. C. Wells fc Co. 837 Eighth av-,end J. fc J. Coddington, 716 Broadway, eor. Waah-ingtoa Place, also 808 Hudson st eor. of Spring, apt SrodirSm Ta Th Sat BOARDING ARD DAT SCHOOL "fTvOR YOCNO LADIES, WestZSd street, eernec .at; ef 9th Avenne. Every attention is Acre offered te faeiHtate the morel enltare end inteOeetual imprevwateavt of tbe pop! la, aad to sveqnlre a thorotigh kaawledge ef the useful, as well ss the ornamental branches ef education. Those interested are invited to eeXL where Information relative to tbe School will be given. Th French language I spoken by several numbers of thi - Select ftmilf Scaeei," and great attention paid to Mosrie. There I oa ressonaUs cAerg made for beard and terltioa without an extra. ij3taw F. J. fc C. A. DODGE, Principals. TOR BALJE-VALUABLE PROPERTY IN fiV.JI AJuwrttrst, oi rtr.ll . wm te sold at puhlle JVaLauctiOB to the highest bidder, by Anthony J. Bleecker fc Co.. at their sales room. No. T Broad street, on THURSDAY, the 18th day of Jane Instant, at IS o'clock. House aad Lot 88 Dowsing street. The lot la Si feet wide, front aad rear, aad 101 ftet deep oa one side, and aai xees oa xae eaaer. Tbe bouse is a sabstaattal aad wail finished brisk dweiliag, ia good order, two storias and attic, sad a commodious basesueat. In ia property At susceptible of being largely eebanead in vain, at a trifling ootiay, by the erection of a rear buildiag, if tlarired, the yard being a large aad ine ana. For terms, en inquire of A. J. Bleecker fc Co., or of jet etxttn K. S. ROWLEY, 76 Reese st. REFHJGERATOAAS Do yea want a good oae ? If so, before buying aim here, look at the large aoea or vaatiiaxea rerrig.iaiuis we onssr ; an si see la closet for, the mast eeavwaseat foe snianant er winter ass, always smpptied with a pare oold air, and ae mingling of flavors. Tha ioe is better praseiled in these, tbaa in refrigssrators of aay other eonstraetioa. Wo ana refer to over ene thonsaad now In as in this etty. - - sex i su n twee s au , wars seals atAd retail by the SMITH, TOKREY fc CO., ' . Bga es aoo nig l ea aettle, San 1M0 will at 3 jet ha board, For Snip of and treigbt N by at P CALIFORNIA. Empire City Xfne ; i ' - V-' FOR - - '"' d .; anclseo, Tla Cnaffres. ' ' DIDCCT. ' f ' . THK SFLKaOIO rTlTCAJxSHir Crescent City, ton bwrthea, CHAS. STODDARD, Commander, Wars for CHAORES, direct, oa MONDAY, 1st July, o'clock, from her dock, Pier No. IN. K. . For freight or passage, apply to IsDt Jyl 1. HOWARD fc SON, M Broadway. For Sacramento City. I.T.BMITH'S BBGVJLAA IMM. The beautiful llfht draft brir X D. HOUTOJY" vine two-thirds ef her cargo engage aad going o will be despatched la a few days. For balaaoe ef freicht, enquire of MM' iYc T. SMITH, 101 WaH street. Bjye - - euinet of Proat. San Francisco and South San Francisco, CALIFORNIA. Ths top par iksttriMd and at ecmiiawtl Canton Pekt - " CEJUtEJVDOJV," HENRT S. BROWIT, Cossataadar, Will hav Immediate dJspatca, bavlagra larga tatVaa bar freight sngaged and now going oa board. Ber between decks an admu-abtj aalenlaUd for valuable fralght ptsaajngsn. Shippars asa arrang to bar their Uaded. Apply to B- R. HUNTER, 80 Broadway, J. BELKNAP SMITH, 88 Wall street. Bill btf or an board tha snip, pier , ff. B UISPATCH Liirifi. FOR SAW FRATS CISCO. First Vessels. FAST SAILIHO CANTON SHIP GREAT BBITmllJy, Hatch, master, at PIER BIX. North River. Ho Frelglu takes after Tattaradajr, lathv. Nothing but very light freight saa be taken. Ships! will ales, send In bill of lading at ones. CLIPPER SHIP C.1RRIJTG TOJT, Abbott, master, la loading at pier EIGHT East River. A limited qnaatitj of freight only ean be taken oa ttajnsdi-ats application. FINE Shin Talbot, - Goodhae, roaster. Is rapidly soadiag at pier SEVEN, orth River. Caa take the bulk of 00 barrels and hav qalek dispatch. Freights by this lia taken at th lowest rate, and no detention. jefj E. B. SUTTON CO., M Wall st. Gregory's California " r-f, .,. PACKAOfi AN1I rAlWEIi K-THESS, per steam PHILADELPHIA and GEORGIA, IStn Jnn. Th ns seriber will forward their next Express the above steamers, on SATURDAY, st P. M., with packages and sxprees freight in charge of a Special Messenger. With facilities on ths different lines ef steam rl fcr dispatching Express freights, second to son other, we are prepared to offer such inducements to shippers by these steamers, as cannot rail xo ne swrieeuy aassaiaoTrory. Goods forwarded by this Express meet with ao detention Panama. The delivery of parcels aad packages, by this Express Lin, for all parts of California, is attended to by the proprietors In person. Immediately after tb arrival of ths steamer at San Franoisee. Parcels received np to 13 M. on th day of sailing. at kages and heavy freight should be delivered at our of- nee tne nav nrevions. xerms reasonaoie. THOMPSON k HITCHCOCK J8li Agents, 148 Pearl Street, corner of Wall. GREGORY'S CAUFOKSIA KXPREBa. . Tha nroDiietorof this Express, during the past year, established Branch ottee 'at all th Important points on the See ra- men to and Baa Jaoqnin rivers, aad and throughout ths Mining districts, from which plane will be forwarded express matter, as ususl, for sll parts of ths United States, by every steamer leaving San Francisco and the Isthmus of Panama. Consignments promptly attended to. ontsandlBg bills and debt collected, certificates for persons Interested in Life Assurance procured and forwarded, and th real-dene or fate of absent or missing persons ascertained. (laid dnst forwarded and insured through under a Policy in a New York Insurance Company ; and all other business transacted by ths proprietor In person In California, or by his agents in New Vork. Having appointed responxlMs aad faithiol agents at Chagres, Georgia Cruees, snd Panama, aad obtained every express privilege conceded to any one of the different Lines of Steamers on the Atlantic and Pacl6c, every indneement that can be required by shippers is eOered and guaranteed by thts L Ins. For ths ability and standing of sll connected with this Express, references will be furnished to the meet respectable houses in New York and San Franc isce. Information glren concerning the proper method of paeklns goods for ths Isthmus route, at the New Vork office, where shippers ean have tbeir good packed If desired, at a moderate expense, and cleared at tbe Custom House tree of charge. - Package should bo brought in. If Dossible. the day before the steamer leaves. Farcels re ceived at th office aotn 13 M. , the dsy of sailing. Terms reasonable. JOSEPH W. GREGORY. Proprietor, San Francisco. THOMFSON At HITCHCOCK, 148 Fearl, eor. Wallet, Je8 Agent In NoW York. ATI A MS stfe rn.s mT C a rissOO rtlta P aC lia ge EXPRESS. VIA THE ISTHMCS Or PANAMA. UNINTERRUPTED COMMUNICATION AND NO DETENTION ! I A B R ANGEFIKNTS having bora effected by us, il. with tha Jfaii SterrstsAips etui ail th other Tegular Una of Stmurt in tbe California trade on the Atlantic, aad ths Pacific, connecting at tbe Isthmus of Panama, we ara now prepared to receive and transmit promptly, Freight, Packages, Parcels, Jewelry, Specie, Gold- Dust, and valuables of every description, by carry stssaser be tween New xorx ana sen rranoisco, npon reasons use terms. Expresses for Saoramento City, 8tockton, Benlcla, etc, and the Afines, leave our office in San Francisco regular ly, and all freight entrusted to us for those points, will be forwarded without delay on arrival of the steamer. Freight must Invariably be pre-paid ; and to insure Its going forward with dispatch, should be delivered to ns on the dsy prior to the steamer's departure. Small parcels will be received until 12 o'clock of tbe dsy of sailing. Consigners will please bear in mind that thrir huroictt ntusr Ae drily certified at the Custom House, and banded In to our once lor transmtimon witn tne gooos mjs.7 istf ADAMS fc CO., 16 Wsll st. COALt Lehigh and Schuylkill Coat, of the various descriptions, for family use and manufacturing purposes, fee sale by R. F. THORN E, j7 Is 10th avenue, corner 86th street. WYOMING COAL. The Wilkesbarre Coal Company fS PREPARED TO SUPPLY STEAMERS, BL fcc. , with this superior Coal by the cargo Or from their yards, at S4 06per torn. Appty ax tne emce oi iu company, my 31 08 Brssdway. STEAM COAL FOR SALE. Ships wanted for the Pacific, by H. B TEBB IB E T TS SO Wall Street. .New York. May 4 Is Cumberland Steam Coal, FROM THS FR08TBURQ MINES, MARYLAND. n. A. TUCKER, Aflitfrr or vhv racsreuBe coal cosfFAS)Vt No. 50 Wall a tree t. Now York. ap5 m liACK A W AN N A COAL. THE DELAWARE AND HUDSON CANAL COM PAN Y having, by ths recent enlargement ef their canal, greatly increased their facilities, will be prepared by the 15th of May to supply steamers, manufacturers. dealers ana snipping with this coat, at New York and Its vicinity; at (4.06 per gross ton, alongside the wharf. The Company, daring the past Winter, has erected new screening apparatus, of increased serfs oe and enlarged meshes, aad can deliver the eoel at Nsw York, without transhipment, In boats of abont 100 tons, loaded st the screens, ensuring its good condition. Shippers caa be supplied at one day's notice, aad loaded with despatch. Samples of ths various sixes of ths broken eoal ean be seen at tbe office of the Company, 81 Wall street, where all applications most be mads. New York, April 80. I860. ap30lstf ISAAC N. SEYMOUR, Treasurer. reguaXakraij. a TO Cypress Hills Cemetery. TWICE EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK. Tbe Trustees ot this Cemetery, having sow perfected aU tbe arrangements they announced to the pnblie In the beginning, Invite their fellow eitlsens to visit the grounds and suramin, for themselves. Messina aso Evekiso Teams leave South Ferry, every day at II A. M. aad t P. H., for the CsxcTcar Esr-ya.Hcs, returning in about one hoar thos sfltardlog facilities which render Cvraxaa Hills van host Accbssi-lb Cxstxviav in ths nstoHseaiiooo or Nsw Yssx. Tickets IS cents running time SO minutes. Two Plank Roads will also sooe be constructed r sots Baeea-lvb aro raoai WiLLtAsassuaan to Cvrsnm Hills over whioh funeral procession will pass free. The embellishments of th Grounds hay alas been going oa rsfoldly. The L. posts are completed, tarnished and opea for the a nainilat Insi of visitors. The La bob Bsc si visa Tomb Is ia perfect order, aad preserved neat and fro from lafestloa. Ths Ossssf jrvetT is also ansa. plate, and from its top tb most sxtenatv aad beautiful prospetit Is visible. . The Gbsav A'sssa tor several Bailee ara opaaid aad In fine rdc foe carriage driving, and tho main Road Is completed through oae of the nsost beautiful forest ea Long Island. Csiscsnr Laix is sneered aad tartan d. Several thousand shad trees aad floweriag shrah have beea set oat, aad the Ossaiistal Gaboehb along via DsLeassa are laid eut and cultivated. Tbeee were th first objects pToeoeedbythTrrteestath tieglnxring. Howefacleat-ly they have beea executed, and how well tbe C mastery baa redeemed its pledges to their teUow-eitlxeas, th pab-lie Is respectfully lavlted to deeid. By ertW of the Boat 4, . r, LINDSAY. Cistavwav Or rice, toB Broad aay. tad tf Cottage and Cabinet Fiirnlture '. ...... 1 FoLTOw-rr., rtsV-Veaa."'' A Tthhtestablishmeatwill hefowmsl . fnll aesuilisist XX ef Cottage Fomitara, eonsieting of Blaek Walmst oaiartadCottago Caaira, Dressing Bareeae, franab w"lw., yy Besaysaaaa. iososaedee. ae : jsjBa,anaaaioegof MsJAOgasry FaraltBiw.netr,r- 1 VrOOd. lllllislslln s a BnAAa. IMvaa. rreneh rarior Chairs, Easy Chairs, Sofa ing Chairs. Tea Tables, Card Tables, Bidehosre, loose, nop a uasas, Huartettes, centre xassssii mm, au xinas oi eebtaet work ItnkM. mm VL. , With 00d arises as sow as aay other ss ublishojsnt Injbsierlty. A beaarUful rastoty ef Lavaies, sVswtag aad Forlee CexaaUlal - AleeYsJAoy Work Tables, T7 waittoti,at toej ,rieas. . : .. . , - .M. Rory Chartot. r Dress J, Bob A this -Sk. Ball .lass P who dz day 1 with at vis of tho th in of I I AMUSEMENTS. bAoadwai tiimatrr. MaU- K. A- BARAR ALL, SOLI UitieM. O. ft. BARRETT. Mewaawf. mHU KVKII1H, Jane I. wiU be lersbrawd, the lrasaa called Artasa. aauea O'More. ............. .Tmee . ... . le eeneiaoe wii j COU8W CHERRT.. . . Parry Cows! a Cherry .Mrs Rttrret. rrkees of adaissskia Drae trre mmm ran m inst wee l easily aad Third Crrole, toe 1 tsalrsry IU seals. . ,t , Deetsopea at TA, to eosssDanee a 1 e-ewa. . . . BlUTUI'ft TIIAATBK, .. ClreU and Paroxetn 0 seats; Fasalr Liret ee Seeowd ' r-gHHlS EVCNiAtt, Jaa 8, wAU be !t VBS tomeoy aauea . . . . THR RIYiLS. Acres. Barton Sir Laelus. .Placids To conclude with tb aew arietta, causa , , MYSTERIOUS KNOCELNOS. Kerr Mad ree. ..Joaasoa I P BIsmeyam. . . .Mohaaa aateMadreoa . ..Miss Cbepraem Dooss oaea at TA. perawsaces ee eesassestee as a Straaeersaad vantors are Informed sbAjT1eMa.fs Theatre ar te be obtained at all Ah wrravdr Hotsss 1BI' OAJtXIKSj. OPEN FOR THK SUMMER SEASON. rflHlS KYK!fIw. jaa , tbe twin eomtneno with tha Coavedy of THE CATSPAWV Saowbaa rtila.ssail.l. I Dr FatsTOaae. . . .NVkla Peachdewa.Mrs B roof beat II nssssisry Mrs SeOoei An InUrwiisrtoa of half aa howr, whea tb. magaiaewat Room will v Utrowa opea as a PROMA.NALE MU8ICALE. To conelad with the IxrietU called WHO'S THE COMP08ER. Marquis NieUason I Carina. .... .Miss Taybnt Admlesloa to all parts ef the heaae AO estate. Doers at T o'cloek ; to eosntaeiiee at 8. " GsUBUBSAfi BttlSKUaa. M BltfADWAY, betweea Spring aad Priaee st. T Barnum ,st..,. . Proprietor and Mswragssr.. IK- EH OAS ME2'T rk SHOST TIME. LONGER eommenouic .-w-oaaav. nay isaa ox - w.VsTFij,i?uw t dy. and nmrv. "DY. AND SUITE, purnoee visiting ths ptW'4aij sttaee ana, . nrevtou to their arpannre vor ss.r--THE CHINESE FAMUaTs ia a unbar, including th Lady With f ax jwraes umg. THE CHINESE COLLECTIOK, eosuTtstlag ef ever own snuss caiassa cuarowviss ! Toeal aad Inartnaental Musis every bear daring the and evening, by the Fw lessor and the rest sf th taaily. Open from' sat, tul 18 rat. . Adaalsslon, x cents ; eniiarwa waaer so, sssws yr. -siAft-ttUi i.A.ncASiiiiifc BrtLii kTjio- EH-At tha CHINESE BU1LLINGS, Ne. AS Broadway Thee asalaent band of wss Arrmsse, wboee entertainment darlsg tbe past week, have A sea greeted unooanrtee applause, wiu appear agsuw r aviniku xxtia v its, Mnmeaetng at o'clock, aad oa WEDNE8DAY ft SATURDAT AFTERNOON", 8 o'clock. They win repeat their sravsL rssresssaweas, which tar aseeed anything ef the kind ever beare witnessed by aa Aasetieaa aatUeaee. . Their mvarte, betag prodneed by tbe use ef TWENTY SELLS AT ONE TIME, r frrar to each man, prodneee aa effeet st owe srrs-sshiog aad ewe ban ting. Ttrsy eaeesjto a great TesTtety popalar Marches, Walt see, QaadrHls, Ptakas, Nastosasl-Alrs. Ethiopian Melodies, and select pieces from tbe most celebrated operas, with a harmony and delicacy tt ton which erasvtaa tha srraatast dalleht la conjunction with the Bell Ringer, will also appest two taleated Vocalist. MIS8 LFSL1K. and MR. HARRI80N. fbrmtr In a variety ef popular aongs, and the latter several comic malodies aad Improvisatory effusions Admission 26c. -children nnder 10. half price. mySStf DVKiKXMtSLf AOAlUsUIV UAr srlBAw ARTfV. TrlK KXTUBITION ef Paiattng by Arvlsts ef the above school, at tbe room over the haft ef the Church Divine Unity, In Broadway, betweea Prince aad Spring streets, will remain opea antil farther netlee, trosa IS o'clock a m., until 10 o'esock r. at. ArbniseioB 16 cents. Seaaoa tickets M cents. Cata. ogees 134. cents. itie. ?" KJiC LXXBlUil B IU AlUxiViaJbn. I Ferriage reduced to four eeata This, .the most faverlte ef susmer r saints, aew oilers to visitors greater ladueement than ever. The beautltul walks along ths river side, that lead 8 the Elysiaa Fields, are kept la excellent order. Ferrv boats leave for Hobo A en. as follows: From Barclay street every quarter ef aa Bob dturlag the day. From Canal street every half hour, at th latemedlat quarter hours, as af Si, 8, Ti, Tl, ae. From Christopher street every half boor, at ths va hoar, and Intermediate half boava. A night boat runs to Barclay street, every half beer. mhl ma rovron BY . bjkw YORK AND NKW uavhh RAUatOAiA. The following trains leave the Canal street station dally, (Sundays excepted.) for Boston : At 8 o'cloek a. ., and arrive at Boston, at S o'clock r. is. Dinner at Springfield. At 8 o'clock a. at. Arrive at Boston at 11 49 r. nr. By this train passengers may stop from two to tares hours at New Haven, Hartford or Springfield, or at any stataoa where tbe express train receives psssenger. At 8 o'clock . is. Arrive at Bos tow at 11. 4A r. st. Supper at Springfield. This train reoetves f asssagsrs only at ths principal stations. 03- See bills of all ths trains. Passengers are desired to procure tickets before taking eats la ths ears. S. B. MASON, Superintendent Jnne tth, I860. jcdltls FUR PHILADELPHIA. INDEPENDENT REGU LAR LINK OF STEAM. I RS BETWEEN NKW YORK ANO PRUUUJKLrillA, TOCCHISO BACH WAT AT CATS MAT. Tha nsw and substantial stetusers - Penobscott, and Keiinelrec. Capt. Seymour, Capt. Flowers. WRI to" Her No. 13 NR., (foot of Albany St ) every Tuesday, TBsrsday and Bataroay, at A o'ciock rat Returning, will leave PhtladelphU. from Uirerd'a Kcturning. WW tva-ve rsuiaueipsisa. Wharf, Tuesdsy, Thursday and Saturday, at 11 o'cloek For Passage or Freight. pVV to tbe Captain en board, or to STAMIU.I a BTil..e.,w yyeste,rt x , jells D. W. ELDRIDGE, 6 North Whi ih lia. 1TOVE AAKIKIA CONDUCTION Ait k FOR EA PORTATION. Candies, assorted, 10, the pound. Sugar Plums, 14o. Sugar Almonds, 16c. Retail price 18o. per pound. T. G. HODGKINg, Maaufacturer, 148 Greenwich street, spM Is between Oonrtlandt and Liberty st. Jrx TO LET-Rooms aad a speoiuws Gallery ra M building NO.S6T IlalL Enquire of Broadway, opposite ua cny mtai isst NUNNS m CLARK. BOOTH FOSTER, LATE J. C. BOOTH & CO., rASmOKADLLS Clothing and Oulflttlne Establishment, Jio. 27 Courtlandt Street, (A few rrooES hsijiw trb Wrmtii Hotel.) rtlHJQ 8UBSCRIERS, lit ANNOUNCING TO X tbs publlo ths recent change in their Sim have tbe satisfaction of stating that their new aRugexoaata foe conducting the OliOTBIlO BUSIfJjEBa Both far extent aad variety, and tk EXTREMELY LOW PRICES At which they are enabled to sell, ar UNEQUALLED BY ANY IN THE CITY. On of tbe Members nf ths Firm being one of tbe Pioneers In tho CLOTHING BUSINESS, devotes all his time to PURCHASING GOODS For the Establirhment, which his long experience, ao. knowledged skill, and ths abundant capital of ths house, sua bias him to do with the most PRE-EMINENT SUCCESS. Their Stock, being manufactured ander their own ee-pervlslon, and with a view to neatness, elegance, Bad nttU lty, and amounting to over 50,000 IN VALUE, Comprises aa sawortment now unequalled ; and they DEFY ALL COMPETITION.. Another of the firm superintends, in nurse n, the Maats- facturing Departments, which Is dally repleakshed by everything new and desirable, and com prises a COMPLETE ASSORTMENT Of all that ia requisite for GENTLEMEN'S OV.T FIT; Such as eanuot faQ to salt the . MOST REFINED TASTE.' Or meet the Approbation of th Beat ' FASTIDIOUS. ' THE MANUFACTURED DEPARTMENT I replete with every deserlptlon of OVERCOATS, CLOAKrt, DRESS aad FBOCK. BU8INESS aad TRAVELLING, SACK and ALBERT COATS. PANTALOONS of all ths various styles and patteras. . VESTS of the latest aad richest pettcra, DRESSING GOWNS, ae. THE FANCY DEPARTMENT Embraces everything new or desirable In th line of Fnr-nishing Articles, and consists of every dsacrlptlea of SHIRTS, DRAWERS, BOSOMS, COLLARS, CRAVATS, SCARFS, STOCKS, OLOVES, HANDKF.B-CH1EF8, HOSIERY, FANCY SUSPENDERS, MONEY BELTS, SHOULDER BRACES, fc. PAITICtTLAA ATTBirriOB 18 PAIa) TO , . THE CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. -' Aad their eztoaetve errangeatente aaehle theaa to , Exeewte Oitlers at taa Bhartaet NtM. THE WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT Is at all Urns supplied with tbe fullest aseovtaseett j aad the exteat of their srsturafai taring xeaUitlea TrV SUPPLY COUNTRY MERCHANTS At Prises below that of aay EstoUsSbaaeat la the City. To verify tho above statement, they swk raaldeuts aad strangers, when in their neighbOTbood. to cell aad EXAMINE FOR THEMSELVES, Where they will neerrathe Bsoat Peiita Attoattoa i tho Proprietors relylnc oa their UN RIVALLED FACILITIES. ano ra eeoB xobombwt or vmbib crsTesfxu TO ENSURE A SALE. FVLtTsVITa Fnrntahed to order at a Few Hoars' Notioe, and sent .TO ANY PART OF THE UNITED ST.1TES. BOOTH nMVWtM. Tf. R. Ooen from e'eioek A. M. te 1" P. AL tefTMWfcS DfcC . TO DEAAVERR AJI wVATCAAsCS. A HAS OTHERS. The Sabserlber has iaet ee.'vw4 several larva invoices ef low price Gosd ead Aitver Levers, i overs, aacbor ssoaoevaeat aad Lenta Wateaes, wMek be Is seillet both at waolseal. aed retail at rmry tew pet, ees. HenaaaameahaadatelltjaMsaaei "JJ- sow, T. F. tooner. M. t. Tobies, amley. HerrAsrm, Tay , or. Robt. RoskelL aad all other eeiearaxea maaers. Gold enard. fob and Teat Chatlalne shales, forsadlss. Para smld wesMlng rlaa. Oold rrd kskeyssass Gad ead ottver JT I sBvsr thaatb'. . Chares, for wss , Gold aad sUver a. h Elvers Odd Wasehesas sow as ww aa WaAeaes aad Jewwlrw eisheaged, taatedtoheep gesiawsae.serMieij Watsbse.Cloess, aad Jewelry t GEO. C. ALLEN, Imaartor ef Watches and Jeerelry, mylss wArsseali aax! Wall at-, we saeiae. - P1AXU JrOtiTKA, ktm. fcAJ BW frvrnSi srecee abont sarehasiag Pause t watt lad tt to taetr advaateg to ees) t BA1NNET fc CO.. sVAaaaSaelm AAA Faltoe atreet, (tat side of Broadway;) Ahey havwasaswa assortment af Rosewood Plane snasleallf ea head tvary lastrameat warraated foe tweyeere. IA bava the a sates af store than oao tbeasaad per see they wifi refer to, who have aarvJaaeed rtaaesaf tAea,aU ef which have ghrea aaltes.svl assstaevs, bat Aws mar aostnss are tr pi sass ea as es to taegaauxy, aa ptxyaseas may be wltbaald oatfl asash tWabta ara resaeesd Old Flanog aauaaag. Ktaj aad Aeaaad Anmd naJAat8sk AW .. - .f! ii' III. S- ,f . 1 B X V7 1 I J 'f ...

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