The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1937 Carutheisville Society — Personal t-'last Has All Day Meeting. The philiUhea class of the "Methodist Sunday School, ol which Mrs. N. C. Hawkins is teacher, had an all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Louie Mcdcalf .Wednesday. Nineteen members were present. The ladles (jiillted and also n.arie vestments lor the .Junior Chsii. Circle Has Tea, Circle No. 1 of the Presbyterian Auxiliary, of which Mrs. N. W. Helm Is chairman, gave it silver tea ou Tuesday afteincon at, the lism? of Mrs. Helm. Tc-a was served from t'-.e hrn- (lining table that w:is attractively drancd with a lacs tanl-n cloth and centered Kith a bov.-l Df piuimli. Mrs. II. P. Thwcatt. Mrs. R u. French, Mrs. 'Jim i/jnj anil :,yj;. norotliy Helm poured. ° During the serving of th? lei. the (-nests were entertain?;! svlth musical numbers. A silver ottering was taken, the proeeeds'to bj placed in the ch-ila treasury. Circle No. :{ i\!tets. Mrs. John MeDanaUl anil Miss Nellie Summers were joint lioslcsi- cs to Circle No. 3 of the Presliv- leriati Auxiliary Wednesday ev:- nm», at the Eat Shop. Tile meeting was held on l!:o mezzanine floor with Mrs. Paul Melirls, chairman, in charge. The devotional study for the ?v?- ninj was conducted by Miss Mary Ellen Homer, who gave tbc last in the series of studies on the Book of Genesis. The .study was on the subject. "Gcd's Covenants." During the business session, the election of officers for th2 new auxiliary year was held. Mrs. Paul Mehrlc was reelectcd chairman, with Miss Dorothy Helm being limned-vice-chairman. Mrs. Georgia Arnold was elected secretary. Miss Helen .Clark, treasurer, and Miss Mary Ellen Homer, devotional leader. * • 4 Club Will Observe nui-iiiess Wom^-'s Week. Tile iocal Business ah-, Professional Women's Club will observe National Business Women's Wedon next Tuesday evening with a dinner anil special 'program nt the Presbyterian church ,• at seven o'clock. Banquets and dinners are being given by a number of the clubs in the surrounding districts. A number of the local chin members will .be guests of the Blytheville' club on Monday evening of next week, when that club celebrates the week with a banquet at the Hotel Noble in the Blue Room. Two members of the local club will appear on the program. Other invitations !">ve he-" '•«- cjivecl .from tha clubs, at BLYTHEVI1.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS »~ The Qnins Get Their "Fill* of a Snowy Sport At lost the nuiiiliiplets- snow picnic is on! build to their heart's content in the cold. 1' ^ ^^ ""* ^'^ l " w ^ '">" «™p and -;r r -r l z^* Auto Expense is Deductible If Car Is Used For Business Tliis is the last of six articles on deductions the average lax- payer nay mate in lijs federal income' tax rcliirn. By NBA Sery.Ki Automobiles, with their complicated systems of licenses and g:is taxes, caiiss complications on many an income lax return. First, distinguish' between a car SKI for business and one driven 3nly for pleasure. If it is used for business, expenses of operathW It arc deductible. If for pleasure °cx- oenses are not deductible. Many people combine the two In that case, estimate the annual cost basinet* aji : ; visiting reiatlv-s. Miss Pearl Lvnn McCormick, wr.o is a student here in the Wilson Beauty Culture School, is spending lllis n ' cek '" Wards)!, ivhere she f= v-•••—,•' ^smtoi-.-in the' beauty parlor there apj Grrardeaumid St. LonlsVJ during ^Ihe illness of tftc o'uie^ „„,.' . ' -,„,-'.. : ' Mlss Katherine Stollel. ^ T? - Tvesday morning. Mrs. Bishop was Miss rmogene Burton Before her marriage. Mrs. W. V. Robinson is \Ves ... . . *»uu>n.]irit 1-1 ajJCllllldCr .^1(tins week in Si Louis attending to West •Dillniiui- apartments Fourth street, moved ^ into an apartment hi t|> e hoinTof Mr. nr.a Mi-s. c. F. Dicker on operating then Sixth street. TWSN" KISS CI-ARKE'S BOeJRSON Straight Bourbon Whiskey Remove !hs labels Irom crapiy Clatla'a hollies. Mail Iher^wUh Your name and address, lo Anov: Diilillcries, Inc.,PeDria 111., Depl. B.W. You will receive Iho glasses prepaid, in this lalio—one quail label-ons slass; Iwo pint labels-ono class; lour hali-pinl labels-one qlass. These glasses nol offaied in ieirlEories wlioce laws pc^Mbilqiviag ol ptemiums. Ctatke's Whiskey, wielhei Rvsor Boui- boo, satisfies bolh lasle and purse. Try a bollle of Ciatto's and SAVE THE LABEL ARROW 15Ti used in business, and take that, part of the cost as a deduction Per instance, say il costs yon $800 to drive your car for (lie year 'operation, maintenance, auii depreciation). Say you've us2<l it hulf the time on' business. The allowable deduction -.;oull be S4W. KEKr A HECORI) Federal gasoline taxes aren't cls- riuctible. Neither are such state taxes, unless .you ns the gasoline buyer pay the tax directly. If ihe dealer pays it, the'user is allowed no deduction. If you pay it, belter keep a rcc- COURECTE1) AO OK THURSDAY, MAH. 1,1 Bite Price Cro. &Mkt. Ill G. Main . rj, 0 ne2:u We Deliver Call For Raving Slamps Kfelil Prices Everyday On Everything FLOUIt - All Sizes and I'riccs. A S'/c af a Trice (a niecl Every Demand HENS, Fanry, Full Dressed. Fa I Mi. 25c COUNT!!!' KGGS Guaranteed. Doz. 19c ASl'AKAGUS, Green Cut "I'amoiia. I!)-oz. Can 15c BEST K. C. BEEP LOIN or ROUND STEAK Tender. I,b. 32c SUl'EIt SUDS, New Con- ccnlralrd. Two lOc Ho.vcs -i -l llC I'UItE COCOA, Hcrsliey's 2 25c INC. Away On (lie Right l'"on( for Spring! Have Your Car Thoroughly Lubricated I)n away with Winter sltig- siKhness ))y changing lo new Spring lubricants. We do an expert job of cleaning: out tltc transmission anil rlilTcraitial, and add- in;r- the lubricant most, suitable for every point on your auto. PURE OIL SERVICE STATION For "Miles" of Satisfactory Sen-ice GREEN Texas. CABBAGE 2lc SODA CRACKERS, Fresh and Crisp. 2 Lbs. 15c EVA P. PEACHES Choilc. Lb. lOc TORK bell's. REA\S, Camp- 22-oz. Can lOc COFFEE; {'ancva or May. ' House. 'l.b. ay. n<7 Li I C FANCY VEAL STEAKS LOIN or Round Lb. " ': ^25C I'l'RF. LAHD 25 f.'i. Can $3.69 CHOWDER or ULACK EYE PEAS and I'OHK 113-cz. Can 12'c SAIiniNKS Tall I.I). Can COUNTRY BtlTTKU, Fresh Daily. Lb. 25c FRESH PORK SAUSAGK 100ft Pure. Lb, 20c GRAPEFRUIT, Texas -i n Juicy, Seedless. 3 for 1UC SHOE POLISH, Jet Oil , All Colors lOc ord so yon can sbou- svhat j'on've paid, if you arc In doubt about the exact terms of your sl.ilc or local gas tax law, your local collector of internal revenue trill tell 'you whether It is deductible or not. If the gas Is mcd for business but be sure yon don't come around again with an effort to deduct that sune. (ax under taxes paid. Till: CAR ITSELF In no case, business or pleasure, is. the cost of a nc»- car deduct-' ible. if ih» car is for business, it's a capital investment; if the car is for pleasure, it's just money spent not deductible. Registration fees, drivers' license fees, personal and municipal taxes on your cn r are deductible, so Is he Interest on money borrowed to buy II. liul tho money pnld for auto insurance is deductible only if and to the extent ilmt tl'e. ear Is used for business purposes. Sara ]\[organ-Is Miss Wilson High WILSON, Aik.—Stun Moiean mis cleclerl Miss Wilson High School niKl Jai-k Trammol. prpsi<lcnt of Hie senloi- class, was'chosen Mr. Wilson 'lisli School In the annual Who's Who election ftl the school, Evelyn Cond Murphy wiis named the mo, 1 ,! valuable student. , . Other results were: • • Cili'U: ]>retllest, Deverlon Clayton: most popular, Sara ' ; Morni»n; most altractlv.'. Sura Moruan- mosl oiilslaiullng personality, Barn Mor- u; cuicst, Allco Fletcher; wittiest, :vilon Claylon; bcsl diessed, • 'ara Morgnn; most conceited, ailott' Clean; silliest, Sara Mor•i; blxjcst dirt. iX'verlon Clayton- most laieiKrcl. Evelyn Cone Murphy; nratL'st, Sara Movijan; b;st «ll-i-3tni<l, OInilys Speck; uest atli- ">. Cllndy.s Sp»ck; prettiest Imlr :l eyes, U;'rnh'e Chnmbcrlalii- mist studious, Evelyn Cone Mur- liiiv; jireftlDst •snilh., Sara Moruan; lii'ft intnri'J. ocno Hro»n Hoys: l>est looklns. Chailes Cullom; mosl pojmlar, Jack Trnmmel- most attractive, Charles Ciillonr most outstandiiii. personality, Jack iiimiu'l; cutest, Junior Douglas: »UM»M. Hut speck; brst diessed. Clinili's Culloin; most conceited O-in Lynch; Mlllest. ]) nl S|)Jck . Wigtsi mi i, n.u, i.yiu.i^ nlr)st ln |. fined. Jack Trammel; neatest, Cliarlss CiHlom; b?st all-romid Jack Trninmcl; best athlete Dan Lynch; uicUlivM Imlr and' f\w t.nnctt Smith, must .studious clav Hutiinson; pielli^t »,„».•., j mllri j I3ciii!lns; liesj, nauircd, Dcwoy OlOCCS, Mai-ml .1-11 Club Tlie Cui'tnt 4-11 citlij held (U Witnr monthly inci'llHR Tlimt,- day, March 4, at (he annul school. All Ihc members were present and new ones Joined. They nre; lln/el Cm-son, Pauline Hawkins, Marie Hawkins, Olln Goodman, liny liaiucr, j Junior Goodman! Lloyd Ijaync Jr., nnd noy stone This makes n tola! of-twenty-two members, , Cora IA'C Coleihan; county homo ilojnowli'iillon sittmt, nnd O, s, i.nntrlp. county n«ent, met wllli the club. Demons! rut Ions 'given lor Die Ixtys were: Identlllculloi: of liny nnd piistnre seeds niul (hr structure of a vai'clnntiiiK syringe- Tlie girls were (jlvcn a demonstration on cooking. ' 'I'Jifi next meclliio will be April" Tlia entire cotnmcrclal artichoke crop of llic United states Is raised In nvc counties In California. The planet Jujilier has nine moons, and each one requires a different icuglh of lime to make its trip mound the plancl. Some travel more slowly than others while their orbits- vary greatly in G^'mier^rMl^Ai'-Ulc™, 12-10-28-2 WAHNING OHDUIl IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHfCKASAWBA"DISTRICT OP MfSSl&SII'I'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS. S. \V. liolmnn, t'latndlf, vs. No. G40G jiilsc Holmnn. Defendant. The defendant, Louise Holnmn Is n-nnicri to apiiear within Ihlrty dnys In the couiL n'limed In the caption hereof mid answer the complaint ot the plahiliff, s. W. Holmnn. t)ii s 12th day of. Mnvch, It. M. CRAICi, Clerk Uy A. P. Smith, D. C. Clando P. cooper (Atty. for nltf) Demonstration Club News Notes Warranty Deeds Amcilcdn Security company tof. J. M, Walls, lot 14, block 1 DayLs -', thhd addition lo Dlytheyllle. ^ ' D. J. Bloli to Otto Kochler, tot? 1 nnd 2, block E, original -hurvey of Dell. Same, Koohler lo Mansio - Hiyiw Woodnrd. ?- ; Tlie "sinijlnj tower" In the Bok Bird Sanctuary, 'near mite wales ria., contains bells ranging in weight from 12 jxAmth to 12'tons LANG THOMPSON \* And His Syncopated Swingslr-rs AT •HOTEL PEABODY. '.MOANN15. CAHUOI,!^- Lovulv "SlarJcl of Song" and Korincr Follies Stiir JACK M15UTON and DICK KOHBRTS Two-l'liino (cam HOI! -HBllIKR_ • I'-Iccu'iu Guiliii' > J)KACOi\ DUNN'— L'nincilitui And (lie Orches(ni CJlcc Chili I'lajhiK for l.iiiirfiPdn, Dinner and Dancing, Dinner gucsls- un Monilay, Tuesday, Wcdnei- diy and Thursdii, nlghls may remain lor ilanclnc ttllhoul f^.^ chiirgc. ROOM RA'l'US: • • 1'imu 5:i,prr person iVom 52 |icr iirrwii Single Doiilib P. R. SCHU'lT, Viee I'rcsldrnl mid Gc". nlgr. HI- 1 •ft '{• '.- '•:•'-• h ; ',<4--»«. " ,-'|! ,,, <W-U- A . '(. Sec Our Circular for More Prices Mo dern factories. spotlessly clean like room at home . Chesterfields are made. The Champagne Cigarette Paper is pure. .. burns without taste or odor . • . you can't buy any better paper, The mild ripe tobnccos arc aged two years or more ... like fine wines are aged. Refreshingly milder .. . more pleasing taste and aroma .... and best of all They Satisfy. esterfield a milder belter-tasting cigarette i 1957, T.iKirrr fc MVE^I 1oii«fo rd;

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