The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1934
Page 6
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PAG?, OF ST. THE Venerable Conch Who Neva Played Competitive Ball Inspired Teams BY PHIL SINNOTT NBA Service Staff Writer SAN FRANCISCO-Tile Qarls nf Stint. Maryv, colic*, hau\ for Hit- last time, swai nifd out on lhi> field to the battle-cry -no nut 1,111) win for. B, Agnon!" ror "B Aimoir tin- Clif-iU Referee's whistle Die dny Morf. |j, e paels battled:, Simla Clara in a driving rain In tlit "Little Big flame" here. T?ili w-i 1 ; (hr- im- al game ''101- n A^non." md j'i , 0 . suited In a 1-g victory. The passing O r Brother Agnon rnus one of [he most remarkable Rt'iletlc caieors or a mm who new was a competing athlete; or a crea- tbi of an astounding list, of major league ball plnjcn «ho never n!rty- cd even seit,l-profcwlonnl ball Bon, John McCnun, In N< w York ™ur 78lye ? r ' ; aK °' mi(1 brought li) OiUlfornla In a covered Aason, hul joined the Christian Brothers in 8T1 in 1877 he was nssigu-d to' the faculty of Saint Mary-5 Collc-ir and was v,lth the sc);ool imli) liK •loath All through the tears I,: was the iplrli of saint Mnrs's In- caretako of ils li-ndltfon-, mi<| historian of iu ipjrts activities One of Brother Agiion's early players was Clinilcy Ocjsm He >f° fto ™ d OcgBiis, who joined th- Washington club in iew Throe icars later Jim rognrty went from Saint ivfnrv's to play with Philadelphia nnd „),"))(; j,,,, Col(l(lt( W(IJ winning ramc as a lighter. hl« broiher Joe, ,,chleved such polish jmdcr Brother Agnon dm the lm . Mortal Baltlrnoie Orioles took him ,D1 188? Agnon's Ilsl Impro^ Dutch Uonard went „!<«,„ , to aid Iho Red sax > iM „ ' 1 *"^ «c»t' l« other* ' "'"' llLr0!lrc <- f( ™' feddio Burns nnd >joe to the Phillies; Tom I,. ami George Wilson, to n Vl i. Ed Wilkinson" -_-f. F ddl- Halllnan a'nd°Lar- ry BetUmcourt, to the Browns' s^iW^^r"*"'' x ""-" to the White sox. «,«, uan 1 am! Prank rci B «M)n. to the Listened aiul Learned SHOP orKiddies for Family A fresh stock..of JACOBS CANDIES PARKHURST CO The.. Into Brother ARnon, ruinous alhletti. and cn.ich-of many m/ijiir league -tali : ; • " lesson In battlni! Saint Mary's colle !{ , -• On Tlie Outside Looking In the revival of oolbau nt lv Callfoinla s'liiiU s'vwig into the game .But „',»• ii bc<!n f ° r Biolhcr AK- non the college Mould hate out In a Juui-y wial^AiiQ 80 ' 3 scl , ledllll!d a 8»i"c der. team In 1920, „,„( H i' r ' 0n * on .-" pd under 127-0' Af tc r lhal"°lhc boys turned in their uniforms f,uf, Ti Br , C '.' lw Ag " on refused-if wmi. Me lot out a \cibal bl.i^f ( u- i hp '" 5 " s amuhej W er-' •nai _tn»y tinned back Ol> . „ lion In. their lapel/ the Masonic iracr lircdomiiiallnR. "In the Hug, wlille-at K-oi-fc,-you ec them as 'nieanles' nnd other oiigh titles hung on them bv the papar boys; u llt they give you'what pay to see. Wrestlers and fight•"•" "' necessity men of brawn """" w" 1 appear to ad- dovrn!'' d <B> at Icns ' on ° lo " cn - or other phik (« Crooncrs and Coiiieiltans Mortem wrestlers Imve.bccii gcn- jiilly heralded as master showmen, leiie writes that some ,b[ the boys' *XH ,r, ° f Dymbllr & cn " do jrclty well (or then--' - - " m Marj's uatlle-crj' rotted ou t ln fl)eels Brothe Kn °X C^THrj^ful Over NejoYear's Team GALESBURG I)! r o c the aid of Coach Lloyd urlrv d Athletic- Dlrecto, 5 6ean Tre- It »as IcAmed Corrou . 216 pound , . poun wwe n cousin of Burdlck and his n con.«derable ability on tl,c team this jear James Trevor Is anothei promising tackle on- ,U>« frcsliniai'i Bquad He tip. the «at, sTt pound* and is reUUd to the a By "DUKE" 'Off the Stajc" Muucle Pigue, who scribbles •Sportographs" for the Dycrsburi; (•Tenn.) Dally Gazette nnd proudly Ji-oclalins Dyeribtirg as "The Capital City or Wrestllng.-glvcs Mme ntcrestlnir sidelights as the activities nf.Uiosc-who follow the Wunl and groan "racket \vhlle on dnly. •It seems thnt Dvorsburg is a'sort jf -headquarters for members of HID ear-scrambling - fraternity who • psr- fpriiied on various circull's jn' this section.: . -Whelhev,, the boys' Imvo from'. Hiplcy. where -a ..— iiiiniber.'or Uic'm-used I>ass away idle.hour* or whether ts.:anothfr. gvonp that hondnunr- (crs at - Dyei-sbUrp, is" not known •-Here • are ;some• of Plgiic's com- .•"O'nUiidc the ring yoii'll nnd no liilctor or more. 8«Hlciim'uly-'«el of men, anywhere. .The 'majority'- of mem -arc'married-and' arc' accompanied: by-then- wives about (he cir- TIM! - Mnr* «!• t\.- ,, the In- Al A nanac tt*5'-John<Jay, First Chief /Justite op tt Supreme Court, wife of Napolecwi, boni. i; lhat'was n^nbc'kout^'A mys- y sk .onlltlcd.yTl.c.Hach'.Sk- fi and Ihc Polar Bear.' was cleverly enacted; by <-shaft,; and :i) V rd o close ths evening." : ; Take Your : Cholce Karl E. Parker and his American Logon•WeStllng-cdn.hiUftb tnslsl" u : l .f losi ' , wll ° '"vcr have seen a wreslllng show tire missing S0 me- h «g. There's iiotlilnjr else like it ? agreesfu" Walnut-Cedlir chosl.s " BeantlfiU walrnit finish -Cedar Chests, single or double dee): style.., A girt that any woman will appreciate... All moderately priced. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. + * .+ '-'• ' Such gifts as c&mpacts, wntch- cs, rings, necklaces, weekend bigs, purses and other gifk can be found at • ' Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler .+ '. +' * ! " . IX)VELY GIFTS OF ' PERMANENCE. . ; WATCHES DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PBNC1I, SETS... STERLING AND PLATED SILVERWARE. OUARD'S JEWJ7LR.Y STORI; IF YOU WANT; TO GIVE SOME17IING REAL PERFECT Make It. •.''••• Daniel Green HOILSO Slippers for Her ov for Him BOOTERY Good Shoes (UKl Hosiery fragrant FIOWERS— ino.'it appropriiitfi gift. never rjllend old or s. Telegrnphcd any'wliwc. HBATON'S" HOMK OF Ff.OWEJJ.S ' * '* '• *• ' The Gift Supreme The modern servant that banishes kitchen ' drudgery... the nevv. Hotpolnt Range with hl- sjiccd Calrod mills... sold on convenient terms If desired. Several models ^to .-select from ARKANSAS-MISSOURI ' POWER CO. - "At 'Your VISIT OUR TOYLANB Big stock of new toys, of all kinds at PARKHURST'S * * * TOYLAND;NOW QPftN Mothers and Fathers.' as'wf-11 as children will enjoy a visit in our complete Toy Department. •r. C. PENNEY CO. A COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT— for all ages. Everything moderately priced OBERST STORE CO. + + * here who _ _ __ Noble Kizer'g Pwdue Teams Have Good Record T ATTI ^>-TW fJ .-L"~ — "" ^ F AYETTE, md. (UP)-u,,rh, ? • ,,f fl ™ ff ars -?s head coach ftt Fur- Noblp - Kltcr's t enms have won ft BB * B "" ' vc show, that eer mon broadcnsllng out of St. Louis He ' 11 " 150 '" ot "° - conip.inied-^. w , ^ voice saumlay night 'tolng O nc l^.^a^'^rSliln: nont CofTee Shop'ror n snialfphrly \Vil °°^ By th ° OId Mill Stream,' When It's Springtime in .Iho Rock-' Id- -Ktte well received, but when,I : Jarred down on 'Shine On Hnr-11 •si Moon.' the famous Hull, Et- I . * * i w en poniUn hts first year. ; JACKETS Zipper : style,' V : jlght -':•<)>• darl; brovm, $10. - ' .". •" •••:•': New Mead Clothing Co. •!'•. ". *• . * •*;' :: -" '• Dear. : : We ' know lots of -.mile. Rlrls.. niul'vblg ones who- want a "permanent, -for Christinas. How about It? : '- MAROARET DEEN. BEAUTY ..'...• SHOPP'E : : . • * + •*'•..• -, GIFTS SftE'LL ADORE Alomkers. Perfume sets, Bridge Cards. Compacts, . '; Pnngbiirn's Candles, Houblgant and Coty's Perfume Sets, Heating Pads and other acceptable gifts. BELL'3 PHARMACY * . * + BEAUTY BRINOS HAPPINESS f If you veally want to'innk;- her happy this chrislmns Include in your gifts one of our permanent troves. GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE * + + GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Satin and Crepe Negligees Velvet and Corduroy Robes... Corduroy and Crepe Pajamas ...Satin and Crepe Undies .THE 'FAMOUS ; '. ' Joe Applebanm s Hnndbags for Auntie! Handbags for Mother! Handbags for the.Little .Woman! Little evening delights too, Jii metals and sequins, aiul broca.des, that will bring lasting pleasure. Every feminine .name on yonr list can ,Uu checked" with a smart I!.iiidliag ••- from the '' ' NEW YORK .STORE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. Dm. PERMANENT;.^' POSITION WANTED For man between 26 nnd W years old, position . as Salesman In Blythcville of New, Low-Priced Cars and Tnicks. No 'investment on part of salesman. Weekly -salary nnd commission on everything sold. If you do not like yoi.r present Job nnd -want n iwsition that offers permanent employment nnd opportunity for advancement, consider this offer. Tnformallon from ybii treated slVlclly conflden- linl. if Interested, write in delnll your business experience, age, special abll- ; Hy. etc. No prior sale* ex; perience needed. Write to: Courier News LOW-BOV . MAKER Bakes golden brown exactly to your taste. Heat Indicator tells when to pour^ batter. Patented expansion hinge allows batter to raise Beautifully finished In chroii- ium plate - - 5555. HUBBARD. HARDWARE CO. ' SILK HOSE. ALWAYS - -ACCEPTABLE Especially if it's (lip new sheer-clear Allen A. . . 750 to $1.35. . . also ladles Hour* Slippers at popular prices. At the Nfiw York Store FLOYD A. WHITE or'mm + * •#•;..': - He Needs aioves and we have a large selection of Kidsklns and Imitation Pigskin at 98c. Jl.49 and $1.98... Lined or Unlined. J. C. PENNEY CO. ' '•.-'" •* -•* :•+' \'"" Sports Equipment Oolf Clubs, Bags. and Bails.. Guns of every description.. Exercising equipment of all kinds. ..Hunting clothes and accessories... All Moderately Priced! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. LOUNQINO ROBES Black Hat crepe with contrasl- ing trims. $10. New Mead Clothing Co. + + * PAT O'BRYANT, jeweler, sug-.. gcsts bill folds, fountain pe'ns,'' pencils, rings, fitted zipper seis, : cigarette cases, lighters, watch- , .cs, chains and bands. -At Haynes* Men's Shop can be found gifts for the "mon" from. 25c up. M Qy we -. suggest handkerchiefs, ties, pa- Jamas, - shirts, scarfs, lounging robes, hats, belts and buckles? 1 Sec -our stock before, making four '-selection. • -.-.- , ' PURE SILK PAJAMAS •All , colors, plain models J5, • Wllnglng styles {5.50. . - Mead Clothing Co. .'•• Tor Him We Su««t •'•• ; A IMiK, cigars. Shaving Set •or Shaefter Fountain Peri i h; BEU,'S PHARMACY . '" '•'+*+• '...'. A Comfortable Chair for Dadl i 0 *' '', c ,' d , tove n comfortable chair all his own... You'll find . all styles, sizes nnd prices In : our complete stock HUBBARD FURNITURE CO We Have Whit They Want! Skates. Tricycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Coaster Wagoas, Buddy Bikra, .22 Rifles (Stevens, Hamilton nnd - Springfield), Pocket Knives, Flashlights Watches, Hunting Knives, Buck Jones Air Rifles and Scout Knives and Axes, Includin" carrier, . ; . Burke Hardware Co. r "We Sell for Less"" .^ - ..',+;'-."*•-+ ; . ' ^ Visit ;blir toyland.". We spcclnl- ;rioils' 'and toys of all kinds. LOW, PRICES • ; ..;!. ROSENTHAL, INC. TOYLAND- IS' OPEN Dok; .Teddy. Bears,- Trucks Popguns/'rAirplariBs. -Fire •-•£»- •glnes, -TqoV-j'Ciiesls, ' Oanies Chemical ,Se'ts,-' 'Pi'izzles.-- piny Houses.. Doll Dkhei, '"Sewln"- Sets. -.Trlcyclesi'.'wagons; Doll Buggies, .Tables and Chairs Story" Books', Christmas' Candles and .other interesting Toys -BEN ; FRANKLIN STORE ' -• OViylnmi'. 1 .Door . Ensli REALISTIC • ,;FLO\VF,nS-rar- tages, vases and potted plant* Call 428-J. MRS. OF.O. W. HARHAM ''•'.'•* : * * SHOP EARLY! you will J re •pleased with our selection of ladies 1 , men's, and children* clothing and gift goad';, Rea' sonably priced. . I. ROSENTHAL, INC. * * * ATTENTION MEN! A small cash payment will give your wife. (he. perfect gift— A HOME, see our list ing's. Thomas Land Co. + •*•*, . THE IDEAL- GIFT A theatre Coupon book fov Ihn family or friends; $2.50 nnd $5 Good Any Time! Rit?. and Roxy Theaters ELECTRIC percolators, toasters, heating pads, lamps, vac- nlators, sweepers, waffle Irons. POPULAR PRICES. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP * * + ; Sec our mammotli-. sloclf- of Quality Gifts, tarsest and most complete in ff" r lh- east Arkansas. "Everything von wnnt." PARKJIimST CO. A THRILLING ^ —one llml : will hrhig many hours of happiness aud pleas- tire— a • nevv DOD6E. PLV- MOJJTH.rOi- CHRYSLER ... A.niiTlca's.'iriosf. beautiful crirs. Barneti Aiito Sales : • . Phone 848 Crystal wa're-^ll.shcs - ,riu f - j ware-lainjw—to mnij c ,,,^ "Home Beautiful." Pat O'BryanI', Jeweler • * + + America's Finest Glftl Karpen Living Room Furniture ...Made to endure ihrou»lm»t Ihc ages...single, pieces Q complete suites. HUBBARD PURN/TURE CO * + + Have your PORN1TURE - up^If^'i^J?'' 31 ^ *»• « P«- •'. W. JENKINS & RON l!C S. R..R._pl)6ne 139 SMOKERS CEDAR CHESTS LAMPS LOUNGE CHAIRS TABLES SECRETARY" CHAIRS MAGAZINE RACKS . ROCKERS CHILD'S ROCKERS RUGS TAYLOR TOTS UESKS MATTRESSES . .MIRRORS AJid niiuiy other items ,. .CHARLES S. LEMONS Household Furniture Modwnlclv,' Priced " / * +.,+ **™i BLANKETS ;~J 70x80 Deep Knap Double B]an- \| kets in a wide Section of -beautiful plaids. 50 per cent I ^ l .•ool - - .$4.98 J. C. PENNEY CO. *' + ''+• . . I •Hndlos and Miislcal -instruments • . PARfOJURST CO. . , ' i forH HURRY! HORRYI Right now we have almost every kind of a Bicycle, Tricycle nnd Wagon, but we advise Immediate selection as replacements are hard to get this year. HUBS ARD HARDWARE CO. Every child Needs One of course, U'.f Ihe new I. E. s. Study Lamp-"Bctter light means better sight"— Ploor nnd Table Models.'..;. Buy Prom Your Dealer or ARKA^f3A3-^^SSOURI , . • : POWER CO. ..' '-At Your Service' FOR BOYS AND. GIRLS Bicycles, Wagbns, Desks, Doll Cabs, Dolls, Toys of all kinds KlrkindAll's' 5c * ,'lte Store Bicycle .Tlres, Horns, Saddles, Baskets, Handle Grips. Spokes, Wheels, Rims, Brake ParU, Repairing. CARNEY'S SHOP, 113 S. First, Phone 6«. ome ':. *'. .*. * HOLIDAY SPECIAL $7.50 Guitars $5.95 PARKHURST CO. + + * Cut .flowers or blooming plants give Xmas cheer In the home. Place your order early. HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS ALL SIZES Xmas Tree ON STANDS. Special prices. Place orders early. SI2 W. Davis Call 670-J. * * + Constant Enjoyment for the entire family with Hotpolnt Automatic Electric Water Heat- . or In' (he home... let IB give you the details. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" Giftsqf Permanence A Westlnghoiise ELECTRIC Range or RADIO would be a perfect gift. • Walpole Electric Shop . * •* + The perfect gift. One 8x10 inted In oil and three 4x3 por- Irr.lts—$5. . Belt's Art Studio Permanent wrcolhs for Iho cemetery. Remeiiiber departed loved ones at Xmas. HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS Remember there is only 10 move shopping days . between now and Christmas. Only leh more shopping days until Christmas. '•; Shop now! i

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