The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1932
Page 2
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1932 BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.)\COUR!ER NEWS PAGE-THREE- com is STILL Recapturing America's Foreign Markets added quality, nnd added production per uno. because Brown en Low Price and Improved OuaUlv Ays Regaining Old Markets Abroad. NOTE: This is I'm first of fnm :irlii-lcs iiy Mr. Caulfielil en Air T!<;•': co'.lr.n iiidurliy. ma-Jo ;iv ill- ;ible to Hie Ccurh-r News by 11:; ] ri'iirlcsy of ' |1L ' Mid-South (:•> ',',)- | Grouub. association. By JOHN II. CAUJ.l'lELH cotton. nncL' inori j grasping t'ne two-edged sv.'ora t I pi ice tmd quality wi'.'r, which it | was wont in other days ID rub lir | wc:l:l. ^ playing Hor.ilius at thr bridge fcr our foreign trade. Whi!'. ether American products have beer driven back wilhln cur borders u j sue'. 1 , nn extent that our -export' | have shrunk by C8 p:r cent in foui years, our cotton last itnso.i replaced a million anil a half fir^ Yign- grown- bales on foreign spin- j If. kcs. While the world H£3d !G:"iOO? s j;ales less of all cotton, it used 1,- 4H,,COD bnlfjs more of Aimrica:!. After exporting Ian s;ascn the lari;- esl numter or bales, with cue exception, in eighteen years, American cotton has bettered that record by fifty per cent in this season's early months. How mightily vie need such a Ho- rotius is indicated by the statement cf .;:m: ccr,:icm:s;.=. that loss of ihe ci:? ahrcul of oiii. 1 automobile, or .one bushel of wheat, means throwing five times as many American-; out of employment as \v5ro required to produce that auto or t'r<al wheat. cotton's twin giant among American cash cvojts, f?!l this .sea:"n ta the Icw3.:t Auousl expsrlrl since 1910. Cotton ratiorls for thr firs; chh; msnths of the year iverr- more than seven tima.- t':.e value of '.vhect's. They excesSed in value the combined experts of all American machinery, automobiles and parts cottcn cloth, wheat flour and rub- ter -manufactures although in the previous year exports 'of Uese msn- ufociuvecl articles were more than double these of cotton. Their combined total shrank more than half while cotton increased by an amcun' Inn.! w!;3t,> by \.ivis-.i ( ffvlillly was IV.iMi-.uiom were self-sulllclent. O".-:i K-.IR ti:j lloiver ihr.l lilted abc;-,. U;-.' coin !i:u| c.uie t: brlnx nn rxtr.i Uixinlunce, Lifter :'.--«ntliil )l'<':is tfjn supuli:"!. Maine- Bicv.ii ( ;.)|K mid livestock frd i' i ptiiK (lie soil. Breaking up ot ulan- inllons brought the public gin nnd 'of. coilcn broods, mixture ot seed, Kiicli n:ie yielded IMS iiiufless pounds o! c=l- Uin. anil ttuit rollon was ol deyre- cinlin^ t[ii;illty. "Co \" was Hie answer, lake up vliglu Irmd al n fe« dollars :r.i I .'.H v:ould out-prcilua' Ihe .- , . slaws unit left i r " : "->ldi<?ii, iiiipavwlsliccl acres of Collon exports grow while other American exports <liop CO per cent, at New Oi-iesns. Insi-t, at left shows "flftL" Inle as It comes fiom gin; density" bale compressed for export. :\ car:;ii of cottoi right shov.s "his" equal to the total value wheat exports. Rule Once Undisputed of our will Russia. , As Grady saw it: "In tbice years the American crop has increase:! had been planted Ibroiie o[ AmeriCLin nnd the bleat of the now hl=t::lc sheep ol Vermont is answered v from the steppes of Asia. Under Holland's dikes, ihe c'r.eete and butter makers fight American dniries. The hen cackles around the world" . but as fcr the Southern farm-, er, said Grady. "Cotton imke= hhr> king. Not the fleece that Ja.son sought can rival (he richness of this )lanU as it unfurls its banners In our fields. The shower that \\hi>- pc-rs to it is heard nroimU the worid. The trespass of a worm on ts green leaf means more to England than (he advance of the Rus- when ha aicrcd our skie.;—ours auJ ic'wn was gltinccl tlieie. Ii wns uisrs- eign production of 1887. mid so | time, In Hie clmos that followed i the War Between the State, n mine b.'iieaU Ihe cation wh::-;c 1.400,000 bales, and yjt there is detonation could be delayed lor i> less cotton In the w-orld to<hy tlnn , while, hut which eventually luici tc any time in twenty years." Eul -S5 i take Us loll. years later, there is enough cot-1 . E.ich plantation hi the days be- lon on hand to run the world's mills j fere l-e Civil War had Its aval gin year ' without grov.-ing another' where puiity c[ breed was maintained n~> rigorously ns '.he ruh.ii th;- i-,,\',; n i-|- 0 |i to buy g3c:l h::;ses un:l beautiful i-lothi's. la r.'-ii l.-.n-ii'*!u:is -A-hos; 1 ^rcy ylu'.sts Icilay '""•': »i> King Cotton's icawaken- ln s . 'I'i'i 1 iiluiUer sold cotton In lots of hundioils nud llinusniids of b;i!i-> jlhiii doiiiandiMl i-tmltnbb prln 1 --:, in I llr.i- with Ihe i|U.>!l'.y uf -:»i:: Ir.i. H- .•!•! It III his n.Mi.MK-d tliir.- sus- '»"•.'il by a nnanc'liM stains whSi-h lint! LL-I-II flrciH;lli«m':l thrush yi'' rl hiL-itillve (ijii'tatlon, .'I'. !-n the War ll;-iw;en lh" Hl'itci lo'.'l in.-, cieiit H'.uctnri! Itnv. On sin"i-.ini! ruins, tii.-- .'iuulhurn iilniil- , fcr . trod n-lllioul sliivcs, without llv. MOI.-I:, wlllviiit mi)ii:y. Asi-.l amid | Uiosv ruins lie met the ".supply meu-iMnl." K.r Hie ni'sl tm!f-e?iiliny, (hi.- ninply iiierchiUU'F forly por cent lean 1 ; wore the mill stoin that dra 1 !Bed >i:)wn the cntiun urn-iver r.n:l the arowi's coltcn. C^ttan \vas I'le nil- '• abuvc all ether. It could not t; e"U- | en or consumed ™ Ihe iiliinl'.itlon.' It hud lo be delivered against the ji'nu.-'r's <ebts. roily per cent Is hoi an cxrujgcrnllnii. KITH tcday. :c.w:irch worki-rs find tlv: supply merc'iants tux tho crown- nn aver- rpe »f thirty pir cent, In l-.t; face of- niulllplied 7Viva!c nnd p:ibllc credit acencles, Dfliti Source c.I Trouble ot coilon prcducllun moved lulo Ihc OuU, Koiilhwesl, until Tssas grew a tlili 1 :! of the nntlon's crop. Still westward, i-iiiil Ills; Staked I'Jalna \\fto In col- leu licm the cut) ro;k la New Mc.v icci. nni HUH slill iinlll the Munis of Ail/;ma nnil C,i]lti)inl;i l.'ien lirlijati'd. mul white ralli'i'.s ol •llio 1'acltlc praclnlnicil Hint (o-.- thu Amcrtciin roltun t'l'Cwcr there wo.s no mine West. llr must stand mm rlRhl it mil, tu inuke Ills ncrcs pay jeai 1 allcr yeiir, Hum drain tlieiii iiiiiilik'ts and more on. ' shows a decrease: of W^OO.COO 'In customs receipts, and.. 12,500,000 ids on post.olflcc. iflcelpta, com- paicd with" 1931 figures; making 'n, total decrease, of $3,000,000. Un- forscen expenses this year reach SV.OCO.OOO more-than In 1931, 'un- 1 ' employment, accounting ' tor ?0.- OQO.CO; hofcc-1 Indiislry, tVOO.OOO; - rluullural assistance, $000,000.--"' ifo I.a\v Makers Coniniiltdl aiiion in Non De stalk. To Grndy's eye the dominion of i strain •"our king" was established "not blood l for a year, but for nil time." It was I "poor white Hash." NIIXT: Wiiat lllpi'fd KliiR Cnl-| Irn's. ItnlH-s? j 2.2 Newspapers in Swedish Parliament STOCKHOLM. 1 UP)—There Is cnly one tii'.vycr. hut '<!:) ii=wO]inper- nu'ii in t.'.e new S«eillsli pari:.v nient, which meeU for Ihe lirst time Jan. 10. Rumen are Ihn must numerous or D3 out of 3M. nnil live are farm workers. One 'of the newly c-lccte'i Socialists Is n policeman. Four dep- it'.lH are women, one P. CnnuM'va- llvc. (lie oilieis Suclnllals. The trade unions ure represented by nine of lljeii- olllclals, while, only four lire mniiuf,ncUiveis. Elgl'lcen are Indus trial workers and 11 cither trolle> Tlic. grower ol rccaii!ilvi;c!lo:i Jnys. or vallioad cmployrs. NliiD »rc sank deeper into debt lo Hie mer- i-lthcr collugo pvofessovs, schoo lenciicrs or clcrfjyinpn. . Oilier caU'BOiles with smiill rep rcienlnlloii nre urmy uIIleci-E, bus men. aflk-e employes, crafli cliiinl. and the deeper he .sank. UK more the merchant calbd ii]>3ii .:im to pbnl a ^renter acreage to cot- toii, and le.M f?od and food, moro and more motion lo pay huercsl, lo borrow more mo:iey |cn(;inccr. vviih which lo produce n:orc cci- men. public olTlclals, nnd one civ the heritage "that God gave us!-: >io cotlcn but sians en Asiatic outposts." But the kingly throne of Am2r- ican cotton has been tilted worse than the leaning tower of Pisa since the year that Orndy wrote, anJ the cotton grower ' of these States is now dismayed by the :um c[ gins arannd the world almost as grjatly :as the poultrvman by th? cackle ..of hens. In that year of 1837, when' America grew seven miHi:n bales,' foreign growers produced The cdjjc of tbe sword which oui Hl'Jii a third that much. This year, cotton Horatio swings depends up- j foreign j cotton will ba ten million cur children's forever." .jbred colton that set American cot- Yet twenty years cefore Grady's ton' on i!s early throne. It had on- price and mialily, -as compare: t \ ^ L 1 with foreign cotton, and our gov- enlment has put its hand;to the grindstone, to .sharpen that cutting edge. The wcrkman or manufacturer in Oregon or Massachusills whose pay envelope or dividend shrink and swell with the fortune of American cotton abroad, has cash reason fcr making it his .i-) v to iniw l>o-.v munh fuch federal activities holp or hinder. There w.-is a time when American cotton's rule was undisnutnj Tre Southern grower, saii Henry \V. Grady. was "sot apart -in assured independence." Portv-flvr years a»o, that orator \vhc,=ej)hras- es arc engraved in the soul of ever) true Southerner, told how "on* western wheat-grower competes Lcndcu with the Russian and tlv Enst Indian, er watc bales- to .America's aloije'.'wHl produce twice fi.s much as the "whole world outside the United .I'lTI.K ROCK, Alk. (UP)—lie i' Aikr.nfas cnu have b;;r—If » T bill l.s |):i'.5ed by ii'e thlnns must be done. I. lli'ii'.ni th^ "I)?n3 dry" law. .'. I'.cin'ii] tln> riuli-s'.ilccn r.ct i. Makv la«:i lo c'Jnfoim will ! :>'_- ol I.'- 1 inllonnl Ksvtrnm'iiit ?u far llu're has brjn little -M n irjl(:U!cu nrouiul the cupllo! •criilni? 11 "li:-er for Arknnsar. '.cv.'incnt," Mi'l H is l:cllevcd thn-::- Hrr-slcd In II arc nwalllni; tint :-l;-j!lii> ol (lie f.hcrt E'.'Wlnn ol :;nsrcss In IX'c-jinbrr—lo ->ee how Y.r.v treat U. '.'.en, It Is pi-.-Hllct::!, Arbiusans vlll s'.ai't making ))lam. on? way r imollw, loi- ihe: next session 'j'. lit' nuiierul iisseinbly, the -Will Ii: lAiiuary. j Ny rJ|-,r::;eiHallves or .stulo sensors hnvu been reported crunmlUlit'i .hciuselv.'S cllher wny on the problem, Ijul (alk iU'Oii'nd Lltlb Rock, dnimilly, Is tluit tile majority of cltlyeiis wnnl Arkansas laws n cen- (cnu with tho:e of the imlianal Waller.. L, Pope, n.sslslnnl allor- ucv i'-:iierii|. lold Hie Unite:! IVCM Hie ihrcc Ihlnsn'lhat would have ts I)S dene befnie' beer cnulii he Edd Icgnliy lir ArkiuiS3i. Dummy Is Mhlekch for Budy ,^. MOUTH TONAWANDA, N. Y:- Sl'i— ft rcptrt that th^ tody ol a.: many was «cn In the Interior of-' the bull pen In old police head--quarters, sent a squad of bluccoah., hurrying to the accnc. Inslcad or tody, however, |x>lice found a- clolhln? store dummy lyln'j at u. weird niiKle. 11 v.aa c, boyish pratik,-- police said. • AT THE FIRST SNEEZE use ot men and women' kept 5 »- l»:t«d of flovvcilu; tibcvc th • I Sheep K«u Gnu-i Cut .lues unmixed with tno;e of ^->"s!»ln"iS V™™™- " ii;;1 COHNKU,. Wls. lUP)-A floe jffIIP; (Jlnderelln tolling to keep of sheep wMch stive;! lux money by vorkers In dally bread. Atlas, with keeping the grass cut at the vll- knee.?, upon whom rcsl- d lie ivholc mighty structure, lorlst pnrk {lurluij tho .summer I be biilchcrcd ul Ohvlslmas lime tq cotlon was sap- and the mcnl given la Die poor. Switzerland. Reports Budget Deficii HEHNG <UP)—A budgetary deficit of S13,Cl) has been reixirl- ed to Ihc Swiss I-'ctlcral Council by the Fcderul Dcpiutmonl ol I'liuince nnd Customs. The deficit, which, It Is filolcd. wholly Is due to the world crisis, Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 1'hone 7'i I0c (}<- Delivered itn. Ittittcrmilk ISc.Ql. Co to Church Sunday Free Delivery CASH GROCERY Saturday .and Mpnday Specials States proc'uced 45 years ago. Chin CABBAGE a»g«BgBBBB SPINACH pill practically equal Ihe.'iv^cle fov- Bvpi-ytiiin;; fnr Your Kntor- tiiinmi.'nt ;mtl Comfort R1U/1WATEK Last Time Today— "Cabin in Pure LARD 8-l'ound. fail and Dorcthv Jordan. Snf\irdav Onl" Adm.—Jliitince and Night— 10 and 25c PECANS- Nice, Medium Size IVnnil Your Favorite Western Slat Tom Mix HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday 'Hidden Gold' Matinee and Night — 10 and 25c, '&.- See CJJT'BEAfff Serial and Cartoon The Western Code' Acini.—Malinco and Night— 10 and 3ot! Tim McCoy -V romantic story of the romantic Old West. e handed both his ' Eve* a Big Red Apple —but one was wormy! Sunday p.nd Monday A'rim. — Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c BIRD SEED TOMATGS No. 2 Cans ' ,'i fnr- , , bad— I'll be bad!" 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Cticstcrjicltl Radio Pr og ram— Every niglit ex.- y, Columbia c<uiM<woait Network.

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