The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1932
Page 4
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TjfTllEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SPECIAL AT STOKES DON'T DELAY, Ihp lime to buy n farm or libuiy in town when prices nve low, ilns may no ' last, we all liorx: not. house or nnartnienl. Classified Advertising Kales Minimum Charge We Count 5 Average Words to aUoe Month rate p« Une, per mouth 60c Six times, per line per day . 05c 'flircc times per line per . oay , 06C Oi'C time i>i;r line luc Ml Ads run irregularly take .He one time rate. S-P-E-C-I-A-L CLARION RADIOS 10-Tube Twin Siwakcrs $57.35 ALSO ATWATER KENT PAHlilllJUST COMPANY Exclusive Agents 22c-M--i- 1'LUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work clone before '.cold weather. A. G. Aiken, Call 894W. 16c-m-ltj MOVING, TRUCKING overhaul your clec- Htiiuer tiuctric service, Vo on- itut, ri.ui. Oo. I'nune «0. ast-jt H-JO'_ ,.11 WHAT WE HAUL ANYTHING ANY PLACE ANY TIMS KALE'S TRANSFER COMPANY PHONE CilG 23p-k 12-23 INSURANCE UPHOLSTERING and rofinis.'ilriL luiuilure. 11. B, Oakes, U5 W. Main feu PLAN HAVE YOU FOR the education of the boy or gtriv Let us csiilain the features of . •— i cur new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCA- EXPERT Typewriter and adding TIONAL ENDOWMENT", matures machine repairing. U. S. Biank- ----•••• EDsnii), 116 E. Rose. Phone 105-W. ic-t 12-1 ARTISTIC SHO-CAHDS (.Small Signs Sale Banners ) HARVEY McCALL 305 E. MAIN \ 2p-il2-2 MONEY TO LOAN prujieriy ai low prices sou us lor prices and lenns. W. M. UURNB COMPANY, INC. Hc-k lt-g AUTOMOTIVE CASHING 75? - - GREASING 15e DAY & NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 555 2-iP-K 11-25 AUTOMOBILE Glass, new n ,id uFccl fiuto pans. Jackson Auto Parts Co. Phone CO. , 'jc-k rj-j GET READY FOR COLD WEATHER. Auto curtnlns and tops repaired. II. II. Wrljut, & Son. PJione 888. IGp-kli) • KATTERIES WILLARD BATTERIES ~~ "Quick starts and i:inny of them" HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY Oo PHONE «0 22c-kl2-22 as tasli al the are your clilld is ready for college? JEFFERSON 1 NEW FORD BATTERIES. Rental STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE! batteries, recharging and rep.iir- COMPANY. . l ln B- 17 7 Tire & Battery Station. W. M. BURNS, .AGENT. I 17c-k 12-17) WANTED TO BUY" COIIN WANTED-Marllyn Hatchery, Blytr.cville. Slo-klf .WANTED—Turkeys, OCMO, Hens nnd Ducks. P1GGLY WIGGLY OR KliOGKK STORE, llc-kU USED Slams unrt Ranges. K. J. Uadsoa Furniture. 4e-ki2-l GOOD RANGE OR COAL hunting stove. Phone 002. t8x-ktf SALESMEN WANTED MAM WANTED for Rnwlelgh route of 600 .consumers In olflps cf I.enohville, Osceoh, Jonesboro and Trimumh. Rcilnbia iuisllcr can Etnrl ca:i)l)5(r $35 iveckly and In crease (.'very month. Write Immedi ANNOUNCEMENTS ,..,,. PAY TAXES NOW SMALL SUMS lloANED ON GOOD j PAVING , ANn SEWFR , T . YPC , AUTOMOBILES I , vlnlj ' ANU btWER 1 TAXES POT? lOTJ 4T3T^ Ml~\Hf TMTTT* fl iit-. AUTOMOBILES WARD INVESTMENT COMPANY. GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wreck- i <?r Service. l Oben all night. DAY j 4; -NIGHT GARAGE. "Phone 555. 3P-K 12-3 FOIl 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE 'AJ MY .#£ PLEASE PAY " SER 31 AND AVOID G. (J. CAUDILL Collector DcSOTO .SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Hopairitix ROY iiAKER JOB WILLIAMS j:' . PHONE 088 ' 4p-kl'M __nEAUTY I'ARLORS povynER "PUFF"" BEAUTY . LOUNGE — PHONE :180 GUARANTEED PERMANENTS SHAMPOO AND SET - - - - 50c 25p-kl2-22 Office across from Noble Hotel. COAL AND WOOD ' SCALP TREATMENTS ' ;>'• OUR SPECIALTY MeADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 288 28C-K 11-28 HOMECRAFT• PIi|3E demonstraticn 'on latest seiv- 'tij^ art. SIKGERCRAET rugs lo;: : nnd gifts. SINGER "SEWIKG MACHINE CO. 24p-fc 11-2-1 t'HONK 477 E. P. l r RY VVONUEH CITY COAL CO.'.-FOK .-ion, SIP3EY, OLD'"BEN & KEN- i uUKY-COALS. . ''lup-k KITCHEN B'V 818TKR MARY NEA Service Writer Ssimm«.'s n new rccljra Is Ihc in."|:iM»cn for u delightful nicul, 10 tcdny I'm trying lo hMp you by tlvln^ yun thrje recipes that UK materials usually nt hand In nn unusual way. ll.iked Onions and Potatoes , llils Is u gooil luncheon or sup- ceikc. and ' fulfil- with '".wcodeii jliinil '"""'"'' " jiun' con is crisp and llio i»tat<)" V «kea brown on ton, iousl, , , LUNCHEON ~ imlad,. ythole Oiw cup s»ltod jwanuts, 1 cup canned pegs, 1 cup diced celery, , , 1-2 cup diced Ainei'hmn cheese KiiMltn drcwlng, ilireiided" "taTf Wtuco. Ijrclher DINNER — . —,_ „,—, rolls, .Jonathan, - milk,' te«. of ribblt, —* * »»v*^u» uj imvuii. fleiimed pol»toe»,' kilt -m lenwn chMipfMi ^'ttuf'^ftiii: "ft M ' •I" cemblne nuU, ,«„, colery ,,ntl •£ u£* J£ r^a^^ *™? •UMldfii^S cheese with enough dressing to'Zg milk colta^' P ^M^froo ..dof.ppuid^ir.ji A^Vr-T^:. i.-rcrr~rr- ^J^^cont. u*,ier, Wuley ~—- - •*'• ' AUBURN, Jfet; (UFJi^.;^ EtaUsl champion- 'cot»^i«r^»ii hmioht !£„,„ t ^ ppuai-'tf^hta W**ty Hitticf, : 'tx^'- By Ahern • •• • ' i: i CLEANERS. TAILORS TO BE WELL DRESSED YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT ; HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 HATS CLEANED nnd .re-sliapcd. 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53l Iic-kl2-12 RADJ.O SERVICE EXPERT RADIO service. TUBE testing FREE. Phons 57, WAKEFIELD, Parkhurst Co. . 16c-kl2-18 RADIOS REPAIRED. Work Guaranteed, estimates free. R.. L. Deciman, Walnoie Electric Slio;>. Plione 3K. I4p-k 12-14 ELECTRfCAL DUST-PROOF DAGS, Brushes ana Rubber Covered Cord tor your electric swecpur. Hcflner Electric Service, ',' c Oillcn Fiirn. Co., Call C30. 14c-k 12-H NEW LOW PRICES on lamps. Irons, heater;, etc. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. Plione 314. 15c-h 12-15 TAXI ~ I 1N T A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PFIONE 219 __ -RESTAUKANTS OEO. WniGHT'S \V;ill S'.rcct •Lunch. Greyhound B;:s S'.aiion. Phcne lip. Sip-;: it-31 BKETI.E" CAFK HEE-.T EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY ,v K1OKI' COAL - WOOD - COHN COLLINS COAL COMPANY a. KY. & Chic. PHONE 4'i bl'-K. 12-1, PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our coal is black but we ttcat you white." ^ KINDLING and VIAV11Ii nnd' cooking. We deliver, w. M. le ; 980 or Gateway Xiantham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R, -R .St. Phone 964 "OAL at low prices. Phone 4H. Prompt. Delivery. BLYTHEV1LLE CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 8C-K tt-l FISHER "& HOLDER COAL CO SEE US BEFORE YOU. BUY R. R. & ASH -:- PHONE G9 22n-ki2-2? IWOM & BOAKI) ^C WEEKLY. t' tJ rooms. Frog Also Ilcusri:en>iu t Pond CaJe. HUM", tOOM & BOARD— Close ill. 10D W Ash. Mrs. E. Gny. 2p-kl2-i 1ICU MEALS. 25 cents. Phone 607 Dlfi West Ash Street. 5c-k 12-! «KS. T. K. WATSfJI^T-M'week- ly. 112 E. Cherry. Phono S02. 'Ho-k 12-!- i''OU AUTO GLASS WOVK.V W.'HP f'FN'Cf.VG V11E AHK.MO LUMBER YARDS FARM LANDS 7 OR SALE—53 acres In citltivnUcp 3 l.-mtscs, big barn, In G ui:',v< >f Hiytlieville. 1 mile of gooa •r!;oti!. 525.00 per acre, terms ?hone 887 or 858. W. T. Uarueit. _ •. CC-K-Tl' FOR SALE-20. 40. 80^Acr '•I- mile paved ilrcet; of Bluhc- viile. en csjy payments. Othe "aims further out for S20 to S5f :cr acre. Wi!I build hoi:s> Tor you 3. \V. BADER, Dlylhcville. 1 W K R T in: JIAKI-:S 'I:.M SEE Office Over JOL> Isaac's Stove Night Ford Service KXPERT FOlil) KL'PAIIIS WUECKEU StHVICL PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'honc 810-71J Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Dodson K. Malu 155 ACTON Lowest in Ash Highest in Heat of any of Iht Red Ash COAL Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER GO. NOW W' THIN6 POR US "TO T><BUREOUT /t V\MOR,| S TO VREtXE GtNSER ALE- INTO ICE CUBES ,OR TAKE •SELTZER. WATE/FLAVORED i THOUGHT Vou cf iniKcri Krcoiis lind a hourly which cnn be baked ul tho tiiIK: time the main dish Is : bak- Ing. four lnrgc white onions, 4 liutHtce, 1 ;, 1-2 tensiiaon white ', 1 tunsjieiDii unit, 1 t'ip milk, 2 cges, 4 liiblcspaons-mcUvd butter or bacon Int. Peel onions mill pure Co:k toKuther .In liolllng wntcr until iKth are sod. Cut onions w slices In orrior dial nir./ cook In the same length of time ns Hie polutoes. Lcl water ccok away as much as possible. Drain «nd niiisli vejeltibles. -Add salt nnd pcppor, milk and • L'BHS well buileii. Bent tlioroiighly,' iiiid turn ln|o n buttered baking dish. Pcur melted ful or butler over top and bake thirty minutes in a rno;lcratc oven. I'ciaio Cskcs, Bsked This Is uu -excrllenl-. way lu' use lefl-cuT mashed r.otntuca. cni« ' miishcil jiotalo, U 'tn- ately. nnrlolgn Co., Ucirt. A-K-4-S T>0 YOU THINK?—MWBE IT WILL BE BXPEN&IVE NEAR BIG LAKE on= wlil(2 and yolbv; sp3tte:l tcma'.j Walker hound. Llceusj No. ltls-1. $5 rcwiv:l. <J, M. linck, Blytlicvilb. having llv'tsiqck to syii ur u they" desire to buy ttn;y will riutt 11 convenient unu onikai to use Courier News Wuni- Aus. $20 REWARD for return or In formotion lending to return ol r.tolcn from my homes niflit of Nov. 3. E. M. McCnll. OC-K -rj-9 • '-^-STORE building, 611 :-Fr»nklln. 48 Phone 450J; 4ekTf Hunter Kills Rare Snow- Goose TWO UNFURNISHED Apartments. REDUCED Rents. Phone 383 or 54. 15e ' K-tl MONTROSE, Colo. (Ul 1 )— Imn ginc Hie swrprUc of Albert "Truss FOB KENT— Furnished Apartment, he raised his shotgun to his , lilc siioons miucsd cooked meiit,- > 108 West Kentucky. Phone 603. shoulder, blazed fumy, and a Ross tnblespcon minced parsley, 2 ct'gs, 4 tiilii slices bncon, broad crnmus. Etal eggs until llijiu inul iidd mcut mid iiirile to potato. sno\v-goose fell al his feet. The snow-Bocsc is n rare bird In Colorado and Truss riltl ml know NICELY furnished 800 Clark street. house. Cheap, 22p-k28 t-p ufev HIT A [what lie had bagged until he took [ED—5 rcoii!5-and bath. It to .i naturalist who Wen lifted it, Mix llglitly nnd ndd cnougli Iliiu ' FURNISHED and servant house. Gocd dried breud ' crumbs to make II Is tlie smallest member of the mixture slitl enougli to slinpo Into •13'06 |'goosc family-and Its habitat Is tho -Ave. Phone 83 or 2BO. lOcktf , slice of bacon around ench BOOTS ANT) HER »UPlRS 01 IT TO'IJJNCH! f OMBLE 'Tften c-ftWe-TUe. e^ULTo;T«e " PASS, iRTe. ftROUMO LEFT* ; PRISCW WftLL ; op.oef2.e6 : HIM IS) KICK OVER BIROS AND 6UARDS FORCED 3 DOOIMS/ , THE CHORDS "fa pv»n", \10SP\TAUTV OF THE Q eoPue cowt TO THE IkVlD BOM TO "THEM Srty. 'Buje ; FOODS, FINEST OF Q 191? RY HU-MBY<t. I'iC. COME on IN,OSCAR... MST TAKIN' IT EASY SINCE THE FOOTBALL 6AME AM' CHJB TURKEV OlMMEG SUPPOSE IS ALL SOME BV V.'SEE >We; HAVE .'/.OTHER Ho\W TO IT SO A LoMt5 WAY... SWES GOOD AT THAT STUFF i I OVERtJEARO WHAT YOU VJERE TALklNS ABOUT, OSCAR... V&W4. IS ECOWCWICAL, wiy, SHE HAD OfJLY ..'HER THIRT/- SEVENTH BIRTHDAV . CAkJE-UAST \WEEK jr HAVE TURkEY faa DAVS AT LEAST .'.' TODAY....TURXEY '(TRDQUETTES HASH THE WEXT DAY AM' THEM Up HAVIW SOUP.''

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