The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1932
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Served bu the United Press rrHEA/iLjLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NKWSPAPKK OP NORTHEA CT ARKANSAS AN11 SOUTHEAST MIHKOtllM . ' ^^ RITAIN SEEKS TO " V = vor,. XXIX— NO. 214 illytheviJle Daily Ne\ Mississippi Valley Lea us. Illytheville ider. Blythevlllc Courier. Herald. Jif,YTIlKVII.Ll<;, AUKANSAS. flitiiAwano i l''i:i])AY, i \nu suuTiiiuiar Miasuuui xwnmuiKm* _ _ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Try Negro Woman for Jane Merrill Murder NATCHEZ. Miss., Nov. 25. (UP) —Defended by Ihree attorneys appointed by the court, Emily Burns, negro, lofty went on trial for sue murder of Miss Jane Merrill, spinster reclu'e, at her plantation .one here the iil»lu of August 4. The state will seek to prove that George Pearles, negro, who was •slain while re.slsliug arrest .srnrl.y afte> lhc killing of Miss Merrill was u;e actual murdere: in ~.-:l •• lo establish proof that the Burns woman was an accomplice. Duncan Miner, sole heir and H | "•> rio'~.ra for Disposition of These Matters at Shorl Congress Session. WARM SPRINGS, Ga.. Nov. 2-> (UP)—President-elect rtursjvelt wl'.l' llco< ' sweetheart of Miss Merrill. will testify for the state, it WK: aid. Richard Dana and Miss Octavo rjcckerv. his housekecpe". wer-i' originally accused of thc crime but were relqfessfcl without bond. Al- templs have been made to obtain concentrate upon a program of beer legislation and lann relief in his; conferences with parly leader- hsre,' the United Press learned today. Mr. Rocrevelt, v^-ha plans to remain here for at least two wecks. will begin his conferences within a few days. Wants Fnrm Credil r.xlcnihn Although the gavernor has main tnined general .secrecy on wha; an regarded as h pre- aiministrativ: matters, it wxn'learncd he xvai :- sirous above all things of having a constructive agricultural bill, providing possibly for the extension ol farm cr«li[, passed before conjr?^; gc<?s home March 4. The reason for this, it was •explained, Is because of next ysar'.i crop situation, which shows no sr?a: Imps at the present for an immediate riEe in th2 price of farm products, and because it will be a stop I toward the promise of farm aid j that was made • • -- paign. Dollar Did Its Duly Years Ago Record Reveals JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Nov. (UI'>— A reminder of Ihe "uood old days" of more lliiin a century ngo has brcn unearllincl . fiom sonio old circuit court rerinrdi here by Guy M. Snne, deputy circuit clerk. Sone discovered an old document, ycllcwed .with aw, which showed how his greet, great grandfather, Michael S::nc. sued one John O. lieath on account. The suit was filed SepU-mbcr 21, 1820. and asked payment fcr the tallowing items, iimcng oilier • R-rcly lo Die He Says As! Hn Sils in Jail Cell all Seallle. dismissal of the charges them. against er, breakfast, two thinos: "To pints of French Brandy 'mid lodging, ?1.3T.-i'. to four meals vltllos,' Sl.OO; to ten pounds s'le Icalhcr, SEA'ITLE. Nov. 25. (Ul'V -A Mender lllllc brown nuui from th? Philippines quivered In His coll hers today, stricken with l^e realisation :co" and klllcJ six men with a razor r<li;:d bolo. ;j Julian Marcclino. 30. ran nininik i$3.75; to iwn i|i:ar!s v.'hlskoy .5(;, in Chinatown, fatally wounded and slashed elcvo White i slx « Mvcnlh 1 olhc ' s - . . mr.n.J Garner Predicts Beer WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. (DP) — Passage of a beer bill by the house before January 1 was forecast today by Speaker Garner. "I am hopeful that such prompt action will be possible," said the vice-president-sleet. From other Democratic loaders it was learned that a "skeleton" bae;- was in the process of being drawn with the view of hastening t coromittsD action immedi- after congress convenes. '••'. Tlie'h'bpe" Is to have the ways and Blythcville Lutherans.Will Have Double Observance Sunday. during th2 cnin-j pil i r lm Lutheran church will observe a double celebration Sunday afternoon and evening. . The recently acquired school will be formally dedlcaled in the afternoon at three o'clock. Tho Rev. M. C. Schaefer, former pastor of 0112 of the larger Lutheran churches of St. I,ouls r and now director of missions of the western district of the- Lulheran church, wilt preach U; dedicatory sermon. This service will be followed by a 'mission rally to be held at 7:30 p.m. On this occasion tl-.e speaker"' sill. be. the Rev. Victor Bruggej.well known radio speaker of WMO'and pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, Memphis. Ha will speak on both'home and foreign missions, as carried on by the Lutheran church. A large representation'is anticipated from congregations at Memphis, .Lafe, Ark.. Parma and Sikeston, Mo. Members of th? Pilgrim Guild-will serve a light lunch to the visitors. All who are Interested are cordially invited. men us committee report out sue' a biil abtur December 12 after brief hearings. This would possibly permit a vote before Christmas. Under the reported plans of the leadership !he ways and means committee would ask tlie judiciary committee for a report on what per cent beer would be lejal constitutional!;'. However, if th; juciciary committee delays submission of such a repert it was considered Hkely that the ways and meanss conumllc,-' would go ahead on- thc basis of its own conclusions as I? legal ccnlcnl. I'nrly's Ilf nur r.ucs! Collapses SYRACUSE, N. Y. (UP) - The say birthday party yiven by friends and relatives in honor of the 59th birthday of Mrs. Mary Gress Kauflman, was brought to • an al-n^ hall when thc honor guest collapsed and had to be removed to a hospital. Mrs. Kauffman died tile following morning a negro, .Japanese ;o two quails whiskey with tot- '. » 1C ". nn< I « woman fell with » le-. S/iii; to on: |:ound tobacco,.countryman uf Marcelim ns he ran $.50; lo sucper and locking, $.37',{;; , ihrougli Ihe, streets slashing'with Co 32 gallons whiskey, S10.00; to deadly accuracy and insane strength. 11 bushels and (i quarts corn, $3.50; , at t hc heaits of his victims, to 5C nGcivli ' f pork, Sl.OD." | Tfc flvc to;; '- Io! "' incl1 Filipino. Judgment was for Ihe plain- i wearing a blool stained bin: shirt, tiff, Ihe document sh-.wcd. ," t " lrk bllw lil '. nl "l dm'lt trousers wllh a flaring pin stripe, sal on a stool at |>oltce headquarters today and sold in broken English: "It's IXJttOr for me lo die now. It's no good." i| Rflfin TTIini P! ! Marcellno. who came frnm Manila • in 1929 and had nc police record, | told without, hesitation of his niur- c'erous madness. He said he had been held in on Strikers and Unemployed lllc strecl Wcrines<lR y »'ent by three - - n . "F' k / > - > - 1 negroes who took SiOO he had .sav- r roletar 1 a n «!• He returned lo the shnbby ho- ,lol ' ! Gunlto. i hid "Child Hunger" Marcher* at White House WASHINGTON, Nov. 'ib. lUi')- Tivu New Yoikt-n wure held tu-.!:iy i ii ilbcril; 1 ) 1 !)' conduct cluirjix as lhc nlifrinatli nf nil nllnnii: \:i u I .indliil «f inlnlls and chlhlri'ii tn Majjc 11 •I'hanksalvlni; <lny "dill:! luiiiHiT" dnnciiMlriitlon at the Whlli- llmise. 'I'liUM' iiiTtsU'd were Dr, Kmll t-'r;ii.i<in mill Mrs. o^rlru'.li 1 •'li-r. Dr. Cona'on ilrcrrlb-Kl l BS medical ndvlsur to tbt> luiiiner inurchers. and Mrs. .sipr said she was n social worker, Dr. Connscn, Mrs. Ilnerilcr, iwuj •other ndiills. and six cblldrcn low tlian la yinirs gld (!wc up to Hi; i \Vhlte lluiise gules In two luxlcnlji .while President Hoover wiia enjny- h'H 11 holiday rmt and ISO pollc-- ii" n :lo:jj iiunril oulalde. Some no more- ehll:ircn KcrnHcd In lliltl- ,111010. Piiihidclphla and other cities :u-mulned at n inciting hall. BIT KEEP France Undecided as lo Meeting Obligation Due December 15. i . -^ _ m LONDON, NOV. 25. CUP)—A rijc.: posal Uiat Britain sequester [no Bold needed lo meet. Its December 15 debt payment .-to the United Slates without riJtuully 'transfer-. I'luir the, gold across the Atlantic wn-f considered 'May -by British authorities. |Gofs to Elec.lric Chair for H was believed th'tj^j'-lf,- (JVj plan has not already been'officially-pr'Or ixised Britain; would suggest ISs Idea In a nolc to b; sent shortly. i Treasury and ctlier expert!, It j was said authoritatively, spent. ths .entire day seeking'a.menus of ri3(- I ITT lsf J' ln E lhc Ifcccmbflr payment I ILL without actually paying cash, and LII I ul I' 10 -same lime -without actually dcfnuHlng. • ••-- ••-•'. ; ' .... " , ''_• Tlvs • principal -proposal wbo 'to The nation's now txeuitivcs, Preslili-ut-i-li-cl UuoiiCvcU mid Vice I' dent-elect Garner, mrl fcr the first lime since clorlbn In Wa:iti- liiKtun when Rmscvcll cimfcired with President Hoover <in what coiiire to take on the wnr di'bl problem, Itncmvell. and Garner are slinv.ii above slt>n!ii-> l!ip ri>;ls'.rT of the Press Club, they were gut-Ms nnd nnide "i:ir tliu record" earmark His necessary' in the Hank of England vaults, Old While Girl. 11 i o \; KUIII in tuc HiiiiK 01 jang.auu vaults, U);on I J-Icnr-inollfyliiK the United States that it PL,,...!, , n • A i itcl where ho roomed with Teto; RP LhUlCh at Tans, Ark. lounlto. a fellow countryman He 'ti\ ,„,„ ,,.,,^r-i' ... i hid $100 in a sock, he said. Later fll! NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 25 he could not"nnd"thc ' (UP)-Construclion of n prolelar- asked Telo where it Is" said lan church and labor temple by I Mnrcelino. "He say lie don't know striking miners and farmers, as- 1 anything about it Tlion I felt rilf- sisted voluntarily by carpenters, i fcrent. I grabbed the knife and plumbers, slone masons. ar\d elec- |stabt:d him in tha heart I slnb- trlclans at Paris, Ark,, was re- 1 ed at a nephew of his. I went out." Ynrk'Cnffnn NEW YORK, Nov. 25 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. D:c . Jan . Mar. May Jul Oct Ocen Hi'li 581 58fi 583 592 593 CW. 610 Close 511 578 577 584 GET I. F. C. wrted today by the National Rel-1 igion and Labor. Foundation- in its monthly bulletin. . Tlie church which Is Intended as a memorial to the pioneers of a "new age." in which "such antisocial forces as war,' the profit motive and competition shall have begun to be necognl^d as unethical," is completely a community project. Ths church will be dedicated in n unique ceremony featured by the depositing In the cornier stone of data to "dramatize the fact that there is not political equality, Intellectual Independence, workers' cmar^palion. and Christian brotherhood in capitalistic America," says tlie bulletin. G2I G37 612 622 638 59G 604 622 Spots closed at 590. off 15. quiet. NPIC Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 25 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Ocen Hhh Low Close Must Register Now to Receive Help Through $15,000 Loan to County Unemployed former service 111211 of Mississippi county who would like to share In the $15.000 relief loan recently r-ranted this county by' the Reconstruction Finance corporation arc invited to regisle- with the. local post of flic American Legion. War veterans, officers of thc postjiave been advised, are to receive preference in the allotment 603 of work or of direct relief made 613 I rmssiHe by the loan. It is expect- d that employment on county 628 Dec ... Mar ... May ... Oct ... Spots sicady. 57G • 587 . 000 . 60S . 616 . G3Q closed 584 5SO 600 G10 620 63G at 581, off 10, 570 575 585 595 G03 622 576 584 502 G03 Gil 62 D Stock Prices A. T. and T ............. 104 5-8 Anaconda Copper ........ 83-8 Auburn .................. 43 Caterpillar Tractor ...... 71-4 Chrysler ................. 14 Cities Service ........... 3 Coca Cola .............. 71 1-8 Continental Baking ..... 33. Gencral Electric ........ 143-4 General Motors ......... 123- Montgomery Ward ...... 12 3-S New York Central ...... — Packard ................. 23-4 Radio Simmons Beds 5 7-8 7 1- Standard of N. J 30 7-8 Texas Co 14 5 U. S. Stool 33 1-' Chicago Wheat CHICAGO, NOV. 25 (UP) — Wheat closed: December, 42 5-8; July, 48 1-8. 'Levee Contrpclovs Named Former Employe'! • ' BJ, . n i n 11- Mrs. Anna "Carl rulham of Caruthersville Massacre By Jap a n e s.e Troops Reported by Legation at London. LONDON, Nov. 25. (UP)— The Chinese legation charged toiay tliiH Japanese soldiers in Manchuria had massacred 2.700 Chinese peasants, i including women and children [mowing the victims down with ma- TCP pi. HT-neid lh!s year, Issued ""'I £er J9"' 1 IF I, J. Till:-.-, a fr-n 1? - .,,,",-M^, ! in Ihe atlt-iil <u, of officers or re- Tnllcy asks SIOSo fo- the inhirv'!"' rc llns » llnl l/falmnul or am- CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo. — Mrs. Anna Pearl Pulliam died Wednesday morning nt 4:30 of cancer cf the stomach, from which she had suffered for several years. ' Mrs. Pulliam was born Anna Pearl 'Collier on July 31, 1888. in Arkansas, and moved to this county when a girl. She is survived by her father, Mr. Collier, one brother, Rill Collier, three children, two girls and j A statement issued at the Chinese legation said that Hire; farming villages at which tr.s masn- cre nlleEcdly occurred were "sub- E;o.ueiitly by firo ns a r?fult of an act of revenge taken by Jap- ancse troops against Chinese volunteers who- oppose thc Manchukuc government supported by Japanese in Manchuria." The statement charged that J.ip- soldlers investigating: tro nl- r~mrli;lly of thc peasants in Pierce. Funeral services were held at (he home at three o'clock Thnrs- Ighways will be furnished those I " n - v Afternoon, w-ith the Rev. C. physically nblc to work, liose handicapped bv illness or physical disability will be given direct relief. Veterans desiring to take advan- age of this help, which is only for he p"riod ending December 31, nre asked lo leave their names and addresses 'with Dr. A. M. Wash)urn, at the courthouse, or with Fred Carlock, nt the Frisco sta- lon. Information that veterans would receive preference in the distribution of the R. F. C. unemployment relief was given legion officers by C. A. Cunningham, member of the county relief committee, it is expected that plans for the registration ol other unemployed citizens will be announced shortly. C. Barnhart. pastor of the Methodist church, officiating, with in- lerment in Little Prairie cenie- .ery. Cotton Burned at Gin Here Wednesday Night Three bales of cotton on a platform at lhc Lec-Coppcdge gin were burrod by Are of an vinnkown origin Wednesday night. City firemen responded to nn alarm and prevented further loss at thc gin on East Main street. Approximately 1000 feet of new hose have been received by thc city nre department to replace old hose which has becom? unfit for service. ' an open field. The statement sild he villagers then were ordered tn riiicsl down and woro slaughter? by machine gun fire. Texas Town Seeki Team for Training LAREDO, Tex. (UP)-Wlth the Intention of persuading some major league baf^ball team to do its spring training here, three prominent citizens and the city council have entered into agreement to build a modern baseball park by March 1, 1933. Thc climate here Is ideal during the truinlng season and thc city's Si. Louis Zoo Pays Record Price for Owl ST. LOUIS (UP)—A record price for a hoot owl was paid by the St. Louis zoo to six children, members of one family, who wrote (he zoo director they needed the money for new caps for this win ter. "We've caught the largest hoot owl we ever saw," the letter said. "Please offer us as much as you Services Held Tuesday for Sheliey Shoplaw CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Funeral services were held Tiicsda; i.ftcrnoon fcr Shelley W. Shcptnv, at thc home of Mrs. Irene Ac quir,o. a sister, on West IHh slrcet conducted by the Hev. D. K Fo.'tcr. iKistor of the First Daplis r-hurch, with Interment In Liltl Prairie cemetery. Mr. Shoptaw was a brother o Mrs. Irene Acqulno and Miss Mar Shcptaw of this cilv. Ill* dm occurred In West Memphis, Ark Df suffocation. He is also sur vlvtd by "ills widow. Mrs. Wand Rawiingston Shor.tnw. two step children, his two sisters nbove re (crrsd to. and another sister. Mr Mnllio Miller of San Frandsc California. . •' ^". r '.!Ui'\ Accidcnt ov. Law •Violation. J ' •• Dredging nnd levee contracto™! have been named defendants In vo scpsrale personal Injury dam- V suit 1 .' nicd In circuit court. i I'.^rri; and Hrandenbnrq. n firm ! hlcli built one lint: in a loop Dlythevllle and vicinity went (hn Thanksclvim holldnv Indoors, near (lie fe^llvc board and by n warm , T lcrr ' wns d(1|lls m " " ml » ll »™ "' '* ntl l(ln >'' '" fncL '.'nnii'li ti be mll-.l nd nul-sr-nnonl nmpulalion nf a n?cr wiille employed on Hie ei'eo work. Ho says thc flr.scr 'ns cri'shed v.-h^n caught In elective anparalus on a dump •»»nn at (he levee camp. Vo'nvr and Son, local rtrccls- Hrm. h^s been named Joint dc- bulimce service for victims. i Police reported nn unusually ' nulet- holiday wllli no celehralion "^ I rtcvclniilnr; Inlo a criminal breach of lhc pence or more fcrious of- i fense. A football cnme at Haley I'lel:! Ir.twccn Blylhcvl'Je lilgh and cndcnt with Raymond Stringer, I "umes hli;h of Mcmnlus lured only vnicr of n taxi service, for nn xldfJtt which nrcuncd on HigH- ftv 10 on Oct. 22. James Slewart, passcnucr In n ;" 1'findfnl of Ilir fnllhful outdoors and lo' lhc sidelines. Nine inmates of (he roiml.y iall were served a Thnnksuivhw din- with ^r driven by an employe ol ncr of (loose with cranberries, Strinicr. sustained a broken arm . dreeing nnd all Ihe old fashion- nil bruises when [he inxl collld- j ed liiinmliips by Kddie n. David, d with a Volmcr truck. He cliar3- ! Jailer, and Mrs. David, s negligence on tlie part of driv- falcs 3,000 ficm the two defendants. I.ITTLR nocK, NOV. an (ui'i- Frecllni; nnnlcb. 34-year-old ne- mo, died In iho electric chair hc-iii today. Ji? was convicted on n Malulory charge In Miller county. Ofinlels refused u Thanksgiving last night and. nuked for Instead, Warden R. L, Todhiintnr Ictl Hie lo the dealli chnlr at 7 a. 10 minuter, later he was di-clared dead. Daniels was electrocuted . for assault upon' 5 ' 13-yenr- wlillc girl. His conviction was recently by tho. Arkansas court, whlcly declared tho : of na|lonr'"•'- 1 --•--"" mid n • large crowd'- U Ihe coiirlrormi was not clal (o Ihe 1' ; :t Rubber : heela on -the : negro's «hoc.i led to hlS' arrest and partial idcntlflcallon. Ills shoo souls had lolcs-In tliom, similar.', to thoioncs worn by tho Rlrl'H attacker;-- n ; -. Daniels confesstd tlie crlnlo, but Inter repudiated It. He said he had done so "becailse a.negro preacher told me It would bo -tetter If.I pleaded Eiilltv." The negro, said ho was drunk the day of the crime. Young Woman Licensed ; to Practice Optomelry Miss Bessie Hlllls. assistant to Ur. A. Wert, Is now "Dr. Hlllls." The Arkansas State Board of Esamln- eis In Optcmcirv announced txxlay she had jiassed Hie Optometric examination and l» now licensed tc "make people see better." *She is one of four women optometrists in Arkansas and Is thc youngest person to havs passed the examination since thc stato board was ontfjnbttl ln-1915. For thV.past two nnd a half years she has b»en employed by Dr. Wert and because of the unusual quality of her work her experience was accepted as equal to a college course In optomelry and she was allowed to take thc examination. Slis plans to continue her work with Dr. Wert for thc present with a new set, of Instruments for bst- ng eyes and filling glasses. imd-becn done, and simultaneously asking Washington to leava It there temporarily s» as not to jlsturb the exchange situation further or upset nrlllsh credit. Somo quarters considered ths proposal tlio Ideal solution, enabling Britain to pay -vyithout' actur ally disturbing it. It wpuld subtly" postpone Ihe actual payment v/nllo. uraiVAng "moral satisfaction"- .'to Wiishlngton, which would to entitled lo deiuarid tlie 1 actual gold, any time desired, althouj'r, it would ba nsked to refrain frcin dclng so unle.ts it were considered Imperative. - ..-;,. .:',- : 1"^.i .:-.;•.-',, - I^»M« ChdecMai'V -. : *'"..'". PARIS, Noy,; 25; .4-jp)-iWtUtnet Pr?)ic'=-sili meet' D"ec;rrib5r.lS ; ae«v v'l-.Ci-j.'J.-.r J — L .... •»r^I\*i"_-;i 1 'J-'>r "iLj'iJfcWsi.-^ doubt, today. . - ' ' . Contrary .to. Washington' rumors that France, hud Decided to oay r Premier Edouard Herrldt told '.ttitt United Prejs trie decision .T^iil not; te inadc until -early' next week. .^ "Not only has the government. not decided on the-Dccemb&r .15' payments," he said,' !>'but.;ths orii', lire questl((n of. InterVgovernqiehtai debts Is at stake at pres^snt. Th'ii'-j- . fore I have convoked.the cabirieti-or 5 p.m. to^ay to be. followed ,by..a mlniflcrlal meeting Saturday,' af- ev which the government will do- M Futrcll, chanc^r of U,,, dl,-:^^^ ^ KS% , journed day of court Decrees were cranfcd in tr-? fol-1 Pr 0 p-rty lowing casos: Christine Purvis \s. ; En i e ^ " wfrc on wlilch npprovrd foreclosure Wednesday Robert B. Purvis. El!zii-!h \V!!=',n „„., ' nbol ,| cf| , h:1 || y divide<l Iwtwron vs. Fuller F. Wilson. Mrs. GoHon , llrbnn an( | n , ra | sections. Alexander vs. F.i Alexander. Omn . A i iolll o- Faulkner vs. E'.igcnc F.H! and cnr ,|,, nce i:r. Mo.=l?y vs. Hoai'.r Moslcy. A non-suit was t:J:?n by the f 0 ii closure sales In ac- ov; |,,r s „• . !r .v:lr.M = chancery r,e.=-ions arc lo 'oc made lo-.lny by Circuit C^ii: R. L. ' lilalntiff in another divorce acti-n Gainer a's commi-slraicr. Tlie sales broujht by E. C. Thcinpsau vs. are on clly properly for loans b> N'elllc Thompson. a building and ban a«s-;ciiIlQn. Sheriff Shavo.r Would Like to Join Wright's Lion Hunt proximity to Mexico makes it dou-[can because we need the money bly interesting. San Antonio, less to buy warm caps." A check for than a hundred -miles north, has $7.50 was sent them, and the been a training center for major owl w»s promptly delivered to lhc league clubs at various times, (zoo. i Will Hold Thanksgiving Service at Temple Tonight The Jews of Mississippi oun'.y w ill have a Thanksgiving service Ihls evenln?, 8 o'c!o:k. at l:i Triple Israel. There Is to be n varlrd projr.Kii with Miss Mildred Judd In chaiw of the music. An Invitation is being extended the public. If there's any lion hunting In this part of thc country'. Sheriff W. W. c ''aver wants to be one cf th3-e seeking thc prey. In response to 3 query from Denver M. Wright. SI. Muls sportsman wro is phnuinc to stage a lion hunt somewhere In Mississippi county, Arkansas, or In foulhcast Missouri. Mr. S'lavor s.ivr. staging thc ht:nt near h?re has his approval. A sportsman him'clf. Mr. S'rav:r thinks that hunting Iwn Ibm. re- site near this city, alciu with cp tions on friiir si:?> in southeast M's- rourl. nnd 11 is ro'.hbly reported Iho hunt will bo si3i;cd early next week It was p?3tMiie-l from this wes'n becaus; of inclsmrnt wsathcr Company M. Praised by Former Commander Omccrs and m;n of ccmpany M 153rd Infantry, at their anniia Thanksgiving dinner at Ihe armnrj last night, wore praised by a for mer commander fcr their succc' in maintaining the organlznllcn's hlgl) standing. Capt. Harry FriUius, who conv manded Ihe company ten year n?o. declared that since before thc world \var Company M has had t reputation for efficiency excelled by no national guard null In l'"o country, and that it was a source of satisfaction to him to see t'ri.3 reputation maintained. Wives and young women friends of the men of thc company were guests at the dinner, which was followed by a dance. Sam L. Thcma«. frifni of Mr. Wrlg'et. is In coa;numk'ati:n with him and r.o Is sugcestin? that the sheriff ke Included in the hunt. No. Ircnble It anticipated from Ihe Arkansas enine nnd full cominlsslm. n:'-- !'-? !he f.ic'. t:-nl lie recently purches:d hv M>\ Wright j ceivrd W'.ers frmi t'-rc-inVimit the fcr his second hunt, will bo naworid askinc (lint lie not th a I more cruel than hunting deer, i hunt, the St. Louis man insists It fquirrcl or any other nnim.ils. j Isn't any more inhumane or cruel An option has keen l.ikcn on a tr.nn Inls nf other sports PARIS, Nov. 25. (UP) — T-fto American note refusing to extend lie moratorium on th? French debt uc the United- Stales". December. 5 was made public by the govifrn- nent tonight. •': ". It sternly .reminded the French" hat their proposition for reexarn- : nalion of the debt question "great- surpasses anything President Hoover 'or the 'United States government hitherto envisaged as be- ng proposed." '.''• The note emphasised the d:bt concessions proposed by thc French would merely transfer tr.e burc'en to • American tappers withoutf compensation whatsaever.o '• -• Bfljium Wiir'Conrer. BRUSSELS, Nov. 2G. (OT)-Tcfi Belgian government probably will confer with France and Great Britain before deciding what action to take on President Hoover's' war dabt note, it was understood o- day. Members of the cabinet studied thc text of the note. | The Hoover IMan • WASHINGTON. Nov. 25. (UP)— President Hoover's "pay in your own money" plan lor foreign debtors, as explained loday by government economist.!, would rriean that ^ country wou'.d set fls!<b'm"lts" own banks ths amount ol Its December debt payments, subject to transfer later to the United State; treasury. The president merely laid down a principle rather than a detailed plan, it was pointed out, and arrangements must be worked cut in negotiation! and approved by congress. The Initiative now rests with debtor nalicns .who have been ad-. vis°d by Ifcc United States that they must meet the December payments or "default. Taking Poland as an example economists expect t'r.c plan of payment In foreign currencies probatly would work out thus: Poland oses tha United Sl»t«s on December 15 $4.427,980 o! which $1,357,000 is principal and $3,070,980 IE Interest* The Polish unit ol currency, the zloty, is qnoto j in International exchange tbls week at WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably rain In east portion tonight. Saturday probablv fair, colder In northwest portion. According lo thc ofliclal weather observer, Charles Phillies Jr., th? minimum temperature here yesta- day was 40 degrees and thc maximum 47 degrees with .03. incn of rain. Today a year ago ti:e mini- i 11.18 cents. Thus Poland would de- inum temperature, was 49 degrees i posit In its ctntral bank for Ut . and thc maximum 73 degrees with J United States 396,062,612 zioty, 10. .00 inch of. rnln. | equivalent of $4,417,930.

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