The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1944
Page 5
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.WEDNESDAY, MAY 2-1. Barbers Claim Fees Too Cheap Legislature Urged By Arkansas Group To Double Licenses *.FOUT SMITH, Ark., May M (U,l'.>— A resolution asking the next session of the Arkansas Legislature to double Ihe fees for b:ir- bers licenses has been adopted by the Arkansas Journeymen Barbers. The barbers, who met at Fort Smith Sunday, asked that the license fee be increased so that Arkansas can put two full time inspectors on the road. The barbers also voted to ask Arkansas congressmen to fight an amendment to the Price Act which would place n ceiling price on barber .shops and beauty shops. Frank CJaslon of Kl Dorado was re-elected president of the group for the fifth .straight year. Other officers elected were: R. E. Cook, of Utlle Rock, secretary-treasurer; Joe V. Baker of F.?it Smith, first vice president; E. p. Loll of Texarkana, second vice president, and J, U. Childers of Joncsboro, third vice president. Arkansas State Offers Special Summer Courses Teachers and young men about lo enter the army or navy will be interested in courses offercrl this .summer,it Arkansas stato College, Jonesboro. Teachers Emergency Certificate requirements may be met during the Summer Quarter. Credit (or many courses muy be applied on either an elcmcnlnry or a secondary certificate. A wide range of choice will be available to students, since classes in all departments ^ill be oi>on. >W Physical Education will appeal to Vcachcrs and to prospeclive army ami navy inductees. All types of courses will be offered. Business Training and Commercial courses will meet the needs of Ihose wishing business careers as well as the needs of commercial teachers. I'rc-flight training will be available in the many mathematics, i-ciencc, and navigation classes. Pre- induction work offered furnishes the best preparation for advancement, in (he armed forces, either army or navy. The first Bummer Session of Arkansas Stale College. Joiiesboro, opens May 27, 1941. Write for the bulletin. BLVTHEV1LLE (AP.K.); COUIUKll NEWS General Craig Reaches Goal Of 600,000 Officers For Army Yarbro News The room library of the Yarbro sixth grad c wns supplemented during the past year with 180 books borrowed from the county library at Osceola and the city library in Blythcyi]je..These..books ..were .selected by Miss McDouga] and Mrs. Ira Gray from the want lists of the pupils sent in each six weeks. Included in the : 180 books have been 10 Newberry. Prize books. These were; Smoky, -Will James: The Story of Mankind, Van Loon; Hilly,-Field: The Matchlock Gun, Edfnds: Daniel Boone, Daughtcry: i'-Ncck, Mukerji: The Cat Who nt to 'Heaven; Coatsworih: The Voyages of. Dr. Doollttle, Lofting: The Waterless Mountain. Adams: Call-it'Courage, Sperry. All of this number except the Story of Mankind have been read by the entire group. The nine members of the group plan to visit the city library this week and complete plans for the "Summer Reading For Fun Club." ?*3£W«»M« i . Vice-Adml, Charles Andrews Lockwood, Jr., shown in his latest picture, above, has directed . the U. S. undcrscas campaign against the Japs for more than :n year. Commander of the Pa- 'cific fleet's submarine force, the 30-year vc-lcran pig-boater is largely responsible for the heavy shipping losses which ; have disrupted Jap reinforce- 1 mcnt of its island outposts. : Save 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic S T E W A R T'S •.Drug Store i main & Luke Phone 2822 Lei Us Help SAV15 YOUR KYKSI 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Uy I.KK K1KSCII Hulled 1'ress Stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP>~-Tlie immense task of finding half-K-mtl- lion officers to lead the greatest army in the nation's history has been virtually concluded tinder the supervision of' a former Chlcl of Staff—Gen. Malm Craig. The fact thai Craig Is the taisl known of the five four-star generals now on active duty, is diie primarily lo his position as head of the uUni-secrctivo War Department personnel board. Itc was made a full general automatically in 1935 when he was appointed Chief of Staff, nnd retained his rank upon his recall to active duty in September. 1941. Only other Army officers In active service now wearing four stars of a full general are George C. Marshall, Douglns MncArUmr, U wight D. Elsenhower, and Henry If. Arnold. Craig's board supervises all commissions granted to soldiers from civilian life nnd all officers' promotions. During his tenure the roll of of officers has expanded from ubout 100.000 to BOO.OOO for the Army's peak strength of 1,1 00.000 men. Hoard Kcpl Secret Activities and names of members of the board are kept secret, in order-to eliminate all political Influence In awarding commissions or promotions. On the day of Craig's retirement as Chief of Stall. Aug.. 31, 1939, Hitler's armies were massed at the Polish border, and days of peace were at an end. In September. 1041. when United Slates' entry into the world conflict appeared Inevitable, Craig, then 07 years old, was recalled to active duty and appointed head of the personnel Ijoard, a big job in an expanding army. .To Ills colleagues Craig, who wns born at St. Joseph, Mo., is known as the one Missourian who never said. "Show me." He has always been too busy teaching "the other fellow." The son of an Army officer, he attended West Point where his scholastic grades were not particularly outstanding. He did make gridiron history, however, by kicking a field goal while running with the ball. 'Soldiers' Soldier' As a cadet he was "a soldier's soldier"— muscular, square-Jnwed, husky and keen on discipline. Soon after graduation he won the gratitude of Sim Francisco's Chinatown when lit: "stowed away and sorted out" a horde of Chinese babies after the earthquake in 19QG. In World War I, he served successively as chief of staff of the 4]st Division,, the First Corps, and the Third Army. He saw action in some of the most bitter battles in France and emerged with the Distinguished Service Medal and five decorations. Craig remained after the Armistice to "wind up the watch on 'the Rhine" as Chief of Staff of the Army of Occupation. He returned lo the States in 191S and began n t,K- ties; oft peacetime assignment's. In October, 1935, after n good game of golf—he still shoots In the low 80s - Craig pulled into the driveway of his home to be told by an excited wife thai President Roosevelt lind just appointed him Chief of Staff. He immediately hurried lo the War Department to report for duty. Buttled Congress While Hitler and Mussolini wero having their way in Europe, Craig was fighting with Congress for fund: to modernize the Army. Many Congressmen grumbled that mobilization was a simple process and maintenance of a larger Army "too damned expensive" for a country at peace, but Craig answered that the United States had had a war about every 25 years and another "was about due." In the end, he won his fight for increased appropriation. When the time came for Craig to step down as Chief of Staff, he recommended Marshall us his successor. Marshall was then Deputy Chief of Staff. Craig was impressed by his abilities. Marshall was appointed over 20 major generals and 14 other brigadiers then In the Army. Craig has n brother, Maj. Gen. Louis A. Craig, nnd a son, Col. Malm Craig Jr. Onion Shortage Broken As Crop Goes On Market Plenty of onions for nil purposes and for all who want them is welcome news to Mississippi Counly meal-planners who have been 1111- nblc lo buy them liUely. With local shortages broken by an cvcr-lncrcasihir volume of this year's crop moving from farm to markets, folks who like the additional flavor of onion no longer have to do without or limit the quantity they buy, tic-cording to Ernest F. Franks, Area Supervisor, Office of Distribution. Until a few weeks ago the slliiHllcm w;is different with scarcely enough onion uvallablc to bring tears lo the iivc-rugc eye. There nearly always Is a shortage period, however, bctwecii the time n seasonal crop is harvested and a new crop is ready for market mid lo onion eaters this year has been no exception. ' ; Last year's crop wns lighter than normal and heavy military demands for dehydrated onions plus additional quantities needed for iinny camps didn't leave very large amounts for civilians. Supplies now coining to market from Texas, Louisiana, California and Georgia Indicate an Increase of nearly 50 per cent over the 1943 cro)> and everyone on the home food front is being asked to buy and cat more onions. Read Courier News Wnnl Ads. WE Fill, ALL DOCTOKB 1 PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONET S T E W A R T' S Drus St Main i»k» e Ft on. MM any other state, relating to the 6«lo of alcoholic liquors, Crawford M, Noble. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23d day of May, 1944. Marcus Kvrnrd 'Seal) • Nodu-y Public. My commission expires 2-10-1945. In the United States District Court, Enslcrn District of Arkansas, Jonosboro Division. Uflllcd Stales of America, Petitioner vs. No. J-a76 Civil, 410 acres of land, more or less, In Mississippi County, Arkansas, and E. B. Boyd, et al., Dc-feiidunls, Older of Publication. Upon application of the plaintiff, United Slates of America, duly verified, it appearing that the United States of America . lias commenced In Ihls courl n suil to condemn nnd enforce « legiil , claim to certain tracts of land | lying and being situate in Mississippi County, Arkansas, said lands i being specifically described in plain! liff's complaint as follows: Tract No. 14. The Southwest Qmirter (SWM) of Section Twenty-Eight (28); East Half <E','j) of the Northeast Qiiar- j ter <NE'/,) of Section Thlrly-Two ] (32), and the Basl Half <!•:',(,) of the Northwest Quarter (NW/i) of Section Thii ty-thico (33), Township Fifteen (15) North, Ranee Nine (9) East of the Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing in the- aggregate three hundred twenty (320) ncres, more or less. Triicl No! 15 10CW. The West Unit (WV'j) of (he Northeast Quarter (NE',4) of Section CAltl) OF THANKS The family of the late Mrs. Nannie Hyde wishes to extend thanks for the kindness and sympathy shown in our recent bereavement. We will always remember our friends and neighbors for their consideration at that time. Parts of Iowa, Arkansas, and Missouri outrank Kansas as t'/fi birthplace of tornadoes. NOTICE OF FILING OF AI'l'LI- CATION FOK MQUOK 1'EKalIT. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for" permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage ut retail on Ihc premises described ns Walnut and Broadway Streets, Btylhevflle. Arkansas. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 1044, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1045, as prescribed by Bulletin dated Jannary 7, 1038 nnd Supplemental Regulation No. 10, effective July 10, 1037. Crawford M., Noble. N () T I 0 K Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas tor a Permit lo sell beer nl retail at Walnut'& Broadway s'ts:, Blytlieville, Mississippi County. ' The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned bus never been convicted of violating the laws of this stale, or The Gift Shop Modern and Antique Gifla COSMETICS BABY GIFTS GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES A Gift For Everybody Ingram BIdg. Phone ZZM MOSS BRYAN MARGARET'S HKAUTY SHOI' 1M S. First Phone 2532 firing Us Your Beauty Problems F.vtinliiin Bj Appulntruent SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and nil work Is guaranteed tn Let our expert .\cslgncrs help you with your floral needs ^FLOWERSEOP .. , e , Anywhrrr Ph. «>! Mrn. J. M. [Mini Wllll»mi. owner Glenc« BI«I. Shibley's Best FLOUR —Better for all home baking—Takes less shortening, tool FREE 7944 ART CALENDARS Slot by our warehouse, 310 W. Ash St., Tor yours. Jin y s" ° (W ' '''OW'w' UJ North, RniiRo Nine (9) Kasl of Ihc Fifth (BUD principal Me.ld- liin, Mississippi County, Arkunsns, conlnlnlns In the (weenie eighty P°. " CI ' M - llwl '° or less, Tnicl NO. f- 1007. The Northensl Quarter (NK «) of Hie Norlhwesl Qmirter (NW' .4) of Section Thirty-two (3'>) lownsliip Fifteen (15) North, Knnvo Nine (0) E«sl. of Uic-Plflh (Otli) Principal Meridian, Mississippi toiiiuy, Arkansas, containing in the HBBiwUo forty (40) acres, more or ess. bnia ra |i being iin lu ,[[, m u( Hie Hulled Stales of America to condemn said land for the use and wnent of the United Stains of America for use- in connection with the establishment of the Muntln Auxh- wry Plflri No. 3, lo the Advanced Iwln Engine Training School Airfield, Dlylhevllle, Arkansas, and It npDciirliiB (a (ho court that the following mimed defendants, iiml their unknown lielrs at. law, to-wlt: K li Boyd, Tyroimi, Arkansas; Jewel' Rotifers, Vfc Margaret Asliabninncr. Manila, Arknnsns; The Federal Land finnk of St. Isolds, Missouri; Business Men's A.viiinmce Company of Amu-leu, Kansas City, Missouri'; Land Dank Commissioner, of si. Ixiuls, Missouri; liuswll C. Flroinun nnd Dorothy 13. Plccmun, his wife. Lake Providence. tx>ulnliina; J. T Ashnbrunncr, Kindle, 370(11007 uo C. SiH TO Iin. Al'O 201 l>. O. Smi I'Yunclsixi, California; tiny I). Asha- brimner. 1'fc. MiiMlo AHN 3B2005 IK 3rd Company, ECl'C-SCHU-llW, Ciitnp ifthvnrdii, Miissiidmsclls; EABB round within ihW District,'iiml are nonresidents 'of tills JJlakS iind (hat tliey lnwc not voluntarily entered (heir niHieurances herein, and tlmi pei'sonnl service upon said niwvo named defendants cannot be Imd; it Is hereby ordered dial Uu> above named nonresident dcfeiidinils, and «ich of them, uppcar, plead, answer, or demur to the said complaint tiled by the petitioner, United suites of America, on or before the isih dity of June, IK-M, nnd in default thereof Unit (he Court will proceed to » hearing and adjudication of snld suit, and thai Ibis order be published lit a newspaper of iji'iu'rnl clrculiUlon in Mississippi County, Arkansas, onto n wock for four con- KeailK'c weeks. Tills 3rd duy of May, IIH-I. <s) Tlioiiiiis O. Tilmble. Judge. A Irms copy 1 certify, {irmly Miller, clerk. By Dixie N, Tollcson O- C. 5|10-I7-21-3I • In the United Slutes Courl. Must- ern District of Arkansas, Jonwlxiro Division, United States of America, IVIlllouer, vs. No. J-27H Civil, OT.XI iicivs (if land, more or less, situate In Mississippi County, State of Arkansas; lllley Ditnkln, ct al., iMcn- diiiilK. OltDKR oi' I'UHMCATION. U|)on npplk-nlUm ol the plntnlin. United Sink's ul America, duly verified, II appeai'lni! Hint the United Slates of America has commenced in Hits Court n .suit lo condemn and rnlorcc n lomil clillm to certain trads uf lund lylnji and Ijehij; :,lt- untv In 'Mississippi County, Arkim- sas, : ilcscrik'd In plaintiU's complaint as follows:'Tract No. K. 1001. Tho fractional south half (sliJ of Section Twenty (20), Township I'iftcen (15) North, itmnjo Nine (0) East of (lie Fifth (5th) 1'rlnclpal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, less mid except Ixits Pour (•!) tnul Five (5), and a parcel of land lying In Die southeast corner containing nvc- lenlhs (0,6) (icro and dcscrllKd «» being one hundred live (105) feel north and south by two hundred leu CilO) feel east nnd west, con- Uilnlng In Hie nggrcgittc. I wo Inm- (ircd ninety-seven und llili-ly-tiircc huiidi'cdtlui (207.33) iicrcs, more or less. Tract No. K. 101(1, The north- oust qunrlcr INK ',',) of the Noiih- oasl (|iiarlci' (NK'A) of Hcctlon 'I'hlr- ly 130),Township Fifteen (15) North, llnngc Nino CJ) Hunt of dm Filth I'rtncipal (filh) Mcrlillan, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing, In (he Het:rei;nlc. forty ((-10,0) ncrcii nioro or less. Tlui combined acreage ol Ihcsc Ir-iicls Is three hundred thlrly-scven and tlilrty-thrco Inmdredlhs cm.m ncrcs, more or less. Snld suit bclnij an action of the Untied filiilc.H of America to con- donih snld liind for the uso and Iwnclll ol the United Stales ol Ani- crlen for me In coniieclkw ivllh (he estiibllshmcnt of Auxlllnry 1'lcid No 2, to Hlylhcvilli: Army Alrllcld, Dly- lhevllle, Arkansas, a inilliiify pnr- poso vllul tti tlie successful prosu- cuilon of (lie war, mid it uppi-nrlni' In Ihc court that thq fnllotvliiK niun- cd defendants, nn dthclr unknown at Jaw, to-wlt: Xarw«v' LKo Jnsurancc ; Company. Kan &/? 1 ™ url; J - M ' M °H' 21 & North ; if Street, .Poplar Bluff, Missouri; ' • lire not Inhabltarits of and »re-not'» found within this District, and ari ,. nonresidents of thlrf State, and that * lliey have not voluntarily entoje* '' their appearances herein, and Hurt persomil service upon said .above- named defendants cannot' b£ h~ad; snul, It- appearing to the courclhat- the persons named hpreinbeloware deceased; and that the names' 'of their heirs, distributees, dev!ses7lei- fttccs, , executors, administrators, creditors, and/or assigns are unknown, the names o< said deceased" persons being as follows, to-wlt: C ll. Davis, Manila, Arkansas; it Is hereby ordered that the abpye named non-residents defendants and the unknown heirs, distributees, devisees' legatees, executors, administrators. creditors, and/or assigns of tW , above named deceased person, and each' of lliem, appear, plead, an- i swcr, or demur to the eald complaint ' filed by the petitioner, -United .State's. of America, on or before the. 2<lh dny of June, 1844, and In default thereof that the court will proceed lo n hearing and adjudication '6l sidd suit, and that this order be published In i\ newspaper of general circulation in Mississippi County, Arkansas, once a week for four con- sccudve weeks. Ti>li n d.iy of May, 10M. (s) Thomas O. Trimble, Judge A true copy I ccillfy, Grady Miller, Clerk, By: Dixie N. Tollcson, D. 0. 5-24-31-0-1-H ACK in the days when the German war machine was steam- rolling over Europe, (he Reich Marshal boasted: "// one enemy bomb should ever fall in tfic City of Berlin, then my name isn't Hermann Goering!" Well, Fat Boy, they've fallen — and tfiere are plenty more on the way! With plenty of giant bombers to bring them — and well-trained crews to see they reach their mark! And back of these aerial armies is the productive power of free men and women — multiplied many times b'y electric power — turning the wheels that turn all trie weapons of war. And back of this abundant electricity is trie liard worlc of the folks who man and manage the nation's self-supporting, tax-paying light and power companies. They provide over 80% of America's power. They keep it on tap always—whenever and wherever needed—for war plants anil civilian uses. WAjTl lj.jjejMeiTY.ffi.ti.VT Most of the American people share in the jot>. For tKey, through their savings invested in the electric light and power companies under business management, have helped to give this country the best electric service in the world — and the most —, at the least cost. 'Qnly freedom of enterprise — regu- lat'ton without regimentation — could Have written thtsrecordt • H«or "Rtport lo MM Nation," oufifantJIjis MWI program oi f»t •*•»«*, TnMrfa evening, 9:30, E.W.T., Columbia Irorttaitfng Sy«f««r, ^ , _- *-»•*(•.Vis OurBuswess toSerre " II tfA;U;»J I T - I $ N' T « A T I 0 N E D I

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