The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
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Served by the United Press- T 'i'lSX DOMINANT NKWBl'Ai-EK VOL. XXXI—NO. 230 Blytherille D»Uy Newi Blytlieville Ocurltr tMlMisslppl velley Leader BlythertUc ller»ld PAMW u> NUH;i4u«- WUUWM8 ^ wimub^JblL, ^ ^ ^ •" ™' ^ RI.YTHRVILLE. ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, nKCEMBER 13, \W SINGLE COPIES F)VP CENTJ4 Sei-ions Crimes Total I Witness Held in F LASHES ,300,000 Each Year Prince of Wales! Duchess Linked $427.000 Holdui MIAMI WINNER JItASH, Ha,—Olln auln. Coral (liiblrs, Fin., national open R«If champion, .today rnnluml nrsl niciicy hi Mil' Miami Bill. ! Scn'p Commit tee Called for I leln to Save open louviicy. till roiiiul n f 70 f ot toj nn fiigrcealr nf Drownin? Wife, Wil- iiesscs Teslif GflUJFEiLuinia UNGH pi IS SI Well F;!irri Baskel in ei'V Homo al Clirislmns Tinio Is Goal . Townrd iliis end they exp.vifd to vecommend formation of a nr.- lional inslitulfi of criminology nnd conferfiic?s nt law enfove.-- officials. WASHINGTON, Dec. 1:1 'A.ivpori 10 Ihe National Crime OoDffri'iiep lodiiy Ihul mow than 1,3l)a,CflO .serious crimes are committed In the nntlon yearly spurred cleiemiinaiiou of delegates to lintle federal, stale ami' local forces in nn unrelenting offensive against the underworld. A.S rhi) conference approached ii.s fiose dr-li>golc-.s .wnit>d ngrr-cd iimsi, oi nil a powerful Integrating j force to hring nil agencies inio irlnsc-r ffloiipj'nlion and ta=p Iliem Persnnnrt rtl commilifK. thai. ..'.ill ^.j.'.' fli ' lllr ' s Wfls Ili(v5t llr e HU) 5 l solicii contributions of cash ' merchandise inr niyllir-vlllr.'s Goodfcllowa Christina:; club amiotuiceii lotlay |jy W .J lich, general chairman, r.nrl VI, fi. Wesi. pjiiuicf dmlnimii. A woll filled Christmas lnskr-1 fr- every needy family in the community is tiio club's soul. Mi's. Bessie Stair, In charge of FERA welfare j work In the comity, 'li« is yroinlspd i cooperation in p^rfeethi!" a list n! I those to be rememtr-i-ed on Christmas eve and in preparing and delivering, the baskets. L. E. Till) is tlle clun'r, secretary and treasurer. Plans for ritlsing money will hi: completed at a. me^iini; of learn captains callc'ct'- for 1:50 Friday afternoon at th»' chamber o; Commerce oiTice. The followinn teams httvn been named: Wholesale's:—Russell Farr, captain, Rupert Crafton, E, H, McCall. Lawyers:—Ivy W. Crawford, captain, Oscar Fcndler, W. i^on Smith Virgil Greene. Public officials:—O. H. Wilson, captain, A'.'eh Lindsey, Eddie B Da- .vid. Merchants, south side of Main street:—Joo Isaacs, captain. Fred .Sandrfiir, Jsek Appteteijm Frert Ssiliba. Merchants, north side of Main street:—A, O. Hudson, contain Aaron Rosenthal, N. A. Snaiding •. H. Walpole, Murray Smart". Merchants, side streets: Fre^ Mcithews, captain, T. w! Jackson . .Charles /Psnn, R. p. Eirshnsr. - ' ^ -'T.Merclfp.ntE;-west,erid:—.laraos.Bel 1 . " caritaill. '" •-•'•• ." Merchints,' east end:—B. 'J. Dbd son. canioin. '• • Phv^iclsns and' dsritlsts:—Dr. f •M. Wsshbirrn aivl Dr. F-<v) n^iw Board of Trade:—O. o. Harda- wav. carJtaln. F'nvd While has hesn mine'' olinirmnn of a soeeifil commute- Tfblrh v"! n!<w iniilc l,ot(les I" • nublit! nlaces throughout tho cltv In which small conlrlbuMnns fro"- ifirsons »nt otherwise solicited will be received. Another mon^y raisini*' aclivK'- will-be a benefit dance lo h« heV a' i'is Lojlon hut. next Wednesday Civic organizations. ini-tinniiH- church groim s a iul women's r.itilis will be tis'rted to li-'n by r.nntriVm- tlo"<;. of to v s. el""iiii? an<| food (J;-or| invs Olirl clOlhlllT Will llC T»- allc ' sell-confessed owner o( tlio Kept Within Fulrell Economy Limits BY TEH II. MAI.OY United Cress Stair Correspondent LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Dee. 13. (UP)—The eapllol hns taken on a •lew nir of activity with preparations being made for'the General I'Esembly wiieii it convenes January 14. '•'• Gov. J. M. Futrell is spending more time at home, writing his 'oeech for the new legislature. Comptroller Griffin Smith lio.s fakir his statistical experts to a orl- [ ale office outside the capitol to nreoarc tlie voluminous biennial budeet report. And, most, any de- navtment hen(i Is"' wilUn» to talk ihoiit. his budget for next year. Indications are the 1M5-38 biidzot •v-ilj te i<--js than the drastically re- __ ; - _-,..__ ri . ... -f ti'e sMcht- |v more fhonVsioo.OOO.OOO apprdpri- FntreH Wilt STf Thht Oov. Fnt.Hi ha; ncCTmnllslwd hit TiDior ob'entiv""? sr -t "ill. in hi<: <invo lie «HH "^t tiqht" no-v to iiiiti Mini already '"is hesn acen'uti'Kh- "'I. Pn^snoe of his tsvo constltutlon- "1 onientlment^. Mns. Ifi nurl 90.' at t'w general elni^tion November (i MHhn. ivitli them (.'"! lee'slnhmv is nrclilbit'ed from ralslnci tny rat^^ "•ilboul consent of lh« • neonli. ev- '"•nf, in pmnrer^n^inc nnd I't^n bv three-fourths 1111 loritv. and band by tlie gang away after the spectacular-5427,- OliO armcred tncck lioldup In Brooklyn last Summer, is held In ?50.0QO hail as a material -\vil- teiis. Police assert llic actual bandits are being rounded up. Tho nxeciilivc coinmitlee of Mir iytheville Relief coniniltten (o<lny nltuitwl an additional $7in ; o| oi the all-port, project, providlriB materials ncc^- to fmish the Imnfearj find carry the enlire project to •completion. • J • Work on Mie fonndationi- for the hangar has already sftvteit and today's appropriation',' will e.irlj- cc-mpleUon building-, . The .Miaugar, which will be located-at .the'west end of Ihc ahport, neav : Highway 80 by 100 feet^and capacity of "six planes, today's . appropriation Ihc committee hns nllottcc! SSJ0.07 funds to' the airport . Till? has resulted In a 'expenditure of t7,93li.CO by PERA and the tblal jnlior bill by the time the airoort' and hangar arc comnlctc will piob- nbly exceed $13,000. bidden. r ir .dir»<-lion of ^frs. Stair. Persons linmnrt wich .irlici".s t" j»ive mav deliver tiitim lo the PERA office over Mevors Bnrcnin Center or. if H'nt is no', o/weiilnni,. mov call W. J. Wuu-l(>rlif;h nv B. n. West. vo''o win see that the articles ar» csHfcl for. lions hav» I'/^in os 1 :^'' to rnti"n- nln In n c s=mi>iinor O 'ft,, n f fon-' p'odlDq. (,i"l t«v* from 'mcmbjrs of their organizations. 3 DOTS in Advanc? )'iM.l(l,, l I)).. of was at Mrii "J nm !ine rrntn^ lo rii.-> f,. nT n ^OT. Wl«. T <i^n Hi" i" i.hrfln <iii^ niii- cr«-lse." he S n[.l. Tlif!.ii"vi, ,hv h<> 11,0^0 „ p'f>«»nl, of nil hk «K.I>~M bcril-s to h!s si«'<>r, I>I>H Wri h'= -nrf'-er to hi n - iiir^ i,) ai ,|( S ror j, ( , mfTiii. n s he would dio on the fol- loMnt day. Tlie family, [onlr litf,t« notice, n' lie was in ovcelbnt health. But on the dav ^f his rl^ntVi. hi refnsnri lo eo IT school, fnd In the all/>r- n'wn said he felt tired— and fell without referendum nre for- '" povernor mnv sn^nsor minor lotion, it is ii"rt«rvtoc4. but so am- nnjor bills for adminLs- trnllon leaiiers to introduce. ' - his'rry of tiie various funds, out- "'ll! thff d«l>t, S'TVlr.o. |,h o •"tuoiiMt. of rei'iilll" fi>il, mnv lie »v- •^eted from the vnrloiis snurra^ fr,r "'ii-^ of evncnses will match the No Pre-Scsston i"""|ln» Plans ' for a pro-session leglsla- «'->™. Tii-^n of ti>o 101.; !,„„„ of -">"\sen(«tlves told the United Vress. "«n. B'-n Cartei- of AfUIer eoiin- •>"'! MOIII, Oov. r,»o, Onc.irt 'to In" »'S decW"-| It would b? improuor Thnni sold. | Tlis senate and the hous-a will -« them when they consider the J budget. nii»rntln» oxivndltiires for tbe cfqf." u-ill h^ n-i-,M^/i the tTv-.-t. i.' 4 "iinliini to S3 510 000. ovcn«tl))(r p'T- ''-"itl^mr,! unmans, lidrlm-nri:. fln"- fedcnl" peri^lnns port iust d"hl5 nr ''"d-d in Amendment 19 ami will b o rnni" a inw when the gives its approval. k' n w In tlio lime when every '" v ">tvillc cilbrii will h« liirlsM. ' hc »se of Kolicf Serin niiil l"""" 1 liramls nne a« a flUzp.n mlv.ll '" hls ll!t '" 11lf |rll) nf HI n T " 1C r'l'cf sHimllnn In Bl Micviilo. T,, C , cw ccnts ncccs . inikr. » V nn ' 1 ' 11SC lllr - v sl "" 1 " s vrM-ti J" )ssibb lo ""y "' c tmi1 no kt un y ," n " tl llc 'f' '^ «?»« he «,« Plnlhc »»« Scrip .nJ Slat* OWces Closp.a in Tribute to Caldwell , t f p "^ ROCK. Dec. 13. CUP)— State offices e'o^M h«r.iviy.n' in ... d 1 n.m. today In lionor of Creed - ' ' ' George Ol;h is the FF.RA ,'cnn- structlon .superintendent In-cliarRe of building the hanenr and T. E. Taut is supervising luldKibhni; dlvt „,_. .,,.,.„,, an(l liln „ work nt the nlrport, dtsi^ncd to' 1 the point.' said Nelson make. Die neld njabV .under all J - vvcnlhcr conditions.' " NEWPOfiT, Ark., 'Di-e. 13, tUP) — Drfense \\-ltnessrs paraded boforc a 'circuit court jury here today lo refute testimony of Mie slate in tml of nuford Nelson. 35, of Cor-. .....-, .,.,,„., „,.,, Hell. okl_a.. charged wllli drowning «f Simcn I'mc; ins iirloe ol less fhan a venr to' i--t rr.rt^.,^t —, rolled $10,000 in Insurn'nce.' The stale rested Its case shortly after 9 n.n>. Bill. Bherrill, charged as an ac- , cessory before ,i\nd nfter the fnc !u connection n-ilh the ilroivnlnir was on tlie stand most of the morn' l0lt1 of tlle Vmi, White river tile night of October 10 when Mrs. Nelson >, v ns drowned Nelson died to ; .i:ivo his wife; SncrriU sn«. After Mrs. Nelson fell into the river from the prow of Hie boat where she was gluing fish Nelson called to the. three, men on he bank, "Come to us," Shcrrlll testined. Besides sbeiTlll tin men on 'llie (rip were Beverly Jones, of cortlell. "lid Amly .Tiiorpp. Jackson county farmer. Peed SHIM, • farmer, HvliiR neny ins scene, and the tlrst to rcnch • i i n- If) Arkansas. Lli- eible for Bankhead Law Referendum .rates which will rjrevnll n! the Blvlhevllle airobrt hiid on 'other FERA ^work division proienls !• this county remained uncertain today. • : Pm-suant lo nn order by Harry Hopkins. FERA administrator, a "Can't you do sometlilng?" 'siltos Nelson «• pleading. . In i ivn m Then Kelson nnd Jones left thr "„ f r '" ",° nrcsldc, Stites said, u wa-i durhu mn i Jl tbis interval the state contend No ! ™, buvhi. o ' ion allesedly toldjones to keep still I 5lf regarding the Incident. KM " 1 " ,. or, a T committee has aubmlltcd-a report «/,„ -- rates In ' * Bnllejvqf Cordcll, read af- tending to refute stale tes- employment-wliSi '^^&''£u'S^«,? t ?™*' to "" cflect he used by the slate FERA admin- bv N e Ln 1 tm ^'f C B P» ro!lched Istartion in citabJIshlne fiititrV. """• -?— lo kl " Mrs - N<?I S°» for civ'cEosgLWl>n' d's'tVlcf 'of" MI**lV- flcpi- coimlT will • .l«v o]ien for the PAnkhrad Jair refereridum lonicrroiv excepl\(Jiai iiiere liill only be' one votine pbee each in BMlrtviile, Manila and l.ei'chville. : Polls llu'OU"hou£ tiie county will onili' at 0 A, M. and close at 5 P. M. ' The vcliiiT pl.icn n.l liivtlie- , vlile ivill be hi ||! C pcurl house, i LITTLE RODK. Dec. 13 (UP) — There are 350.<™ colton ei'oivcrs 'ti Arkansas eligible lo vote on ^nntJniianre of the Binkliend nro- ''ucHon confrn! act when the polls "on tomorrow in 1\ of the 5 ( nfn's 75 counties. Cltnlrman E. D. Wbite the slate allotment Ixrard said torlav. White rrsdli'tcd n decisive vic- 'orv for Ilia net mi'ler which A'k- "'";ns nrodiiRllon dropped to 875.- i"f).hnl»s lltis venr: the drouth to hold the crop below the Manno bale miota. Rcnorfs of nooroxlmatelv 2.000 bal'ot l)n-.-os will i<ii. 1« til)iilnle;l before Monday. ASIiile sfild afler crt ,\ffivliii, raRA represetitnilve, E. n. ,Estes. reoresentlnq nmr)!iv«rs, and A. A. Allen, representinjvlnbor, did not make public th"»' Rjiirtis presented in its veport.. * IstarUo, iierinbhhliiVVi.t'.r „;; Dy Nclson lo ""» M«. Nelson for lilfIF Ell BEUEF r-'cclnt fo today Rlv- Iwo duvs addi'lnnai ilme for comi>flfit*ons. OricUiallv nl^ns e lo cnm 1 " 1 '"'*! the cOEiipilalions by Salurday nighl. 800 Occupy Courtroom Afler Hunger March on Oklahoma Town Joseph Byrns Will Have No MCALESTER.. own, DDC Serious'Opposition opeakei'ship WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (UP)— Representative William Biiukhcad (Dem., Ala.) today 'withdrew from the hous? speakership and announced his candidacy for ths Dsm- ocratic floor leadership. Bank-head's withdrawal removed the last major obstacle to the election of Representative Joseph liyrns (Dem., Tefin.) to the spenkershlp. Representative Sam Raybiirn <Dem.. Tex.) and Representative .. John E. (Dam., Miss.) an- liere lod.n'y nnd announced tlic I were staying until nil were given jobs and 55 grocery orders. Pittsburgh county PERA offlclali said they could not. meet the demands. ' . The miners caoie from Hartshornc nnd other coin mining lo'.vn« "?<-«•• former at Hartshornc for a "hunger march" on McAlester to .state uji. case nnd demand relief. Some of them had not worked for two years. Dissallslacllon with relief administration has produced FERA W!" GrinH Feed for Missouri Farmers . lr-n f)f nn PI^DA f<50-l mH\ 1 3 ,v,-— .-t<- ; d to begin here within n fe\v divs. Afiirhinei-i' is b^ln^ shlwwt now "ft* tlw Dl<"il will 1)»'W into on- < 1 rQtlr,l> 1^:5 cni-l<^ n'i nnrctlll/l^ A^<A<1> '"" Irom t!i« Orcen county r "H"f r.ilh ii-|H !)-< otiro n v . nr ^ !„ 'lie. milt, n-itv nlti- nr't"i"m In pv- »«ii'iv/> wt'ons. Fi^h unit of thq "i<« M-ri h s ve 6 capicltv of 10 ton? of for . r"C»lv«d nt the U1» nf dro""'it stricken fanner.? of southern Missouri. Slain by Chinese Bandits Friday, Dec. 14 -Tlie oovprnor .of Anhwci rwovinco said todav that two niem- ^r.s of nn Amcrlcnn missionary famllv. kldnnncd bv clilnesc com- .. rt^ "ii- .->~i. "olltlcnl fisurc. whoso funeral wa,^ Ollc held at pine Bluff this morntne ,P"lflrson. '' Masons Will Elect Thsre Mil be tho annum elec- mimlst banctits. had been slain. :lm was John C. Slam, , N. J.. membsv of the j China Inlnm! ml^lon. The oilier, 1 (Hot Identined definitely in rcoorts from tlic province, was believed to be Helen stam. an Infant daugh- tlon of officers Of the local ^rn- tcr. — lod?c In a meeting evening, 1:3$ o'clock. There was no report concerning this.the fate .of Mrs. Stain, also reported held by'the bandits. »„ .11... ership .- demonstrations here on several oc- •om tlie j elisions but none as large as tlie re yesterday. , lone today. GEORGE I.OTT TURN'S PUO NEW VOtlK-Groree M. I.oll, of. «Hilfjgo, vffernn American "avis cup ptoyc-,. anil member cf Ihrce ivoild chiiiiijilon dou- ff.iuis, ilrirrlnl lht> ,auks nnd ttfjni'ii n -----li t 'for :i S l ,'0,- £i[Qr:inltr. svsrncT ir,- oi.n MVSTERY YOUK-A S |,j,R. C | In the of mysterious v OIDCC Itudd, who vanished June P. 1028, was l,eM at police Iii-nilqiLirtcrs lodnv Bly'hevillc Merchants emher Business ' «,.,,., ~ i ivn?J m "f,, n ' 51 '" "° "' 1 ' lln!i pre"" ll(lnv f llll> nc - lms " ct bcel1 'al to Ihc same dale tiici'cnnnts bpllovc thl 1 ; the extremely warn" vvcath year, int, business 1 3 , lm , c h uettci . , n cltv- Is shown -.J ... B.A.Lvncli, or the Parmers. Bank lareest September busl- -V to Highly Pei Cent! Annual Retinn on Jn^ vcslmont Fiequent ^ ,'' WA3mNC110N~DEe 13 '(Upj_ ! Wai time profits hj munitions man- ufaUimrs inngln^ up |o 302 perl cent on invested capital in a siu- Kle jeii ucie revealed toSay be- tore the jsnate misslohs !nvestt- r gntin? commiHee M '> Wltlilu 21 hours offer Pres'oenb! lo^svtit onin'-M a special bo^-di ' tlrnft hw s for profitless' and! ^Tr'fn! moljII'zaUon of re r oUrce- 'i t'me of MI t'le oommltt-> r»4 'nled Us mst njures on vvhat corporations made dm Ins tils'World v,nr ~ ' Statistics introduced showed prof-; 'Is or from 40 to 80 per c=~t.on l meitcd capital In single years were frequent i ("suits of llio speedy vw- llmo buvlng -»-! n mis te lined that many of the' moms which were not taxable in-! "" nfler doducl'on of nl'o eai plus-ten It tho Prlnco of Wiles Ilko lila ,'. • »«w-..,v^ u,, u, nr'j/^tin brolbei Piinci (leuit,e IH to bo tclns cnnlc f| om the disputed cost- lured Into iiintrlinoni, Iho lovnly '''"5-lcn p_i (.cnl sj-itcm ns-d in r_ensoii_ijiay lie tlm Oiand Ducbchs p«nii»Hi manj vvir contracts ' I ; ' Ioc JG2 p»i tent profit, according to the evidence \VRS made In 1918 by the" Bethlehem Loadini ram- Kirn (iiliuve) or llussla Pnrit rumors "nti their names In n new njynl romnuee. IE HUES Concenti ahon of Weallh Unclei New Piogiessive;, . DUTOHEB WASHfNOTON — Senator Borah -less, the store .ever".IwdAhowAc IS "'^ llls cllops nnti a " n ri Increase over 8ept«inber '1929 °^ {?r Progressives are predict! T n OctoVjer'lhe snioc'rt'^.^u^j' i,._.' hlce hot vvlntei past several years " rm , Is nnt'clpatin^ cven r vear In i9S 5 . nn d Is making predicting a any previous Octo'be'f'tmd"'iho ' So " ta t!Jtl " s came cnrI 5 ^'i' 1 " ol " i'cmhw business WRS more thnn g of :stalhtlcs He gave th" bojo " -•" ' enough,:fcdder \o last all through the next Oon?ress session. There's an. administration here which I pledged to partial rcdis trlbutlon of Income and iv"oHh Roosevelt has publicly assorted the necessity of II. Virtually everyone In the adminLslroilon supports the principle. Even conservatives 'admit tha* mal-dlstribution of the boodle !• one of the worst causes of our economic woes. 'The' progressives, of Insisted that' the New an even . — — •-' iniu i^ in y for n continuous goori months. Tbnt business Is Sa p"rcent bel 'cr than In m.% and 25 percent better than 1M2 Is the opliln „, Mr. Lynch who feds (hat 1D35 will show nn even brlehicr year Like other leading men of tlie It" he believes this |o j r ,,n !,». cnuse there b yet a largo amount „ , - — - "- "f colton being held wliicli, when n !llls tal ' cn m " rt "">WM nt Hi ci wnn 'old. will brln, much more 'monc? U>ln TlU.fUn.itu-. J . "The conflcicncc of the people has bean restored nnd they arc now wiling to ?,o ahead" E nld Mr Lynch who stated that tho bank 'as shown a substantial prowth with other buslnsss, which has been "inh 1033. more satisfactory than JonesWo Men Seek Oil In Poinsett County JONBSBORO, Ark._The Rock . uell Development company a D^I- avrar? corporation, lias teen orwn- i*.2d by toree Jono^boro men to drill near Harrlsburg, in Polnsstt conn- Gordon Crenshaw Is president of tlie company, Arthur L. Adams Is - anti The company holds of i ia(lses on between 15.000 and 20,000 acres o' Poinsstt county land. Drilling of a ttst n-ell north of Harrish'ir* near the sits of tha last well simi- by the Scott Drillin-! conmn? s»-- eral years ago, Is expected to ee' underway cnrly next year. Plan Joint Services for Hotel Fire So nlonu comas the Treasury to report that net incomes of a million dollars Or more increase:! from 20 in 1932 lo 45 In 1933. Which wouldn't b» so bad if tlia Treaswv hoiln't also reported that net Incomes of S5.000 or less Iiad drop-jed from S3 421 000 to S3 310 COO Cor poratlon income-s rose 35 p«r cent- Doifn Progressive Alley Of course Ihe Droimssivs. iw- Ing eagerly over these figures, point out that nearly 10 months of nn vvns In the Nssv Dial psriod—and that the old-fasbloned concsntra- lion of wealth trend wrtsn't even checked, What seems more Important- to lem U the fact that figures available for 1931 demonstrate unmistakably that Income statistics for the first full calendar, vear of the New Dsa! will-fas even more stirt- ling. Donsid Richber Jinny rt shlpbiillcliiig nrm Hoovr-r Cl>nii"rt ftirb on wA&HfNGTON, Dec 13 (UP)—' I tccfsTatlon designed to take the wont out of rcni for which Presl-' dent Tioosevclt set up a so-olol' onnnittce jestcrdav hns been, rtiaftcd foi nearly ' vo vcira (he Ucii'd Press lemneif today ' T The IcBlstetlon was dmftcd by] i tno v>ir policies commission Get' »P W foimer Piesldent Hoover! nnd hns formal aDnrmal of the jar and navy departments it (uvnfts only a sponsor to bilni It' ncthcH beiore, eonorcis ATmroiofl by SecretaHes > it includes bills lo diaft both mnnuoBer and capital In tho time of v,ar to limit profit- of muni- lions and «ai material firms to spprovlmateli 6 per cent, and to c ct uo coednl government agen-j c.c to coordnnte all manufacturing, purchasing, distribution and other VRI time activities of the government Tlin ent'rn nl»'> 1= nulir, .. ,„ a 100 page book entitled, 'Industrial Mobilljaclon Plan npuroverl by' r orniei Societalv of Wnr Patrick J Hurley Febiuarj 21, 1933, ana 01 former Secrctar\ of the Navy 1333, just a feu days before' goln" out of office The plan and pio'i-osed j^iam- tion npijirentl' were lost In-theM odmlnlstiatlon shuffle in tlie midsti "t the tonVin-! crisis and neari collnpse of industry nnd commerce 11 N'o Need of ConHlct WAbHINOTON, Dec 15 ( ^nator Bennett Ph. mp „,„,„. iDcm \fo), a member of the!I senate munltloa. committee, liald'f -f»er a White House visit today Hut he san no reason for con-'I Tct between the committee and "10 board named by President Roosevelt to draw no a pio^ram designed to take profit out of war Clark explained that the com- nittee as far as he uns concern-, ed, welcome^ the action by the has cited au- t'noritative figures shoving that profits of <*> industnal comr>an tn s rerort»d in"re"^es more than ew p;r c-nt, i' th' n »' hilf of l<mi_,. '-->•«• the flrt ilf of 133- forPl\n C nnps S47.050.COO to $33" 0"0 010 ' In n°mln* the Board. Snairrmn Gerald P N>e and SenT ator Vttndenber? (Reo, Michl, criticized the presidents action Clart represented Mr Rooseyelt as feeling that he de-ired fhe 1 board to he of everj possible aS-' Distance to the committee, and 'vice versa." Clark said he went-to the'White i irilv A o talK Over j affairs n n , „, Borah used s'mllar flares in Uatiie With ^ support of his charge that th I Democratic party had become Ihei SHANGHAI, China, Dsc. "'13 jl parly of big business. 1 (UP)— Five members of the crW! of tlie Chinese customs cruiser' dont til>c into ic LANSING, Mich., Dec. 13 (UP) -Joint memorial services for the victims of the Hold fire vvll) be leld here Saturday from 12:30 to count ineomes bs!o* $1000 n year which have teon increase:! or oro- vMsd in full by relief piynwnts T*, nnd advantages to farmers But I thcr're potent enough to assure I na ° Phelhel were killed today in ;a l\ battle with smugglers nt Shlrho- < w... , has sa|(l thc Jmug carried a that , . nounced today. The services will be held at the Plymouth Congregational nnd St ' George Sloan Resigns Textile Institute Post WEATHER Arkansas— Generally -fair tonight] and Friday, slightly : colder ,- to- ' nijht. . , Memphis and vlclnltj— Jlalr to- j much. Maiy's cluirchcs. Meantime the number of icnontl dend frevv rapidly v jvhen searches reached thc heart of th» rnins NEW YORK, Dec. 13 (UP)—' •li« lC more'n 5 M 'h^a 1 1^'"! Lan ; j Rcsl ?! latl011 of Gcorgo A. Sloan as TIio maMmiim temp»rature herevl M «irt? e < IHI thc ,' )oc)1( ' s of! president of the Cotton Textile jes'erday U3S 4o minimum IS,' 1 L 1 L U ?n g hose «*<" institute, effective Januan 1 hw clear, gcio^mg. to saraue, F Nor- lied or were fatally Injured In been accepted by the '\eeutUe ris, o«»«« r I night end Friday, not Iclianjo In temperature.

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