The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE CODRIER KEWS CO, PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H W. HAINES, Advertising Manager . Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc, Now York, Chicago, Detroit, BU Louis, Dallas, Kansas City,Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entsied as second class matter at tile post office at BlythcvlHe, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Sened by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES ' x By canter in the City of Blythevlllc, 16c per week, or 65c per month. By mail, within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per ycir, $150 for six liiontlis, 78o for three months; by mall In postal zones two lo six, Inclusive, $050 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, pavable in advance. Moving Along' The robust health of flic recovery •movement is illustrated by 11 business review published in the Mnrch . issue of Banking, the official journal of the ^moricnn Bankers' Association. ,Biisiness, this review points out, scorns to be indifferent to trouble these days. A paralyzing shipping strike on the west coast is scarcely noticed in the general business picture; ;i great automobile strike merely slows up the tempo of improvement; disastrous flood losses seem to have liad little effect; the prospect of strikes in the steel and coal trades do not seem to bo causing any pessimism-among business leaders. Indeed, the review points out that the principal effect on business of the shipping and motors strikes was that news of their settlement gave a'fur- ther boost to activity and lo the prices of common stocks. A recovery movement that moves along" in that style must- be healthy iislced! All in Fun Another of those satirical shows in which prominent public officials come in for some hearty lampooning was held in New York the other day. While outstanding politicians and other guests laughed or ; blushed, depending on whether or not they \\We being caricatured at the moment, actors depicted such scenes as "Sandow" Roosevelt lifting'the Supreme Court, and "Kansas Giant" Lamlon singing a parodied "Oh, Susanna"— " t . . . f 0 f I'm headjng back to Kansas, etc." To some people, such travesties may seem to be slams at the dignity of public- men. And yet non-partisan 1 shenanigans of this kind might be very useful in reducing swollen heads, mellowing ~any bitterness engendered bv political differences, and maintaining between political f ocs u, e S pi r j t of friendliness and understanding typical of American sportsmanship. It is hard, incidentally, to imagine leading f^zis or Fascists attending shows at which they, were kidded; and yet it might be a very good thing for their followers if they did. The tenet people there are to be elected in any election, the more efficient will be the popufar control o[ po-Aer. -Newton D Baker NEWS Selling an Example "Politicians are the biggest evil in the world toflay, as they engage in their work only as a means of livelihood, hot for public service." Mayor F. C. Smith of Marion, 0., who delivered that rather drastic in- diclmehtj seems to have gone lo just the other extreme. Sacrificing his own (Hilary for civic and charity projects, Dr. Smith, a prominent physician, has turned an $89,000 municipal deficit into a $6,000 surplus within a year of his election. That the member of another profession* ciih perform a political'task more efficiently than a ruii-of-inine politician is something the latter might do well to ponder. ReappoVtionmenl At (lie gcftcrnl election Inst year the citizens of Arkansas adopted a constitutional amendment mnkliig mandatory rca.pporllonmcnt of legislative .representation in order to provide on equitable distribution of the scats in the senate and hoiise in accordance to (he population of the various counties. The ;ailiei>dmcnt provides the method that shall bb followed in making the" new alignment ot senatorial districts and the allotment lo counties' of large population of (lie number of members ofrtho house In excess of the 15 needed to 6lvc?cnch county one member. The amendment also provides that senators elected at the next general election shall nil be on an equal basis as regards two mid four year terms. It being stipulated that the membership should be divided Into two classes by lot, 18 to serve two years and 17 to serve four years, nnd that thereafter all shall be elected to four year terms until tiie next succeeding rcappbrtlonrhenl. The constitutional amendment En y s nothing about any senators now holding office automatically holding over, a proposal which the senate now,Is trying l.a" have incorporated in a separate'.bill. The. Idea of present members of the senate automatically declaring themselves the nominees of the .Democratic party nt the next primary Is Imrdly likely to be acceptable to the voters of Arkansas. , Meanwhile, the board ot apportionment com posed of the governor, the secretary of state and the attorney general has only 28 days in which to comply with the amendment by making the renpnorltonmenl «hlcli the constitution now reqiiiics —PI Doiatio tally News, Tiie Legislatuic's Record Bj one hnnd the legislature has placed n ln\ on the essentials of life, bicad milk and medicine b 3 one hand It ) lns placed a tax on Ihe pool man and pnupei to feed the pool man am) pniipcr. «l,llc the othci hand has spent nt least R million dollars lo maintain new functions of gtn eminent not esscnllnl to the welfare of the state, bill apparently to ciealc new Jobs for political uofkers This is true and there is no way mound « It is the record of the present legislature While (lie legislature was ralsm- new lixcs adding new | a \es, creating n m functions of government n<™ Jobs at Inndsome saline, it, •»as at the snme time threatening and liunwhio- those vv,r, ^iu be called upon to pnj these neu taxes md suppoit these ncu political jobb —Pine Bluff Commcrctnl. Although President Hoover could hav c obtained-hundreds of millions from Congress for en- - forcement, he permitted Andrew Mellon to put enforcement in the background. -Bishop James Cannon Jr., charging Hoover with permitting repeal of the 18th amendment. ^ OUT OUR WAY THEV'LL DO SOMETHlU'/' ABOUT 1T^- TM' FEDERA.L KAEM- CUZ MAK-W I^ONEV, EVEN WlTH VVA.TEI2. \ COLORS, IS REAL \ COUNTERFITTIM' \ WELL, ONLV OOlN 1 OUR. pury AS GOOD CITIZENS,BV TAWN' THESE TO TH' FEDERAL i BUlLDlNS By Williams X KINDER. HATE ,TO 6O TO TH' G-MEN AGAINST AN OLD FRlEMP, BUT HONEST PEOPLE HAVE TO HELP R6H.T CRIME. V SIDE GLANCES By George Clark I'iUDAV, MARCH 12, "I warned him (hat I had a pretty good left when 1 wa I kill,-.bill he didn't pjiv'iinv attention." THIS.CW&US WORLD I™ William THEIR CRY IS A LOW, PLAINTIVE WAIL./ 'VYA? TRIBE^, PRC ARE BELJEVEO TO DEFE1-JD OiM THF J SBCURJNG OP A HUMAi^J HEAD FROM A NBSHBOR1NG TRIBE. *' AFTER. T>IE HARVEST jv ^»-> •- CEREMONIES, THE SKULL IS W&''&i (Kite - PLACED IN A POST IN THE 1 SUNS , "SKUU. GROVE." *^AT . ^^^ MUST UUTIMATCLY BUR^ OUT, BUT x 'Vl ,/V^^ ,' ' PLANT UFE SHOWS THAT VERY UTTLE V W { '/// ^ CHANGE HAS TAKEN PLACE IN '-^- S /' \ ^ ' SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS. ^~~~L^ I "^ «. No one knows how old the sun Is, but it m ,,sl !mc had „ „ Ulnl nna, litavise. by every sclenlinc theory, tt ».ut come to an elid bu here , no evidence that it wi!1 ^ be e ood lor many tho, 1S ands of'^: NEXT:; is ll.c oltlcsl surviving type of lizanl? Erysipelas, Rarely Fatal, Usually Clears Ur> In Aboui EidifDava (NX). 153) iiy DR. aioitnrs i'isi!ni;i\ Krtitcr, journal of llic Ammriin rtledical Assormlinn, nnd O f Hygcla,illic'HcaUh SiAsaniip Erysl'psJHS begin.? as an insularly rdinid or ovnl palch on almost niiy pnrt. of the skin, or.c kin< is callsd the bntlcrny typo. 'oc;:ui.v it nppeafs on.ench side of Uie dec the pilch being connected by ;i red streak over the bridge ot the i«,« Erysipelas are dnrh red in color, slightly swollen, hnt. rin: kndcr. Once the condition begins, il may spread rather rapidly on Hie skin, covering another inch or two every day. until considerable sections of the skin are involved. ., At the same time there may be fever "and chill, and all the symptoms usually associsted «il'h a general Infection ol Ihe body— headach;, loss of nppctltc, vorriit- ing, and'Eomelimes delirium. Ordinarily, erysipelas u-ill cl;\ir up in about eight days, but in ie- vero cases, may take 15. Erysipelas of the face may spread over the entire dice, including the eyelids, ami may even swell'the eyes slim. When erysipelas affects the car. this organ will become exceedingly thick » * » It is ail InUrcsttng fad Hut erysipelas frequently stops \vlicn 'il reaches the hairline or, in fact, any natural boundary such as the uixpc of the neck Or the edges ivlicrp Ih- skin is light over the bones An infection of this kind usually lIliCIN iiiiiii; TOn.VV XAl'IIXM IIHETT, flit, nil In K Joun^.Apiv York tldvrriJtl'iK <-^- Ji-iill; e. Is In | OV i! .,11!, I.AItllV SlII'J'll, ,,,,.l,|i,. tc . p r ,,,!,„,. !,;,» Ulio jouniftT .fl«u-r, JIJ.V.VII-'KII, J^nnlftr rcxt'ntv l):ii»hiie's( n*- tcn>p<» to ynlile \ lvr career. I>'Ir*t l-ltf .lain 'i'UCKIJIt A1.VS1.KV. wcnlih)- lihijliu)-, In lUlliun'c o( Dniilinr. \cs t Ally iniilces 11 play Ttir \,urr)>* ciirrclioiiM. Kvc/i(u»Uj- Ihr AlnlrJK rt>:u>li n hTi«)\ii]nu;i, lull II 1« clcnr Iliiit .IinnlfiT Is UtliT- lalnca «, Icaj i, cr „„„ nfe. Alrniitihll^ T.nrry i>rn[fcnscs Innr- . rtrtKt- lo hupljar, Ijlll »lie Il-IlN Mm Hie mu>< ,,ot|. iu- r r ,.:is l)n Is Hull • ho fvel* ?UT llr*l Jill)- I* lo Jl'll- **tfcr:' ro t~rl her Inunrlird on II «nr»-^r. l.nrr;, iillliuul knowing Ihlfc, ajrrrrB lo unll. '(-liril Jcn- lilfcr luMi 1 * hrr Jot,, .lull lli<^ uf\t nlsht. ivhnc- nt n ulpbl rluli ivltli Uji|)l,,,e \tnru* '1'iifli Ims olilnlucil :i Uccn&i- lu miirry Jfii- nifcrj l^raiilic. Druilinc IfiivcH "•Illi l,arry lo s<0|i IUc nitirrliiec. KO»V GO Ofi WITH 'MIK STOHY CHAI'TElt XV T^trKlR taxi slid around a corner on two wheels. Daphne, sitting forward on the seat as though to urge it on to greater speed, fell back in a heap. •''Darling, keep your head. We'll stop it," Larry promised. -"Oh, but. if he isn't at his apartment, Larry!" "We'll meet that when we come to it. We do know teat Jennifer is at the theater with the Bakers. And it is only 11 no\v. Isn't it liliely that she would come from the theater to meet him 'at his apartment or at your own? I thought the fashionable hour to elope was midnight." • "But if he isn't here?" He was. Tuck answered the doorbell ring himself. "Hello, Tuck. Surprised to see rnc?" Daphne, outwardly cool, smiling and beautiful in her wintry evening clothes, greeled him. ' "Rather," lie said, "and honored, of course. Won't you come in?" "Certainly," she said, and moved leisurely into the living roohi. There was an open suitcase on (he lounge. "Going some place?" She sat clown and reached for the cigaret box. ' "Yes," he'said, "I was . . . er "Going lo he married," she said, "I know. I know all about it." She kept her tone light and pleasant but she couldn't light the cigaret because her hand shook; ' t '* * I J-JE lighted it far her' arid she blew smoke toward the ceiling. Still following its course with her eyes, she said, "Tuck, you let me down. You know I always admired you tremendously because you always played so fair." Ho didn't say anything. He poured himself a high ball and made much of getting exactly, the riglvt amount of soda. "Have one?" "No, thank you," she answered and thought: I must be careful to say the right thing. "We all slip on those things sometimes," she pursued, ''but there is something else. I used to be a little sorry that I wasn't (he right complement for you." "What di^you mean?" he asked and put down his glass, "Oh, Tuck, you're so . . -. such a worldly person, so balanced, so . . . oh, you've the cosmopolitan manner." Words, she thought. "You're the kind of a man I Ihoiight should marry a girl who would be glamorous. A woman of the world. A woman who was always assured and, well, grownup. • "You might make a good husband for Jennifer at that. She's frightfully extravagaiit, loves expensive clolhes and servants just ;is much as you do." Daphne knew that sacrifice was not in Tuck's line. He loved his fine clothes, his expensive little apartment and Daphne knew that it took all his income to keep them up. She watched the dubious frown gather on his forehead. "She'll be true to you, Tuck.' She's that kind because she is jealous. She knows what she wanls and what she wants, she i'ets! But once she has got it, it jelongs to her. I admire her possessiveness and her go-gettedness, too." Tuck drew in his breath. Daphne half-expected him 16 whistle. Instead he took a long ; swallow. "As'a matter of fact I wouldn't : a bit surprised if this eloping idea was entirely Jennifer's." "It was," ho said unexpectedly and Daphne hated him for it. 'TUCK got up and picked up the suitcase, lie took it into-the bedroom. Daphne gave herself the luxury of a great sigh of relief and stifled her smile of triumph as he came back. "Larry Smith is downstairs. Hurry up and gel into your dinner jacket. and we'll ha'i'e a^party. We'll _go on with you wherever, you are picking 'Jennifer.up Is it a go?" " K Daphne didn't think that Tuck could look sheepish. He did now. "Look," he said, "You do un- derstand, don't you? Jen is a lovely little thine nij'.l we . . . well, il seemed like a &mA idea." "Of course it was," she said sloutly, "But I'm •sure that you weren't gelling the right break. You'd prefer that we announce Ihe engagement, wouldn't you?" Ho caught his under lip and. avoided her eyes. "You've given me something to think about. I mean thai age angle. You're always right, Daphne. Jennifer is only 18 and I'm 30. Let's talk it over some other time." "All right," she said cheerfully You talk it over with Jennifer Now, hurry." t t t iULE she wailed and powdered her no?c, she thought: Daphne, for a quiet, conservative \ girl you do rather manage to packj >.' the exciting things into your life Well, a little moro lipstick might help me to meet the fireworks Because, my girl, there will be fireworks when sister gets this news. 'Where is she?" she asked Tuck. Tuck, arranging a dark red carnation in liis lapel, wore the expression of a man who has been snatched from the edge of a burning pit. "She's v/it'h the Bakers. They were going to El Matador. I'm picking her up there." - : "Splendid. Larry and I had planned to go there." "Darling, we'll be able to go to El Matador; after all," she said to Larry and gave him a warning squeeze, of the wrist for silence, when they were three in the taxi. Jennifer saw them before they saw her. She was seated at a table hidden by palms while they stood at the plush rope. And she i knew as. surely as though it had aeon told her, that somehow j Daphne had learned about her j plans and had spoiled them. For the, next two hours while j they danced at El Matador and • later at the Hi Jinks Club .where ;hey; went to hear the songs of ih'6 latest French dtsseuse, Jennl- Eer was gay. And so was Daphne. But when Daphne spoke to Jenni- j 'er, Jennifer did not answer. At last, they were alone in their V aparlmerit. ' ' .r Jennifer undressed-silently, Dathcd and got intq:fcec/i.ed. Before, she turned ofT.-.theJtgrit, she said, "Daphne,-I-.warnedixou that it I ever fell in lo.yo/and-you interfered, you'd be sorry. You ( will be!" ! fTo Bo Continued) lrcll:v| by treatment of the condition from which the erysipelas arises. Chronic sinus infection, ringworm of Hie feet, and cor.slsril irritation of the skin by rough clothing or similar material miiy be the beginning of inflammation in such repeated casts. A grat many experiments have been carried 31 it [ 0 define the cx- acl form at the streptococcus re- sp&nsibte [or erysipelas, and there seems la b= a well-established belief that n special form of streptococcus, (iillering from that which usually causes scailst fever, is r->- sponsible for this condition. Pheasant Fascinated By Red Motor Track LmtETON. Mass. (UP) - A beautiful ccc): pheasant has a strange fascination for a bin red nil Iruck thnt passes a certain section of «-ocd.-> here every day. Vcrnon Wood says the pheasant •omc-s oiil of the ivood.s and rush trsidc the truck's front wheel, jumping and spurring at it as it moves. After Ihe truck has gone about an eighth of a mile, the bird returns to the woods. 1 It seems that Pete, the "name EivEh the bird "by Wood, ''likes only this truck because it doesn't tether with nny of the other trucks U the same color and size that i':;e the- same road. in nutritive and other qualities. University authorities believe that thye next few years will witness the disappearance of the white popcorn from : the market. Announcements Yellow Pdpcdrn Likely To Replace White Type BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)-As the result of exparinicnh b£in» car- lied en t>y the University of California, it seems likely (hat popcorn will no longer be used in tiie future to represEnt snow in (he decoration of Christmas trees The reason is that the Jutiire pupcorn will be yellow instead of white. . The university exp;rimonts 'have inmonstrp.tcd lhat the yellow popcorn is vcstly superior io the white OUR BOARDING HOUSE The Courier News Been au cftorized to announce Hie follow| Ing candidates for Blytheville mu- 1 nicipal offices, to be elected on Apii! 6: For Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. W. HOLLIPETEH ' G. H. GREAR For Alderman, First \Vard J. L. GUARD (full term) E. P. FRY (short term) .JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Ward FLOirD A. WHITE" JOHN C. McHANEY, JR. For. Alderman'/Third Ward DAMON McLEOD ESTEB LUNSFORD W. L. HORNER Major Hoople s accompanied by much fever, and ko an emphatic increase in liu lumber of white bloo;l cells, which .re concerned with the attack on ;hc infection. When the sk-in Sifcction stops. he fever begins to drop. If the kin has tern swollen enough to ,e damaged by the liiflammiUion, t may prel aficr t)>e disease pisses. fn some cns:s. howcrer, :ryslp:lns nay repeatedly attack the same trcas oi skin anil may cause a I Mrmnncnt thickening which, like my typ: of .sc.irrins;, is unsightly. The most sjrious complication of rysip^tas. cf course, is secondary nfeclicn with otner germs, par- j .fciilarlyof the type associate! with I ibsccsses. n abscesses develop, it' lay bscom; necessary to apply new methods of treatment to control .he formation of mis and to get r!.1 of the infections "material. In erysipelas cases, a secondary nlection uith pneumonia, a sever; itecsES, or a secondary infection of henrt or joints may be much .norc s;rlou? ihan Die original clis? -'asc Itself. * « » Erysipelas seldom proves J.ilal. Jeverthelcss. in very young babies, uid in very old and in sickly peo- I ?lc, it may be Mirtkiently. serious I 'a cause death, in general, howcv- =r, tile death rate for crysip:l,is Is .ow—about three deaths a y=ar for •very 100,000 people In a community. When erysipelas appeals rcp!3t- edly In the same individual, the new attacks frequently may b2 con- COULD TMROW A "EASS PRUVV RIGHT THROUGH YOUR FAR-5 A'klP MOT HIT ATHIWO YOU KWOVV ABOUT YACMT OM MOP.E YACHTS THAU YOU HAVE PATROL WAGOMS, AMD I SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY 1 M1LLIOMAIP,E YACI-1TSMEM CALL ME ;POR COMSULTATIONl. A"5 AhJ EXPERT OM BCAT \<~> IT THAT NUTTY LOOKING Lir? YOU'RE WHAT MAKES HEAD -RATTLE? "TOM — THIS A BULL- FEDORA WHEW I COMVERSATIOM Wt-TL -t'^f'J OWE UP 'POP;

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