The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on May 1, 1967 · Page 15
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 15

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1967
Page 15
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THE . BRIDGE PORT TELEGRAM, MONDAY, MAY 1, 1967 FIFTEEN On Television Today Radio Highlights 7:35-THE MONKEES. "Monkee See, Monkee D i e." (Repeat). This way-out, super-hip series about the misadventures "of the Dinging foursome comes off like a combination of the Marx Brothers and Agatha Christie here. Funny dialogue and silly antics abound in a tale about the reading of a '..ill in a creepy mansion on a desolate island, complete with a young imbcmuc v-nrttyy maxwell} ann dark and sinister spiritual. (Lea Mariner). (Color). (4) :;:nt 7:30 — IRON HORSE, of Way Through Paradisi peat). Action fans are served up a full dish of blaring guns and brawling in this western railroad yarn. Calhoun and company are having a lot of trouble securing the rail's right of way through the peaceful town of Paradise, and there are four new gun - happy "gandy dancers" to make things even worse. (Color). (7) (8) 8:00 — I DREAM OF JEAN NIE. "Happy Annivr-rs ury.' (Repeat). Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman celebrated the opening of their second season by returning to the beach on which the met in the show's ni lot film. Trouble erupted when astronaut Hagman opened the wrong bottle and released a vil lainous genie, played, inciden raiiy, ny Barbara s on screen husband, Michael Ansara. (Color). (,) 8:00 — MOVIE GREATS "Vacation From Marriaac.': (1945). Utterly delightful, capti vating comeay arama anout a stuffy married couple, separated when the war comes to England and they join the services. The vast changes wrought in their personalities in the process, provide a high level of amusement throughout. Excellent performances bv Robert Donat and Deborah Kerr are memorable, and so are Glynis Johns and Ann Todd, among otners, in support. (5) 9:30 — FAMILY AFFAIR. Par ents will sympathize with Uncle Bill tonight as he suffers pangs or guilt alter being strict with the kids. Little Jody even de- elops a strange itch to com pound the supposed error. The episode succeeds In maintaining a balance between the cute children scenes, and those involv ing male - mother discussions by Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot. (Color). (2) (3) 10:00 — SPECIAL. "Zero Hour." A one-man show by one of the theatre's most talented comic artists, and a man whose previous TV exposure has been limited. In addition to singing a winninc medley from his "Fid dler on the Roof" role, Zero Mostel performs a variety sketches and special material which permit him to run the gamut from clown to satirist. Older fans who remember Zero from his nightclub days will be delighted as he docs'"One Tooth, Half a Tooth." but for the most part, the show consists of tresh material written especial ly for him and this TV concert If you like Mostel, you'll enjoj nour — it you re noi lamn iar with his work, here's e chance to sample it. (Color) V) (8) ' - THE LAS VEGAS SHOW. (Premiere). Dill Dana is host of the latest of the I night shows which will compete with the others on Mondays and Wednesdays, but move to pnm( time (9:00 - 11:00 PM) on Thurs days, Saturdays and Sundays with their variety - oriented for mat. Las :Vegas is the show's point of origination, with many of the acts performed in thi famous hotels on the Las Vega Strip itself. The long list o opening night guests includes uovernor Paul Laxait ol N da, seven U.S. astronauts. ton Berlc. Billy Daniels. Ailen and Rossi, Chad and Je: Sarah Vaughan, Rich Little, etc. (Color). (11) 8:30 - THE LUCY SHOW (Repeat). Comic Don R gives star Lucille Ball a run for show honors, playing an over-the-hill fighter Lucy is training for a comeback. The Ball-Rick-ies training sequences are fun, with Lucy working harder than her boxer, and Rickles scores right off asking for a bank loan to open a flower shop. (Color). (2) 2— Seminir 3— Seminar 4— Education 7— Proj«t Snow 8— Science -7:b»- 2— News 3— Perception 4— Today 7- kjale Storm 8 — Education -JtSB- 2— News 3— Perception 5— Sandy Becker 8— Mr. Goober 5-rYoga 7— Gypsy Rose Lea 8— Mouse Club 11— Little -Rascals -»:»»2— Dennis 3— Hap Richards 4— News 5— Thin Man 7— Girl Talk 8— Girl Talk 9 — Business il— Jack LaLanne -9:15-3— Deputy Dawg 9-News -9:307— Movie 2 — Beaver 3— Room for Daddy 5— Lockup 8— C. Fredericks 9— Cartoons 11— Biography il-Card Corbelt ; -12 Noon- 2— Love of -Lite 3— Love of Life 4— Jeopardy d — Komper Room 7-Talking 8- Mike Douglas 11— Cartoons 3— Tomorrow 4— Eye Guess 7— Donna Reed 9— Joe Franklin 2— News 3— Movie 4— P. D. Q. 7— Fugitive -10:00— 2-3— Candid Camera .4 — Snap Judgment li — Peter Gunn 8- Medic 9— Laurel-Hardy ■ lli-Racket Squad -10:39-2— Hillbillies »~M:ivie 4 — Concentration 5— Adventure 7— Hollywood 8— Hollywood 9— Broken Arrow 11— Mack and Myer —11:00— 2— Andy Griffith 4— Pat Boone 5 — Cartoons 7— Supermarket 8— Supermarket 2— World Turns 3— World Turns 8— Dating Game 11— Scarlett Hill -2:0*2-3 — Password 4— Address 7— Newlywed Game 8— Newlywed Game 9— Movie il-Movie 2-2— House Party 4— Doctors 7— Dream Girl 8— Dream Girl 9 — Adventures — S:00— 2— To Tell Truth 3- To Tell Truth 4— Another World 7— Gen. Hospital 8— Gen. Hospital 9 — Movie -3:J»5-Edge of Night 3— Dick Van Dyke 4— You Don't Say 5— Laurel-Hardy 7— Dark Shadows 8- Paul Winchell -4:002— Secret Storm 3— Ranger Andy 4— Match Game 5— Sandy Becker 2— Early Show 3— Movie 4— Movie 7— A Round World 8— Mike Douglas 9— Mike Douglas 11— Surprise 4— News 7— Movie 9— Movie 11— News 13— Alphabet J— News-Sports 5r-Flintstones 8— News; Weather 1— Little Rascals 13— New Jersey 2— News 3— Movie 4— Huntley-Brinkley 5— McHale's Navy 8— Man in Space 11-Cidget 13— Washington -7:342— Giliigan 4— Monkees 5— Truth or Conseq 7— Iron Horse 8— Man Jn Space 9— Movies 1 1— Honeymooners -S:IO— 2— Mr. Terrific 4 — Jeannie 5— Movie 11— Patty Duke -8:30— 2— Lucy Show 4— Capt. Nice 7-8-Rat Patrol 11— Munsters 13— Spectrum —9:00— 2-3-Andy Griffith 4— Perry Como' 9— Twilight Zone 11-12 O'clock High 13 — Journal -S:M- 2-3— Family Affair 7-8— Peyton Place 9— Twilight Zone -l»:0fc- 2- Tcll The Truth 3- TelI The Truth 4- Run For Life 7— Zero-Hour 8 — Zero Hour 7— Movie 9— Twilight Zone 11— Perry Mason 13— Newsfront —10:302 — Password 3— Password 5- Alan Burke 9— N.F.L. Action —11:00— 2— News; Weather 4— News; Weather 5— Merv Griffin 9 — Movie 11— News: Weather : -Hill- Daytime Features r:07-8E MY GUEST: Wll» lob Lliull wax* MS-PETER LINO HAYES-MARY MEALY: BrMkfut chol WOR l»:»0-JOUNOINO iOARD: pon»l wltr- I0:1S— MARTHA DEANE SHOW: Inler- 11:30— OR. ROSE FRAHZOIAU: cnild plycholafill WCBS I1:M-MIM| 6ENIELL SHOW: conver- IMS— MUSIC A LA CARTE: With Gtnrge Edwordt WOXR 11:11 — CAROL REED SHOW: Tap l:C7-SOUND TRACK: MjIK h movl.i WOXR l:ll-JACK O'BRIAN SHOW: J:»-0»SERVATIOH POINT: fram ManlrMI on Hit 01 EXPO t' WOXR can Plmle WOXR 1:15— DOLLARS AND SENSE: Htftlt. tilKncrol ourhflrlry WOR WCBS 4:1J — FORTUNE PHONE: Audit, ptwnt participation .Quit * Evening ■ :15-BARRY FARBEft SHOW: Oli.ll • :15-JOE FRANKLIN SHOW: 0:0T — GALA PERFORMANCE: Ro Owrluro by TAamnu }l B Minor by Beethoven; GRENADE WOUNDS S wounded five persons. Police! ligators theorized the house had found another grenade and a 30-: been occupied by Viet Cong ter-pound mine as well as Viet Cong: rorists and the grenade explod-documcnts in the house. Inves-led accidentally, 11:0S — RADIO LOOK I i L ..VISION :14— BARRY FARBER SHOW: Gue* nebel: convtrca if* Highlights ICKTAIL TIME: LI MR muse 'Thrust-Bock Collor' TOILET TANK BALL Amirico'i la,,„> Seller The eKilenl We„, Hctiet io'onil) ».p> 75r AT HARDWARE STORES Join the COMPUTER AGE! IBM s? COMPUTERS LEARN ON • COMPUTER PROGRAMMING * SYSTEMS • KEY PUNCHING * COMPUTER OPERATION • PUNCHED CARD DATA PROCESSING Learning Center of Bridgeport uni-T., Division ith Hooi — People's Savings Bank Building, 65S Main Streel, Bridgeport, Conn. PHONE 333-2176 I ASK FOR MR. KIELY I Phone or visit us for information. CLASSES are scheduled for your convenience. FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE. Time Payment! Arranged. OR MAIL COUPON FOR FULL INFORMATION 1-BillKierv " H-Surpfise 8-News ; - - ■ - . -ll:Se— J-^Cartoons , r i'v.^" /^ft^ft^ft^BHoMBBoMBBBoHoMoloiiiiiiiiiiiiMfB^B^t. 2-Dick. Van Dyke 11-Three Stooges 2-Late Show . 4-H'wood- Squares -5:Jfl- — 11:W- ojjjjjj— I,,,,,,,— bbmbSj^mbbbM 5— Cartoons J— Paul Winchell 9-Mo vie I:'x7!lixlr^li 7— One in Million 11— Stooges 4— Tonight w!:^B«:»::^B::|H:«jfj|aiB 8— One in Million — «:(* — 7— Joey Bishop K>:H:*i::S*<^P:£PPC 9-Kingdpmol Sfa 2— News II— Las Vegas Show ^aMnSiBlMB Today's Radio Programs ^BH^^LrVIHaflHBiH VMBC-Bnti Dovlnn -7HJ- ^»I^pI^t;j^pI^^p^^yi*^^P^S^e**B veQXR~B^ar!l *"^(r£,n i — i*:lt— - * WABC— News ■■■■ bSiH ^^^^^^^^ ^ortrtra WNAB — Newi; Carroll WOR-Arlent Francu -l a— J v,klk-t70^„o, ^^^^m — T:1S- — 1:U— WCBS— world Tonight % 1 S^aW^-v -H «LAO-R„t end Shir.. V^^Ctol, WOR-Lona J.M Neo.1 ' ' WNAB-LCCO. »~1 WL.D-Su"-,!0" WOR-JCI,"^ Xo:. i^^S, ; WNAB— Roy Carroll WFIF-Rlck S-ea ^^^B B. i WLAO-RHe end SMn. -1 U_ IVOR-Forber Wins $500 Instant Cosh ^■BffpB »- , w»ab-n,., m»5ls™>-. , h, i Mr,, tl.onor, Xr.opp/2. Co.p . ^^1^ JSS^C' SSoxfc^n.'"?^ -CBS-i.X, Oii.U. ' SI . Norwolt. Corn, won ^^^rStf? V(ABC-Ne-» -1 11- —I Je— 1500 w;ih her Tigerin, Cord. ^■^^ .. . _,:C1_ „OR-Jae. O trior. WNBC-Brod Ceandnll Sh« gol ker l.rtel o« ■ ■■kip^.. i\ ll VrOR-ComCIIno WABC-Bru:i Morrow lorry Rom'l E»o Slolion, ^K^g^l J* , ■• -/i ' WOXR-Bob Uwlt WOXR-Ooiervollon ->:W• II W«. Ave , Norwol*. Conn. M2S*:*\P2 Sfe{?«a ^"^l "OXRJe.ic ^^^—-——^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WNBC-Dr. .Brother! Wltc-Horrv Oownl. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -f:lS— ,„ v/OR— Leifer smlln WN.. „.* c„r.n -J:" - WKBC-Brod Cronioll , w5r!55^S?o'=" WABr^Oo^rvSow. S^^K Morrow > Si ' i ' WABC-BroaMoil ~1:K_ >' tKlb i Wint $S0 InStOnt Cash WNBC-»rod Crondoll ^■-■rwC«^^l>r- -5 -7 . „ .. — 1B:0S— WKLK — Pine Dine ' "iB.nn— f'-WJ iw'T Mr. Theodor. Howk.m, 1748 wire F,on« oTillno V«ABC-N««Mop. -».«>I mAKVV V/Mlnsy Ave . Homden, Conn. WICC-Fronx Oelllno WNAB-Kew.: weotner S iMBpZgg* ' up hli winnine, coid ol SSfitDtek? Be. WMLK-Too Tim WNBC-Brod Crondoll ^HiyfVI Hoy Zeek S.r»i<. Slolion, wOR-^Sriho Oeon. WOR-NewYork WOXR-C.lo P«fo,m.nct ■ Wnilney ond Gilli.i «d., -il:5o- -J:«5- —10:10— ■»»™ ' * ™ Kamcltn, Conn. WABC-Ilewi; CKtk wA«r-KS25 WOR-studlo X WOR^cCanr?"'' WOXR-Cocktoll Tim. _|o:1»_ SfStS:,^0^ wUD=ciurf''»» WNBC-Brod Crondoll ■—-»—— - WCiS-McvM P.rlv . WOR-Jton Sheoherd AHAB— Jov1 'Oork WNAB— New* Borbtr — 11:W-1 rs^^^^^^^^^m WOR-McCann* WICC— New!.: Wtarh.r WCBS— Ne*I tv^HM^HI|^|^H -1I V3- —4:10— WHAB-flewi; Weolher Y'^m^Sff^M WCBS-Dr. (ronrtlog WICC-Horry Downlo S°BC-n!« I ^HR^^H \YNAtV^Ke»r°°VV«otr.«r wu, >, ^?'}*~,, ... -ll:l«- Wins $50 alaying I W^'^M SSSSKrV wnab-^ McL„n Wild Card Tlge-ino fMfcrY*^ . wSec^'Stn,,,, ^xS^SSSS' ,oon' I, K^^K" ,fc>N. -Il ls- WOR-Soorli -11:1!-. it Iridge SI., Msnion, Moil. fJ^HK«r^-^H V(NAB-Jsv Clork -1:00- I WOR-Sorrv Foebtr I Iwon S50.00 when ih. picked lO^^K t^H WLAD-Muile WICC-Jerrv Knl;hl WOXR-Nlomcoo cp her winr.irj cord 01 ■^^f/ ^bP WCBS-Corol Reed WpXR-Ne.l _,1 „!»._ Al Cooton.'. E.,0 Slalion. W^^U^i . '1$%* wEI.C-K.VwouIn I WNAB— Music W6 Main St., MtmiOfi. Man. RrBlMi 1 fl tSJk -11:10- wicc-Newi wicc_Vin-ie Rotem vrCBS— Newi WOR-Futlon Lewi! Jr. 1 WNRC— Lono John rlebel WOR-Fllioeraldl 1 WLAD-Mtellnohous, I WABC-Ron Lund/ National Guardsmen and about 100 spectators '. at a review Foid Dealer Buyout-of-Stock Sale. Now to May Uft only. Specially priced Mustang Sports Sprint! Special savings on every Ford in the store. Inunediate delivery. Hurry! Win Up To $1,000 Play New Wild Card Tigerino Isso) HUMBLE OIL S REFINING COMPANY AMERICA'S LEADING ENERGY COMPANY Goldwater Ends Military Career In Air Reserve PHOENIX, Aril. (AP) — Bar ry Goldwater ended his career as a citizen ioldier Sunday with a vow to do everything he to see that military men are listened to. — not as superiors Dut as equals — in tne fenta gon. markine his retirement a: major general in the Air Force Reserve later told newsmen he would "continue my ■ efforts to convince Fresiaent jonnson inai He said he had never seen the morale of the armed forces as low as it is now, and attributed the situation to what he said was McNamara's "downgrad f m \\ ^m^^ll^C^^B^^t^^^^x^'mw .mine.. K W -^BB»<l WiIp»P»P»P»P»P»P»P»PbMp»P»P»»»»W Us^^^K^ Take the Mustang Pledge. Get spoils car hood with turn indicators, engine l^^^B dress-up kit, wheel covets, whUewalls, wide-oval tires with V 8's, more included. New Ford Trucks, A-1 Used Cars & Trucks. Trade your used car for the best deal at your Ford Dealer's now! Coppola Motors, Inc. Keating Ford, Inc. Loh Ford, Inc. Stevens Ford, Inc. 500 Kings Highway, FAIRFIELD 1055 Stratford Ave., STRATFORD North and Sylvan Aves., BRIDGEPORT 717 Bridgeport Avenue, MILFORD ing" of the inlluence of military men.

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