The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 2
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s (AKK.) counnsii NEWS Social Calendar »- FRIDAY'S EVENTS ' Stated meeting of Order of tlic Eastjru Star at tliMmll at 7:30. Maple Grove Cemetery Associa- tion'' ha\lng silver dinner at Wa- mad;s club, 12 o'clock. • Maple Grove Cemeteiy Association-meeting with Mrs. J. W. S!>ovi$e, 2:30 pm Mrs John R>SMI and MIS W. M. »-Bla)lock ciiteitalnlng Dorcas SuntjKy' school class, First Baptist chuffili, at social room ol chinch 2:30 i> p in Jcutsh Society . ^ Vi^ Plain, Bingo Party Tlie Jewish .Aid society has announced it will have;a bingo party Wednesday Viight at the social hall' of the Church'.-.of the Im, ! maculate Conception. Tile game, I* v>hioh will cost 35 cents, will bc- *f gin Jat 7-30 o'clock. A ' • ' ' * fcf I'laii ,A Dinner s ^ At jVoman's Club Members of the Dogwood Home "Dcmonstullon club will have a dinner party nt the Woman's club Thursday, March 25, when husbands of membeis \U11 be guesis , * • * En(er(a!n Club, \ ' ••* i Uucsts at Varly ' Mrs. Rodney L. Banister entertained menibcis of the Thuis- Shows Weakness in Partner's {jSuil by Rid of One No Trump 'Mits is (lie third of a scries of iiy articles ati the principles of Milillng- largely used by (our- nanuiil stars, discussed by R, Gallon Churchill In his book, "Contract lilddliis Tactics at Miiloli I'olnt Play." Hi' WM. K. McKK.VNKY Sirrctarj-, Aincrlran IStlilee .I.caeue Mast bridge authorities would fnvor n two diamond bid, with North's holding, after South had opened with one spade. Churchill, In his analysis of the bidding, nd- mtts that this would be his response If he held neutral support for Soulh's opening bid, such as Ihrec small cards in llie suit. nut with only two spades, he dcclaies thai he should -first hang out the 'ei easy" signal, by making the "danger sign" bid "of one no trump, later showing the diamonds, when Soulli rcblds. The "danger sign" bid advocal- dayi Contract, club and several guesUs with a bridge luncheon >es-' terday Guests weie Mis Walker 'H, bakei Mis. J. H. Elktns, MJS t Russell Fan, .M ls Henry Hum- r f phrejs and Mrs Jesse Tayloi She served at small tables In her living room, y,h!ch wns aKOr . atcd with jonquils nnd other spring blossoms the card games Mrs J T ' Philhns won pillow slips foi ' the club prize and in,. eucs t » V VM<1, 'double deck of cards, went lo Mis Baker " Has! Club Party ' Members of .the,,,, Mld-Week Biidgc club' and" one guest, Mrs A B RiMeld, «ere guests of Mrs. • 2' V, Hwhln s foi a party at llie Rustic in,, this „«*. Sh l SC1 ;'^ steak dinners in the prl\ate dining loom. In the bridge games which followed Mis w. L Homer «o.i a \ase for the piize. •Has Bridge Club 'Mis, -Joseph' w Parker Had the icmn and Colmlry Bl|(lgo clul) jnursnny afternoon «l,cn MVs csuthrie King «on high score A Plate lunch was sen eel 'Mas "New,Orleans' Part> iNCT' Orlrans, with Us colorful atmosphere, H.IS the, theme cai- ricd out by Mrs. W D McCluikin h IH enf f rlallltn f «<e Thmsday bridge club this neck She recent l.v leturncd from a visit Ihm She used Jonquils and forssthta o decorate her liUng room, 5 ih" tallies ^ere of famous N™ r>r- of New Orleans •_i1 the car " games pillow slips, from tlic same city, went to'Mrs, toy Welch and the one guesl, Mrs Ifajes Oowan of Memphis, was presented a handkerchief na a souvenir from New Orleans. Mrs, Cowan'Is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Sue Brown, at t.uxorn. * » • Nuyarciifi Jiinhir Socltly Meets. The Junior Missionary Society of tlic Pli'sl chui'Cli of the Nnnueno met Saturday alternoon at the church when thcso olllccrs wei'3 elecled: Willard Evans, president; May Lovelace, secretary; Hubv Collier, treasurer; Eviiestlne smith, reporter; Virginia St!!es, llowcr iinut treasurer; Vivian Brock, program committee chairman. Mis Onhella McGregor (old,a 'lory ot a, missionary girl In Afr(ca. Af(er, the meeting she'YlookYlhc members for a ride through'walker Park •. • •' .•- Clulr.Ellterlalnccl. .' Mis Byrqn Morse.n-oh liljli and Mrs A G Little, second high, In the card games which followed the Thursday Luncheon club this week when Mrs nu'sseil plillllps «-as hostess She used thc'Stilni Patrick holi- dav Idea hi decorating lier table ftlth gay placej cards and Jonquils. Mrs c R Babcock "was a guest. *.•••'-;.* Melhortlst Business Wcnicn Ha\ e Meeting. . ' v Members of the' Business Women's circle of the First Methodist church heaid a program "on Japan In a meeting last night nt th- chmcii. Miss Mary. Hubler \vns leader of .the program'!!)• which-Mr*" O B Qi.elhnalz and Mrs'. Herman Rimer told of missionary w ork In this country, Mrs. H. B Cnmpbsll rlajcd a piano solo and MM. Joe Trleschmnii sang a solo: Tlic hostesses,' : Misses Monta Hughes and Grace Phelps, served » salad plate with caiwjws after he business session, presided over b > Miss Mary Ciimmlngs, president. cd" here by Churchill Is his own Invention, oilier authorities pro- fciring to shovv'A biddable suit of five cards over an opening bid The principle he expounds, how ever, is still a subject of great dls cusston oniotiK ex|>eils. .• Many would prefer to show the Bits of News Mostly Personal AKQJ84 VAK « J + AQ965 Duplicate—None vulnerable. Soulh West Norlh East J* Pass IN.T. Pass ? + Pass 3 » ( pass 3N.T. Pass Pnjs Pass Opening lead—V<. ij dlnmond suit, while others would follow Cluirelilll's Idea and sun- nrcss'ns good a nve-card. stilb'.-as NOI Hi' holds, • when • lacking - support for partner's bid. with ine Imcn- tloii of showing llie suit - on <« u later round of bidding, of couise North, wilh his holding, does noi want to piny the hand nt game unless' South forces. Even though Norlh flashed n red light, -winilng of danger ahead, South felt Hint hp hud to "inkc n forcing-Md-oil-fli(} tlBjtll rmmcl. Now (Jlnircnili says tne dlnmond suit should 'be bid,' tmd wltn the Infonnntlaii that North cnnnot support either milt -by South, llie lallcr should be content (o piny the hand in n no '-'•nip game. Today's Contract Problem After Soulli lias opened the bidding wilh one club, should .Norlh supporl clubs or bid his four-card heari suit? • NOHTI1 * A 6 VK 752 . • ' '••••>*' • K-3' J ; . . + Q 9 5 4 2 - \ ; (' E. and W. vulnerable, '' Solution in next issue. * 12 I'ollcc Station No O. (UP)-Mnyor diaries S. YingllDB, wn( e( | j,, tnc poii,.,, stntlon. looked up to greet n-\vo- mnn • visitor who nsked for nn nct- vcrltslng cnlendnr, under the lin- 1'iessloii i)ie Jmd entered RII nn- rtcrtnkiiig cslnUlsliinciit. she said Ehe had been misled by n thermometer outside the floor which bore the name of a frniemi director. Mrs. I'rcston Alley'was admitted to llie Memphis Methodist' hospital yesterday. , Mrs. W. P. Coolcy, formerly of i here nnd now of Joiner, Is under-- 1 gotnc trealmein at the Memphis Methodist hospital, Mr. and Mrs. w. o. Oticrln and family were called 'lo Hot Springs yesterday because of : lhe death 'of Mr. auerln's father who died from a heart attack. Mrs. Georgia Ballc) bus gone to Campbell and Charleston, Mo. .to visit relatives for leii days. Mrs. Bernard Qooch is recuper- nllns rapidly at her home following an operation performed at the [Memphis Methodist hospital. Shells now able to have .company. I Mrs. Mali Moiiiiglum ftlld . daughters,-' Barbara - nm i Rosemary land Mi*;. Rure Jone.s ana son are in Memphis today, going down es- • liMlnlly to sec Colleen Jkfoore's 'Doll House." I Miss Inez Thompson, who has been spending four weeks in Orlando and'West Palm Beach Fla Is expected to arrive home tomorrow, ...,,:': 0. M. Wilson hns gone lo Tiilsa own, to attend a district meeting of tlie Bnrasdnll Oil .Co. Miss Kathleen Hcsslc and her cousin, Miss Helen Mitchell, spent yesterday In Memphis. Dr. M. o. Usrey, .who has been 111 .several weeks, l.v resting very well nt his home. 1 . Mr. nnd Mrs. Pi-anfc- 1 Klein, or nixon, III., were guests of Mr find Mis. Harry W. 'Hufnes overnight. They were cnroute to Hot Springs. Mrs. B. R. Allen and grandson Hrent to Memphis today lo spend ,i,?e weekend willi relatives Mr nnd •- Airs. B. J. Allen and son, motored (hem down today mid they went to sec the "Doll House." Mrs. W. C. Lcggclt' and daugli- •Lcggcll's parents, Mr. and Mrs t«r, Miss Louise, are visiting Mrs N. E. Parks, and other relatives nl Oxford. Miss. Eric Bollard was taken to the MempMs Methodist hospital last nlglit in n Cobb -ambulance He tins been ill nbont two weeks and bis condition became very serious u snort time before he was Itikei'v to. Memphis, lie was'accompanied >V his mother, Mrs. J. s. Bollard and a iiurEC, and his condition teeamc so much more serious at Wilson that, a i physician was ob! J, C . 1 - e '.' c to "ceompany him Airs. It.-.B.-.''Campbell has re- tmned from Liltle Rock where Vin visited her son and. daughter, ^elty Anne, and Bobby, for several days. 'Miss Grace Moullrie was h, Memphis yesterday..- ; 1 ^Ilss^ Earlcne Cleaves, of Dart- letl, Temi., will spend the weekend here as the guest of Miss 'Jnmtc Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. Louis' Applebaum and Mrs..Meyer Graber spent yesterday In Memphis. • Mrs. C, E. Crlgger, Mrs. Charles Crigger Jr., and son, Clinrle.s, were In Memhls yesterday to see the "Boll House," v Airs, A. M. null, Mr, and Mrs. FariKivoith JJIack and daughter, Betty, and their guest, Mrs. William M, Hobiiisoii. of Cape Glr- nrdcau, were In Memphis yesterday. . Mrs. Sam Thomas visited In Memphis Thursday. ' M. Fltiuhnmons attended to uslncM nt Halls, Twin., yesterday. Mrs. Gordon Wright nnd Mrs li. C. Dent jr., of Ciirutbersvjlle shopped here Tuesday, Mrs. A. Comray is in Memphis today, having accompanied Mrs Oodliey White, of Osceoln. Mrs. J. c. Crtncr underwent an cperallon Jnte yesterday at tile MemphLs Methodist hospital for !be amputation of her left arm at the elbow. She Is resting fairly we)) today but her condition Is critical.- Mrs. diner, who gave With to a baby recently, tins high blood pressure with a clotting in her ami and the operation yesterday was done as a last measure in order to save her life. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Smothermnn, Mrs Jack Parker, Mrs. Hay While and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Crincr joined J. C. Criner there yesterday for the operation and nil returned home (his morning except Mr Criner and daughter, Mrs. Smotn- eniian. HiglrScliooJ -Club To Give MSnstrci Tonight At Eight There will be a negro minstrel m-ranled at the high school auditorium tonight, 3 o'clock, by the R«l ttazcos of the high school.' Sengs, skits and specialty mini-1 bcis will he featured in the en- ' toilKinmcnt, The minstrel will be "Gentlemen, Be Seated," with nan Boons as interlocutor nnd Calvin Moody, reck Hardln. Uon Stafford and Tod Harrison as end men. Others. I" the production are: Dick I Burns, .Pat O'Brien, John Harp,' kai'scy Blackard. Lloyd llosan and Bill Kimberiy. The play. "Hobgoblin 1 Hotel," nns a umber in i| JC cast and the WUvccn-act specialties have been titled : -"Mtf. Foolishness," wilh a [dialogue on this theme by Lloyd I Wise and C. Dudson. Among the songs are: ••Sliortcnln' Bread", j Darkness on (he Delta" and •undy Lou."-Miss Mary Eunice Laj'son will be soloist and a trio o Moody, Hardin and Stafford will sing -Tha Darktmvu Trio." The show is directed by Miss Alia Mae Carlington with musical arrangements by Karl I) Snyder and •song.'i directed by Mrs. Sclma LTOft Morrison and Mrs. Martha Wlnbiirn England. I'l-ocecds from tlie show will be r.l.iced in tlie Senior memorial fund. "KKllfttT" KNITTING 1'AItNS FttEE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Ijilcst Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MKS. 1.KSIAE HOOI'Kll 1109 Chichasavvba Flione 792 Read Cornier News Want Ads The Forgotten Yards W .""•'• E see them every day ... dozens of them . . .big yards, little yards, front and back yards that have been forgotten by their owners. Many of them could be beautiful ... all of them can be neat. The city street department will begin its annual spring clean-up on Monday, March 15. If you have a "forgotten yard" you can help by cooperating with the city force simply by removing- any trash or debris and placing it in a container in your alley where a city truck will haul it away. < Modernize \ Your Home \ Vbu may Install city water in your home with the aid of an F. H. A. Loan ..consult ' jour plumber for full details. In this way you can improve the appearance of your grounds. In this way you can do your-part to make this a beautiful city. *• ' Remember your yard! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteoiu, Personal 'Attention to Every Customer Pf ' one8 ° -"•'. 113 S. Broadway PureVanilla . because if ^>, makes better Icin BAKERY Fi'itlajvSiilui-duy-Siiiulji.v Peanut Hnltcr iftC Fluff LAYKR. K;i. T.GE.. OATiilEAl, COOKIES. Doz. 1'ECAN-NUT iJREAD. l.oaf . FUDGE-NUT KROWNIES. ])w. .FRUIT-STOLUEN COFFEE CAKE Special BHlcrcjj Hum- 5 In li I'.'M. 'Friday-Sat tird ay-Su n tin y DONUTS Doz. P.UTTEH CUI' CAKES. Dox. . 'A- IOC MON ROLI.R. Doz. li -COCONUT BARS CC ])oz. 0 PAKKERHOUSE" ROLLS, Boz We Specialize | n Special Orders - - I'lione 110 —Want llie best six voll radio mac)e?:(single 6 volt slcrnge tal- lery opcrnlion — economical —simple—powerful?) Then risk for Zenith Farm lindio ivilli die ne w Power I'ack/e/fiVt the radio. Wanl lo Marl by paying lest for your Zenith '! Then ask us to take out the Zenith Power Puck —mid you h:u-e the last word in 2 voh radio —a wondtr for performance. Both types available -.i-itU broadcast reception alone, or Kith bountiful shortwave for. eien and domestic reception i« addition. RURAL AMERICA PRAISES THIS MAGIC POWER PACK i fps- Jis , Come—Saa ' 1 "' ...Come—Hear 111 1l »U (Itiicail* oii" wKal 7 uu'til<—init vhtt you'd Ilfce tu paj" f or jour ridia" Rtinfinber, Z«n{ih 1* ihc unij ^rffo ll; , *-hlth ; jejij tzn'l n:aVe n 'wlnaVe — no tnatltr Hlilch iyp« juii \, ay '—. jnn tatl «Eungo : lo*iii» *\htr tjye In 3 jLftj. J. \V. A<lams,,IUgr. Iionci233 2ml & iMiti ^ of New Sprine COATS - SUITS - DRE All Fashion Leaders For Sprint Here's ;i complclc us.sorlmenf of ncw - Suifs and Coals of every type now offered a I reduced prices with ;i full season's wear ahciul. $10.95 - ft] 2.95 SUITS - COATS §16.75. SUITS - COATS *7995 See the Now Queen JVlakc \Vash Dresses Now! wy. /,) SUITS - COATS 95 829.75 SUITS - COATS S 12 ' 839.75 SUITS - COATS l Groups of New vSprinj? T)n\sscs At (Jrcatly Ucthired !>i-ices 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage Everything F or y our Entertainment and Cojiiforl Tonight Is/Pal Nile 1 Adults Admitted for Trice of 1 "John Meads' / With Kdwiml Arnold ;ni(l Fn Also • Selected Shorts — Admission — Matinee— 10 & 2Cc Xiglil— 10 &' 3Cc .Saturday Only DROP VOUR.GUNS r AND REACH! Also .'Carloon aiul' Serial— "JiniSle Jim" —Continuous Showing— —Admission— Until 5 I-. ji._3 D & 2 c c After .5 ;T. M.-IO & 31 C Also ParaiuouiK ,\ C ws and Com- eily—"Cinema Circus" _ . c Slcnrtay Matinee—10 & ifo Slonday Nighl-lB & S(Jc:' : —Continuous Shoving g U n ( i;, v TUESDAY. MARCH 10 §30.00 Admission always We i- 'zGc Sat. ,t Sun.. Fri.' i ' S un. S Mali- . "Kcs nt. 2:15. SatuMuv.-Aiailncc / \ at .1:15. ' I f? Als0 ... ( . :lrlot)!1 :1 "'l Serial— ''Shlinj Marine,," ~~~ Sunday - londay " "^i ^ ':•'* , "HV HUSBANU ^ IS ON TRIAL... . il FOR HIS WIFE!" Alsfl Fox Mariclonc Nc»s / nmi Uviucdv

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