The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1932
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1932 PT-YTHE^!'- 7 -.:?. /ASK.) COU'^E". NEW* PACE C jABRIEllEEj FORBUSH •' DI;I;I» IIBIIK TOD.'.. I holding us ill up Ilk* this," lumM AMD* I'DMiuuv. •utdr <t«*J» tho Irate doctor. " = V/,\"m/Xe K ««>?"!.i;.fV'i "»oia ua alir To* caught at the — which lant yet— 'twill be sii or Icxaiulners osact and lurid »or*« komf, |.J»du rcnrfcf* Mat JMI •«- Icirc far >llc«, Im.ttmt l» *«« »!«• l;:i«|i, "llr iiu«fc«d me — • r«nll«l»K fcrr kit Irli-iS In tell ktr »» «P» mftatttm, ru*hr» u^alalr* to tfc* bftlrv.7. Simii-imr «l»|« l»fcl«* '"• "I" <• riilni. »<-r kntaiul. TOM, H(» IUT fnll tmA rd«bc» t» kvr. There nrt' rout tt**»"< [• ihe lioutv nnt ihrT "II iil'l'rnr. Tkc BarnU nit '' i.-rl'-ift VI T-i»'"i t: A IT A IN UK \<IS. bnni!>i>»« BrlRlnai MAHV1N I'l^AI"*'. forwrr HHltiir «f 1,1*4*'** ami I.IAN SIIA<KillM:sNr:V. Itl.k \rrlu*r. l-'arb «f (heiu Ua» war* rt'lrtl "Hli fMnnln Arao*. 1)11. I'MISIIVH »ke< ekircr. II )• iiKxiiiiird r4iu«lH Amok 1 4efllk »:t» arflilE'iirul mid Ikal l.lMria fnlntrU frntM «knvk Wkr» «k«'U Ui]:lM>' nlfle to Irll Tout irkHI kuti- lieiuNt Kkt> |>crHU:idrn kliu tluit Ikey ntiml krc|i Ibe f«ur KUC«|» wllh ihriuNini'l ikeT dlMeui'er wka l* tbv murdcrrr. There !»'•• evU Oi'nvr i>» n'hfrli to urrt'El aHjniie liul 'I'm" KMU l.lnJu l*i»t)i feel Ikal liur nf Ibe fimr IN KDitljr. Hn«- tilclun i>intilH l» l*r:ilt befavKC be ivn» OrNC to rrni'k I.Iniln nfler ftke HKlQtfiJt iinO in SltaDKhaeiMy Ix- r;iuxe Tom met klm nn Ihe groandt n rVir iiuinu-alx Ifllrr. 'I'lM IIANA- IIAft ut Ike lornl iiullre toree ar- NOW CO 0\ WITH Tilt! 5TOMV CIIAI'TEK XVI r\R. .PARSONS was angry. '"It's ^ that'bill fool Boyle trying t iiinl(o j.jltourjle!" he exclaimed "Wlia'l does 1(0 mean by such idlotl hchuvlor? Nol your fault, Tim, o cours:>—:" : "Let's all sit down." said Mnd; abruptly. This mystery seemci i:iorc than she could bear. Tb rtuMiir alid Tom both looked towan bc-r anxiously but she Ignored th .marching glances and spoke brlskl r.r,'il cheerfully 16 Tim. "What's l be matter, Tim? An wlr.t aliout Dr. Doyle?" Oralotully Officer Hanahan ad- dre.ued himself lo her. "lie tilnisilf phoned, ma'am," lie 1 salt), ."ii'ol 20 minutes ago. iDown off Orient Point, lie's been, with some friends on trip. They went yesterday morning and were tii come bark the Monday. Happened lie bethought himself to illll- phone his liouse, arid Mrs. Boyle tolil him' Dr. I'arspns liere was calling him up to report an accl- doci? So thin he tillipbones tuo sin'llnn hiirisilf and I lell him—lieu- pin' yer parrlon, ma'am—about Mie p'nn'r old felly fallin' often the little ' balcony-like. 'At oncet be : flle3 Into «L Itttherin' rage—" .( VHalf shot as usual, I" suppose, 1 interjected Ur. Parsons. . I. From.Tim's sheepish glance and qulckiy^ repressed grin they knew 1 : that tbe little doctor bad bit the mark". . "Ah, well, sir—'tis a holiday -tie's on—well, this timper—" " Yes, we know Boyle's timper- tesjjwj-. Bf;;tUat'* M «Beese tor words. "Th»t'« It, sir. TU—'t!a' igalnst he law you know to move the ody—" Forced to TO!C« tUe truth nd so place the blame, Tim crotchcd bis bead and glanced sldowise at tho fuiuing doctor. He as thinking perhaps ot the many luicb ttiat Irascible, kindly little man had lectured nlm for tUe »arl OU8 sins of growing boyhood. Tbe ables now were turned indeed! Vcs—yes, of course. I author- zed that. Perfect poppycock to say 1 couldn't! Does Boyla" suppose hat I'm going to leave a corpse out here for hours in th« hot sun—" "Easy, easy!" said Tom aoilously, but Parsons was beyond caring tor the layman's shocked reaction to :he ordinary difficulties of his pro fesslon. While he swigs whisky off In :ho Sound somewhere and bangs a line overboard pretending to Jig for bluoflsu? Too bad be hasn't fallen overboard long ago, except it'd b a raw deal for tho fish to be pol eoncd that way." rlu o'clock twfoi« they reach awn." "And these people mutt wait .1 that time!" Dr. Parsous ex- laded. H'i orderi, sir," Tim was not njojlng himself. "And that's lust bat Dr. Boyle hlmsilt was aftber sayiug. How many hare, yo rlslt- bere, ilri. Arc-rill, may I skt" rplM reverted witb what coul<! A hardly'bo called tact to-tb moot point ot the discussion. "So the body barlng'-been n IrregardicBS,- be continued jud dully, "and tbe County (Icdlcal Ei omiuer—which Is Dr. Boyle—ha Ing l»en superceded In his duties he hlmsllt—Dr. Boyle, ma'am—say be refuses to accept certification o the same as coming from wan no authorized by lilmstlt and orders me up here to detain all persons 1 tho bouao until such time as liimsilf may return for further examination." "Detain us?" 'When will he come?" 'And what doca that grafting whisky-swiillug old coot—" The doctor's question bad gathered too much emotional momcn- um txrachieve a graceful finish before Tim spoke again, answering Linda. "Some time late this afternoon, ma'am. Ho was just back on land after a morniii's lishin' aud hungry for lunch and so were the men with bin!. Mad he was—swearln' hiad—and would not hurry a step, he said, and the lot of ye could wait Ills' pleasure. He'll be bavin* his meal and collectin' his belongln's sir—".. This to Tom who tie op [lea'redAJo think would to some lie gree-.sympathize with the pollii clan's Interrupted holiday. "He am bis (rieuds will come back as the> went In the Automobile o* wan o them. 'Tti a four hour rld« «l-=v the raids being crowded-llfee on a count ol the holiday, and It they'l not be startin' till after lunch tim OU spoke slowly. He bad not failed to observe tho quickly elled sparkle ID Linda's cyci and .er flush of excitement. "Four men, Tim, to stay orer he weelc-end. They're all getting eady to go ot course. I was to ake them to tbe station for the 2 o'clock train. Will Dr. Doyle want to sea them too?" 'He said Ivlryone In the house Mr. Averill. Sure, 'tis JLE 'ormallty, but I wouldn't dare le .hem go after bis saying lie mus see Ivlryono bere. He'll bo aftbe askln' a few questions and lha will bo all." Ton'd better tell tlicm rlgh away, Tom," said Linda quietly K was all she could do to kee the exultation trom her voice This was nil "assist" sho had no expected. Until evening, anyho 1 —and perhaps that afternoon- Tom started upstairs, the stopped as another thought struc him. "Must they nil stay on the plac Tim? Is it—that official?" "Of course not, of course not began Dr. Parsons angrily. "Th Isn't arrest, my boy.. Even Boy wouldn't eipect to confine you o tbe bouse all day. ID fact, II meddling, Interfering, officious —offlclousness—!" Conscious that he was repeating himself, be sput- ercd oft Into silence. . Tim, accustomed to regarding he doctor's authority with a respect amounting almost to veneration, was glad enough to yield the joint. B. S Tom Etnrlcd upslaln hli mother, looklug 11 cuol ami olsed 03 thougb she were i(n' a olightful visit, came In tbe long •ascmcnt window which gave on o trout inwn. Tim, far inert onstralncd with this aristocratic member of the older order tban 1th tbo democratic younger gen- ratlou, hastened to inumblo lib pologlcs and farewells and dlsap- eared with a promise to return ben Dr. Doyle van Imminent, {atlileeu Averill greeted Ihc-doc- or with some surprise. "Dr. Parsons—did you have to orao back? Linda seems quite all Iglit again." Tbo doctor, too, seemed dccld- dly loj. peppery under bcr de- aclicd, somewhat amused survey. Little mlsundcrstumliug," he crumbled. "Tim called me u|i at lomo but 1 couldn't believe what said and came over bore to icar U for myself. It's true, though. That fool Boyle—he's county medical examiner. Mrs. Averill—a pollilcal Job and he pays about as much attention to it as a borsclly would—bus not up on his hlgb borso because—well, because I let them move the body this morning.' That isn't strictly legal. I should have hnd his par- mission or waited longer lo got it —and Boylo chooses to make trouble and say that no one can leave the house until he has questioned llicin nil." "Linda!" Kathleen Avorlll was entirely sympathetic ;is slid turned to tbe daughter who seemed expoctcdly calm under tills untoward Imp [ic n Ing. "What a sham el You'll have those—" "Sh, darlliiB!" Unda pointed upward wbero doors might lie open. "I don't mind—In fact, I'd a iltlio rather they were here!" "Gives you something to think about, 1 suppose," mused tliu older woman. "Not ba'i at that, was going to winder off "Oh, no, sir—it's as Dr. Parsons says. Nothln' but to ask a ew Questions, inspect the scene of tho accident and close the matter. So long as those who were In tbo bouse this mornln' when It happened are here for Dr. Boyle to talk to when be comes, 'twill be all right." ^'And you said he wouldn't be buds till after 0?" "Me said he would not hurry hlmsllf In the least for'any—for anybody," ilnisbed Tim weakly The others, knowing tbe subdued yet tierce, hatred ot tbe old-time political gang and Its henchmen fat the opposing element oC the summiS colony, recognized ft* caution which deleted the medica' Haylt Society—Personal ( Mr. mul Mrs. Loc I'lilllliw fire '•c imrrnts of u baby daughter Jrn Inst FrJdny. The little girl dulled six nonnds. Hubert. Dlvens, who has been king nn embalming course In St. cuts, hns returned home. Ellis Khoury of Wimloll visited ll!i friends here Monday nflcr- oon. Mrs. p. X. Shmvmclicr Is 111 mis ftk. Mrs. p. L. Lucked nntl ttaugh- r, Ncal. of Dell, Ark., wwc «ntsis ' Miss Junnlln Cm n Ford Tuesday. H. P. Grccmvcll iittcpded to bus- loss tu Memphis Monday. Mudnmos Jolin Hnnira mul "isliler, Snllle, and Wnde llanmi ( CarulhcrsvUli! and Mrs. Klch- rd Hiimra of Scnalh were guests f Mrs. Wolf Ktiourle and <tnugh- er, Edna, Siinclny afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tlicon sirock, who nve been In liculoii visiting rcln- lives, returned: home Monday evening. Mlsa Ernestine Llles ol Memphis sprat the week-end liere vlslllitu liei- fallKT, Emeit Liles, over tlio weekend. Mis. I,. V. McDonald and Mrs. Arnold Titclcer mid Leonard Tcas- Ivr visited with friends In Keimell Tuesday nheniopii, Mrs. J. E. Duncan Is 111 with llic flu lids week. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Whlliior en- (eilaiiu'd Ihe Tpwn ruul Country club with n biidiso parly Wednesday evening. Tlicro were three tables of sucsts presyM. High score prizes wcro awarded Mrs. I. D. McUi'i'inolt nml C. K. Ragiicr. Reiser News Notes Lawrence Hood of BlyUmvlllo visited Sis Wnt.son Sunday, They mo- tomt to Dlytlicvlllo for the show. Cecil White of Wilson is working In the drag atorc here while Mr. Urncltonl Is visiting Ills family In Little llock. Mrs. O. L. Nichols and daughter Uovls Dorothy ure siwiHllnj; the Thanksgiving holidays In Coino, Mlw., visiting Mr. tnd'Mn.'J. W. Woolen, Mr*. Nfchols ptrcnts They were [iccoriipviledby Mr and Mrs, Hurry Wektrrmn ot Blythevllle. Mr. Johnson of Wilson visited In Kclser Tuesday. accrue Tucker, Bill Dunn and Virginia Diimvaiit visited In Ely- UievlUc pimday night, : : Miss Ire no NIchoLi and Bob Chllrn aiwiil Sunday In Blythevllle visiting Mr. and Mis. Harry Weldmin. They were accompanied by Louise Tuclc- cr. . ' . • •' Hayti Basketball Teams Win Over Braffatkkit IIAYTf, Mo.—The Haytl lilgh school basketball loams defeated tlie Biuijgadocln teams Wednesday "Itjlit nl lirnugudocla and got off to n. flying start this season. The (jlfls won 35 lo U and the hoys triumphed pvcr the Braggadocio five, 43 to 17. The Jlayll girls ployed without Dieli' star center, Christine Homer, and Jewell AUui>, varsity forward, hut won handily. The Hnytl boys showed considerable Improvement over last year's form: TDty l^B-lo 8 •* and umph. • Martin the bfeheft-laaritfual' H*yti. ' in i«ry 'il pWnti If Courttr Dr.PaiiF.UcCitchci Dentist STtijJ!LE,MO. Phtme 85 my own bouse now but tyrbnp you'd like me to stay?" I "Not a bit ot It! You've done everything you could. You wer a dear lo get up at such an im godly hour anil lly to me! liosl and Anulo will moro or less tuke charge." Dr. I'arsona broke. In abruptly "Car'a here," ho said. "It could call it a car. Dro5 yoa oft l[ you like. Hop in. I've ^'01 a call to tnako out West Road." As tho two women kissed light*- ly tlicir eyes met is amusement. "I'll bop." s»!d Kathleen Averill with scrtflti dignity and left a smilirjc Linda who had for a ino- n«at forgotten, her crowding troubles. CECIM HERE TODAY All OS i'E.-inoUT, *Urrlj cooil. ot MMI.4 AVKK1I.I,. fnlll (o a!, rfrntli-- rram Ibe ae«a»<i flMr bal- vuny of.ibr A>«riLlBM,i»H|: lalnne hoinr. I.lnda rrarllra hlM joat hc- forr MP dim, In tlMC-<o bear Mat I.imla, rrhHxlnR her c«Bvla hnd frtrd to l«ll her be wna wr^ered, rixshr* cinttnlrA to the holeoiiy. Stimcone Rtrpa behind her, trlea !• faint. llrr hnMband, TUX. aera hrr fnll mid rUJthra In her. There Iher' till nnp^-ir. Tbe KQe»ta nrel 3111. STATLANUril. !.D*l«r» DIID- rlntc of T«m>l €APTAIX DE VOS, li n n ilia oni'e nelcln'l HABVIX i'HATT. fariner n^Ilar of .L1>da'ai jinil I,1AX SIIAUGHM:SSFY, Irlah iTrllrr. Enoh' nf tlipm-ham ^uar. reled with CovAfa Amvtt. l)!(. l'AHS(»S Liken charge. K In nxKiitned Counin Amu»' drnlk \vrn nceldralnl nnd that Mncta faJntcd frum Hfanck. When aae U flnnllr nlile In lell Tntu irhnt hnli- pcnixl xar [irntnndrx him (knl they muni keep Ibe fnnr Ruralu rrlth thrtu until Ihey HlnroTer Trkn Is the umrilrrcr. Tiiey are nncx- lircleillr nldrd In Ihln plnn when 1)11. 110VI.H, ofllelnl mrdlcnl ti- i:nilnrr, ^rntls ivnrd that ercry- nnc- In tbt lioaxc miul rcm.ijn un- 1U Tic bnn qttrxllnneil thrnt. llorle U nn tl fl«hlnp trip nnd cnM nnl rclurn fur neiernl hunra. KOW CO ON. WITH TUE STOHV CHAPTER XVH TN the Filence after the little ca ^ shot out ot the slono gatewa: Miida heard Tom cmcrginE froti one npsuilrs room and caught tb »orrtn, "very good ot you—" A no stopped at another door sh suddenly remembered that oni three of their guests were here I the house. Tom still, had one o them to notify as well as the on rrhum she had quartered in th "I'll run ever myself and le Mr. 'Sha'igbnosscy." she though impulsively and bad pushed th screen door open before somethin checker! her like tho touch of cold hand. She stood on the threshold their home and looked across tl road and littlo lawn toward tl narace. A silence so profout that it seemed to 1 have weight an i depth lay over tho peaceful lilt \ Eceiic, so clear was the day an Ibo air that clothed the world. Kach pebble in tho roadway stood out distinctly from its fellow, each blade ot grass held Itself erect and alone, unswept by tho slightest current ot air. Tbe garage—that was where she had started to go. And In the garage was it man.. Just an ordinary, pleasant, well-dressed, well- mannered man. Or rather perhaps libt <iuile ordinary, for genius—i£ lie was a genius—never is that. Certainly Lian Sbaughnessey, in both appearance and behtvlor, was rather unusual, though on tbe side ot distinction. What was there then about th« thougnt ot him that had stopped ber u though by an lavliibls bind? Six did not •, but tit kot* At wu pSy»l' lly Incapable ot lorcmg heraelt step into the roadway, valk :ross the lawn and go up that bort flight ot steps. In tact she iuld not even lace the idea ol it. swinging downstairs with •*• tbe satisfied air of one who as accomplished what ho set out do, found her sitting on the ttle ball bench and tie did not uess tbe effort it took her to mile n at him as he stopped be ore her. ' "How did they take it?" she en- ulrcd. "All right—I'll te'.l yon later— pstalrs." Sho nodded as bis oice dropped warningly. "I'll just run over to the ga- age now and tell Suaughnossey," o went on and the words, so ex- ctly her own thought ot tho moment before, brought her In- tantly to hei feet. ."I'll—I'll walk over with you." t was unbearable that Tom .hould gn off so cheerfully, alone, 1" 1NDA' was Btrolling toward the ^ house when Tom caught up with her. "So '.hat's all right, Eihks, my child," he said cheerfully. "Tbo beggar was still bait asleep when I left but ho knows he's to bLaj and since he hadn't made a move toward going so far as I could see— 1 ' "Well," Linda tried to bo Just. "Ho was up early this morning— as you remember!" "Yes—I remember." Instinctively they lowered their voices. "I told the others to ,come down whenever they were ready,' said Tom. "That you would be down to luncheon but would res' until then in your room." "Where you will Join me—lor our first conference," Linda answered grimly. "That's tho idea." "I'll go into the kilcben," she said. "I bavo to break tho news to Hosio and Annie that the bou'so party Is still on their hands. waj any evidence there against him it's gone. now. I reminded nto the little building that bad onco seemed so commonplace and now had grown so strangely alien. Disregarding his surprise, she valkcd primly beside him. If she alked her teeth would chutter and that would hurt her pride! But she was entirely willing to remain downstairs while he ran up I'll go up the back stairs and meet you In our room In five minutes. "Yc-cs," said Tom, stopping with his hand on the latcb ot tho door. "But Binka — he careful!" him we still had a lot ot Valcaka business to discuss and that appeared to reconcile him. Either really does want to finish what we're supposed to clean up this week-end or bo decided he'd better seem Lo want to. Marvin— I'm afraid I was pretty Ehort willi Marvin. Just told him the tacti nnd let it go nt that." _,, "How did bo act?" "Just tho samo. He'd be a good ono to conceal a guilty secret because he always acts as If ho bad one, nnd EO gradually you get used to it. When I knocked ho opened tbo door and blocked it omplctely. I couldn't sco Into lie room, and somehow 1 had tho ilfl'a ho didn't want mo to. It ight bavo been just my Imagina- ion. I—well, it wasn't any too asy for me to be civil and I can't lonestly say I noticed much about lira. Ho was stiK nnd had that air of holding something back, as remember. In other words, quite himself. Then 1 went next door to DeVos. Ho was also finite imscir, which meant that he was very pleasant and courteous, as- ind knocked on tho door and, standing on Mho first step of the little flight, she bad no need to strain her ears to catch Torc'3 part, at least, ot the conversation. "Hollo, Shaugbnessey! Oh, sorry—didn't mean to wake you up!" (Ho could sleep, exhausted, whatever had happened this morning! ) "1 won't be a moment. Just wanted to ask you if you would mind staying on the rest ot the day. There's been a littlo misunderstanding about the accident tbls morning. Our doctor's a bit apt to go his own way regardless of the regulations and lie shouldn't bavo permitted tho body to be moved BO quickly. Ho okayed our taking it to Tort and now that's got us all in dutch. The county medical eiamlner is awny but bo's coming back and, just to show bo's boss, he's ordered us nil to slay until ho can go over the ground and go through the proper formalities. He's duo around dinner time so it you don't mind—" Then a sleepy murmur and •when Tom spoko again his voice sounded decidedly relieved. "That's fine. Luncheon won't be for an hour or so. Will you feel like coming over or would you rather—?" Again the murmur and again Tom sounded relieved. "Good! JVe'll !o»S lor you at l tain.":, • "What could possibly happen In five minutes — ?" Sba stopped. What had happened In five minutes, early that still, hot morn- Ing? Not trusting herself to speak, she nodded nnd burric< over tho grass toward the service entrance. She presumed she gave IntcllI gent directions, for after the! first expression ot concern ncithc Ilosio nor Annie seemed to regan her with any dcgreo of alarm. Du unli' eho got upstairs again safely and without meeting any one — she moved with abstractei baste, her mind concentrated on that fierce desire to see Tom again — „ "B p r.toly Tom-w ! T-"^Jl"^ ? "'°' r . 6 !l .e's said and done, ever since cret, urgent, dangerous hunt for her cousin's murderer, still within her house. • * • AT her husband's step in the hall **• Linda flung open tbe door eagerly and he was hardly inside and tho door closed beforo she spoke. "Tom—do any of them Ecem alarmed |>y this business about Dr. IJoyle? Did you get anything from the way they took lit" "No. Each one took It differ enlly but all took it well. I blamed poor old Parsons pretty heavily and emphasized tbe fact that it was only a formality. At first Statlander was distinctly dis agreeabla but that could ba laid to bit dislike ot having hl» plans up set twice In rapid succession. Hi wu ill ready to leave and bl -•am VM n*at M t pin. It tier sured me he qnlto understood and :hat anything that made it easier tor us was agreeable to him. He did ask about going off the grounds and I found be bad a data with Fleur Slouer early lull afternoon—" "Yon might know slie'd havi her hooks In him!" "And he'd thought lie might simply check his bag at too tita- tion and go up lo town later. Ho'd noticed tbe Inn across tho road there nnd bad meant to stop there for lunch without bolhering us." "Thoughtful! 'And Mr. ShailRli- nessey we know about—so that's that! And now wo must think ot what ho arrived. We'll start—" We'll start with Pralt." E.itd Tom grimly. "After all, be was there and that teems fairly Important." "It is indeed," agreed Unda. 'Don't think I entirely bar him out, But remrmber, too. his room is nearest Cousin Amos' nnd it's perfectly possible 1m heard tne [all. And auyono who really had tried to strangle mo wouldn't have waited while you swam In, ran across tho lawn and carno upstairs." "He might slay from bravado, Just because no one would think ho would. Anyho'w, wo have tbat on him definitely and TTO bavo nothing on any other," ., "Oh, yea, we havo. Pji PS 8 otter man."/ ,<*> NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. 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