The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1954
Page 8
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BLYTHE'v iLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBER », 1951 Jury Indicts Six Persons on Sedition Charge Group Probes Allege dCommunist Plot in Bombing LOUISVILLE. Ky. \fr— A grand jury probe of an alleged Communist plot in the dynamitinp of a Negro's home in a white noitihbor- hood produced indictments last night charging six persons with advocating sedition. One of, the £ix. all white friends of the Negro, also was indicted by the county prnnd jury on n charge of dynamiting the home here. Commonwealth's Atty. A. Scott Hamilton had said during the investigation—once termed a "witrh hunt" by the newspaper employing one of those indicted—that he believed the dynamiting might hnve been part of d Communist plot to Incite racial hatred. The newsman. Carl Bracien, 40, a copyreader for the Courier-Journal, bought the house, then transferred it to Andrew Wade IV, a Negro electrical contractor. ' Wade and his friends have contended the blast was set off by "anti-Negro hoodlums." But Hamilton expressed ft belief the dynamiting was planned to make it appear Wade was being persecuted. Jailed on charges of advocating Mdltlon by distributing "printed matter . . . and being members of a society or assembly of persons teaching, advocating or suggesting the doctrine of criminal syndicalism or sedition or change of the government ... by force or violence" were: Braden and his wife, Anne. Miss Louise Gilbert, a social worker. Miss Larue Spiker. 42, unemployed factory worker and Miss Gilbert's roommate. Vernon Baun, a truck driver previously indicted for contempt after refusing to answer grand jury questions on Communist mutters. I. ,0. Ford. 79, Baun's roommate. The grand jury also charged Baun with setting off the June '21 blast. Its report attacked the Courier- Journal, the Louisville Times ami radio station WHAS, all under the •ame ownership, for written and broadcast material which "borders on the obstruction of justice." The newspapers and station declined to comment. All had deplored the bombing but bad been critical of Hamilton's handling of the probe. Kentucky's sedition law, passed in 1920 and never used here before as far as could be learned carries a maximum penalty of n $10,000 fine and 21 years imprisonment. The penalty for causing im explosion is 2 to 10 years in prLson. The six were held today in default of $10.000 bond each. All except Ford faced contempt charges at some point, clurinR th<> investigation lor refusing to answer questions on Communist inn t lens, political beliefs or social relationships or refusing to take the oath AS a witness. However, only Biiun was indicted lor contempt. During the probe, which turned up Communistic literature at the Baun-Pord and Spiker-Gilbci I residences, the Couric-r-journnl described it as a "witch hunt." Terming the transfer of the house "deplorable," the Courier-Journal added that it believed Bnulcn is "is entitled to his own political conviction and social associations." It said Braden "does his work" and shou'd not be fired although "we think both Mr. and Mrs. Braden are politically misguided 1 , thut they -stir up difficult and potentially dangerous community situations in pursuit of their beliefs." CHOSEN—Con. Chu Teh has been named vice president by Red China's National People's Congress. Chu is commander of Communist China's armies and £ member of the powerful politburo. MCCARTHY Continued from Page 1 deifiiti.'d in the primary, will .stay on until at least, that date, Nevada's corlilication date can't come before Dec. 1. These are the appointed senators certain to l>e displaced this fnll since they did not seek election or were beaten for nomination: Robert W. Upton <R), New Hampshire; M rs. Eva IJowriiiK (R) and Sam Reynolds (ID, Nebraska; Edward D. Crlppa <Rj, Wyoming; and Lennon. MaylH! Displaced These appointed .senators hnve won party nominations nut could be displaced in November it they are defeated: Thomas A. Burke iDi, Ohio; and Kuchcl. Seemingly certain of staying on Is Sen. Sam J. JSrvin (Di North Carolina, who is unopposed in .seeking election for a full six-year term. In South Carolina, Chitrles E. Daniel has bc'en named to .swreed the late Sen. Burnet R. Maybank, and can be sworn in for the sent Nov. 8. Daniel apparently will rc- nain throughout the censure session because no one has filed for the remaining two months of Mny- bnnk'.s current term. Sod Swim LINCOLN, III. t/11 — A visit to the ol' MvlnuuiiHr hole by Cpl. Wll- lard Emmon.s, '2'.l. home on leave lifter service in .\nrea and Japan, ended .sadly. Someone rifled his pants and took $80 while he wasn't looking. \V A K N 1 N G O K I) I 1 : H IN THK rilANCKHY t'Ol/KT. CHICK ASA WUA MIST1WT, MISSISSIPPI. COUNTY. ARKANSAS Bill De-hurt. PHI. VS. No. 11!.791 Hillif Alice Di-hart. Dlt. The dctendiinl, Bilhe Alice De| hart, is hereby wa rnrd tn appear ' within thirty days in the court mimed In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- tilt. Hill Deliiirl. Dated this U-lth day ol September. 195-1. SEAL GEHALDINE LISTON, Clrrk, By OPAL DOYLE. D, C. j Guy Walls, Atty. for. Pitf. Ed' B. Cook. Atty, Ad Litem. i) 115-10 u-H-iti Wells And Pumps For Farm Crop Irrigation Kquippi'd to drill any Si/c \Vi-ll THE BID - John L Lewis, head of the United Mine Workers, urged the members of (he United Steelworkers to bolt the CIO and hinted he'd welcome them into his organization. Lewis' appeal to the CIO's second largest affiliate came in a telegram tn the Steelwurkers' convention in Atlantic City, N.J. "You can't irrigate without water." ARKANSAS WELL COMPANY I'O-l-tllO 131 F. Main PRICES REDUCED! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY HAIRCUTS 75' SHAVES 50 C RED BALL BARBER SHOP Obituary John R. Smith 0 f Luxora Dies John R. Smith of Luxora dlffl thl.s | mornlMK at a Uttlr Ilock IlosplUtl. j He WHH 79. | A imiivi: of KitJtflpy, T< j nn., hr: • cumr to thf I-.uxora :u't;i in 1B18, ; He u-;is in the timber basinets lor! si-vcriil years. j I-'uncrnl arrant-ment>. w'-i'C incomplete today pe-iulinn the arn- [ Viil (if rclitlm-.'., HoH Funeral Home i will he in chaw. Survivors include t.v/o sons, Homer j Kimlli of Holland and .John Smith j Jr.. ot ChU-.-iRM; and tv,;> f!!iiif!lilcr.s, | Mrs Minnie B'-rkham, wiMi whom] he resided In Luxora, and Halt it. ' Sin nli. Cordell Hull Is 83 Today WASHINGTON r/Pj—Former Kli ! ri'lury of KtiiU- Conlr-11 Hull nil- , serves two limdmarlc.s Uxla.v i" tl" t|iiift of a hospital room - hi.s »Ur,l birthday nnrl thr 10l.h aniiivrrsiiiv f ol hi.'; n-tireim.-nl Ironl Ihc C::;hin< of l,he late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hull, who Roosevelt once tailed Uie lather of Ihf United N»Llu:>.".. left his state department desk on Oct.. 2. 194 for whal he believed would be a rest. He never went back to work. After some weeks Hoose- vclt accepted his resignation. Native ot Jerusalem To Preach at Wardell NATIVE OF—12 • GeliiM! Sarkiin. a native of Jerusalem, will deliver the sermon at Warden Baptist Church services tomorrow. A student at Southern Baptist CollcRi! at Walnut llldRc, Mr. Sarkan will wear duriiiK the services n robe similar to the lype worn during the time of Christ. Tin 1 , services will be open to the public, the Rev. Bob Kreis. said. Two Collisions Reported Two automobile accidents occurred nriiund 1 p.m. yesterday caus- IliB some dimmnc to Ihrce of the four automobiles involved, accord- Ing to police reports. Jan Mulllns iind J. H. Hu; ins were Involved in a collision at Tenth inul WuliuU. KtreelK. causiw, some dnmiifie to bolh vehicles, while A. 13. Drake and Mrs. II. L. Deiulman were involved in a traffic nlislmp at Main and Second streets, causing sonic damaue to the Drake vehicle. W A II N I N O 0 II n 1! 1! IN Tllli CIIAM'IiltV ('OIUIT. CIIICKASAWIIA D1STKKT, Mississirri COI'NTY, ARKANSAS Charlie Bcdlord (Coll, Rltf. vs. No. 12.G21 Ulla Bell Hedlord (Coll. Oil. The dclcmhuil. Ulla Bell Bedford, is hereby warned to appear within thirty dity.-i in the court lliuned in the caption hereof alrt iiniiWer the complaint of the plain- lid. Charlie Hcdtord. Dined this Kith dny of September. 135-1. SKAl, OEHAI.niNE LISTON. Clerk By ERNESTINE PETERSON, D.C F.(l B. Conk. Ally, for Pill. Claude Cooper, Atty. Ad I,Hem. g.'ll-lH-'JS-lo a PORTRAITS This Ad Worth $2.00 For Limited Time Only You Will Receive 2 For [90 8x10's OnlyJ (A Regular $7.90 value) If (his ad is presented to us al time of sitting. This Christmas Give "The Gift That Only Yon Can Give' Call 3-liOll Today Kor An Appointment CORKRAN'S STUDIO FnrmerI K v Fanghl's 114 So, Broadway CLEMENT (Continued from Pace 1) pk'tf recall of tiu; whole thing." "If tin- president would recall th" IJixon-Yates deal in its entirety n would bolster tin.- faith of the people In all processes ol government,' the governor udded. In ;t half-humorous vein. Clemen 1 said, "1 have crossed the Mtuson- Jjixon line many Umes, but this is my first ornisum to rross the IJix- nn-Yiiti'S lint'." The Tennessee executive, a, «tou' defender of 'I VA, restated hi.s faith in I hat. program when lor ai: <ismu<Mi on wr-.virn-r private pov,<n o: TVA .should bi; uuii/.ed to provide the iui'iiiionai i-leclnc power sought, by the Atomic Energy Coimnis.sioi, lor its I'adurah, Kv.,, atomic nowr plant. "I feel the TVA -standard we we have heretofore is l/y far best .standard to follow," Gov, Clement .said 'It is in I he public interest and will ultimately ;,;ive the U.S. goveri meni a lot ol money. Hut, even tho: who do not like TVA are hard pin in Imd any way of defending :i t crel, wgolialcrl' tit il which will COM, the taxpayers o 1 America $140,(100,!;()(> or more at lh< woj-si, and which at best is likel' 1.0 a further in ele< UK ill's in stitts hK Missjisjpp md ArKair.a.s. Agrucs With Gentry Clement agreed that Arkansas At- Lorncy General T. J. Gentry'-; charge against Arkansas Power ami Light Company "makes sense." Gentry has claimed that AP&L's pernling niU; increase, request was asked on order of Middle South Utilities, the firm's holding company, in order to make it possible for Dixon-Yates to get u higher rate lor the power it would supply to the A EC under the contract now being negotiated. On the farm question, topic ot Clement's address at Walker Pai;k yesterday afternoon, the governor told his press conference that "the Democratic Triple-A program has boon replaced by the Republican TripIe-0: ben.son, Bankruptcy and Below parity." The young governor, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate for th Democratic nomination for vice president in 195G, used hi.s appearance at, the. Nullomd Cotton Picking Contest here a.s the klckoff of a nationwide tour in behalf of Democratic Party Congressional ciuulidatcs. He is scheduled to make 10 more major addresses on the; tour, beginning tonight nt Sioux City, In. JUST TALK AND IT'LL GO—David Lee Swindler, 17, demonstrates the rndio-controlied c.'ir he designed and built for the Ford Motor Company's industrial arts award competition in New York. Panel behind Lee holds the tape recorder, microphone and turntable which transmits sounds through a loudspeaker to the car. Soldiers Lose Lives in Crash HOLLAND, Mich. l&) — Four yoiuiK Michigan .soldiers were killed today in the pre-dawn crash of a rented plant; in which they were i Hying home on furlough. j Apparently lost and out of gas, ! the four died in the wreckage of ' their single engine plane in a corn '' field nine miles northeast of Hol- 'land. Faubus Wins at K.C. KANSAS CITY. Kan. r/l'p— Omil l-'aubii.s. Denmnmic nommei? for mivt-nun' of Arkansas, was elected president, today of the li.'ilh Division Association at it;; annual reunion. Fmibus. of Hiint.svillr. Ark.. cc-'ds Gilbert Schreiner of Tupi.' Kan. The word "surdlhe" comes; from the |;u-i that this fish first was cr.uiiht of! the island of Surdiiiia, near Italy. IN THK mOIIATE COURT, CIIICKASAW11A DISTKICT, AHSSISKII'PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Estate of A. K. Carter, Deceased. Last known address: i(!07 N. 5th St., Blytheville, Ark. | Date of death: March, 1953. The u lifters i^ned has been appointed administrator of the above named decedent. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly authenticated, to the j undersigned within six months i from the date of the first publica- ! lion of this notice, or they shall i be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. [ This notice first published Sept. 25, 1954. JAMES M. GARDNER. Administrator, Bo rum Building, Blytheville. Ark. ! Frank C. Douglas, Atty. 9 25-10 2-9 Negro Deaths Lugenia Perkins Rites for Lugenia Perkins, 76, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at, True -Light Baptist Church by Rev. J. W. Speight with burial in Ml. Zion Cemetery. She died Sunday at her home on Ruddle Road. Survivors include two daughters, Riberta Giles, Chicago, and Pearl Perkins, Blytheville. Caston Funeral Home is in charge. 7. C. Buckner Services for J. C. Buckner, 20. are to be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday in Caston Funeral Home chapel by Rev. T. F. Conner. Burial will be in Carr Cemetery. Survivors include his wife, Irbi- tine Buckner; two sisters, Pearline Hill, Armnrel, Imogene Buckner, Grenada, Miss., and one brother. . Earnest Lee Bucknei*. CONFERENCE Continued from Page 1 added. Germany, should pledge not to manufacture any arms of a "sensitive nature." The German government also should promise not to manufacture any ordinary arms o.xcept those necessary to equip the 12 divisions it is scheduled to raise for Western defense. Mendes-France reportedly considered the Dulles proposal "interesting", and today it was said he regards It with favor. One highly qualified source said the plan also appealed to Britain and to West German Chancellor Adenauer. A British Foreign Office spokesman warned last night that Britain would withdraw its offer to maintain troops on the European continent if the conference breaks down. The offer was made Wednesday. Dulles already has said the United States might have to withdraw its troops from europe if the talks fail. Both French and American spokesmen expressed hope the delegates would be able to thresh out a new agreement to free West Germany and rearm its people within the Western defense alliance. The French spokesman described his nation's rejection of the plan for enlisting West Germany in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and an enlarged 7-nation Brussels alliance as "a little difficulty over controls." But a grave-faced British spokesman said: "We are back on the wrong side of the hump." The problem is this: 1. The uneasy French, invaded three times within living memory by German troops, want .iron-clad safeguards that would keep the Germans from growing strong enough to become a threat again. In particular, they seek strict limits to heavy arms manufacture inside Germany. 2. France's, allies, together with Weot Germany and Italy, think the safeguards proposed by Mendes- France would be too costly and too cumbersome. They argue the French plan would slow down the pace of European industry. The rejected, compromise, of- fered by Belgian Foreign Mlnl*«r Paul-Henri Spaak, was designed to streamline and simplify ths process of controlling arms production and' distribution. Trance's rejection came out of, the blue yesterday after four days of smooth negotiations In which Mendes-France reportedly had accepted the compromise. The French premier complained the Spaak plan did not go far enough In rigidly controlling every aspect of the manufacture and distribution of arms. He demanded fuller consideration of his own proposals, which called for control* to rest chiefly in the hands of * European armament authority. A French spokesman said Mendes-France also objected to th« Spaan plan because it entailed control and inspection over the production of "only a few heavy weapons." Conference officials reported "narsh words were exchanged" on the merits and demerits of th« rival proposals. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Betty Jo Hay, Pltf. , vs. No. 12,779 Mel Thomas Hay, Dft. The defendant, Mel Thomas Hay, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Betty Jo Hay. Dated this 15th day of September, 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerkl Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Litem. 9/18-25-10/2-9 WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. Ophelia Washington Ophelia Washington, 58. died this norning at her home in Armorel. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, pending arrival of relatives. Caston Funeral Home is in charge. You are invited to Aift&t CORLISS • ARCH 1 " 0 * brought to you en each week by the COMPANY Radio's popular hit is now on TV! You'll meet the Archer Family — destined to be America's favorite family — ar:d you'll greet them with laugh after laugh offer laugh! Ann Baker, magazine cover girl, slars os Corliss Archer, ihe lovely,, lively teen-ager who makes life so exciting for Mr. and Mrs. Archer. Hollywood star John Eldridge plays harassed, explosive Mr. Archer, and famou* Mary Brian is ih« understanding wiffl and mother. Bobby Ellis, in movies sine* • the age of 5, is Corliss' boy friend, Dexter. And together they add up lo an hilarious half-hour of fun for you! SEE CORLISS ARCHER OVER Pine Bluff, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Fort Smith, Ark. Jackson, Miss. Memphis, Tenti. Nashville, Tenn. Texarkana, Texas Monroe, La. ' ('Slorti Sunday, Oc' )OJ KATV KARK-TV KFSA-TV WIBT WMCT WSM-TV KCMC-TV KNOE-TV Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel 7 4 22 3 5 4 6 8 THESE STATIONS Sundays, 9:30-10 P.M. Sundays, 9:30-10 P.M. Mondays, 9:30-10 P.M. Wednesdays, 9:30- 10 P.M. Sundays, 9:30- 10 P.M. Wednesdays, 9:30-10 P.M. Sundays, 9:30-1 0P.M. Sundays, 9:30-1 0P.M. ATTENTION RESIDENTS... Sanitation and garbage fees are due October 1st. The City Ordinance provides thai all residents are required to pay these fees which are S2.25 for three months. No other funds are available to finance this essential sen-tee. If your fees are not paid up to date please do so in the City Clerks Office at the City Hall in person or mail check payable to City of Blytheville. _ City of Blytheville For Service Call 2,2282 Announcing Election November 2 for Alderman-3rd Ward Your support Is needed for a progressive city government. Jimmy (J. 0.) Lentz Wnrld War II Veteran Industrious—Capable—Sincere CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC CO. 112 South Fifth Street — Blytheville, Arkansas • Electrical Wiring • Commercial Refrigeration • York Air Conditioning Sales & Service • Appliance Repairs N.F. Marshall-Frank Westail-J.T. Stalcup Tel. PO 2-2993, Nite Tel. PO 3-6109 or 3-4029 We Close on Saturday Afternoons FOR SALE SEAT COVERS Fiber $9.95 Plastic 13.95 Sare ap to $12.50 per set on our tailor made ^«2t COTMY our September Clearance Sale. Open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. GILBERT'S AUTO UPHOLSTERY Hl;hw»; 61 North rhont J-CHJ Try Lowe's Take-Home Pac Large 2 Lb. Fryer—Barbecued With rotito Salad—€ Delicious Rolls—Eddie's Barbecue Sauce—Hot Wrapped U Ge— Enough for 4 people. $|75 CECIL LOWE GROCERY & MKT. ' Call 3-4597 Between 8 * 9 A.M. for Noon 8«rl«» or Between 1 & 2 P.M. for 6 O'clock EtU

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